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Full text of "1894. 2:30 book and table of Sires, containing all trotters with records of 2:30 or better ... up to the close of 1894"

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OP «IRE«. 

Digitized JlGoOgle 



, iu ^r-' . 1" fmwrw - w. ■ -r.. j^Bj^-v 








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CLOSE OF i8g4. 


w- H- goche:r, 


Published bt Compiliib. 
r '[ ' Cleveland, O., 1894- /^^^^^T^ 

t/1- * ,, ■ Digitized by V^OOgle 

Entered aecordlng to lot of Conffreu in the year 190& by W. H. Ooghbs, 
1b the oOm of the LtbrarUn of Congrett, tt Waihinffton, D. C. 

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3:80 Trotters...., Pa«e 9 

2:80 Paeers.....^. Pace 158 

Bic Money Winners Pa«e 198 

Winning Sires Page 199 


Sires of 2:80 Peiformers Page 1 

Brrata Page 83 

Worid^s Beoords Page 84 

The Champions Page 88 


Andrews, W Part 

BeTer, B Part 

Bither, B ' Part 

Bowerman, G Part 

Bowerman, H Part 

Cnrry, G Part 

Cnrtis, B Part 

DaTis, C Part 

Dickerson, J Part 

Doble, B Part 

Doble, P Part 

Dunbar, T ....Part 

Poller, G Part 

Geers, B Part 

Golden, J Part 

Uams, W Part 

Johnston, P Part 

Jones, If Part 

Keyes, P ^ Part 

Laird. M Part 

Laird, W Part 

HeDowell, A Part 

McHenry, M Part 

Maloney, W Part 

Marrin, C Part 

Pennoek, A Part 

Sanders, M Part 

Saunders, G Part 

Shank, P Part 

Smith, W Part 

Splan, J Part 

Starr, G Part 

Stinson, B Part 

Thayer, J Part 

Thompson, C Part 

Turner, J Part 

Wilson, B ...Part 

I Opposite Page 152 

II. OppositePace 65 

I .\. Opposite Page 104 

I Opposite Page 184 

I Opposite Page le5 

II Opposite Page 81 

I (h>po8ite Page 25 

II Opposite Page 80 

11 Opposite Page 1 

I Opposite Page 40 

I Opposite Page 7.S 

I Opposite Page 158 

II Opposite Page 32 

I Opposite Page 88 

II Opik>8ite Page 16 

I Opposite Page 9 

I Opposite Page 8 

I Opposite TiUe Page 

I Opposite Page 106 

I Opposite Page 168 

I Opposite Page 169 

I Opposite Page 136 

I Opposite Page 56 

I Opposite Page 41 

I Opposite Page 24 

II Opposite Page 17 

I Opposite Page 137 

II Opposite Page 64 

1 Opposite Page 89 

I Opposite Page 57 

I Opposite Page 72 

11.. Opposite Page 33 

II OppositePage 48 

I OppositePage 200 

I OppositePage 121 

I ^..OppositePage 120 

II OppositePage 49 

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R R E F A C E= 

A work of this character requires bnt little introdaction. Each paflre tells its own story, 
as it is a history of the best performances made by trotters and pacers to harness from the 
earliest time up to the close of 1894. In it will be found all of the 2 :dO trotters, all of the 2 :30 
pacers and all stallions that have sired 2 :30 performers, together with their performers under 
them. In the 2:30 list of trotters and pacers the color, age, sex, sire and dam, as well as sire of 
dam is given where known. In placing this work before the public my aim has been to con- 
dense matters so that the price of the book would not be exorbitant. Of late years many 
have avoided a publication of this character from the fact that the composition bill was so 
high and because there is such a limited field, as is the case with all class publications. 
Should this book, however, meet with the approval of the public, it will be followed at the 
close of 1895 with one that will be much more complete and also contain more statistical 

That there are errors in this 2 :dO Book is not denied. Absolute correctness is impossible 
in a work of this magnitude. Those who have handled statistical matter know that the trip 
from-the copy hook to the press is a very hazardous one, and that even the most careful proof 
reading will not detect all errors. Individual knowledge of horses will bring such faults to 
light and information of their existence will be thankfully received. By referring to the book 
it will also be f6und that there are a great many horses whose ages are not given, from the fact 
that they are not registered. Many of their pedigrees are also incomplete. Information on 
either of these points will be very acceptable. In other words, I want the assistance of every 
one on the turf papers, and every one who has occasion to consult these pages, to help in mak- 
ing this book more complete than it is at present. Turf writers, of all others, have occasion to 
refer to such a work frequently, and the more accurate it is the more acceptable it will be to 

The basis of records used are those accepted by the National Trotting Association and 
the American Trotting Association. In other words, the records that appear here are the ones 
that each horse would be expected to start under should his owner decide to campaign him. 
This has made a number of changes in the performers credited to a few stallions, and has also 
made several changes in the table of champions. 

In making the announcement of this book through the press I stated that it would be a 
work of about three hundred pages, Now that it is completed, I find that it contains three 
hundred and thirty-four pages. This includes the illustrations, which have not been folioed. 
There are, however, two hundred and ninety-six pages of printed matter. 

Clevelanp, Ohio, December 81, 1894. >A^. M. OOOM ER. 

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♦♦»♦»»»»»<»♦»»»•»♦♦•<♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»•♦♦»♦♦•♦»♦»♦»♦»♦♦♦♦♦•♦•♦♦♦»»••• » ••♦♦♦♦♦♦♦••••••>••♦♦• 

p. p. JOHNSTON, Lexington, Ky. 
President of National Trotting Association. 

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦•♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦»♦♦••♦»♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»•♦♦♦♦♦♦ » »••♦•»•»» 

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W. p. IJAMS, Tebse Haute, Ind. 
President of American Trotting Association. 

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PART 1. 


The following are all of Ihe horses that have made records of 2:30 or better 
to harness to the close of 1894:. 

Ida Elliott, by AlUe West 2-30 

Accld^t, cli 6, 18&-. by Alexander 

H. Sherman 2-'*0^ 

^??,1?™^^*®°V^ «• 1889, by Elector^ " 

OUie Ray, by ReUance 2-211i 

A C. K.. ch g, 1880. by Michigan ' '* 

Boy— Queen, by Prince Albert 2:29% 

Acme Girl, b m. Id-, by Almont 


A A., b 8, 1890, by Almont Aber- 
*deen— Ringlet, by Ringgold 

A. A. A., D m, 1891, by Azmoor— 
Abbess, by Mohawk Chief 

Aaron S., br s, 188—, by California 

Abanteeo, b m, 1889, by Anteeo— 
Abbotine, by Abbotaford 

Abbadonne. b m, 1889, by Wilkes 
Boy— Lulu Patchen, by Tom Patchen 

Abbie, b m. by Hambletonian Prince 

Abbiedeen, b m, 1888, by Aberdeen- 
Kate Thompson, by Ericsson 

Abbotteford, b s, 1872, by Woodford 
Mambrino — Columbia 

Abbottsford Jr., br s, 188—, by Ab- 
bottsford, dam by American Boy... 

Abby, b m 1877, by George Wilkes- 
Mattie Wilder, by American Clay. . 

A. B. C, br g, 1883, by Warwick 
Boy— Capitola. by Bay Billy 

A. B. C, b s, 1886. by Chief— Molly 
A., by Romeo 

A. B. C, blk g. by Jim Crow, dam by 
Dick Edwards 

Abdallah' (Goldsmith's), b s, 1863, by 
Volunteer— Mai tha, by Abdallah 

Abdallah Boy, b s, 1870, by AbdaUah 
Messenger— Motto, by Gorbeau 

Abdallah Clay, blk s, 1884, by Lake- 
land Abdallah— Kitty Clay, by 
Strader's Cassius M. Clay Jr 

Abdallah Medium, b s, 1882, by 
Happy 'Medium— Lady Reynolds, by 
Jackson's Sir Archy 

Abdamed Allen Jr., b s, 1885, by 
Abdamed Allen— Kit 

Abdol, blk 8, 1883, by Grand Moor- 
Black Bess 

Abe Downing, b s, 1875, by Joe 
Downing, dam by Harrison 

Abe Bdgington, gr g, 186—, by Stock- 
bridge Chief Jr.— Dooley Mare 

Abe G., b g, (ringer?) 

Abel, b g, 1877, by Messenger Chief- 
Lucy, Dy Vermont 

Abel Muscovite, b g, 1891, by Mus- 

Abercrombie, ch s, 1886, by Am- 
baseador— Fearless, by Western 
■ ~ ' X b g, 
dam by Combination 

Aberdeen Wilkes, ch m, 1884, by WIl- 
kie Oolllns— Aberdale, by Aberdeen. 

Abner P., b g, 1876, by Dr. Maxwell 

— ^Nancy Fenn 

Abnet, b m, 1892, by Ambassador— 
Bmblem, by Empire 

Abraham L., b g, by Naham, dam 
by Red Buck 

Abram, br g, 1885, by Goldemar— 
Mary Foss 

Absolute, blk s, 1884, by Dictatoiv- 































Acolyte b s, 1884, by Onward— Lady 

Alice, by Almont 2 21 

Action, ch m, 1888, by Onward-Si- ' 

hara, by Challenger 228 

^ctor, b g, 1888, by Richwood-Queen ' 

Patchen, by Mambrino Patchen Jr. 2-26i«i 
Actress b m, 1882, by Knickerbocker ^ ^ 

dam by Edsall's Hambletonian 2'2mi 

Actress, ch m, 188-, by Triceps... 2:282 
Actress, blk m, 1885, by Star Wilki ^* 

aJI^^I^^® ^* ?Ir.^^^^^ Hambletonian.. 2:27^ 
^l*i' 5f m, 1886, by Alcantara^Ad- ^* 

miration, by Administrator 2"28^i 

^^o.^H'^'.^?J\.^y Sir Dentoi- ^^^* 

Sweetheart, by Magna Charta 2 -291^ 

^^'^^ J^' 1885>^y Fairy Gift- ^ ^* 

Nelly's daughter, by Live Oak 2-29U 

mLJ5;; ^k™'^?^,.^^"^^^^ Wilkes- ^* 

.Morette, by St. Elmo 2-26Vi 

^^^P'^Ji\^ m, 1881, by Blial G.- ^^ 

A?o ^ Wilson, by Lovely's Priam... 2:2144 
Ada De Clare, b m, 1886, by Lord ^ 

•Russell-Aida, by RlysdWs Hambl^ 

tenia n 




^bf c'fn^Va'rk":.''^' *^^'^^*^''*^^^ 2 

^i^iSi.^T ^' i^'^^A .^y ! B^.Vctloneei-- 
Addie Lee by Culver's Black Hawk 2 

fo^i^'it^^ft^?*'*^ Q"®«°' by Lake- 
land Abdallah o.oa 

^A^JJS' ?^ ""'v^^T^' by'st'cikir- 
A^a^ ^®" VZ^S"^^^^'s Black Hawk 2:27 
^ho.-J'xT^ "^'rTl^.' ^y Corsair-Rhine- 

hart Mare, by Muzzy Morgan 2-294^ 

Adam Index b g, 1886, by Index Jr. ^ 

dam by Nero ' 

Oda R, b m, 188-. by Bi^odmont:.':: 2:2 

^p*oh^""tI' ?^^?*' ^S*^^' ^y Stone's 
Red Buck— Maggie Morgan, by 
Young^B Morgan f........ 2:26 

^4^®''*.^i®V> ,}^^2' ^y Advertiser- 

A 5?autlful Bells, by The Moor 2:28 

Addle a , b m, 1881, by Rysesuke- 
o%? ^*^^^°' ^y Blue Bull, pacing 
2 :29 o -OA 

Addle De, ch m. 1887. by Nutwood- 
Adelaide, by Phil Sheridan 2:25% 

Addle B., ch m, 1883, by Algona— 
Lady Stewart, by A. T. Stewart... 2:19 

Addle B. C, b m, 1872, by Burger- 
Fearless, by Bellbrino 2:28% 

Addle Fitz B.. b m. 1890. bv Charley 
B.— Addle E. B., by Charley B 2:26V4 

Addle G., b m, 1877, by Youn^Volun- t 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



teer 2:28^ 

Addle Hayes, gr m, 1885, by Judge 
Hayes— Laura Swigert 2 :19V4 

Addle Ir., b m, 1882, by Warwick Boy 
—Belle P. 2:18J4 

Addle L., b m, by Alcantara 2:24% 

Addle Lee H, b m, 1886, by Election- 
eer— Addle Lee, by Culver's Black 
Hawk 2;23% 

Addle Pathfinder, blk m, 1882, by 
Pathfinder— Woodbury Mare, by 
Vanguard 2:25 

Addison L«unbert, b s, 1872, by Dan- 
iel Lambert— Black Kate, by Addi- 
son 2:27 

Ad^alde. b m, 1878, by Milwaukee— 
Minne B., by Bay Mambrino 2:18 

Adelaide, b m, l&h by Phil Sheri- 
dan— Chestnut Nelly, by Sam Hous- 
ton 2:19% 

Adelaide, br m, by Alcalde Jr 2:30 

Adelaide, b m, by Armagh 2:29% 

Adelaide M., ch m, 188i, by Jack 
Morrill— Lady, by Foeter Knox 2:30 

Adelaide McGregor, b m, 1889, by 
Bonnie McGregor— Adelaide, by Mil- 
waukee 2:15^ 

Adelaide Simmons, b m, 1890, by Sim- 
mons—Adelaide, by Milwaukee 2:14^ 

Adele dark, b m, 1870, by Ledger— 
Hunn Mare, by Stephen A. Douglass 2:25% 

Adele Gould, ch m, 1876, by Jay Gould 
— Emeline, by Henry B. Patchen 2:19 

Adele Maloney, gr m. 1881, by Ala- 
mode— Laurie, by Norman Jr 2:24 

Adelene, ch m, 1884, by Robert 
Whaley— Oceana Tip, by Oceana 
Chief 2:26% 

Adella, b m, 1802, by Wilton 2:25% 

Adfield, b s, 1884, by Bostick's Al- 
mont Jr.— vanity, by Enfield 2:22^ 

Adino, b s, 1889, by Simmons— Hat- 
tie Ethan, by Ethan Wilkes 2:30 

Adjuster, b s, 1377, by Administrator 
— SilverheelB, by Kentucky Chief. . 2:26 

Adjutant, b s, 188-, by St. Just 2:29% 

A. D. McGregor; ch e, 1885. by Mc- 
Gregor Boy— Jenny B 2:28 

Administrator, br s, 1863, by Rys- 
dyk's Hambletonian— Dolly Halstead, 
by Mambrino Chief; died 1892 2:29^4 

Administrator Wilkes, ch 8, 1884, by 
Wilkle OolIln*-Annle Stevens, by 
Administrator 2:25V4 

Admore, b s, 1886. by Advent- Ken- 
tucky Girl, by Edward G 2:20 

Adona, b m, 1885, by Jerome Eddy— 
Sionara. by George Wilkee 2:28^ 

Aidra Belle, sr m, 1889, by Almont Boy 
dam by Blackwood 2:17^4 

Adrian, b s, 1879, by Reliance— Adri- 
ana, by Skenandoah 2:26(4 

Advance, b s, 1889, by Electioneer^ 
Lady Amanda, by imp. Hurrah.... 2:22^ 

Advance, b e, 1883, by Onward— Mist, 
by King Rene 2:22>4 

Advance Jr., b s, by Advance 2:28 

Adventurer, b s, 1887, by Alcyone- 
Advantage 2:2VAi ' 

Advertiser, br s, 1888, by Electioneer 
— Lula Wilkes, by George Wilkee. . 2:15^4 : 

Advisor, b s, 1886, by SupervlBor— I 

Phelida, by Embassador 2:29V4 

Advolo, b s, 1880. by Ignis Patuus— 
Baby Hazlett, by Amooy 2:26Vii 

Aegon. b s, 1887, by Nutwood— Alpha, 
by Alcantara 2:18^4 

Aeleta, bl m, foaled about 1879 2:20U 

brlno— Fan, by Hui 

Aemulus, bfp s, ""'' 

PUot— Black Bess 

Black Hawk, died 

Aeolian, ch e. 1891, 

ely Pilot 

by Mambrino 
by Shoreham 


by Nutwood— 


2:25 '/I 



Alpha, by Alcantara. . . 

Aerolite, ch m, by Sortie 

A. G., b g, 1880, by Black Bonner— 
Lady Bonester. by Hunting's Tippoo 

A- H. F., b g, 18-, by Patchen 

Agate Wellington, ch m, 1888. by 
Lord Wellington— Agate, by Mam- 
brino Abdallah 2:27 

Agatha, b m, 1890, by Autumn- 
Blanche, by Highland Douglas 2:24 

Aggie, b m, by Lotus 2:19< 

Agitator, b e, 1880, by Gov. Sprague 
— Hoofiler Girl, by Blue Bull 2:28% 

Agnes, b m, by PaaacaB 2:20^ 

A^es Huntington, bl m, 188—, by 

Simmons 2:28% 

Agnes M^ ch m, 1883, by Othello- 
Carrie S.. by Jay Gould 2:22% 

A. H. C, b g, pedigree not traced... 2:26^ 

Ah There, b s, 1888^ by Electioneer- 
Lizzie, by Wildidle 2:18^* 

Alleen Almont, b m, 1876, by Ham- 
lin's Almont Jr.— Puss Mcllvaine, 
by Rattler .* 2:25V4 

Allse Medium, br m, 1882, by Happy 
Medium- Allse, by Cor beau 2:27% 

Alniee, gr m, 1877, by Bayard— Miss 
Jones 2:30 

A. J., dn g, by Beaumont 2:29 

AJaXj b 6, 1864, by Hambletonian 
Whipple— Ashoat, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonian 2:20 

Alabama, ch m, 1887, by McGurdy's 
Hambletonian— Ebneline, by Bos- 
tick's Almont Jr 2:15 

Alabaster, gr s, 1886, by Aberdeen- 
Medusa, by Almot, died 1891 2:15 

Alacine. b s, 1885, by King Rene- 
Girl, by Homer 2:295/j 

Aladdin, b s, 1876, by Jay Gonld— 
Lady Shipley, by Price's St. Law- 
■ rence 2:2^)^^ 

Alaiedon, b s, by Greenback— Nellie 
a, by Star Hambletonian 2:27^4 

Alameda Maid, ch m, 186—, by Whip- 
ple's Hambletonian— Mary Taylor, 
by Biggart'e Rattler 2:27Vi 

Alamito, ro s, 1889, by Eagle Bird— 
Aurania, by Gen. Washington 2:13% 

Alamo, b m, 1889, by Steinway— Inex, 
by Sweepetiakes 2:29!4 

Alar, br m, 1889, by Alcantara— 
Myrah, by Knickerbocker 2:11 

Alar aay Jr., b s, 1880, by Alar 
Clay-Flora 2:29yj 

Alaris (Mllford C), b g, 1884, by Vol- 
unteer StarM)ld Shake, by Shiakes- 
peai-e Jr 2:21% 

Alarm Bells, b s, 1891, by Bow Bells, 
dam by Bobber Bov 2:29% 

Alarmist, b s, 1889, by Autocrat- 
Helena, by Reporter 2:21^ 

Alaska, br e, 1878, by Electioneer— 
Lucy, by Washington 2:29 

Alaska, b g, 1877, by Boston Boy 
Hambletonian— Jerry Knight Mare, 
by Garibaldi 2:25 

Alaska, br m, 1882, by Alcyone— We- 
nonah, by Curtis* Hambletonian.... 2:27'4 

Al B., blk g, 1884, by Simmons— 
Stokesie, by George Wllke« 2:28% 

Alban, b s, 1881, by Gen. Benton— 
Lady Morgan, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian .^^ ^ . . 2:24 

Digitized by 




AJbani, cb m, 1886, by Hennit— Mls- 
f eABBivpi Maid, by Anglo Saxon 2:21^ 

Albany, ch m, 1888, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr.— Jenny Bate, by Cuyler... 2:30 

Albany Boy, b s, 1885, by Smuggler 
Jr.--Nelly Oow, by Mambrlno Eagle 2:23 

Albemarle, gr e, 1868. by Tom Hunter, 
dam by Wacbwortn's Bluciher 2:10 

Albert, blk g, 1.86—, pedigree not 
traced. Bought out of a sale stable 2:24r>4 

Albert, b 8, 1888, by Alcryon— Nelly 
O.. by Louis Napoleon 2:29^4 

Albert Bretwood, b s, 1891, by Bret- 
wood 2:26% 

Alberta Prance, b g, 1878, by George 
Wilkes— Alley, by Hambletonlan... 2:20^ 

Albert M., b b» 188—, by Favorite 
WUkes 2:29% 

Albert S., br s, 1888, by Wllkw.Boy 
Wlndom Belle, by Mambrlno Foster. 2:30 

Albert S.. blk s. by George Sprague.. 2:3o 

All>ert S., gr g 2:2l&^ 

Albert T., oh g, 1888, by Albert W.- 
Tobln mare, by Wnipple'a Hamble- 
tonlan 2:10^ 

Albert W., b s, 1878, by Blectioneeer 
—Slater, by John Nelson 2:20 

Albion, br g, pedigree not traced.... 2:29% 

Albion, br g. 1888. by Bo^tick's Al- 
mont Jr.— Mattie G., by Trouble..., 2:25% 

Albion, b fl, 1883, by Gen. Benton- 
Amy, by Messenger Duroc 2:26!^ 

Albion, b 8, 1886, by Wilkes Boy— Ad- 
miration, by Administrator 2:2SV^ 

Albion, br g, by Winooskl 2:27% 

Albion Medium, b s, 1885, by Happy 
Medium— The Witch, by Almont 2:30 

Albright, b s, 1891 2:23 

Alb-lna, b m, 1887. by Albrino— Hip- 
nenheimer, by Voiunteer ^ 2:27 

Alcagetta, gr m, 1885, by Alcantara- 
La^ Daggett, by Logue horse, died 
1888 2:25 

Alcalde, gr g, 1878, by Alroy— Nelly 
M„ by Joe Hooker 2:28V4 

Alcander, dh s, 1884, by Alcantara- 
Cleopatra, by Abdallah Prince 2:2oyj 

Alcanore, blk s, 1883, by Alcyone— 
. Lady Carr, by American Clay 2:2GV4 

Alcantara, b s, 1876, by George 
Wilkes— Alma Mater, by Mambrlno 
Patchen 2:23 

Alcantarus, blk s, 1889, by Alcantara 
— G-iace MedlunL by Happy Medium 2:20% 

Alcantine. b s, 1886, by Alcantara- 
Net Medium, by Happy Medium 2:29 

Al CarroU, gr s, 188—, by Alcryon.. 2:2i% 

Aloayala, b g, 1880, by Alcantara- 
Leah, by Blue Bull 2:20 

Alcazar, b g, 1883, by Sultan— Min- 
nehaha, by Bald Chief 2:20% 

Alcazar, blk s, 1883, by Alcantara— 
(Jalatea, by Fearnaught 2:21% 

Alcazar Belle, ch m, 1888. by Alcazar 
—Kate Russell, by Mambrlno Russell 2:24% 

Alerdalle, b m, 188—, by Sir Walter 
Jr.— Oomee's Sister, by Daniel Lam- 
bert 2:30 

Alcbemist, b b, 1882, by Almont— 
WiUetta, by Strader*s Gasslus M. 
Clay Jr 2:30 

Alcolyte, br s, 1886, by Onward— God- 
iva, by Btemont 2:27% 

Alcona Jr., d s, 1881, by Alcona— Ma- 
donna, by Strader*s Gasslus M. 
Clay jr 2:19 

Al Cooper, b g,^ Kenelln 2:2SV4 

Alcryon, gr s, 1882, by Alcyone— Lady 
Blanche, by Privateer 2:15 

AlQyona, b m, 1883, by Alcyone— Cut- 
ter, by Coaster 2:29 

Alcyone, br a, 1877, by George Wilkes 
—Alma Mater, by Mambrlno Patchen 2:27 

Alcyone Belle, ch m, 188—, by Alcyone 2:29% 

Alcyone Jr., ch s, 1887, by Alcyone- 
Lady Garfield, by Young Jupiter. . 2:18% 

Alcyonium, b s, 1886, by Alcyone- 
Slater, by Almont 2:24% 

Alcyrene. blk s, 1888^ by Alcyone- 
Serene, by Nutwood 2:28% 

Alcyrene, blk m, 188—, by Alcyone. . 2:27% 

Alcy Wilkes, b s, 1883, by Alcyone- 
Daisy, by Stanhope's Blood Biawk. . 2:16 

Aleck B., b g, 18^. by ElecUoneer— 
Alvaretta, by George Lancaster . . . 2:24% 

Aldeana^ b m, 1882, by Blectioneer— 
Miza l)olph, by Wlldidle 2:25 

Alden, br s, 1883, by Alden Gold- 
smith-^enny. by Swlgert 2:26 

Aldine, br m, 1873, by Almont— Mother 
Hubbard, by Johnston's Toronto ... 2:19% 

Alejandrl, blk m, 1886 by Dexter 
Prince— Princess, by Nutwood 2:15% 

Alencon, ch s, 1885, by Lord Russell— 
—Alice West, by Almont 2:23% 

Alert, b g, 1879, by Ensign— Outlaw, 
by Martin's BcUpse 2:18% 

Alex, b g. 1883, by Alexander 2:26 

Alexander, b s, 1868, by Goldsmith's 
Abdallah— Bay Fanny, by Bell- 
founder 2:28% 

Alexander, blk s, 1874. by Ben 
Patchen— Jenny Martin, by Canada 
Jack 2:19 

Alexander, b g, 187—, by Happy Med- 
ium—Mary Patchen by Bully King. 2:26% 

Alexander, br s, 1877, by Robinson- 
Nelly WiUiams, by Copperbottom . . . 2:25 

Alexander Button, b s, 1877, by 
Alexander— Lady Button, by Napa 
Rattler 2:26% 

Alexander Button Jr., br s, 1886, by 
Alexander Button— Kate Kearney, 
by John Nelson 2:26% 

Alexander D., b g, 188—, by Williams' 
Idol— Bell Wilson, by Lovely's 
Priam 2:20 

Alexander McCord, b g, 1883, by Glad- 
iator 2:29% 

Alexander S., m g, 1873, by Silli- 
man Morgan 2:28% 

Alexander Stewart, ch g, 18—, breed- 
ing unknown 2:29% 

Alex C, b g, 1887, by Alert— CTymble 
Mare, by Marksman 2:21 

Alex C, b s, 1800, by Belmont Chief. . 2:28% 

Alexle Sherman, b m, 1890, by Sher- 
man, dam by Messenger Duroc 2:25% 

Alexis, b 6, 1885, by Prince All- 
Nelly 2:2iy4 

Alfonso, br s, 1886, by Baron 
Wilkes— Alma Mater, by Mambrlno 
Patchen 2:29^)4 

Alfred, b s, 1887, by Hambletonlan 
Gem— Lady Rlehelieu, by Richelieu. 2:2b 

Alfred, b s, 1880, by Gen. Benton— 
Alice, by Almont 2:25 

Alfred, b g, 187—. by Cloud Mam- 
brino 2:26% 

Alfred G., b s, 1885, by Anteeo— Rosa 
B., by Speculation 2:19% 

Alfred S., b g, 1873, by Elmo— Nora 
Marshall, by Union 2:16% 

Alfretta, b m, 1876, by Mambrlno 
Gift— Blondie 2:26% 

Alf Taylor, br b, 1887, by Capt. 
Cook-^ewel, by Blood Chief Jr...|. 2:24% 
Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Algath, b m, 1879, by Cuyler— Harold- 
Ine, by Harold 

Algeria Belle, b m, 1801, by Algeria 
Wilkes, dam by Metropolitan 

Algiers, br s, 1882, by Atlantic- 
Amanda B., by Hero of Thorndale. 

Algoma. gr m, 1883, by Alpine— Lottie 
Edwards, by C. J. Wells 

Algomah, ch s, 1888, by Strathmore 
Carnation, by Hambrino Star 

Algonquin, br s, 1885, by George O.— 

Algonquin, b g, by Hamlin's Almont 

Algy, ch s, 1889,* by Nutwood— Alpha, 
bv .A.lcantara 

Alhambra, b g, 1886,' by 'Alcantara- 
Maggie Young, by Honest Allen . . . 

Alhambra G., b s, 1889, by Lord Well- 
ington— Oora, by Sterling 

All, blk 8. 1888, by Palmetto— Mag- 
gie GraTes, by Mambrino King.... 

Alicante, b m, 1884, by Alcantara- 
Lady Tighe, by Felter's Hamble- 

Alice, b m, Inr Colonna 

Alice, b m, 18^, by Allie Gaines 

Alice, b m, 18^, by Abraham— 
Townsend Mare, by Ethan Allen... 

Alice, b m, 1869, by Mario Jr.— Bl- 

AUce Addison, gr m, 1874, by Al- 
mont— Alice Drake, by Alexander's 

Alice Black, b m, 1886, by Jersey 
Wilkes— Alice Blackwood, by Black- 

Alice Blackwood, b m, 1874, by 
Blackwood— Bmeline, by Henry B. 

Alice Burlew, b m, 1888, by Charley 
B.— Lady Cramer, by Tremont 

Alice C, b m, 1884, by Stillson— Tip, 
by Tip Cranston 

Alice B., br m, 1888, by Martine— 
Lady Beatrice by McMahon 

Alice Eddy, b m, 188—, by Aragon. . . . 

Alice Ensign, b m, by Ensign 

Alice G., b m, by Juggler Boy 

Alice K., br m, 1884. by Gen Stan- 
ton, dam by Black Diamond 

Alice Leyburn, br m, 1891, by Baron 
Wilkes— Mamie by Star Almont . . . 

Alice Russell, b m, 188—, by Alley 

Alice M., b m, 1877, by Kilpatrlck— 
Fanny, by Madison's Red Jacket. . 

Alice Medium, b m, 1873. by Happy 
Medium— Fiddler's Daughter, by 

Alice Pevton (Lady Stevens), b m, 
1880, by Blue Bull— Myra Shaw, 
by Tom Lang 

Alice Simmons, blk ra, 1801. by Sim- 
mons—Patty Cooper, by Black Dou. 

Alice Stoner, b m, 1875, by Strath- 
more — ^Ned 

Alice Tyler, b m, 1875, by Hero of 
Thorndale— Perl, by Edwin Forrest 

Alice West, blk m, 1873, by Almont— 
Young Kate, by McDonald's Mam- 
brino Chief 

Alice Wilkes, b m, 1885. by Alcantara 

— Maddie Karr. by Administrator. . . 

Alice Wilkes, b m, 188—, by George 
Wilkes Jr.— Jennie W., by Brown 

Alicia, b m, 1881, by George Wilkes 



2:29 V4 








—Alma Mater, by Mambrino Patchen 2:30 

Aline, b m, 1884, by Almont Boy- 
Bessie Bnfleld, by Bnfleld Jr 2:14% 

Allx, b m, 1888. by Patronage— At- 
lanta, by Attorney 2:08%. 

Alkali, b g, by Virgil 2:29% 

A. L, Kempland, ch s, 1890, by Guy 
Wilkes— Manon, by Nutwood 2:26% 

Allandorf ch s, 1882 by Onward- 
Alma Mater, by Mainbrino Patchen 2:19% 

Allan Roy, gr g, 1877, by Patchen 
Vernon— Bllen Roy 2:17% 

Allegheny Boy, ro s, 1874, by Wood's 
Hambletonian 2:27% 

Allegro, br s, 1878. by Swigert— Miss 
Richards, by Goldsmith's Abdallah. 2:30 

Allegro, blk m, 1887, by Almont 
Wilkes 2:18% 

Allen, ro g, 188- 2:29% 

Allen b s, 1880, by Star Ethan— 
Nelfy, by David Hill 2:30 

Allen, bg, 186- 2:28% 

AUen B., ch s, 1888, by Brussels- 
Flora Belle, by Schuyler Colfax..,. 2:J 

Allen Boy, b g, 1880, by Jay Gould.. 2:'. 

Allen Boy, br s, 1886. by Almont M. 
— NeUy Nick, by Lron Duke 2:27% 

Allen H., ch g, 1882. by Ned Patchen 
—Black Bess 2:25% 

Allen Kinney, b s, 188— by C. F. 
Clay, dam by Lyle Wilkes 2:24% 

Allen Line, rn g, 188—, by Eagle 
Bird 2:27% 

Allen's Best, b s, 1884, by William 
H. Allen— Maggie Mar, by Ajax 2:28% 

Allen Sprague, d g, by Gov. Sprague, 
dam by McConnell's Magna Oharta. 2:30 

Allen Wilkes, b s, 1885, by Abdallah 
Wilkes— Brown Nelly 2:29 

Allen Wilkes, ro s, 188—, by Jay Bird 
—Biddy Donovan, by Honest Allen. 2:24V4 

Allerio, b s, 1886, by Jay Bird- 
Susie Shoemaker, by Tremont 2:22 

Allerton, br s, 1886, by Jay Bird— 
Gussie Wilkes, by Mambrino Boy. . 2:09% 

Alleta, blk m^ 1^8, by William H. 
Vanderbilt— Kate Berry, by Yankee 
Dan 2:26%- 

Alley, b g, 1868. by Vc^unteer, dam 
by New York Black Hawk 2:19 

Alley Bonner, b g, 1879, by Startle- 
Bessie Forrest, by Edwin Forrest.. 2:23% 

Alley K., b g, 1881. by Deucalion- 
Emblem^ by Minchin's Tom Moore. . 2:29% 

Alley W., b g, 187— , by Western Fear- 
naught— Cal, by Caledonia Chief. . . 2:22i/4 

AUlbel, b m, 1891, by St. Bel— Alicia 
Wilkes, by Guy Wilkes 2:19% 

Allie Ambassador, b m, 1886, by 
Wirt's Almont, dam by Ambassador. 2:27 

Allie B., br m. by Memento Wilkes.. 2:30 

AlUe Gee, b s, by Allie WUkes 2:29% 

Allie Gee, b g. 188—. by Allie Gaines 2:22% 

Allie Graham, br g, by Allie Gaines. 2:29% 

Allie J., b m, 1890, by Mohawk Gift- 
Lady Holland, by Holland 2:28 

Allie K., gr m. 1889, by Badger 
Sprague— Pet 2:26% 

Allie Medium, b m, 1889, by Country 
Medium— Annice, by Alroy 2:30 

Allie Rosebud, b m, 1887, by Happy 
Medium— Allie Gano, by Almont . . . 2:28% 

Allie Sloper, ch m, 1889, by Blecter— 
Calypso, by Steinway 2:28 

Allie Swift b m, 1891, by Artemas. .. 2:27 

Allie West, blk s, 1870, by Almont— 

Fanny, by Mambrino Chief 2:25 

AUle Wilkes, b s, 1882, by peajsajkef ^ 
Digitized by VjOOy IC 



—Alex, by AUie West 2:16 

AlUe Wilkee, cli m, 188—, by Red 
Prince 2:28 

Allimore, blk m, 1887. by Altamore— 
lAzzie H., by Hlnkston Boy 2:2^ 

Alio, br 8, 1881, by Altoona-Nelly. .. 2:2% 

Allorita (Lena H.), cb m, 188—, by 
Altoona— Nelly 2:16% 

All Monarch, eh s. 1888, by Almonarch 
—Lady Bofitwick. by Prince of 
Wales 2:19»/2 

All Right, b 8, 1891, by Gogebic ... 2:21 

All Right Jr., b e, by All Right 2:29% 

All So, b B, 1884, by Blackwood Jr. _ 
--So So, hy George Wilkes 2:20^ 

ALDoa, blk m, 1886, by Almont M.— 
Banrett mare 2:28% 

Alma, br m, 1872, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonlan— Olara, by American Star. 2:28% 

Alma, b m, 1883, by Electioneer— 
Alvaretta, by George Lancaster.... 2:28% 

Alma Alto, b m. 1891. by Palo Alto.. 2:30 

Almambro, br 8. 1881, by Alar Clay 
—Nigger, by Stanhope's M«unbrlno 
Pilot Jr. TT 2:28% 

Almareh, ch e, 1883, by Aimionarch.. 2:30 

Almater, ch m, 1884, by Hambrlno— 
Alma Mater, by Mambrino Patchen. 2:24V4 

Almlra Hlghwood, b m, 1891, by High- 
wood— Sally Oofisack, by Don Cos- 
sack 2:23% 

Almo, b s, 1880, by Hamdallah— 
Topsy, by Alexander 2:30 

Almonarch, b s, 1875, by Almont— HI, 
by Asteroid 2:24% 

Almonette, b m^ 1881, by Altamont— 
Favorite, by Post's Hambletonian.. 2:29% 

llmonltion, blk s, 1888, by Alcona— 
Pansy, by Strader's Oassfus M. Clay 2:24% 

Almont, b g, 1877, by Album— Lntie 
Ware, by Stanhope's Blood Hawk. . 2:17% 

Alnkont, b g, pedigree not traced 2:28% 

Almont, br g, 18—, by Morris* Al- 
mont 2:2& 

Almonta, b m^ 1884, by Tllto-n- Al- 
mont— Sasle 2:25 

Almont Aberdeen, b s, 1884, by Aber- 
deen—Brightness, by Almont 2:22V2 

Almont Brunswick, b s, 1881, b^ Al- 
mont Chief— Affliction, by Duke of 
Brunswick 2:25vi 

Almont Eagle, br s, 1872, by Almont 
—Mag Ferguson, by Mambrino Chief 2:27 

Almont General, b g, 1879, by Ham- 
lin's Almont Jr.— Mrs. Pratt, by 
Niagara Oh'ampion 2:24% 

Almont Gift, b e, 1878, by Almont 
Chief— Shoo Fly, by Hall's Mohawk 2:27% 

Almont Gift Jr., b s, 188-, by Al- 
mont Gift 2:29% 

Almont Hambletonian, gr s, 1884, by 
Romulus— Delusion, by Almont 2:23% 

Almontine, b m, 188—, by King Al- 
mont 2:19% 

Almont Jr. (Bostick's), b s, 1871, by 
Almont— Belle Forrest, by Edwin 
Forrest 2:29 

Almont Jr. (Hamlin's), b s, 1872, by 
Almont— Maggie Gaines, by Blood s 
Black Hawk 2:26 

Almont King, br s. 1885, by Al West 
—Nelly Lee, by Mambrino Gay 2:20% 

Almont M., b s, 187-. by Bostick's 
Almont Jr.— Dutch mare, by Ver- 
njfint Boy - 2:30 

Almont Maid, ch m, 1865, by Gen. 
Withers— Winona, by Wlnthrop 
Morrill 2:26 

Almont Medium, b s, 1882, by Happy 

Medluit-Lady Chiles, by Almont. . . 2:18% 

Almont Patolhen, b s, by Hamlin's 
Almont Jr.— Kit, by HemUn Patchen 2:29% 

Almont Star, b s, 1881, by Almont— 
Blancbe Star, by Oonklin's Ameri- 
can Star 2:28% 

Almont Star, b s, 1885, by Almont 
Pilot— Stan Maid, by Magnolia 2:25 

Almont Wasoner, b s, 1884. by Al- 
mont Obief— Kit Patchen, by Wild 
Wagoner 2:29% 

Almont Wilkes, br s, 1883, by WlUde 
Collins— AlmontresB, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr. 2:20 

Alonso Hayward, gr s, 187—, by Billy 
Hayward— Mliss 2:30 

Alpha, blk m, 1880, by Alcantara- 
Jessie Pepper, by Mambrino Chief. .2:23% 

Alpha, ch m, 1887, by Pilot Champion 
—Nell, by Hatfield's Jake Weaver. . . 2:25% 

Alpha, b g, 1872v by Whalebone Knox, 
dam by Sanborn nonse 2:29% 

Alpha, b e, by Arma^^ 2:21% 

Alpheus, D s, 1880, by Mambrino 
Wilkee— Rose, by Majon Mono 2:25 

Alphington. b s, 1886, by PUot Med- 
fumr-Nell Bnckman, by Masterlode. . 2:16% 

Alpine, b s, 1886, by Hambrlno— 
Gwendolen, by Harold 2:30 

Al Q. Chase, b g, 1888, hv Onslaught 
—Dolly Carter, by Hambletoman 
Bashaw 2:24% 

Al R., b g, 1879, by Frank Nichols- 
Flora, by Coomb's Black Hawk 2:27% 

AWch, blk 8, 1890, by Altn»-Na- 
mouna, by A- W. Richmond 2:30 

Alroy, b g, 1879, by Peacemaker- 
Mason Girl, by Arabian Chief 2:22^ 

Aisle, ch m, 1SS2, by Kentucky Prince 
—Beatrice, by Rysdyk's Hambleto- 
nian 2:29 

Alspur, b s, 1887, by Don Carlos- 
Alice, by Mambrino Dudley 2:21 

Alta, blk m. 1886, by Allle Gaines— 
Malinda Weeks, by Star of the West 2:17% 

Alta, br m, 1872, by Almont— Lady, 
by Bourbon Chief 2:23% 

Alta, b m, 1880, by Altamont— Maud, 
by Mike 2:23% 

Alta, b m, pedigree not traced 2:2^14 

Alta A-, b g, 18fe, by Altamont, dam 
by Autocrat 2:20% 

Alta Boy, b s, 1887, by Billy WUkes— 
Flocee, by Louis Napoleon 2:26% 

Alta May, b m, 1887, by Herschel- 
Trapeze, by Tramp 2:27 

Alta May. b m, 1891, by Auctioneer- 
Marie, by Greenbacks (dead) 2:28% 

Altamont, b s, 1875, by Almont— Sue 
Ford, by Brown Chief 2:20% 

Altamont, b g, 188—, by Almdnt Star 
Birthday, by Daniel Lambeit 2:29% 

Altamura, br m, 1883, by Harold- 
Alice West, by Almost 2:30 

Altao, b s, 1886, by Altamont— Sally 
M., by Oregon Pathfinder 2:16 

Alta Patchen, ch s, 1885, by Seneca 
Patchen— Nelly Daniels, by Seneca 
Chief 2:24^^ 

Altar, ch fl, 1881-. by Abdalbrino— 
Laureta. by Daniel Lambert 2:16% 

Altaree, b m- 1891, by Alturas 2:30 

Alta Reina, b m, 1890, by Atto Rex 
—Jay, by Jim Hawkins 2:27 

Alta Rose, b m, 188—, by HIghlawn.. 2:28% 

Altena, blk m, 1884, by Altamont- 
Sleepy Kate, by Mike 2:26% 

Althaia. b m, 1890, by Altamont— 
Venetia, by Almonl^^..^.Q^Q^j^:27% 



Altliard, b m. 1888, by St. Qothard— 
Alicia, by Harold 2:28J4 

Althea, b m, 1886, by Ben Franklin 
^Susie Biker, by Blackstone 2:24»^ 

Altieslmo, blk g, 1890, by Grandlssimo 
—Kate, by T^oronto dhlef Jr 2:25^ 

Altitude, b s 2:27^ 

Altitude, b s. 1872, by Almont— Molly, 
by Oantrelrs Sir Arony. 2:28 

Altivo, b fl, 1890, by Electioneer— 
Dame Winnie, by Planet 2:18>^ 

Alto, dn s, 1884, by Antaiv-Lowville, 
by Green Mountain Boy 2:26^ 

Altogether, grg, 1885, by Hamlin's 
Almont Jr.— Kitty Stack, by Ste- 
phen A. Douglas 2:19>4 

Alton Boy, to a, 186—, by Honest 
Allen 2:291.2 

Altoona, b m, 188—, by Menelaus 
(pacing 2:16%) 2:22% 

Altoneer, br ». 1891, by Sphinx— 
Pilotena Wilkes, by Pilot Wilkes.. 2:25 

Altus, b s, 1885, by Alcantara— Gos- 
sip, by M<ambrino Fatchen 2:25i/4 

AlYan, b s, 1883, by Bostick's Almont 
Jr.— Vanity, by Enfield 2:26^i 

Alvary, b s, 1887, by Alvaradio— Vic- 
toria, by Stockbridge 2:30 

Alvln, ch s, 1885, by Orpheus— Nancy, 
by Toronto Chief Jr 2:11 

Alvira, b m, 1876, by Stlllson— Fanny, 
by Harry Clay 2:29y4 

Alvlso, br g, by Brown Jug 2:20 

Alzippa, ch g, 1885, by Alroy— Goldie, 
by Rifleman 2:14^ 

Amani, blk m, 1889, by Wilton— Alma 
Mater, by Mambrino Patchen 2:28% 

Amaranth, oh s, 188—, by Ambassador 2:2794 

Am>azon, eh m, 1886, by Ambaflsador— 
Bishop mare, by Mcmawk Jackson.. 2:29% 

Ambassador, blk e, 1875, by George 
Wilkes— Lady Carr, by American 
Clay 2^114 

Aml)er, b s, 1871, by Clear Grit- 
Jenny Jinks, by Royal Revenge 2:2514 

Amber, b m, 1888, by Nelson— Nellie 
Rampart, by Rampart 2:2* 

Amber F., oh s, 188—, by Amber 2:30 

Amberlou, gr m, 1888, by Black Hawk 
McGregor— Polka, by Pocahontas 
Boy 2:'2VA 

Araberlyte, br s, 1889, by Acolyte— 
Louella. by Amber 2:30 

Ambler, b g, 1871, by Wood's Ham- 
bletonian 2:30 

Amboy. eh ft, 1884, by Heptagon— 
Ijjidy Burclionlf bv lEvsflvk h Hnm- 
bk^tOQlflti * 2:13% 

Ainl>oy, cb B, 1S65, by Qreen^j? Ba- 
shaw—Fan, by Spread Tangle. , . . h ». 2:26 

Ambrosial, h s, ISSa by Tom Pugh— 
MJss HarrlngtoQ. by ReBruIato'V. .... 2:17V4 

Amboles, h b, 1892. bjr Altheus— Hat- 
tje R., by Andy Johnson , . 2:263^ 

Ameer, b r. li^. by KepbPw— Amer- 
ica, by Ryedyk^H Hambletonlan 2:27 

AmeMa, ilh m, by Rustic— Petahima, . 2:22Vi 

Anj^llii t\. b ni. 1876, by Dexter— 
Bfuaf ord, dam by Volunteer 2:19% 

Amdlla Rives, blk m, 1886, by King 
Richard— Wanda 2:27% 

Amender, b s, 1884, by Meander— 
i>ady Anna, by Woodford Mam- 
brino .. 2:25% 

America, blk s, 1886, by Kentucky 
Prince— Alma, by RysdyVs Hamble- 
toman 2:23^^ 

American Girl, b nr 1862, by Amos* 
Casslus M. Clay Jr. (dead) 2:16% 

.American Jay, ro s, 1888, by „,_ 

Bird— Our Mary, by Lelaps 2:24% 

American Lad, b s. 1S85, by Ethan 
Wilkes— Rarity, by Messenger Ba- 
shaw (pacing 2:17%) 2:26^^ 

Amherst Boy, b s, 1887, by Blyria, 
dam by American Boy 2:24% 

Att'igo, b s, 1885, by Electioneer— 
Nadine, by WiJdidle (died 1892) 2:16% 

Amorel, blk m, 1889, by St. Bel— 
Adonal, by Dictator 2:26 

Amoskeag, ch s, 1887, by Ambassador 
—Maud 2:23 

Amurath, b s, 1887, by Sultan— Smug- 
gler Girl, by Smuggler 2:26 

Amy, b m, 1865, by Volunteer— Belle 
Brandon, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian (dead) 2:20% 

Amy Arney, b m, 1887, by Montgom- 
ery— Coalie, by Rob Roy 2:22% 

Amy B., b m. 186— , by Frank Dunn- 
Daisy Dean, by Black Jack (dead). 2:24% 

Amy King, ch m, 1879, by Mambrino 
King— Belle Clay, by Kentucky Clay 2:22% 

Amy Lee, ch m, 1882, by Bay Star- 
Nell, by Scott's Hiatoga 2:14 

Ana, blk m, 1882, by Kentucky Prince 
— Starbeam. by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2:28% 

Ancient Order Boy, ch g, 186—, by 
Gen. Morgan, dam by a son of 
Brown's Bellfounder 2:27 

Andante, ch s, 1882, by Bostick's 
Almont Jr.— Mary M.., by Bassinger 2:20% 

Anderson, b g, 188—, by Baron West. 2:29% 

Anderson Wilkes, b m, 1884, by On- 
ward—Magnet, by Strathmore 2:22% 

Andrerw Allison, b s, 1886, by An- 
dante—Kate K., by Trouble 2:22% 

Andrew O., b g, 1884, by Harlan— 
Bess, by Robert Whaley 2:26% 

Andes, g s, 1885, by Clay Cuyler— . 
EOsie Wilkes, by George Wilkes... 2:27% 

Andy Cutter, gr g, 1888, by Cyclone 
—Gray Maid, by Major Downing. . 2:19% 

Andy Ensign, b s. 1891, by Ensign- 
Linda, by supervisor 2:26% 

Andy K., b g, 188-, by Barkis 2:25^i 

Andy Mershon, gr s, 1870, by Curtis' 
Hambletonian— Lucy Mershon, by 
Kavanaugh's Grey Bagle 2:25% 

Andy Pogue, b e, 1887, by Harry Pull- 
ing—Sarah, by Coriander 2:29% 

Angelina, b m, 1886, by Wilkes Boy- 
Molly, by Kentucky Clay 2:12 

Angus, blk s, 188— by Wilkes Boy. 2:29% 

Anita, br m, 1887, by Baron Wilkes- 
Mary F., by Mambrino Boy 2:29% 

Anita, br m, 1886, by Le Grand- 
Hannah Price, by Arthnrton 2:25% 

Anita, gr m, 1886, by Rockwood Jr.— 
Lucy, oy Vermont 2:23% 

Angelica, ch m. 188—, by Young Ful- 
lerton 2:25% 

Angelue, ch g, 1891, by Whitby— 

. Winnifred, by Brennan 2:23% 

Anglin, b g, 1876, by George Wilkes— 
Betty^ Brown, by Mambrino Patchen 2:27% 

Anna B., gr m, 1887, by Dirkee V.— 
Lucy, by Petoskey 2:27 

Annabel b m, by Herschel, dam by 
Star Hambletonian 2:29% 

Annabelle, ch m, 1888, by Dawn— 
Pacheco, by Hubbard 2:27% 

Annabel 'Lee, ch m, 18oo, by Aber- 
deen—Betty Martin, by Mambrino 
Time 2:26 

Anna O., b m, by Hambletonian 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Tranby— Imoarene 2:21% 

Annacander, ch m, 1888, by Alcan- 
der— Leona 2:28% 

Anna K. b m, 1887, by Haw Patch— 
Blla B., by Aldrich Morgan 2:28% 

Anna Knowlton (Annie), ch m, 1877, 
Broken Leg— Zulu Z., by Daniel 
Lambert 2:27^ 

Anna M., blk m. by Tom Allen 2:dO 

Anna Maoe, gr m, 18iB9, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor— Mattie H., by Blue Bull... 2:29^4 

Anna May, b m, 1885, by Delmonico 
Sprague— Nelly, by Jiggler 2:27^ 

Anna May, b m, by Delmonico 
Sprague 2:27% 

Annette, ch m, 1887, by King Rene- 
Lady Pride, by Hamlet Jr 2:27^ 

Annette, b m, 1874, by Sentinel— Min- 
nie, by Kentucky Clay 2:2» 

Annie, d m, pedigree not traced... 2:29' 

Annie B., b m. 1887. by Abdallah 
Mambrino— Clip, by Hamlet Den- 
mark 2:29*4 

Annie Bennett, ch m, by Bayonne 
Prince, dam by Royal Peamaught. . 2:26% 

Annie Boone, b m, 188—. by Daniel 
Boone 2:25J4 

Annie C, b m, 188—, by Commander. 2:2^ 

Annie C, gr m, by Melrose 2:27^ 

Annie C, b m, 188—, by O. M. Clay 
Jr., dam by Mambrino Black Hawk. 2:23% 

Annie Collins, br m, 18^ by Paul 
Jones— Morgan Belle (dead) 2:23Va 

Annie D., b m, 1884, by Port Iieonard 
—Dolly, by Wilson's Capt. Walker. . 2:29% 

Annie B., b m, 1886, by Tilton Al- 
mont— Nippy, by Henry Belmont... 2:23 

Annie G., br m, 1870. by Dictator—. 
Annie Laurie, by Harris' Hamble- 
tonlan (dead) 2:28 

Annie H. (Susie Walton), b m, 1884, 
by Gen. George H. Thomas— Edge- 
field Girl, by Enfield 2:20 

Annie Hazen, ch m, 188— by Rob- 
ert McGregor, dam by Onward 2:22% 

Annie K., gr m, by Happy Medium, 
dam by Mercer Patchen 2:28% 

Annie L., ro m, 1890, by Prince Or- 
loff, dam by son of Harold 2:29% 

Annie Laurie, b m, 1877, by Echo- 
Black Swan, by California Ten 
Broeck 2:80 

Annie Laurie, ch m, 1878, by Dani^ 
Lambert— Never Mind, by a son of 
Young Moscow 2:27% 

Annie Lou, b m, by Daniel Lambert- 
Brown Nelly, by a son of Vermont 
Black Hawk 2:80 

Annie McGregor, b m, 1890, by Rob- 
ert McGregor— Annette, by Young 
Jim .! 2:24 

Annie Only, ch m, by George H. 
Hazzard 2:27% 

Annie Ossian. b m. 188—, by Osslan. . 2:25 

Annie P., b m, 1887, by Patchen Vol- 
unteer—Kitty C, by Landmark 2:25% 

Annie Page, b m, 1872, by Daniel Lam- 
bert—Fanny Jackson, by Stonewall 
Jackson 2:27% 

Annie Pixley, b m, 188—, by Stock- 
ing Chief 2:29% 

Annie Rooney, b m, 1884. by Spring- 
field—Kate 2:24% 

Annie S., ch m, 1877, by Almont— 
Blanche Star, by Conklin's American 
Star 2:26% 

Annie Stevens, b m, 1887, by Ken- 
tucky Prince— Lady Horton, by 

Sweepstakes 1^:18% 

Annie W., ch m, 1875, by Bostick's 
Almont Jr.— Mary M.. by Bassinger. 2:20 

Annie Wilkes, b m, 1881, by Wfkle 
Collins— Fanny, by 'Bilng George 2:21% 

Annie Wilkes, b m, 1889, by Arthur 
Wilkes-Belle Barnard, by Dr. Herr. 2:24% 

Annine, ch m, 1891, by Warlock— 
Puella, by Harold 2:21 

Annorean, b m, 1889, by Cyclone— 
Neoma 0., by Twilight . .'. 2:26% 

Anodyne, ch g, 1868, by Ross colt, 
dam by Young Hogarth 2:25 

Ansel, b s, 1880, by Electioneer— An- 
nette, by Lexington 2:20 

Anselma ch m, 1885^ by Ansd- 
Elaine, by Messenger Duroc 2:2l>% 

Ansel W., rn g, 188—, by Harbinger. . 2:29% 

Anson, b g, 188—, by Landmark, dam 
by Rough and Ready 2:25% 

Ansonia, br s, 1875, by Jay Gould— * 
Lady BUa 2:27% 

Answer, b g, 1887. by Ansel— Flora, 
by Whipple's Hambletonian 2:14% 

Antarees, b s. 188—, by Anteeo— Bay 
Flora, by Skenandoah 2:27% 

Antecedent, gr s, 1889. by Wilton- 
Anna Lotta, by Red Wl&es 2:20% 

Anteeo, b s, 1879, by Electioneer— 
Columbine by A. W. Richmond 2:16y2 

Anteeo Jr., b s, 1884, by Anteeo— 
Lady Signal, by Signal 2:2."{i>4 

Anteeo Richmond, gr s, 1888, by An- 
teen— Queen, b^ A. W. Richmond.. 2:24% 

Antella, b m, 1890, by Ansel— Gara- 
phelia, by Gen. Benton 2:20% 

Antelope, ch s. 1880, by Nutwood- 
Fanny, by Jerseyman 2:23% 

Anteeoyne, b s, 1890, by Anteeo— 
Anna Lotta, by Red Wilkes 2:23 

Anterose, b m, 1888, by Anteroe— 
Ruby F., by Harry B 2:26 

Antevolo, br s, 1881, by Electioneer- 
Columbine, by A. W. Richmond 2:19% 

Anthella, b m, 1890, by Anteeo— 
Wllksie G., by Riobert McGregor.. 2:18 

Antlnous, b s, 1882, by Electioneer— 
American Girl, by Toronto Sontag. . 2:28% 

Antioch, br s, 1889, by Antevolo— 
Fanny, by Mambrino Wilkes 2:21% 

Antonlna, b m. 1888, by Antonio— 
Kitty Morgan, by Sam Purdy 2:26% 

Antonio, b s, 1880, by Messenger Du- 
roc— Green Mountain Maid, by Harry 
Clay 2:28% 

Anvil, b s, 1889, by Manvllle— Ance, 
by Amber 2:23% 

Aparka, b s, 1887, by Onward— Lizzie 
K., by Marie 2:22 

Apex, b s, 1882, by Prompter— Mary, 
by Flaxtall 2:26 

Apollo Wilkes, b s, 1883; by Alcantara 
-Kit, by (Jov. Banks 2:28% 

Appanoose, b s, 1885, by Egbert- 
Hope, by Magic 2:26% 

Aquarius, ch s, 1882, by Pancoast— 
Doris, by Cuyler 2:26 

A. R., b g. 1881, by Gtold Leaf Jack- 
son 2:27% 

Ara, ch m, 1883, by Masterlode— 
Fanny, by Magna Charta 2:29% 

Arab, b g, 1878, by Arthurton— Lady 
Hamilton 2:15 

Arabella, b m, 1887, by Arabesque- 
Nell, by Scott's Hiatoga 2:26% 

Arabesque, b s. 1882, by King Rene— 
Alco, oy Prlnceps 2:29% 

Arago, br s, 1885, by Steele— Jennnv 
Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Patchen, by Tom Patchen . ., 2:22% 

Arasene, h m, 1887, by Arabesque— 
Fantine, by Altorf 2:28*>4 

Aravant, b s, 1887, by Arabeflqu© 
—Maggie Miller, by Auditor 2:24^ 

Arbiter, bllt e, 1878, by Administra- 
tor— Alma Mater, by Mambrino 
Patchen 2:22%, 

Arbogast, b g, 1879, by Jack Shep- 
pard 2:29^ 

Arbutus, blk g, 1882, by Electioneer 
—Amy, by Messenger Duroc 2:26V4 

Arcadian, blk s, 1883 by Egbert— 
Taura. by Almont . . .* 2:23% 

Archbishop, ch s, 1886, by Wood- 
ward's Ethan AUen Jr.— Nutshell, 
by Nutwood 2:19% 

Archie, b s, 1870, by GTarlbaldl— I^ady 
Mischief 2:24^4 

Archie B., ch g, by Thoiwht 2:18% 

Archie Sherman, 1) s, IfflS, by Sher- 
man-Maggie, by Mambrino Howard 2:29% 

Aw!lhllght, blk s, 1886, by Rampart— 

, Gypsy, by Robert R. Morris 2:19% 

Arctic, gr s, 188—, by Aristos 2:24 

Arctic By b s. 188o, by Squire Tal- 
mage— Belle, by Stephen A. Douglas 2:17^ 

Arden. br s, 188^ 1t)y Detractor- 
Music, by Goldenbow 2:29->4 

Ardent, b e, 1890, by Alcazar— Nelly 
D., by Echo 2:30 

Ardoch 2:26 

Areidia, ch m, 1884, by J*aTorlte 
Wilkes— Aria O., by NeiU 'Robinson. . 2:26 

Arena, b s, 1890, by Alcantara— Mar- 
tense, by Gen. Knox 2:15% 

Argent, b s. 1882. by Sterling^Madam 
Buckner, by Tom Hal 2:24% 

Argentine, ch g, 1882, by Sweepstakes 
—Lady Deyo, by Hasorook's Black 

, Hawk 2:21% 

Argo, br g, 1885, by Jerome Eddy- 
Alice White, by Walker's Denmark 2:25Va 

Argo A., b s, 1882, by Wood's Ham- 
bletonian— May, by Dandy 2:28 

Argomont, ch s. ISS—, by Argomont. . 2:20^ 

Argonaut, b s, 1873, by Feamaught. . . 2:23% 

Argonaut, br g, 187—, by Wood's 
Hambletonian— Hackett Mare 2:23% 

Argulle, b s, 1887, by Alcantara— Miss 
Alice, by Squire Talmage 2:25 

Aria, b m, 1891, by Bernal— Ashby, 
by Gen. Benton 2:16>4 

Arial, b s, 1800, by Wildnut-Nina, 
by Piedmont 2:27% 

Arlana, b m, by Ansel— Rebecca, by 
Gen. Benton 2:26 

Arias, b g, 1888, by Mambrino Clark— 
Adele Wilkes, by Abdallah Wilkes.. 2:29% 

Arion, b e, 1889, by Electioneer- Ma- 
nette, by Nutwood 2:07% 

Arifltall, b s, 1891, by Energy 2:25% 

Aristldes, b s, 1886, by Red Wilkes- 
Monie West, by Almont 2:20% 

Arlstomont, b g, 1882, by Arlsto»— Al- 
monia, by Almont 2:2794 

Aristos, b s, 1870, by Daniel Lambert 
—Fanny Jackson, by Stonewall 
Jackson 2:27% 

Aristotle, br s, 1886, by Aristos— Lady 
Herbert, by Waltham 2:22% 

Arlene Wilkes, ch m, 1888, by Ham- 
bletonian Wilkes— Lady Beach, by 
St Lawrence 2:22V*2 

Arline, b m, 1888, by Noble Harold— 
Zilla Golddufit, by Glencoe . iUdust 2:25 

Arlington, b g, 1886, by Fleance— 
Dolly 2:24% 

Arlino, b s, 1885, by Jerome Eddy- 

Fanny Prewltt, by Mambrino 
Patchen 2:29^^ 

Aristos caiief, blk s, 1&-. by Aristos. 
dam by son of Black Tiger 2:30 

Armand, blk s, 1885, by Sgbert— Dixie, 
by Richelieu 2:23 

Armenian, b s, 1882, by Pelletier 2:27% 

Anmory, b s, by Artillery— Calliope, 
by Onward 2:20% 

Amutta. b m, 1887, by Nutbourne— 
Arabell, by Aristos 2:27% 

Arol, br m, 1880, by Electioneer— 
Aurora, by John Nelson (dead) ... 2:24 

Arena, oh m, 1890, by Hermit— Miss- 
Ifislppi Girl, by Anglo Saxon 2:24% 

Apoon, b s, 1889, by Brown Wilkes— 
Athene, by Harold 2:27% 

Arpansa, oh m, 1888, by Pancoast— 
Arabell, by Aristos (pacing 2:23%). . 2:30 

Arrival, b s» 1886. by Charley Wilkes 
— Aspasia, by Alcantara 2:24»/tj 

Artemas B., br g, 1883, by Artemas— 
Dolly aay, by Honest Royal George 2:23% 

Artemeea, b m, 1889, by Arbiter— Star 
Queen, by Whipple 2:29% 

Arthur, gi* g, iM), by CJolumbus— 
Lasher Mare, by Milliman's Bell- 
founder 2:27% 

Arthur, ch g, 1872, by Dorsey Gold- 
dust— ^Ivla Pearl, by George Leigh- 
ton 2:28% 

Arthur, b g, 1872, by Ethan Allen- 
Arcadia, by Canadian Grey Eagle.. 2:26% 

Arthur, blk g, 1866, by Lexington... 2:28% 

Arthur, b g, 1880, by Wichita— Lady 
Litchfield, by Clark Chief 2:20% 

Arthur Dodge, b g, 18— , by Albert W. 
—Rosa Mary, by Re-Bcho 2:20% 

Arthuretta, b no^ 1866, by Hannis.... 2:29% 

Arthur M., gr g, 188—, pedigree not 
tiiaced 2:20% 

Arthur Sprague, br s, 1887. by Walker 
Sprague— Molly Merrill, by Dakota. 2:27% 

Arfliur T., br g, 1869, by Ool. Ells- 
worth, dam by Hector 2:27 

Arthur T., b g, 1891, by Count Louis. 2:29 

Arthur Wilkes, b s, 1884, by Guy 
Wilkes— Grade, by Arthurton 2:28% 

Arthur Wilkes, b g, 1882, by Mam- 
brino Wilkes— Princess, by Honest 
Allen 2:19 

ArtiUa, br m, 1889, by Artillery— Sym- 
pathy, by Gen. Washington 2:20 

Artilleiy, b s, 1873. by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonian— Wells' star, by Seely's 
Ame:Tican Star 2:21% 

Artisan, b s, by Onward— Monette, 
by Bonnie Bay T. 2:18% 

Artist, blk g, 1880, by McCJracken's 
Golddust, dam by Dave Hill Jr 2:26% 

Artist, b s, 1885, by Dictator Chief- 
Belle Morrow, by Belmont 2:29 

Aehby. br s, 1883, by Dictator— Filly, 
by Bald Chief 2:27% 

Aehby, b s, 1890, by Vatican— Wilkes 
Bird, by Mambrino Boy 2:19% 

A^by Girl, br m, 1887, by King 
Wilkes— Lady Ashby, by Morgan 
Black Hawk 2:25 

Ashland Boy, b s, 1882, by Fe:^us Mc- _ 
Gregor-Blrd, by Frank Bird 2:28% 

Ashland Girl, b m, 18»-, by Ashland 
Boy 2:22!4 

Ashland Kate, ch m, I860, by Ashland 
Chief, dam by Capt. Walker...... 2:29% 

Ashland Prince, b s, 1883, by Happy 
Medium— Josle Kenny, by Standard 
Bearer 2:26% 

Aemiand Wilkes, b s, 1882^by Red- 
Digitized by VjOOQIC 



'Wllkes-'Dalsy B., by Administrator 2:17^ 
Ashley, ch -g, 1875, li^ Plomas, dam 

by George 2:26% 

Ashman, br s, 1885^ by Sherman— 

Hattle K, by Andy Johnson 2:18^ 

Aflhmald, br m, 1887, by Sherman— 

Hattle R., by Andy Johnson 2:18^ 

Afijhmore, b s, 1885, by Strathmore— 

inland Maid, by Ashland Chief. . . 2:20^ 

Aster, ch g, by Dexter Prince 2:12 

Astoria, br m, 1886, by Kentucky 

Wilkes— Truant, by Messenger Duroc 2:30, br m, 1870, by Bysdyk's 

Hambletonian— Clara, by Seely's 

American Star 2:20% 

Afitral, b m> 1876, by August Belmont 

— Patchen Maid, by Mambrino 

Patchen 2:18 

Astrione, b s, 1891, by Prairie Star- 
lone, by Wapsie 2:30 

At-A-Lanta, b m, 1886, by Young Jim 

—Belle Sprague, by Gov. Sprague. . 2:24% 
Atalanta TV likes, blk m, 1887, by Guy 

WUkes— Ataianta, by The Moor 2:29% 

Athadon, b s, 1890, by Matadon— 

Athalia, by Harkaway 2:27 

Athena, ~T> m, 1890, by Electioneer— 

Ashland, by Ashland 2:25Vi 

Athalia Prince, br s, 188r-, by Walkill 

Prince— Ruella Prince, by Athlone. . 2:20% 
Athanio, b s, 1892, by Junio— Athalia, 

by Harkaway 2:19% 

Athlete, br s, 1888, by Barkis— Maggie 

Colbum, by Ooeur De Lion 2:21 

Athlete Jr., b s, 188—. by Athlete. . . . 2:29% 
Athlete Rex, b e, 1884, by Athlete— 

I/ady Blucher, by Richard's Bell- 
founder 2:283/4 

Atlanta Mileager, br s, 1887, by At- 

lantio—Music, by Captain 2:2a'/5 

AthlQt, b g, 188—, by Athlete 2:24V4 

Atlantic, blk s, 1878, by Almont— Isa- 

abella Clay, by Kentucky Clay 2:21 

Atlantic General, b s, 1886, by At- 
lantic—Bay Sail, by Blazing Star.. 2:25 
Atlantic Jr., b s, 1886, by Atlantic— 

Gypsey, by Walter 2:21 Vi 

Atlas^ ch s, 1880, by Amboy— Nixie, by 

Bed Bye 2:29% 

Atto Rex, b s, 1884, by Attoiney- 

Boxy, by Brougham 2:21^4 

Atwood, b s, 1884, by Nutwood— Prin- 

dine, by Prlnceps 2:27% 

Aubertine, oh m, 1882L by Lucifer— 

Florle, by Sharp's John Stanley 2:26Vi 

Aublne, br m, 1882, by Young Rolfe-^ 

Knox Girl, by Gen. Knox 2:18 

Aubrey, blk s, 1883, by Athlete— Kitty 

B., by St. Lawrence 2:27 

Auburn," ch s, 1883, by Woodford— 

Loma Doone, by iron Duke 2:30 

Auburn H., ch g, by McMahon 2:2 

Auction, b s, 1886, Ijy Onomwell 2; 

Augusta, b m, by Mambritonian 2 

Augusta Schuyler, ch m, 1873, by 

Aberdeen— Emellne, by Henry B. 

Patchen 2:26 

August Haverstlck, b g, 1882, by 

Strathmore, by Barclay's Clark 

Ohief Jr 2:29% 

AuUnda, b m, 1872, by Ethan Allen- 
Red Light, by Red Bird 2:25 

Aunt DeUIah, b m, 1889, by Harold 

Patchen— Georgle Wilkes, by Red 

Wilkes 2:12% 

Auntie Wilkes, b m, 1888. by Guy 

Wilkee— Maude, bv Speculation 2:22% 

Aura D^ gr m^ 1888, by Nutbreaker— 

Lady D., by Norman D 2:27V4 

Aurora, ch m, 18—, by Hambletonian 
WUkes 2-JB 

Aurora, ch m, 1806, by John Nelson— 
Lamott Mare 2:27 

Aurora Prince, b 8-1887, by Florida 
M.— Gabrella, by Wlte's 'ftojan 2:16% 

Australia, gr s, 1885, by Alecto— Alice 
Drake, by Alexander's Norman 2:30 

Australia, b s, 188i, by Austerlitz— 
Sadie R., by Scorder 2:26% 

Autograph, b s, 1883, by Alcantara- 
Flaxy, by Kentucky Clay 2:16% 

Autrain, b m, 1888, by Princeton, dam 
by Glenvlew 2:16V4 

Autunm Queen, br m, 1879, by Volun- 
teer—Brownie Caay, by Harry Clay. 2:20 

Avalon, b s, 1885, by Marlborough— 
Oypsey Murray, by Fortune 2:25 

Avana, b m, 1800, by Squire Talmage 
—Ida T., by Harkaway 2:29^4 

AToUonl, ch s, 1888. by Maximus— 
Bloom, by Ashland 2:26% 

Arena, b m, 1886, l^ Black's Ham- 
bletonian— Molly Warner, by Mam^ 
brlno Bruce 2:22% 

Avena, ch m, 1890. by Palo Alto— As- 
toria, by Gen. Benton 2:19% 

Avonmore, b s, 1881, by Strathmore 
— ArUne, by Almont .." 2:20% 

A. v. Pantlind, b g, 1876, by Hamlet 
—Maggie H., by Marshall Chief.... 2:20 

A. W. JFawcett, br g, 1884, by Bash- 
tine 7. 2:28% 

Axinite. blk s, 1891, by Axtell— Sel- 
dom, by Durango 2:17% 

Axle, blk s, 18S&, by AxteU— Cora 
Bttie, by Adrian Wilkes » 2:15% 

Axminster, b s, 1888, by Wilton- 
Louise Wilkes, by George Wilkes.. 2:21% 

Axtell, br s, 1886, by William L.— Lou, 
by Mambrino Boy 2:12 

Axtella, gr m, 1801. by Axtell— Dalr- 
een, by JHarold 2:29% 

Axtellite, b s, 1892, by Axtell— Slstene, 
by Kentucky Prince 2:27V4 

Axworthy, ch s, 1892, by Axtell— 
Marguerite, by Kentucky Prince . . 2:28% 

Axtelloid, ch », 1892, by Axtell— De- 
light, by Starlight 2:29V4 

Ayres' Hambletonian. br «, 1881, by 
volunteer Goldsmith— Fredonia, by 
Pacing Abdallah 2:29% 

Ayres P., oh g, 1887, by Prosper Me i- 
mee— Annie, by Rustic 2:21% 

Aytoun, b s. 1884, by King Rene— 
Ozella, by Regular 2:29% 

Azant, b g, 1^9, by Bezant— Terene, 
by Guide 2:27% 

Azmon, b s 1890, by Azmoor— Ah- 
waga, by Gen. Benton 2:23% 

Azmoor, b s, 1882, by Electioneer— 
Mamie O., by imp. Hercules 2:20% 

Azora, ch m, 1891, by Muscovite 2:30 

Azote, b g, 1887, by Whips— Josie, 
by Whipple's Hambletonian 2:08% 

Babette. b m, 1890, by Sir John— Net- 
tle Rose, by Winfleld Scott 2:22% 

Babe Wilkes, b m, 1886, by Adrian 
Wilkes— Maud 2:30 

Baby, b m, 1886, by Chestnut Joe- 
Merry Lass, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2:29% 

Baby, ch g, by Duplex 2:22% 

Baby, b m 2:30 

Baby Bashaw, blk m, 1886, by Ebony. 2:30 

Baby Blodgett, gr m, by Blodgett's 
Messenger 2:29% 

Baby Boy, gr g, 1865, by Winthrop 
Morrill 2:30 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Baby Bunting, blk m, 1889, by Wax- 
ford— Mias Crook 2:28^ 

Baby Lambert, b g, 1880, by I>aniel 
Lanabert— Melroee, by Melbourne Jr. 2:27^ 

Baby Mine, rn m, 1873, by Stone- 
wall Jackson— Dolly Mclntlre,' by 
John Edwards 2:27V4 

Baby Mine, b m, 1884, by Paramount 
—Flora, by Glfford Allen ,2:22 

Baby Mine, blk m, 1881, by Nephew 
—Lady Burns, by Black Boy 2:27 

Baby Idlne. ch m, 1878, by StiUson. . 2:29Vi 

Baby S., b m, by Cromwell 2:24^5 

Bachelor Wilkes, 1890, by Victor 
Wilkea— Nancy B., by Ben Franklin 2:30 

Backman Maid, b m, 1876, by Charles 
Backman, dam by Gk>dfrey Patchen. 2:25^ 

Bad Actor, b g, 1888, by Black Am- 
bassador^Georgie, by Latham's 
Koyal George 2:21% 

Baden, gr g, 1886, ^ Stelnway— 
BloomfTeld Maid, by Whipple's Ham- 
bletonlan 2:24% 

Badger Boy, gr s, 1882, by Swlgert— 
Badger Girl, by Black Flying Cloud 
(dead) 2:27% 

Badger Boy, b g, 1872, by Leon, dam 
by Vermont Hero (dead) 2:29 

Badger Girl, gr m, 1866, by Black 
Flying Qoud (dead) 2:22% 

Badger State, b s. 1884, by Billy 
Sprague— Nelly Lefler 2:80 

Badoura, b m, 188—, by Gideon, dam 
by Gen. Knox 2:2634 

Baker, b g, 1890, by Sphinx, dam by 
Pilot Medium 2:19% 

Balance All, b m, 1883. by Brigadier 
—Nellie McCracken, by Billy Mc- 
Oracken 2:29% 

Baldwin, ch g, by Bacon's Ethan 
Allen 2:24% 

Baldy, b g, 188—, by Balrd's Hamble- 
tonian Prince, dam by Victor 2:29% 

Baldy T.. b g, 1879, by Squire Tal- 
mrge— Glaseeye 2:29% 

Badkan, br s, 1885, by Mambrino 
Wilkes— Fanny Fern, by Jack Haw- 
kins 2:15 

Ballast, b s, 1887. by Onward— Miss 
Redmond, by Bourbon Wilkes 2:29% 

Ballona, br m, 1889, by Stranger- 
Lady Banker, by Rysdyk's Hanible- 
tonian 2:11% 

Balmoral Boy, br g, 1885, by Grif- 
fard, dam by Columbus 2:29% 

Baltimore, b s, 1891, by Bellman, dam 
by Lancewood 2:30 

Battullo. br s. 1890, by Sphinx— Flor- 
ence, by Brilliant 2:25 

Balzac Chief, b s, 1886, by Matter- 
horn— Bicara, by Harold 2:26% 

Balzarlne, b s, 1886, by King Rene- 
Crape Lisse, by George Wilkes 2:27 

Bamboo, br s, 1886, by Lumps— Oria 
Wood, by Wlldwood . .: 2:2»% 

Bamboo, blk g, 1888, by Nutwood- 
Emma, by Mambrino Boy 2:29% 

Bandoline, b m, 1884, by Ambassador 
—Ida Miller, by Blue Bull 2:28% 

Banner Bearer, b s, 1886, by Standard 
Bearer— Maggie Clay, by American 
Clay 2:28% 

Banner Boy. ch s, 1887, by Jefferson 
Star- Kitty F., by Bacon's Ethan 
Allen 2:23% 

Banner Boy, b g, 1881, by Standard 
Bearer— Mattle, by Norman 2:25 

Banner Mark, b s, 1888, by Victor 

Bismarck— Moonlight, by Alcygne. . 2:17% 
Bannockburn, ch s, 1888, by Aberdeen 

by Strader's Cassius 


M. Clay Jr. 

Pti liquet, ch s. 1884, by Mambrino 
Patchen— Podle. by George Wilkes . 

Banquo, b g, 1870, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:21 

Baptism, b s, 1889, by Sunolo— Lady 
Mambrino, by North Star Mambrino. 2:30 

Barbara Patchen, b m, 1874, by Akers' 
Idol— Lady Patchen, by George M. 
Patchen 2:24% 

Barberine, ch m^ 1882, by Bullion- 
Josephine, by Nfambrino I'll >t 2:27% 

Barbero, gr e, by Len Rose, dam by 
CJrichton 2:29% 

Barclay, b g. 1885, by Monte Crlsto— 
Doris, by George Wilkes 2:20% 

Barkirola, b e, 1887, by Barkis— Kit, 
by Glencoe Golddust 2:26% 

Barada, br s, 1888, by Nutbreaker— 
Lavinla, by Cuyler 2:22% 

Barderah, br s, 1890. by Brown 
Wilkes— Miss Lewis, by Nugget ... 2:26% 

Barkis, b g, 1872, by Whirlwind— 
Collona, by Green Mountain Black 
Hawk 2:25% 

Barnetta. b m. 1892, by Bamhart— 
Orianna, by Onward 2:27% 

Barney b g. 1868. by Mike-Kate... 2:25% 

Barney Allen, blk e, 1879, by Panic 
—Fairy Morgan, by Gifford Regu- 
lator : 2:2 

Barney B., b g, 187— by Budd Doble. 2tr 

Barney Clay, gr s, 1885, by Abdal- 
brino— Fanny Clay, by American 
Clay 2:28 

Barney Clay, ch g, 1880. by Black . 
Douglas 2:29% 

Barney Egbert, b s, 1890, by Egbert 
— G^enevra, by Barney Wilkes — 

Barney F., ch s, 1886, by AchlUes- 
Patti, by Wheeler's Hambletonian 

Barney H., ch jr. 186 -. pedigree im- 

Barney K.. ch g 

Barney Kelly, b g, 1865, by Holland's 
Ethan Allen— Morrill Mare 

Barney Lee, ch g, 1880. by Case's 
Dave Hill 2:25 

Barney Wilkes, b e, 1884, by Red 
Wilkes— Avalanche, by ^'administra- 
tor 2:23% 

Barney Wilkes Jr., b g, 188—, by Bar- 
ney Wilkes 2:26% 

Bamhart, b s, 1887, by Jay Bird— 
Gussie Wilkes by Mambrino IJoy,. 2 22% 

Barolite, b s, IJBSO, by Bori-n Wilkes 
— Lamberta. by Daniel Lambert ... 2:21% 

Baron, b s, 1882. by Hersey— Phillls, 
by Young Golddust 2:29% 

Baron Brown, blk s, 1892, by Ber- 
muda 2:24% 

Baron Brovm, br s, 1887. by Baron 
Wilkee— Brownie, by Daniel Lam- 
bert 2:26% 

Baron Crisp, b s, 1891, Dy Baron 
Wlikes— Maria, by Ouvler 2:24 

B»r»'i Dillon, b s. 1891, ^7 Baron 
Wilkes— Mattie Nutwood, by Nut- 
wood 2:18% 

Baroness, gr m, 1886 by Hambrlnu 
— Zfp>.yr, by Mambrino Patchen... 2:30 

Baronet, b s, 1890. by Baron Wilkes 
—Lamberta, by Daniel Lambert... 2:11% 

Baron Jean, b s, 1890, ^y Baron 
Digitized by VjOOQIC 







Wilkes— Jean, by KentPcky f riuce. . 2:80 

Baron Luff, b s, 1869. by Happy Med- 
ium—Belle Boyd, by Sberman Black 
Hawk 2:27 

Baronmore^ br jk 1890, by Baron 
Wilkes— May Wagner, by Strath- 
more 2:17% 

Baron Posey, b e, 1888, by Baron 
Wilkes— Neva, by Nutwood 2:21\s 

Baron Rogers, br s, 1890. by Baron 
Wilkes— Ashland Maid, by Ashland 
Chief 2:17% 

Baron Rose, b b, 18B8, by Btamboul 
—Minnehaha, by SteTene' Bald 
Chief 2:29% 

Baron Russell, b s, 1886, by Baron 
Wilkes— Alpha Russell, by Mam- 
brino Russell 2*54% 

Baron Wilkes, br s, 1882. by George 
Wilkes— Belle Patchen, by Mambrino 
Patchen 2:18 

Barry Colddust, br s, 1882. by ffigh- 
land Golddust— Kit Jarrard, by Har- 
wood^s Turk (dead) 2:24^ 

Barrmore, blk s, 1884, by Leland— 
Bessie, by Victor Bismarck 2:20% 

Bartholdi, b s, 1884. by BeMdere— 
Goshen Maid, by Rysdyk'e Hamble- 
tonian 2:80 

Bartholdi Patchen, ch e, 1886. by 
Seneca Patchen— Nelly Daniels, by 
Seneca Chief 2:22% 

Bashaw QButler's), b s, 1880, by 
Green's Bashaw— Dolly 2:28^ 

Bashaw Bill, ch s, 1882 by Harold 
O.— Sally, by Green's Bashaw 2:26 

B«ishaw Jr^ ch s, 1860. by Green's 
Bashaw— Panny Fobs, by Young 
Green Mountain Morgan 2:24% 

Bashaw Maid, ch m, 1866, by Plow 
Boy 2:30 

Bashawmont, b s. 1886. by Bgmont 
—Lady McCoy, by Amboy 2:22^ 

Basil Duke, m g, 186—, by Garrard 
Chief, dam by Copperbottom 2:28'74 

BassUeen, b m, 188—, by Nutbreaker 2:27% 

Bassinger Boy, br g, 1880, by Black 
Basslnger— Dot by Addlison Jr 2:23 

Bassora, br s, 1887, by Greenbacks- 
Bella B., by Pasacaa 2:22^4 

Bateman, b g, 186—, by Black Harry 
Clay— Nell, by Bysdyk's Hamble- 
tonlan . (deed) 2:22^4 

Bay, b », 1868, by Gideon— Panny 
Knox, or Gen. Knox 2:27% 

Baybrino. b g, 1872, by Swigert— Bona- 
2911^ ,2 '28 

Bay Cedar,'b 8,*1887,*by Red Cledar— 
Kate Barr, by Broughton 2:30 

Bay Charley, b g, pedigree and his- 
tory unknown 2:28% 

Bay Ohieftan, b g. 1874, by John P. 
Payne— Panny Williams, by Alex- 
ander's Abdallah 2:28V4 

Bay Dick, b g, 1872, by Howser's 
Hiatoga. dam by a son of Duff 
Green 2:29% 

Bay Panny, b m, 1869, by Nigger 
Baby— Pranchise 2:28 

Bay Prank, b g, 1877, by Tornado— 
Grover ^ 2:20 

Bay Prank, b g, 1881, by Commodore 
Vanderbilt, dam by Reddick's Mam- 
brino 2*28% 

^51'^^"^^' ^ ^' 185— by Mambrino 
Cl^ief— Orange Blossom (dead) 2:28% 

Bay Henry, b s, by Mambrino Swicrert 2:29^4 

Bay Hull, b g, 1886, by Hull-Plora, 

by Black Squirrel 2:29V4 

Bay Jack, b g, 1868, by Victor 2:30 

Bamer K., ch g 2:26i4 

Bay Mate, b g, 1876, by Pacing Ab- 
dallah— Lottie, by Parson's Abdallah 2:80 

Bayomie Prince, blk e, 1879, by Ken- 
tucky Prince— Bmlly O. (dead) 2:21% 

Bay Rose, b s. 1881, by Sultan- 
Madam Baldwin, by The Moor 2:20% 

Bay Rum, br s, 1887, by John Seyen- 
oaks— Kitty S., by Quien Sabe 2:19% 

Bay State Morgan, b g, by Sberman 
Morgan 2:2& 

Bay miltan, b s, 1887. by Sultan- 
Annie Cook, by Pacing Abdallh..^ 2:29% 

Bay Thorn, b g, 1885, by Hawthorne 
— B:y)wn Nelly, by Gen. McClellan. 2:23% 

Bay Thomwood, b g, 1883, by Key- 
stone— Thorndale Princess^ by Thorn- 
dale 2:24% 

Bay Tbm, b g, 187—, by Honeet John, 
dam by (3fey Ja<dL 2:24% 

Bay Tom, b g, 188—, by Aberdeen 2:20V4 

Bay Victor, b s, 1887, by Black Victor 
— Blnora, by Administrator 2:30 

Bay Whalebone, b g, 1862, by Whirl- 
wind (dead) 2:26% 

Bay Wilkes, b g, 188—. by Black 
WiU[es 2:25% 

Bay Wilkes, b s, 1883. by Bourbon 
Wilkes— Anwood, by Forrest Patch- 
en 2:26% 

Bay Wilkes, b s, 1886. by Mambrino 
Wilkee, dam by Prank Hunter 2:16% 

Baywood, b s, 1884, by Nutwoodr- 
Lady Cuyler, by Oqyler 2:27 

Baywood. b e, 1885, by Blackwood 
Mambrino — Lucy Woodruff, by Hi- 
ram Woodruff 2:29% 

Bayzant, b s, 1880, by Bezant— Panny 
Payne, by John P. Payne 2:26% 

B. B. (Billy Barlow), blk g, 1875, by 
MiUman's Bellfounder— Biackey, by 
Vermont 2:21% 

B. B. Ouster, b g, 1879. by Bostick's 
Almont Jr.—Liaay Belle, by Sthan 
Allen 2:22% 

B. B. P.. b s, 1891, by Pilot Medium, 
dam by Schuyler Colfax 2:13% 

Beaconsneld. b g. 1878, by Dean Sage 
—Cricket, by Happy Medium 2:25% 

Beaulak, blk m, 188— 2:28 

Beaufort Girl, blk m, 188—, by Beau- 
fort 2:27% 

Beaumont, ch s, 18—, by Bostick's 
Almont Jr 2:28% 

Beaumont, ch s, 1885, by Le Grand- 
Oakgrove Belle, by Arthurton 2:23% 

Beauregard, ch g, 1878, by Mohioan— 
Nelly Mack 2:21% 

Beaory Mc, b g, 1886, by Nephew- 
Nelly, by Gen. McClellan 2:14% 

Beauti^l BeUs, blk m. 1872, W The 
Moor— Minnehaha, by Steyens*^ Bald 
(3hief 2:29% 

Beautiful Chimes, b m, 1889, by 
(Thimes— Maid or Honor, by Mam- 
brino King 2:22% 

Beauty, b m, 188—, by Chismore 2:29% 

Beauty (Bffle G.), b m, 1874, by Blue 
Bull— Oora 2:28 

Beauty Bells, b m, 188—, by Bell Boy 
—Vera .7! 2:28% 

Beauty Bright, b m, 1878. by John 
Bright— Tennle C, by Young Pacelot 2:21% 

Becky Sharp, br m, 1882, by CJorl- 
anoer-nJudy 0'(3an, by Hyan phu. .. 2:23% 

Beconian, rn s, 1890, by Jay Bird 2:30 

Bedah, b m, 188—, by Nutwoodr- 
Digitized by 



Medah, by Oomlwb 2:27% 

Bedford, b 0, 1881, by Stratlundre— 
Kate Patcben, by Mambrino Patcihen 2:80 

Bedouin, ro b, 1888, by Jay Bird— Cin- 
namon 2:25% 

Bedworth. cih s. 1890, by Wildnnt— 
Julia Benton, by Qen. Benton 2:27 

Bee, cb m, by Aaron Pennington 2:24% 

Beechnut, br g, 1883, by Masterlode— 
Lady Beech, by Burwell'e St. Iaw- 
rence 2:28 

Beeswax, cSi s, 1880, by Diamond Vol- 
unteer— Dolly Holmes, by Revenge. . 2:23 

Belfast , b s, 1887, by Mambritonlan 
—Daisy F., by Banker Messenger. . . 2:29*4 

Belford, gr s, 1881, by Woodford PUot 
—Belle Dudley, by Belmont ,. . 2:21 

Belford E., b g, by Champion Mor:-ill. 2:27% 

Belfry, b g, 1891. by Bellman— Black 
Kate, by Gould'e Clay 2:24^ 

Belgia, b m, 1889, by Belgium/— Mollie 
Brown 2:26% 

Belinda, b m. 1889, by Bezant— Bessie 
Vogt, by Backman^s Idol 2:21% 

Bella, b m, 1867, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonlan— Lady McMann, byJuplter 2:22 

Bellado, gr s, ISW), by King Wilson- 
Bird, by Legal Tender 2:25% 

Bellaire, br s, 188—. by Quartermas- 
ter, dam by Daniel Lambert 2:28 

Bella Wilkes, b m, 1885, bv Wilkie 
Collins— Belle Messenger, by Mes- 
senger Duroc 2:18% 

Bell Bird, br m, 1890, by Blectloneer- 
Beautiful Bells, by O^e Moor 2:22 

Bell Boy, br s, 1885, by Blectloneer— 
Beautiful Bells, by The Moor (dead) 2:19% 

BeUe, gr m, 188—, by Dauntless, .... 2:27% 

Belle, b m, 1866, by Ericsson 2:28% 

Belle 2:18 

Belle, bm. 188— 2:26% 

Belle A., b m, 1888, by Ashland Al- 
mont— Lady Belle, by Richard's 
Bellfounder 2:30 

Belle A,, b m, 1888, by Clayford— 
Lucy Denmark, by Hamlet 2:29% 

BeUe A., br m, 1882, by Tilton Al- 
mont— Flora 2:29 

Belle A"cher, b m, 1887, by Bene— 
Mary Dake, by Enfield 2:12% 

Belle B., blk m, 188—, by Jim Haw- 
kins, aam by Moi*mon Chief 2:26Vj 

Belle B., b m, 1888, by Almont Ledo 
— Oonchlta, oy Kentucky Prince 2:26% 

Belle B., blk m, by Hope So 2:269i 

Belle B., b m. 1887, by J. R. Shedd— 
Abbie, by Bay Joe 2:24 

Belle Brandon, blk m, 188—, by Can- 
didate 2:26% 

Belle Brasfleld, b m, 1867, by Cripple 
—Sally Chorister, by Mambrino 
Chorister (dead) 2:20 

Belle Cassett, gr m, 188|, by Wil- 
loughby— aeopatra, by War Call.. 2:18% 

Belle Chapman, b m 2:26% 

Belle Corbln, ch m, 188—, by Oorbin 
Bashaw 2:23% 

Belle D., ch m, 18»-, by Rocket 2:28% 

Belle D., ch m^ 1884, Xyy Warwick 
Boy, dam by Tattler Jr 2:29% 

Belle Dean, blk m, 1860, by Gen. 
Lyon— Jessie Meader, by John Loher 2:30 

Belle Echo, b m, 1876, by Echo— Titus 
Mare, by Williamson's Belmont 2:20 

Belle Electric, b m, 1889, by Elec- 
tioneer—Sapphire, by Jay Qould .... 2:29% 

.IBelle Electric gr m, 188—, by Elec- 

itioneer 2:30 

Belle F., b m, 1878, by Masterlode 

—Belle Hastings, by Magna C9iarta. . 2:15% 

Belle Ferguson, b m, 18w, by Fergu- 
son-Bonnie 2:28% 

Belleflower, b m, 1889, by Cnown 
Prince, dam by Amber 2:21% 

Belleflower, br m. 1889, by Electioneer 
—Beautiful Bells, by ^e Moor ... 2:12% 

Belleflower, b m, 188—, by Millman^s 
Bellfoimder 2:28% 

Belle Franklin, blk m, 1879, by Ben. 
Franklin— Dolly Richards, by Black- 
stone 2:28% 

Belle Freeman, b m, 1886, by Free- 
man—Gray Bird, by Oavanaugh's 
War Eagle 2:18% 

BeUe Girl, b m, 188—, by Artemas... 2:25% 

Belle Girl, b m, 1886, by Ben Frank- 
lin—Lady Beck, by Independent .. 2:28% 

Belle Grande, ch m, 1887, by The 
Grande— Oak Grove Belle, by Ar- 
thurton 2:21% 

Belle H., oh m, 1871, by Fisk's Bel- 
mont— Topsy -. .% 

Belle H., b m, 188—, by Bishop 2:26% 

Belle Hamilton, b m, 1883, by John 
E. Wood, dam by Pilot Duroc 2:23% 

Belle Hamlin, br m, 1879, by Hamlin's 
Almont Jr.— Toy, by Hamlin Patchen 2:12% 

Belle Harper, b m. 188—, by Harper. 2:29% 

Belle Hyler, b m, 1880, by Hall's Mo- 
hawk Jr.— Gypsey, by Tom Tucker 
Jr 2:22% 

Belle Isle, b m, 1879. by Cuyler— Kitty 
Johnston, by Mambrino Patchen 2:28% 

Belle J., D m, 1880 by Dauntless— 
Gypsy, by Simpson's Black Hawk.. 2:28 

Belle Jefferson, ch m, 188—, by Alex- 
ander Jefferson 2:30 

Belle K., blk m, 1882, by Ledger— Sor- 
rel Kit, by Flying (5loud 2:28% 

Belle Kerns, b m, 188—, by Mohican 2:30 

Belle Lawrence, b m, 1867, by Lafol- 
ette's Red Buck, dam by George 
Bell 2:28 

Belle M., br m, 1887, by Ensign- 
Sarah C., by Blackwood Jr i;:30 

Belle Martin, b m, 1886, by Tom Cor- 
wln— Lou Martin by CJo^nnor's Hail- 
storm Jr 2:25 

Belle Medium, gr m, 1888, by Pilot 
Medium— Medaline, by Day Star.... 2:18% 

Belle Medium, b m, 1883, by Happy 
Medium— Argenta, by Almont Light- 
ning 2:20 

Belle Mlddleton. b m, 1884, by Bay 
Middleton— Spider, by Lexington 
Chief Jr 2:27% 

Belle Monte, b m, 1885, by Elec- 
tioneer-^^onte Belle, by Mohawk 
Chief 2:24% 

Belle Mora, ch m, 1881, by Almore— 
Belle, by Oliver z:28 

Belle Noble, br m, 1882, by Master- 
lode— Lady Forrester by Field's 
Royal George 2:28 

Belle Oakley, ch m, foaled 186—, by 
Garibaldi 2:24% 

Belle of Abscota, b m, bj Sphinx... 2:30 

Belle of Albany, br m, 1887, by Abra- 
ham—Nelly Pratt, by Pratt's Rifle- 
man 2:29% 

Belle of Fltchburg, b m, 187—, by 
Paragon 2:30 

Belle of Kalmla, b m, 1877, by Riilge- 
wood— Kalmia Jane, by Schuyler CJol- 
fax : 2:20% 

Belle of Lexington, ch m, 1874, by 
Magna Charta- Polka, by Richard ' 

\^,'Z A T* • HI 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Bello of MontOTir, b m, 1887, by Mo- 
hawk Qhief— Lady Weed, by Buck- 
ley's day 2:20% 

Belle of Navarre, cb m, 1881, by Am- 
baseador. dam by Scott's Hiatqga . . 2:28% 

Belle of Portland, b m, 1850, by Witb- 
erell Messenger (dead) 2:26 

Belle of Saratosra, br m, 184—, by 
Vermont Bladt Hawk — Poll Koe 
(dead) 2:29 

Belle of Shelby, gr m, 1887, by Flak's 
Belmont 2:28% 

Belle of Toronto, gr m, 1868, by To- 
ronto Chief (dead) 2:30 

Belle Ogle, br m, 1878, by Mohawk Jr. 
—Hairs Lady Ogle, by Tom Tucker 2:21% 

Belle Pedro, b m, 188— by Don Pedro 2:29% 

Belle Pepper, b m, 188— by Pepper. . 2:28% 

Belle Red, b m, 1891 by Red Wilkes 
— Brminle G., by Almont 2:28% 

Belle Pedro, br m 2:29% 

Bellerene, ch m, 1882, by Tremont— 
Lady Wilkea, by George Wilkes.... 2:26% 

Bellronial, b m, 1892, by Baronial- 
Belle Clay by Strader's O. M. Clay 
Jr : 2:29% 

Belle S., b m, 1875, by Andy Johnson- 
Flora Dimn, by Champion Foz-hun- 
ter 2:28% 

Belle S.. b m, 1880, by Menelaus— 
Belle, by Red Cloud 2:25 

Belle Shacket, ch m, 1876, by Abra- 
ham— Oloverfed, by De Long's Ethan 
Allen (pacing record 2:27?S 2:27% 

Belle Smith, ch m, 1869, by Bearce 
Horse (dead) 2:29 

Belle Spencer, b m, 1875, by Black 
Ralph, dam by Langford 2:26% 

Belle Stanton, br m, 1887, by Gen. 
Stanton— Jenny, by Gilderoy 2:24% 

Belle Strickland ch m, 1860, by Mer- 
row Horse— welch Mare, by With- 
erell Messenger (dead) 2:26 

Belle Thorne, b m, 1886, by Haw- 
thorne— Gail McMahon, by McMahon 2:27 

Belletone, b m, 1892, by Bellman, 
dam by Othello 2:30 

Bellette, b m, 1892, by Bellman, dam 
by Lancewood 2:24% 

Belle Trultt. gr m, 1885, by Hazel 
Baehaw— Hale Mare, by Telegraph 2:25% 

Belle Truxton, blk m. 1889, by Trux- 
ton— Miss Preston, by Prince Orloff 2:80 

Belle Underbill, b m, 1884, by Walter 
Lewis— Flora, by John Bull 2:26% 

Belle Unme, b m, 1884, by AJax- 
Jennie, by Blue Bull 2:29% 

Belle ITre. b m, 1888, by Hambrlno— 
Fashion, by Curtis' Hambletonian . . 2:19% 

Belle Vara, b m. 1887, by Vatican- 
Nell, by BsttU Dric 2:08% 

Bellevue Wilkes, ch s, 1887, by Rea 
Wilkes— Lady Oassell, by Shelby 
Chief 2:27% 

BeUe W., blk m, 1885, by Selkirk- 
Juno, by Sawdust 2:19% 

Belle W.. b m, 188—, by Highland 
Chief 2:29% 

BeUe Werne, b m 2:29V4 

Belle Whitney, gr m, 1887, by White- 
line— Hotspur Girl, by Hotspur Jr.. 2:80 

Belle Wilkes, b m, 1885, by Young 
Wilkes— Belle of Johnson, by Narra- 
gansett 2:28% 

Belle Wilson, ch m, 18i76, by Blue 
Bull— Kate Jennings, by St. Law- 
rence H 2:23% 

Befle Wilson, gr m. 1886, by Jim Wil- 

son, dam by Thomas A. Scott 2:2u 

Belle Wilson, b m, 187— by Mam- 
brino Bruce— Miss Wilson 2:24% 

Belle Wilson, ch m, 1880, by Georg«> 
Wood 2:28% 

Belle Wythe, b m, 1882, by Toronto 
Patchen— Lady Lightfoot, by Flax- 
tail 2:27% 

Bellini, br s. 1887. by Artillery- 
Merry Clay, by Harry Clay 2:13% 

Bellman, b s. 1886, by Indlaman— 
Lulu F., by Bricsson 2:14% 

Bellman, b s, 1888, by St. Bel— Daisy 
D., by Goldstone 2:28% 

Bellona, br m, 1889. by Brown Wilkes 
—Lottie D.. by Homer 2:29% 

Belle Peters, b s, 18^, by Sterling 
Boy, dam by American Clay 2:29 

Bellton, b s, 1888, by Belden Boy— 
Mollle Miner, by Steinbok 2:24% 

BeU Town, br s, 1888. by St. Bel- 
Rosa Blackwood, by Blackwood. ...2:20% 

Bellwether, ch s. 1888, by Viking— 
Christine, by Wood's Hambletonhu 2:19% 

Bellwood, b m, 1887, by Nutgrove— 
Lady Gay, by Volunteer Star 2:30 

Belmont, b g. 1882, by Belmont— Dolly 2:28% 

Belmont Pi^ce^ b s, 1888, by Wax- 
ford— Maggie Shea, by Jefferson 
Prince 2:iTv4 

Bel Onward, blk m, 1889, by St. Bel— 
Hildegarde, by Onward 2:23 

Belva B., b m, 188—, by Artemas... 2:20% 

Belva May, ch m 18&-, by St. Clair. . 2:29% 

Ben All, b g, 187—, by George M. 
Patchen Jr 2:22 

Beu Anna, b g, by a Drennon horse. . 2:29 

Ben B., b g, 1885, by Ridgewood— 
Jess, by Young Warrior 2:17% 

Ben Bolt, dn g, 1884, by Glltedge— 
Trouble, by Gus Henry 2:27% 

Ben Butler, b g, 2:29 

Ben Buxton, b g, 188^—, by Bartholo- 
mew WUkes, dam by Roily Seymour 2:26% 

Ben Cole, b g, 1884, by Ben Lomond 
Jr.— Molly Cole, by Cardinal 2:23% 

Ben Corbitt, b s, 1888, by William 
Corbitt— Jessie M., by A. W. Rich- 
mond 2:21 

Ben Davis, ch g, 1885, by Great Tom 
-Lena 2:10% 

Ben Downs, b g, 1889, by AlUe Wilkes 
—Madge, by Case's Dave Hill .... 2:29% 

Ben Duroc, br g, by Duroc 2:26% 

Benedicta, gr m, 1889, by Waterloo- 
Young Nelly Haynes, by Harry Wise 2:29% 

Benediction, ch s, 1887. by Benefactor 
— AbutiUon, by Belmont 2:27% 

Benefactor, ch s, 1882, by Bfebert— 
Mary, by Woodford Mambrlno 2:28 

Benefactor, b s, 1884, by Gen. Benton 
— Frc^ic, by Harry Clay 2:29% 

Ben Flagler, gr g. 186—. by Niagara 
Chief (dead) 2:26% 

Ben Franklin, ch s, 1873, by Daniel 
Lambert— Black Kate, by Addison. . 2:29 

Ben Gage, b g, 187—, by Swigert 2:30 

Ben Gaines, b g, 188-, by Allie 
Gaines, dam by Star of the West. . . 2:27% 

Ben H.^ b g, 1887, by McOurdy's 
Hambletonian Jr.— Old Gal 2:16% 

Ben H., b s. 1888, by Star Bthan— 
Merse, by Isham Morgan 2:30 

Ben H., b g, 1890, by Blyria, dam by 
Hotspur Jr 2:25% 

Ben Haden, ch s, 1886, by Robert 
Bums— Irene, by Almont Rattler 2:30 

Ben Hulett, b s, 1882, by Lotrte_Napo-T^ 
Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



leon— Mattie Hulertt, by Bay Middle- 
ton.... 2:26V4 

Ben Hur, b a, 188-, by Elial G 2i2a^k 

Ben Hur, b s, 1884. by Hambrino— 
Pearl, by Hero of Thorndale 2:24 

Beu Hur, eli g, by Jeff e. eon Prince- 
Bobbie, by Bacon's Ethan Allen 2:29^ 

Ben Hur, cb g, 1888, by Howard's 
Ohampion, dam by GoldoLust 2:24V4 

Ben K., br g, 1881, by Ozarli, dam by 
Abdallaii Boy 2:27% 

Ben Kinney, b g, 1888-, by Black's 
Hambletonlan 2:2ii^ 

Ben Jbambert, oh g, 1883, by Daniel 
Lambert— Lady Malcomb 2:27 

Ben Lomond Jr., oh s, 1877, by Ben 
Lomond, dam by Morgan iSumpter 
(dead) 2:27 

Ben MoOlellan, oh g, by Drew Horse 
(dead) 2:30 

Ben Morrill, br s, 1868, by \Vlnthrop 
Morrill, dam by (Jolumbus ► 2:27 

Benny B., ch g 1888, by Butter's Ba- 
shaw— Alfaraf a, by Somonauk 2:24 

Benny O., ^) g, 1888, by Indianapolie 
Jr.— Clipper, by Albert 2:22^2 

Benoni, >b s, 1886, by Pretender- 
Sport, by Onward. ..." 2:22^4 

Ben-no-nie, b s, 1884, by Joe Gavin- 
Napoleon Maid, by Louis Napoleon. . ^2o 

Ben S^ b g, 1886, \Jy In'tliaman, dam 
by HaiMpton 2:25 

Beu Smith, gr g, 186--, by Young 
Oolumbus, (firfroy Vermont Hamble- 
tonian 2:2r 

Ben Star, b g, 1876, by Tom Hazzai'd 
—Dolly Buxton, by Jolm Bichards 
Jr^lpHdng record 2:19J^) (dead) 2:21JJ* 

Benteer, b_g, 18S6, by 'Kentucky Vol- 
unteer^Ben Bay, Ify Ben Lomond Jr. 2:30 

Benton, b », ISso, by Gen Benton— 
America, by Rysdyk'e Hambletonian 2:20% 

Bentoneer, b s, 1885, by Gen. Benton 
—Guess, by Electioneer 2:2?^as 

Benton M., ch e, 1888, b^*Gov. Benton 
Sadie M., by Dauntless 2:16V4 

Benton Wilkes, b-s, 1889, by Alcone— 
Jessie Benton, by Jim Scott 2:22 

Ben v., b s, 1886, by Red Wilkes— 
Rena G., by Messenger Chief 2:20% 

Ben Wallace, b g, 1886, by Hamenger 
—Nettie, by M!ambrino Pilot Jr 2:19v4 

Ben Williamg, b g, 18— (ringer?), by 
Iron Duke? 2:29V4 

Ben Wilkes, blk g, 188r-, by Defender, 
dam by Motion 2:26 

Ben Wright, br s, 1879, by Royal 
Fearnaught— Mag Peterson, by M!as- 
terlode 2:30 

Benzoni, b s, 1891, by St. Bel— Beulah 
West, by Abdallah West 2:30 

Berceto, eh s, 1890, by Antevolo— 
Nelly Rose, by Sacramento 2:29 

Bergen, b g, 1877, by Messenger 
Duroc — Belle of Richmond, by 
Rysdyk^s Hambletonian 2:2694 

Berkshire Belle, b m, 1886, by Alcyone 
—Belle Brasfield, by Vlley's Cripple. 2:22^ 

Bei-muda, bl s, 1883, by Banker-Bat- 
tle Patchen, by Mamorino Patchen. 2:2(H4 

Bermuda Boy, ro s, 1889, by Bermuda 
—Baby Mine, by Stonewall Jackson. 2:20^ 

Bermuda Girl, br m, 1892, by Ber- 
muda—Annie McKee, by Red Wilkes 2:21^^ 

Bermuda Chief, b s, 188—, by C. F. 
Clay-Juanlta, by Messenger Chief.. 2:29i>4 

Berna Dotte, b s, 1890, by WUton— 
Mary Morn, by Hambrino 2:29^ 

Bernal, b s, 188—, by Electioneer- Re- 

becca, by (Jen. Benton 2:17 

Bemice Medium, blk m, 1891, by 
Riley Medium 2:27% 

Berry, bl s, 188—, by Delmarch 2:26'A 

Bert B., ch g, 1881, by Dan Brown- 
Flora S., l^ Zero 2:293/4 

Bertha, b m, 1884, by Egmont— Polka 
Dot, by Senator Madden 2:294* 

Bertha, ch m. 1877, by Blue Bull- 
Kit, by Wolf Cockspur 2:23^4 

Bentha, br m, 1879, by Hambletonian 
Downing— Belle Clay, by Strader's 
Oassius M. Clay Jr 2:27V4 

Bertha C, oh m, 188—, by Warlock.... 2:20^ 

Bertha C, ch m, 187—, pedigree not 
traced 2 *S0 

Bertha D.','blk *m,' *18W,* byDiiraiigo,' 
dam by Fairy Gift 2:22^^ 

Bertha Clay, bl m, 1874, by Henry 
Clay Jr.— Rosekranz, by Edwin Fo> 
rest ... 2*30 

Berthar'i * b* in,' isSO* by St.' Gothard— 
Grace Bertram, by New Jersey 2:29 

Bertha S., b m, 1878, by Bonnie Bay 
—Belle of Cayuga, by Post's Ham- 
bletonian Prince ' 2:29V4 

Bertie, gr m, 1867, by Blue Bull, dam 
by Tom Orowder. . . 2:27 

Bertie Giri, b m, 1889, by Jay Bird- 
Kate, by Abdalbrino 2:23% 

Bertie M., gr m, 188—, by Iowa Chief. 2:27% 

Bertie R., b m, 1888, by Wilkomont— 
Red, by Red Eagle 2:15V4 

Bertie Sprague, b m, 188—, by Gov. 
Sprague 2:24 

Bertnot, br g, 188— by Billy Wilkes.. 2:29% 

Bert Oliver, b s, 1889, by Ashland 
Wilkes— lone Wilkes, by Red Wilkes 2:19^/4 

Bertrace, b m, 1871, bv Rysdyk— Polly 
Barber, by Bully King 2:27^/4 

Bertrace Patchen, br m, 1885, by Sen- 
eca Patchen— Bertrace, by Byedyk. . 2:29 

Bertrina, br m, 1885, by Jerome Eddy 
— Miss Bryant, by Mambrino 
Patohen 2:23 

Bert Sheldon, br g, 187—. by War- 
wick Boy— Cole, by Priestman 2:29V4 

Bert Sheldon Jr., blk g, 1883, by War- 
wick Boy— Cole, by Priestman 2:16Vi 

Burwick, b g, 188—, by Ned Wilkes, 
dam by Lambert Chief 2:30 

Berwick Boy, gr g, 1884, by Pilot 
Medium-«parta Girl (dead) 2:24% 

Besor, b g, 1877, by Bartholomew 
Wilkes — Puss Cook, by Mambrino 
Clay 2:2814 

Bees, ch m, 1887, by Elmo— Miss Mor- 
rill, by Winthrop Morrill 2:29% 

Bessie, ch m, 1876, by Blue Bull— Os- 
burn 2:17% 

Bessie br m, 1875, by Marmaduko — 
Fanny 2:26V4 

Bessie, b m. 1881, by Ben Franklin- 
Gypsy, by Bay Lambert 2:29% 

Bessie Allen, b m, 1888, by Dresden- 
Fanny Parvln, by Green's Bashaw.. 2:26% 

Bessie Bell, g m, by Green's St. Bel- 
Belle D, by Dempsey's Belmont 2:29% 

Beseie Benton, ch m, 1888, by Gov. 
Benton— Dolly Varden. by Clarence 2:26% 

Bessie Burton, b m, 1885, by Nut- 
wood—Motto, by Cuyler 2:22% 

Bessie C, ch m, 1881, by Red Wilkes 
—Belle, by Stockbridge Duke 2:30 

Bessie C., bl m, claimed to be Old 
Maid, by Monogram 2:29% 

Bessie Cecil, br m, 1888. by Gulvallis 
Lucy Cecil, by Driftwood 2:29% 

Bessie Chimes, b m, 1889x*y Chimes 
Digitized by VjOOQIC 



dam by Hamlin's Almont Jr 2:27^ 

Beesie D., b m, 188—. by Aberdeen. . 2:20 

Bessie F., br. m, 1886, by Athlete- 
Lady Graves (dead) 2:29^4 

Bessie G., br m, 1878. by Almont Boy 

—Bird, by Stanslfer's Oiay 2:2Wi 

Bessie h!., b m, 188—, by Abraham.. 2;25% 

Bessie Jordan, b m, 1891, by Gam- 
betta— Lucy's Last, by Danville 
Wilkes 2:26% 

Bessie M., b m, 187—, by Messenger 
Chief— Lady Elgin 2:30 

Bessie P., bl m, 1884, by Lumps— Ket- 
tle Howell, by Ashland Chief 2:20Vi 

Bessie R., b m, 18&-. by Webb's 

• Hambletonian Bashaw 2:29^ 

Bessie K., b m, 188—, by France.... 2:26% 

Bessie 8., h m. 1884, by Frlnce Albert, 
dam by Tick's Ethan Allen Jr 2:20% 

Bessie S., b m, 188—, by Clayford.. 2:26 

Bessie Sheridan, bl m. 1879, by FhU 
Sheridan— Puss 2:23% 

Bessie Thome br m, 188—, by Haw- 
thorne— Bessie Sedgwick by Joe 
I>aniel8 2:22% 

Bessie Trego, ch m, 1889, by Trego- 
Preston Mare, by Frankfort Chief. . 2:26% 

Bessie W., ch m, 188—. by Oomo 2:28)i 

Bessie Wilkes, bl m, 1886, by Sealskin 
Wilkes— lette, by Mambrlno Patchen 2:24 

Bessie Wilkes, b m, 1884. by Young 
Wilkes— Bessie, by Bristol 2:29% 

Bessie Wilkes, b m, 1886, by Wilkes 
Boy— Lucy Thorn, by Mambrlno 
Thome 2:20% 

Bessie Wilkes, b m, 1889, by Major 
Fowler-Ella WUkes. by Bed Wilkes 2:24% 

Bessie Wllkeswood, ch m. 1889, uy 
Wllkeswood— Sllkle A., by Golden 
Bow , 2:20 

Best Way bl g, 1891, by Prince Bed— 
Claypso, by Stelnway 2:29% 

Bethel, b m, 1885, by Beauclerc— Nelly 
K.. by Black Ranger 2:16% 

Bethlehem King, br s, 1887, by The 
King— Lena Gist, by Almont Senti- 
nel 2:24% 

Bethlehem Star, b 8, 1882, by Volun- • 
teer Star— Grey Slagiet, by Dick 
Hambletonian 2:20% 

Betlna, b m, 188—, by Egbert 2:29% 

Bet Madison, b m. 1801, by James 
Madison— Betsy Trotwood, by Ab- 
bottsford 2:30" 

Betsey Ann, ch m, 187—, by Hoag- 
land Horse, dam by Marshall Chief 2:22% 

Betsey Baker b m, 1879, by Dictator 
—Mother Hubbard, by Johnston's 
Toronto 2:30 

Betsy Belle, b m, 1890, by Belmont— 
Bet«y Baker, by Dictator 2:28% 

Betsey Braun, bl m, 1881, by Master- 
lode— Minnie, by Wlnthrop Morrill. . 2:21% 

Betsy Britton, br m, 1888. by Egotist 
— C5repon, by Princeps 2:20% 

Betsy O., b m, by Mohawk Hamble- 
tonian 2:25% 

Betsy Cotton, rn, m, 1886, by Jay 
Bird-Flora Pilot 2:16% 

Betsy Trotwood, bl m. 1883, by Atlan- 
tic 2:26% 

Betterman, ch g, 188—, by Betterton 2:27% 

Betty, b m, 1887, by Dictator Chief- 
Annie by Nelson's Onward 2.28% 

Betty B.. b m, 1878. by Bnfleld Jr.— 
Midnight, by Crim's Black Hawk . . 2:29% 

Betty Battle, b m, 188— by Jessie 
James •. . . 2:28% 

Betty Jones, b m, 1880, bv Abdallah 
Mambrlno— Charlotte, by John 
Bright 2:19% 

Betty K., ch m, 1881. by Mambrlno 
Lexington— Nelly 2:26% 

Betty King, b m, 1890, by Betterton 

—Mambrlno Beauty, by Mambrlno 
King 2:23% 

Betty Mac, ch m, 188—, by Abdallah 
Mambrlno 2:29 

Beulah. b m, 188—, by La Crosse 2.26% 

Beulah, b m. 188—, by Onawa 2:26 

Beulah, ro m, 1880 by William Rysdyk 
—Curiosity, by Enquirer 2:29% 

Beulah, b m, 1882, by Gen. Knox— 
Lucia, by Jay (Jould 2:19% 

Beulah C, ch m, 1891, by Badger 
Clay, dam by Gov. Wilkes (dead) 
(pacing record 2:28%) 2:27 

Beusetta, b m, 1891, by Onwird— Beu- 
Iph, by Harold 

Beverly, br, s, 1890, by Sable Wilkes 
Huntress, by Arthurtcn 2:24% 

Beiwilder, b g. by Bay wood 2:28% 

Bezant, b s, 1885, by Chichester— 
Bicara, by Harold 2:21% 

Bezant Rule, b s, 1889, by Bezant- 
Kate Kelly, by Backman's Idol 2:30 

B. F. Solon, br s, 188-, by Glenalen 2:22 

B. G.. gr m, 188—, by Plumstone 2:24% 

B. G., b m, 188-, by Puritan 2^27% 

Blwabic, b s, 1892, by Bezant 2:28% 

Bianca, b m, 1889. by Hampshire- 
Echo, by Don J. Robinson 2:29% 

Bianca, b m, 1888, by Brown WUkes 
Nicotera, by Nugget (dead) 2:19% 

Bickford, dn g, 186-, by Black Chief 
dam by Gen. Taylor 2:29% 

Biddy B., b m, 188- by Amboy .... 2:26% 

Biddy Bom, bl m.. 1882, by Iowa Star 
Railroad Maid, by Bonner 2:26% 

Biddy Donovan, b m, 1887. by Allle 
Wilkes— Kit, by Yankee Dan (dead) 2:27 

Bifty Duck, b m, 1889, by Bezant- 
Bay Duck, by Guide 2:25 

Big Ben, b s, 188—, by Confederate 
Chief— Maid of Beverly, by Jupiter 
Abdallah 2:28% 

Big Bone, gr g, 188-, by Gambetta . . 2:23% 

Big Brown Jug, br g, 1885, by Referee 
—Lilly, by Doble 2 29% 

Big Charley, b g, 1884. by St. James 

— Cynthiana, by (i<^dsmith Boy 2:23% 

Big F., b g, 1883, by Broken Leg- 
Myers Mare 2:16% 

Big Fanny, br m 1879, bv John B. 
Rysdyk— Mag, by Davis* Black 
Hawk Morgan 2:26% 

Big Fellow, br g, 1865. by Edward 
Everett 2:23% 

Big Four, ch g, by Hambletonian 
Mambrlno 2:26% 

Big Fox, b 8, 1889, by Onslaught— 
Kapiolanl, by Main^sprlng 2:22% 

Big Prank, b g, 1880, by Sultan- 
Gibson Mare 2:30 

Big Ike, gr g. 1878. by Nick Wall- 
Daisy Looker 2:29V4 

Big Jim, b g, 1881, by Gen. Benton,— 
Dame Winnie, by Planet 2:23% 

Big John, b g, 187—, by Pilot Duroc 2:24% 

Big Lize, b m. 1873 by George M. 
Patchen Jr.— Long island Maid, by 
a son of Long Island Black Hawk. . 2:24% 

Big Mc, b s, 1886, by McMahon— 
Molly (3ood, by Blue Bull 2:25% 

Big Rock, b g, by Little Rock 2:29% 

Big Soap, b g. 1870, bv-^Honestv— 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Betty 2:23 

Bijou, b m, 188—, by Fred Arnold . . 2:21 

Bijou, br g, 1878, by Abdallah Messen- 
ger—McNeil Mare, by Farmer's 
Glory 2:2*S 

Bill Oody, br s, 1886. by Sprague— 
Fanny Bright, by John Bright 2:29 

Bill Bd, b g, 18^-, by Gen. Waahing- 
ton (dead) 2:28 

Bill Granger, b g, 1888, by Hamble- 
tonian Wilkes— Linnie, by Tom Hun- 
ter 2:26 

Bill Uudsay, gr g, 1889, by Vasco— 
Albino, by Albion 2:17^ 

Bill Thunder, b g, 1864, by Rpbln Clay 
—Betsey Thunder, by Alexander's 
Abdallah, (dead) 2:26 

Bill, of Expense, b g, 188—, by Ham- 
bletonlan^s Last 2:27^ 

Billy, ch g. 186—, pedigree not trac^ 
(dead) 2:H0 

Billy, br g, 1871, by Victor Denmark 
—Kate Bradley, by Clifton Pilot.. 2:29i4 

Billy, bl g, 188—, by Durango 2:23% 

Billy A., b g, 1884. by Bay Tom Jr. 
— Fidele, by Gibson's Tom Hal 2:13Vi 

Billy Acker, b g, 1881, by Squire Tal- 
mage— Sally Fox, by Senlours' Davy 
Crocket 2 24% 

Billy Allen, b g, 188— by Bacon's 
Ethan Allen 2:27 

Billy B. b g, 188—, pedigree not traced 2 27% 

Billy B., gr g, 1883, by Artemas— 
Blue Mare, by Combination 2:23% 

Billy B, b s, 1887, by Little BiUly— 
—Belle Harris, by Billy Cook 2:19% 

Billy Bachelor, br g, 1883, by Buck- 
eye Chief 2:21% 

Billy Barefoot, bl g, 1866, by King 
Herod, dam by Young Green Moun- 
tain Morgan (dead) ^ 2:28% 

Billy Barr, dn g, 185—, by iBthan Al- 
len (dead) 2:23% 

Billy Bashaw, ch s. 1881, by Golden 
Star-^enny, by Black Flying cloud 2:29% 

Billy Bashaw, bl g, 188—, by Harry 
Bashaw 2:28% 

Billy Bell, b g, by Red Wilkes— Lucy 
by Royal George 2:25% 

BiUy Beverly, bl g, 188— by Jerry— 
Jule 2:21 

Billy Bird, ro s, 1887, by Jay Bird- 
Emma G., by Almont 2:26% 

Billy Blackburn, b g, 188—, by Joe 
Blackburn 2:26% 

Billy Bolton, br g, 188-, by Almont 
Pilot 2:15% 

Billy Boy, b g, 187—, by Mambrino 
Temple— Mary Harney, by St. 
Lawrence Jr 2:26% 

Billy Burr, b g, 187—, by Walkill 
Chief 2:29% 

Billy Burton, b g, 1883, by Gypsy Boy 
—Lady Burdett 2:25% 

Billy Button, b g, 188—, by Alexander 
Button 2:27 

Billy Button, ch g, 1876, by Baird's 
Hambletonian Prince— Logan Maid, 
by Page's Logan 2:18% 

Billy C. b g, 188—, by Volley 2:23% 

Billy C, b g, by Middletown Jr., dam 
by Gen ^enton "2:20% 

Billy Cramer, b s, 1886» by Bgmont— 
llattle M., by Plaxtall 2:26% 

Billy D, b g, by Tarantalus 2:21% 

Billy D., b g. 187—, by Squire Tal- 
mage— Lucy Pilot, by Roscoe Jr 2:17% 

Billy D., b g, 188—, by Tempest 2:18% 

Billy D., b g, 187—. by Daniel Lam- 
bert— Capt. Moore^B Mary, by Ma- 
zeppa 2:26 

Billy D., blk g, pedigree and history 
not recorded 2:26% 

Billy Dayton, b g, 187—, by Archy 
Mambrino, dam oy Black Hawk 2d 2:27% 

Billy Dolan, u g. 188—, by Golden Seal 2:27 

Billy Dow, b g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:27 

BUly F., b g, 1887, by Morgmont . . . 2:22V4 

BUly F.. b g, 188—, by Dai*dy Boy . . . 2:24% 

Billy F., br g, 1881, by Mike Logan . . 2:28% 

Billy Ford, ch g, 187—, by Blondln— 
O'Brien kare 2:26% 

Billy Freer, gr g, 18T9, by Western 
Fearnaught— Grey Nell 2:24% 

BiUy G., b g, 188-, by Brilliant Gold- 
dust— Ryeritraw 2:17% 

Billy G., b g. 1886, by Hotspur Chief- 
Winnie 2:27% 

Billy Gaines, br g, 1885, by Allie 
Gaine6— Fan 2:28 

Billy H., br g. 188-, by Dick Execu- 
tor 2:28 

Billy H., b g, 1886, by Don Pedro 
dam by Donerail 2:27% 

Billy H., br g, 1884, by Mambrino 
Dick-f)olly 2:29% 

Billy Hosklns, gr g, 1861, by Edwin 
Forrest— Santa Maria, by Pilot Jr. 
(dead) 2:26% 

Billy Holmes, b s, 188-. by Black 
Douglas 2:27 

Billy Hustler, b g, 188—, by Charles 
Caffrey— Nanny, by Long Island 
Chief 2:27 

Billy Hood, ch g 2:25'>4 

Billy K., ch g, 188-, by Rysdyk .... 2:25% 

Billy L, blk g. 187— by Harry Knox, 
dam by Beale's Horse 2:20% 

Billy L., b g, 187—, pedigree and his- 
tory unknown 2:28% 

Billy L., br g, 1889, by Platte-Flora 
L. by Jack Bambol 2:13% 

Billy Lambertson, b g, 186—, by 
Cloud Mambrino— Fox, by Farmer 
(dead) 2:28% 

Billy Leach, b g, 1882, by Strang's 
Joker-Kit 2:29% 

Billy M., b, s, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:25 

Billy McGregor rn g. 188—, by Fergus 
McGregor 2:28% 

Billy Marshall, bl g, 1877, by Mam- 
brino Patchen— Maggie Marshall, by 
Bradford's Telegraph 2:27V* 

Billy Mack, ch g, 1879, by Burger, 
dam by Gtolddust 2:19 

Billy McGregor, ro s, 188—, by Robt. 
McGregor 2:281,^^, 

BiUy McGregor, b s, 1883, by Mc- 
Gregor Chief— Madam Kirkwood Jr., 
by Captain 2:21 V4. 

Billy MxjMahon, ch g, 1886, pedigree 
not traced 2:25 

Billy Miller, b s, 1886, by George 
Mlllei^Nellie German, by Satellite... 2:26'/; 

Billy Mitchell, br g, 1884, by a W. ^ _ 
iHtdhell— T^ld Duck, by Pearsall... 2:28% 

Billy Gaks, ^ s, 188-, by John Sev- 
enoaks 2:30 

BUly O'NeU, b g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) •; — • ••••a'-* Vi 2:27 

Billy Parks, gr s, 1891, by Dauntless— 
Cleopatra, by War Call 2:26% 

Billy Planter, gr g, 186-, pedigree not 
traced (deadf y^ •• 2:26 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


•♦•♦••••• f l 


CHARLES MARVIN, Meadville, Pa. 
(the man in gray.) 
Marvin cut the world's record for trotters to 2 :08H with Sanol, the 
world's record for trottioiir stallions to 2 :15H with Smug- 
gler and 2 :08M with Palo Alto, and the two- 
year-old record for trotters to 2 :10?i. 

♦#♦♦♦♦»»♦♦•#♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦»•♦•»♦»♦♦♦♦»•»»•»♦♦•»♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦•»♦»♦♦« «♦♦< 

Digitized by 


>• » »»»>♦»<>»»»>»♦»♦♦»<♦>>#•>•»•••♦♦♦••♦»»♦♦••♦♦♦♦♦♦»>»>»••<••»<» » •♦>•»♦»••»»>>»>»••»♦ 

R. CURTIS, Greendalb, Ky. 

(the student.) 

The young man who was out with Pamlico 2 :10, 

David R. 2:10^ and Miss Nelson 2:123i. 

♦♦»<♦♦»♦♦»♦»»»»♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦<♦»»»♦♦♦»»♦•♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•>»»••»•♦•»<»• »»♦»! 

Digitized by 




Billy Q. (Columbus), b g, 1875, by i 

Bayard— Flora, by Blanco 2:29^ 

Billy R., b s, 188—, by Billy Stranger.. 2:20k i 
Billy B., gr g, 188— by Young Volun- 1 

teer 2:24Vi 

BUly R., b g, 1873, by Clay Pilot— 

Fanny, by Seely's American Star... 2:25V^ ' 
Billy Ray, ro g, 186—, by Wood's 

Hambletonian Mead) 2:2i>'>i 

Billy Red, b s, 188&, by Red Wilkes— 

Oolumbia, by Bixon 2:28^.i 

Billy Rysdyk, bl s, 1878, by William 

Rysdyk— I#ady Annie, by Henry B. 

Patchen 2:27Vii 

Billy S., b g, 1874, by Regulus, dam by 

Tillott*s Hambletonian 2:2SU 

Billy Shedd, b s, 188—, by J. R. Shedd 2:30 
BiUy Terrill, b g, 1880, by W. P. Max- 
well—Birdie aay, by Te-Till's Clay. 2:2SV4 

BUly Thomas 2'.2o% 

Billy Thomas, gr g, 1888, by Kellar 

Thomas— Double Lick, by Mamt>rino 

Templar Jr 2:23 

Billy ThornliiU, b s, 1884, by Beverly 

Wllkesr-Bmily, by George Wilkes. . 2:24V<2 
Billy Tompkins, b s, 1883, by Gen. 

George H. Thomas— Ella, by Enfield 2:24Vvj 

Billy W., gr g, 2:2o'54 

Billy W., br g, 188-. by Antar 2:2o% 

Billy Warren, b g, I887-, by Albet... 2:24V^ 
BUly White, gr g, 187—, by Maury 

Chief 2:2SVi 

BiUy WUkes, br s, 1880, by Harry 

Wilkes— Dora Seldon, by Clark Chief 2:20i.b 
Billy Wilkes, b g, 1882, by Georgia 

WUkes-Miiler Mare 2:20U 

BUly Wilton, bl s, 1889, by Wilton— 

Patchen Lass, by Mambrino Patchen 2:20 
Billy Woods, ro s, 1884, by Wood's 

Hambletonian— Fan 2:20«/2 • 

Billy Worthington, gr s, 1883, by 

Roger Hanson— RufihvUle Maid, by I 

Blue Bull 2:27V4 ' 

Billy Youug. bl s, 188— by Joe Young. 2:20V4 
Bion, br s, 1890, by Gen. Beverly— Lu- 

laneer, by Piedmont 2:24% 

Bird, br m. 1882, by Starlight— Tops v, i 

by Frank Forrester 2 :22 

Bird Allerton, ch m., 1889, by AUerton 

—Bird, by Mambrino Royal 2:29V^ 

Pird Button, gr s, 188—, by Alexander i 

Button— Lettie, by John Nelson 2:29-14 

Blrdseye, ch m, 1889, by Fred— Queen. 2:29V2 
Birdie, b m, 1888, by Egotist— Ber- I 

nice, by Harold 2:27% 

Birdie, b m, 1884. by Whirlwind Chief 

—Splinter, by Beattie's Norman 2.28>2 

Birdie, bl m, 1886, by Sidney— Annie 

G., by MeClellan Duke 2:28 

Birdie O, b m, 1872, by Garibaldi- 
Minnie, by Edward Everett 2:2Sv4 

Birdie Egmont, br m, 1884, by Bgmout 

— Coly Stone:-, by Black Timoleon.. 2:29 ; 
Birdie Ensign, b m, 188—, by Ensign. 2:25V2 
Bird McGregor, ro s, 1887, by Jay \ 

Bird — Crosspatch, by Robert Mc- ! 

Gregor 2:23^/4; 

Bishop Dudley, ch s, 1880, by Egotist I 

—Belle Dudley, by Belmont 2:27 ! 

Bishop He-o, b s, 1883, by BLshoi)— 

Liida Kendall, by Hero of Thorndale. 2:24«/l 
Bismarck, gr g, 188—, by Joe Gavin.. 2:28 
Bismarck, gr g, 188% by Youug Joe. . . 2:26^4 
Bi«marck, ch s, 1873, by Index— Dady 

Weeks, by WUUamson's Belmont... 2:20^4 , 
Bismarck, ch s, 1884, by Hirsch Bel- ! 

mont 2:2214 1 

Bismarck Monroe, b s, I880, by Victor 

Bismarck — Miss Monroe, by Jim 

Monroe 2:25 

Bismont, b s, 1885, by Victoii Bis- 
marck—Ducky Almont, by Almont.. 2:18^ 

Bismuth, b s, 18&— , by Bourbon 
WUkes— Spot, by We«twood 2:30- 

Bismuth, br m, 188—, by Ellerelie 
Wilkes 2:23V4 

Either, b e, 1892, by Kremlin— Kan- 
taka, by Bay State 2:28% 

Bitter Root, b 8, 1890, by Lord Byron 
—Basel, by Commodore Belmont. ... 2:25 

Black Amble, bl g, 1881, by Joe Irving 
— Flakey, by Gen. Knox 2:26»4 

Black Beauty, blk m, 188—, by Heath- 
wood 2:24 

Black ^ss, blk m, 188-, by Edict... 2:30 

Black Base, gr m, 1888, by Monroe 
Chief— Bessie, by Gibralter 2:2a% 

Black Bess, blk m, 188—, by Edict 2:30 

Black Bess, bl m, 187— by St. Elmo.. 2:30 

Black Bess, bl m, 1888, by WeUingLon 
— Strathliene 2d, by Strathmore. .. . 2:22J^{, 

Black Bess, bl m, 188—, by Algardia.. 2:2t>!4 

Black Bird, bl m, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:291^ 

Blackbird, bl r, 1862, by Simpson's 
Blackbird — Jane Smith, by Capt. 
Lightfoot (dead) 2:22 

Black Captain, bl s, 1881, by Mazeppa 
— Fillie Lawrence, by Robert Bonner 2:2l»4 

Black Cloud, bl s, 1872, by Ashland 
Chief- Mr«. Cluke, by Pilot Walker. 2:17V4 

Black Cloud Jr., bl g, 1876, by Black 
Cloud— Nelly Neff 2:25 

Black Diamond, bl g. 1878, by Pe- 
gasus—Lady Taylor, by Stockbrldge 
Caiief 2:19Vi 

Black Diamond, bl g, 1880, by Scott- 
Lady Kale, bv Black Damon 2:1804 

Black Diamond, bl s, 1879, by Gen. 
Lee— Black Bess, by Enterprise .... 2:29;^ 

Black Diamond, bl m, 1877, by Dicta- 
tor—Puss PraU, by Mark Time 2:29')4 

Black Dick, bl g, 188-. breeding un- 
known 2:27'/4 

Black Douglass, bl g, 184—, by Henry 
Clay (dead) 2:30 

Black Frank, bl g, 1800, by Frank- 
Becky (dead) 2:28V4 

Black Frank, W g, 186—, by Pony 
Frank (dead) 2:30 

Black Frank (Frank), bl g, 186-, by 
Wild Wagoner 2:24^^ 

Black Frank, bl s, 188— by Mam- 
brino Swigert 2:27V4 

Black George, bl g, 188—, breeding 
unknown 2 :30 

Black Hal, blk s. 188—. by Onslaught. 2:29Vi 

Black Hawk, bl g, 1880, by Orphan 
Boy— Dolly R., by Billy R 2:20-4 

Black Hawk McGregor, g- s, 1883, l)y 
Robert McGregor — JAz'/Ae Drew, by 
Grey Eagle (Blind Eagle) 2:28 

Black Me, bl m, 1882, by Cyclone- 
Madam Beatty, by Monroe Chief. . . 2:17 

Black Jack, bl g, 1882, by Sweep- 
stakes-Emma, by Wilkin® Micawber 2:22V4 

Black Jim, bl g, 188—, by Reconstruc- 
tion 2:29% 

Black Joe, bl s, 1883, by Black Frank 
—Mag Kern, by Nichols' Temoest. . . 2:29'/.^ 

Black Joe, bl s, 1886, by Altitude- 
Lottie Lee, by Herman D. Patchen. . 2:27V4 

Black Johnny, bl g, 18J— , pedigi-ee 
not traced . , 2:30 

Black Juff, bl g, 1875, by Bonnie Scot- 
land-Miss Drum, by Black Morgan.. 2:27V4 

Black King, bl s, 1886, by The King- 
Toddle, by Pilot Mambrino^ 2:29V4 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



J$laok Mack, bl g, 186—, peilijjree uoi 
traced (dead) L':J<>ii 

Black Morrill, blk 8, 1882, l)y lieu 
Morrill '2:2^\ 

Black Nathan, bl s, 1884, by Ilobliisou 
D.— Ino. by Morrill Drew U :-'>•. i 

Black Nelly, bl m, 1880, by Howes 
McGregor— Nelly Sliaw '2.:^ 

Black Pilot, bl s, 1876, by MeiielauM 
— Woodburn Maid, by Woodbnni 
Pilot 2:2^ 

Black Pilot, bl a, 18e8. by Ki>scoo— 
Eugenie, by Swigert's I-<exlngtou . . . 2:'V> 

Black Prince, bl sj, 188—, pedigree n«»t 
traced 2 :2-iVi 

Black Prince, bl g, 1877, by Wilkiii.s 
MIcawber — Miss Brunette, by 
llysdyk's Hambletonian 2:2r»'/»i 

Black Prince, bl g, 188—, by Frank 
Lee 7 2:2.3Vi 

Black Prince, bl s, 1884, by Karl- 
Midnlelit 2:2514 

lUaek Prince, bl s, 1887. by Bayonne 
Prince— Pond Lily, by Seneca Chief.. 2:2*»/4 

Black Raven, blk g, 1889. ])y Siraiaons 2:l7V:i 

Black Shan, bl g, 1878. by Penobscot 
Boy— Fanny, by Crawford Horse... 2:24 

Black Slayer, bl s, 1884, by Jackson- 
ville Rhode Island— Etta May. by 
(Jha lev llammett .' 2:27*^ 

Blacksmith, bl g, 188—. by a son of 
Von Moltke 2:29V. 

Blacksmith, bl s, 1878, by (Champion 
Knox— Rosa, by Oregon Pathfinder. . 2:30 

Blacksmith Boy, bl g, 188—, by Ben 

Blackstone, bl g, 188— by J51ucher. .T. . 2:2LU 

Blackstone, br s. 1884, by <Uiy Miller 
—Fanny, by Leyton's Clay 2:2o^ 

Blackstone, bl g, 187—. by WanVs 
Mambrino Chief— Brandy 2:29Vi 

Blackstone Belle, bl m. 18r.«. by 
Whalebone 2:2S»4 

Black Storm, blk s, 1HS6, by Simmons 
—Molly Wood, by WestAvood 2:17V4 

I$lack Swnn. )»l n'l, 18(>— , by Pratt V 
David Hill 2:2bV2 

Black Tom, bl g, 187—, pedigree un- 
knoAvn • • 2 :24)4 

Black Vic, blk s. 188-, l)y Vltruvlan. . 2:29v4 

Black Victor, bl s, 1882, by Alcan- 
tara—Victory, by Administrator.... 2:2GVy 

Black Wilketi!, bl s. 188(i, by P»ay 
Wllkesr-Big Mary, by Blue Bull 2:20'; 

Black Wilkes, bl s, 1883, by George 
Wilkes— Fanny Bell, by Confederate 
Chief 2:28Vi 

Blackwood, bl s, 1879. by Rockwood— 
Fisher M.are, by Billy Jackson horse 2:211,^ 

Blackwood Belle, bl m, 1880. by Phil- 
lips' Blackwo(Hl. dam by Horace 
Greely 2:30 

Blackwood Jr., bl s, 1871, by Black- 
wood — Belle Sheridan, by Blood's 
Black Hawk r.lcad) 2:22',.j 

Blackwood Prince, bl ». 1873, by 
Blaclrwood— Voluntary, by Volunteer 2:2.*^V4 

lUaine, b g. ISSl, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr. — Louisa, by Hamlin 
Patchen ' 2:27Vi 

Blaine, bl g, 187—, by Oregon Path- 
finder— Kate 2:26% 

Blake, b s, 187—, pedigree rot traced. 2:28 

Blake, b b. 1890, by Nutwood— Rosa 
Wilkes. i)y George Wilkes 2:18^4 

Blameless, b m, 1887. by Black's 
H<anib!etonlan — Edna Sprague, bv 
Gov. FJprague 2:10% 

P.lanalco, b 6, 1887. by Artemas — 

Patsey, by Whirlwind 2:19Va 

Blanohard, b g, 187—. by Daniel J^m- 
bf rt — Wlinlebone. by Carter's Co- 
ll mbus 2:25% 

Blanche, blk m. 1872. by Draco— Sofe, 
by Canada ( 'hief 2:25^y4 

Blanche, b m. 1876, by (4rey Mc- 
aellan— Bihler Mare, by John Nel- 
son 2:2i5Vi 

Blanche, b ni, 187— by Little East- 
ern—Clara, by CJoraing's C. M. Olav 
Jr 2:30 

Blanche, blk m, 186—, by Railsplitter 
—Lucy Beacon (dead) 2:2:iVj 

Blanche, blk m, 1884, by Star Ham- 
bletonian— Peg 2:30 

Blanche, b m, 188—. bv Independence. 2:*2UVi 

Blanche Amory, b m, 1S72, by Clark 
Chief— Crop, by Pilot Jr 2:26 

Blanche B., b m, 1888, by Gen. Oa*:^- 
Faney 2 :20 

Blanche Brown, b m, 1880, by Don 
Clay, dam by Gainer' Denmark 2:30 

Blanche Clemonp, ro m, 1877. by Ry- 
land— Roan Ponj', by Reuben 2:27»/2 

Blanche G:^ant, gr m, 1885, by Gen. 
Grant— Lady Messenger v 2'/2'i% 

Blanche H.. blk m, 1875, by Bhu- Bull 
—Flora Temple Jr., by Gray's Tom 
Hal .^... 2:26% 

Blanche Morrison, b m, 188- by Har- 
ry Clay— Lucy ' 2:27V^» 

Blanche N., ch m^ 1890, by Nutwood- 
Blanche L.. by William L 2:2.-)'yi 

Blanche P., br m, 1882, by Hull— 
Gypsy Girl, by Black Chief 2:2G 

Blanche R.. ch m. 1885. by Aehillos— 
Sister Mix, by Fearuaught Jr 2:28V9 

Blanton, ch h, 1890. by Simmons— An- 
rie Carey, by Pacing Abdaliali 2:2(y)4, 

Blarney, b s, 1881. by Jay (Jould- 
Uuby Allen, by Ethan Allen 2:27'>4 

rinuvelt, b s, 1887. by Deucalion— Em- . 
blem, by Tom Moo e 2:*20V4 

Blazeberry, br m, 1886, by Roseberry 
—Nelly, by Wallace's Crusader 2:18V'2 

B. L. C., b g, 188—, by Norwood, 
dam by Mambrino Blltzen 2:28'/t 

Blew, oh g, 1887, bv Seneca I'atchen— 
Nettie Burlew. by King's Champion.. 2:27 

P.liss, b m, 1876. by Bayard-Dolly 
Hazard, by Sam Hazard 2:21Vi 

IMitzen, b s, 18S8, by Belmont— Ocala, 
by Cuyler 2:27Vi 

Blitzen Jr.. blk s, 1879. by M-ambrino 
Blltzen— Queen, by G Imes* < 'mister- 
nation 2:29'/4 

Blonde, gr m, 1859, by Grey Mes.sen- 
ger— Blonde, by Abdallah (dead) 2:29^^ 

Blondie, ch s, 1886, by Lemont— Mol- 
ly, by Frank Chapman 2:10V2 

Blondin, ch s. 1886, by Premier— Maud 
O'Neill, by Fel ton's Slippery 2:28% 

lUonrtine, ch m. 186—, by George 
Wilkes— Flaxy, by Kentucky Clay. . . 2:24^1 

Blontonian. ch m. 1.888, by McCurdy's 
Hambletonian. dam by Kentucky 
Chief 2:22 

Bloom Boy. br g, 1886, by Darlington— 
Roxy. by Billy 2:2894 

BloomflelfJ. b », 1884, bv Billy Wilkes 
— Rysdyk Maid, by Hambletonian . . 2:17% 

Blossom, blk m, 1886. by Pennypark— 
—Lady Miller, bv Adjn»^ter 2:20 

Blossom, br m. 1886. by Paganinl— 
Zlttella, by Lakeland Abdaliali 2:2GVi 

Blucher. blk g, 1882. by Rushville— 
Zemo -a. by Lakeland Abdallah 2:29'/^ 

Blue Bell, b m. 1889, Jjy Chinw»s— 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



Goldie, hy Maiubrino King 

Blue Bell,.ch m, 187—, by Blue Bull, 

dam by Bennett's Red Oak 

Blue Bell, b m, 188—, by Tramp 

Blue Bell, ch m, by Overseer 

Blue Bells, blk m, 1887, by Quarter- 
master— BeLe Meilium, by Fairvlew 

Blue Blood, b s, 1888, by Baron 
Wilkes— Mary A. Whitney, by Volun- 

Bl ue Brig.* * br ' *sV ' 1888,' * by ' Brlgnoli 
Wilkes— Lady Schofleld, by Blue Boll 

Blue Bull (Orove's), blk s, 1878, by 
Blue Bull — Myra Shaw, by Tom 
Lang (dead) 

Blue Charley, gr g, 1884, by Wapsie— 
Fanny Munger, oy Panic 

Blue Cloud, ro g, 1870, by Ashland 
Chief- Belle Clay, by American Clay 

Bluecoast, br s, 1887, by Pancoast— 
Young Maid of Erin, by Blue Bull. . 

Blue Dawn, ro s, 1888, by Jay Bird- 
Widow's Mite, by Wave! and Chief. . 

Blue Dick, ro s, 1883, by Pretender- 
Fanny, by Dougherty's Rob Roy 

Blue Grass HamWetonian, b s, 1883, 
by Victor Bismarck— Hamletta, by 

Blue Grass Maid, br m, 1884, by Dic- 
tator, dam by Long Island Bashaw. . 

Blue Jay, ro g. 187—, by Ben Lomond 
Emma, by Tom Hal 

Blue Jay, ro s, 1887, by Jay Bird, dam 
by son of Honest Allen 

Blue John, ro g, 1884, by Young Rolfe 

Bluellght, gr g, 188—, pedigree not 

Blue Mare, ro na^ 186—, by Wood's 
Hambletonian— Betts (dead) 

Blue Knight, ch g, 181K), by Happy 
Day, dam by Blue Bull 

Blue Prince, blk e, 188—. by Blue 
Blood ■ 

Blue Queen, br m, 1889, by Blue 
Blood— Jessie 

Blue Stem, b s, 1880, by Danio— 
Nancy B., by Riohmont 

Blue Wing, ro m, 1883, by Jay Bird— 
EUa Clay, by Springfield 

Bluewood, dn s, 1886, by Tom Kirk- 
wood — ^Belle Hamilton, by Hamble- 

Boabdil, blk s, 1890. by Bermuda- 
Carrie Mack, by Cham]) Ferguson . . . 

Boaz, b s, 1884, by Onward— Ruth, by 

Bob, eh g, ' 1882, by* Rob * Roy * Mc- 
Gregor—Kate, by Little Johnny 

Bob, b g, 188—, pedigree not traced . . 

Bob Acres, eh g, 1876, by Honest Al- 
len— Caro Nomo, by Rysdyk's Ham- 

Bob Allen, ch s, 188—, by Judge Sal- 

Bob Burdette, b «, 187—, by Ensign- 
Lady Stowe, by a son of Henry 

Bob Curtis^ br s, 1887, by Bob 
aprague— Bird, by Billy Shaker 

Bob Ford, b g, 188—, by Rocky Ford.. 

Bob Henderson, gr g, 1883, by Sacra- 
mento—Belle .^ 

Bob Johnson, b g, 187—, by Hero of 

Bob's Jug. br g, 1877, by George 
Wilkes— Amiability, bv Honest Allen 

Bob M.. b g, 1882, by (> 'ange Duroc — 
Lady May, by Marshal Ney 

2:22«54 I Bob Mason, b s , 1879, by Echo— Belle « 

Mason, by Williamson's Belmont... 2:27Vi 
2:26V4 ' Bob Mason Jr., b s, 188—, by Bob 

2:30 Mason, dam- by luca 2:27Vi 

2:3<J Bob Pinkerton, br g, 1880, by Polonius 
— Zelipha, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2:'Si} 

2:18i4 i Bob Sprague. b s, 1877. by Got. 
Sprague— Kitty Lyons, by Honest •' ''fvi 

2:22% Bob Swigert b's" \*88u\" by Swl'g^^^ *"" * 
Merrimac, by Richard's Bellfounder. 2:20V2 
2:21';^ Bobby Howard, b s, 1886, by Circu- 
lator—Lady Frankfort, by Frankfort 

Chief 2:30 

2:20U Bodiue, b g, 1865, by Volunteer, dam 

by Harry Clay 2:19Vi 

2:22 Bogardus b g, 1886, by Lebe.l. dam 

I by Stephen A. Douglas 2:29V4 

2:27 Bohemian, b m, 1887, by Onward- 
Kansas, by William llysdyk 2:22'/i 

2:29Vi Bohemian Boy, b e, 1888, by Pilot 

Medium, dam by Bebj' Horse 2:21V« 

2:21ir«a Bolly Lewis, b g. 185—, by Seely's 

American Star (dead) 2:29V!i 

2:30 I Bomba, br m, 1884, by Beverly Wilkes 

-nJenny, by Messenger Duroc 2:29^f4 

1 Bon Accord, b s, 1885, by Dlctatoiv- 

2:Hy% Mazourka, by Administrator 2:26 

Bon Ami, b m, 1889. by Nugget— 

2:30 Thorndale Princess, by Thorndale. . 2:235^* 

Bonanza, ch s, 1883, by Arthurton— 

^:29V4 Sister, by John Nelson 2:29Vi 

I Bon Bon, b m, 1886, by Fieldmont— 
2:29»^; Ellen Belle, by Mambrino Patchen . . 2:29-% 
2:26/4 I Bon Bon. b m, 1884, by Simmons— 

; Boniiie Wilkes, by George Wilkes. . . 2:26 
2:26V^ I Boneset, blk g, 1891, by Don Marvin- 
Nelly Bly, by Alpheus 2:2V/u 

2:23 ; Bonesetter, b s, 1870, by Brooks— 

' Jenny, by Stump the Dealer (dead). . 2:19 
2:23 i Bonhomme b m, 1887, by Red Wilkes 

I —Venus Aim out, by StarAlmont 2:17>4 

2:20 I Boniface, b s, 1880, by Altorf— Wyan- 
dot Queen, by Greever's Mambrino 

2:291/4 Chief 2:2?% 

Boniface, blk, 188— by Baron AVllkes, 

2:28 dam by Happy Medium 2:2974 

Bonita. b m, 1879, by Electioneer— 

2:29% Mayfly, by St. Clair 2:18Vi 

Bon Mot, b m, 1886. by Baron Wilkes 
I —Mary A. Whitney, by Volunteer... 2:2.jV4 
2:24i/i I Bonner, ch g, 1867, by Star of C^ts- 

kill. dam by Skenandoaih 2:2.'? 

2:23U Bonner Boy, b g, 1868, by Gill's Ver- 
mont 2:23 

2:17^/4 Bonner N. B., b s, 1888, by Daly- 
Nancy, by Gen. MeClellan 2:17 

2:30 Bonner Steele, g* g, 188— by Steele. . 2:30 
2:20% ! Bonnibel, b m, Ism, by Azmo(ir— Bon- 

I nie, by Gen. Benton 2:17'U 

I Bonnie, br m. 1879, by Gen. Benton— 
2:28Va i America, by Rysdyk's Hambleton- 

I ian 2:25 

2:27V4 I Bonnie A., b m, 1887, by Stanley— 

, Bon Doon, by Legal Tender Jr 2:2.">Vi 

Bonnie Annie, b m, 1883, by Rooker— 
2:30 Blink Bonnie, by New York Black 

Hawk 2:261/4 

2:23U Bonnie Dean, gr s. 1889, bv Aberdeen 

2:28^ —Bonnie Belle, by Almont 2:30 

Bonnie Donne, b m, 1886, by Rooker— 
2:20V4 Blink Bonnie, by New York Black 

Hawk 2:29Vi 

2:28Vi Bonnie F., gr s, 1889, by Willie Mc- 

Mahon— Cricket, by Grundy 2:26 

2:22% Bonnie G., br m, 188—, by Regulator. . 2:28 

Bonnie Josie. ch m, 1887. by Bonuy- 
2:20V4 castle— Josie Logan, by Joe Le^gan. . 2|24H 
Digitized by VjOOQIC 



* Bonnie L., ch g, 1876, by Charley B. 

—Juliet, by Cayuga Star 2:27i/4 

Bonnie McGregor, b s, 1879, by Robert 
McGregor — Fanny, by Recoustruc- 
tion 2:13Va 

Bonnie M. George, br s, 1886, by 
WiUiam H. Vanderbilt— Brown Nib, 
by Loveloy'8 Flying Cloud 2:30 

Bonnie Mack, b s, 1886, by Bonnie 
MeGi^egor— MaWina, by Fearnaught 
Spy 2:2014 

Bonnie Medium, blk m 2:27^i 

Bonnie Nutwood, b e, 1887, by Nut- 
wood—Bonnie "Wilkes, by George 
Wilkes 2:29^ 

Bonnie Phallas, b s, 1888, by Phallasr- 
Bonnie Boon, by Aberdeen 2:29 

Bonnie S., br s, 1892, by Bonnie Mc- 
Gregor 2:30 

Bonnie Wilkes, ro m, 188—, by 
Adrian Wilkee 2:15% 

Bonnie Wilkes, br m, 1876, bv George 
Wilkes— Betty Viley, by Bob John- 
son 2:29Va 

Bonnie Wilmore, b s, 1886, by Wil- 
more — Molly R., by imp. Bonnie 
Scotland 2:14^ 

Bonny Bon, br m, 188—, by Director, 
dam by Geonge Wilkes 2:29% 

Ton Ton, br s, 1886, by lUchwood— 

• Louisiana 2:29% 

Bon Ton, br m, 1890, by Wilton- 
Belle Bowen, by Richelieu 2:28^^ 

Boodle, b s, 1886, by Stranger— Bride, 
by Jay Gould 2:i9Vi 

Boone Wilson, gr s, 1887, by Jim WiK 
son, dam by Daniel Boone (pacing 
2:1^) 2:20i^ 

Booth-Barrett, br s, 1890, by Ross S., 
dam by Sultan 2:29Vj 

Borden, ch s, 1885, by Cuyler— Si- 
lence, by Alexander's Abdallah 2:21% 

Borden, ch g, 1884, by Mansfield— 
Coralie, by Rysdyk's Hambletoniau.. 2:29Vi 

Border Wilkes, b s, 188—, by Jay Bii-d 
—Lizzie Mills, by Homer 2:25^ 

Boreal, b s, 1892, by Bow Bells— Rosy 
Morn, by Alcantara 2:17^ 

Borneo, b s, 1889, by Sphinx— Judea, 
by Mambrino Archy 2:23 

Bi>^aue Bouita, b n^. 18S5, by Thomas 
K.-Siisie W 2:26^ 

Boss, b g, rS8— , by Gladiator, dam by 
Consternation 2 :29i4 

Boss H., b g, 187—, by Emulus, dam 
by Seelv's Amerlcjir Star 2:25^ 

Boston, b g, 1873, by Daniel Lambert 
—Flyaway, by Patrick Henry 2 :27% 

Boston, b g, 188— by Don Wilke^... 2:2t}v4 

Boston, ch 8, 188—, by Orient— Hattle 
Lewis, by Forrest Chief 2:29yj 

Boston Davie, blk g, 1874, by Atlan- 
tic Chief— Fly, by Black Flying 
Cloud 2:2GV> 

Boston Girl, b m, 1877. by Gideon— 
Stickney, by Gen. Sheiman 2:25^4 

Boston Globe, ch a, 1886, by Red 
Wilkes— Lizjsie H., by Star Almont.. 2:24 

Boulanger, blk s, 1886, by Mambrino 
Startle— Kate West, by Enterprise 2:28^2 

Bovncer b m, 1891, by Hummer- 
Musette, by Mambrino Patcheu ... 2:18^^ 

Bourbon Russell, b s, 1884, by ..lam- 
brino Russell— Steinctte, by Stein- 
way 2:30 

Bourbon Wilkes Jr. ch s, 18S0. by 
Bourbon Wilkes— 'Ashurst mare, by 
Black Prince 2:12U 

Bow Bells, b s 1887, by Electioneer - 

Beautiful Bells, by The Moor 2:19^ 

Bowman, b s, 1881, by Mambrino 
Paris— Belle B., by Green's Bashaw 2:30 

Boxwood, ch s, 188—. by Hull 2:26 

J5oy Blue, rn g, 1889, by Grove's Blue 
Bull, dam Topsy, by Blue Bull 2:23V4 

Boy Blue, blk s, 1889, by Chimes- 
Bobolink, by Mambrino King 2:25^ 

Boyer, blk a. 1888, by Rumoi>-Bijou, 
by Gen. Knox 2:29|4 

Bozeman, b s, 188—, by Mambrino 
King, dam by Hamlin's Almont Jr. 2:17 

Bracelet, b m, 1879, by Auditor— Oiio, 
by Dick Hambletoniau 2:2.5 

Brad, b g, pedigree not traced 2:23V^ 

Bradford b s, 188—, by Fugleman— 
Mollie McGregor, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor 2 :17% 

Bradstreet, b s, 1887, by Banker - 
Fanny D., by Star Almont 2:27^ 

Bradtmoor, br s, 1888, by Fallis— 
Ethel H., by Sultan 2:26v4 

Bramblette, b m, 1891, by Marvin . . . 2:24M> 

Brandoline, b s, 1886, by Brown 
Wilkes— Abbess, by Wedgewood . . 2:28V^ 

Brandy Boy, b g, 1876, by Admiral 
Patchen Jr.— Flower, by Delaware 
Mingo 2:20V4 

Bran Slack, b g. 188—, by Mambrino 
Hannis 2:27V4 

Brantford, b g. 1882, by Little Billy .. 2:Z}'A 

Brava, b m 1885, by Baron Wilkes- 
Mary A. Whitney, by Volunteer ... 2:14^ 

Bravado, br s, 1887, by Kentucky 
Wilkes— Alicia, by Me^^eenger Du- 
roc : 2:161^ 

Braxton b s, 18—, by Onward 2:30 

Brazil, b s, 1888, by Jorunalist— Fan- 
tine, by Altorf 2:16^ 

Brazilian, b s, 1889, by Brown Wilkes 
—Olive, by Lakeland Abdallah 2:24V4 

Breadwinner, b s. 1887, by Pancoast - 
Nelly L., by George Wilkes 2:29>i 

Break O'Day, blk m, 1890, by Dark- 
night— Clarion, by Rumor 2:11»4 

Breastplate, b s, 1884, by Haw- 
thorne—Ryan Mare, by McCrack- 
en's Black Hawk 2:23Vi 

Breeze, b g. 1867, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletoniau— Kate, by Bellaire (dead) 2:24 

Breeze Merlium, b m, 1876, by Happy 
Medium— Net. by Frank 2 221 1 

Brenda, b m, 1886, by Nelsou— Blise, 
by Fearnaught Jr. 2:2S«,i 

Brewster, br s 1879, by Hotspur 
Chief- Fashion, by Toronto Chief . . 2:26 

Brewster F., br g, 1886, by Brewster 
Fla«h by Marmaduke 2:24-)4 

Brian lioru. b g, 1880, by Iowa Stal^- 
Railroad Maid, by Bonner 2:27% 

Bric-a-Brac, gr m. 1889, by Alcazar- 
Blanche T., by Nephew 2:28«/o 

Bridal Bells, b m, 1889. by Bell Boy- 
Trousseau, by Nutwood 2:'2-2Y2 

Bridal Gift, br m, 1888. by Ambassa- 
dor—Silver Gift, by Grand Sentinel 2:28i^j 

Brigadier, (Doty's) b g, 18«5, by Briga- 
dier-Maud D., by Challenge 2:2Jn4 

Brigadier, b s, 1873, by Happy Med- 
ium—Lady 'I\irner, by Frank Pierce 
Jr :... 2:21V4 

Brightmarck, b e, 1887, by Victor Bls- 
marck-Lulu Bright, by John Bright 2:24% 

Brightmont, b s. 1883. by Montagu- 
Brightness, by Pearsall 2:27^2 

Brighton, ch g, 1873. by Lippincotfs 
Jack Stewart— Lucy 2:28v'i 

Urighton, b s. 1SS2, K?* J^i^otts^iam— 
Digitized by " 



Flip, by Ti Boy 2:2Sy^ 

Bright Rattler, br s, 1880, by Johu 
Bright— Roxie by Alexanders Nor- 
man 2:19% 

Brlghtwood, b s, 1884, by Cromwell— 
Topsey Morgan 2:29^^ 

Brignolia, br a, 1855, by Mambrluo 
Chief— Sally Woodford (dead) 2;29>4 

Brignolia, b s. 1883, by Brigadier- 
Princess 2:29V4 

Brlgnoll Wilkes, br 8, 1883. by George 
Wilkes— Patsey, by Brlgnoll 2:14^ 

BriUiant, blk s, 1881, by Swigert— 
Annie Goldsmith, by Volunteer 2:17frii 

Brilliant, b m, 1883 by Electioneer- - 
—Bright Byes, by General Benton . . 2:23 

BrilUantine, b m, 1885. by Nutwood— 
Crepon, by Princeps 2:29% 

Brinlild. b m, im by Viking- 
Daisy Wilkes, by Marabrino Wilkes 2:1'.)»A 

Krii.ker <Sprague, br s, 1882, by Gover- 
nor Spragnc— Lizzie Brinker, by 
Brlnker^a Drennon 2:28 

Briscom, b g, 2:28 

Bristol BlU, gr g, 186—. pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:29 

Bi-istcl Girl, b m, 187—, by Jim Brvln, 
dam by Oapt. Walker 2:28% 

Brittle Silver, b g, 1881, by Hjmdallah 
-Belle S., by Star of the West ... 2:2.)!^ 

Broadway, b s, 1881, by Robert Smith 
—Volunteer Maid, by Volunteer 2:29^^ 

Brocade, cb p, 1885, by Tramp— /iur- 
rie, by Captain 2:28 

Brogan, ch s, 1885, by Rolf Duke- 
Lady, by Australian H 2:20^2 

Bromo, br, s, 1886. by Brougham- 
Belle of Clarence, by Finch's St. 
Lawrence 2:26 

Bionco, b g, 1>28— , by Deliauce 2:26V4 

Bronze, b m, 1878, by Morgan Messen- 
ger Jr.— Kate, by Christie's Black- 
snake 2:21^4 

Brookie, b m 1884. by Knickerbocker 

-Belle Archer, by Fred Plerson 2:29V4 

Brooklawn. b e, 1888, by Chesterwood 
—Constance, by Hamlet 2:28iy4 

Brooklyn, br g, 1887, by Lawrence- 
Lillian Brooks by Pilot Hutchinson 2:24 

Brookslde b g, 188—. by West Chester 2:26 

Brookside Flora, br m, 1871, by Ham- 
let 2:20 

Broomal, b s, 1888, by Stranger- 
Brooch, by Jay Gould 2:15 

Brother Dan, ch g, 1882, by Joe Bas- 
sett- Gary Mare by Swettiug's Ned 
Forrest 2:23V. 

Brother G., b s, 1887. by Sentinel 
Wilkes— Sister G., by Mambrlno Boy 2:25^4 

Brother Jim, b s, 1887, by Intrigue- 
Minnie, by Windsor 2:22,^ 

Brother Jonathan, b g. 1802. by Pot- 
ter Horse, dam by Beat tie's Nor- 
man (dead) 2:24 

Bourbon Belle gr m 188—, by Bour- 
bon Prince 2:26yi 

Brown, br s, 1884, by Combat— Gaunt- 
lette, by Dictator 2:18% 

Brown Bess, br m, 1885. bv Culpepper 
Allen— Black Bess, by Cox's Stump 
the Dealer 2:25^^ 

Brown Billy, br g, 187—. l)y Corbeau 2:29 

Brown Cedar, br s, 1887, by Red Ce- 
dar— Polly Duck, by Guide 2 :22 

Brown Daisy, br m, 1886, by Iron 
Duke, Jr., dam by Fllken's Morgan 2:25 

Brown Dick, br g, 1888, by St. Cloud 
—Maud R., by Escort 2:12 

Brown Dick, br g, 1866. pedigree not 
trace<I (dead) 2:24Vi 

Bro\^n Dick, br g, 1871, by Anthony 
Wayne— Lucy Mason, by Veriiont 
Hero 2:29V4 

Brown Dick, br g, 1849, by son of 
Selly's American Star, (dead) 2:25V4 

Brown Donna, br s, 1890. by Brown 
Wilkes— Nellie Lambert 2:29^4 

Brownie, b g, 188— by Wilkes 2:24% 

Brown Jim, b g, 1885. by Con— Lettle 
Miller, by Honest John 2:22Vj 

Brown Jim, br s, 1884. by Voltaire, 
dtm by Lexington Chief 2:27% 

Brown .Toe, br g, 1880, by Buck 2:29^^ 

Brown Lace br m, 1880. by Volmer— 
Point Lace, by King Rene 2:28% 

Biowrmark, br s, 1883, by Victor 
Bismarck— Lucy Patchen, by Mam- 
brlno Boy 2:24 

Brown Mat, br m, 18S-, by Maxim us 2:29^4 

Brown Richmond, br s. 188—, by 
Brown Chief 2:28% 

Bicvn Russell, br s, 1891, by Ken- 
tucky Russell— La Maf«cotte, by Rob- 
ert McGregor 2:29»4 

Brown Silk, br m. 1887. by Baron 
Wilkes— Nanny Etticoat, by Bell- 
wood 2:22% 

Brown Thorne, br g,. 188—. by Haw- 
thorne 2:27% 

Burnstone, br g, 188—, by Freestone 2:28% 

Brown Velvet, br s, 1889, by Vatican 
—Terrell Mare, by Tommy Wilkes. . 2:28% 

Brown Wilkes, br s, 1876 by George 
Wilkes— Jenny Irving, by Henry B. 
Patchen 2:21% 

Bruce, b g, 1884, by Black's Hamble- 
tonian— Mitt, by Yeiser'e Norman . . 2:2714 

Bruce King, blk e, 1886, by Th> King 
—Bertha, by Imp. Saxon 2:28% 

Bruno, b s, 1889, by Junio— Dolly, 
by Mozart 2:19 

Bruno, br g, 1861, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonlan— Kate, by Bellaire 2:29% 

E-ULHwIck, b s, 1885, by Walklll 
Prince— Bonnie Lass, by Blue Bull. . 2:25 

Brushy John, blk, g, 186—, by Rappa- 
hannock, dam by Owen Dale (dead) 2:27 

Brutus Gin. blk, m, 188- by Shef- 
field's Andrew Jackson 2:21% 

Bryan Girl; b m. 1887, by Glen Miller 
—Emma, by German Boy (dead) . . 2:2(^4 

Bryan McGregor, ch s, 1883, by Rob- 
ert McGregor— Thora, by Hambrlno 2:2.3% 

Bryson, br s, 1890, by Simmons- 
Lena, by Bramolet's Clark Chief Jr. 2:20% 

Bub McLaughlin, b g, 1882. by Charles 
Dickens— Rikert Mare, 2:20 

Buccleuch, blk, s, 1884, by Stiott's 
Thomas— Lady Strong, by Mambrlno 
Patchen 2:29% 

Bucephalus, ch g. 1879. by Niagara 
Cfcief— Lady T., by Champion 2:2S% 

Bi.cephalus, ro s, 1877. by Wood's 
Ha mbletonian— Beauty, by Sish's 
Bertrand 2:30 

Buck McGregor blk s, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor 2:29% 

Buck Morgan, ch g, 188—, by Buckeye 
Bayard— Morgan, by Blind Tom 2:20% 

Buckshot, gr g, 1885. by Pilot Medium 
—Alice Thornton, by Shelby Chief.. 2:20% 

Buckskin Dick, b g, 1879, by Byerly 
Abdallah— Flora, by Downy's Royal 
George 2:23«/4 

Bucyrus b g, 1892, by Wilton— Nutgall 
by Nutwood 2:23% 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Bud Kwiiife', ch h, 1801 by Don Mc- 
Gregor, dam by Fleetfooi 

Budd Plax, ch g 1886, by Flaxuioiit— 
Julia, by l>ank 

Buddlnger, ch 8, 1S86. by Butler's Ba- 
shaw—Petal, by Oilporal 

Bud L., blk 8, 1889, by Don L.-nJo- 
hanna, by Maxim 

Buffalo Bill, ro g, 187—, by Limber 


Buffington, b s, 1802, by Sable WllkeH 
—Annie G., by Le Grand 

Bullet, b s, 1887, by Lumps— Relic, 
by Mambrino Chief Jr 

Bullion, eh s, 187— by Blue Bull- 
Kate, by Archie Lightfoot 

Bully Brooks, b g, 1861, by Dirlgo— 
One Bye, by Whitney Horse 

Bulwer, ch g, 1877, by Blue Bull, dam 
by SoTel Tom 

Bulwer, br g, 188—, by Buccaneer 

BumpH. blk 8, 1887, by Lumps — 
Lorina, by King Rene 

Bunnie G^ b m, 18»-. by Blial G— 
Morley Girl, by Commonwealth 

Bnrdetta, blk m 1885, by Kentucky 
Ruler— Belle Chase, by Long Island 

Burglar, b s^ 1879, by Auditor— Panta- 
lette, by Princeps . . . • 

Burleij^h, br s, 18fe, by Ohelton— Maid 
of Racine, by Surfeit 

Bur^lesque, ch s, 1884, by Hambrino— 
Roan Fanny, by Mambrino King. . . 

Bum*, b «, 1870, by Kirk wood— Kate, 
by Mambrino li^clipse 

Burns McCxregor, b s, 1887, by Robert 
McGregoiv-Birdle J., by Young Jim 

Burt, b g., 1884, by Bonnie McGregor, 













dam by Romulus 

Burt G., b g, 1887, by Prince L.- 
Griflin Mare, by Dick Llnderman. . . 

Busbey, b g; 1873, by George Wilkes 
—Dame Tansey, by Daniel Lam- 

Bush, blk m, 1886, by Alcyone— Lady 
Garfield, by Young Jupiter 

Boabnell Ohief, b g, 1885. by Mam- 
brino Messenger^Smick Mare 

Bushwacker, d s, 186—, by Joe 
Hooker— dam bj Jupiter 

Business, b g, 186—, by Grossip Jones.. 

Butte, b g, 1888. by Red Wilkes- 
Naunearle, by Messenger Chief 

Buttercup, dn m, 1878, by Belmont— 
Topsey, by St. Elmo 

Butterfly, br m, 1879, by Young Jim- 
Tausey, by George Wilkes 

Butterscotch, br g, 1876, by Panic- 
Maid of the Mist, by Cummlngs' 
Davy Crocket 

Button, b g, 1883, by Polonlus— Dubois 

Buzz, b g, 1868, by Toronto Chief- 
Lady Fulton, by Stubtail (dead) 

Buzz Medium, b m. 1873, by Happy 
Medium— Rockefeller Mare, by ]\on- 
pareil '. 

Byron, ch s, 186—, by Royal George- 
O'Brien Mare (dead) , 

Byron Sherman, b s, 1880, by Saturn—' 
Kitty Clyde, by Pasacan 

Byron Smith, b s. 1882, by Reporter 
—Jessie, bv Roberts' Royal George. . 

O. A. B., ch g, 188—, pedigree not 

Cabash, ch s, 1880, by Bashtlne— 
Oaehnea. by Eugene , 

fad, ch s, 1888. by Itnyonne l^rince— 





















Snmia K., by Bn ger (dead) 2:27'>i 

Cadmonia. blk m, 1887, by Cadmus 
Hambletonlau— Hosier, by George 
Rolfe 2:2.-> 

Cadmus Hambletonian, br s, 1880, by 
Squire Talmage— I^ena, by Clay 
CadmU6 2:29% 

Cadmua Jr., blk s, 1888, by Cadmus 
Hambletonian— Day tona, by Trouble 2:26 

Cad Wade, b m, 1S84, by New York- 
May Day, by I'aciug Abdallah.'.. . 2:20 

Caesar, b g, 1885, by Norwood Chief- 
Kit, by Col. Walter 2:23V4 

Caesar, b s, 1876, by Caesar 2:29 

Caesar, b g, 188—, pedig-ee not traced 2:29V4 

Cairo, b a, 187— .by Chieftain 2:20 

(.'alamus, b m, 1872. by Swlgert— Mer- 
rimac, by Richards' Bellfounder. .. . 2;2414 

Calwell Maid, b m, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:29Vi 

Caledonia Chief, ch s. 1865, by Howe's 
Jloyal George— Juie, by (Joates' 
Bclipse (dead) 2:29Vii 

Calhoun, b s, 1885, by I»ilot Medium— 
Topsy, by Bay Middleton 2:24% 

Calhoun, b g, 188—, by Sam I»urdy 2:2l)V4 

California Damsel, ch m, 1852, by An- 
drew Jackson Jr. (dead) '2:2^^2 

California Lambert, b s, 1883, by 
Ben Franklin— Maud, by Daniel 
Lambert 2:27 

Oallnda, ch m, 1884, by Harold- 
Clay tona, by American Clay 2:2<Jy4 

Cal. Kotch, b s, 188—, by California- 
Mary, by Bloomfleld 2::i0 

Callahan Maid (Chicago Maid), ch m, 
1872, by Revenge— Illinois Maid, by 
Black Donald 2:25 

Called Back, ch g, 1884, by Mark 
Field— Daisy, by Revenge 2:27v4 

Callle K., b m, 188-, by Kiiby's Cad- 
mus, dam by Hambletonian Pilot... 2:30 

CalUopsls, b m, 188—, by Montgomery 2:2yu , 

Callino, b e, 1890, by Wildrino, dam 
by Rooker 2:20Vi. 

CaUisto. b s, 1886, by Alcantara— An- 
nle Page, by Daniel Lambert 2:2G'/4a 

Galma:\ 1) g, 1889, by Bourbon Chief, 
dam by Starch's Boliver 2:22 

Calvo, b s, 1888, by Rumor— Cigarette, 
by (jren. Washington 2:29V4 

Cambria Wilkes, br s, 1884, by Clay 
Wilkes— Nubia, by Harold 2:29'^ 

Cambridge Girl, ch m, 188—, by Ben 
Franklin 2:28J4 

Cameo, ch m, 1888, by Amender— 
Camptown, by Messenger Duroc 2:28^* 

Camilla, b m, 1887, by Indiaman— 
Lulu F., by Ericsson 2.24V4 

Camille, b m, 1880, by Happy Medium 
Bess, by Volunteer 2:20V4 

Camille, b m, 1882. by Monmoutb B. . . 2:27W 

Camille, b m, 1888, by Hatblnger- 
Abbie B., by Hambletonian Knox. .. 2:24V:i 

Camlet, ch g, 188—, by Andante 2:'20Vj 

Canmile L., b m, 1885, by Harold— 
Pera, by Belmont 2:21 

CJamors, blk g, 1864, by Gen. Knox... 2:19% 

Camoris, b g, 1871, bv Dirlgo 2:2r)V4 

Canary Bird, ro m, 1888. by Jay Bird 

—Blue Bells, by Gov. Sprague (dead) 2:19Vi 
Candidate, blk s, 1885, by Blectioneer 

— Norah, by Messenger Duroc 2:26'^ 

Caneland Wilkes, b e, 1887, by Young 

Jim— Augusta, by Allie West 2:29 

Canemah, b m, 1887, by Altamont— 

Ophelia (Whiles, by Almont 2:39% 

Cantella Wilkes, b m, 188—, by 
Barony 2:25^^ 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



CantrelU ch h. 1886, by Teuuess^e 

__ . 1886, 

Wiikes— JL»atona, by Mct'urdy's Xlain- 

Capadura, b h, 1874, by IVursall— 
sally Joiie«, by Uysdyk's Hamblo- 

Cappilee, b g. 1888, by It«*veilk> 

Capitalist, b 8, 1888 by Happy Med- 
ium— BJtona, by Almout 

Caplt«na. bUt s. l.'^HO. by Yonn>? Wilkes 
—Mill Girl, by Jay Gould 

Gapitola, b in, 1862, pedigree 



traced (dead) 

Capitola, b m, 1878, by 

Capitola, b m. 1880, by Enrfgu— Peorta 
Belle, by 'Partridge's Star of the 

Capitola, blk m, 1872, by Gllbeth 
Knox--Bridghaiu Mare, by Youug 

Capitola Fi»*k. b m, 180<J, by Dictator 
Almont— Lady Firik, by Manterlode. . 

iVapoul, br s. 1874, by Sentinel— Kosa 
Qay, by Auieriran Clay 

(.'apple Woodllne, b ui, 181)2, l»y Wood- 
line — ^Venture, by Voltaire 

Caprice, b ni. 1888, by Kentucky 
•Wilkes— Betty Adams, by Almont... 

CaprtTl, br s, 1887, by Woodbrino- 
Belle BlackwoofL by Bltackwood 

Capson, eh s, 1886, by Baldmau's Idol 
—Susan, by Guide 

c:aptain, b s, 180-, bv Billy Denton— 
►Seward Mare, by De Kay's Bell- 
founder (dead) 

Captain, b g, 1879. by Tom Patchen, 
(lam by Keene's Brandywlne 

Captain, b g (same as Deck, 2:29%, 
and Prince B., 2<30) 

Captain gr g, 1878, by Kansas Rat- 
tler, dam by Robert Bonner 

(apt. Ben, b g, 1876, by King Philip 

Capt. BoMnmiu, eh s, 1887, by Ned 
WllkeH— Kathrlne, by Daniel Lam- 

Captain Crouc^h, eh s, 188- , by Gen. 
anith . . '. 

Capt. Douds, ch g, 187—, bv Bishop.. 

Capt. Edwards, b s, 1884. by Dick 
Bdwards— Nelly Giant, by (Jomo 

Capt. Bmmons, ch g, 1871, by Ck)nti- 
nental— Nelly, by 'ilger Morgan... 

Captain F., b g, 188— by American 

Capt. Gill, br g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 

('apt. Hamner, ch g. 1882. by Albion- 
Molly, by Grey Norman 

Captain Hare, b s, 1887, by Col. Hare 

2 :.'<(> 



2:26Vi ' 



— Or^an, by Captain 

Capt. Berod, ch s, 1870, by Old Ring- 

Capt. Jack, b g, 186—, by Fisher 
l*atchen, dam by Black Douglass . . . 

Capt. Jenks, ch g, 18(J— , pedigree not 
* Capt. Lee, b s, 1887, by Mambrino 
Startle— Indianapolis Maid, by In- 

('apt. Lewis, eh g, 187—, by Spink, 
dam by Wallace's Phenomenon . .^. . . 

Capt. Lyons, b s. 1882, by Sweepstakes 
-Maggie, by Edward Everett 

Captain Mac, b s, 1887, by Nutwood— 
Kapidan, by Dictator 

Captain Macey, b s. 1890, by Macey— 

Thorn leaf, by Hero of Tliorndale.. 2:lt.»Vi 
Capt. O. (San Diego, pacing, 2:21), b g 

2:21)% 188—, by Victor 2:'2r>\4 

Captain Rette:-, br s, 1888, by Better 

—Lady H., by Joe Young 2:26/4 

Capt. Seth, ch s, 1882, by Tramp- 
Black Sally, by Barnaiil's Muscatine 2:27 
Capt. Smith, gr g, 186—, by Fenian 

C^ef— Minnie Ralston 2:28'/*j 

(j«pt. Smith, br g, 1876, by Locomo- 
tive—Maid, of Clay, by Henry Clay. . 2:29 
Captain Tom. b s, 188}). by Col. Tom 

—Maggie H., by Magna Charta.... 2:26!/^ 
C^iiptain Wade, gr g, 1888, by Reveille 

— Oaprana, by Daniel Lambert 2:30 

Capt. Walbridge, b s, 1890, by Arsaces 

—Ruth Medium, by Ham)y Me<lium. . 2:18V* 
( aptaln Wattens, br s, IWS, bv Judge 

p'olger— Mary S.. by James R. Reet*<» 2:2."»i/.j 
Captain White, blk s, 1890, by John G. 
2:22>/;t --Jane Mosley, by Mambrino l*:itfh- 

en 2:29 

2:30 Captain Wilkes, br s, 1887, by Allle 
Wilkesr— Jenny Redwood, liy Red- 

2:28 wood 2:2rr)4 

Capt. Wilkes, b s. 1888, by flamble- 
2:28^ Ionian Wilkes or Gov. Hayes— Mag- 
gie M., by Magna Charta 2:20Vi 

2:14^4 Captor, gr g, 188—, by Capri 2:2ii\j 

Cara Mia, b m, 1888, by Electioneer— 

2:28 Blcara, by Harold .'. 2:29^^^ 

Caiibolic, b g, 187—, by I>ogan Jr., 

2:25V4 dam by Bashaw Jr 2:24Vi 

Cardinal, b .*«. 188-. by Redfleld 2:27 

Cardinal, gr g, 185—, by Cardinal 

2:28 (dead) 2:.J0 

C^arelese Boy, b g, 1860, by Brandy- 

2:21Vi wine (dead) 2:28 

Carina, b m. 1887, by Nugget-<3a8- 

2:2S'/2 carina, by Shelby Chief 2:22V4 

Orillon, b 8, 1800. by CThimes — 

2:24 ' Charmer, by Mambrino King 2:27V* 

Carl, ch g. 1878. by Hidalgo— Lotta 

2:27 Swigart, by Bdenborough 2:2.5% 

Ca-1, b g, 1885, by (Jhevr on— Daisy 

Golddost 2::50 

2:28% Carl G., gr g, 188—, by French's Ba- 

flhaw 2 :27'>4 

2:23 I Carldon, ch s, 1888, by Don Carlos— 

2:27% ' Lizzie Smith, by Scott's Thomas 2:10>/4 

Oarleton br s, 18§5, by Mambrino 
King— Barbara, by Kentucky Prlnct* 2:2S 
2:25% Oarleton Chief, b s, 1885. by Gen. 
Washington— Nettie Hamblett)nian. 

2:19V4 by Aberdeen 2:21V4 

Carlisle, ch s, 1884. by Pie<linont - 
2:29^ IdabeUe. by Rysdyk's Hambletonian 2:22V4 

CJarllsle McGregor, blk s, 1884, by Fer- 
2:30 I gus McGregor-Bird, by Frank Bird. '2:*2Sfh 

I C5aryl Came, gr g. 1891, by Hamble- 
2:30 tonian Mambrino. dam by Confe<l- 

wate Chief 2:2.-) 

2:25 Carloe, ch s, 1886, by Don Carlos— 

CHara Dudley, by Mambrino Dudley 2:27 
2:25% Oarlotta, ch m, 188—, by Bob Lee ... 2:2JIJ.4 
Oarlotta, ch m, 1885, by Aristos— 

2:26 Emma Abbott, by Broken Leg 2:26 

Cari S., b g 2:30 

2:30 , Carl Redwood, b g, 188—, by Red- 
wood, dam by Detective Patchen... 2:2fV)4 
I Carmenclta, b m. 1890, by C. F. Clay 
2:25 —Messenger Princess, by Messenger 

Clay 2:27V2 

2:20V4 ' (3annello, br s, 1891, by Sidney— Pansy. 

1 by Berlin 2:21)4 

2:17'/4 Carrie, gr m, 1881, by George Wilkes 

—Bashaw Belle, by Green's Bashaw 2:29% 
2:29 I (larrie, b m, 1867, by Volunteer, dam 

by S*^]y's American Star ^^ 2--24^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Carrie B., blk m, 1885, by Mambriuo 
Swigert— Miuuie, by IranUoe 2:20% 

Carrie Belle, b m, 1879, by Com. Bel- 
mont— Poealiontae, by Conscript 2:23|/t 

Carrie C, br m, 18&1, by Electioneer 
—Maid of Clay, by Henry Clay 2:24 

Canio F., br m, 187— by EJrwin Davis 2:27?i 

Carrie H., ch m, 1877, by Western 
Fearuaught, dam by Col. Moyers. . 2:29V'4 

Carrie K., gr m, 1869, by Grey Eagle 
(Blind Eagle) 2::iO 

Carrie L., cli m, 1886, by Judge Cra- 
ven—Belle, by Frampton's Wood 2:29 

Carrie M., b m. 1887, by Dispatch- 
Miss Herilngton, by Star Hamble- 
tonian 2:26 

Carrie Medium, b m, 187—, by Happy 
Medium J r 2:27^4 

Carrie N., b m, 18t>8, by Young Wo- 
ful, dam by Hector 2:27 

Carrie K.. b m, 1882, by Jay Gould- 
Em ellne. by Henry B. Patchen 2:2Siy4 

Carrie Strawn, br m, 1885, by IStrawn 
—Minnie K.. by Little Mose 2:2714 

Carrie T., br m, 1879, by Dom Pedro 
—Mince 2:2Ui/t 

Oarrie W., b m, 1887, by Royalty— 
Gypsy, by Nat Lexington 2:20V4 

Oarrie Walton, b m. 1883, by Gov. 
Spragut^— Lida Lewis, by Sentinel... 2:23''a 

Oarrie Wilkes, br m, 1883, by Alcyone 
Josephine, by Mambrino Starlight.. 2:28 

Carrlmont, b s, 188—, 2:30 

Carroll Wilkes, b s, 1887, by Ashlanu 
Wilkes— Dinah, by Little Chief 2:2r)^ 

Carter, blk s, 1802, by Simmons- 
rattle, by Black Doc 2:2Jr^ 

Carthage, b «, 1886. by Onward- 
Madge, by Bayard Jr 2:29% 

Cartridge, blk s, 188G, by Eidridge— 
Lady Stout, by Mambrino Patchen 
(dead) J:14'/. 

Carver, b g, 1879, by Volunteer— Wo- 
burn Maid, by Woburn 2:27»/t 

Cascarllla, b m, 1877, by Shelby CUlef 
— Mlesie, by Brignoll 2 :25\4 

Cash, b s, 1887, by Olmedo Wilkes- - 
Rosa, by Ira Wilkes 2:26^ 

Cash Item, b g, 1889, by Harold- 
Lottie McGregor, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor 2:25»V4 

Cassidy, b s, 1884, by Steinway— Nour- 
mahal. by Simpfl>n's BlickbTd 2:30 

Caseie, b m, 18S— , breeding unknown 2:28y. 

Cassle, ch m, 188—, by Si inoy 2:28»/j 

Caseie B.. ch m, 1883 by Ben Frank- 
lin—Clara, by Columbus 2-/2<)% 

Oassius Prince, ch s, 1867, by Bal- 
lard's ('assius M. Clay Jr., dam by 
Walker Horse 2:29 

Castalia, b m, 1883, by Jay Bird— 
Podle. by George Wilkes 2:29^4 

Castlanira. b m. 1»74, by Berbrino-- 
Saluda, by Alexander's Abdallah 2:29% 

Castle Boy. b g, 1864, by Gooding's 
Champion 2:21 

Castleton. b g, 187—, by Ohesbrousrh. 2:21 

Castor, ch s, 1888, by White Line 
Chief- Ii«xly Hamlet 2:30 

Catalpa, ch s, 1884, by Toronto Patch- 
en— Mary Beachland, by Marion 2:27 

Catapult, b m, 1886, by Wllkie Collins, 
dam by a son of Iiong Island Black 
Hawk 2:21V^ 

Catchfly, b m, 1876, by Administrator 
- Cachuca. by Almont 2:18!,4 

Catherine, b m. 1R»— . by Candidate- 
Daisy Gardner, by Hawkeye 2:231^ 

('atherine, b m. 1875, by McDonald 
Chief— Heel and Toe Fanny, by John 
Inuls 2:28% 

Catherine Leyburn, ch m, 1886, by On- 
ward—Mamie, by Star Almont 2:164 

C^ato Boy, b g, 1886, by Oshkosh— 
Black Frank, by Hod Gregory 2:26Vi 

CatsklU Girl, blk m, 1867. by Kos- 
suth, dam by Nonpariel (dead). . .... 2:28',^ 

(Jattaragus Chief, b g, 185—, by Rough 
and Ready 2:29 

Caution, b s, 1888, by Electioneer— 
Barnes, by Whipple's Hambletonian 2:2.'>^ 

(Haywood, ch g, b.v Van Helmont, dam 
by Ledo 2:19^4 

Cavalier, blk s, 1889, by Civilization 
—Lady Stillsou^ by Stlllson 2:27% 

C. B. Kendall, V) s, ]88— . by Lam- 
bertufi 2:2.SU 

Cazique Jr., ch «, IKH--. by Cazlque. . 2:271,4 

C. C, b g, 1887, by Calumet, dam by 
Mambrino Time 2:16V4 

0. C, b s, 1886, by Evermond— Pet 
Allen by Ethan Allen 2:30 

C. C. K., blk g, 1881, by Almont 
Eclipse— Maggif. by Gen. Lyons ... 2:24 

C. E. A., b g. ISS— , said to be by 
Mambrino Billv 2:1:5 

Cebolla, b 8, 1SS8. b.\^\Stranger— Ca- 
tawka, by Jay Gould ;.. 2:18Vi 

(3ecie Lewis, ch m 1887, by Penrose 
—Oarrie. by Black Eagle 2:30 

Cecil, gr g, laSr— , pedigree not traced. 2:27 V4 

Ceclle. br in. 1883, by Cj^lone- 
Madam Beatty, by Monroe Chief.. 2:28% 

Cecllian, b s. 1889, by Electioneer— 
Cecil, by Gen. Bonton 2:22 

Cecllian, b s. 1889. by Gambetta 
Wilkes-Jennle C, by l^utwood 2:19V4 

Cecllian Prince, b 8, 1889. by O. F. 
Olay— Sarah C. by Metropolitan ... 2:30 

Cecil M., ch m, 1801. by Tuscarora S^a 
King 2:28V4 

Cecil Wilkes, blkN m, 1889, by Gam- 
betta Wilkes 2:2'>^ 

Oedric, b g, 188— by Jefferson Prince 2:24^2 

(jedarwood, b s, 1885, by Nutwood- 
Four Lines, by Blackwood 2:28 

Oelaya, ch m. 1891, by Allandorf— 
Sister Wilkes, by George Wilkes.. 2:17^ 

Celerity, br m, 1888, by Kentucky 
Wilkes— Alzalde by Strader's Cas- 
slus M. Olay Jr 2:19^^ 

Celerrima, b m, 1888, by Happy Med- 
ium— Bsquimaux, by Aberdeen 2:15 

Cenateur, b g, 188—, by Pasacas 2:21% 

Centella, b m, 1872, by Sam Kirk wood 
—Lady Washington, by Sacklowie. . . 2:21 

Centlivre Wilkes, b s. 1890. by Wayne 
Wilkefl— Clara Blackwood, by Blue 
Bull 2:23 

Ctentre, gr g, 1880. by Sultan— Belle- 
vue Maid, by Acker's Idol 2:29^4 

Centurion, blk g, 1876, by Black 
Pilot 2:27^4 

Cephas, blk s, 1886. by Fairy Gift— 
lola, by Mambrino Patchen 2:25 

Cephas, b g, 1887. by Cyril— Molly 
Matchless, by Matchless , 2:14^^ 

Oeresco, b s, 1886, bv Chief Medium 
—Gyp, by Magna Charta 2:29^4 

Oervus, b s, 1891. by Sphinx— Nellie 
Mac, by Tecumseh 2:23^ 

CJhadron. ch s, 1886, by Attorney— 
Jessie S., by George L 2:27 

Challenger C3hlef, b s. 1885. by Chal- 
lenger—Rosa Chief, by D. Monrop. .. 2:16 

Champagne, gr g, 1800. by^dwin For- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



rest— Grey Goose, by NottlugUam's 
Norman 2:30 

Ohampion, ch g, 18i^, by Goodiiip'ti 
Champion, dam by Magna Gharta.. 2:26V4 

Champion Jr.. br h, 186—, by Mam- 
brino Ohampion, dam by Eureka... 2:24 

Champion (iiil, br in. IHS— , by Good- 
ing's Champion 2:28 

Champion Medium, b 8, 1882, by 
Happy Medium— Tamoru, by Almont 2:22^ 

Ohampion MorriU, br s, 1867, by Ver- 
mont Ranger, dam by Vermont 

- Champion II (dead) 2:27 

Champion Wilkes, b g. 1878, by Bar- 
ney Wilkei— Enconstance, by Blue 

Bull 2:22>4 

O. F. B., gr g 2:28!,^^ 

O. P. Clay, b s, 1881, by Caliban- 
Soprano, by Strathmore 2:18 

Chance, ch g, 1870, Blue Bull— Molly, 
by Pete Guffin 2:20^^ 

Chance, ch g, 1882. by Royal Fear- 
naught— Nance, by Western Chief Jr. 2:23% 

CSiance, b g, 1889, by Mohican— Folly, 
by Hambletonian I'ranby 2:13'/4 

Ghancert, gr s, 1801, by Pilot Med- 
ium—Lucy Montgomery, by Mont- 
gomery (dead) 2:29'/i 

Chan<;eUor, ch s, 1884, by Bismarck 
— L»ucy, by George B. Patchen Jr 2:16 

Ohancewood, b s, 1887. by Nutwood- 
Lucia, by Hambletonian 2:25 

Chandler, b s, 1881, by Louis Na- 
poleon—Belle Isle, by Young Dic- 
tator 2:28 

Chandos, ch s, 1879, by Strathmore 
— Arllne, by Almont 2:28% 

Ghantilly, br m, 1886 by Nephew- 
Hazel Green 2:20V4 

Chanter, b g, 1880, by Cuyler— Au- 
gusta, by Rysdyk's Bellfounder 2:20% 

Chantward, br s, 1890, by Shadeland 
Onward— Saxtena, by Enchanter 2:21 

Charity, b m, 1888. by Bob Link— Zoa, 
by Dauntless 2:20v4 

Charlemagne, b s, 1888, by Gambetta 
Wilkes— Martha, by Rothschild .... 2:27% 

Charles A., blk g, 1878, by Leigh ton 
Horse— Nelly Bdgerly 2 :27 v* 

(Jharles Anderson, ch g,. 188—, by 
Wilkes Chief 2:22Vi 

Charles B.. b g, 188—, by Bay Middle- 
ton 2:24% 

Charles C, br g, 2:29y4 

Charles Derby, br s, 1885, by Stein- 
way— Katie G., by Electioneer 2:20 

(}harles Dickens, gr g. 188—, by Dic- 

- tator 2:2y:4 

Obarles Dorsey, b g, 188—, by Green 

Boy 2:20'^ 

Charles E. Loew, blk s. 185—, by 
George M. Patchen, dam by Dutch- 
man (dead) 2:25U 

Charles F.. b s. 1889, by Reth P.— 
Nettie Smith, by Ozark 2:20% 

Oharles F. Iseminger, b g, 1884, by 
Othello 2:19% 

(Jharles H., br s, 1882, by Old Charley 
—Fly 2:21^2 

Gharles Hen son, gr g. 187—, pedigree 
not traced 2:25 

Oharlefl Hilton, b g, 1879, by Louis Na- 
poleon— Dolly Bryant, by Ned 2:17% 

Charles H. Hoyt, b s, 1889, by New- 
mont— Reel, by Blue Bull 2:21% 

Charles James, b g, 1880, by Le 
Grand- Hannah Price, by Arthur- 
ton 2:22% 

Charles P. 188—, by Gamaleon 2:10V4 

Charles M., b s, 1888, by Subscriber.. 2:29% 

Charles R., b g, 188-, by Edgar 
Wilkes 2:20% 

Charles R.. br e, 1868, by GUbreth 
Knox, dam by Witherell Messenger. 2:27 

Charles Reade, ch s, 1886. by Wood- 
ard's Ethan Allen Jr.— Princess Dag- 
mar, by Daniel Lambert 2:24% 

Charleston, ch a, 1884, by Bourboji 
Wilkes— Mary Thomas, by Abdallah 
Mambrino 2:12% 

Charles W., gr g, 1872, by Honest 
Dan— Lasher Mare, by Millman's 
Bellfounder 2:29% 

Charles W. Wooley. b g, 1868^ by 
Crazy Nick— Molly, by Morgan Mes- 
senger 2:22% 

Charles Z., gr g, 188—. by Legal Ten- 
der Jr 2:28% 

(;harley, b g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:26% 

Charley Anderson, ch g, 18&— , by 
Wilkes Chief 7 2:22% 

Charley B.. b s, 1869, by King's Cham- 
pion—Old Jane, by Magnum Bonam. 2:25 

Charley B., ch g, 186-, by Chicka- 
mauga 2:30 

Charley Baldwin, blk s, 1883. by Iowa 
Chief, dam by American Eagle 2:23% 

Charley Boy. ch g, 187—, by I. J., dam 
by Vermonter (dead) 2 :25% 

Cha-'ley Burch, b s, 1885, by Artemas 
—Kate, by Blue Bull 2:23V2 

Charley C, n* g. 1882, by Sam Purdy 
—Bessie O^Malley, by Davis O'Mal- 
ley A 2:13% 

Charley G., b g, 187—, by Woodard's 
Ethan Allen 2:28Va 

Charley C, b g, by Accidental 2:20'4 

Charley C. br g, 188—, by Brown Jug 
—Nellie O.. by Napa Rattler 2:14V4 

Charley Champlin (Home Rule), b g. 
1874, by Alessenger Duroc— Mary 
Hulse, by Seely's American Sta... 2:21% 

Charley D., b s, 188—, by Henry Clay 2:29% 

Charley D., b g, 187—. pedigree not 
traced 2:29% 

Charley D., ch g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:28»/2 

Charley Douglas, b g, 187—, by Tom. 2::J0 

( 'barley Downing, ro g, 1886, by Ham- 
bletonian Downing-Nancy CJarney, 
by Carney's Sam Hazard * 2:29% 

Charley Ellis, b * s, 1888, by William 
Rysdyk— Miss Steel, by Oceana Chief 2:271/4 

Charley Ford, gr g. 187—, by Cheney's 
Grey Eagle— Stodie M 2:1G% 

Charley G., rn g, 188—, breeding un- 
known 2:24% 

Charier Gibson, gr g, 1877, by Brown 
Douglas— Lady Grey, by Blue Dick. . 2:21% 

Charley Gilbird, ch g, by Glbbln's 
Sprague—Waterloo, by Coleman's 
Abdallah J • 2:29% 

Charley Green, b g. ISO—, by (Careless 2:26)i 

Charley Green, eh a, 1884, by Praetor 
—Not), by Gen. Stark 2:19V4 

Charley H., b g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:28% 

Charley H., b g, 1888, pedigree not 
traced 2:29% 

Charley H^ g g, 188— by Sam Purdy, 
dam by Davis' O'Malley .-... 2:20% 

Charley H., br a, 1888, by Pompadour 
—Laura, by Rodolph 2:22% 

Charley Hogan, b g. 1876, by Virgo 
Hambletonian— Seybol t 2 :18->4 

Charley Hood, b g. 187—, by Pearsall. 2:29% 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 











Charley K.^ b g, 1882, by Oak Hill- 
Benton Mare '. 2:29% 

Charley K., b g, 188-, by Dictator. .. 2:30 

Charley Kalle, b g, 1885, by Sweep- 
stakes— Oceola, by Middletown 2:28 

Charley M., ch g, 187—, pedigree not 
tnaced (pacing record 2:25) 2:24vi 

Charley M., b g, J88— , by Dictator 2:2ay4 

Charley Mac. ch g, 1868. bv Holsblrd's 
Bthan Allen— Stone Mare, by North 
American 2:25 

Charley Mitchell, br g, 1882, by All- 
rlght-^enny, by Gen. Williams 2:28% 

Charlie Moore, b g, 188—, by Nut- 
hunter 2:2X% 

C:harley P., gr g, 1882, by Gov. 
Sprague — Martha, by Rothschild 
(pacing 2:11%) 

Charley R., ch g. 1884, by Madrid- 
Speed, by War Dance 

Charley R., b g, 188—. by Gen. 

Charley Ray. ch s. 1883, by Ben 
FranKlln— Ray Mare 

Charley Rolf, ch g, 188—, by IJay 

Charley Ross, blk s, 1884, by John A. 
Kasson— Pet R 

Charley S., b g, 187—, by Snowstorm. . 

Charley Shepherd, b g, 188—^ by 

Charley Sprague, gr g, 1885, by Gov. 
Sprague Jr.— Lady Jane, by Brady's 

Charley Sta tie, blk g, 188—, by 
Startle Hambletonian 

Charley T., ch g, 187—, petllgree not 

Charley Thome, gr g, 187—, by John 
Green — Fanny Hopkins, by Young 

Charley Tipton, b g, 18&— , pedigree 
not traced 

Charley Van, eh g. 1877, by Strang's 
Joker— Lady Pnrdy 

Charley West, eh s, 1876, by AlUt 
West— Clayette, by Strader's Caeslus 
M. Clay Jr 

Charlev Wheeler, ch g, 1891, by Blit- 
zen— Sally Allen 

Charley Wilkes, b s, 1882. by Red 
Wilkes — Kate Bradley, by Clifton 

CTiarlle Rolfe, b g, 188—, by Bay 

Chaiimer, blk m, 188—, by Burns* 
Black Cloud— Lady Knox, by Gen. 

Charmion. b m, 1880, by Spectator- 
Lady Lisle, by Ensign 

Charming Ohiines. blk s, 1891, b> 
Chimes, dam by Mambrlno King 

Chartamount, b s, 1887, by Trouble- 
Lady Powers, by Magna Charta 

Chatterton, ch s, 1885, by Crittenden 
—Sally Southworth, by Mambrlno 

(Jharter, b m, 1888. by Onward— 
Hecla, by Strathmo.*© 

Ohastelard, b s, 1884, by King Rene- 
Sally Wilkes, by George Wilkes 

(^hatsworth. br e, 1889, by Dictator- 

Virgie Wilkes, by George Wilkes. 
Chattel, b g, 1887, by Ohf ' 
K., by Black Ranger. . . 

1887, by Chatham- Nelly 

Ghauncy M. Bedle, b g, 1871, by 
Gooding's Champion 

Chauncy H., br g, 187—, by Robert 














Chazey Maid, b m, 1878, by Chazej 

Patchen 2:28 

Checkmate, b s. 1885, by Competitor- 
Miss Egbert, by Egbert 2 :29V- 

Oieerful Charlie, b g, by Broad wa v. .. 2:281*4 

Chelsea D., ch g, 1883, by Index 2:18% 

Cheltenham, b s, 1884, oy Oxmoor— 

HHdegarde, by Harry Clay 2:28 

Cherokee, b s, 18^, by JelTerson 
Mambrlno — Cumberland, by McFer- 
ran Ouyler 2:29^/2 

Cherokee, gr g. 1888, by I'ilot Medium 
—Minnie Medium, by Happy Medium 
(dead) 2:20v; 

Chester, b g, 1866, by Hambletonian— 
Julia Ma«iree, by Seely's American 
Star 2:27 

Chester, ch g, 1867, by Patrick Henry 
—Molly 2:28% 

Chester, br s, 1888, by Wilkes Spirit 
Jr.— Delilah, by Black Jake 2:17% 

(Jheeter A., ch g, 188—, breeding un- 
known 2:30 

Chester Allen, b g, 1885, by Mohawk 
HambU^tonian— vvyandotte Maid, by 
Robert FiUingham Jr 2:22% 

Chester F., eh g, 1875, by Mercuy— 
Mary Ann, by Magnolia 2:30 

Chester Morris', ro g, 188—, by Mount 
Morris 2:27% 

Chestnut 2:24% 

Chestnut Boy, ch s, 1875, by Burger- 
Lady, by Addison 2:28V4 

Chestnut Hill, b s, 1872, by Sltrath- 
more— Polly Barber, by Bully King 
(dead) 2:22^j 

Chestnut Wilkes, ch s, 1885, by Red 
Wilkee— Fanny D., by Sta- Alinont.. 2:26Vi 

Chestnut Wilkee, ch m, 1884, by Fa- 
vorite Wilkes — Kate Downing, by 
Joe Downing 2;29V2 

Chet WI:ke«, b s, 188—, by Alcantara 
Prince 2:25 

Chetwood, gr s, 1884, by Chichester— 
Vanity Fair, by Alexander's Abdal- 
lah 2:27 

Chevalier, br g^ 1882, by Chevalier- 
Barbara, by Green's Bashaw 2:27 

Chevalier Ensign, b «, 1889, by En- 
sign—Lady, by Chevalier 2:29% 

Chevallta, ch m, 18&— , by Extra- 
Frosty 2:25% 

Cheyenne, b s, 1885, by Nutbourne— 
Jeanette, by Messenger Duroc 2:14% 

C. H. H., b g, 1883, by C5hoeroes— 
Long Mary, by Derby's Bashaw 2:27% 

Chlcadee, blk e, 1886, by Mambrlno 
Boy— Satinette, by Sentinel 2:29 

Chicago, b g, 1859, by Ole Bull (dead). 2:2^% 

Chicago Jack, b g, lB5— , by Sherman 
Black Hawk (dead) 2:30 

Chichester, b s. 1881, bv HaroM— 
Rosebush, by Woodford Mambrlno.. 2:25',, 

Chick Bills, b g, 1888, by Black Mack, 
dam by Star jaambletonlan . . . ^ 2:2<J1a 

Chico, b s, 188—, by Monroe Chief— 
Orphan Girl, by Reavis' Black Bird.. 2:20V« 

CThlde, b m, 1891. by Chimes, dam by 
Bourbon ^^'llkes 2:26% 

Chief, b g. 188—, pedigree not traced.. 2:23% 

Chief, b g. 188— .V Daubigne 2:27% 

Chief (ringer?), br g, 188—, pedigree 
not traced 2:27 

Crhief Medium, b s, 1882, bv Happy 
Medium— Molly Crutcher, by Clark 
Chief 2:243^ 

Chief Onward, b s, 1889, by Right On- 
ward—Flora, by Cleveland Ohief 2:22V* 

Chief Wilkes, b s, 1889, by Hinder 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Wilkes— Lizzie, by Regular 

Chieftain, b g, 187— by William 

Chimes Boy, b », 1888, by Chimes- 
Doris, by Mamb-^no King 

ChimeebrlDO, b s, 1880, bj Chimes— 
The Countess, by Mambrino King 

Chimes C. b s, 1887, by Roulette- 
Sorrel Bees 

Chimes B., gr g, 1882, by Chimes— Eu-' 
genia. by Louis Napoleon (pacing 

Chimes Girl ' *b in,* 1889,* by ' ( i'lmes— 
Minnequa Maid, by Wdod's Hamble- 

China Boy, blk s. 1887, by Wllkps— 
Nancy, by Young Rolf«» 

Chinaman, b g, 187—, pedigree not 
traced . . . ; 

Chinch Bug, br m, 1884, bret-ding un- 

Chippewa Chief, blk s, 18S7, by S\sl- 
gert— Plurenna, by Pluto *. 

Chlguerlta, b m. 1888, by Jersey 
Wllkee— Gladys, by Hetzel's Ham- 
bletonian ' 

Chiguita, ch m, 1887. by Tennessee 
WllkeSK-Aline, by Allle We«t 

Chiquita, eh m, 1888, by Kllda-e— 
Vanilla, by Middletown 

C. H. K., ch g. 

Chloe, gr m, 1886. bv Wlldmont— 
Blanche , 

Chloe, blk m, 188—. by Dexter Prince 
—Clyde, by Hawthorne 

Choice, b m. 1887, by Greenbacks- 
Minnie W., by Trophy 

C. H. Pursell, b s. 1888, by P. J. 

Chris. Lan'g,* *br* *8,* i89i,' ' by * Sable' 
Wilkes— Annie G.. by LeGrand 

Chrifltabel, ch m, 1889, by Onward- 
Isabel, by Belmont 

Christine, b m, 18S— , by Belmont 

Christine, b m, 1888, by Nutgroye— 

Enthusiast, hj- Madrid 

Clirifitlne, br m, 1884. by Hambrlno— 
Kate, by Mambrino Foster 

Christine, ro m, 1876, by Wood's 
Hambletonian— Lydia, by Foxhunter 

Chub, ro g, 1879, by KncJx Boy, dam 
by Lewiston Boy 

Church Belle, b m, 1889. T)y Onward- 
Carbon, by Cazique 

Cicero, br s, 1877, by Swlgert— Me- 
dora, by Bayard 

Cieercne, b s, 1887, by Cyclone— Lady 
Hamlet, by Hamlet 

Cigarette, lo g. 1888, by Col. Ham- 
brick- Age^. by Long's Hambleton- 
ian « 

Cimarron, ch s, l&Sl, by Companion— 
Nannie Beechler, by Lightning 

Cinderella, blk m, 1888, by T<'«k 

. Blackwood— Lady Clark, by George 

Circuit, ch s, 1888, by Onward— Belle 
Thome, by Hero of Thorndale 

Circulator, ch s. 1877, by Forrest 
Golddust, dam by Comet Morgan . . . 

Citizen, b s, 18S7. by Happy Mefllum 
— Patsey F., by Mambrino Patch en 

Civilian, ro s, 1888, by Civilization- 
Minnie,' by GonM Clay 

Civilian, b s, 188— by Lucifer 

Civlltine, b m, 1890, by CUilizatlon, 
flam by Old Lei 



.2:26 i 

2:28V4 , 





























liTlUzatlon, blk s, 1882, by .7, «. 
Welsh— Shirley, by Powell's Flying 

Claimant, ch s, 1885, by Red Wilkes 
—Alice, by Mambrino Patchen 

Clan Alpine, b s 

Clalrmont, blk m, 1884, by Almont 
Pilot— Carrie Tanner by Norwood . . 

Clara, ch m, 1^80, by Leland— Aralon, 
by Young Wof ul 

Clara, b m^ 185—, by Young Sports- 
man (dead) 

Clara Belle, b m. 1879, by Maateriode 
—Ida Mills, by Fisk's Mambrino 
Chief Jr ^ 

Clara C, b m, 18^-. by Alcantara. . 

Clara Cleveland, ch m, 187—, by Am- 

w._ ^_. , Young Glencoe 

1888, by Belmont, dam 






boy— Dolly Gre 

Clara D., b m ' 
by Ouyler 

Clara G., b m, 186—, by Son of Miles 
Horse— Zella. by Isman Horse 

Clara J., ch m, 1870, by Black Dia- 
mond, dam by Whalebone 

Clara J., b m, 1886, by Landmark- 
Tip, by Star of the Union 

Clara K., b m, 188—, by Clarion Chief 

Clara M., br m. 1874 by Jack Shep- 
pard— Lady Walker, by Fearnaught 

Clara Madison, b ra, 1891. by Madison 
—Jennie Sullivan, by Gen. Lyons . . . 

Clara Morris, i3h m. 1878, bv Daniel 
Lambert— Clara, by Ethan Allen . . . 

Clara P., b m, 1883. by Mambrino 
Wilkes— Cora, by Corsican 

Clara P., ch m, 1883, by Spink— Nelly, 
by Champion King 

Clara T.. b m, 187— by Red Will^ee- 
Kentucky Belle, by Harold 

Clara Wilkes, b m. 1884 by Onward- 
Fisher, by American Clay 

Clara Wilkes, b m. 1890, by On- 
slaught—Clara B., by Almont Bat- 

^l^lt^, Wilkes, b m, 1887, by pjiot 
Wilkes— Wild Rose, by New York . . 

Clara Z., gn m, 188— by Capri, dam 
by A. W. Richmond ...!... 

Claience, blk a, 1882, by Pluto— Ladv 
Star, by Goldsmith's Star *. 

Clarence, b g, 1881, by PUot Medium 

Clarence, ch g, 185-, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 

Clarence B., br g. 188—, by Gooding's 

Clarence Girl, ch m, 1885, by Broug- 
ham—Belle of Clarence, by 'Finches 
St. Lawrence 

Clarence H., br s, 188—, by Alax 

Clarence R., blk g, 187-. pedigroe not 

C'aret, b* *m; ' "iSi^Y,' by" *C.* * F." Clay,* 
dam by Metropolitan 

ClPrice, b m, 1884, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr. -Daisy, by Haralln Patchen 

Clarion, br m, 1887, by Ansel— Conso- 
lation, by Dictator 

Clarkia, b ra, 1879, by Administrator 
—Miss Coons, by Clark Chief 

Clark S., gr j?, 187—, by Edward 
Everett— JTaue Murray 

Classic, b m, 1888, by Acolyte-Mis- 
tress, by Hamlin's Almont Jr. — ... 

Class Leader, gr g, 1881, by Warwick 
Boy— Tackey, by Pilot Jr 

Cla#iemate. br g, 188—, by Lumps, 
dam by Afshland Chief 








21 >V^ 












Digitized by 






Claude, g g, 1887, breeding unknown 

Clttada b s, 188—. by Daly, dam by 
Qeu. McGlellan 

Gidtina. b ni, 1887, by Clay— Melissa, 
by Mohawk Chief 

Claudia, b m. 1882, by Sir Walkill- 
Merry Maid, by Abdallah Prince . . 

Claudius, b s, 1886, by Landmark- 
Lady Lambert, by Daniel Lambert 

Claudius, ch g, 1S8— , pedigree not 
ti?fl.ced •••••••••••• 

Claudius "b ' 0,' ' i886,* *by* Faiiy * Gift- 
May Day, by HarrL^on Chief 

Claudius, ch g, 188—, by Hdmble- 
tODian Tranby 

Claudius, b s, 188—, by Artemus 

(jjaus Alnioijt, b g, 1888, by Sauta 

ClauB— BelK. Bjron, by Bowman's 

Clark Chief 

Clay, br s, 1879, by Klectioneei^ 

Maid of Clay, by Henry Clay 

C'ayberta, br ra, 1886, by Egbert— 

^rnie Clay, by Tom Clay 

Clay Grose, b e, 188—, by Royal Wind- 
sor—Belle of Happy Medium 

Clay Davis, ch s, 187—, by Cassius M. 

Clay Jr v 

Clay Duke, b e, 1883. by Alcona— Jlet- 

amora, by Duke of Orange Jr 

Olay Dnroc, b s, 188—, by Glen Du- 


Olay France, b s, 188—, by France . . . 
Clay Forrest, ch s, 1884, by Clay 

Davis, dam by Edwin Forrest 

Clay Herr. br s, 1886, by Dr. Herr- 

Mattie Clay, by Whip Glay 

Clay King, br e. 1884, by King Clay 

—Amy, by Volunteer 

Clavmorp, b g, 18S0, by King Clay— 

Time Enough, by Mambrl 10 Time . . 
Clayola, b m, I880, by Allie Clay— 

Jessica, by Bellwood 

aayone b s. 1891, by Clay— Nelly 

Stout, by Mambrino Time 

Clayton, b .«, 1886, by Perduro— Molly 

Clay, by Neely's Henry Clay 

Clayton, b g, 1882, by Harry Clay— 

Star Maid, by Jupiter Abdallah 

Clayton Edi^nll, br s, 1S76, by Major 

Bdeall, dam by Andy Johnson 

Olay tenia, ch m, 1884, by Hamble- 

♦onian Downing— Belle Clay, by 

Strader'R CasshiH M Clay Jr 

Olaytonian ch s. 1883, by Hambie- 

tonian Downing— Belle Cbiy, by 

Strader's Cassius M. Clay Jr. ... 
Olaytonian, b m, 187—, by Haven's 

Harry Olay Jr 

Clayton Lee, br s, 1888, by C. F. Clay 

— Prescott Belle, by Ryedyk 

Olay Toska, b s, 188—. by King Toska 
Cleaimont, ch h, 188—, by McGinnis 
Olegg Wright, br e, 1888. by Aristos 

-Jenny v., by Almout Eagle 

Clematis gr m, 1889, by Barkis— Bes- 
sie Benton, by Major Benton 

Clementine b m, 1888, by 0. P. Clay 

—Delilah, by Administrator 

Clementine, b m, by AddlHon Jr, dam 

by Young Emigrant (dead) 

Olemmie G., ch m, 1877, by Magic- 
Ned ' 

Olemmie G II, ch m, 1888, by Post 

Boy, dam by PhiUipe Blackwood . . 
Olendon, blk s, 1884. by Crittenden, 

dam by Richelieu 

Oleo, b m, 1888, by Gambetta— Sue 

Harden, by Thomas K 



2 29 



2:29% I 

2:2iy4 i 






2;29 ' 


2:24y4 1 





















Cleo, b m, 1879. by Badger— Bird 
Grant, by Gen Grant 2:21 

Cleon, b g. 1882, by Heptagon— Nelly 
Hoyt by Norwood 2:22 

Cleopatra, blk m. 1890, by Dark 
Night— Florlne, by Administrator . . 2:29% 

Cleora, blk m, 1875, by Menelaus— 
Thornleaf. by Mambrino Patchen .. 2:18% 

Clermont, ch g, 1873, by Aim on t— Jean 
Wood, by Melbourne Jr. (dead) 2:29'/4 

Cleta Wilkes, b m. 188—, by Wilkes 
Boy 2:29'/4. 

Oleyeland, b s, 1883, by Zilcaadi Gold- 
dust— Ilosa, by Mambrino Reliance 2:29% 

Cievehmd ch s, 188—, by Sir Walter. 2 20% 

Cleveland b g, 1869, by Hughes' Ed- 
\* in Forrest- Mary Elmore, by Mam- 
brunello 2:28% 

Cleveland Boy, b g. 188—, by Lothair 
Jr 2:23 

Cleveland Boy. ch g, 1886, by Ham- 
bletonian ^Yanby— Belva, by Wil- 
liam's Blue- Bull 2.20% 

Cleveland S., b s. 1884. by Mont- 
gomery— Topsy, by Tippoo Saib 
(pacing record 2:11%) 2:24 

Client, br s, 18S7. by Climate— Aiatt, 
by Gill's Vermont r 2:24 

Clifton, ch g, 1882, by Signet— Eliza 
Jane, by Morgan Rattler Jr 2:27 

Clifton Bell, b s, 1883. by Electioneer 
— Olarabell, by Abdallah Star (dead) 2:24H 

Clifton Boy, b g, 1869, by Joe (dead) 2:23 

Clifton Boy br g, 1872, by Major Win- 
field— Lady Irwin, by George Wilkes 2:30 

Clifton Boy, br s, 1877, by Squire Tal- 
mage— Nelly Draco, by Draco 2 :20Vi 

Clifford K., blk m, 1890, by Norwood 
Wilkee— Goldlo T., by Washington 
Jr 2:29V4 

Climatlze, b s, 1886, by Climate— Car- 
rie Pachen, by Mambrino Patchen.. 2:24'^ 

Cling, b g, 188—, by Grey Jim 2:29% 

Clingstone, b s, 1880, by Star Ham- 
bletonian— Fly 2:30 

Clingstone, b g, 1875, by Ilysdyk— 
Gretchen, by Chosroes 2:14 

Clingstone, 2d. b s, 1884, by Rysdyk 
—Gretchen, by Chosroes 2:29^ 

Clinker Jr., b s, 1883, by Clinker- 
Bird 2:24 

Clinton Wilkes, b s, 188-, by Red 
Wilkes 2:26 

Clio Wilkee. blk m, 1888. by Guy 
Wilkes— Directress, by Director 2:30 

Clijper, b g, 187--, by Lex ". 2:23% 

Clipper, ch g, 1887, by Melville Chief 
— Stockard Mare 2:24% 

0. L. K., ch g, 188— by Gov. Benton 2:29% 

Clochette, ch m, 1885, by Chester 
Chief— AbdaUne, by Goldsmith's 
Abdallah 2:17% 

Olonmore, b s, 1882, by Connaught— . 
Hopeless, by Hermes 2:21 

Clontarf, b s, 1885, by Nutbourne— 
Duroc Cuyler, by Messenger Duroc 2:22 

Clorine, ch m. 1888, by 0. F. Clay- 
Lady Pepper, by Onward 2:18% 

Clotilda, ch m, 1887, by Argonaut- 
Olotyde, by Almont 2:28% 

Clover, b g, 186-, by Hindoo 2:25% 

Clover Leaf, b s, 1889. by C. F. Clay 
-Lassie, by Kentucky Prince 2:21% 

C M. P., blk g. 188-, by Junior .. 2:26J/i 

Ccalburg, br g. 1886, by Com. Wilkes 
— Coalburg Kit. by Oakwood 2:30 

Coast Boy, blk s. 1885, by Bourbon 
Wilkes— Alaatress, by Coaster 2:21 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



roister, b 6, 1870. by Caliban— Sal, I 

by Canada Chief 2:26^ , 

Coatlcook Boy, b s, 188—, by Page's 
Hambletonlan 2:26vi 

0. O. B., b g, 188-*, by Mambrltonian 2:20!4 

Cobee, cb g, 188—, pedigree not i 

traced ...r. 2:27% 

Cobdellah, ch m, 188—, by Cobden 2:2GVa 

Cobden, ch s, 1874, by Daniel Lam- 
bert—Clara, by Ethan Allen (dead). . 2:28'j!i : 

Cobden, IL, ch g, 188—, by Cobden.. 2:24 

CobwebB, eh g, 1888, by Whips— Molly 
Cobb, by Gen. Benton 2:12 

Cocoon, blk m, 1887, by Cyclone- 
Fanny Conner, by Bourbon Wilkes. . 2:15 

C. O. D., ch g, 1888, by Slnmiuns— 
MiBB Llnder, by Triumvir 2:30 , 

Code, b s, 1870, by Dlctatoi>-Crop, by ' 

Pilot Jr 2:22% 

Gceur d'Alene, b e, 1887. by Dexter 
Bradfordr-Belle H., by Williamson's 
Belmont 2:19»^ ' 

Cohansey Boy, b g, 188—, by Messen- 
ger Chief Jr. 2:24V4 

Coincident, b m, 1801, by Calabar- 
Daphne, by Kentucky Prince 2:20 

Colbourne, gr g, 180—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:30 

Colden Belle, b m, 1884, by Hamlin's 
Almont Jr.— Nell, by son of imp. 
•Lapidist (dead) 2:20V4 

Coleridge, b s, 1888, by C. F. Clay- 
Susie Wilkes, by Red Wilkes (pac- 
ing 2:00%) 2:23Vj 

ColUnwood, b s, 1887, by Mambrlno 
Startle— Sarah C, by Metropolitan.. 2:21W 

Colma, gr m, 1880, by Electioneer— . 

Sontag Mohawk, by Mohawk Chief.. 2:25V4 I 

Colonel, blk g, 1800, pedigree not 
traced i 2:27 i 

Colonel, blk s, 1884, by Kiley's Ad- 
ministrator, dam by Ellington Boy. . 2:20^1 

Coi. Arthur Wilkes, -gr s, 188—, by 
Mambrlno Wilkes 2:20i/i , 

Col. B.. blk g, 188- 2:2i)Va 

C-ol. Barnes, ch g, 180—, by King's 
Champion 2:28Vi 

Col. Bismarck, b s, 1883, by Victor 
Blsma.Kik— Lucy Thornton, by Amer- 
ican Olay .., 2:24 

Colonel Briggs, br s, 1885, by Ilamble- 
ton— Bessie, by Floramour 2:22 

Col. Buiitt, b 8, 1887, by Squire Tal- 
mage— Black Maiia, by Bostick's Al- 
mont Jr 2:18!r4 

Col. Burr, ch s, 1887, by King Will- 
iam—Louie T., by Greenback 2;2')Va 

Col. Oolgrove. b g, 188—, by Jim Hill. 2:2U'a 

Col. Crockett, b s, 1878, by Hippie- 
Belle Green, by Green's Bashaw. .. . 2:2';>y4 < 

Col. Crownbie, b s, 1888, by A.cande- 
—Kitty, by Billy Bow Leg 2;2viV4 

Col. Dawes, b g, 187—, pedigree not 
traced 2 :24>4 

Col. Dicker, b s, 188l> by Pilot Med- 
ium— Mady L., by Ilonest Dick 2:10% 

Col. Doraey, b s, 1886, by Conner's 
Almont— Betsey, by Goldduet 2:25 

Col. Egbert, b s, 1881, by Egbert— 
Maisie, by Shelby Chief 2:30 

Col. H., ch h, 1800, by Don McGregor 
—Queen, by Bonnie ScotlaucU 2:22^k 

Cbl. Hawkins, br s, 1877, by Echo- 
Thetis, by Morgan Black Hawk 
Comet 2:20!,i 

Col. Hickman, gr s, 188-, by Nevada.. 2:25V4 

Col. Kip, b s, 1883, by Kenwood- 
Agnes, by Hamlet 2:20V4 

Col. Kip, blk a, 1884, by Arlstos- 

Laura 2:24\4 

Col. K. B., br s, 188-. by Bay Rose- 
Addle E., by Algona 2:22^ 

Col. Kuser, br s, 1800, by Stranger- 
Inez, by Jav (JouJd 2:1^ 

Col. Lament,' b s, 1886, by Bostick'g 
Almont Jr. — Grand Duchess, by 
Mambrlno Patchen 2:26^ 

Col. Lewis, gr g, 1870, by Bifleman... 2:18% 

Ck)l. Lillard, b s, 1884, by Jay Bird- 
Kitty, by Durant 2:25V(j 

Col. McNasser, ch g, 1886, by Star- 
light—Lady Dexter, by Whipple's. 
Hambletonlan 2:19 

Col. Matson, blk s, 188—, by Chance.. 2:27 

Col. May, br g. 1885, by May Boy- 
Fanny Bickneil, by imp. Hercules... 2:17 

Col. Moss, ch g, 1885. by Mamb .Ino 
Russell— Ha ttie Fuller, by Strath- 
more 2 :2714 

Col. Moulton, ch s. 1861, by Daniel 
Lambert— Jenny, by Bigelow Horse 
(dead) 2:28% 

Col. Neal, b s, 1883, by Squire Tal- 
mage— Lizzie, by Clark's Mohawk Jr. 2:25=J4 

Col. Nuttlngham, br s, 1888, by Nut- 
tingham — Lou, by Western Fear- 
naught 2:22Vi 

Col. Osgood, b 8, 1887, by Wilkes— 
Kitty Almont, by Constellation 2:18% 

Col. Owen, br g, 1887, by Spink's 
Clark Chief— Topsey, by Confederate 
Chief 2:15J^ 

Col. P., b s, 1887, by Paramount- 
Flora, by Glflord Allen 2:24Vi 

Col. Pike, b g. 1860, by Young Cas- 
slus (dead) 2:29% 

Col. Pitt, b s, 1889, by Wilkes— 
Hesperia, by Constellation 2:19U 

Col. Russell, b g, 1865, by Louis Napo- 
leon (dead) 2:25-% 

Col. Simmons, b s, 1887, by Simmons 
—Lena, by Bramblett's Clark Chief 
Jr : 2:22% 

Col. Sterling, b «, 1883, by Sterling- 
Meigs, by Robert Fillingham Jr 2:28% 

Col. Stevens, b g, 1888, by Adminis- 
tratoiv-Coquette, by American Clay.. 2:28Vi 

Col. Taylor, b g, 188—, by Thomas K.. 2:21% 

Col. Tom, b 8, 1884. by Lumps— Lulu 
Morton, by Whip Clay 2:22 

Col. Walker, b g, 1881, by St. Cloud- 
Minnie, by Gould Clay 2:24Vi 

CJol. Wood, b g, 1878, by Billy Pattei- 
aon— Flora Andrews, by Gooding's 
Champion 2:21 ^^ 

Col. Young, b s, 1885, by Young Jim 
—Emily, by George Wilkes 2:23»/4 

Col. Young, br s, 1887, by Joe Young 
— DeUa, by Sum Balch 2:20% 

Colonla, ch g, 188—, by Flaherty's 
Fearnaught 2 'J4Vi 

Colored Girl, blk m, 1881, liy Victor 
Knight— Beauty, by Tropiiy 2 :-'.'•' ^ 

Colored Man, blk s, 1887, by Oladon 
—Kate Lee, by Harold 2:2:^ 

Colossus, b g, 187— (ringer?) 2:21» 

Columbia, b m, 1879, by Dixon, daui 
by Robert Bonner - -►<» 

Columbia Chief, blk s, 186-, by Mam 
b'ino Black Hawk— Lady Jackson, 
by Kemble Jackson (dead) 2:'2H\i 

Columbus Hambletonlan, b s, 1873, by 
AJax— Orphan Girl, by Young C^'- 
lumbus - :2<; 

Columbus S., b s, 1889, by McDonald 
Chief— Fanny Rose, by vlek's Ethan 
Allen Jr. . . .* 2:27% 

Colvina Spragne, blk m, ISBA* by G<.w. 
^ Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Hprague— budy Colviu, by Rlehard'a 
r.ellfounder a:iy>4 

CkJiual, blk a, 1888, by Kndymlon— Ko- 
ooco, by Onward 2:26 

<Join«nche, b s. 1891, by Autonlo— 
Reality, by Priiicep« . . ^ '2 :ii^% 

0(»main.*ne. b s. 18»0, by Mambriuo 
King— Mink, by Hamlin I'atchen ii:2*JV4 

Gombint', jo* ni, 188—, by c;ona.bina- 
tlon 2:26V4 

Combination, b s, 188—, by Don 
Carlos 2:28% 

Combination, gr s, 188—, by Hamble- 
tonlan Knox, dam by Black Flying 
Cloud 2:26V4 

<jomblnatlon. b 0, 1883, by Egmont— 
Alice, by Frankfort Chief 2:18^ 

Come Along, b m, 188— 2:27 

Gcmee, b g, 1866, by Daniel Lambert, 
by Hiawatha 2:19i/4 

Comedy, b s, 1888, by Epaulet— Amy 
Wentwo:-th, by Dean Sage 2:23U 

Comet, b s, 1800, by St. Bel— Maud 
Wilkes, by Red WUkes. 2:2i:H4 

Comet, gr g, 1880, by Gen. Stanton— 
Girl of the Period, by Pel ham Tar- 
tar 2:24>/i 

Comet, chg, 188— 2:27V:i 

Comet Meolum, b «, 1886, by Rupert 
Medium— Daisy Golddust, by Sam 
Golddust 2:27»i 

Comfort, b., m, 1889, by Gambetta— 
Mary V., V King feene 2:27i/j 

Commander, b s, 1877, by Blue Bull- 
Nelly Grey, by Miller's Davy 
Crocket 2:20V4 

Comme:xjlal Girl, b m, 188—, by Com- 
mercial Traveller 2 :22U 

Commodore, b g, 186—. by Young Post 
Boy, dam by Edward Everett (dead). 2:2a 

Commodore, b g, 188—, by Prospect ... 2 :24>.4 

C<;mmodore, ch g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2 :30 

Com. Nutt, b g, 1^—, by Grantham 
i ihlef (dead) 2:2U 

(:;om. Perry, b s, 1866, by Nonpareil- 
Dolly (dead) 2 :27Va 

Ck)m. Porter, b s, 1887, by Nutwood- 
Rachel Ray. by Overstreet Wllke«... 2:13 

C^>m. Vanderbilt, b s, 1856, by Youug 
Columbus, dam by Clinton Horse 
(dead) 2 :2.-» 

Omimon wealth, br s. 1867, by Phil 
Sheridan— Madam TIernan, by St. 
Lawrence (<lead) 2:22 

(Commonwealth, br g, 1886, by Dread- 
Ronnie (pacing record 2:18'M 2:2;H4 

Como, ch vS. 1S78, by Elmo— Juno, by 
Pat Malloy ." 2:26% 

(;onimotion. h g, 1881. by Electioneer 
— Sontag Dixie, by Toronto Sontag. . 2:30 

Oi>mpany, b g, 1880, by Kentucky 
Pnnce — Ilarriette, by Messenger 
Duroc (dead) 2:19% 

Compeer, ch g, 1878, by Kentucky 
Prince— Jeannete, by Blackwood 2:24^2 

Competine, b s. 1879, by CV)rsair— 
Bird B., by Pip McNaIr 2:20^2 

Compwood, b s, 1884, by Compeer- 
Fashion, by Blackwood 2:20 

O/mrade, b s, 1885, by Coriander- Isa- 
bel, by Robert McGregor 2:27 

CH>rarade, b g, 188— 2:28Vj 

Comrade, b s. 1889, by Stamboul— 
Victoria, by Electioneer 2:24% 

Ccncentrator. b s, 1889, by Sweeji- 
stakes— Belle Brown, by Joe Brown. 2:30 

Conclave, b s. 1883, by King Rene— 
Kittr Ol.vde. by Alcalde 2::^0 

Concord, b s, 1887, by Harry Wilkes— 

Kitty Cuyler, by Cuyler. .' 2:29«54 

Conde. eh g, 188—, by Abbottsford— 

Katy Tricks, by (Jolonel 2:18^ 

CJonductor, er », 1887, bv Electioneer 

—Sontag Mohawk, by Mohawk Chief. 2:18^* 
Confederate Maid, b m, 187—, by Con- 

fede wte (Mef 2:29% 

Confederate Medium, gr s, 188—, by 
Rebel Medium 2:25Va - 

Confederate Star, b «, 1885, by Spink's 
Clark Chief — Lady Star, by Sir 
Henry *. 2:28 

Confidence, gr s, 185—, by Columbus, 
dam by Barney Henry (dead) 2:28 

0)nfidence, ch g, 186—, by Glllls 
Horse (dead) 2:26 

Oongresfl, b e. 1884, by Egbert- 
Olceronl, by (Jyclone 2:30 

Conkllng, b s, 1887, by Nelson— Fanny, 
by Gen. McClellan '. 2:26^)4 

Oonley, b s, 1887, by Baniey Wilkes- 
RenaC 2:25 

Conn, b s, 188, by Inca 2:20Vi 

Gonnaught, br s, 1879, by Wedge- 
wood— Consuela, by Harold 2:24 

Connemara, b b, 187—, by Brown's 
Volunteer, dam by Don Juan 2:30 

Connor, blk s, 1889. by O. F. Clay- 
Bessie v., by William Welch 2:13«4 

(Consolation, ch s, 1888, by Charley B. 
—Dolly, by Star of CateklU 2:29 

Constance, ch m, 1880, by Aurora- 
Lady Sherman, by Williams' Bel- 
foundi^r 2:21 >4 

Oonstantlne. b m, 1884, by Egbert . . 2:28«/2 

Constantine. b s, 1887, by Wllkee 
Boy— Kincora, by Mambrlno Patchen 2.12^1. 

Consul, ch s, 1881, by Saturn— Rou- 
lette, by Sentinel 2:221/. 

Consul Chief, blk s. 1887, by Consul 
-Annie R, 2.26 

Content b m, 1885, by Tramp— Tip, 
by Green's Bashaw 2:241/4, 

Contento, ch g, 1890, by Happy 
Prince— Osele, by Kentucky Clay 
Jr 2:2i)V^ 

Conte Roswo, b s, 1885, by Ellwood 
Medium— Wertlaway a, by Lebed 2:22 

Contester WUkes, ch 8, 188—, by Vic- 
tor Wilkes 2:20% 

(Contractor, br g. 188—, by Sultan— 
Madame Harding, by Overland 2:22 

Conundrum, b s, 1886, by Barkis- 
Maggie Colburn 2:25Vj 

Convoy, gr g, 1873. by Woodford 
Mambrlno— Vanity Fair, by Alexan- 
der's Abdallah 2:22«^ 

CoLway. br g, 1886, by Wm. H. Van- 
derbllt- Kate Berry^ by Yankee Dan 2:18^^ 

Ooolev, blk, g, 185—, by Daniel Boouo 
(dead) 2:26 

Cooloo. b g. 1862, by St. Lawrence- - 
Madam Sheridan, by Post Boy . . . 2.:J0 

Coon Hollow, ch g. 1886, by Bc.i 
Wright— Nance, by Western Clay Jr. 2:23^/4 

Copeland, b g, 187—, by Cromw.jU— 
Hutchinson Mare 2:30 

Coppermont, b s, 1883, by Egmont— 
Lucy 2:3u 

Coqreta blk m, 1882, by Altamont-- 
Tecora, by Strader's Caeslus M. 
Clay Jr 2:30 

(Coquette, ch m, 186—, by Jack Haw- 
kin's Jr 2:28V4 

Coquette, b m. 1885, by Blectio.ieer- 
JAna K. by Don Victor 2:29Vi 

Cora, b ni, 187 -, by Charleij^ Douglas 2:20V4 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Cora, b m, 1887, by Ufcinliu'tt Aliiiout 

Jr.— Coralin^s by Aliuonarch 2:26 

Cora Belle, b m, 1878, by Joe Gavin— 

-Owosso Belle, by Loula Napok'oii . . 2:29^ 
Cora Belmont gr ui, 1872. by Belmont ; 

—Miss Russell, by Pilot Jr 2:24% 

Cora C, b m, 1880. by Coriander ... 2:28%' 
Cora F., gr m, 186—, by Brown H*UTy 

— Cora, by French Tiger 2:28 

Cora F., b m, 1885, by Kentucky 
Frii ce-Topsey, by Walkill Chief . . 2:20Vi i 

l^cral, b m, 1887, by Electlmeer— i 

Columbine, by A. W. Itiehmond 2:18Mi 1 

Coraliie, gi* m, 1890, by Corallold— 
Met? E. B., by Banker Bothschild.. 2:2GV4 

(Joialloid. blk s, 1886, by Simmons, 
Coral by Clark Chief 2:iai^ 

Coral Oueen, b m, 1891, by Co»-alloid 2:28Va 

(^ora McGregor, ch m, 1885, by Fergus 
McGregor— Coranda, by Coriander . . 2:23^4 

CSora R., b m, 188—, by Crazy Nick 
Jr 2:23-% 

Cora R., b m, 188— by Kent 2:10% 

Cora Rig^s, b m. 1884, by Bourbon 
Wilkes— En-ma, by Westwood 2:28% 

Cora Ashwood, ch m, 188—, by \Bh- 
w(od, dam by Tatteisall 2:21% 

Cora Sterling, blk. m, by Stirling Boy 2:26% 

Cora 9., b m, 1886, by Elector 2:19^4 

Ccia S., gr m, 1884, by ffarold— Cora 
Belmont, by Belmont 2:25i/j 

Ckra Woodward, b m, 1884. by Mohi- 
can— Adele Tyler 2:2.^»U 

Cora Bailum, b m, 1885, by I^ouis 
Napol^n— Honre Maid, by Royal 
Fearnaught 2:23% 

Oorena. ch m, 188—, by Aberdeen .. 2:24% 

Coriander Maid, b m, 188—, by Cori- 
ander 2:29% 

Gorinne br m, 1889, by Ambassador - 
liocy Lincoln, by Masterlode 2:24% 

Coriander, b s. 1873, by Iron Duke— 

' Clara Wood, by Harry Clay 2:29% 

Corle McGregor, b s, 1888 by Robert 
McGregor— Coriander Maid, by Cori- 
ander 2:21 

Corlrne, b m, 1887, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor— Constlne, by Conductor ... 2:14% 

Corinne, ch m, 1890, by Valdemeer— 
Nelly West, by Charley West ... 2.20 

Corisande, br m, 1869 by Iowa Chief 2:24% 

Corisco, b s, 1884. by Frank Noble— 
-Marv Hafford, by Combat 2:21 

Gorna, blk g. 18S^, by Patchen Wllkee 
— Oorneta, by Coronet 2:26^4 

Cornelia, blk m. 1888. by Wilton-4"or- t 

nelia, by Col. Bonner 2:25^4 

Cornelia, blk m, 1875, by Col. Bonner 2:2V/a 

Cornelm Howard, b m. 1890. bv Wil- 
ton— LlUth, by Robert :M((5regor 
(dead) 2:2974 

Cornelia Wilkes, ch ni, 1887. bv 
Wilkes Spirit-Silver lall. by Jupi- j 

ter Pilot 2:2:^4 ' 

Gemellus M.. b h. 1S8— , bv (Cornelian, 
dam bv Blue Bull 2:30 

Comer Belle, b m. 1S90, by Bell Boy- 
Pour Corners, b.v Mambrino Time 
(dead) 2:23 ; 

Cornwall, b s, 1887, by Kentucky 
Prince— Atlanta, by Messenger I)\i- 
roc 2 :20 

Cprona, b m. 1880, by Balrd's ITam- 
bletonlan Prince— Flora, by State's 
Rights 2:24'/> 

Oorrie. br m. 1886, by Belvjir— Ti^a. 

by Nobby 2:2Si.. 

Coitez. br 6, 188—, by Madrid 2:3«» ' 

Cosher, b », 1881, by C-ipoul— Lola, 
Administrator 2:30 

Cosaart, b m, 188— 2:29^^ 

Cottage Girl, eh m. 1870, by Mam- 
brino Star— Lady Franklin 2:20y. 

Cottonette, b m, 1880, by Western 
Chief— Cotton Picker, by Red Buck 2:25 

Cottonwood Chief ch g, 1887, by Jay- 
wood 2;2»!4 

Cottonwood Chief ch s. 1879, by Clark 
Chief Jr 2:29 

Counsellor, b «, 1881, by Onward- 
Crop, by Pilot Jr 2:21V4 

Counsellor, (Sabin's) b s, 1887, by 
Conusellor- Julia, by Chickamauga 2:20% 

Count Foleio, b s, by Onward— Viola, 
by King Itene 2 :26% 

Countess E\e b m, 188—, by norval 2:2*^^ 

Counters, br hi, 1889, by Count Vv'al- 
demar— Mattle S., by Lumps 2:27 

Count Robert, b s. 1888. by Rjoliert 
MoGreteor— Christine^ by 'Monie 
Chrlflto 2:13% 

Cn;niry Boy, br g, 18«J, by Regilla 
• -liclle. by Danville Boy 2:2;^% 

Counterfeit, b m, 1S86, by Greenback 
—Madge, by Trophy 2:30 

Country Medium, b **, 1884, by Happy 
Meiilum- Country Maiden, by Coun- 
try Gentleman 2 :25% 

Count Wt'ldemar, b s, iaS4. by King 
Rene — Evadne, by Long Island Ba- 
shaw U:2i% 

Couiion, blk c, 1892, by Director 
Chief, dam by Phallas 2:26Vi 

C( upon, dn g, 1875, by High Jack- 
Nip, by Nigger Dick 2:26% 

Courier, b s. 1887, by Crittenden— Til- 
Ue C, by Jay Bird 2:15 

Courtland, b s, 1882, by Kentucky 
l*rince— Harriet te, by ^lessenger Du- 
roc 2:24'A 

Covey, b s, 1883, by Steinway— Katy 
G., by Electioneer 2:25 

Cow Boy, br g, 187—, , Harper 2:30 

Coxcomb, ch s, 1SS8, by Madri- 
Miri«m, by Egbert 2:25% 

CoxHflckie King, eh g, issi:. hv Young 
Jupiter 2:29»4 

Cozette. blk m, 1803, by Black Ba- 
shaw, dam by Star Gazer 2:19 

C. P. C, b P. 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:28'/h 

C. P. R., b g, 188-, by All Right .... 2:26% 

Cranston, b g, 18H4. by Sweepstakes— 
Miss Eager, by Post Boy 2:27% 

Crayon, b e, 1887, by Cuyler— Dainty, 
by Contractor 2 :29V4 

Credo, b m, 1891, by Jersey Wilkes . 2:29% 

Creel, br s, 1890, by C. F. Clay— 
Sprlngway, by Harkaway 2:29% 

Cremonla, b m, 1883, by Ansonii- 
Cream by Messenger Duroc 2:2H 

Crepe MoNett, b m, 18S6, by Turk- 
Nelly 2281/4 

Creecent b m, 1884. by Belmont— 
Chinchilla's dam. by Alexander's 
Norman 2 :2.")Vj 

Cresrent, b m. 1888. by Favorite 
Wllkes-^eabolt, by Waeker 2:25 

Or«»ficendo. ch s, 1883, by vEanibrlno 
Dudl'^y— Maycnne, by Wedge wood 
(dead) 2:24 

Cresson, h s. ISS.5, by Hanibrino— 
Emma, by Belmont 2:2i^4 

Crete, ch m. 1885, by Dictator Chief, 
dam by Daniel Lambert 2:27-1 

Crete, br m, 1888. by Onraore -Belle 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



of Dubuque, l)v MtnbriDo Boy ... 2:2i)% 

Orlcket, U ui, ;18T8, by Selkirk— NeUy 
Woodmansee. by St. Lawrence 2:24% 

Criterion, blk m, 1884, by Crittenden— 
MfimJe, by Star Almont 2:2'.)«4 ' 

Crimrose, b s, 1800, by Gamaleon— 
Hebe, by Guide 2:20%; 

Crome, b g, 188— by Motion— Luuy, 
by Footers Black Hawk 2:26 

Crofefttan, b g, 1885, by Mrdrid— ^ _ | 
Mary, by Mambrino Hatcher .2.26 i 

Crown Imperial b s, 1873, by Imper- 
ial—Lady Bryont. by Brlgnoli 2:27^2 ■ 

Orownmont, b g, 188—, by Moiitello.. 2:24^/4 

Crown Point, ch 6, 1870, by Specula- 
tion—Young Martliji, by George M. \ 
Patcben Jr 2:24 | 

Crown Prince, ch g, 1886, by Dexter I 

Princf^Clara by Chieftain 2:17^ ; 

Crown Prince, gr g, 1862, by Logan's 
Messenger— Lady Messenger, by 
Warrior (dead) 2:25 

Croxie, b ra, 1872, by Clark Chief-^ 
Molly Whltefoot. by Little Priam . . 2:19^ 

Cruiser, b g, 1880, by Coaster— Polly, 
by John DlUard 2:28i4 

Crusader, b g, 1878, by Dauntless- 
Sally Hall, by Young America 2:20^4 

Crysollte, ch m, 1890, by Acolyte— 
Allanah by Red Wilkes 2:27Va 

C. T. L., ch g, 1880, by Gen. Withers 
—Lady Gilbreth, by Gilbreth Knox 2:23V4 

Cuba, b g, 187—, by George Wilkes, 
dam by Gen. Knox 2:277i 

Cuba, b m, 188—, by Bonnie Doon .. 2:25V' 

Cubic, b g, 1883, by ^Electioneer— 
Cuba, by imp. Australian 2:2.s<^.. 

Cubit, br 8, 1882, by Caliban— Camlet, 
by Hamlet 2:27Vj 1 

Cuckoo, 1878, by Frank Wolford- 
Jenny, by Corbeau 2:28 

Cuckoo, b m, 188- , by Cunai'd Jr. ... 2:1})'J4 , 

Cudahy, b s. 1890, by Allaudorf— I 

Nora Mapes^ by Furor 2:21 

Cumberlapd, blk g, 188—, by Maple- 
hurst 2:21% 

Ounard, b s, 1885, by Virgo Ham- 
bletonlan— Slybolt, bv Wacker 2:26^ 

Cunard. b g, 5873, by Von Moltke, 
dam by Gen. Knox ^ 2 :30 

Cunard Jr. ch e, 1881. by Cunard— Pet 
Morris, by Young Hiram Drew 2 :28V4 

Cupid, b s, 1885, by Sidney— Venus, | 

by Capt. Webster 2:18 i 

Curfew, b s, 1889. by Chimes-Mabel ; 

L., by Victor 2:24^ 

Curio, D m, 1890, by Alcantara- Cigar- 
ette, by Gen. Washington 2:2.'. 

Currie D, b m, by Happy Medium, ' 

dam by Almont 2:'2i) 

Currier, b g, 1885, by McVeigh- 
Weeks' Mare, by Mudget Horse 2:27 ! 

Currito, b s. 1887, by Idol Gift— Star 
Maid, by Jupiter Abdallah 2:17% 

Clurrer Bell, b m, 1883, by Belmont— 
Bertha, by Harold 2:29')4 i 

Cuthbert, b s. 1881, by Cuyler— ; 

Marcla S., by Williams' Mambrino.. 2:2.Txi 1 

Cuthbert H., b s, 18&-, by Cuthbert.. 2:21^4 

Guylercoast, b s, 1886, by Pancoaet- 
Hilda, by Cuyler 2:16^2 

Cut Glass, b m, 1891, by Onward- 
Crystal, by Crittenden 2:17 

O. V. B., b 8, 1884, by Ensign, dam 
by Gen. Fletcher 2:15^^ 

C. W. 9., b s, 188—. by Abbottgford— 
Muldoon, by George M. Patchen.... 2:26V4 

Cyclone, blk s, 1876, by Caliban- 

Camlet, by Hamlet 2:23Vi 

Cyclone, blk g, 187—, by Godfrey 

Patchen 2:30 

Cyclone, ch g, 188^-, by Toronto 

Chief Jr 2:27i^ 

Cyclone, blk g, 1884, by Tony Eneign 

—Sorrel Nelly 2:23 

Cyclone, br g, 18—, by Brigadier 2:2G'>4 

Cyclone, cb g, 188—, by Whipple's 

Hambletonian 2:26\i 

Cyclone Jr., b g, 1885, by Hawthorne 

—Lizzie Patchen, by Bully King.... 2:27 
Cyclone Wilkes, to g, 1886, by Cyclone 

—Ella Wilkes, by Favorite Wilkes.. 2:231,4 
Cyclops, b «, 187iJ, by Marshal Ney— 

Kitty Puss, by Frank Pierce Jr 2:27 

Cypress, ch 8, 1881, by Kentucky 

Prince— Lady Hilton, by Sentinel.... 2:18i/4 
Cypress, b s, 1882, by Cyclops— Fanny 

Fern, by Worden's George M. 

Patchen Jr 2:30 

Cypress, b m, 1881, by Strathmore— 

Asplnola, by Belmont 2:22Ms 

Cyprus R., blk s, 1881, by Nutwood- 
Belle, by Jack Bobe te 2:17% 

Cythera, ch m, 1800, by Jersey Wilkes 

— Huma, by Connaught 2:20% 

Czar, ch s, 1889, by Russia — Bon 

Doon, by Legal Tender Jr 2:12^^ 

Czarina, b m, 1882, by Egbert— Dolly, 

by Mambrino Chief 2:21 

Dacla, br m, 1868, by Woodford Mam- 
brino— Dahlia, by Pilot Jr 2:29Va 

Dpciana, blk m, 1873, by Harold— 

Dacla, by Woodford Mambrino 2:27^/^^ 

Daconls, b s, 1886, by No:*wood Star- 
Lady Grace, by Hamlet 2:24 

Daddy K., b g, 1888, by Wellington- 
Molly, by Kentucky Prince Jr. 

(dead) 2:28^^ 

Daghestau. b s,. 1890, by Stamboul— 

Alta Belie, by Electioneer 2:2oMi 

Dahlia Wilkes,' b m^ 188—, by Almont 

Wilkes, dam by Abdallah Chief 2:24i/i 

Dally News, b s, 188—, by Sagerser. . 2:25 
Dainty, b m, 1879, by Dictator— Vic, 

by Mambrino Chief 2:26% 

Dalreen. gr m, 1881, by Harold- 
Dahlia, by Pilot Jr 2:21 V- 

Daisy, ch m, 1885, by Tecumseh— 

Daisy, by Mambrino Abdallah 2:2:'»»m 

Daisy, b m, 188— by Wellington 2:2S'a 

Daisy, g m, 1891, by Conundrum 2:ii8 

Daisy, bi' m, 18S— . by Mlltonlan 2:28 

Daisy B., dr m, 1887, by Iowa Harold 

—Maud, by lilatoga ir 2:291.4 

Daisy Blackwood, br m, 1879, by Blue 

Bull 2:20'4 

Daisy Burns, b m, 1857, by Skenan- 

doah, dam by Harden Horse (dead).. 2:29)4 
Daisy C, b m, 1882, by Mountain 

Boy— Smith Mare, by Darkle 2:22V4 

Daisy C, b m, 1887, by Hambletonian 

Bashaw— Warfield Mare, by Green's 

Bashawr 2 :2:V'4 

Daisy D., b m, 1882, by Parmenus— 

Lady, by Pat Malov 2:30 

Dalsydale, b m, 1872, by Thomdale— 

Daisy, by Washington (dead) 2:19^^4 

Daisy Dean, br m, 1876, by Damon. . . 2:29V4 
Daisy Dee, ch m, 188, by Sigma Nu— 

Fanny, by Truesdale's Abdallah Jr. . 2:27 
Daisy Drew, b m, 1880. by Horace... 2:30 
Daisy Eyebright, b m, 1876, by Klrk- 

wood— <iuackenbush Mare, by Voor- 

hees' Abdallah Chief 2:27 

Daisy G., ch m, 1888, by Norwood 

Chief— Kit, by Col. Walter 2:25i.i 

Daisy Gardner, br m, 1875, by Hawk- 
Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

»♦•>•»•••♦»♦•••♦•♦•♦•<•<>>••»»♦•»• ; 

BUDD DOBLE, Chicago, III, 

(the field mabshal). 

Doble placed the world's record for trotters at 2 :17H with 

Dexter, at 2:14 with Goldsmith Maid and 

2K)4 with Nancy Hanks. 


Digitized by 



W. MALONEY, Kalamazoo, Mich. 

The CaDadian boy that conditioned and drove Danconrt 2 :16V2 

when he won The Horseman Stake at Detroit in 1894. 

Digitized by 




eye— Peerless, by Defiance 2:2SU 

Daisy Garfield, b m, 1886, by Ga-field 
— Osborn Mare, by Keconstruction. .. 2:27 

Daisy Hamilton, b m, 1874, by Black- 
stone— Lady Hamilton (dead) 2:28^/2 

Daisy Hartshorn, ch m, 1878, by 
Aberdeen — Emellne, by Henry B. 
Patchen 2:24% 

Daisy J., b m, 1867, pedigree not 
traced 2 127 

Daisy J., ch in, 1886, by Golden 
Wing— Lucy 2:24V; 

Daisy Kelly, b m, 188—, by Don J. 
Robinson 2:29i,4 

Daisy Kenmore, ch m, 1885, by Ken- 
more— Little Wonder : 2:25^^ 

Daisy L., b m, 188, by Lawrence 2:27% 

Daisy Lambert, ch m, 1885, by Motion 
— IJoHy, by DeLong^s Ethan Allen.. 2:23Vi 

Daisy M., b m, 188—, by Moi-lis' Al- 
mout 2 :25 

Daisy Mac 2:25 

Daisy N, oh m, 188— by Nutwood. ... 2:26Vi 

Daisy P., b m, 188—, by Gov. Sey- 
mour 2:22W 

Daisy Queen, gr m, 1883. by Sir Wal- 
ter Scott— Kitty Scott, by Jim Scott. 2:24Va 

Daisy B.. br m, 1881, by Lexington 
Chief- Kate 2:25^2 

Daisy Rolfe, b m. 1881, by Young 
Rolfe-Gretchen, by Gideon 2:20^ 

Daisy S.. cb m, 1^— by Til ton Al- 
montjdam by Rattler (dead) 2:23% 

Daisy W., blk m, 188—. by Onawa 2:25V4 

Daisy Ward, b m, 188—, by Ward's 
LaAbert 2:23% 

Daisy Wilkes, br m, 1880, by George 
Wilkes— Daisy Dean, by (3U)v. Clark.. 2:30 

Daisy Wood, b m, 1891. by Silkwood. . 2:27 

Dakoma^ b m, 1886, by De Soto— Con- 
cord Maid, by Hamlet 2:27% 

Dakota Maid, ch m, 187—, pedigree 
not ti'aced 2:26V4 

Dallie Wilkes, gr m, 1886, by Red 
Wilkes— Ida, by Alta 2:14 

Dalphla D., gr m, 1889, by Nutwood— 
Dalphlne, by Harold 2:29^4 

Damania, ch g, 1887, by Nutmeg- 
Maud R., by Mambrlno Sultan 2:22% 

Daly, b 8, 1883, by Gen. Benton— 
Dolly, by Electioneer 2:15 

Dame Trot, blk m, 1870, by Messen- 
ger Duroc— Green Mountain Maid, 
By Harry Clay 2:22 

Damon, br s, 1869, by Palmer Bogus- 
Old Grey, by Grey Eclipse 2:23% 

Damosella, b m, 188—, by Nelson- 
Flora S, by Gideon 2:25 

Dan, ch g, 1874, by Bay Billy (Wild 
Willie) T 

Dan, eh g, 188—, pedigree not traced. 

Dan, br s, 1880, by Flaxtail— Wild 
Wolf 2:30 

Dan, b_g, 188—, by Electioneer 2:28% 

Dana Wilkes, b s, 188—, by Victor 
Wilkes 2:29% 

Dan B., b g, 188, pedigree not traced.. 2:26% 

Dan Backman, b s, 1884. by Charles 
Backman— Thalia, by Bashaw Mes- 
senger ^_j 2:22>^ 

Dan Bailey, b g, 188—, by J. W. 
Bailey 2:28U 

Dan Berry, ch g, 188—, by Guarantee 2:2<JVa 

Dan Brown, b g, 18&— , by Anteeo— 
Miss Brawn, by Brown's Volunteer.. 2:24% 

Danbry, b b, 1884, by Catch Colt— 
Mag;gle B., by Menelaus 2:30 

Dan Bryant, oh g, 18^—, by Plow 
Boy, dam by Rappahannock (dead). . 2:24 

Dance-, b s, 1886. by Alarm— Omaha 
Maid, by Fisk's Mainbrino Chief Jr.. 2:25»/i, 

Dancourt, blk s, 1890, by Ambassador 
—Lowland Girl, by Legal Tender Jr. 2:16V'j 

Dan Cupid, b s, 1888, by Barney 
Wilkes— Afitermore, by Strathmore.. 2j60V-j 

Dan Donaldson, ch g, 187—, by Bon- 
nie Scotland 2:24% 

Dandy, b g, 1884, by Atlantic— Fancy, 
by Blazing Star 2'.\4P>a. 

Dandy (See Taylonson). 

Dandy, b s, 1887, by Karatus-Flora, 
by Novelty 2:30 

Dandy Boy, br s, 1881, by Almout 
Rattler— Nelly Tole, by Baker Horse 2:29'% 

Dandy Boy, br g 2:29 

Dandy Boy. b g, 187— 2:30 

Dandy C, b g, 1886. by Almont Chief 
— Joqua, by Glenn's Hambletonlau. . 2:21% 

Dandy Dan, ch a, 1886, by Attorney— 
Topsy, by J. L 2:24Vi 

Dandy Jim, gr g, 1886, by Young Jim 
— Caprara, oy Daniel Lambert 2:10V2 

Dandy L., b s, 18»-, by Albington. . .. 2:29^^ 

Dandy L., ch g, 188—, by An tar Jr 2:29V4 

Dandy R., b g, 188—, by Bay Billy 2:27V4 

Dandy R., b s, 188—, by Alley Russell 2:27Vt 

Dandy Salisbury, ch s, 1889, by Judge 
Salisbury— Belle A., by Shelby Chief. 2:24% 

Dandy Sprague, b s, 188--. by Ashland 
Sprague, dam by Blue Bull 2:25 

Dandy Time Jr., b s, 1889, by Dandy 
Time— Fly Warwick, by Warwick. . . 2:25 

Dandy Whitestockings, ch g, 1879, by 
Rocket Jr.— Magga 2:27V4 

Dandy WUkes, b g, 1888, by Wllkes- 
mont, dam by Black Frank 2:28^ 

Dandy Wilkes, blk s, 1885, by Am- 
bassador—Kentucky Whip, by Tiger 
Whip ............ 2:23% 

Dandy Wilkes, br g, 1886, by Star 
Wilkes— Nelly E., by Esperango 2:29% 

Danforth, b g, 188—, by Dauntless. ... 2:27 

Danger, b g, 1883, by Oddfellow- 
Fanny G 2:26'4 

Danger, b g, 188—, by Nil Desper- 
andum 2:27 

Dan H., b g, 1881. by Grantham Chief 2:2aVi 

Dan H., b s, 1890, by Brod Walnut- 
Peach Blossom, by Bruce 2:25''}i 

Dan Howell, b g, 1864, by Young 
Highlander, dam by Brown's Bell- 
founder (dead) 2:20Vo. 

Daniel Boone,, gr g, 18ft—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2 :28 u " 

Daniel Lambert, ch s, 1879, by Aurora 
—Lady Sberman, by Milliman's Bell- 
founder 2 :28 

Daniel the Prophet, b g, 1870, by Red 

_^ Eagle— Flora, by Napoleon 2:27 

Daniel Webster, b g^ 1873, by Amer- 
ican Ethan— Nora Welsh, by Toronto 
Chief Jp 2:291/4 

Dan Jenkins, gr s, 1879, by Joe - 
Brown— Ann B., by Ohalmer's Jupi- 
ter (dead) 2:28 

Dan Jennings, b g, 1884, by Luke 
Brodhead, dam by Aaron Penning- 
ton 2:25 

Dan L., oh g, 188—, by Sherman 2:26% 

Dan Mace, b g, 1885, by Dunham Ab- 
dallah— Hannah D., by Erie Abdal- 
lah 2:23 

Dan Mace, ch g, 1855, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2 :30 

Dan Mack, b g, 188—, by Mammont. . . 2:27% 

Dan Miller, oh k, 1^. by Daniel 
Lambert— Lucy Miller, by Adminis- 
trator (dead) .^ 2|:23»/t 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Danneiuora, blk s. 1883, by Kernwooii 
—Lady Anna, by Woodford Mam- 
brlno 2:a) 

I>anN., b s, 188-, brDan B 2:28% 

Dan NevUle, b s, 1887, by Hamdallah 
~*B8ther. by Silas Wrii^t 2:28 

Dan O., cb g, 188—. by Bdwln Pilot. . 2:25% 

Dan Phallamont, on s, 1888, by Fhal- 
lamont— Iiady Miles, by McAlmont. . 2:24% 

Dan S., blk g,'1885, by Young Almont. 2:20 

Dan S., ro g, 1870, by Wood's Ham- 
bletonian^-Nancy &, by a son ot 
Black Hawk 2:24% 

Dan Smith, b g, 187—, by Reporter, 
dam by Trustee 2:21% 

Dan Veior, br g, 188—. by Black 
Prince 2:16% 

Danville Willres, b a. 1879, by Lyle 
Wilkes— Mora, by Skedaddle 2:27 

Dan Voorhees, b a, 1880, by Daunt- 
less—Bay Bessie, by Tom Hunter 2:90 

Dan Vorhees, ch s^ 18&— , bj Gen. 
McOlellan— Fisher kare (deadl. 2:23% 

Dan Voorhees, ch s, J.877, by BIslcIl 
Fiank Turdey Mare 2:30 

Dan Wilkes, gr g, 188—, by Mambrino 
A\llke8 2-.24% 

Dan Wilson, blk g, 188—, by Dan Ia)- 
j.';in 2:23% 

Daihne, b m, 1880. by Onward- 
Lady Alice, by Almont 2:25 

Daphne, b m, J8S5, by Col. Hambrick 
Belle Monroe by Nick Monroe . . . 2:16% 

Dora H., b m, 1891 2:26 

Pari ee, gr g, 188—, by Almonarch . . . 2:23% 

Darby b g. 188—, pedigree not traced 2:30 

Darby, b g. 1872. by Delmonico— 
Black KeAS, by Cox's Stump the 
Dealer 2:16% 

Darkness, blk m, 1877. by Moantam 
Boy— Fanny Walker ..2:21% 

Darkey Wilkes, blk e, 188-, by Billy 
Wilkes, dam Qy Bock Island Bashaw 2:28% 

Dark Mght, )> m, 1886, by Fleldmoni. 
—Night, by Herod 2:25% 

Darkwood, blk s, 1887. by Right On- 
ward—Lilly Pepper, by Pepper .... 2 

Darling, b g, 188-, bv Dan Mitchell. . 2 

Darlington, b s, 1882, by Wellington 
— Boadicea, by Bysdyk's Hainble- 
tonian 2:18% 

Darwinna br m, 1887, by Meredith— 
Filgate, by Mllllman's eBllfounder 
(dead) 2:23% 

Dashwool, b s, 1888, by Sentin^ 
Wilkes— Nutwood Queen, by Nut- 
wood 2:22 

Daoshwood, blk s, 1880, by Simmons 2:30 

D. A. T., ch g, 1880, by Dorsey Gold- 
dust— Montgomery Mare, by Smith's 
Emperor 2:23% 

Dauntess, br m, 1885 by Dauntless, 
dam by Tramp 2:28% 

Dauntless, ^arkis Abdallah) b s, 
186-. by Taggart's Abdallah 2:26% 

Dauntless, L., en g, 1888, by Daunt 
lees Jr.— Black Mik 2 

Dave Cook, b g, 1800, by Valdemeer 2: 

Dave Cox, b g, 188-, by Bagle Bird, 
dam by Hambletonian Mambrino.. 2:20% 

Davenant, gr s, 1870, by Belmont— 
Dahlia, by Pilot Jr 2:26% 

Dave Highland, ch s, 1800, by Thistle 2:30 

Don D'Loid, b g, 1890 by Conaloid 2:26 

Dave Palmer, gr g, 188—, by Bnch's 
Patchen (dead) 2:26% 

Dave Salisbury, ch s, 188—, by Judge 
Salisbury 2:20% 

Dave Wilson, b g, 1886^ by Hamlet-^ 
Fanny 2:24% 

Dave Young, ch g, 187—. by Stephen 
A Douglas :,,. 2:28 

David 35., b g, 188—. by Forrest 
Prince, dam by Baird's Hamble- 
tonian Prince 2:28 

David Bm ch g, 1880, by Young Jim- 
Rosa Clay, oy American Clay .... 2:10% 

David C, b g, 1872, by Case's Dave 
Hill— Miss Heath, by Young Napol- 
eon 2:25 

David H., b g, 1888, bv Young Wilkes 
— Rosetta, by Pickering 2:29% 

David Jones, b g, 188—. by Pearsall . . 2:17^4 

David L., blk g, 187—. by Fuller 
Wilkes— Fields Mare, by Rysdyk's 
Hambletonian 2:19% 

David P., b g, 18»-. by Almont Re- 
venge 2:24% 

David R., br g, 187—. by Swlgert— 
Kate, by Blue BuU 2:29% 

David Wallace, eh s. 187—, by Man- 
brlno Pilot 2:28 

Davy B., b g, 188—, by Davenant. . 2:27% 

Davis Boy. blk g, 188—. 2:29% 

Davy Crockett, en g, 188—, by Gold- 
dust Chief 2:29% 

Dawn, ch s, 1881, by Nutwood— 
Countess, by Whipple's Hamble- 
tonian , 2:18% 

Dawnland b g, 188—, by Dauntless.. 2:30. 

Dawn R., br s, 1887, by Alcantara- 
Dainty, by Dictator 2:22% 

Dawson, b g, 1884, 'by Mansfield- 
Louie, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian '2:19^4 

Dayball, ch g, 1885, by Banker 
Rothschild— Daisy 2:30 

Daybreak, ch s, 188—, by Green Boy 2:25% 

Day Dream, ch m, 1879. by Cuyler— 
Lucia, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian.. 2:21% 

Daylight, br g, 1887, by Bros— Crazy 2:27% 

Daylight, b g, 1888, hy Chief of Echo 2:21% 

Daylight, b s, 1885, by Gen. Benton— 
Amerlquita, by Electioneer 2:26% 

DayUght. b g, 1884, by Starlight— 
Boadicea. by Rysdyk's Hambletonian 2:19% 

Dayton Belle, ch m, 187—, by Blue 
Bull— Dayton Belle, by Hall's Mo- 
hawk Jr 2:29% 

Dazale, b m, 1887, by Slandeiv- 
Daphne, by Jay Gould 2:29% 

D. O.. b 8, 1884, by Dictator— Jane 
Carlisle, by Antar 2:23 

D. C. Sm b g, 1874, by Joe Elmo- 
Alice Drye, by May's Sir Wallace.. 2:22% 

Deacon, ch g, 1884, by Jefferson 
Prince ••.•«.• 2 *28 

Deadwood. br *s,* 188-^', * 'pedigree liot 
trat»d 2:28% 

Dean Wilkes, b m, 1885. by Sherman ^ 
Wilkes— Saucy Dean, by Paladine . . 2:25% 

Dearest, b m, 188—, by Thomas K... 2:26% 

De Barry, b g, 1870, by Nil Desperan- > 
dnm— Snsie, by uappy Medium . . 2 :!<')% 

Deborah b m, 188-, by Sable Wilkes, 
dam by Le Grande 2:21% 

Deceit br g, 1880, by Jean Baptlste, 
(dead) 2:30 

Decider, br s, 1885, by Detractor, 
dam by Lire Oak 2:20% 

Deceiver, br g, 188—, by Ethan Allen 
2d 2:20% 

Deceiver, blk g, 188—, by Rampart 2:30 

Deception, gr g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:22% 

Deck Wriipht. 1) g. 1860, by Hlnsdaie 
Horse— Doll Wicks, by^onng North 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Briton (dead) 2;lU'5i 

Decorah, b s, 1884, by Mambiluo 
Patehen— Hattie Allen, by George 
Wilkea 2:2i>% 

Decorum, ch g, 1890, by Victor 
Wilkes, dam by Blitzen Jr 2:28Va 

Decorator, ro s, 1882, by Masterlode— 
Pet Ferguson, by Mingo Chief 2:22V^ 

Defender, blk s, 1877. by George 
Wilkes— Mifit, by Ward'c* Flying 
Cloud 2:2b 

Defiance, br s, 1880, by William Bys- 
dyk— Begum, by Alcaide 2:27^ 

Defiance, br g, 18ft-, by Chieftain 
(pacing 2:17%) (dead) 2:24 

Delavan, gr s, 1887, by Pilot Medium 
—Belle Paddock, by Magna Charta 2:25Va 

Delaware, ch g, 18o— , by Morgan 
Black Hawk— Fanny, by Gen. Taylor 2:28 

Delaware, b s, 1886, by Chestnut Joe 
—Merry Lass, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2:29V4 

Delaware Medium, b s, 1882. by Hap>- 
py Medium— Dolly, by Richelieu ... 2:30 

Delbert, br s, 1891, by Gamaleon— Al- 
tama, by Attorney 2:21 

Delcho, b s, 1885, by Oneco— Dolly, by 
Edward 2:2aV4 

Delectus blk, 6 , 1887, by Dictator- 
Pa tchen, by Mambrino Patehen .... 2:18V^ 

Delegate, b g, 1880, by Dictator- 
Bertha, by Blackwood 2:27^^ 

Delegate, br s, 1884, by Dictator- 
Fanny H., by Bed WUkes 2:19% 

Delegate, b s, 1888, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr.— Toy, by Hamlin Patehen 2:21^4 

Delegate, b g, 1887, by Decorate— 
Molly P., by Chester 2:29^ 

Delhi, b g, 186—, pedigree not traced 
(dead) 2:29^^ 

Delia Shipp^ b m, 188—, by Major 
Landers 2:21 

Dell, 't)r g, 1886, by Rowdy Boy- 
Dolly ^ 2:27 

DeUa, b m, 1884, by Little Dan— Delia 2:28 

Delia McGee, ch m, 1886, by WalkiU 
Prince— Kate McGee, by Blue Bull. .2:28- 

Dell Brown br s, 1888, by Boston 
Wilkes— Venus, by Abdamed Allen 2:29% 

Del Mar, b s, 1887, by Electioneer— 
Son tag Dixie, by Toronto Son tag. . 2:16% 

Delmarch, b s, 1884, by Hambrlno— 
BUa G., by George Wilkes 2:11% 

Pelmas, ch s. 1886, by Almoon— 
Queen 2:25% 

Delmont, b g, 1884, by Howe's Mc- 
Gregor— Belle, by Young Defiance.. 2:30 

Delmont b s, 1891, by Delmarch, dam 
by Royal Chief 2:18% 

Del Monte, br g, 1879 by Fire Fly- 
Susan 2:21% 

De Liong, br s, 1801, by Gambetta 
Wilkes— Miss Moulton, by Nutwood 2:30 

Del Paso, ro s, 1885, by Dexter Prince 
—Daisy D., by Electioneer 2:24% 

Delph, b g, 1888, by King Almont— 
Beck, by Hutchinson Chief (pacing 
record 2:24%) 2:27% 

Del Ray, ch s, 1886, by Clay Duke- 
Madonna, by Strader's Caseins M. 
Clay Jr 2:24% 

Del Sur, blk s, 1876, by The Moor- 
Gretchen, by Mambrino Pilot 2:24 

Dembert. b s, 188—, by Wabash, dam 
by Egbert 2:30 

Democrat, b g, 188—, by Sam Harris 2:24' 

Democrat, b g, 1882, by KIsbaiv-Kate 2; 

Demonstrator, b s, 18»— , by Walklll 

Prince 2;30 

Dennis Ryan, br s, 1880, by Berlin- 
Laay Washington, by American Boy 
Jr 2:21> 

Denmark, blk g, 1864, by iiouutry 
Boy, dam by Hawkeye (dead) 2:30 

Deuuls, biit 6, 188—. by Dennis Ryan 2:27% 

Dennis, b g, 188—, by Falrhohn 2:24^ 

Dennis H., be, 18&-, by Ben Frank- 
lin 2:28 

Dennis P., b e, 1884. by Abdallah 
Woodford— Hannah, by Volunteer. . 2:2914 

Deposit, ch s, 1888, by Madrid- 
Gleaner, by Onward 2:29% 

Deputy, b s, 1884, by Echo, Marie 
Rose, by Inca 2:19% 

Derby, b g, 1850, by Rough and 
Beady, dam by Wilcox's Dragon 
(deaaj 2:25% 

Derby Princess blk. m, 1892, by 
CharUs Derby— Princess, by Ad- 
ministrator 2:25 

Deronda, b m, 188—, by Strathmore. 
dam by Kentucky Prince 2:27% 

Desdemona, b m, 1876, by Old Joe— 
To;3e, by Louis Napoleon 2:27 

De Soto, ch s. 18i^, by Ranchero, 
dam by Country Gentleman 2:24 

Deepardo, b g, 18— by Richard's 
Elector 2:29% 

Despatch, (Windsor) ro g, 1872. by 
Lewiston Boy— Nelly, by Berry 
Horse 2:24% 

Desperation, b s, 1887, by Nil Despeiv 
andnm— Lizzie, by Goldsmith's Ab- 
dallah 2*30 

Despot, ro s, 1878, by Dictator— Spray 
by Bay Munson 2*29 

Deesie Wingate, b m, 1884, by On- 
ward—Dora, by Bayard Jr 2:28 

Deucalion, b s, 1867, by Rysdyk's 
Hajmbietonlan— Trusty, by MjudI- 
borough .77^. 2*22 

Deuimillion, ch s, 1885, by Deucalion 
--Blanche B., by Holablrd's Ethan 
Allen 2 2^V, 

DeWitt C., b g, 1884, by Doncaster- * ^' 
Lulu, by Erie Abdallah 2-29^4 

De Wulff ch g. 1886, by Henry Gil- * 

bert— Ma Bliss, by Toronto Patehen 2:21% 

Dexter, b s, 1886, by Mambrino Jester 2:27 

Dexter, br g, 1858, by MllUman's 
Bellfoupder, dam by Sumpter 2:27 

Dexter, br g, 1858, by Rysdyk'e Ham- 
bletonian— Clara, by Seely's Ameri- 
can Star (dead) 2:17% 

Dexter, b g, 188—, by Peter Blair. .. . 2:26 

Dexter, b g, 186—, by Volunteer, 
dam by •Seely's American Star 

, (<3ead) 2:27 

Dexter C, b g, 188—. by Dick Ed- 
wards 2*24% 

Dexter H., b g, 187—. by Banker 
Messenger, dam by King Faro 2:29% 

Dexter L., gr g, 188-, by Abdamed 
Allen 2:25 

Dexter Princess, b m, 1887, bv Dexter 
Prince— Queen Wilkes, by Mambrino 
Wilkes 2:24V4 

Deyo. b e, 188—, by Dauntless 2:24 

D. G. B., br g. 188—, by Stlllson 2:29% 

Diadem, b s. 1886, by Diadem— Nancy, 
by Col. Ellsworth 2:25V4 

Diamond, blk gi 1890, by Forrest Bis- 
marck 2:24V4 

Diamond, blk s. 1874, by Wild Bashaw 
— Debra. by Wansle 2:28 

Diamond, b g, 1883, by VandCTgrilf t 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Colt— May fly Drenuon 2 :15V4 

Diamond, ch g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Diamond Joe, b g, 188d, by Maple- 
huTst, dam by Young Cabell 2:18 

Diana, b m, 1887, by Claimant— Joele 
H., by Talleyrand 2:29^4 

Diana, cli m, 18i^, by Harbinger... 2:24Va 

Diatonic, br a, 1883, by Fairy Gift- 
Nelly, by Gage's Logan 2:27% 

D. L C, h g. 188—, by Taunton 2:28^ 

Dickard, ch g, 1873, by Daniel Lam- 
bert— Doane Mare, by Young Colum- 
bus 2:23% 

Dick, b g, 1882, by Major Benton— 
Topsey, by Bacon's Ethan Allen 2:2G';4 

Dick, b g, 1887, by William H. Van- 
derbilt 2:29 

Dick Brown br g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:29% 

Dick C, b g, 1887, by St. Cloud— Nelly 2:30 

Dick Dimirte, b g, 1886, by Peoria— 
Flora 2:30 

Dick Eddy, b s, 1886, by Jerome 
Eddy— Daisy, by Index 2:21^^ 

Dick Flaherty, ch g, 188—. by Fear- 
naught (?) 2:29% 

Dick French, ch g, 188—, by Little 
Hamilton 2:19% 

Dick Garrett, b g, 1877, by Tramp- 
Sylvia 2:29% 

Dick H., b g, 1884, by Hunt's Blue 
Bull— Hunt Mare 2:29Vi 

Dick Hardin, b s. 1888, by Shawmut 
—Beauty, by Dictator 2 :29 

Dick Hartford, br s, 1885, by Bay 
Dick— Belle Hartford, by Hartford 
Hambletonian 2:25 

Dick Jamison, b g, 186—, by Joe Down- 
ing (dead) 2:26 

Dick Jay, b g, 187— by Gen. Mc- 
Clellan Jr. (?) 2:30 

Dick Johnson, br g, 187—, by Swigert, 
dam by Phelps^ Bellfounder 2:29% 

Dick Mitchell, b g, 188—, by Gov. 
Stanton 2:28% 

Dick Moore, ch g, 1871, by Belmont- 
Mary, by Monmouth EJclipse (dead). . 2:22^/^ 

Dick Organ, blk g, 1873, by Commo- 
dore— Campbell, by Tom Hal 2:24% 

Dick Richmond, gr s. 1882, by A. W. 
Richmond— Belle, by Ben Wade 2:20 

Dick Roach, gr g, 188—, by Port Leon- 
ard 2:24% 

Dick Smith, ch g, 1883, by Luke Brod- 
head— Calaway Maid by Rpckaway. 2:17 

Dick Stauffer, ch g, 188—, by Blue 
Bull 2:20% 

Dick Swlveller, b g, 1870, by Walklll 
Chief— Madam Swlveller, by Henry 
Clay Jr 2:18 

Dick Taylor, gr g, 1869, by Bob Did- 
lake 2:24V4 

Dick Wilkes, b g, 188—, by Sentinel 
Wllkee. dam by son of Lexington.. 2:30 

Dick Wills, b g, 188—. by Wilkes- 
onian, dam by Indian Chief (pacing 
2:16V>) 2:25% 

Dick Wood, blk g 18&-, by Bllal G.. . 2:26% 

Dick Richmond, br s, 1888, by Pre- 
tender— Namouna, by A. W. Rich- 
mond 2:27% 

Dictator, b g, 1869, by Goldsmith's 
Abdallah— Fanny, by Blood Royal. . . 2:27 

Dictator (Huckleberry), blk g, 1864, 
by Comet (dead) 2:22% 

Dif'tator, ch g, 1883. by Rooker— Big 
Bird, by John E Ryedyk 2:27^4 

Dictator Chief, b s, 1882, by Dic- 
tator—Judy, by Plato 2:2P.. 

Dictator G., br s^ 1885, by Prince 
Dictator— Fanny Play, by Toronto. . 2:30 

Dictator Prince, b s, 1889, by Dicta- 
tor— Vineland, by Kentucky Prince. 2:2J»;. 

Dictator Sidney, b e, 188—, by Sidney, 
dam by Dictator 2:25 

Dictionary, b s, 1884, by Dictator- 
San Waw by Administrator ....... 2:30 

Dictum, br' s, 1888, by Dictator Al- 
mont— Hetty, by Frank Moscow.... 2:20v2 

Diddle, b m, 188—, by Brown Mark- 
Fanny 2:25% 

Dido, b m, 1885, by Judge Gould— 
Russie, by Joe Young 2:20% 

Die Vernon, m m, 1888. bv Jay Bird 
—Young Winnie, by Woodford Mam- 
brino 2:27V; 

Digma, b s, 1889, by Rumor— Daisy, 
by Socrates 2:25V4 

DUlgent, b s, 1883, by Dictator-Jane 
Carlisle, by Antar 2:2S\'-j 

Dlllard Alexander, br s, 1883. by Alex- 
ander— Moonbeam, by John Dillard. . 2:30 

Dilleman, b m, 188—, by Eros, dam 
by Grenadier 2:26 

Dinah, blk m, 188—, by Norway Knox 
—Fanny Patchen, by Tom Patchen. . 2:28V2 

Dinah, b m, 1887. by Israel— Scofleld 
Mare, by Scofleld Nelson 2:2i% 

Dinah, rn m, 1865, by Young Flying 
Cloud— Dinah, by Vermont Hamble- 
tonian 2:30 

Dinah, b m, 1882, by Little Billy, dam 
by Ontario 2:27V2 

Dinah Cossack, b m, 18— by Don 
Cflssack 2 :2.)^4 

Dinnie, b m 1880, by Rochester- 
Miss Coons,* by Clark Chief 2:25 

Dio, b g, 1870. by Gen. Sherman- 
Fanny, by Ethan Allen ^dead) 2:30 

Diplomacy, b m, 1885, by Don Cos- 
sack— Luella, by Hero of Thomdale. 2:27 

Direct, blk s, 1885, by Dlrestor- 
Bchora, by Echo (pacing record 2:06) 2:18y4 

Dlrecta, blk m, 1886, by Director- 
Allda, by Admiral 2:28 

Direct Line, b s, 1889, by Director— 
Lida W., by Nutwood 2:2J) 

Director, blk s, 1877. by Dictator— 
Dolly, by Mambrlno Chief 2:17 

Director's Flower, b m, 1891, by Di- 
rector— Sunflower, by Elmo 2:20 

Director's Jug. blk s, 1885, by Di- 
rector— Lizzie, by John Netherland. . 2:29 Va 

Directress, br m, 1886, by Director— 
Aloha, by A. W. Richmond 2:28% 

Directum, blk s. 1889, by Director- 
Stem Winder, by Venture 2:05V* 

Diregp. br s, 1688, by Principe, dam 
by Behnont >••• 2:18Ms 

Dirigo, br s, 1856, by Drew Horse 
(dead) 2:29 

Dirigo. b g, 186—, by Foxhunter, dam 
by St. Clair 2:27 

Disputant, b s, 1886, by Harold— 
Debutante, by Belmont 2 :18 

Distaff, ch m, 1888. by King William ^ _ 
— Tricotrin, by Stillson 2:28% 

Dixie, b m, 1887, by Allegro, dam by 
Eureka 2:28)4 

Dixie, gr m, 1858, by Pilot Jr.— Jenny 
LInd. by Bellfounder fdead) 2:30 

Dixie Sprague, b m, 1877^ by Gov. 
Sprague— Dixie, by Pilot ^t 2:25V4 

Dixie v., br g. 1880, by Dixie— WIckle, 
by Green's Bashaw .fT: .^.^^^1^. . 2:25' 4 
Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



D. K. W. (See Monte Chrlsto.) 

D, Monroe, b s, 187—, by Jim Mon- 
roe—Betty, by Duvall's Mambrlno. . 2:28% 

D. N. T., ch g, 1880, by Masterlode 
—Kate Hunter, *y iMerre Horse 2:27% 

Doble, blk s, 1870, by Brioeson— Belle, 
by Scrugg's Davy Crocket 2:28 

Doc F., blk g, 1882, by Scotch Prince 2:26 

Doc M., b g, 1886, by C. A. Nlles— 
Flora G 2:28% 

Doc McLaughlin, b s, 1871, by Mor- 
gan Messenger— Flora, by Getaway 2:30 

Dr. Almont, ch g, 1881, by Almont 
Boy— Enchantress, by Trouble 2:21% 

Dr. Barth, b s, 188-, by Eagle Bird. 2:30 

Dramatist, b a, 1889. by Egotist— 
Worthea. by Harold 2:29M» 

Dr. C, b s, 1887, by Swlgert— Al D., 
by Alden Goldsmith 2:27V^ 

Dr. C, b g, 188-, 2:26 

Dr. Caryer, b s, 1885, by New York 
Dictator— Kitty Morgan, by Joe 
Downing Jr 2:29i4 

Dr. Caton, b 8, 1888^ by Ganymede— 
Atalanta, by Don Cossack 2:18V^ 

Dr. Cronin, b s, 1889, by Brown Frank 
—Lady Gray, by Hambletonian 
Chief 2:27Vi 

Dr. Day, U s, 1886, by Seneca Patchen 
— Lady Hamblet, by Administrator. . 2:27 

Doctor E)., br s, 1886. by Hambletonian 
Downlng^Roda, by Morgan Mes- 
senger 2:28 

Dr. Dlx, br g^ 188— 2:30 

Dr. Forest, ch g, 188—, by Forest 
Mambrlno 2:2214 

Dr. Frank, rn g, 1877. by George Hall , 

Kit. by Gen. Taylor 2:27Va 

Dr. FrankUn Jr., blk s, 188-, by Dr. 
Franklin, dam by Ha met .-: . . 2:26 

Dr. French, b s, 1888, by Fred S. 
Wilkes 2.2d'A 

Dr. Frltts^ b g, 1889, by Garnet 
Wilke?— I>ai6y 2:25 

Doctor H., rn s, 1880, by Mambrlno 
Dick— Fanny, by Bashaw Pilot 2:28 

Doctor Hooker, b s, 1890, by Vatican 
—Mary Ann, by White's Hamble- 
tonian 2:23% 

Dr. Kidd, blk g, 188-. by Count— 
Wilkes, dam by Vindox 2:24i^> 

Dr. Lewis, ch g, 1871, by Marshal 
Chief 2:24 

Dr. McFarland, b g, 1883, by Sterling, 
dam by Robert Fl'.llnghnm Jr 2:21% 

Dr. Miller, b g, 1878, by Young Volun- 
teer—Dolly .-H 2:27Vj 

Dr. Morland, b s, 188—, by Lewis Na- 
poleon ...2:28V^ 

Dr. Norman, b g, 1877 by Col. Moore 
—Bay Liz, by McDonnld's Hiatoga. . 2:19% 

Dr. Puff, b s, 1892, by Bay Bird- 
Polly PufiC 2:29 

Dr. S., ch s, 1888. by Altitude— Molly, 
by Allegro 2:20Vi 

Dr. Sheppard, b s, 1875, by Blue Bull 
—Bird 2:29V4 

Dr. Smith, gr g, 1879, by Gov. Mor- 
rlll- Dixie 2:26Vi 

Dr. Sparks b s, 1887. by Cyclone— ' 

Lilly, by -Monroe Chief 2:12«4 

Doctor T.. b g. 188—, by Duquesne— I 

Kit. b.v Young Toronto 2:27Vi ' 

Dr. Tilton. b g. 1885. by Twilight- 
Lady Tllton, by Abdallah Mambrlno 2:25 ', , 

Doctor C. b g, 188—, by Clayford... 2:26% | 

Dodger, ch s. 1886, by Arminlus— City 
Girl 2:18 ! 

DodgevlUe, b g. 1888, by Oberlin— 
Co.uitry GirJ. by Country Boy 2:14W 

Dohrman, br s, 1890, by Abbottsford 
—Eureka Belle, by Dexter Bradford 2:27 

Dollikans, g m, 18—, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor 2:26V<» 

Dolly, br m, 1884, by Mambrlno Dia- 
mond—Maggie, by Live Oak 2:25 

Dolly, b m, 186—. by Frank 2:30 

Dolly By b m, 1884, by Austerlltz— 
Roxy St. Law ence, by Charter Oak 2:27Va 

Dolly B., b m, 18*-, by Alaric 2:21^ 

DoL> C, b m. 1888, by Gen. Stanton 
— ^Lady Collins, by St. Lawrence 
(dead)* 2:10 

Dolly Davis, ch m, 1871, by Almont— 
Annie Bastln, by Morgan Rattler... 2:29 

Dolly H., b m, 1888, by AbdaUah 
Hambletonian, dam by Lord Barl- 
Ington 2:20^ 

Dolly H., b m, 188—, by Kennebeck 
Knox 2:25^4 

Dolly M., b m, 1888, by Copper Duke 2:23V4 

Dolly Rene, b m, 1886, by King Rene 
— Florine, by Administrator 2:29 

Dolly a, dn m, 188—, by Bolton 
Sprague 2:25V«i 

Dolly Withers, b m, 1887, by Aber- 
deen—Annabel, by George Wilkes. . . 2:29V^ 

Domestic, b s, 1880, by Volunteer— 
Godlva, by Godfrey Patchen (dead). . 2:20^ 

Domineer, b s, 1887, by Red Wilkes— 
Lizzie H., by Star Almont 2:18^4 

Dom Pedro, ch g, 1872, by Blue Bull. 2:27 

Don, b 8, 188— ,T)y Almont Ledo 2:19^ 

Don, b g, 188—, pedigree not traced. . 2:22i4 

Don, gr g, 1870, by Aker's Idol— Mary 
Weaver, by Black Hawk Vermont.. 2:22^ 

Donala, blk s, 188- 2:29^ 

Donald, b g, 1875, by Dictator— Burch 
Mare, byTBrown Pilot 2 :27 

Donald, blk s, 1886, by George Wilkes 
Jr.-Sonora 2:19V6 

Donald McKay jgr g. 1885, by Allegro 
T-Mlnnle, by Hari-odsburg Boy 2:22V5 

Don Anteros, br s, 1890, qy Anteros 
—Bonnie Bee, bv Harry B 2:30 

Don Arlstos, blk s, 1885, by Arlstos 
Jr.— Dessle Lotta. by Haw Patch 2:29^4 

Don C. b g, 1886, by Don Carlos— 
Bryn Maur Maid, by Gen. Lee 2:18V4 

Don Carlos, b s, 1880, by Cuylei- Clay 
—Lady Abdallah, by Alexander's Ab- 
dallah 2:23 

Don (*arlos, gr g, 1877, by Highland 
Grey— Polly Daly, by Ed 2:28V4 

Doncaster. I) s, 1880, by Com. Belmont 
—Virginia, by Mambrlno Champion. . 2:28»4 

Don Cossack, b s, 1876, by August 
Belmont— Lay th am Lass, by Alex- 
ander's Abdallah (dead) 2:28 

Don Cossack, b s, 1887, by Tubal Cain 
—Kate Wl!€Pon 2:30 

Don Cossack Jr., br s, 1887, by Don 
Cossack- Etta May, by Charley 
Hammet 2:30 

Don Donnan, b s, 1888, by Dictator 
Wilkes— Maggie Berne, by Totoway 2:2094 

Don Mlpha, D g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Don Felix, b s, 1884. by Electioneer 
— Aflelalde, by Black Donald 2:27V4 

Don H., ch fl, 188—, by Tramp Jr 2:30 

Don Gotha-Td, b s, 1884, by St. 
Go thard— Crescent, bv Contractor. . 2:27 

Don Governor, ch g, 188— 2:27% 

Don L., be, 188—. by Fleldmont— Nut- 
meg Maid, by Thomas Jefferson 2:28% 

Don L.. br s, 188-, by Col Tom^ 2p^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Don Lowell, b s, 1888, by Don Marvin, 
dam by Brigadier 2:14i4 

Don Marvin, br s, 1884, by Pallls— 
Oora, by Don Victor 2:22^^ 

Don McGregor, ch e, 1883, by Robert 
McGregOP— Flora Leslie, by Florida. 2:27V4 

Don Mll^ br s, 1885, by Diamond Vol- 
unteen-^Maud V., by Vest's Bashaw. 2:23 

Don Monteith, b s, 1885, by Elec- 
tioneer—Mamie, by Imp. Hercules. . 2:2I>74 

Donna, br m, 188—, by Nelson— Flora 
T., by Gideon 2:27^ 

Donna Inez, br m, 188—, by Sinbad, 
dam by Success 2:2&V^ 

Donovan, b g, 1884, by Ben Wicks, 
dam by Black Blucher 2:27V4 

Don Pedro, b s, 188—, by Inkerman. . 2:28% 

Don Pedro, br s, 1875, by Knicker- 
bocker—Pet, by Mnlvey Clay 2:24V4 

Don Pedro, br s, 188—. by Toilet 2:25% 

Don Pedro, br s, 1887, by Tallett— 
Mystic, by Ambassador 2 :25% , 

Don Pulling, br a, 1882, by Harry i 

PuUing^Nelly Ducher, by Service's i 

Hambletonlan 2:30 I 

Don Quixote, gr g, 187—, pedigree not ; 

traced 2:29i4 ' 

Don Ricardo, b e, 1887, by Belmont— ' i 

Lulu, by Harold 2:21% 

Don a, b g, 1887. by Nestor— Dolly. , 

by Bastman's Flying Cloud 2:28^4 

Don Tomas, blk g, 1881, by Del Sur— 
Vasihti. by Mambrlno Patchen 2:20 

Don Wilkes, br s. 1887, by Red Wilkes 1 

—Princess, by Mambrlno Pet 2:29% 

Don Wilkes, br e, 1883, by Alcyone- 
Gossip, by Tattler 2:24% 

Donzella, b m^ 18—, by Bros 2:29%, 

Do-^, br m, 1871, by Corbeau Chief. . 2:261? i 

Dora, b m, 1879. by Gibraltar— Nelly, I 

by Black Warrior 2:29 i 

Dora, b m, 1884, by Fairy Gift— Julia, 2:30 , 

Dora Cossack, b m, 1886, by Don Cos- I 

sack— Dora H.. by Forrest Golddust 2:23 

Dora H., b m, 1891, by Forest Duke- 
Molly Patterson, by Dr. Herr 2:20^ 

Dom May, blk m- 1888, by Dictator 
Chief— Dora M., by Young Rolfe... 2:27^4 

Dora Thorne, b m. 1885, by Draco 
Medium— Snip, by Romulus 2:23 

Dora W.. b m, 1885, hy Hirsch Bel- 
mont—Rosebud, by Almont 2:30 ! 

Dorfmark. b s, 1889, by Allandorf— 
Jenny Bismarck, by Victor Bismarck 2:2134 

Dorcas Pratt, b m, 1890, by Stamboul 
— Aimee, by Del Sur " 2*25 

Doric, br ». 1887, by Santa aaus— 
Doris, t>y Jay Gould 2:29% ' 

Dorlfl, b m. 1887, by Kent-Clark 
Mare, by Don Giovanni 2-27'^i 

Dorking, b m. 188—. by He-rolt 2:24% 

Dot. blk m, 188—, bv Administrator— 
Lill. by Dean Swift 2-22'/ 

Dot. b g, 188a. by Patterson Medium ' 

—Cora, bv Fogg's Star 2:283/i 

Dot, b m, 1888, by Davm— Ella 2:20% 

Dot, b g, 186—, by American Bmperor, 
dam' by Doble's Black Bashaw 2:20% 

Dottell. ch m, 188—, bv Defender— 
Hattle R., by Andy Johnson 2:25% 

I>ot L., blk m. 1883, by Abdamed 
Allen— Kit Hyer, by Tom. Hyer 2:21 - 

Doty, b g. 186—. by Ohallenge-^Bmma 
F.. hv Prince Reynolds 2:21 

Dot^ D.. b m. 188—, bv Von Moltke. 2:25:^^4 

Double Crn«s. blk m. 1890, by Sable ! 

Wflkes— Hlnda Wilkes, by Guy 
Wilkes 2-18% 

Doubtful, gr g. 186—. pedigree not 

traced (dead) 2:29% 

Donchka, b m, 1890, by Wild Boy— 

Monique, by Fallls 2:24 

Douglas, gr g, 187—, by George Wash- 
ington 2:25 

Douglass, b g, 188—, by Charley B. . . . 2:27^* 

Douglaee, b s, 188^, by Egbert 2:182 

Douglass Almont, b s, 188—, by Allie 

Gaines 2-29 

Douglass Girl, br m, 1881, by'ste- * 

Bhen A. Douglass— Minnie, by Ham- 
n Patchen '>-*>ou. 

^A^^'J^^ ^ ¥^^y Young Mo'r^-ili; " ^^^ 
D^l^^terSlk^sTlsS^Ty ^tl^l: ^=^^ 
^^a'^^aTl^ Uea£ .^?".. .^.' .^^"'« 2W. 

^/S***:,.^^ ^' 1S^» oy Jim" Monroe 
(dead) o •*>7v 

Dreadnaught, ch g, 1860, pedigree not " 
tracedl 2'27v 

Dresch b s, 1892, by St. VIiiCMitVdam 
by Atlantic o.oa 

D.ift (Norvvood), br g. ISoO, by Rys-' 
dyk 8 Hambletonlan— Jenny Nut- 
wood, by Sultan 2-oa.r 

^'■^fflf^.^-if' ^,?®'c V. Voiinte^r- ^^^ 
aiow^^-^l' ^^ Seely's American 

Star (dead) 2-iftL^ 

Drum Major, gr g, 188-, by Young Jim 2'i&A 

Drummer Boy. b g, 186^-, by John W * 

Conley , 9.9QV/ 

^^?ilV^T.«' ^887, by Bartholomew ^ ^' 
Wilkes— Duranna. by Durango 2:30 

I>?ane^ b s, 18®, by Deucalion-Belle 
D., by Daniel Lambert 2-26Vi 

^rSS^'y? ?l ,^?^'. ^^ Sultan-Lady ^ ^* 
Dey, by California Dexter 2 17 

I>?chess b m, 1886, by Strathmoie- ' 
Lady Hamlet, by Hamlet 2-20% 

Duchess, b m, 18^8, by Sidney-Young 
Countess, by Sam Patchen. 2-20%i 

Duchess, gr m 18^-, by Pilot Almont 2:30 

Duchesa Russell, b m. 1885, by Mam- 
brlno Russell-^Duchess May, by 
Bysdyk's Hambletonlan (dead) .... 2:26% 

Duchess Wilkes, b m, 1884, by Fav- 
?J**1 7i!^S«;rI^dy Jefferson, by 
Clark Chief Jr ^. .. 2-27 

Duck, blk m, 187-, by Scott's Hla- * 
toga-Jenny Lind, by John Stanlev. 2:30 

I>"d Bonum, br s. 1885, by Mam- 

n5?i*^K^^^^U~~^,?*' £y Mulvey Clay. . 2:26 

Dude, b s, 1»— , by Dentist .2:20V^ 

^S^®'«L^' ^^J7' £y Jay Gould-Mary. ^ 
by ^eorge M. Patchen (pacing rec- 
ord 2:28) *>'27ii 

Dude H., blk g, 1879, pedigree * not ^ '^ 
traced 2-27 

Dudley, b g, 188— .*.'.*; oa^V. 

^S5^®^o9}?,°**V^*^ 8' 1888, by Albeit ' * 
W— Cecilia, by Ppscora Hayward.. 2:18^4 

^Sf I"??' ^ & J?84. by Deucalion- 
Estella n, by Daniel Lambert 2:28 

Dukes, b g; by Prank Bills— White 
Rose, by Winfleld Scott 2:25 

I>«Je, b g, 1867, by Duke of York 
(dead) 2 •26V 

Duke, ch g, 1881, by Iron Duke— Fan- ' 
ny, by Lakeland Abdallah 2:24Vt 

I>?ke. blk 8, 188-, by Hambletonlan 
Basnaw 2-25V; 

Duke of Kent, dh e, 1885, by AJax- 
Kitty Johnson, by Harry B 2:29% 

^^^ot 'Wemngton. b g, 1880, by 
Wellington— Young Daisy, by Stride- 
away ; 2:20 

Dunbar, br s, 1888, by Gen. Hancock- 
Verbena, by MeesengerJDuroc. . ^. . . 2:26^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Dundee, br s, 1876, bv^Jay (iould— 

Meta, by Mambrlno Pilot 2:^ 

Dundee, bik «, 188-, by Ollfton 2:27V4 

Dunnette. b m, 1884, by Rlenzl— Kate _^ 

Gano, by Garrard Chief 2:22^4 

Duplex, b g, 188—, by Woodward's 
Ethan Allen, dam by Daniel Lam- 

l^f^ 2:25% 

Dupree/ blk's.* isSS,* by Rumor— Daisy , ^ 

by aocrates 2:203^ 

Duqnesne. eh e, 1875, by Tlppoo Ba- 
shaw— Wild Rose, by RysdyVe Ham- 
bletonian (dead) 2:1 rh 

Durado, blk m, by C5lay King, dam 
by Mambrlno Time 2:27Vi 

Durango, br s, 1877, by Strader'a 

Cassius M. Olay Jr.— Mattle West, ^ 

by Almont 2:23% 

Durango Belle, br m, 1888, by Dur- 
ango— Gazelle, by Lofty 2:22*14 

Durango Maid, br m, 1883, by Dur- 
ango— Polka Dot, by Senator Mad- 
deS 2:2S% 

Duroc, br s, 1869, by Banker Messen- 
gers-Lady Parker, by Young Ameri- 
can 2:26% 

Duroo Gothard, br s, 1887, by St. 
Gothard— Maggie Duroc, by Messen- 
ger Dii:\)C 2:29% 

Duroc Maid, ch m. 1875, by Messenger 
Duroc— Fanny Sleight, by Ethan 
Allen 2:29% 

Duroc Wilkes, blk s, 1884, by Sher- 
man Wilkes— Duroc Pet, by Messen- 
ger Duroc 2:28% 

Duroc Wilkes, ch s. 1888, by Garuet 
Wilkes— Molly Duroc, by Iowa 
Duroc 2:18^4 

Duster, ch g, 188—, by Cuuard Jr., 
dam by Live Oak 2:21)4 

Duster Wllkee blk s, 1886, by Youug 
Wilkes— Nelly 2:27% 

Dusty Heels, ch m, 1888, by Rush- 
vllle-Bulla Mare 2:27% 

Dxifity Miller, ro m, 1882, by Triceps. . 2:20% 

DutchesB Boy, br g, 187—, pedigree _ 
not traced * 2:29% 

Dutch Girl rn m, 1874, by Ab- 
dallah Boy— Flora, by Black Doug- 
las 2:27% 

Diitoh Girl, gr m, 1858, by Dusty 
Miller (dead) 2:29Vi 

Dutch Girl, gr m. 1877, by Sllvertall 
-Wild Jin, by Wild Tom 2:27 

Dutchman, gr g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:30 

Dwight S. ch g, 1886, by Mohawk 
Chief— Topsey 2:26% 

Dwyer, ch e, 1888, by Diplomat- 
Maggie Twain, by Mark Twain 2:27% 

Dynamite, br g, 1887, by Teak Black- 
wood Jr.— Ida. by Bob ^:30 

Dynamite, b s, 1882, by Hambletonian 
Downing— Maude, by Mambrlno 
Patchen Jr 2:28 

Dynamite, blk g. 1884. by Ben Frank- 
lin—Bess, by Blackstone 2:20% 

Dynamite, blk g, 18—, by 'Gaviota . . . 2:29Vi 

Eager, b s, 1889, by Aristocrat- Kath- 
leen, by Pilot Jr 2:28 

Eagle Bird, ro s, 1882, by Jay Bird— 
Tansey, by George Wilkes 2:21 

Bagle Lake, b m, 188-, by WalklU 
Prince 2:27% 

Eagle Pass, b g, 1891, by Ha skew- 
Winnie Lee. by Abdallah West 2:29% 

Eagle PaflB, rn g 1892, by Eagle Bird 
Bell, by TJncle Gyp 2:2.'>,Vi 

Eagle l*lume, gr g, 1874, by Bayard- 
Speed, by Thomas Jefferson 2:29V^ 

E>arl, b s 1880, by Prluceps— Juno, by 

Rysdyk^s Hambletonian 2:23% 

Earl, ch g, 187—, by lievenue 2:20yj 

Earl Baltic, b a, 1887, by Baron 
Wilkes— Alpha Russell, by Mam- 

•»rliu> Russell 2:25V4 

Earl Belmont, b s, 1888, by Belmont 

—Betsy Baker, by Dictator 2:26V4 

Earldom, b n, 1887, by Mambrlno 

Startle— Bell, by Stockbrldge Duke.. 2:30 
Earl Finch, b g, 188-, by Robin- 

eon's Blue Bull , 2:26k. 

Earlle, blk s, 18H-. by Guy Wilkes.. 2:27% 
Earllne, b m, 1885, by Earl-Pioletta, ^ ^^ 

by Woodford Pilot 2:24. j 

Barlite, ch m, 1887, by Earl- Devo- 

tlon, by Cuyler 2:29)4 

Barl King, b s, 1889, by Viking-Bess 

Bright, by John Bright 2:27 

Earl McGregor, ch s, 1879, by Robert 

McGregor— Leona, by Bay Billy ... 2:21*2 
Barlmont, b s, 1885, by Almont Gift 

— AlUe S. by Ethan Allen Jr 2:21 

Barle's Lad, ch s, 18S6, by Earl- 

Helen Walker, by Pilot Mambrlno. 2:25V:: 
Earle's Laddy. b s. 1886, by B>arl— 

—Daisy Volunteer, by Volunteer . . . 2:24V4 
Earl's l4i^le, b m, 1885, by Earl— 

Flora v'^^rj ^'^ 

Early Bird, rn s, 18S6. by Jay Bird 

-Beulah, by Harold 2:12Va 

Early Bloom, br m, 1888, by Hermes 

— Llllybloom, by Daniel Lambert. .. . 2:29% 
Early Dawn, b m, 1880, by George 

Wilkes— Lady Frank, by Mambrlno 

Star 2:2iy,. 

Early Rose, ch m, 1875 by Almont— 

Jenny, by Ward's Flying Cloud.... 2:20V4 
Earnscllff, br s, 1884, by Messenger 

Chief— Minnie Helm, by American 

Boy 2:29 

Easter, b m. 1886, by Intrigue— Belle 

Lyons, by Balsora 2:23'/4 

Easter Boy, b g, 188—. by Abdallah 

Thome 2:30 

Eastern Boy, br s, 188—. by Gen. 

Knox-^essle, by Beal'e Horse 2:29% 

Eastern Boy, b g, 1881, by Little East- 
ern—River Lily, by Gen. Benton 2:27» , 

Easter Wilkes, b g, 1886, by Wilkes 

Spirit Jr.— Ora by Young America.. 2:21 'a 
Fapt View br g. 1887, by Alcyone— 

I I'redwica, by Oxmoor 2:23% 

Eastwood, b g, 1888, by Nuthunter— 

Idlewood, by Blackwood Jr 2 :24% 

Easy Billy, b g, 1873, by George M. 

Patchen Jr.— Miss Miller, by Tom 

Kimball Jr 2:29V. 

Ebony Job, blk g, 1885. by Melrose— 

Ingraham mare 2:28% 

Ebony Spink, blk s, 1884, by Spink— 

Fanny, by Greyhound 2:29% 

Ebony Wilkes, blk s. 1886, by Adrian 

Wilkes- Lady Patchen 2:19% 

Ebony Wilkes blk s, 1883. by Am- 
bassador-Nettle B., by Joe Hooker 2:29^ 

Echo, br g. 187—, by Regulus 2:28% 

Echo Medium, b g, 188<>. by Starin 
! Medliun— Wlnesap. by Van Dyke.. 2:21% 
i Echo Chief, ch s, 1877, by Octlbbeha 

—Lady Bounce, by Orr's Mambrino 2:21% 
I Echo Del Paso, b g, 188—, pedigree 

' not traced 2:28% 

Echona, br m, 1872, by Echo— Young 

Mare, by Jack Hawkins ...^,_;^ 2:23% 



— Mauon, by Nutwood 2:25% 

Eclipse, b g, 1876, by Edward Ev- 
erett—Dolly Varden, by imp. Eclipse 2:24VJ 

Economy, b m, 1884, by Echo— Lady 
Berkey. by Muldoon 2:30 

Ecru, b m. 1886, by Nephew— Ritcb- 
elders, by Messenger Chief 2:30 

Ecru, dn m, 1880, by Belmont— Top- 
eey, by St. Elmo 2:27^ 

Bd, b g, 188^, by Brwin Davis 2:26 

Ed Biggs, br s. 188—, by Brigadier. .. 2:28^4 

Ed Ciarkson, b s, 1886, by Idol 
Wilkes— Maud X„ by Mambrino 
Pet Jr 2:20% 

Bd Cook ch g, 188—, by Warwick Boy 
—Maggie Boy Ion, by Mercury 2:24V<t 

Hd Davis, b g, 18^-, by Counsellor.. 2;24V4 

Eddie B., br g 1885, by Plato Jr.— 
Fanny 2:29>4 

PMdie G., b g, 188—, by Jefferson 
Prince .* 2:27Vj 

Eddie Hayes, blk s, 1888, by Charles 
Caffrey— Bva, by Tlppoo Bashaw.. 2:23^^ 

Eddie Medium, b g, 1878, by Happy 
Medium— Lizzie Lee by Edwin 
Booth 2:2914 

Eddie Wilkes, blk g. 187-, by Com- 
monwealth—Lady Wilkes, by Jimmy | 
Battler 2:23V4 

Eddy, b s, 188—, by Damo 2:19% 

Eddy Sherman, b s, 1889, by Sher- 
man—Alma Bddy, by Jerome Eddy. . 2:29^^ 

Bd Eaton, gr g. 18o— , by White Ghost 
—Fanny Phelps (dead) 2:28 

Edelweiss, b m, 1880, by Colonna— 
Eliza, by Hartman Horse 2:30 

Bdenia, ch m, 1888, by Bndymion— 
Empress, by Abrlallah Mambrino... 2:13% 

Ed Fay, b g, 188— by Chrisman 
Patchen dam by Whipple's Harable- 
tonian .' 2:28% 

Edgar, b g, 188—. by Egbert 2:80 

Edgar, ch g. 187—, by Col. Winfield 
—Molly McWhorter, by Young Dan- 
iel Webster ^ 2:30 

Edgar A., b g, 1882, by Collins' Den- 
mark, dam by Collins' Denmark 2:23V4 ' 

Bdgardo, b s, 1885. by Uumor— Lucia, 
by Jay Gould 2:13'«^i 

Bdgar Dudley, b e. 1887, by Ion— Heir- 
ess, by Administrator 2:17% 

Bdgar Herr, b s, 188—, by Bdgar 
Wilkes 2:29V4 

Edgar Moody, b s, 1888, by Moody— 
— Durango Maid, bv Duransro 2:21 Vi 

Bdgar P.. b .s, 1889, by Nutbreaker— 
Lady Kate Sprague^ by Gov. Spragne 2:24% 

Bdgar W.. b g, 188—, by Manchester. . 2:24«/4 

Bdgar Wilkew. b s, 1885, bv Ethan 
Wilkes— Callle T., by Kentucky 
Prince 2:24V4 

Bdgecliff. b g. 1875, by Baybrlno— Moll, 
by Ward Horse 2:27 

Bdgehlll. br s, 1878, by Dictator-Sue, 
by Thorndale 2:2.j«/^ 

Bdgemark. b s. 1885. by Victor Bis- 
marck— Bdgewater Belle, by Bdge- 
water 2:16 I 

Bdgerton, b s. 1885, by Blackwood— 
Enterprise, by Onward 2:26% : 

PJd Getchel, br g, 1869, by Winthrop 
Morrill 2:27 | 

Bdgewood, rn g 1885. by Tom Rogers 
—Little One, by Corbeau 2:21 

Bdgewood. br g, 1878, by Black Ran- 
ger—Doll 2:2TV4 

Bogewood, b g, 187—. Tjv Aberdeen. .. 2:2.')V4 

Kd Graham, b g, 188-. by Gen. George 

H, Thomas, dam by Mambrino Cloud 

Bdiflce. b s, 1888, by Jerome Eddy 
— Veirney, by Haw Patch 

Bdina, br m, 1885, by Jerome Eddy- 
Dolly Bryant, by Regular 

Edison, b g, 1878, by Gen. Knox— 
May Bug, oy Aberdeen 

Edith, b m, 1878, by Happy Medium 
—Black Bess, by Black O^car 

Edith Ahnont, b m, 1882, by King Al- 
mont— Mary Ann, by Magnolia .... 

Edith F., b m, 188—, by Stephen A. 

Edith Card, b m, 188-, by Shade- 
land Onward 

Edith H., gr m, 1888. by Deucalion 
— Pattl, by Nutbourne 

Edith N. b m, 1891, by Durango, dam 
by Laclede 

Edith R., b m, 1883, by Monaco— Au- 
gusta Schuyler, by Aberdeen 

Edith Spragae, gr m, 188— by 
Qeoige Sprague— Kitty Bines 

Edith v., b m, 1888, by Little Ben- 
Laura G., by Flying Duke 

Editor, b g, 1880, by Princeps— Duroc 
Maid, by Messenger Duroc 

Bdleen, gr m, 188—. by Jerome Eddy. 

Ed Mack, br g, 1880, by Hambleton- 
ian George— Flora, by Johnny 

Bd Marsh, b g, 188—. by Reliance... 

Edmonita, b m, 1878, by Dictator— 
Wlngate, by Blackwood 

Bdmore, b s, 1881, by Louis Napoleon 
—Fanny Mapes, by Alexander's Ab- 

Edna, ro m, 186—, by a son of Wis- 
consin Tiger— Mary Barden, by Hob- 
kirk's Sir Henry Jr. (dead) 

Edmund Burke, b s. 1882. by Solicitor 
— Monette, by Bonnie Boy 

F*dna C, br m, 1880, by Warwick 
Boy— Fanny Talmage, by Squire Tal- 

Edna M., b m, 1888, by Egbert— Grace 
G., by Petoskey 

Edna W., b m, 1887, by Brougham- 
Belle of Cla-ence, by Finch's St. 

Bd Sutherland.' b s*. * 1884,* by Egbert- 
Lizzie Winn, by Ericsson 

Bd Turner, ch s. 1887, by Crittenden 
— Jottie, by Gibson's Bav Pilot 

Edward, ch g, 1872, by Masterlode— 

Edward, b g, 1884. by Volney— Daisy . 

Edward B., ch g, 1878, by Blue Bull— 
.Tennv Curtis, by Morgan Messenger 

Edward K.. br g. 1880, by Knox— 
Nelly Walker, by Mohawk Chief 

Bdwardo. b «, 1890, by Bpau!et— 
Eilftli G., by Young Volunteer 

Edwin H., ch s, 1879, by Alert— Sten- 
cil, bv StIUson 

Bd White, b g, 1863, by Jim Scott 

Ed Wilder, ch g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 

Ed Wilkes, blk g, 1885, by Bartholo- 
mew Wilkes- Bell Llndsey, by Gir- 
ard Stockbridge 

Bd Wilkes, b'^ s. 1882, by Young 
Wilkes— Flora Bush 

Edwin, ch g. 188—, by Gooding's 
Champion- Fannv 

Bdwln A., b s. 1872. by Gooding's 
nhamplon— Miss Pratt, bv Henry 



















Digitized by 
















Bdwin B., blk g, 1871, pedigree not 
tiTAced •••••••••••••>••••••••• 

HJdwin O./ ch' i* 1880,' by Ciiyler— ifon- 
nle, by Field's Royal George 

Bdwin Olay, cli g, 188—, by Harry 

Edwin Forrest, b g, 1871, by Ned 
Forrest— Fanny Monday, by Smiling 

Edwin Q., ch g, 1879, by Chicago Vol- 

Eklwin Thome, ch g, 1873, by Thom- 
diile— l^ady Iiightroot, by Ashland.. 

Bdwyne, b m, 1886, by Bonnie Wilkes 



— Tiixey, by Louis Napoleon (dead) 
Effie, b m, 1874, by / * '^ 

by Kentucky Chief 

by Almont— Bazaar, 

Effie B., CT m, 1878, by Otego Chief, 
dam by Flying Cloud 

Effie Deans, b m, 186—, by Rysdyk's 

Hambletoniau Molly, by Liong 

Island Black Hawk 

Effie M., ch m, 1892, by Androla 

Bffie Payne, b m, 1889, by Mam- 

■ brino Fayne— Flora, by Deacon .... 

Effie Bene, b m, 1887, by Dictator— 
Musetta, by King Rene 

Effie Thornton, ch m, 1884. by Ab- 
dallah Mambrino— Millie, by .^orton 

Bffie Wilkes, ch m, 1889, by J. K. 
Shedd— Berlinda, by Hero of Thorn- 

Egalite, ch s, 1S81, by Egbert— Stock- 
bridge Belle, by Stockbridge Chief 

Egdalia, b m, 1886, by Egbert— Sue, 
by Thomdale 

EKDertime, ch s, 1885, by Egbert- 
Nettie Time, by Mambrino Time 
(pacing record, 2:16-%) 

Egdale, ch s, 1888, by Egbert— Sue, by 
Thomdale ." 

Egg Hot, b fl, 1888, by Egbert— Laura, 
by Billy Adams 

Rgg Nog, b- s, 1886, by Egbert- 
Fanny, by Long Island Bashaw . . 

Eggnog, b m, 1887iby Egbert— Lucille, 
Blackwood, by Blackwood . . .• 

%Iantine, b m, 1887, by Egbert, dam 
by Mambrino Howard 

Bgmont, blk g, 1881, by Egbert- 
Annie, by (TottrlU Morgan 

Bgmont (vhief, br s, 1882, by Egmont 
—Lady Frankfort, by Frankfort 

Ego, b s, 1880, by Chief Justlco— Al- 
maid, by Almore 

- ft, b 


s, 1885. by Electioneer— 

Sprite, by Bel mom 

Effthorne, br s, 1882, by Egbert— Sue, 
by Thomdale 

Bgwood, b 8, 1885. by Egbert— Lucille 
Blackwood, by 3lajkwood 

Egyptienne, blk m, 1885, by Mambrino 
Kinsr— Bav Hambletonian, by Rys- 
dyk's Hambletonian 

Eiffel T. Wilkes, gr s, 188— , by Mes- 
senger Wilkes, dam by Blue Bull.. 

Ellers, b s, 1888, by Onslaught- 
Betty, by Iowa Almont 

B. J. S.. b m, 1887, by Strait's Super- 
ioiv-Old Knox 

Elaine, br m, 1874, by Messenger 
Du'Hic— Green Mountain Maid, by 
Harry Clay 

Elastic, br e, 1887, by Mambrino Ab- 
dallah-^elleta, by Sterling 

Elastic Starch, b g, 1880, by Dick 

2:18 , 
2:23!.i ' 

2:30 ' 

2:29% ; 

2:25Vi I 

2:2(»4 ; 


2:26 I 
2:29% j 

2:18% I 
2:2714 ; 
2:27% j 

2:25 i 


2;lSv*i ' 




2:26% i 


2:24 I 

Blata, b m, 188—, by Enright 2:2-1% 

m Banecia, blk a, 1888, by Alcyone- 
Remembrance, by George Wilkes.. 2:2i>% 

Elbert, ch s. 1888, by Egbert— Dicta- 
tor Belle, by DlcUtor 2:26V4 

El Benton, b b, 1888, by Electioneer 
—Nellie Benton, by cTen. Benton.. 2:28)4 

Eibertle. b e, 1885, by Egbert- 
Amanda, by Blackwood 2:27% 

Elbert K., b g, 1887, by McKean— 
Minnie S 2:28i:!4 

El Gapitan, b s, 1882. by Nutwood- 
Nelly, by Eastman's Black Hawk. 2:26 

El Capltan, b s, 1883, by Thomdale— 
Gem, by Superb 2:24 

Blcho, gr m, 1880, by Daniel Boone— 
Alice Dunn, by Farnumi Horse 2:27>4 

Elda B.. b m, 1880, by Wood's Ham- 
bletonian— May. by Dandy 2:20Vi 

Elden, br m, 1889, by Nephew- 
Eleanor, by Electioneer 2:ll»Vij 

Bldine, b m, 188—, by Muscatine 2:29% 

Eldlne, b m, 188o, by Haw Patch— 
Rozehe, by P. H. Baker 2:28^2 

Eldora, b m, 1890, by Elsmere— 
Redowa, by Redwood 2:23 

Bldredge, ch g, 1889, by Sprague— 
Myrtle, by G -een's Edward. 2:23% 

Eleanor Malloy, ch m, 1888, by Mc- 
Curdy's Hambletonian— Nelly Bly, 
by Conductor Jr 2:29% 

Elect, b 8, 188— by Richard's Elector 2:20 

Electant, b s. 1890, by Electioneer— 
Mano, by Piedmont 2:27 

Electee, gr s, 188—, by Anteeo— Maud 
Medium, by Milton Medium 2:29Va 

Elect Cossack, b s, 1889, by Don Cos- 
sack— Electa, by Electioneer 2:29^^ 

Election, b s, 1885. by Electioneer^— 
May Queen, by Alexander's Norman 2:28% 

Election, blk m, 1891, by Ambassa- 
dor—Celeste, by Electioneer 2:26% 

Election Bel, br s, 1888, by St. Bel— 
Corinne, by Starmont 2:22V4 

Electioneer (Bowman's), b s, 1891, by 
Campbell's BlectUneei- 2:26% 

Electioneer (Camrjbell's), b s. 1886. by 
Electioneer- Edith Carr, by Clark 
C^ief : 2:17% 

Electmont, blk s, 1890, by Chimes— 
Ck)logne, by Mambrino King 2:22^4 

Elect Moore, b s, 1887, by Blect- 
Feny, bv Bonner 2:27 

Elector, D s, 1880, by Electioneer— 
Lady Babcock, by Whipple's Ham- 
bletonian (dead) 2:21^ 

Elector (Rlchai-d's), blk s, 1881, by 
Electioneer— Juniata, by St. Olair. .. 2:25 

Elector H., blk s, 1885, by Agile- 
Dolly H., by Western Fearnaught. . . 2:25 

Elector Jr., b s, by Richard's Elector.. 2:29^4 

Electra, b m, 188—, by Richard's 
Elector— Moore Maid, by The Moor. 2:18% 

Electra. b m, 1882. by Charley B.— 
Mag Schenck. by Lcidi 2:2.'5% 

Electress, b m, 1886, by Richard's 
Elector— Sugar Plum, by Lodl 2:27i,4 

Electress, b m. 1888, by Electioneer— 
Lora. by Piedmont 2:30 

Electric Coin b s, 1886, by Elec- 
tioneer— CeciUna. by Gen. Benton... 2:18^4 

Electric, b m, 1881, by Satellite, dam 
by Perue's Hambletonian 2:00 

Electric, b g, 187—, by Edward Ever- 
ett—Flora, by Junlter 2 :20 

ElectMclan, b s, 1884, by Electioneer 
—Rebecca, by Gen. Benton 2:21% 

Electricity, b m, 188—, by Nitrogen... 2:.30 

Electricity, br s. 1884. by Electioneer 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



—Midnight, by Pilot Jr 2:17% 

Blectric King, b s, 1887, by^ Election- 
eer— Mamie C, by imp. Hercules... 2:24 

Blectrina, b m, 1888, by Richard's 
Elector— Stemwinder, by Venture... 2:20 

Blectriz, b m, 1887, by Electioneer— 
Lady Russell, by Ha.X)ld 2:28^4 

Electro Bell, b m, 1890, by Electro- 
type—Preamble, by Pancoast 2:27?4 

Blectrobenton. b s, 1880, by Election- 
eer—Nettle Benton, by Gen. Benton. 2:24^/^ 

Blectroid, b s, 1890, by Eros— Rosa 
Bonhenr, by Brwln Davis 2:30 

Blectryon, b s, 1886, by Electioneer— 
Lina K., by Don Victor 2:24^^4 

Electuary, b s, 1887, by Electioneer 
—Maria, by Don Victor 2:27 

Blectwood, b e, 1886, by Electioneev— 
Amrah, by Nutwood 2:30 

Elegance, ch s, 1889, by Sidney— Dell 
Poster, by A. W. Richmond 2:30 

Elena, b m, 1888, by Capoul— Barbara, 
by Egbert 2:24-')4 

Elevator, b s, 188^, by Sim's Clark 
Chief 2:22)4 

Elflnwood, ch s, 1889, by Nutwood— 
Amora, by Attorney 2:15U 

Bllrlda, b m, 1890, by Candidate- 
Gladness, by Nutwood 2:13% 

Elgin, b g, 188—, by Lothair Jr 2:2i^4 

Elgin, b g, 188—, by Locomotive 2:27 

Elgin Girl, blk m 2:27^^ 

EJ, br g, 1885, by Black Hawk Harry 
— PicMe 2:2d\(i 

Bli, b g, 1880, by Lothair, dam by 
Bth-in Allen 2:28i4 

Eli, dn g, 1877, by a Gypsy horse- 
Belle of Clarence, by Finch's St. 
Lawrence 2:30 

Bli, b g, 1882, by Slgnal-Worten 
Mare 2:18% 

Eli, ch g, 188— by Melrose, dam by 
Wriglit Horse 2:20 

Eli Almont. ch g, 1885, by Almont 
Pilot— Plash, by Orlando 2:22% 

Blina, blk m, 18^, by Messenger 
Duroc— Green Mountain Maid, by 
Harry Clay 2:28 

Elista, blk m, 1883, by Meseenger 
Duroc — G'een Mountain Maid, by 
Harry Clay 2:20% 

Elita Russell, b m. 1888, by T^rd Rus- 
sell—Elite, by Messenger Duroc 2:2994 

Elite, b m, 1887, by Messenger Chief 
—Laura Thompson, by Dictator 2:30 

Elixir, cr g, 1886, by Elyria, dam by 
son of Stranger 2:22% 

Eliza Jane, b m, 1886, by Thomas K. 
— McKenna Mare 2:26% 

Bliza T., b m, 188^-, by Vitruvlan 2:19% 

Blkhorn. b e, 1887, by Onward— Long 
Lane, by Long Island Patchen ... 2:28% 

Blkin. ch s. 1886, by Abdallah Mam- 
brino, dam by Berkley's American 
Clay 2:22^ 

Blkmont, ch g, 188—, by Boetlck's 
Almont Jr 2:30 

Elko, br m, 1885, by Lumps— Katie 
0., by Mambrino Patchen 2:17 

Ella, b m, 1884, by Electioneer- 
Lady Ellen, by Carr's Mambrino . . 2:29 

Ella, b m, 1885, by Melrose— Belle 
Hammond, by Honest Dan 2:28% 

Ella B., b m, 188-. by Guy Miller . . . 2:26V4 

Ella Belmont, b m, 1888, by Belmont— 
Ella day by American Clay 2:24% 

Ella Clay, b m, 1882. by Wilgus Clay 2:23»a 

Ella Clay, b m, 1869, by American 
C!ay, dam by ^famhrino Ohlief 

(dead) 2:27V{» 

Ella D., b m. 1887, by Azim— Maud 
Walker 2:28% 

Ella Doe, ch m, 1871, by Daniel Lam- 
bert-^ticknose, by Cook's Colum- 
bus 2:23% 

Ella B., gr m, 188—, by Chicago Vol- 
unteer 2:25 

Ella B., b m, 1882 by Prince Elma- 
Coaley 2:22/^ 

Ella Earl, br m, 1872, by Almont— 
Suse, by John C. Breckinridge 2:2r» 

Ella Elwood, b m, 1860, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:2i> 

Ella Lewis, b m, 1869, by Vermont- 
Kate McDonough 2:27 

Ella M., b m, 188—, by Richard's 
Elector 2:28% 

linia M., b m. 188—, pedigi'ee not 
traced , 2:28% 

Ella May, b m, 1891, by Nephew— 
Theora, by Gooding's Champion ... 2:28 

Ella Madden, b m, 1868, by Rysdyk'.s 
Hambletonian— Lady Vail, by 
Drew's Hambletonian 2:25% 

Ella McGee, br m, 1887, by Elevator 
— Valdue, by Vallive 2:29',4 

Ella Norwood, b m, 1878, by Norwood 
—Lady Wlnfleld, by Edward Everett. 2:22% 

Ello O., blk m, 1887, by Declaration 
—Nelly Draco, by Draco 2:24 

Ella O. K., b m, 1887, by Wilkes Boy 
—Daisy, by Daubigne 2:29 

EUard, b e, 1888, by Charley Wilkefi 
—Daisy, by Fearless 2:09% 

Ella Rene, b m, 1889, by Chastelard 
—Anita, by Stockbridge 2:25 

Ella Vertner, b m, 1889, by Epaulet 
—Ella Medium, by Happy Medium 2:19% 

Ella W., b m, 188--. 2:29 

Ella Wilkes, ro m, 1884, by Pavorite 
Wilkes— Betty Higgine, by Joe 
Downing 2:26% 

Ella Wilson, bm, 1866, by Blue BuU- 
Panny Benson, by Jerry 2:30 

Ella Woodline, br m, 1891, by Wood- 
line— Venture, by Voltaire 2:2,UA» 

Ella Wright, b m, 1863, by Trojan, 
dam by Hercules 2:24% 

Bllemac, b m, 188-, by Alvan 2:21 

Ellen Cooper, b m, 1877, by Star of 
Catskill— Nielly HJaytacs, by Vol- 
unteer 2:29*4 

Mleneer, b m, 1888, by Electioneer— 
Lady Ellen, by Carr's Mambrino. . 2:2iyi 

Ellen Mayhew, bll^ m, 1886, by Direc- 
tor—Lady Earnest, by Speculation.. 2:22 

Bllerslie Wilkes, blk s, 1880. by 
George Wilkes- Aileen, by Mam- 
brino Boy 2:22% 

Ellington D., gr s, 1884, by Ellington 
Boy— Lady D.. by Norman D 2:26% 

Ellis, b g, 1886, by Zack Chandler- 
Kit 2:26y4 

Ellis Medium, b s, 188—, by Ftank 
Ellis 2:24 

BUoree, ch m, 1890. by Axtell— Flora 
McGregor, by Robert McGregor .. 2:18 

Elma, b m, 1891, by Quaker Boy— 
T^ady Motor, by Mambrino Motor... 2:29% 

Elma Sontag, b m, 1890, by Elec- 
tioneer— Sontag Dixie, by Toronto 
Sontag 2:29 

El Mahdl, ch s. 1885, by Onward-^ 
Lady Bunker, by Mambrino Patchen 2:25% 

Elmbrook, ro s. 1885, by Hamble- 
tonian Chief- Pet Knox, by Gil- 

breth Knox ^ ». . 2:26i'i 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



fiUmer, br g, 1875, by Gooding's Cham- i 

pion— BeUe, by Bysdyk's Hamble- 
tonlan 2:22^i 

Elmer Wilkes, ch s, 1883, by FaTorlte 
Wilkefr-Alma. by Almont Rattler. . 2:28 

Blmo, cb B, 18^, by Wise's Mohawk 2:27 

Elmo, b B, 1870, by St. Blmo— Jenny, 
by Tiger 2:27^1 

Elmo Bcbo, br s, 1889, by Stougbton | 

J. Fletcher— Alma, by Blmore 2:90 

Elmo Maid, b m, 1885, by Joe Elmo- 
Nelly, by Boherty Horse 2:23V4 

El Monte,' gr g, 1882, by Echo— Light- 
foot, by_HubDard 


Elmore Everett, b g, 185—. by An- 
drew Jackson— Falka (dead) 2 '.30 

Elmwood Chief, br g, 1876, by Blade 
Ranger— Doll 2:18% 

Elolse, blk m, 1886, by Kentucky 
Prince— CamlUe, by Ryedyk's Ham- 

bletonian 2:15 

El Pastore, b s, 188—, by Waterford 2:20 
El Eami, ch g, 1801, by Wlldnut— 
Nellie Benton, by Qen. Benton ..^ 2:20% 

E. Li. Robinson, b s, 1880, by Epaulet 

— LlBzie M., by Thomas Jefferson... 2:17% 
Eliza S., b m, 188—, by Alcantara Jr. 

— KataUne, by Friday McOracken . . 2:16^ 
Elsie, ch m, 1887, by Regent— Maud, 
by Black Ranger 2:26^ 

Elsie B.. br m, 1884, by Sprlngstein's 
Bashaw 2:20% 

Elsie Good, ch m, 1871, by Blue Bull 
—Molly Patterson, by Alexand^'s 
Abdallah 2:22^^ 

Elsie Groff, ro m, 1874, by Danville 
(dead) / 2:25 

Elsie Harris, blk m, 1880, by Scarlet 
Wilkes— Miss Limestone, by Lime- 
stone 2:25%l 

Elsie Manager, gr m, 1886, by Sample { 

-Josie Ferris, by Altorf 2:30 ' 

Elflie S., cb m, 1888, by DuBois' Su- 
perior-Ruth 2:21% 

Elsie Spragne, ch m, 1885, by Rounds' 
Sprague— Lady Rodman, by Bel- 
mont 2:18% 

Elsie Wilkes, gr m, 1800, by Thorne 

_Wilkes— Elsie, by Greenwood 2:24% 

iJisle Wood, blk m. 1885, by John E. 
Wood, dam by Kentucky Whip... 2:30 ; 

Elsie Y., br m, 1876, by Whirlwind- 
Maud 2:20% 

Elsinore, ch s, 1888, by Jersey Wilkes 
— Lotlie Patchen, by Mambrino 
Patchen 2:25 : 

Elton, br e, 1890, by Egotist- Spring 
Time, by Nutwood 2:21 

El Treblzond, br s, 1887, by Stam- 
bond— Bllwood. by A. W. Richmond 2:26% 

Elvira, blk m, 1880, by Ouyler— Mary 
Mambrino, by Mambrino Patchen 
(dead) 2:18% 

Elwina, b m, 1800, by Electioneer— 
Esther, by Express 2:27% 

El wood, b g, 188—, by Alaric 2:30 

Blwood. br g, 1880, by Kentucky 
Wilkes— Melinda. by Oxmoor 2:26% 

Elwood Medium, b s. 1874, by Happy 
Medium- Blanche, by Hopkins' Ab- 
dallah 2:24% 

Blyria ch s. 1882. by Mambrino King 
—Maggie Marshall, by Bradford's 
Telegraph 2:25% 

Bl.vrlna. b m. 1887. by Blyria— Minnie 
Hicks, by Garibaldi 2:20% 

Ely See. br s, 1888. by Talavera- 
Maud B., by McMahon 2:27% 

Emaliue, b m, 1884, by Electioneer— 

Ehuma Robson, by Woodburn 2:27Vj 

Emallne K., ch m, 1885, by Redden's 

Lancewood Jr.— Magna 2:30 

Itanbassador, blk s, 1860, by Ambassa- 
dor-Julia Anderson, by Highland 

Morgan 2:2r> 

Embassy, b m, 1885, by Ambassador- 
Jenny, by Robert Fillingham Jr. ... 2:21% 
Emblem, ch s, 1886, by Ambassador- 
Nettle, by Mambrino Patchen Jr... 2:27% 
Emeline K., ch m, 188—, by Lance- 
wood Jr 2:20 

Emerald, b g, 187—, pedigree not 

traced 2:2j>V4 

Emerald, gr g, 187—, pedigree not 

traced 2:30 

Emerson King, blk s, 1887, by Mam- 
brino King— Mandrake, by Black- 
wood Chief 2:27V4 

Emily, b m, 1888, by Judge Hayeti— 

Alice, by Menelaus 2:30 

Emin Bey,.b 8, 1838^ by Guy Wilkes— 

Tempest, by Sultan 2:21% 

Eminence, b m, 1884, by Empire- 
Soprano, by Strathmore 2:18)^ 

Enuna Armstrong, ch m, 1884, by 

Starmont— Belle Hines, by Hylns .. 2:28% 
Emma B., gr m, 1872. by Bayard, 

dam by Brown Harry 2:22 

Emma B., ch m, 1883, by Highland 
Grey— Kathrina, by Daniel Lam- 
bert 2:2r»Vi 

Emma B.. b m, 188—, by Sherman's 
Hambletonian— Little Mag, by Lit- 
tle Woeful 2:20% 

Emma B., br m, 188—, by Hamble- 
tonian Bashaw 2:26% 

Emma Balch, ch m, 1885, by Nabob- 
Jenny Lind, by Saxe 2:20% 

Emma Oarroll, b m, 188—, by Charley 

Ross 2:27 

Emma El, br m, 187—. by Tom Moore 2:20 
Emma E., b m, 1881, by Jim Fisk- 

Nelly, by Magna Charta 2:10% 

Emmaetta, b m, 1887. by Antioch— 

Volunteer Maid, by Volunteer 2:2J) 

Emma G., ch m, 1881, by Elmo- 
Lilly Shear, by Whipple's Hamble- 
tonian (dead) 2:27% 

; Emma Hayes, gr m, 1886, by Alaric— 

Lucy, by Grey ESagle 2:24 

Emma J., b m, 188—, by Platte 2:27^4 

Emma Nutwood, b m. 1880, by Nut- 
wood—Lady Emma, by McCraeken's 

Black Hawk 2:24 

; Emma R., b m, 1887, by Electioneer 

—Emma Robson, by Woodburn 2:2804 

I Bhama T.. b m, 1887, by Socrates— 

I Patsy Labor, by Abdallah Pilot 2:17V'. 

! Emma Temple, b m, 1883, by Jackson 
Temple— Lizzie R., by Emigrant 

I (dead) 2:2l 

, Emma Westland, b m, 1802, by West- 

1 land 2:20V4 

I Emma W., b m, 1881. by Boxer 2:25% 

Emma Wilkes, b m. 188—. by Wilke- 

sonian, dam by King William 2:23V4 

Emmett, blk g. 187—. by Mambrino 

Time— Nelly, by Ashland Chief .... 2:20Vj 
Bttimett, gr g, 188—, pedigree not 

traced 2:.30 

, Emmett, B., b g. 1877, by Strath- 
I more— Miss Spaulding, by Spauld- 

I lug's Abdallah 2:20^i 

I Emmet B.. blk s. 1887, by EllersUe 
I Wilkes— Minnie A., by Young Jim.. 2:28V! 
Emmons, b g. 188—, by PoriMM: Prin ("6,2:20% 
Digitized by CjOOQIC 



Bmolfta, b in, 18S7, by Sealskin 
AVilkefi— Rosedale, by Almont Pilot 2:24i4 

Emory, b g, 1887, by Ethan Wilkes, 
(lam by Peavine 2 :30 

Rmperor, blk s, 1865, by Newman 
Horse, dam by Lewiston Boy (dead) 2:29V4 

Emperor, b g, 1860, by Rollins Horse 
(dead) 2:30 

Kmperor Wilkes, b e, 1886, by Wil- 
liam L., -Pilot Anna, by Pilot Jr... 2:20*>4 

Emperor William, b s, 1867, by Gen. 
Knox-Lady Holliij 2:27^/2 

Empire Wilkes, b s, 1881. by George 
Wilkes— Jane Moseley, by Mambrino 
Patchon 2:2014 

Kinprees, b m, 1852, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2 :30 

Empress, ch m, 1875, by Whipple's 
Blambletonlan— Kaly Tricks, by Col- 
onel 2:24 

Empress, br m. 1878, by Flaxtail— 
Lady Narley, by Marion 2:20% 

Empress, ch m,1870, by Panic— Coot 
Mare, by Yorkshire Whig 2:30 

l^imulation, ch m, 1882, by Onward- 
Santa Glaus, by Magic 2:21 

Enchantress, b m, 1874, by Happy 
Medium— Kitty Clover, by Hero 2:26% 

E. N. fJook, ch s, 1887. by Wilkie Col- 
lins-Nelly F. by Mohican 2:26VL 

Encore, blk m, 1883, by Kentucky 
l*:*ince— Maggie Dnroc, by Messen- 
ger Duroc 

BntTeavof. h 3, l>sii, hy C5ounsellor— 
EFermtnef by Ev i ■ l 1 1 l ] 

I')c derby, b k. 1>.>7, ty Victoria — 
ElH^tni, hv Kluff Piling 

Eiidymlou. btk a, 18TS>, by Dictator— 
Aunlo I^lrif^Hii. by ^iorKJiu Rattler... 

Energy. Ii * 1^*6, by Onward— Fa n- 
vlion, bv Hiiuilln't^ AlmoQt Jr 

Hnrtf^El. b s. }H\>,, by Ilyi^dyk's Ham- 
bin toni ft n-Jul La S I a th rp<- (dead) 

tlnlin. b' m. im¥\ by Rjjron Wilkes- 
Eil<^, by EdtlH:] 

QDlfnna., blk m, 1S8», by Shermont— 

LUtle Mnegfe, by Vii^toi-. 

Kidffmii, b m, bSfi^f. Ijy Alcalde— Leila, 
by t>uwrilnif'K VBiiuont 

B^nola, fh m, \m\, h\ R. F. Galloway, 
(tarn by nontrlnml's Sam 

Unright, b s, 1885, by Nutwood— La 
Grade, by Cuyler 

Ensign, b s, 1873, by Enchanter— 
Oneta, by Volunteer 

F^Inviron. br m, 1886, by Envoy— Belle 
Green, by Green's Bashaw 

Envoy, br s, 1871, by Gen. Hatch- 
Dolly, by Iowa 

Eola, ch m, 188—, bv King Clay 

Eoline. b m, 1800, by Anleoo— :Myriad, 
by Strange? 

Epaulet, b s, 1880. by Auditor— panta- 
lette, by Princeps 

Eph, ch g, 1881, by Zachariah-Lady 
Carpenter, by Ryfidyk's Hambleton- 
ian (dead) 

Ephraim, br g, 188—, by Dauntless. . . 

Epithet, b m, 1880, by Princeps— 
Fautress, by Hamlet 

Epitaph, b ra. 188- bv Billy Stanton. 

Equinox, br s. 1882, bv Strader's Cas- 
slus M. Clay Jr— Sally M.. by Al- 

Equivalent, b s. 1800, by Reserve 
Fund— Misdeal, by Sherman Wilkes.. 

Erelus. blk g. 1873. by Scott's Hlatoga 
—•Fanny Moore, by SalsbuT' Snm. .. 

Erector, br s. 1888. by Director— 













2:26 'a; 



2:20% I 


2:28' i 

Millie D., by Mambrino Gift 2:25 

Erena, gr m, 1886. by Alcyone— Es- 
telle, by Clark Chief 2:10% 

Ergot, b m, 1888, by Wllkeswood-Pet, 
by Haw Patch r 2 :23J(^a 

Eric, b g, 1872, by Ericsson— Jenny 
Bryan, by John Dillard 2:28V4 

Erica, blk m, 1880, by William L.— 
Cai^ta, by Egbert 2:24 

Erie Girl, b m, 1883, by Lord Almont 
—Erie Maid, by Star Hambletouian.. 2:2^4 

Erin, b g, 188—, by Dexter Prince 2:25Vj 

Erin, b s, 1880, by' Belmont— Eventide, 
by Woodford Mambrino 2 :24% 

Brma, blk m, 1886, by Director— Ma- 
liss, by Werner's Rattle.- 2:25^2 

Ermine, blk m, 1886. by Plymouth- 
Pan, by Hugeley's IMlot 2:13V4 

Erminie, b m, 1886, by Gen. Washing- 
ton— Brema, by Socrates 2:30 

Ernest B., b g, 1880, by Hambleton- 
ian's Last— 25illa, by Trojan Jr 2:27Mi 

Ernestine, b m, 188—, by Byerly Ab- 
dallah 2:20U 

Ernest Mai ti-a vers, b g, 1870, by Hap- 
py Medium— Priceless, by Volunteer. 2:22Vj 

Ernest Wllkmont, b s, 1888, by Bob 
Link— Fanny H., by Ira Wilkes 2:20V4 

Ernest Wilton, h± a, 188—, by Wilton 2:27% 

Ernsle, b m, 1801, by Wilkes Boy— 
Einsledora, by Sir Walter 2.28 

Bros, gr g, 1881, by Haw Patch- 
Diane, by P. H. Baker 2:2i) 

Eros, br s, 1879, by Electioneer— Son- 
tag Mohawk, by Mohawk Chief 2:2uu^ 

Eros, br s, 1883, by Onward— Alva, by 
Administrator 2 :3() 

ErslUa,' ch m. 1886. by Simmons- 
Beck Bedford, by Brown Ericsson.. 2:2<>'/4 

Ervin, b g, 1883, by Jim Ervin— 
Sally, by Thomas A. Scott 2:26^,^ 

Bsca, b g, 1881, by Lexington Boy... 2:2.'.'.2 

Escalantl, blk s. 1883, by Pathfinder 
Jr. — Molly Nixon, by Post Boy 
Frank *. 2:20Va 

Escape, b m, 1884, by Victor Bis- 
marck — Miss Buchanan, by Clark 
Chief 2:20Vi 

Escort, br s, 188—. by Guide 2:2;i 

Eskimo, br s, 1889, by G .eenlander— 
Plttie Sing, by Electioneer 2:18% 

Esmeraldo, D m, 1880, by Hambrino— 
Erma, by Belmont 2:30 

Esmeralda, ch m, 1884, by Rattler Jr. 2:2.)'/-j 

Esmond, blk s, 1887, by Nutwood— 
Trix Esmond, by Ericsson 2:20*>4 

Bsperanza, b m, 1888, by Phallamont 
— Mattie, by Dave Bonner 2:23% 

Est)erto Rex! b s, 1891, by Piedmont 

-JExtra, by Electioneer 2:29 

Essex, br g, 1868, pedigree not traced. 2:21> 

Essex, ch s, 1883; by Aristos— Nelly, 
by Black Diamond 2:29 

Essex Jr., b s, 1888, by Essex Ham- 
bletonian 2:20V4 

Essex Maid, b m, 1860, by Wild Wag- 
oner (dead) 2:30 

Bstabrook, b g, 1885, by Alcantara— 
Rosetta, by Strader's Casslus M. 
Clay Jr 2:29% 

Estelle, b m, 1883, by Zilcaadi Gold- 
dust— Florence, by Comet Jr 2:26 

Estelle, ch m, 1888—, bv Star Almont. 2:2riVa 

Estelle, b m, 1884, by Nutwood- 
Starling, by Cuyler 2:19 

Etelka, br m, 1883, by HamJin's Al- 
mont Jr.— Ursula, by Lagow 2:21^/4 

E. T. H.. b s, 3888, by Victor Bis- 
marck-Minnie King, ny^fambrim) 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



King 2:10^ 

Kthan Alien, b s, 1849, by Black 
Hawk (dead) 2:25^^ 

Btlian K., b 8, 18S9, by Ethan Wilkes 
— Rita Patchen, by Mambriuo Patch- 
en 2:2704 

Hthan McGregor, b s, 1885, by Robert 
McGregor — Akera Pet, by Ethan 
Allen 2:20v* 

Btliel, g:* m, 1872, by Blue Bull— Guss, 
by Tom Crowder (dead) 2:23 

"Btnel, ch m, 1884, by Happy Thought, 

dam by Pathfinder 2:W4 

Bthel B., ch m. 1889, by Bonnie Mc 

G-regoi^Blue Bells, by Gov. Sprague 2;1GVj 

Kthelbert, b s, 1886, by Egbert— Mag- 
gie Lee. by Blackwood 2:27Vi 

Ethel Downes, blk m, 1890, by 
Boodle, dam by Nutwood 2:24Vi 

Ethel H., ch m, 1885, by Beaumoiit- 
Fanny, by Allen Sontag 2:20 

Ethel Lambert, ch m, 1886, by Col. 
Harry Lambert— Bessie Snow 2:299'4 

Bthel Mack, b m, 1887, by Anteeo— 
Lou Milton, by Milton Medium 2:2kV2 

Bthel Medium, b m, 187—, by Happy 
Medium 2:25V2 

Bthel T., blk m, 188—, by Gambetta 
Wilkes 2:29^/4 

Ethelwyn, b m, 1887, by Wedgewood 
— Bthelberta, by Harold 2:29^^ 

Bthelyn Fal.'laun, b m, 1891, by Fair- 

I iwii Medium 2:29V4 

Bthel Y., b m, 188— by Mohican, dam 
by Doughety's Royal George 2:20 

Etiquette, ch m, 1888, by Alcantara- 
Flaxy, by Kentucky Clay 2:28 

Btolle, b s, 1883, by King Rene— 
Ozella, by Regular 2:26!4 

Etta, ch m, 1882, by Alcantara— Molly, 
by Vindex 2:28^4 

Btta B., gr m. 188—, by Great Tom. . 2:25^ 

Etta Jone^, br m, 1869, by Davy 
Crocket 2:20 

Etta K., b m, 1886, by Douglas's— Lady 
McOue, by Kent 2:21% 

Btta Wilkes, oh m, 1882, by Red 
Wilkes—Liaszle, by Harrodsburg Boy. 2:28'/4 

Euchre, b s, 18^, by Euclid— Molly 
H., by Rothschild 2:30 

Buclare, b m, 1885, by Euclid— Lady 
Hocker, by Lexington Golddust 2:29V^ 

Euclid, ch s, 1880, by Glenview— Reina 
Victoria, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian 2:28*^ 

Eugene, b g 2:30 

Eula G.jb m, 1886, by Pretender- 
Lottie Wall, by Strathmore 2:24 

Bula Lee, br m, 1882, by Gen. George 
H. Thomas— Juanlta, by Pilot Jr... 2:29V4i 

Ettlalia, to m, 188—, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor, dam by Allie West 2:29% 

Eunice, blk m, 1889, by Jim Lambert 
—Maud, by Black Cloud 2:24»4 

Hura, ch m, 1888, by WalkiU Prince- 
Lilly L., by John Black 2:18i,4 

Eureka, blk g. 187—, by Gen. Grant. . 2:23 

Eurociydon, b s, 1888, by Baron 
Wilkes— Astria, by Nutwood 2:25 

Ensign, b s, 1888, by Ensign— Bessie 
O., by Ben Hershey 2:25V4 

Era, b m, 188—, by Orozier 2:29'/! 

Eva, ch m, 1884, by Amboy— Lilly, by 
Amber.. 2:26?J4 

Eva, br m 2:29'/4 

Eva, b m. 1865, by Gooding's Cham- 
pion—Kitty, by Seely'e American 
Star. 2:25U 

Bra, b m, 1879, by Sultan— Minne- 
haha, by Stevens' Bald Chief 2:231^ 

Era, gr m, 1879, by George H. Low.. 2:23v4 

Eva Clay, b m, 188—, by Fire Olay.^. 2:24% 

Eraline Wilkes, b m, 1887, by 01m- 
stead's Young Wilkes— Flaxie Fear- 
naught 2:27U 

Erangeline, b m, 1888, by Director^ 
Fanny H., by Red Wilkes (dead).... 2:11«4 

Eva M., gr m, 1891, by Florida (dead). 2:25Vi 

Eva T., b m, 188—, by Almont Med- 
ium, dam by Alwood 2;26M! 

Eva S., b m, 1880, by Pasacas- Nelly 
R., by Magna Charta 2:30 

Eva W., ch m. 1882. by Nutwood- 
Alice R., by Naubuc 2:25V:j 

Eva Wilkes, h m, iaS6, by Star Wilkes 
—Maggie West, by Star Hambleton- 
ian 2:22V2 

Eva Wilkes, b m, 188—, by Guy 
Wilkes-itlbble B., by Winthrop.... 2:25*4 

Eva Wilkes, b m, 1887, by Ethan 
Wilkes— Lady Landesdown, by Stand- 
ard Bearer 2:2SVL' 

Eve, br m, 1870, by Black Dutchman 
—Phoebe 2:27 

Evening Star, blk m. 1881, by Commo- 
dore Belmont— Twilight, by Dictator 2:29 

Eventide, blk s, 1884, by Egbert— Net- 
tie Time, by Mambriiio Time 2:29>4 

Everett Ray, b g, 186—, by Edward 
Everett 2 :2o 

Everett Wilkes, ch s, 188—, by Bon- 
bon Wilkes 2:30 

Evergood- br s, 188—, by Evermoud. .. 2:24V.t 

Evermond, b s, 1881, by Harold- 
Eventide, by Woodford Mambriuo 
(dead) 2:24'a 

Ewing, b g, 187—, by Primus— Lady 
Wasnington, by American Boy Jr... 2:2].«4 

B. W. L., blk g, 188-, by Arsaces. .. . 2:25^2 

Exarch, ch e, 1887, by Ambassador— 
Lilly-bloom by Daniel Lambert 2:23V4 

Excellence, b s, 1885, by Mambrino 
King— Win dsweep, by Hamlin's Al- 
mSnt Ji- 2:10V2 

Exception,- b g, 187—, pedigree not 
traced 2:26^^ 

Executor, b s, 1875, by Adminis- 
trator— Chestnut, by American Clay 2:24^4 

Exit, b m, 1885, by Konantz— ivliak, 
by Contractor 2:24Vi 

Expedition, br s. 1889, by Electioneer 
—Lady Russell, by Harold 2:15% 

Expert, b g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:28^i 

Express, b g. 1882, by Electioneer— 
Esther, by Express (dead) 2:21 

Expressive, b m, 1891, by Electioneer 
-Esther, by Express " 2:12V' 

Bxtralight. b s, 1889, by Starlight- 
Violet, by Volunteer 2:27 

Byesee, b g, 188—, by Landmark 2:30 

Extravagant, ch m, 1889, by Woodnut 
—Economy, by Echo 2:28i/. 

Ezra L., ro g, 1874, by Gideon— Grey- 
ling, by Tom Benton . 2:21 Vi 

Ezra T., b g. 1887, by Woodbrino— 
Lady Goldsmith, by Volunteer 2:30 

Factory Boy, gr g, 1879, by Billy Ba- 
shaw, dam by Schofleld 2:20^ 

Factory Girl, b m. 1861, by Rysdyk's 
Hambletonian. dam by Greenes Boli- 
var (dead) 2:29V4 

Faika, b m. 1890, by Stamboul— 
Blanche T.. by Nephew 2:26 

Fairest, ch s, 1883, by McCurdy's 
Kamb'etonlan— Georgie GoMdust, by 
Messenger Golddust (dead) 2:18 

Fairhaven. b s. 1889. by Wilton- 
Lady France, by Red WJlljes 2:19Vi 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Pairlnwn MotUuiu, b s, 1882, by 
Happy Meiiluin— Tolona, by Stra- 

der^s Ga88lu« M. Clay Jr 2:25^ 

Fairmont, ch g, 1871, by Wild BlUy, 

dam by a Black Hawk horse 2:29^^ 

Fairplalus, ch s, 1888, by Stoughtou 
J. Fletcher— Belle of Fairfield, by 

Toronto Chief 2:26% 

Fsirport, ch g, 1885, by Burridge 

Horse^ dam by & A. Douglass .... 2:29 
Fair Rosamond, b m, 1886«, by Pen- 
nant—Beatrice, by Mambrino Ab- 
dullah 2:30 

Fairy Gift, b s, 1876, by Hero of 
Thorndale--^Fairy Belle, by Belmont 2:30 

Faith, blk m, 1887, by Cadmus 
Wilkes— Zoa, by Dauntless 2:21 

Faith, b ni, 188- by Dictator Chief 2:27% 

Falcon Jr., b s, 188«, by Falcon- 
Daunt less Maid^ by Dauntless 2:21% 

Falfa, ch ra. 18&1, by Allerton— Cy- 
prus, by Strathmore 2:20 

Faika, b m, 187—, by Woodard's 
i}thau Allen-Old Poll 2:29% 

Falkland, b s, 1886. by Happy Me- 
dium— To to, by Prluceps 2:23% 

Fallacy, br g 1880, by Fallis— Beauty, 
by Mambnno Wilkes 2:17Vij 

Fallis, b 8, 1878, by Electioneer— 
Felicia, by Messenger Duroc 2:23 

Falmon, b g, 18&-, by Fallis 2:23% 

Falmouth Boy, ch g, 1865, by Potter 
Horse, dam by Witherell Messenger 
(dead) 2:29/2 

Famous Girl, b m, 1883, by Clifford.. 2:26Mi 

Fanchon. br m, 1888, by Montello 
—Fashion, by Walkill Chief 2:26Vi 

Fanchon, b m, 1886, by Hamdallah— 
Flora, by De Graff's Alexander ... 2:19% 

Fancy, ch m, 187—, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Fancy, ch m, 1874, by Middletown— 
Nelly Horton, by Horton Clay 2:24% 

Fancy Boss^ ch m, 1885, by Ohnedo 
Wilkes— Fiirt, by Arlington Den- 
mark 2:27^4 

Fancy Day, b m, 1873, by Alcalde— 
Die Vernon, by Kentucky Clay 2:30 

Fannette, ch m, 1885, by Brelong— 
Acco, by Blue Bull 2:29% 

Fanny, ch m, 187«— , by Hutfhinson 
Morrill— Miss Tucker 2:27 

Fanny ch m. 180—, by Flying Banner 
(dead) 2:29 

Fanny b m, 188—, by Major Ringgold 2:29% 

Fanny A., b m, 1882, by Vermont Ab- 
dallah— PhlUy, by Black Dutchman 2:29 

Fanny A., b m, 188—, by Abdamed 
AUen 2:26Vi 

Fanny Allen, b m, 1855, by Ethan 
Allen-Cherub, by Abdallah (dead).. 2:28% 

Fanny B., br m, 1880, by Lambert 
(3iief— Hannah, by Lapham Horse . . 2:29% 

Fanny B., blk m, 188—, by Spurgeon 
—Flora 2:27Va 

Fanny Belmont, ch m, 1881, by Bel- 
mont— Fanny Lyons, by Scott's Hia- 
toga 2:25V4 

Fanny Brunswick, 188—. by Bruns- 
wick Chief 2:29yj 

Fanny Burroughs, b m, 1876, by Ash- 
land— Dolly Burrqughs (dead) 2:27V4 

Fanny C, gr m, 188—, by Venango 
Chief ...:....: : 2:27% 

Fanny Cope, b m, 1880, by Climax- 
Bessie 2:28% 

Fanny D. ro m, 1883, by Mansfield 
Medium 2:28% 

Fanny D., gr m, 188—, by Anteeo ... 2:26 
Fanny Fairbanks, b m, 188—, by 

Hambletonian Prince 2:30 

Fanny G., br m, 1889, by Simmons- 

— Caresa, by Triumvir 2:22% 

JTttnuy Jefferson, br m, .1870. by 

Thomas Jefferson 2:29 

Fanny K., b m, 1885, by Masterlode— 

Linna, by Magna Charta 2:30 

Fanny Lee, b m, 1857, by Ethan Allen 
—Dolly Miriam, by North Horue 

(dead) 2:29% 

Fanny M.. blk m. 187r>. by Phil Sheri- 
dan—Lady Mains 2:29'4 

Fanny Mark, br m. 1890, by Victor 
Bismarck— Fanny York, by New 

York 2:29% 

Fanny Miller, b m, 1885, by Harry 
Hamilton— Gertie Grood, by Pacing . 

Abdallah 2:22% 

Fanny Otis, b m, 1865. by Post Boy 
(dead) 2:28% 

Fanny Raymond, br m, 1865, by 
American Ethan, dam by Long Tor- 
nado (dead) 2:30 

Fanny Bobinson, b m, 186—, by Blood 
(Jhief— Sarah Robinson, by Alexan- 
der's Norman 2:20% 

Fanny S., ch m, 2:28% 

Fanny S.. br m, 1888, by Mandarin- 
Lady Fisher 2:29% 

Fanny Swope, b m, 1886, by Florida 
—Roan Fanny, by Mambrino King. . 2:19% 

Fanny T., b m, 1888, by Montgomery 
— MTendon Girl, by Lexington Chief 
Jr 2:281/. 

Fanny W.. b m, 1881, by Hardy Horse 2:25% 

Fanny Wilcox, b m. 1885, by Jerome 
Eddy— Bvemont, by Piedmont 2:13 

Fanny Wilkes, b m, 188—, by Mam- 
brino WUkes 2:30 

Fanny Wilkes, br m, 1877, by George 
Wilkes— Bazaar, by Kentuclw Chief 2:26% 

Fanny Witherspoon, ch m, 1874, by 
Almont— Lizzie Witherspoon, by 
Cough's Wagner 2:16% 

Fantasia, b m, 1881, by Ranchero— 
Lady Kate 2:25 

Fantasy, b m, 1890, by Chimes— 
Homora, by Almonarch 2:06 

Fantlne, blk m, 1879, by Westchester 
—Famine, by Island Chief 2:26 

Farandole. b g, 1883, by King Rene- 
Carrie, by Volunteer 2:27 

Farce, b m, 1878, by Prlnceps— Roma, 
by Golddust 2:29% 

Fargo, blk g 2:29% 

Farmer, b s, 1885, by Tramp— Sally 
L., by Wier's Shakespeare 2:29V4 

Farmer Boy. gr g, 186—, by Young Ck)- 
lumbu«— Dolly, by Morse Horse . . 2:28 

Farmer B.»y, ch g, 188—, by Thomas 
Jefferson— Addle Carpenter, by Fly- 
ing Cloud Jr. (dead) 2:19% 

Farmer Boy, b s, 1886, by Ed R. Be— 
Bay Dell 2:27% 

Farmer Maid, b m 1866, by Wilson's 
Oai>t. Walker— MJss Hundley, by 
Eclipse Tecumseh 2:28% 

Faro, b g. 187—, by Mambrino Gift 
—Kitty, by Bay Norman 2:23% 

F8.*clnation. b g, 1887, by Flatbush 
Abdallah— Flirt, by Windsor 2:16% 

Fashion b m, 1886, by Swigert— Lady _ 
Clare, by Volunteer 2:29 

Fashion, d m. 1872, by Clark's Mo- 
hawk Jr., dam by Surprise 2:28% 

Fashion Maid, b m. 188S;4)y Fashion 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Annie Uauiie. by Almout Pilot ... 2:241^ 
Fatbourg, b s. 1889, by Acolyte- 
Flower Girl, by Bourbon WUkee 2:25V4 

Faugh-a-ballagh, b g, 186-, pedigree 

not traced 2:26 

Fauntleroy, ch a, 188—. by Albino- 
Alice, by Daniel Boone 2:23V4 

Fauntine ch m, 1888, by Robert Burns _ 

—Medley, by Summit 2:29Vii 

Faust, g g, 1886, by Frorida— Claire, 
by Bayard 2:Wa 

Faustina, blk m., 1875, by Phil Sheri- 
dan, dam by Canada Grey Bagle . . 2:28Vi 

Faustino, b a, 1888, by Sidney— Faua- 
tina, by Grown Point u 2:14% 

Favonia, b m, 1879. by Wedgewood 
— Fadette, by Alexander's Abdallah 
(dead) 2:15 

FaTora, blk m, 1890, by St Bel - 
Meroni, by Mambrino Elng 2:23V4 

Ftvora, b 8, 1887, by Patchen Wilk3s 
—Bessie Gilpin, by John Gilpin 2:12^^ 

FaTorita, b m. 1879, ^y Q«org3 
''Vilkefl— Press Forward, by Albion 2:25% 

Favcrite, blk m, 188—, by Bashaw 
Prince 2:30 

Favorite, ch m, 186—, by Senator . . . 2:30 

Favorite Girl, b m, 188—, by Favorite 
Wilkes— Idol Girl, by Akers' Idol.. 2:28% 

Favorite Wilkes, b s. 1877, by George 
WllkiBfi— 'Fa-^orite. by Alexanders 
Abddlah 2:24i^ 

Favor Wilkes, b s, 1887, by Favorite 
Wilkes—Bald Mare, by Jim Monroe 2:29% 

Fi4^n, ro m, 1887, ^ Buckeye Ham- 
bletonian— <:olery Girl, by Kilbuck 
Tom 2:30 

Fay, b g, 1879, by Electioneer— Mary, 
by St. Olair 2:26 

Fay Gordon, b m, 1891, by Walsing- 
ham ?:2<>% 

F. D., b g, 1878, by Emery Fear- 
naught— MoHy Lnnt, by Victor 2:24i^ 

Fenrh'ps, b m. 3857, by Sleeker Horse 
(dead) 2:28 

Feamaught. b g, 1882, by Straight 
Flush— Emily, by Volunteer Boy . . 2:17% 

Feamaught, br s, 1868, by Canadian 
Black Hawk— Bellaire 2:29 

Feamaught, ch s, 1859, by Morrill— 
Jenn3^ fby 'Slteive French Horse 
(dead) 2:23% 

Bearnaught Jr. ch s, 1865. by Fear- 
naught (dead) 2:26 

Fearless, b s, 1886, by Dauntless- 
Emily Patchen. by Tom Patchen.. 2:30 

Fearless, b g, 188—, by Iron Duke . . . 2:29% 

Feather Edge, b m, 1886, by Feejee— 
Pittson Maid, by Orange (jounty ... 2:18 

Fedora^ ch m, 1886, by La Crosse— 
Ella D.. by Hambletonian Star Jr. 2:18 

Fellna, ch m, 1886, by Sir Walter— 
C^oldpen, by Mambrino Abdallah 2:29^ 

Felix, b g. 1875, by Nutwood— Abdal- 
lah Maid, by Yoorhees' Abdallah 
Chief 2:18% 

Felix, gr g, 1885. by Melrose— Carpen- 
ter Mare, by Highland Grey 2:23/4 

Fellis Parma 2:26% 

Femme Sole, b m, 1881, by Prlnceps— 
Duroc Maid, bv Messenger Duroc. . . 2:20 

Ferd S.. b- g." 187—, by Godfre.v 
Patchen-Lady Hicks 2:27% 

Ferguson Wilkes, br », 1886, by Pre- 
tender—Rosalie Wilkes, by George 
Wilkes 2:2.' 

Fergnstine. b s. 1886. by Fergus Mc- 
Gregor—Lady De MoflB (pacing rec- 

ord 2:20%) 2:27% 

Fern Slip, ch m, 18&-, by Red Fern. . 2:27% 
Ferris, blk s, 188—, pedlg/ee not 

traced 2:20% 

Ferrous, b s, 1886, by The King— 

Leda, by Aberdeen 2:28 

F. H., ch g, 1879, by Almont Eclipse - 

Olytle, by Gen. I^ons 2:20% 

Fiction, b m, 1881, by Argyle— Fic- 
tion, by Princeps 2:24% 

Fides, ch g, 1877, ty Gen. Stanton- 
FideUa, by Black Bear (dead) 2:22% 

Fides Stanton, ch s. 1886, by Gen. 
Stanton— Oapitola, by Brown Doug- 
las 2:16 

Fielder, br s, 1891, by Bannaid— Fanny 
Field, by AJax 2:25% 

Filbert, gr g, 186—, by Chandler J. 
Wells (dead) 2:28 

Figet, b m, 188—, by Toronto Patch- 
en ! 2:26% 

Fillmore, ch g, 1881, by Alcantara- 
Pinafore, by Strathmore 2:29% 

Fillmore, ch s, 1890, by Palo Alto- 
Miss Gift, by Gen. Benton 2:21% 

Fin Fan, b m, 1886, by Gen. Brock- 
Madam Herr, by Mambrino Patchen 2:25% 

Fire Clay, br s, 1886, by Shawmut— 
Mercedee, by Cuyler 2:30 

First Bell, br g, 1888, by St Bel- 
Florence J., by Bi«iroon 2:28V4 

First Bom, blk m, 1800, by Volunteer 
Swlgert — Gypsy Sprague, by Bol- 
ton's Sprague 2:20% 

First Call, b g. 1879. by Athlete- 
Lady Blucher, by Richards' Beil- 
founder 2:20% 

First Love, b m, 1878, by Happy Med- 
ium—Mary A. Whitney, by Volun- 
teer 2:22% 

Fltagerald, b g, 187—, by Young Co- 
lumbus—Dolly Root, by son of Hill's 
Black Hawk. 2:30 

FitKslmmoufi, ch g, 18&— , by Dexter 
Prince— Lady Fracture 2:20 

Five Points, b g, 1884. by Jay Bird- 
Flora Lambert, by Daniel Lambert.. 2:29% 

Five Points, br sl 1884, by McCurdy*s 
Hambletonian— Flora Bwlng, by Bas- 
slnger 2:19 

Five Points, br s, 1886, bv Mambrino 
Boy— Nannette, by Strathmore 2:30 

Flare, b m, 188—, by C. F. Clay, dam 
by Jay Bird 2:20>;. 

Flash, blk m, 1878, by Bonesetter- 
Jenny Prewitt, by Sir Alfred 2:ll)% 

Flashy, blk m, 1890, by Duke of Gleu- 
lake— Kit. by Commander 2:21% 

Flayilla, ch m. 1886, by Balrd's Ham- 
bletonian Prince— Daisy 2:24% 

Flaxmont, ch s, 1883, by Egmont— 
Daisy 2:26% 

Flax Seed, b s, 1887, by Egmont- 
Daisy 2:29 

Fleet, blk m, 1887, by Sidney— Flight, 
by Buccaneer 2:18% 

Fleetboy, blk s, 1800, by Sidney — 
Flight, by Buccaneer 2:24% 

Fleet Medium, b g, 187—, by Happy 
Medium— Jessie Cooper, by Legal 
Tender 2:29% 

Fleet Wilkes, blk m, 188—, by Butler 
Wilkes 2:28% 

Fleetwood, ch g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:27% 

Fleetwood, blk g, 18*-, by Phil Sher- 
idan Jr 2:27% 

Fleetwood, b g, 1868, by Happv Med- 
ium, dam by Vemors Bla<^L;pawk..^2:20 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



?, 1863, by Winthrop 
by Withere'.l Messen- 


Fleetwood, ch 
Morrill, dam 

Fleetwood Messenger, b g, 187 
Morgan Messenger J:* 

Fleety Golddust, gr m, 386—, by Gold- 
dust — Fanny, by Jehu Morgan 

Fleety L., b g, 1884, by Clark Chief— 
Maud, by M. L. Cummings. 






i'^leety Patchen, ch m, 1880, by Sen- 
eca Patchen — Maggie, by Andy 

Fleety Wllkoewood, b m, 1888. by 
Wllkeswood— Queen 

Fleta, b m, 18S— , pedigree not traced. 

Fleta, br m, 1866, by Gen Hatclv— 
DoUy, by Iowa 

Fleta West, br m, 1887, by Charley 
West ~ Champion Kate, by Goo<i- 
win's Champion 

Flight, br m, 1878. by Buccaneer— 
Prairie Bird, by Flax tail 

Fli t, b m, 1884. by Gilt Edge 

Flirt, ch m, 1867, by Champion King, 
dam by Bradley's St. Lawrence.... 

Flode Holden, ch m, 1881, by Jim 
Monroe— Miss HoHen, by Blue Bull. 

Flora, (!h m, 1876, by Von Mo'.tke— 
Frances, by Happy Medium 

Flight, b m, 1888. by Hamdallah— Lil, 
by Star of the West 

Flora, br m, 1886, by Dan Rice— Frost 
Mare, by Red Jacket 

Flora B., b m, 1883, by Havoc— Belle 
B., by Green's Bashaw 

Flora B., b m, 1885, by son of Johnson 
Hambletonian— Old Duck, by Con- 

Flora B., ch ra, 188— by Whipplet«n.. 

Flora B., b m 

Flora B., b m. 1871, by Curtis' Ham- 
bletonian — Nicola, by Underwood's 

Flora Belle, b m, 188—, by St. Bel— 
Sleighner Mare 

Flo:Ta Belle, ch m, 1866. by Abe Lin- 
coln—Old Sorrel, by Staple's Rattler 

Flora Belle, b m, * 1874, by Young 
Mambrlno Chief— Bird, by Camden . . 

Flora Belle, b m, 1883, by Alcona— 
Fontana, by Almont 

Flora Belle, ch m, 1870, by Prince- 
Black Hawk Belle 

Flora Belle, b m, 1864, by Uwharle— 
Kit (dead) 

Flora C, b m, 1880, by Abdallah 
Tranby— Bessie Brown, by Bird 

Flora D., ch m, 187—, by Black Dutch- 

Flo >a F.. b m, 187—, by Clear Grit- 
Lady Blanche 

Flora G., br m, 1881, by Altoona— 
Susie, by Conway's Patchen 

Flora Huff, b m, 1878, by Daniel Lam- 
bert-Whalebone, by Carter's Co- 
lumbus 2:29v4 I 

Flora Jefferson, b m, 187—, by 
Thomas Jefferson 2:28% 

Flora L., b m 2:27 

Flora L., b m, 1880, by Jack Cook- 
Hilda 2:29 

Flora M., b m^ 188—, by Richards' 
Elector 2:16 

Flora Mack, b m, 188—, by BlUy 
Kitchen 2:29% 

flora Miner, br m, 1875, pedlgi^ee not 
traced 2:291/4 

Flora O.. ch m, 1885, by Jesse Lam- 

bert—Queen, by I'ennypack 2:26 

Flora !».. ch m, 1877, by Mambrlno 
Sample— Dolly Varden, by Hiatoga 

Johnny 2:23«>^ 

Flora S., ro m, 188—, by Dexter 

Prince 218Vx 

Flora S. bik m, 1887, by Phil Fo> ' 

tune, dam by Washington 2:27Va 

Flora Shepherd, ch m, 186—, by Gen. 
McClel'.an— Jenny Shepherd, by Wiil- • 
iamson's Belmont 2 :3o 

Flora Temple, b m, 1845, by Bogus 
Hunter— Madam Temple (dead) 2:19"*i 

Flora Wilkes, br m, 188—, by Olmedo 
Wilkes 2:231m 

Flora Windsor, b m, 1870, by Wlno 
sor— Atkinson Mare, by Bmpire 2 30 

Florence ch m, 1873. by Highland 
Grey— Polly Daly, by Ed Brown 
Ho -se 2 :23V* 

Florence B., b m, 1800. by Gilroy 2:25Mi 

Florence C. ch m, 188—, by Ajax, 
(lam by Blue Bull 2 :2y 

Florence D., br m, 1887, by Earl— 
Frankle, by McAfee's Drenrion 2:2SV4 

Florence D., ch m, 1879, by Jay 
Gould—Lady Shipley, by Price's St. 
Lawrence 2;20'/4 

Florence Dillard, b m, 1886, by Mon- 
aco—Lucy, by Jewell 2:22 

Florence Elmore, b m, 1882, by George 
Wilkes— Victoria, by Akers' Idol 2:26^.. 

Florence M.. ch m, 1877, by Blue Bull 
—Fanny (dead) ". 2:22^,4 

Florence Palmer, ch m, 1887, by Al- 
cyone—Helen, by Charley B 2:29V'' 

Florence R., ch m, 1881, by Nutwood 
—Irene, by Erwin Davis 2:2l>V4 

Florence S., b m, 1801, by Alcrayon— 
Lady May, by Marshall Ney 2:23Vi 

Florence 8., b m, 1884, by Barkis, 
dam by Smith's Morgan 2:2oW 

Florence Sultan, b m, 188— , by Sul- 
tan—Florence M., by Blue BuJ 2:20Ul 

Florestlne, ch m, 1884, by Bocheste-- 
Mies Fritz, by John Dillard 2:26V4 

Florida, blk ra, 1887, by Montana 
Wilkes— Albertha, by Dalgamo 2:14U 

Florida Monarch, b s, 1883, by Flor- 
ida— Sontag, by RlchaYds' Bellfoua- 
der 2:17^4 

Florlnda, gr m, 1887, by Pilot Med- 
ium — Queen Middletown, by Bay 
Middletown ". 2:29^^ 

Flossie, blk m, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:26V4 

Flossie, b m, 1885, by Belmont-^es- 
sie, by Ashland (;hief 2:30 

Flossie G., ch m, 1878, by Antar— 
Fancy, by Iceberg 2:18i/4 

Flossie M., blk m, 1883, by Onawa— 
Lady Varney, by Goodwin Ham- 
bletonian 2:20V4 

Floyd B., b g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:22 

Flossie Bezant, ch m. 1891, by Bezant 
—Peon, by Nero 2:25V4 

Flossie R., br m, 1881, by Record's 
Black Hawk, dam by Dan 2:27V4 

Flosswood, ro m, 1888. by Look— 
Tresswood, by Wood's Hambletonian 2:23% 

Flossy, rn m, 1886, by Victor 2:25^/2 

Floyd B., b g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:19^4 

Flury, b m, 188^-, by Judge Hayes. . . 2:28 

Flutter, b m, 1887, by Epaulet- Buzz 
Medium, by Happy Medium 2:26-% 

Flv, blk m, 1885, by The King- Lady 
i^lanagan ^ ^.. 2:24''i 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 






M. E. McHENRY, Frp:kport,Ill. 
(the demon driver.) 
Last season McHenry placAd the world's record for pacing stallions 
at 2 :03^ with John R. Gentry, and in 1893 be drove May Mar- 
shall in 2:08^, the world's record for pacing mares. 

Digitized by 


♦•♦•♦•••»♦♦♦»♦♦»••»»•♦••>♦• » ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦»>♦•>♦»♦»♦»♦•♦»♦•»•♦♦••••<>>•♦♦•♦•♦♦♦♦•♦♦ 

W. K. SMITH, Tiffin, Ohio, 

An Ohio boy that placed the half-mile track race record at 2:12^4 
with Kitty Bayard. 

Digitized by 




Fly, br m, hj Electricity— Mecca, by 
Mohawk Chief ......... ^ ^--v/V 2:29V4 

Fly-a-Way, blk m, 1886, by Joe Mack ^ _^ 
—Fanny Poor 2:29vi 

F. O. Batch, br s, 188—, pedigree not ^ ^ 
traced 2 :29^ 

FocuB B.,"blk B*,* i885. by Adrian 
Wilkes— Maud 2:27^ 

Foggy, b g, 1884, by Alcantara— 
Kialmier Mare, by Hamlet 2:27V4 

Folly, b m, 1885, by Happy Medium— 
Oxlole, by Strader's Casslus M. 
Clay^r 2:15^ 

Folly, blk m, 188- by All Bight 2;27 

Forest Boy, ch g. 1884, by Forest 
Mambrino— Dell, by Tempest 2:16^ 

Forest Boy, b g, 188—, by Walker 
MorrUl 2:2CV4 

Fcrcst King, b c, 1870, by j.ouest 
D&n. dam by Wlldair 2 27 

Forest King, b s, 1S&-, by Arcadlnu 2:29% 

Fci€6t King, b e, 1879, by Woodford 
Knox-Dolly 2:30 

Ft 1 est Mambrino, ch s. 1886. by 
Mambriijc Patehcu 2:29% 

Forest Prince, b a. 1S82, by Baird's 
Hambetonlan Prince— Majolica, by 
Harry Clay 2:17^ 

Forest Queen, ch n, 1881, by Forest 
King— Lucy B., by Star Hamble- 
tonian 2:29^ 

Forest Wilkes, b s. 1882, by Bourbon 
Wilkes-Ned ..2:24^ 

Forget-me-not, b m, 188—, pedigree 
not traced 2:27% 

Forreet D., b s, 188«, by Senator N. 

—Bird, by Billy Jacobs Jr 2.27% 

Forrest Girl, ch m, 188—, by West 
liberty 2:30 

Forrest Patchen, br g. 1875, by King 
Patchen, dam by Smith's Flying 
Cloud 2:19V^ 

Forsee, ch a, 1881, by CoIman*s Ab- 
dallah Jr.— Missouri Girl, by Morey's , 
liath 2:27 

Fortunate, b g, 188—, 2:30 

Fortuna, b m, 1886, by Florida— 
Bmlly, by George Wilkes 2:22 

Fortunia, b m, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:2i)i^ 

Poster, b g, 188—, pedigree not traced 2:27^ 

F(ur Corners. (*l\ m, 1880, by Mam 
brine Time— Laura Wynn, by Hui-et 
& Thornton's Abdallah 2:20^ 

Four Lines, b s, 1888 by Western 
Sprague— Kgotism, by Prlnceps 2:291/6 

Fowler Boy, b g, 1883, by Electioneer 
—Gazelle, by Primus 2:26 

Pox ch g, 2:30 

Pox b g, 180—, by Peacock (dead). . . 2:30 

Poxhtinter, ch g. 1888, by Foxwood— 
Mattle C, by Trouble 2:30 

Poxie, ch m, 1883, by Mansfield- 
Heiress, by Alexander's Abdallah.. 2:28^4 

Foxle v., ch m, 1870. by King Herod, 
dam by Green Mountain 2:23% 

Foxraont, b s, 18tH), by Bgmont— Fox's 
Baby, by Gage's Logan 2:27% 

Poxwood, cU 8, 1884. by Nutwood- 
Lady Foxle, by Daniel Lambert 2:24% 

Foxy Lambert, b s, 188-/ by Daniel 
Lambert jr 2:29% 

Fi-ance; b s, 1881, by France's Alex- 
ander— M.dly F., by George Vnikee 2:26 

Francepe. b s, 18S4, by France— Gos- 
sip, by Princeps 2:24% 

Prances, gr m. 1866, by Harry W. 
Genet— Miss Bean 2:27 

Frances O., b m, 1882, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Frances C, b m, 188—, by Lotus ... 

Frances M., b m, 188—. by Motor .... 

Frances P., ch m, 188—, by Sir Nut- 
wood— Florence, by Oxmoor 2:28^* 

Frank, b g. 186—, pedigree not traced 2:28 

Frank, b g, 1876, by Abraham— Boot, 
by Green Mountain Boy 2fl9% 

Frank, b m. 1867, by Cfolton Horse, 
dam by West^all Horse (dead) 2:27^4 

Frank, blk g. 1867, by Young Oneida 2:20 

Frank, b g, 187— fringer?) 2:28% 

Frank Allen, b e, 188—, by Greenwood 2:30 

Frank AUison, b s, 1868, by Ather- 
ton's Blackbird— Lucy Pope, by Har- 
ris' Morgan 2:28K 

Frank B., br s, 1887, by Ooligne— 
Molly^ by Bugene Casserly 2:30 

Frank ft., blk g, 1886. by William M., 
— Topsey, by Klpton 2:23% 

Frank B., br g, 1884, by Bo^ Oak- 
BeUe, by Stephen A. Douglas 2:17% 

Fiank Bellows, b s, 1889. by Herschel 
—Bessie Turner, by Harry Turner 2:22 

Frank Brown, b g, 188—, pedigree not 
tiaced 2:25% 

Frank Buford, b s, 1883, by Bostick'e 
Almont Jr.— Sleepy Lize, by Pat Ma- 
lone 2:20 

Frank C, blk g 2:30 

Frank C, b g, 1878, by MambriuO 
Pilot— Lilly Murray 2:27% 

Frank Dana, b g, 1880, oy Arlstos . . . 2:29% 

Frank Dayici, b g, 186—, pedigree not 
triced 2:li0 

Frank B., ch g, 1883, by Abdallah 
Ha mbletouian— Daisy, by Gifford 
Black Hawk Jr 2:29% 

Frank Bills, b s, 1871, by Happy Med- 
ium—Dutch Girl, by Edwin For- 
rest 226% 

Frank Bills ,b s. 1879, by Hermes- 
Jane Early, by Stranger 2:29^4 

Frank Irwin, b s, 1891, by Goodwood 
Jr., dam by Flaxmont 2:29% 

Frank P.. b g, 1887, by Emperor Wil- 
liam, dam by John Bright 2:26Vt 

Prank P., b g, 1887. By Sir Folko— 
Dolly 2:201/3 

Frank Ferguson, br g, 186-, by Billy 
Glenn, dam by Romulus (dead) ... 2:26 

Frank Fisk, ro g, 1861), by Bertrand 
Black Hawk (dead) 2:29 

Frank Forrester, b g. 1841, by Ab- 
dallah (dead) 2:30 

Frank Forrester, b s, 1872, by Marks- 
man— Strayer, by Hiagota 2d 2:27% 

Frankfort, blk s, 1886, by Pratender 
Lizzie K., by Magic 2:27% 

Frank G., b g, 1876, by Sweepstakes 
—Sally_ Downs, by Bdward Everett 2:27% 

Frank H., b g, 188-, by Highland 
Giey 2:21% 

Frank H.. b s, 188—, by Laclede 2:25% 

Frank H., b s, 1882, by Ben Frank- 
lin, dam by Gen. Sheridan 2:27% 

Frank Hill, b s, 1888, by Bdga Hill- 
Belle, by Ledger 2:18% 

Frank Hull, br g, 1874, by Touch- 
sone— Jessie J., by Main Sweep- 
stakpfi 2 *27 

Frankle H..' * ch * in,* * isSO, ' by ' Vipink. 
(dead) 2 27Vi 

Frank J., dn g, 186—, pedigree not 
tiaced 2:2H% 

Frank Jojcs, b s, 188—, by Prince 

Digitized by vIJOKDQIC 



Frank K., blk g, 168~, by Stei>heii 
A Deuelaa 2:28 

Frank Keman, b g, 18fr-, pedigree 
not traced 2:26% 

Frank Kober, br s. 1887, by Gat Van 
Wagner 2:28 

Frank L.. blk s, 1889, by Sentinel 
Wilkes— Patty Haydon. by Mam- 
triBO Foster 2 14Mi 

Frank L., b g, 188—. by Donny 
Brook 2:23 

Fienk L., blk g, 1884, by Beaufort, 
dam by Black Ralph 2:27^ 

Frank Landers, b g, 1871. by Sad- 
dling Buck— Roany, by CopperlK)t- 
tom Jr 218% 

Franklin, b g, 188—, by Gen. Reno. . 2:llH4 I 

FrankUn, br g, 188—, by Goldleaf .. 2:27%! 

FrankUn, blk g, 1884, by Tobe Jr.- 
Fanny Farmer, by American Fann-^r 2:19i^ 

Frank M., blk g. 1817, by Sweep- 
stakes- Beauty 2:29iA 

Frank M.. ch s, 1888, by Phantom— 
Belle Hulbut 2:27 

Frank M.. ch g. 1884, by Priam, dam 
by Gen. Dana 2:17^ 

Frank McOune, ch g, 187-, by Wii- 
liam Miner-Miller Mare, by King 
Phapaoh 2:25% 

Frank McDonald, b g. 1888, by C. L. 
Martin 2:26% 

Frank McGrearor, (Joe S.) b g, 1880, 
by Robert McGregor-rSusle Thorne, 
by North Star Mambrino 2:24% 

Frank McMahon, b g. 1885. by Mc- 
Mahon— Susie Bostwlck, by Aroo- 
stock Boy - . . . • • • ^'^ 

Frank Middleton, ch g, 1876, by 
Bay Middleton— Betsey Allen, by 
King's Champion • 2:20% 

Frank Moscow, ch g. 1871, by Frank 
Moscow-Draper Mare . . .......... 2:27% 

Frank Munson, ch g, 1868, by Para- 
gon—Fanny, by Zimmermaa's l»u- 
roc 2:25 

Frank Nelson, blk s, 188-, by Flying 
Dutchman 2:29% 

Frank 0*Neil, br g, 1881, by Whipple- 
ton— Flight, by GUoaric ... . . . ...... 2:29 

Frank P., ch g. 1883, by Black Harp 
—Fan 2:19% 

Frank P., b g, 188-. by Merchant.. 2:28 

Frank P., blk s, 1882, by Darwin— 
Nelly, by Sims* Morgan 2:25 

Frank Palmer, b g, 186-, pedigree 
not traced vi,vv--v; 2:26% 

Frank Patchen. ch g, 1875, by Seneca ^ ^^^, 
Patchen— Maggie, by Andy Johnson 2:24% 

Frank Potts ch g, 188-, by Bonnie 
Boy 2:30 

Frank P. Porter, b s, 1884, by Egbert ^ _ 
—Puss, by Brown Chief 2:27% 

Frank Quirk, ro g, 1884, by Defiance 
— Donegan Mare 2:18% 

Frank R.. b g. 187— , by Black Dutch- 
man, d m by John B. Patchen 2:23% 

Frank Reeyes, b g. 18ft-, by Ske- 
daddle, dam b^ Black Hawk 2:23% 

Frank S. (Red Jim), b g, 1874, by Ab- 
dallah Pilot— liucy Lee, by Alexan- 
der's Norman 2:25% 

Frank a, ch g, 1880, by Taylor Horse 2:22 

Frank k, br g. &84, by Dr. 
Franklin— Canada Belle, by Don 
Aloneo 2:29% 

Frank S., b g, 188—, by St. Gothard. 2:30 

Frank S., ch g, 188—, by Madrid— Min- 
nie, by Redwood 2:18% 

Frank Sprague, br g, 1880, by Goy. 

Sprague— Minnie Crawford, by G<>ld- 

smith's AbdaUah 2:28 

I'rank T., br g, 1880, by Hill's Duroc 

—Belle Brandon 2:23% 

Frank Walkill, b s. 188-, by Sir Wal- 

kill .,,... 2:24% 

FraDk mikea, l>r k, 1882, hy Geosge 

Wiikt?s Jr.— HoughtoQ ilrtie* ....... 2:27% 

Fraak Wood, h g, IM— . by Volun- 

tt'tr— Kiyp ilare, by Lefeyie's Slur. 2:24 
Frjiutlc, b (s, 18S+I, by Ktni Lhtnore— 

t*trt-oeH by S^tirjuwl 2:22% 

F:aulGla, ro m, Ifi^ — , by Auiograpli— 

Miss S^tewartj by Gvi?j Nunnao 2:29% 

Fraaee, ch g, 1^81^ by Brussels— Jenny, 

by CouIttT's Uuvy Cr(n ket. ........ 2:29% 

FraKlet, b h, 188T, by Zikiindl (^>ld- 

ilnsi-N^eliy, by ^hdbyylUt^ i '^ r .. 2:27% 
F;>-. kh'^H gr s, iSist^ by \ i— 

Grey Diana, by AdmluiEitiaLu. 2:30 

Fred, b g, by Polonlus, dam by Guy 

Miller 2:28 

Fred, ch g, 186—, pedigree not traced 

(dead) 2:30 

Fred, b g, 187—, pedigree nbt traced. . 2:28% 
Fred, b g, 187—, by Democrat, dam 

by Rysayk's Hambletonian 2:30 

Fred B., br g, 187—, by Tyler's Black 

Hawk 2:28V'9 

Fred B., br g, 1886, by Reyeille, dam 

by Black Squirrel 2:16% 

Freda C, b m, 1891, by Princeer 2:30 

Fred C, b g, 188—, pedigree not 

traced 2:29% 

Fred Casey, ch g, 1870, by Fessenden 

—Fanny Allen, by Bacon's Ethan 

Allen 2:23V4 

Fre(J Crocker, b g, 1878, by Election- 
eer— Melinche, by St. Clair 2:25% 

Fred D., b g, 1881. pedigree not traced 2:29% 
Fred D., gr g, 188—, pedigree not 

tnaced 2:30 

Fred Douglas, ch s, 1873, by Green's 

Bashaw^Nancy Bell, by Gale's 

Mornin (dead) 2:20% 

Fred Douglas, blk g, 1872, by Black 

Fraank-^oggy, by BiUy Cass (dead) 2:24% 
Fred Drake, b s, 1882, by Joe Gayln 

—Minnie Drake, by Louis Napoleon. . 2:26% 
Freddy, b g, 18^. by Alert— Flora, by 

New Jersey Volunteer 2:24% 

Freddy B., b s, 188-, by Strathlan.. 2:29% 
Freddy C, b g, 188-, by Ferguson, 

dam by volunteer > 2:26% 

Freddy J., b g, 1880, by Sterling- 
Miss Saltsman, by Honser's Hiatoga 2:26% 
Fred B., br g, 188—, pedigree not 

traced 2:26% 

Fred Ensign, b g, 188-, by Sir Folko. 2:26% 
Frederica, blk m, 1881, by Almonarch 

—Jenny Lind, by Young Sir Walter. 2:20% 
Fiederick L., br s. 1888, by Herschel— 

American Star 2:20% 

Fred G., ch g, 188-, by Indicator. . . . 2:80 
Fred €k>lddust, ch s, 1875, by Fancy 

(Soiddust, dam by Donerail 2:27% 

Fred H., gr g. 188—, by Rebel Hardee 2:20% 
Fned Hainbleton, ch s. 1881, by Ham- 
bletonian Mambrino — Springfield 

M^ by Lakeland Abdallah 2:26 

Fred Hooper, b g, 186—, by Royal Re- 
venge (dead) 2:28 

Fred Hull, br g, 1878. by Hull, dam 

by McClure's Hambletonian 2:29% 

Fred JudflN>n, gr g, 188— ,^ by George 

Digitized byC^OOQlC 



Li. Napoleon 2:28^ ' 

Fred K^ br a, 1884, by Shennan Med- 
ium-I^olly ^.\ 2:24% 

Fred Iiothalr, ro s, 1877, by Lothalr— I 

Mary Ann 2:2&^\ 

Fred M., blk e. 1883, by Daniel Boone ' 

—Snip, by Knox Boy 2:28^ , 

Fred Mac, b g, 18&— , by Golden 2:24^ { 

Fred McGregor, b s, 1880, by Robert I 

McGregor— Belle W., by Romulus... 2:29^ I 

Fred McGregor, b s, 1887, by Robert i 

McGregO]>—Idlla, by Mambrlno Bagle 2:30 ! 

Fred Medium, b g, 187—, by Happy 
Medium 2:23^ 

Fred Neil, b g, 1878, by Bay Tom— I 

Mary Neil, by Luke \ 2:2434 

Fred Nelson, b g, 188—, by O. F. C. . . 2:24% 

Fred O., b g, 18S-, by Almont Eagle. 2:29Vi 

Fredonla, en g. 1887, by Black Cloud, 
dam by Hambletonian Hunter 2:21% I 

Fred S. Wilkea, ro s. 1887, by Hector i 

Wilkes— TlUie, by Tattler Chief.... 2:li% 

Fred Wilkes, b g, 1888, by Wilkes- ! 

Randall Mare, by Nelson's Onward.. 2:17% I 

Fred Wilkes, b s, 1883, by Red Wilkes 
— Black Princess, by Mambrino 
Patchen 2:26% 

Fred Wilkes, blk s, 188-, by The 
King. 2:25 

Fred Wilkes, b s, 188—, by Bourbon 
Wilkes 2:26 

Fred Wilkes, b s, 188—, by Gonn*8 
Harry Wilkes 2:21% 

Free, b m, 1888, by St. Bel— Nelly Y., 
by Stepben G 2:25 

Free Coinage, b g. 188—, by Abbotts- 
ford— Agnes, by Jim Lick 2:18% 

Freedom, b s, 1880. by Sable Wilkes— 
Laura Drew, by Artnurton 2:2D'm 

Freeland, b g, 1801, by Alfonso— Net 
Medium, by Happy Medium 2:17% 

Freedom, b g, 188—, by Maxim— Chi- 
cago Maid 2:28% 

Freeman, blk g, 1872, by Macedonian 2:29 

Freeman, b g, oy Hambletonian Knox 2:20% 

Freestone, b g, 1883. by Capt Web- 
ster, dam by Owen Dale 2:20 

Freestone, b g, 1877. by Republic- 
Fanny Dodge, by Dodge's St. Law- 
rence 2:25 

Freestone, b a 1881, by Gatling— 
Gretchen, by Chosroes 2:25% 

Free Trade, blk g, 1883, by Young 
Wllkee— Kitty, by Sorrel Tom 2:20% 

Free Trade, b g, 1882, by Smuggler 
Gift— Prudence, by Plato 2:24% 

Fnemont, br g, 1880, by Almont 
Sclipse— Celia 0., by Taggart's Ab- 
dallah 2:30 

Fremont, ch s, 1886, by Almont Star^ 
Bonny Doon, by Beaufort. ......... 2:20% 

Frenaldo, br s, 188—, by Rinaldo 2:27% 

French Girl, cli m, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:28 

Frenchman, b g, 1865, by McDonald's 
Frenchman— Jingle 2:24% 

French Plate, br s, 1888, by Wedge- 
wood— Mary B., by Alcalde. 2:26% 

Frenzle L., b m, 1800, by Bay Bthan— 
Daisy L., by Dr. Herr 2:20% 

Frenzy, gr m, 1887. by Florida— Pa- 
tience, by Young Jim 2:27% 

Friday, ch g, 1875, by BUnd Tom.... 2:27% 

Friday Jr.. gr g, 1886. by Blind Tmu, 
dami by Tom Telegraph 2:20% 

Friendship, b g, u»— , pedigree not 

traced 2:28 

Frisco, blk «, 1800, by Quartermaster 
—Lady Sehofleld, by Tlppoo Saib. . . . 2:27% 

Frita, b g, 187—. by Bay Richmond.. 2:27% 

Fritz, b g, 1882, by St Qothard-Fan, 
by Ralph 2:20% 

Frontier, b s, 1801, by Pioneer Clay- 
May B., by Western Feamaught. . . . 2:20% 

Frou-Ffou, eh m, 1800, by Sidney- 
Flirt, by Buccaneer 2:22 

Fueleman, b s, 1881, by Prlnceps— 
Jfiss Fanny, by Hamlet 2:28% 

Fugleman, b g, 1882, by High Private 
—Lady Forrest, by Efdwin Forrest. . 2:27% 

Fugle, b m. 1880, by King Rene— 
Fuga, by George Wilkes (dead) 2:10% 

Fulano, ch e, 18^, by m Mahdi— Bay 
Hambletonian, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2:22% 

Fulda, b m, 1886, by Hambrino— 
Mabel, by Middletown 2:10% 

FuU Prince, b g, 1887, by Young Ful- 
lerton — Llda, by Hambletonian 
Prince 2:23% 

Fulton Maid, b m, 1871, by aa> 
Pilot— Old Bashaw, by Green's Ba^ 
shaw 2:20% 

Furniture Boy, b g, 1883, by Polonius 
—Nelly, by Major Edsall 2:22% 

Future Gilbert, b s, 1886. by Henry 
Gilbert — Red Wing, by Toronto 
Patchen 2:26% 

Futurity, b s, 1801, by Hinder Wilkes 
—Maggie S., by Arnold 2:10 

GabrieUe, ch m, 1880, by Star Duroo— 
Loretta, by Strathmore 2:20% 

Gail, b m. lS81, by Lakeland Abdallah 
—Abigail, by Alexander's Abdallah. . 2:26% 

Galata, b m, 1888, by Stamboul, dam 
by A. W. Richmond 2:28% 

Galatana, ch m, 1801, by Muscovite^ 
Benedicto, by Hero of Thomdale... 2:24% 

Galatea, b m, 1873, by Feamaught— 
Grand Duchess, by Handley's Hia- 
toga 2:24% 

Galatea, ch m, 1885, by Lockwood— 
Coleus, by Iron Duke 2:27% 

Galatea, gr m, 1886, by Pilot Med- 
ium—Kit Whedler, by Cady's Cham- 
pion 2:25% 

Gale, b m, 1883, by Conmiodore Bel- 
mont— Irene, by Dictator 2:27% 

Galena, blk m, 1887, by Gambetta 
Wilkes — Lady Yeiser, by Garrard 
Chief , 2:28% 

Galen Prince, b e, 1885, by Judge Fol- 
geiv-Mary S., by James R. Reese.. 2:10 

Galette, blk m, 1801, by Jud Wilkes 
-Gale 2:23% 

Galilee, b m, 1880, by Col. Hambrick 
— Fragolett, by Juggler 2:26% 

Gallon Prince, b s, 188— 2:30 

Gamaleon, blk e, 1887, by Gambetta 
Wilkes— Lady Pepper, by Onward... 2:25% 

Gamarza, br -s, i£B8, by Gambetta 
Wilkes — Winnie Wilkes, by Red 
Wilkes 2:27% 

Gambart, b s, 1800, by Gamaleon— 
Zorah, by Backman's idol 2:27% 

Gambetta Wilkes, blk s, 1881, by 
George Wilkeewewel, by GiU's Ver- 
mont 2:10V4 

Gambonito, blk & 1887, by Gambetta 
Wilkes— Maud, by Garrard C»iief.... 2:10% 

Gambruno. br s, 1887, by Gambetta 
WilkefiH-DeaUlah, by Administrator. 2:20% 

Gam Byron, b e, 1887, by Gambetta 
Wilkes-Ada Byron, by Bnfleld 2:10% 

Gammer, br s. 1880, by Gambetta 
Wilkes— Annie Patchen. by Mam- 
brino Patchen 2:23% 

G. and M.. b s, 1888, by Ante«o=*-Roga t 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



B.. by Speculation 

Gardner H., b s, 1887, by Butler's 


Oarfield, blk g, 1881, by Durango— 

Dixie (dead) 

Garland, cb s, 18d0, by Nuthuret, 

dam' by Metropolitan 

Garland M., b e, 188—, by Garland. .. 
Garnet, ch g, 1881, by Young Jim— 

Suipnose, by American Clay 

Garnet, br m, 1887, by Paucoast— 

Buby, by Dictator 

Gamett Girl, ch m, 1887, by Sinomons 

—Mag, by Hambrino «.... 

Garnishee, b g, 1886, by Prairie King 

—Lucy Elmo, by Elmo Adams 

Garrett L., br s, 1886, by Saxony- 
Kit Lowry, by Mambrlno Royal... 
Garrison, b §1880, by Orange Blos- 
som—Queen Bess, by Backman*s Idol 
Gas, br g, 188—, by a Copperbottom 


Gascolgne, b s, 1888, by Gambetta 

Wilkes— Gondui a, by Princeps 

Gautier, b g, 1878. by Red Bank- 
Flora N., by Dolphin 

GaTaroche, b g, 1881, by Wilkins— 


GasBelle, b m, 1865, by Ry^sdyk's Ham- 

bletonian— Hattie Wood, by Harry 


Gaxelli?, blk m, 1888^ by Prouipter. , , . 
Gofelle, blk m> ISUI* by GoBsiptr— 

dam by Etlwln UaoiU *..♦»,».. 

Gfla«Ue, b St ISiST^ by Onward— at ren, 

by Dictator (oiickig reeurd 2:(XiVi). ►. 
G. B.. b g ISTtJ, by Dom redi\>- 

BiuQoU«, by Ited Eagle 

G, D. a., b g. imy, by Tuttkr Jr,.... 
Gean Smith, blk g, 1873. by Douiit- 

lesi^Nelly Hifro ...,**.. ,»..... 

Geb, b g, 1SS8, by Vigil lie jji> -Lady 

Wliit(?ltiw, by MambrlDo Clay (di ad) 
Gebbardt. cb a, 1887, by Kentucky 

Priuce— Langtry, bj Isft*fi9engt*r Du- 

Gee Whiz.* *b s,* 188K),* by Biily' Stan- 

Gene, b m, 1885, by Bonaflde— Nelly 
L., by Darkey 

Gene Briggs, br s. 1888, by Messenger 
Wilkes— Straw Cilrl. by Almont 

General Alger, blk s, 1889, by Ambas- 
sador—Lowland Girl, by Legal Ten- 
der Jr. 

Gen. Banks^ s. 1882, by Gen. Brock 
—Minnie Woods, by imp. Blinkiron 

Gren. Bartholomew, b s, 1888, by On- 
ward—Fanny Alley, by William 

Gen. Beamish, ot g, 187—, by Daugh- 
erty's Royal George (dead) 

Gen. Benham, b g, 1884, by Gen. 
Washington— Susie 

Gen. Boyle, b s, 1888, by Gambetta 
Wilkee-SiUy. by Alert 

Gen. Buford, b g. 1882, by Harry 
Pulling— Amy, by Black Ben 

Gen. Butler, blk g, 1853, by Smith 
Burr— Isadora (dead) 

Gen. Custer, br s, 1886, by Lenawee 
Chief— Lady Wilcox, by Mambrino 

General Cass, gr s, 1888, by Daunt- 
less— Olyburn mare 

General Denver, b s. 1886. by William 
M.— Lizzie O'Connor, by Harrison 
































General Don, b s, 1889, by Daunt- 
less—Minnie Rowell, by Gov. Tilden 2:27% 

General Grant, b g, 18^-, by H. W. 
Beecher ••.••............ . 2 '30 

General Herkimer/ b s, isSIBf, by Knick 
Wilkes— Libbie, by Hambletonlan 
Prince ^ 2:24% 

General Macey, b s. 1888, by Macey 
— Thornleaf, by Hero of Thorndale 2:25% 

General Sphinx, b s, 1890, by Sphinx 
—Ada, by Sir Denton 2:28% 

General Sprague, br s, 188—, by Brink- 
er's Sprague 2:26% 

General Wiles, b s, 1886. by Black 
Hawk McGregor— Molly Young, by 
Joe Young ^ 2:19% 

Gen. Dwhig, b s, 1876, by Windsor, 
dam by Tullytown (dead) 2:27% 

(Jen. Garfield, b g, 186—, by Kentucky 
Black Hawk — Molly Walker, by 
Oapt. Walker 2:21 

Gen. George A. Ballard, blk s, 1874, 
by Young Rex— Ida Whalebone, by 
Whalebone 2:30 

Gen. Grant, ch e, 1869, by Wapsie 
—Belle Wilson, by Handley's Hia- 
tQga 2:21 

Gen. Grant, blk g. 188^, by Steel's 
WalkiU 2:26% 

(Sen Hancock, b g, 1872, by Lightning 
—Miss Jones, by Perkins' Morrill... 2:24% 

Gen. Hardee, rn g, 188—, by Gen 
Hardee 2:27% 

Gen. Howard, br g, 186—, by Badger 
Boy (dead) 2:26% 

Genie L., blk m 1892, by Arcadian.. 2:25% 

Gen. James A. (Jarfleld, ch s, 1881, by 
Mohawk Gift— Emma B.. by Fowler's 
Star Hambletonlan 2:25% 

Gen. Lee, ch g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced 2:29 

Gen. Lee, ch & 1876, by Green's Ba- 
shaw—Belle Wilson, by Handley's 
Hiatoga 2:26% 

Gen. Logan, b e, 1886, by Alexander 
Button— Winnie, by Delta's St. Clair 2:23% 

Gen. Love, ch s, 1865, by Field's 
Royal George (dead) 2:30 

(Jen. Mack, b s, 187—, by Hickey's 
Happy Medium 2:2996. 

Gen. McClellan, b s, 1854^ by Drew 
Horse, dam by Shark (dead) 2:29 

Gen. McClellan, dn g, 185—, by Mon- 
tauk (dead) 2:29 

Gen. Marlon, b e, 1883. by New Jersey 
Volunteer— Fleety, by Bay wood 2:27% 

(Jen. Plcton, gr g, 186—. by Rattler, 
dam by Sumner Morgan (dead) 2:30 

Gen. Russ, gr s, 1876, by Blue Bull 
—Christina, by Tom CJrowder 2:29% 

Gen. Sherman, gr g, 1860, by Pilot 
Jr. (dead) 2:28% 

(Jen. Sibley, b g. 1876, by Swigert— 
DoUabel. by Richards' Bellfounder. 2:80 

Gen. Smith, ch s, 1886, by Albion- 
Nelly Dewar, by Royal Revenge ... 2:20 

Gen. Stark, ch g, 187—, pedigree not 
traced 2:27% 

Gen. Storms, b g, 187—, by Logan... 2:27% 

Gen. Turner, b e, 1881. by Harold— 
Claytona, by American Clay (pacing 
record 2:25%) 2:26% 

(Jen. Tweed, ch g, 186—. by Myron 
Perry, dam by Hill's Black Hawk 
(dead) 2:26Vi 

Gen. Wellington, b s, 1884, by Blec- 
tione<»r— Waxana. by Gk^n. Benton.. 2:30 

Gen Wiles, b s, 1886, by Black Hawk 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



McGregor— M0U7 Young, by Joe 
Young 2:15 

Gen. Wilkes, gr 1, 1881. by George 
Wilkes— Grace Goodman, by Peacock 2:21% 

Geneva, b m. 1882. by Princeps— 
Ozone, by Bysdyk's Hambletonian. . 2:17^ 

Geneva, cb s, 188T, by L^and— Bes- 
sie Forrest, by lidwin Forrest 2:14 

Geneva S., ch m, 188a, by Abdallab 
Mambrlno— Blla Hopkins, by Octo- 
roon 2:19^ 

Geneva WUkes, blk m, 1883. by Bar- 
tholomew Wilke»-Matt, by BolU _ 
Seymour 2:23^ 

(xeneve, blk m, 1885, by Nephew, dam 
by Jack Hawkins 2:2894 

Genevieve, b m, 1888, by Brougham 
—Belle of Clarence, by Finch's St. 
Lawrence ^•26j4 

Genevieve, b m, 188—. by Startle.. 2:28% 

Genevieve, br m, 1889, 1^ Bc^tiflt— 
Genoa, by Princeps 2:29% 

Genevra, b m, 187—, by Butt's Mon- 
roe Ohief, dam by Perrin Horse.. 2:24^ 

Genevra, b m, 1888, by Abby, dam by 
Hawthorne 2:20 

Gense, br m, 1886^ by Longfellow- 
Frolic, by Oorbeau Chief 2:19 

Genteel, blk g, 1887, by Gambetta 
Wilkes— Susie Cheek, by Light- 
heart 2:29% 

Gentile, br m, 1889, by Col. Hambrick 
—Belle Monroe, by Nick Monroe. ... 2:30 

Gentle Annie, m m, 1888, by Wiggins, 
dam by Scott's Hambrino 2:26 

Gentle Harry, b s. 188—, by Honest 
Charley 2:30 

Gentry, b g, 1887, by Gambetta— 
Virginia Grigsby, by American Boy 2:30 

George, b g, 1883, by Bullet 2'.274i 

George, b g, 186—, pedigree not 

George, b g, 1^—. by Dick Jones . . 

George, br g, 1885, by Scott's Thomas 
—Laura, by Forester 2:20^ 

George, blk g, 187—, pedigree not 
traced T 2:24V^ 

George A., b ' g, 1891, by Glencoe 
Wifkee ;. 2:29 

George A., b g. 1875, by Daniel 
Lambert— Pacing Kate 2:24^ 

George A., b g, 1876, by Truesdale's 
Abdallah Jr.— Kitty Foster, by SilU- 
man Morgan 2:21% 

George Allen, b s, 1883, by William 
H. Allen— Quickstep, by Foster 
Horse 2:28 

George Anthony, b s, 1889, by Nutal- 
wood— Arthur, by Arthurton 2:29^^ 

George A. Ayer. gr g, 1871, by Wood- 
ford Biambrino— Diana, by Pilot Jr. 2:30 

George B., gr g, 187—, by Winfleld 
Scott— Black Nina, by Waddell 2:29^ 

George B. Daniels, ch g. 1869, by 
King's Champion— Mamie Daniels, 
by Greyhound (dead) 2:24 

George C, ch g 2:30 

George C, b g, 1881. by Sweepstakes 
— Maidy, by Jupiter Abdallah 2:23% 

George 0., blk e, 1883, by Ben Frank- 
lin—Flora Oozzens, by Honest Dan. . 2:28% 

George Condlt, blk s, 1892. by Gam- 
betta Wilkes — Lady Watson, by 
Indianapolis 2:29% 

George Oooley, b g, 1853, by Neave's 
Oassius M. CHay Jr., dam by Friday 
(dead) 2:27 

George Dexter, br s, 1890, b.v Dexter 

Prince-Nelly C, by Kilrush 2:18% 

George D. Sherman, blk g, 187—, by 
Black BalDh 2:2»Mt, 

George F., b s, 1887, by St. Gothard 
— Lotta by Chester 2:28% 

George ^. Smith, b g, 1865, by Ni- 
agara Chief— Peggy, by State ef 
Maine (dead) 2:28 

George Gift, b 6, 1884, by Fairy Gift 
— Topsey Talbott, by Long Island 
Patchen 2:29% 

George Gray, br s, 1885, by Bedwood 
—May, by Dolphin 2:27 

George H.. br g, 188—, by Gen. Ben- 
ton 2:26% 

George H., rn g, 186-, by Godfrey 
Patchen (dead) 2:25 

George Halt Jr., b g, 187—, pedigree 
not traced 2:29% 

George Henry, b g, 186—, pedigree 
not traced < 2:27 

George H. Mitchell, b g, 1865, by 
American Bthan. dam by Long's 
Tornado (dead) 2:26 

George Judd, m g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:26% 

(^orge K., b g, 1884, by Coronet- 
Kitty Morgan, by Bartlett's Morgan 2:1 

George K., gr g, 1872. by Swlgert. ... 2:J 

(Seorge K., ch g, 18S— , by Hamble- 
tonian George 2:22 

Cteorge L., b g, 1880, by Harrison 
Chief— Miss Bwalt, by Washington 
Denmark 2:26% 

George L., br s, 188—, by Adjutant 
— Letta, by Bush 2:24% 

GkH>rge Lee, b g, 1879, by All Right, 
dam by Prince Edward 2:23% 

G^eorge L. Napoleon, br s. 1883, by 
Louis Napoleon— Flora R., by Stone- 
wall 2:24% 

George M.^ br g, 1885, by Deceive— 
Kit, by j^acon^s Bthan AUen 2:25% 

George M., b g, 1875, by Westfleld 
Boy— Flirt, by Champion King .... 2:24 

George Miller, b g, 186—, by Boston 
Boy (dead) 2:30 

George M. Patchen, b s, 1849, by (Oas- 
sius M. Cnay, dam by Head'em (dead) 2:28% 

George M. Patchen Jr., br s. 185—, 
by George M. Patchen— Belle, by 
Top Bellfounder (dead) 2:27 

George M. Rvsdyk, b g, 1878, by 
Rysdyk- Lady Patchen, by George 
m: Patchen 2:25 

George O., ch s, 1880, by Lakeland 
Abdallah— Fanny B., by Autocrat.. 2:21% 

George O., b g, 1876, by Hamble- 
tonian Chief, dam by Qen, Knox... 2:24% 

George P., ch g, 1886, by Gettysburg 
—Dolly, by Suocess 2:26% 

George Palmer, br g, 1861, by Palmer 
Bogus (dead) 2:19% 

George B., ch g, 187—, by Getaway, 
dam by Davy Crocket 2:27% 

George R., b g, 1878. by Daniel Lam- 
bert-Brown Fanny, by Young Black 
Hawk 2:24 

(Jeorge R., b g, 1875, by Bacon's 
Dthan Allen— Haven mare 2:27% 

G^rge Salisbury, b s, 1888, by Judge 
Salisbury— Gertrude G., by Ahnont 
Lightning 2:80 

Gteorge St. Clair, b s, 1888. by Better- 
ton— Dl Wind^ by Young Jim (pac- 
ing record 2:^2^ 2:15% 

(3eorge Simmons, b s, 1884, by Sim- 
mon^-Orip, by M.mbrino^'I^^.^^I^ 



George 8. Jamefl, ch g, 1884, by EUgh- 
lana Boy Jr.— Lady Stanton by Gen. 
Stanton (dead) 

George Treat, br g, 1868, by Mc- 
cracken's David HiU Jr.-Klt. by 
McCtacken's Black Hawk 

Georgette, blk m. 1884, by Count 
W&eB— NeU, by EsUU Brie 

George Y., ch g, 1874, by Masterlode 
—Nelly, by Magna Charta 

George w., br g, 1877, by Mambrlno 
PUot Jr. 

George W., ch g, 187—, by Lincoln 

George W.. b g, 18&-, by George K.— 
— Dawley mare, by Great Tom.... 

George W., blk g, 188—, by Mambrino 

George Washington, b s, 1886, by 
Smith's Mambrlno Chief Jr.- Fanny 
Rose, by Yick's Ethan .Allen Jr. . . . 

George W. Dayis, b g, 1878, by Glen- 
coe Golddust-^enny, by Eastman 

George Wilkes, br s, 1856, by Rys- 
dylTs Hambletonian-^DoUy Spanker, 
by Henry Clay (dead) 

George Willis, br s, 1887, by Belmont 
— Mona Wilkes, by George Wilkes.. 

George Wolf, b s, 1879, by Shelden 
Messenger— Chloe, by Charley 

Georgia, b m, 188—. by De Soto 

Georgia, b m, 1887, by Nutlane— 
Mouy Arm8trong,by Hosman's Pasha 

Georgia H., b m, 188—^ by Wilton... 

Georgiana, br m, 1880, by G^eorge 
Wilkes— Kittle Patchen, by Mam- 
brlno Patchen 

Georgie, gr m, 1884, by Pilot Medium 
— mtty, by Marshall Chief 

Georgia H.. b m, 1888. by Alcantara 
—Rosa R 

Georgie Lee, blk m, 1890, by Gam- 
betta Wilkes— Nutmontie, by Nut- 

Georgie Moeiiier, ch g, 1882, by Strath- 
more— Topsey, by Williams* Mam- 

Georgie W., br m, 1878, by New York 

Georgie Woodthorpe. gr m, 1884, by 

—Pet, by Blazing Star. 

Georgie Woodthorpe. gr n 
Altamont— Puss, by Baldy 

Geraldine, b m, 1888, by Alcyone- 
Alice Stoner, by Strathmore 

(Jeraldine, b m, 1878, by Gen. Stan- 
ton, dam by Blue Dick 

Geranium, b m, 1883, by Com. Bel- 
mont— Bouquet, by Woodford Mam- 

Gtermaine, b s, 1888, by Mambrlno 
Blng— Yerdant, by Hamlin's Al- 
moDt Jr 

German Boy, ch g, 1871, by Old Nig 
—Nell Wing 

German Girl, b m, 1881. by German 
Boy— Nelly, by Anthony Wayne ... 

Geronlmo. b g 1881, by Inca— Molly, 
by Sacramento 

Gertrude, ch m, 1887, by Blyria— 
Jenny D., by Tom Hunter 

Gertrude, br m, 1887. by Bgallte— 
LiBzie Teyls. by Harry Wilkes.... 

Gertrude Russell, b m. 1883, by Elec- 
tioneer— Dame Winnie, by Planet. . . 

Gestela Atwood, blk m, 188—, by At- 

Gettysburg, b s, 1883, by Gen. Han- 











2:22 ; 

2:29'>4 ' 

2:30 I 

2:26yj I 

2:26)4 j 
2:28% I 

















G. H. F., b g, 1889, by Falcon— Gip- 
sey, by Beaufort 2:25% 

Gibber, b g, 188-. by Gibraltar 2:2fn4 

Gibraltar, b s, 187% by Echo (dead). . 2:22^^ 

Gideon, b g, 188- 2:28% • 

Gift Jr.. b 6, 1874, by Mambrino Gift 
—Little Dolly, by Young Bonnie Scot- 
land T 2:27Mi 

Gift O'Neer, ch s, 1889, by Sphinx- 
LizxeUe, by Mambrlno Gift (dead).. 2:20 

Gilbert, b s, 1891, by Gambonito— 
Mabel, by Messenger Chief 2:28% 

Gilbirds Sprague, blk s, 1876, by Got. 
Spragne— Bohendan Girl, by Sir 
Cmarles 2:21% 

Gilbreth Knox, blk s, 1862, by Gen. 
Knox— Cahill Mare (dead) 2:26%. 

Gilbreth Maid, blk m, 1871, t^y Gil- 
breth Knox— Kate, by lyanhoe 2:25% 

Gilfillan, b s, 1888, by Gambetta 
WUkes-Jeannie C, by Nutwood ... 2t26% 

Gill Boyle, b e, 1887, by Gambetta 
Wilkes— Gondula. by Prlnceps 2:27% 

Gillette, blk g, 1^6. by (S^clone- 
Madam Beafty, by Monroe (5hlef . . . 2:11% 

Gimg, br s, 1885, by Aristos— AUce, 
by Pearsall 2:23% 

Gilmore. b g, 1883, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr.— Long Mary (dead) 2:21% 

Gilpatrick, b s, 188—, by Junio, dam 
by Gilpatrick 2:20% 

Gilroy, Dlk s, 1876, by Messenger 
Duroc— Lady Finch, by Harry Clay. 2:28% 

Gimcrack, ch s, 1884, by Mambrino 
King— Hyaciuthe, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr. 2:27 

Gioyanna, ch s, 1889, by Red Wilkes 
—Lady Withers, by Aberdeen 2:28% 

Gipsy, b m, 1875, by Wiuthrop Morrill 
Jr 2:24% 

.Gipsy A., blk m, 1882, by Star of the 
West— Pet, by Derbyenlre's Flying 
Cloud 2:25% 

Gipsy Boy, blk s, 187—, by Stonewall 
Jackson— Fanny Bashaw, by Green's 
Bashaw 2:28 

Gipsy Belle, blk m, 188-, by Atlantic. 2:25U 

Gipsy Girl, blk m, 1883, by Junius— 
Flora^ bv King William 2:17% 

Gipsy Girl (Sally Howard), b m, 1880, 
by Aaron Pennington — Calaway 
Maid,, by Rockaway 2:22 

Gipsy Maid, b m, 188—, by Chicago 
volunteer 2:23% 

Gipsy Patchen, blk m, 1885, by Fred 
Forrest— Perkins Mare 2:30 

Gipsy Queen, b m, 1877, by Gen. Ben- 
ton—Clara, by Coming's Classius M. 
Clay Jr 2:26% 

Gipsy Queen, b m, 1888, by Bomont— 
Ella, by Enfield 2:22% 

Gipsy Queen, ch m, 1883, by Bnsh- 
yllle--Bnlla Mare 2:19% 

Glrard, b g, 188—, by Louisyille 2:26% 

Glrflue, gr g, 1885, by Pilot Medium 
—Ida, by Golden Dawn 2:22% 

Gladiator, b g, 1875, by Blue Bull, 
dam Kit, by Cockspur 2:22% 

Gladiator Jr., blk g, 1880, by Tom 

Patchen— Molly, by Kentucky Clay. . 2:27% 
Gladstone, b e, 1884, by Hambrino— 

Fashion, by Curtis' Hambletonian. . 2:28% 
Gladstone, blk g. 1887, by Wllmont— 

Kate Gilmore, by Tom Bingham. . . . 2:29^ 
Gladys, b m, 188—, by Jersey Prince. . 2:28% 
Gladys, br m, 1891, by Inyeterate— 

May, by CTharles G. Hayes 2:29% 

Gladys, ch m, 1879, by Royal Fear- 
naught— Kit Harris, by Knott's 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Macnum Bonnm 2:28 

Qlalyfl, b m, 1882, by Baird's Ham- 
bletonian Prince-Belle Stringer, by ^ ^ , 
WaUdll Ohlef 2:28 ; 

Gladys, blk m. 1881, by McMabon- ^ 
Orphan Girl, by West Wind 2:80 

Gladys Spraffue, or m, 1887, by Badger ^ ^^ 
Sprague 2:10Vi 

Glamte. gr g, 1875. by Godfrev Patcb- ^ ^ 
en— ^tty Clyde, bj Dark Lantern. 2:22V4 

Glamour, br s. 1883, by Strathlan— _ 
Molly, by Thurman's Columbus.... 2:26^ 

Glassware Girl, b m. 188—, by Judge 
AdYOcate, dam by Gen. Knox (dead) 2:19W 

Glaucus. blk s, 1887, by Whlppleton 
— Mau^, by Paris 2:30 

Glaucus, b g, 188—, by liaven, dam by 
Don Juan 2:25'a ' 

Glenarm, b e, 1878, by Ck)nstel!atlon _ 
—Skip, by Gideon 2:23% 

Glenarma, b m, 1890, by Glenarm, 
dam) by Brown Harry 2:26% 

Glendale, b g, 1872, by Mambrlno 
Wagner— Rosedale, by Barker's Ed- 
win Forrest 2:20% 

Glendine, ch s, 1886, by Judge Salis- 
bury— Tempest, by Sultan 2:20 

Glengarry (Uncle Abe), br g, 1865, by 

. Wlnthrop Mor-lll (dead) 2^7 

Glen Mary, eb m, 1887, by Nutwood- 
Tipsy, by Alcalde 2:25% 

Glen Miller, gr s, 1876. by White Line. ^ _ 
dam by Alexander's Abdallah (dead) 2:18 

Glenmore, b s, 1887, by Havoo-Elva, „ ^,, . 
by Christopher H 2:28%* 

Glenny, bg, 188-. by Kent 2:21)% 

GlenTlew Belle, b in, 1886, by Nut- 
wood— Melrose, by George Wilkes. . . 2:20% 

Gien Wilkes, b s, 1887, by Wilkes 
Boy— Kitty Tranby, by Mambrlno 
Tranby 2:25 

Qlenwood, b e, 1888, by Nutwood- 
Jemima, by Scotland Boy (pacing i 
record 2:1334) 2:29% 

Glenwood, en s, 1875. by Wapsie— 
Bradshaw Mare, by Mamorino 
Patchen 2:27% 

Glenwood, br g, 1887, by Glencue, 
dam by Silvertoil 2:27 

Glenwood Belle, b m, 188—, by Monte- 
zuma, dam by Ridgewood 2:29% 

Glenwood Prince, b g, 1885, by Wal- 
kill Prince— Lady McOonnell, by 
Pocahontas Boy .% 2:21 

Glide, eh s, 1871, by Perkins' Morrill— 
Sleepy, by North MorriU 2:24 

Glinmier, b m, 1887, by Wilkes— Lady 
Crosby, by Gideon 2:23% 

Glitter, ch m, 1887, by Golden Bow— 
F:-ankie, by Franklin 2:2204 

Globard, b s, 1887, by Belmont- 
Georgle, by George Wilkes 2:10% 

Globe, bg, 1881, by Hamlin's Almont 
Jr.— Kate Patchen. by Hamlin 
Patchfen 2:149n 

Gloriana, b m, 188—, by Puzzler.... 2:25V4 

Gloster. b s, 1883, by Tempest— Caro- i 

mel, by Com. Belmont 2:20 i 

Gloster, b g, 1866. by "Volunteer- 
Black Bess, by Stockbridge Chief 
(dead) 2:17 

Gloucester, b g, 187—, by Highland 
Boy 2:23% 

Qlycera, b m. 1886, by Onward— Ita- 
yenna, by Prlncepe 2:20% ; 

Ctoblin, b s, 188— , Yy Wilton 2:26% 

Godella. b m, 1883, by Aberdeen— Ino, 
by Ericsson 2:11U'(8 

Godella, b m, 18&-, by Harold Jr.... 2:29% 

Gold Ooln, br g, 188-, by Goldstone. 2:21% 

Godwin, br s. 1890, by Inheritance— 
Mamie Porter, by New York 2 :29% 

Gognac, b s, 1891, by Pilot Medium 
Intrigue, tar Princeps 2:27 

Goldbaden, br _g, 1886, by Weiabadeu 
— Goldy, by BoUa Ctolddust Jr 2:25% 

Gold Bar, b a. 1888, by Goldema^— 
Belle Earlington, by Lord Earlington 2:20^ 

Gold Bond, b m, 188—, by Beserve 
Fund 2:28 

Gold Boy, ch g, 1887, by Charley B. 
—Dolly, by Star of CatskiU 2:23V4 

Gold Charm, ch g, 18S— , by Elmo . . . 2:25% 

Golddust, ch s 2:21% 

Golddust Prince, b s, 1882, by Star 
Bashaw— Rose C. by Sleepy Fred . . 2:21% 

Gold Edge, b s, 1888, by Sherman's 
Hambletonian— Fettle, by George 
Wilkes 2:26% 

Ctolden, ch s, 1882, by Royal Lambert 
—Nelly Bates, by Daniel Lambert. . 2:2l*% 

Golden Belle, ch m. 188—, by Geu. 
Grant— Fly, by Gage's Logan 2:30 

Goldenbow, ch s. 1871, by Satellite- 
Romper, by volunteer 2:27^ 

Golden Boy, b s, 1886, by Grand Sen- 
tinel Jr.— Kit Pringle, by Young 
Cobham 2:23% 

Golden Eagle, ch s, 1881, by Satellite 
—Romper, by Volunteer 2:28^ 

Golden Gem, ch s, 1888, by Amender 
—Ruby Duroc, by Messenger Duroc. 2:24 

Golden Girl, gr m, 1873, by King's 
Champion 2:25V4 

Golden Girl, b m, 1875, by Goldenbow 
— Roxy; by Sterling's Eclipse 2:2S% 

Golden LhiK, ch s, 1887, by Almoneer 
—Crescent, by Satellite 2:30 

Goldenrod, br s, 1890, by Prospect- 
Madam Killgore, by Foster 2:29^/4 

Gk)lden Rod, ch g, 188—, by Alcyone 
—Annie BAstin, by Morgan Rattler. . 2 :19m 

Golden Russet, ch g, 1888. breeding 
unknown 2:20'/i 

Golden Slippers, b m, 1884, by Elec- 
tioneer— Miss Knox, by Knox ..... 2:30 

Golden Spraeue, ch s, 1884, by George 
Sprague— Snip ' 2:18% 

Golden Wing, ch s. 1882, by Satellite 
—Belle T., by Mambrlno Champion. . 2:24JV4 

Goldfinder, ch s, 1874, by John Lam- 
bert 2:2;^', 

Goldgetter, ch s. 1889, by Bourbon 
Wilkes— Pressle Harold, by Prescott 2:2<>i, 

Goldie, ch g, by Eden Goldduflt 2:21>V. 

Goldie May, b m, 1886, by Almooi*^ 
Daiflv, by Prospect 2:30 

Gold King, b g, 18&-. by Clear Grit.. 2:291, 

(Jold Lace, br m, 1887, by Epaulet- 
Harmony Maid, by Happy Medium. 2:30 

Gold Leaf, ch g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:28 ^ 

Gold Leaf, br s, 1883, by Nugget- 
Maple Leaf, by New York 2:16' -i 

Gold Leaf Maid, b m. 188—, by Al- 
mont (5hlef— Allle S., by ~v^an 
Allen Jr. 2:24'. 

Goldman, ch s, 1887, by Allandorf— 
Minnie, by Young Jim ; 2:20V^ 

Goldmont, d s, 1884, by Mammont— 
Lady Gtolddust, by Brilliant (Sold- 
dust 2:23»o 

Gold Note, b g, 1868, by Contraband 
—Fanny Hayes, by Jack Hayes 2:2r» 

Gold Plate, b m, 1888. by Fairy Gift 
—Nickel Plate, by Belmont 2:23% 

Gold Point, br s, 1889, by St. Bel- 
Nubla, by Harold 2:29S'i 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Gold Ring, ch s, 1884, by Edea Qold- 
dust— Nelly Ingersoli, by Fearnaught ^ ,,^,, 
Gift 2;12k 

Goldamlth Maid, b m, 1867, by Alex- 
ander's Abdallali-Old Ab, by Ab- ^ _ , 
dallah (dead) 2:14 • 

Gold Star, ch s, 1885, by Mambriuo 

Patchen— Golden Lake, by Lakeland ' 

Abdallah 2:21)% 

Goldstone, ch s, 1881. by Masterlode i 

— Chicago BeUe. by Sterling 2:27y4 

Goldsil, ch 8, 18»1, by Zilcaadi Gold- ; 

dust— Victoria, by Jeiferson Mam- 
brimo 2:30 

GoUU, br m. 1888. by Guy Wilkes— ! 

Oora. by Buccaueer 2:27W I 

Gondola, b m, 1883, by Belmont— ^^^^, i 
Betsey Baker, by Dictator 2:25;%, 

Gonxales McGregor, b g, 1885, by ^ ^^ 
NortoB McGregor— Cora 2:lCi4 

Good-bye. b s, 1«84, by Egbert— Circe, 
by BeU Morgan 2:10V4 

Good Gift, blk s, 1881, by Fairy Gift- 
Restless, by Kentucky Clay 2:28 

Good Morning, b m, 1873. by Harold- 
Lady Limp, by Toronto 2:28^ 

Good Time, ch s. 1886. by Mark 
Time— Maggie C, by Felter's Ham- 
bletoniaa 2:18 

Goodwin Jr., br s, 188«, by Good- 
win Hambletonian— Stella, by Brown 
Chief 2:27% 

Goodwood Jr., ch s, 188--, by Good- 
wood—Kitty Morrill, by Young Mor- 
rUl 2:23k 

Go On, ch g, 1884. by Jimmy Gift- 
Teaney I>raper. by Albert Draper. 2:28% 

Gordon Sim. b g, 1888, by Uncle Sim 
-Lady May.:: 2:2av^ 

GoBslper, b s, 1885, by Simmons- 
Lady Bryan, by Smuggler 2:14% 

Gordon, b g, 1883. by Sorrento— Belle ^ 
of Pawlett. by Warr Hulett 2:26% 

Go Some, b m, 18^-. by Happy 
Thought 2:28% 

Gotell, b m. 1882, by Axtell-GodeUa, ^ _^^ 
by Aberde«i 2:29% 

Gotham, ch s, 1884, by Nutwood— 
Bden. Lassie, by Golddust 2:29% 

Gothatum, b s, 1886. by Dictatum— _ 
Ruby Gothard. by St. Gothard 2:29% 

Goyernor, gr g, 187—, by Green's Ba- 
ehaw-Lady McNalr 2:24 

Governor, gr s, 187—, pedigree not ^ 
traced ^ ..*.-... 2:28 

Governor, b g, 1866. by Qflrk Oh lot- 
Ware Mare, by Gfldn(3a Chief (df-ad) 2:30 

Gov. Benton, cU e, 1882. by Mdjor 
Benton— River Uly by Gpd, B^^nlon 2:22% 

Governor D., blk a, 18S1. by Swlg(>rt 
—Dolly Dutton, liy Blat^k Don f lass. . 2:21 

Gov. F., b s, l^y^, by Royalty— M- 
frlda, by Stockine Chl^t 2:21 

Gov. Hendee. cb a, iBSd. by Dtike of 
Brunswick — Wb Ir Id o ud , by J iiy 
Gould 2:23 

Gov. Hill, b g, 1881, by Star Edmund 
-Old Maid 2:18% 

Gov. Hill, b g. 188S, by Gov. Benton 
-Lady P., by Buell's Pathfinder... 2:26% 

Governor Hogg, b s, 1891. by Obstacle 
—Star Maid, by Bethlehem's Star. . 2:80 

Gov. Plaisted. br g, 1876, by Grey 
Dan— Daisy, by a son of Drew horse 2:29% 

Gov. Powell, blk s, 1888, by Ool Ham- 
brick— Biff Mary, by D. Monroe 2:26 

Governor Riddle, gr g, 188—, by Nor- 
man Medium— Puss Barber, by Tiger 
Morcran 2:28 

Gov. Rusk, b g, 1888, by Phallas— 
Ohaingelet, by Volunteer 2:27^ 

Gov. St. John, ch s, 1880, by Amboy 
— Orasy Jane, by Little Snip Printer 2:27Vb 

Gov. Sprague, blk s, 1871, by Rhode 
Island— Belle Brandon, by igysdyk's 
Hambletonian (dead) 2:20% 

Gov. Sprague Jr.. br s, 1887, by John 
B. Spragu^-Molly Scammon, byRob- 
Ineon horse 2:80 

Gov. Stanford, ch g, 186—. by John 
Nelson 2:21% 

Gov. Stanford, b s, 1885, bv Elec- 
tioneer—Barnes, by Whipple's Ham- 
bletonian 2:21 

Gov. Strong, b s, 1889, by Dr. Strong 
-iJulla Wilkes, by Governor Wilkes. 2:21 

Grov. Wood, ch s. 1879, by Amboy— 
Bird, by BUly Shaker 2:29 

Grace, br m, 1«86, by Redwood— Kitty 
Dean, by Gideon 2:26H 

Grace, b m, 1869, by Knickerbocker 
—Lady Denton, by seely's American 
Star ,. 2:27 

Grace, oh m. 1888, by Sidney— Mar- 
gueritCr by Speculation 2:29 

Grace, gr m, 186—, by Lexington- 
Jenny, by Sorrel John Richards 
(dead) 2:27^ 

Grace B., gr m, 188—. by Detractor. ^:26 

Grace Bertram, ch m, 186—. by New 
Jersey, dam by Marshal Ney (dead) 2:29 

Grace Darling, b m, 188—, by Alburn. 2:26Vi 

Grace Dariing, b m, 1880, by Grand 
Sentinel— Molly Bawn, by Sir Henry 2:26 

Graceful, b m. 1880, by Happy Med- 
ium— Lady Grace, by Hamlet 2:23%, 

Grace Gothard, b m, 1884, by St. Gk>th- 
ard— Grace Bertram, by New Jersey 2:20 

Grace Hasting, ch m, 1888, by Bay- 
onne Prince— Kate K., by Burger.. 2:24 

Grace Lee, b m. 1886, by Electioneer 
—Addle Lee, by Culver's Black 
Hawk 2:20% 

Grace Medium, blk m, 1887, by Ad- 
ministrator Jr.— Pattle, by Happy 
Medium 2:29V4 

Grace Napoleon, b m, 1885. by Louifl 
Napoleon— Kate Wilson, by Scott's 
Hlatoga 2:14H 

Grace Smmons, blk m, 1889, by Sim- 
mons, dam by Pacing Abdallah 2:19% 

Grace Thome, b m, 188—* by Eg- 
thome * 2:28% 

Grace W., br m, 1884, by Blackwood 
Mambrlno— Lucy WoodruflP, by Hi- 
ram Woodruff 2:21% 

Grace Walker, b m, 1886. by Royal 
Fearnaught— Miss Johnson, by Beau- 
mont 2:28v^ 

Grace Wilkes, rn m, 188—, by Adrian 
Wilkes 2:17% 

Gracewood, blk m, 1887. by Nutwood 
—La Grade, by Cuyler 2:27% 

Grade, b m. 1878^ by Landmark .... 2:27 

Grade Almont, blk m, 1886, by Al- 
mont Mambrlno— Fashion 2:80 

Grade B.. b m, 18^ by Blackwood 
Jr.— Llttlefleld, bySifleld 2:22^ 

Grade S., di m, 1882, by Speculation 
—Jenny, by Bull Pup 2:22 

Grade v. ch m, 1887, by Crittenden 
— Lula I>., by Woodford Abdallah.. 2:80 

Grafton, ch g, 1879, by Almont Boy- 
Lucy B., by Canadian Mohawk 2:20% 

Grafton, ch g, 1868, by Waxy— Gyp^ 
by Karanaugh's Gray Eagle 2:22% 

Granby, b s 1882, by Princeps— 
Hamlte, by Hamlet 2:10% 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Qmm C, b g, 18^—, by Hambleton- 
ian'B iMBtf dam by Tom Wonder. . 2:2B^ 

Grand Central, b x, 1882, by Hins- 
dale Home, dam by Bacon'a Bthan 
AUen 2:80 

Qrandee, b g, 1885, by Le Grand— 
Norma, by Arthurton 2:23% 

Grandee, ch s, 1884 by Grenadier- 
Flora 2:29>4 

Grandee, b g, 1888, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr.— Majorle. by Kentucky 
Prince 2:27% 

Grand Dnchees, b m, 1858, by Hand- 
ley's Hlatoga— Johnson Mare, by 
John Richards (dead) 2:26% 

Grand Duke, b g, 1877, by Shelby 
Chief— MoUy 2:29% 

Grand Ge^ge. ch s, 1880, by Hamble- 
tonlan mlkeB, dam by Magna 
Oharta (pacing grecord 2:1^4) 2:24% 

Grand Isle, b g. 18S1. by Wlnooskl 
— Leona 2:244 

GrandiBslmo, b s, 1886, by Le Grand 
—Norma, by Arthurton 2:23% 

Grandly, blk s, 1888. by (3ambetta 
Wilkes— Bffle Faulkner, by Abdal- 
brino 2:28% 

Qrandmont, br s, 1882. by Almont— 
Badoura. by Strader^s Gasslus M. 
Olay Jr. 2:25% 

Grand B., b g, 188—, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr 2:24% 

Grand Turk, b s, 1880. by Connaught 
— Lurllne, by Mambrino Patchen... 2:29% 

Grand Sentinel, b s, 1873, by Sentinel 
—Maid of Lexington, by Mambrino 
Pilot (dead) 2:27% 

Grand Sentln^ Jr. b s, 1887. by 
Grand Sentinel— Lucy K., by Daunt- 
less 2:30 

Gracger B., ch g, 1881. by Hamble- 
hawk— Kitty Haldeman 2:30 

Granieta, br m. 1888, by Rockefeller 
—Maud L., by Messenger Knox ... 2:25% 

Granite, gr g, 187—, by Major Grant 
-Ndly 2:24% 

Grannette^ b m. 1880. by Granby— 
Maggie 0., by St. Mark 2:21% 

Granny, b m, 1881, by Abdallah 
Hambletonian— Black Bess, by 
Ketohum Hoise 2:28 

Grant Sherman, b s. 1887, by Sher- 
man—Katie C, by Mambrino 
Patchen 2:29 

Graesee, b s 2:25% 

Granville, ch g 1868, by American 
Clay— Lady Abdallah, by Alexan- 
der's AbdaUah 2:26 

Grasshopper, ro g, 1882, by Princeps 
—Brocade, by volunteer 2:29% 

Grateful, ch g, 1867, by Brown Horse, 
dam by Grawford Horse (dead) ... 2:28% 

Grateful, gr s, 1888. by Gen. Wilkes 
—Oxford Lass, by Mambrino Ledger 2:30 

Grattan, blk s, 1887, by WlUCes Boj 
—Anna Almont, by Bostlck's Almont 
Jr. 2:18 

Grata, b g, 1882, by Bourbon Wlll^ee 
—Kate Henderson, by Cazlque .... 2:17% 

Gravel, br s. 1886, by Haw Patch 
— Hortense, by Tramp 2*.29% 

Graves, ch g, 187—, by Whipple's 
Hambletonian— Rose Austin 2:19 

Graydon, gr s, 1887, by Hambrino— 
Zephyr, by Mambrino Patchen .... 2:17% 

Graylleld, gr g, 1887, by Greenfield . . 5:17% 

Great Stakes, b s, 1887. by Billy 
Thomhlll— Sweetstakes, by Sweep- 

ataken 2:24% 

Great Bastem, b g, 1869, by WalklU 
(nilef— HammU Hare, by Riley's 
Oonstematlon (dead) 2:1B 

Great Bastem, b g, 1885, by Sweep- 
stakes— Annie Hough, by Kentucky 
Prince 2:28% 

Great Western, blk g, 1870, by Su- 
perb 2:29 

Green B., b g, 188—, by Abdalbrino, 
dam by Cornwall 2:29% 

Greenbacks, b s. 1882, by Princeps— 
Lorette, by Rysdyk's Hambleto.iian 2:28% 

Green Boy, b s, 1877. by John Green— 
Unls Green, by Green's Hamble- 
tonian 2:27% 

Green Bird, b g. 188--, by Lucas 
Brodheai , 2:24% 

Greoub4iar, b s, 1888. by Gambetta 
Wilkes -Nut^'ood Belle, by Nutwood 2:22% 

Greenbush ^tar, b s, 1883. by Green- 
bush— Mabel, by Byron 2:25% 

Greenceps, b g. 1888, by Greenbacks, 
dam by Trophy 2:18% 

Green Boy Jr. rn g, 188—, by Green 
Boy 2:28% 

Green Charley, blk g, 186—, by 
Crpeii's Bashaw 2:26<^ 

Greenfield Girl, g m, 188—, by Jim 
Wilaon 2:29% 

Green Girl, b m, 1879, by Artamus— 
Brighani, by Jay Gould 2:21% 

Grcenlander Boy, br s, 1887, by 
Greenlander^Aurelia, by Blectlon- 
eer 2:21% 

Greenlander Girl, blk m, 1890, by 
Greenlander— Aurella, by Election- 
eer • 2*21 

Greenlcnf, b s, 1887, by 'iold Leaf, 
dam by Case's Dave Mill 2:22% 

Greenleaf br g, 1886^ by Simmons- 
Nelly Monroe, by Jim Monroe 2:10% 

Greenllght, b g, 1^ by Signal— 
Tannle 2:24% 

Greenlander, 1882. by Princeps— Juno, 
by Bysdyk's Hambletonian 2:12 

Green Mountain Boy, b s. 1873| by 
Thomas Jefferson— Belle 2:28% 

Green Mountain Maid, ch m, 1845, by 
Harris' Hambletonian (dead) 2:28% 

Green River, b s, 1887, by Principe- 
Maria, by Marabout 2:22% 

Greenway, br s, 1888, by Greenlander 
—Aurella, by Blectloneer 2:25 

Greenwood^b s. 1886, by Greenbacks, 
dam by ^Sutler Horse 2:20 

Greenwood, br g, 18&-, by Fergus 
McGregor 2:29 

Greenwood, b g, 188— » by Jay wood.. 2:30 

Greenwood, ch g, 187—, by Gtoodwood 
—Shoo Flv by Young Morrill 2:30 

Greenwood Belle, b m, 1885, by Cali- 
ban—Greenwood Maid, by Strath- 
more 2:29% 

Greever, br s, 1889, by Plcco— Queen 
Sprague, by George Sprague 2:28% 

Gregorian ch s, 1888, by Prince 
George— Beltlna. by Mansfield 2:80 

Gregory, br g, 1864, by Bishop— Mhel, 
by Contractor 2:30 

Grenadier, b g, 188—, by Messenger 
Wilkes— Modjeska, by Redwood 2:! 

Gretchen 2:1 

Gretchen. b m. 1886, by Schuyler- 
Nelly, by George D. Patchen 2:16% 

Gretna, b m, 1884, by Mambrino Dud- ^ 
ley— Bodil, by Peacemaker 2:22*4 

Grex, blk s, 1888, by Gpi^ibetta 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Wllke«— Walle Sprague, by Gov. 

SpraOTe ...7........ 2:28 

Qrey Bashaw, gt b, 188—, by Charley 

Bashaw 2:80 

Orey Belle, gt m. 188—, by Anteeo. . 2:27 
Grey Bill, srr g, 1869, by Branaywlne, 

dam by Stat^ of Maine (dead) 2:80 

Orey Charley, gr g, 186—, pedigree 

not traced (dead) 2:20 

Grey Chief, gr g, 1868, by Lonia Na- 
poleon 2:24|i 

Grey Cloud, gr a, 1871, by Blue Grass 2:23vS 
Grey Cloud, gr s, 188—, by Gilt Edge 

-OometTby Battler 2:20'>i 

Grey Cloud, gr s, 1885, by Beyeille— 

Maud a, by Bex Uiatoga 2*.25 

Grey Dan, gr g, 187—, pedigree not 

traced :. 2:30 

Grey Dare, gr g, 1878, by Hotspur 

Chief— Miss Mason 2:22Vi 

Grey Dawn, gr g, 1888, by Major 

White— Belle, by Volga Jim 2:20 

Grey Dawn, gr m, 1889, by Startle- 
Daybreak, by Harold 2:22^ 

Grey Duke, gr g. 1874, by Hall Colt. 2:20% 
Grey Eddy, gr g, 186—, by Blue Ck)lt. . 2:27 
Gi^y Bddy, gr g, 184—, by Morse 

Horse (dead) 2:30 

Grey Hawk, gr g, 1853, by Hawkeye, 

dam by Black Archy (dead) 2:28% 

Grey Jack, gr g, 1860, by John Carrier 

—Madam Huntley (dead) 2:28^ 

Grey Jim, gr g, 1885, by Strawn— 

Grey Nell, by Hurst & Thornton's 

Abdallah 2:22 

Greylight. gr g, 1882, by StarUght— 

Young Daisy, by Strideaway 2:10Vi 

Grey Mack, gr g, 1860, by Black 

Hawk Hero (dead) 2:25Vi 

Grey Ned, gr g, 1882, by Goodhue's 

Patchen 2:25 

Grey Prince, gr g, 188—, pedigree not 

traced 2:20^ 

Grey Salem, gr g, 187—, pedigree not 

traced 2:24 

Greystone, gi- g, 1881, by Altitude- 
Lady Miller, by Creeper 2:28Vj 

Grey Swigert, gr g, 1886, by Mambri- 

no Swigert— Molly 2:2014 

Greywood, gr e, 1»J— , by Jim Mul- 

renna 2:27 

GrifQn, b s, 1883. by Messenger Duroc 

—Gimp, by Prlnceps 2:20^ 

Grimsby Girl, b m, 1886, by Hager's 

Stanton-Greg, by Winfleld Scott.. 2:26% 
Griiieiila* b no. IfiS— , hy Qambelta 

Wilkes '-' Lady Veiai^r, by Gimord 

Chief , 2;29ii 

QrSt, b s. 1886, hy Ooward—GrlHeiaa, 

by William liyadyk - 2:20% 

Groflla, fa R, 1^89, by Grosienn— il'n- 

nie teuton, by Gcu. Denton 2:25^4 

Grusjeun, talk a, ]&83, hy Belmuiu— 

Sue Dtidlej, by Edwin Forreat .... 2:24% 
Groven b^ g, 1885, by Ed Klmbltj— 

Blaae, by Frjink Ueyuold^ , 2:28'/^ 

aiOTer C," ch a, 1884^ by GMt Edg^j— 

Berneda 2:30 

Grover O., b s, 1888, by Sarcenet t— 

Liszle H., by Ralston 2:26>/4 

Grorer C, b g, 1884, by Altar, dam 

by'Britton 2:80 

Grover Clay, b s, by Electioneer— 

Maggie Norfolk, by Norfolk 2:23V4 

Grover Cleveland, b g, 1884, by Red- 
wood, dam by Sherwood 2:18"r4 

Grover Cleveland, b g. 1880, by Bunco 

—Lady Woods, bv Monte 2:24 

Grover Cleveland, b s, 1883, by St. 

Amand— Ontario, by Watchman.... 2:30 

Grover Wilkes, dn g, 188—, by New- 
ton's Allie Wilkes 2:30 

G. T. Pilot, dn g, 1868, by McDonough 
-^anod .....*. ........ 2:24 

Guard, b s, by Guide— Lady King, by 
Hambletonian King 2:27 

Guard, b m, 1891, by Clay King- 
Hannah D., by Abdalbrino 2:28Mi 

Guardian, b g, 188-, by Epaulet 2:24»4 

Guandsman, d b, 1885, by Alcyone - 
Qui Vive, by Sentinel 2:23^ 

Quelph, br s, 1S82, by Prlnceps— 
Merry, by Messenger Duroc 2:16*74 

Guelph Jr., br s, 1887, by Guelph— 
Trumpeter, by Honesty 2:26% 

Guess. D g, 1885, by Landmark, dam 
by Palmer Bogus 2:16^ 

Guess Not, br m, 187—, by Baird's 
Hambletonian Prince— Maxwell mare 2:271^ 

Guldo, gr g, 188—. by Ensign 2:21^ 

Guiado, b s. 1889, by Pistachio- 
Primrose, by Alexander's Abdallah. 2:30 

Guide, br s, 1885, by Director— Imo- 
gene, by Norwood 2:16^4 

Guilford Dudley, gr s, 1890, by Egotist 
—Belle Dudley, bv Belmont 2:30 

Guinea, bik m. 1881, bv Egbert— 
Norma, by Alexander's Korman.... 2:29 

Guitar, b m, 1882, by Prlnceps— Trio, 
bv Volunteer 2:29% 

Gula, cb m, 1885, by Royal Fear- 
naught, dam by Tom Hunter 2:27V^ 

Gus, b s, 186—, by Millman's Bell- 
founder— Jenny Noyes 2:26% 

Gurney, ch g, 1885, by Kentucky 
Prince— Lady Horton, by Sweep- 
stakes 2:28% 

Gus Fellows, b g, 188—, by Charles 
Oaflrey 2:29^ 

Gussie Leonard, b m, 1890, by George 
Simmons— Jessie Miller, by Magic. 2:29'y4 

Gussie M., b m, 1889. by Moody- 
Stockings, by Young Amboy 2:22V4 

Gussie T., b m, 1881, by Paragon- 
Anna Long 2:26Vi 

Gus Spreckles, b s, 1879, by Specula- 
tion—Jenny, by Blue Pup 2:30 

Gus Voltz, b s, 1887, by Phallas— 
Grace Murray 2:20% 

Gus Wilkes, b g, 1880, by Mambrluo 
Wilkes— Fancy, by Bonner 2:22 

Guy, blk g, 1880, by Kentucky Prince 
-Flora (Jardiner, by Seely's Amer- 
ican Star 2:09% 

Guy, ch s, 1889, by Robert Rysdyk— 
Red Rose, by Jester D 2:16% 

Guv Lambert, b s, 188—, by Sir 
Thomas 2:22 

Guyon, b s, 1882, by Prlnceps— Roma, 
by Golddust 2:80 

Guy Princeton, br e, 1887, by Prince- 
ton—Wait-a-bit, by Basil Duke 2:28i4 

Guy Rene, br s, 188—, by Guy Dar- 
rell 2:25 

Guy Sheridan, br s, 1885, by Chns. 
OafTrey— Nelly Wooly, by Yeoman. . 2:22^ 

Guy Vernon, gr s, 188—, by Guy 
Wilkes, dam by Patchen Vernon 2:28 

Guy Wilkes, b s, 1879. by George 
Wilkes— Lady Bunker, by Mambrluo 
Patchen 2:15% 

Gyp, srr m, 188—. by Trouble, dam 
by Jim Sherwood. 2:26>4 

Guyon. b a. 1882, by Prlnceps— Roma, 
by Golddust 2:27% 

Gypflv Maid, b m. 188—. by Thlcago 
Volunteer 2:24% 

Oypsy Earl, oh m. 18.00. hy Earl, dnm 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



by Leland 2:199^1 

*IESpjf;..l'...'"'..^f::..!*r...!!f. 2:^m\ 

Gsrpfij K., ch m, 188-, by Billy Knox 2:20^ ! 

OT'W. Howe, b fi, 1891- bv King Will- ^ ; 

lam L.— Bnvle, by Fhallamont 2:2994 

Hackberry, b 8, 1886, by Harold— ^ ^^.l 
Alice Mand, by Belmont (dead).... 2:26^ 
Hades, blk m, 1880, by Leland— Ara- ^ „_. I 
Ion, by Young Woful 2:27% i 

Hagar, b m, ISSt, by Nutwood— Hilda, _ , 
by Onyler 2:25 

Ha Ha, br s. 1880, by Nephew— Ryan i 

Mare, by MoCalklns' Black Hawk... 2:22Vi 

Haldee B.. ch m, 1888, by Charles G. ^ ^ 
Haye»-jSilent Friend, byMenelans.. 2:26 

Hailstorm, b g, 1888, by Anteeo Jr.— ^ ^ 
Star, by Geo. M. Patchen Jr 2:30 

Haldane, b s, 1883. by Mambrlno Rus- 
sell—Brownie, by Daniel Lambert 
(dead) 2:26% 

Haley, b s. 1889, by Nelson-Grey- . 

nose, by Feamanght 2:18% 

Halifax, b b, 1888, by West Egbert- 
Flora Payne, by John F. Payne 2:26% 

Hal J., b s, 188-, by Limber Jim 2:29 ■. 

Hallie. ch m, 1887, by Harbinger, dan* . 

by ilonte <!rhristo 2:20 j 

Hallie B., b m, 1882, by Alcyone- ^ ^^^ , 
Blenora, by American Clay 2:26!^ 

Hallie Harrfe, ch m, 1800, by 0)mbl- ^ ^^^ ' 
nation— Miss Attorney, by Attorney. 2:23^» | 

Hallidan. br g, 188--> by Haldane. . . . 2:28 

Halllngton, b s, 1889,^ by Haldane— 
Lilly Lexington, by Lexington Star 2:30 

HaU TerreU, b g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced 2:28%i 

Halo, b s, 1887, by Haldane— Cora C, 
by Buckingham • 2:27 , 

Hal Pointer, ch 0, 1801. by Luke ; 

Brodhead, dam by Cottontail 2:18^<i i 

Halvan, gr g. 1889, by Haldane- i 

Shenavan, by Daniel Lambert 2:22V^ ; 

Hambleton, br s, 1875, by Florida- 
Lady Woodhull, by Bysdyk's Ham- 
bletooian .••••v"-;i>VV 2:26^/4 j 

Hambletonlan (McCurdy's), ch a, 1874, ■ 

by Harold — Belle, by Mambrlno 

Ciief (dead) 2:26% , 

Hambletonlan (Worley's), ch s, 1880, , 

^J^^t'r^ry.'^'^.^':^^. 2:28% ' 
Hambletonlan (Bailey's), b s, 1886, by 

Thomas K., dam by Mambrlno ^ ^, . 

Priam 2.29% 

Hambletonlan Bashaw, b s, 1870, by 

Green'« Bashaw — Lady Byron, by 

Gage's Logan 2:21% | 

Hambletonlan Bashaw, b s, 1876, by < 

Fellers' Hambletonlan— Lady Dutch, ^ ^. , , 

by Hermit i"\VV 2:29%; 

FUoti 2:2IH4 

Hambrino Prince, b g, 188—, by Ham- 

brlno 2:26 

HamdaOah, b s, 1879. by Hambrino— 

Linda, by Alexander's Abdallah 2:28 

Hampden Girl, b m, 188^, by Banquo. 2:27% 
HamSillah (Aiken's), b s, 1884, by 
Hamdallah— Flora, by DeGraff's Al- 
exander (dead) 2:21% 

Hamdallah Star, b a, 1885, by Ham- 
dalkib— Lady Gregor 2d, by Star ot 

the West 2:28 . 

Ham Jr., b s, 188-, by Ham 2:24% 

Hamletta, blk -"*^ ^ 


Hambletonran, b s, 1873, by Maater- 
lode— Lady Emma, by Cfanada Cham- 
pion 2:29 

Hambletonlan Knox, br s. 1873, by 
GUbreth Knox, dam by Gideon 2:28 

Hambletonlan Mambrlno, b s, 1871, by ^ ^,. 
Curtis' Hambletonlan— Topsy 2:21% 

Hambletonlan's Last, br s, 1876, by 
Rysdyk's Hambletonlan- Lady Bus- 
sellToy Seely'fl American Star 2:25% 

Hambrino, b s, 1869, by Edward Ever- 
ett— Mambrlna, by Mambrlno Chief. 2:21% 

Hambrino Belle, b m, 1874, by Ham- 
brino — Safly Neal, by Mambrino 
Ctolef 2:26% 

Hambrino Pilot, blk s, 1886. by Ham- 
brino— Forest Queen, by Mambrino 

_^ by Bourbon 
Wilkes— Lady H^amlet, by Hamlet.. 
Hammond, b s, 1881, by Tom Scott- 
Jury, by Hambletonlan Bashaw 

Bam M(OTl0on, b g, 187—, by Master- 

Hamoun, blk s, 1886, by Watchmaker 

—Nell, by Pilot Knox 2:28% 

Hamperion, b s, 186—, by Rsydyk's 

Hambletonlan— Fani^ 2:29% 

Hsmpeblre, b s, 1885, by Woodford 

Wl&es— Bosnia, by Swlgert 2:22% 

Hamxock, br g, 1889, by Hamblotonian 
Mambrino— Da^sy James, by Rock- 
wood , 2:21 

Hancock, b g. 187—, by Hambletonlan 
Jr.— Young Martha, by George M. 

Patchen Jr 2:*J9 

Hai cock Wilkes, b s, 1884, by Georgia 

WUkes-Dalsy 2:29% 

Handicap, gr g, 1S7— , by Stephen A 

Douglas— Howard Mare 2:22 

Hannah D., b m, 186—, by Magna 

Charta 2:22% 

Hannen. b g. 188—, by St. Arnaud.. 2:29% 
Hannah Dustln. b m, 188—, by EUal 

G, dam by Duttoa Uorsc- 2:29% 

Hannibal Jr. gr g, 18S3, l_y Hannibal 

—Molly Welsh, by Paul Jones 2:27% 

Hannle. ch s, 1870, by Alambrlno Pilot 

—Lady Stuart (dead) 2:17% 

HntinlH Jr., ch s. 1883, by Jlannls— 

May Queen, by Creeper 2:26% 

Happiness, b m, 1886, by Happy Med- 
ium—Brightness, by Almont 2:29U 

Happy ch s, 1889, by Happy Prince 

Viola, by Vermont AbdaUah 2:27% 

Happy gr m, 1870, by Mazeppa- 

Clnderella 2:27 

Happy Bee, br m, 1887, by Happy 

Russell— Beeswing, by Kent 2:16% 

Happy Courier, b s. 1888, by Happy _ 
Medium— Lady Chiles, by Almont.. 2:16'Vi 
Happy Damsel, ro m, 1888, by Happy 
Medium— Maggie Keene, by Mam- 
brlno Hatcher 2:26% 

Happy Day, gr s, 1886. by Happy 

Medium— Eye See, by Nutwood 2:29% 

Happy Doctor, b g, 188—, by Happy 

Home 2:21% 

Happy Earl, b a, 1890, by Happy Bus- 

sell 2:29% 

Happy George, b s, 1891. by Happy 
Russell— Lady Washington, by Gen. 

Washington •^••••- 2:24% 

Happy G\i\, ro m, 1880, by Happy 

Medium— Berks County Maid 2:27^2 

Happy Glen, b s, 1890. by Union Med- 

lum— Caplcola, by Royal Medium. . 2:.% 
Happy (io Lucky, b s, 1885, by 

Happy Thought, dam by Wanderer 2:2s* 
Happy Gothard, b s, 1^4, by St. 
Gtothard— lifignon Medium, by Happy 
Medium 2:29% 

Digitized by 




Happy Home, b g, 1884, by Happy 
ThousTbt, dam by Palmer's Norman 
Happy Jack, ch g, 18©—, by Andrew 
Jackson Jr., dam by Secy's Ameri- 
can Star 

Happy Jack 

Happy Lady, br m. 1889, by Happy 
Ruasell— Lady Waahingtou, by Oeu. 


Happy Maid, b m, 1877, by Happy 

Medium— Rosa Bonheur 

Happy Man, b g, 188—, by Master- 
Happy Minnie h m,' * 1896' *by Happy 
Rossell— Minnie Rifle, by Arbuckle's 


Happy Pilot, b s, 1888, by Pilot Med- 
ium—Lady Corrlgan, by Milwaukee 
Princess, b m, 1876, by Happy 

Medium— Black Bghs, by Black ds- 
OMf **,*,.., _ < > . 

Happy Promi'*M, h s, 18&8. by Jluppy 
MeiijiiTn— llnudy Belle* by AlniMit.. 

nuLi^r Thought, b «, 18T2, by Uuppy 
Medi^im— Lsitly DuraU by Stiader's 
Ca«Hl uA M. Clay Jr. 

Uuppj l>SFtiler, b s, 1873, by Eaird's 
fLamJjletfmliiD Prluce^L^dy r*ar- 
kina, by LlUlt* Jnt?t 

Happy Voliintci^rp ts e, 1SS5- by Viilun- 
teer—Molly Medium, by Happy Med- 
imn Jr. ,......., ***- 

Happy Wanderer, br s, 1884, by Hap- 
ny Med him — Qorndlrt 0,* by Ohio 
V olnnteer .,,.,....*..*...** 

HarJirajia, b Kf 1&8— , by Knk^ker- 
becker, Gam by Panic ..,...,.-.... 

KardfibL*ll, br g, 1887, by Com. AYilkes 
—Molly C, by Contractor 

Hard Taekn b g, ISrH. by Joe ITnmph- 
reye— Sue Grogkette ......,...*... 

Hardwo^il. h}k s, 1ST5, by Blackwood 
Jr.— Ireae, by MeKimmen'a Colum- 
buH .....,,.,.. 

Harkaway. b b, 1880. by Strathmore 
-Wait-fl*blt, by BmU Duke ...... 

Harmonln, b to, 18S5, by Metuory— 
B«8», by Weatetn Cbi&f , 

Harold Jr, cH s, iJtjSS, by HaJ-oJd— 
Maiden, by Belmont 

Harold rhltf, b a. 1884. by Harjld— 
Larjy Jant), by Banker Rotbsrtillrt . . 

HaroldfneH b m, 1S8S, by Harold Jr.— 
BerLhap by Almout Enttler 

Saroldsou, b a, 1SS4, by PresJCott— 
Que«n, by Walker norse 

Harold M., b g, 1SS-, by Dr. Frank- 

Harriet blk m, ISSft. by EUnl G.,- 
Kftte Claxton. by Jcw^lyn Horse .... 

Harriet, b m, 1886, by The King- 
Lady Hantnrmd< by IK^mocrat ...... 

Harrietta, br m, 18.%, by AJfyoae— 
Harriet Claj» by Harry Clay 

HarrlHon, b s. 1S80, by OttAwn CWef 
"Mary Wood, hr RicliHrti Wheelock 
(pacing record 5:lfl^4) .*...*....... 

Hariiaou b g, I882j by Harrison 
Chief— Branny, by Joe Downing 

Harrop's Tom, b g, 1877, by Almont 
Prince— Maggie Ljona, by '^ - 

Harry, b g, 1871, by Happy Medium 

Harry, b& g, 18&— . pedlj 



Harry, b 

traced . , 

ligree not 

g, 188—, pedigree not 

Harry Admire, b s, 188—, by Bay 

2:24V4 Henry ...:...... 2:2ft 

Harry Almont, br g, 188—. by Almont 

Bdipse 2:24'>4 

2:30 Harry Arlington, gr s, 1871, by Prince 
2:28 Albert— Mac, by Price's St. Law- 

rence 2:29V4 

Hairy Arthur, b g, 1882, by Toronto 
2:16% Chief Jr.— Nelly Traveler, by Tom 

Traveler 2:25^ 

2:80 Harry B., b g, 188—. by Almouarch. . 2:29^ 

Harry Bacchus, ch g, 1886, by Wllkie 
2:27^ Collius— Almontress, by Hamlin e 

Almont Jr 2:23% 

Harry Baldwin, br s, 1885, by ReyeiUe 
2:17% — Roxy, by Cook's Bulrush Morgan 2:24V4 

Harry Belmont, b g, 1884. by Keu- 
2:22^ tucky Belmont— Jennie Olute. by 

Louis Napoleon 2:29 

Harry 0., br g, 1876, by Taylor's Bed 

2:23y4 Buck ..............:.... 2:21 

Harry C, blk g. 1886, by Green Boy 

2:13% —Nora C, by Uew York 2:16 

Harry Oardiunl, b g, 1881, by Cardi- 
nal-Kate 2:27% 

2:22% Harry Chief, b s. 1883. by Harrison 
CMef— Peg, by Green walker Mor- 
gan 2:30 

2:27% Harry aay, blk s, 1853^ by Neave»8 
Cassius M. Caay Jr.— Fan, by imp. 

^_,^ Bellfounder (dead) 2:2» 

2:27% Harry Clay, blk g, 1871. by Strader's 

Cassuls M. Clay Jr.— Zephyr 2:23% 

_ Harry a Midnight, blk g, 1881 by 
2:20% Mambrino Patchen, dam by Har- 

« ^., rodsburg Boy 2:20% 

2:28% Harry Conklin, b g, 187—, by Superb 2:26 
_ Harry D., b g, 1885, by Black Cloud 

2:28 f —Pony Mare 2:27 

^ _^, ! Harry D.. b g, 1879, by Mott's Inde- 

2.26%j pendent 2:20% 

I Harry Bddy. b g, 18&— , by Jerome 

1 Hddy ..7....... ! 2:20% 

2:24% i Harry Ensign, br s, 1884, by Bnslgn 

^ . -Capitola .: 2:19% 

2:28V4 Harry G., b g, 188—, by James A. 

^^^^. Garfield 2:19% 

2:25V4 Harry Gilbert, ch g. 1866, by Jupiter 

(dead) 2:24 

2:25 Harry Gould, b s, 1885, by Jay Gonla 

—Hester, by Young Jim 2:28% 

2:24% I Harry H., br g, 188-, by Sweep- 

stakes 2 *23^ 

2:23% i Harry HarleyV *b 'g,* 'i863,'* by Young 
_ ^ .^ Columbus— McGee Mare, by Barney 

2:25% Henry (dead) 2:25% 

, Harry Hill, ch g, 18*-. by Edge Hill 2:25% 

2:27% Harry Howe, b g, 1883, by Swigert— 

^ ^,, Amanda^ by Western Chief 2:27 

2:28% Harry Hylas, ch s, 1882, by Hylas— 

«^., Be»® Garfield 2:26% 

2:28% Harry K., blk e. 1887, by Consul- 

^ _^. Maud K., by Saturn 2:22 

2:09% Harry L,.. br g, 188-. by Gold King 2:28% 

Harry Lratrd, b g, 1879. by Legal Ten- 
. ^^ . der Jr.— Rushyille Maid, by Blue 

2:18% Bull 2:29% 

Harry Lambert, b s, 1885, by Ward's 
Lambert- St. Mary, by Tattersall.. 2:22 
2:26% Harry Lee, b g, 187-, by Legal Ten- 
der 2:26 

I Harry Magee, b g. 1886, by Gen. 
2:26Vai Magee— Belle, by Gooding's Cham- 

2:26 1 pion 2:27% 

I Harrv McGregor, b g. 1881. by Martin 

2:28 I McGregor— Martin Mare 2:28 

_ I Harry McNalr, ro g, 188—, by Al- 
2:22% leghanyBoy 2:18 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Harry Medium, b g, 1884^ by Happy 
Mediinn— DoUy Varden. by Bob l«e 2:2i^!i i 

Harry Mills, br g, 1875. by Sweep- , 

Btakea— Taglloni, by Kureka 2:25% 

Harry MitcheU, b g, 18^-, by Foster's 1 

St Lawrence : • • -i^* • v ^'^'^^ ! 

Harry Noble, b s, 1885. by Frank 
Noble-Stell Storms, by Mambrino 
Bxcetelor (dead) • . • 2:17% , 

nSSry N., i>r g, 188-, by Beldinrs , 

Hambletonlan "'''•'''' : 2:23% 

Harry P.. blk g, 18&-, by Pascarel i 

(dead) 2:25^ I 

Harry P.. b g, 1886. by Bay Middle- 
ton; dam by Magna Cbarta 2:2»ji 

Harry Parker, blk g, 1876. by Post's 
Hambletonlan Prince, dam by Tom 
McRabble (dead) '-'''"'"•• 2:25 

Harry Pelbam, gr g, 1876, by Thomas 
Jefferson— liady Jane, by Bysdyk s 
Hambletonlan ^i^Ai 

Harry Pennington, b s, 188—. by 
Aaron Pennington Jr.. dam by | 

Brsndt's Messenger Golddust 2:15% 

Harry Pballamont, b g, 1887, by Pbal- 
aamont-Toplsey -••••;• •••••••;• • 2:30 , 

2:27% I 

**— Bird, ISrSmith'sBtban' Allen 2:2D^ j 

Harry ileid, ch s. 1883, by Corbln Ba- , 

Shaw— Dolly, by Warrior 2:24 

Harry Roberts, b g, 187—, pedigree 
not traced 2:20 i 

Harry S., gr s, 1884, by Backman's | 

Idol— Seb^, by Orange Duroc 2:27^ 

Harry Sherman, ch s, 1886, by Alex- 
ander H. Sherman— Lady Vldette, , 
by Vidette Boy v-'v;-- ^=25 | 

Harry Spanker, b g, 1865. by Gen. I 

Knox-liady Gay Spanker, by , 

French Tiger (dead) v'^'-' 2:30 . 

Han7 Strideaway, blk g 1882, by 
Strideaway— Molly, by Continental 2:24-/4 

Harry T.. br g, 1890, by Pelletier— ^ ^_ 
Zella, by Byron 2:28% 

Harry T., ch g, 188—, by Knlck 
Wilkes 2:24% 

Harry Velox, b g. 187— by Velox— 
Arlosa 2:24% 

Harry W., b g, 1881, by Bdgewater— 
Bertie Amos, by Bine Bull 2:27*4 

Harry W., oh g, 188-, by The Mar- 
* qnis 2:26% 

Harry Wade, b s, 1886. by Reveille— ^ ^^ 
Idalia, by Strathmore 2:19 

Harry W. Genet, b s, 186—, by God- 
frey Patchen— Lady Danvers, by 
Bocky Mountain (dead) 2:25% 

Harry Wilkes, b g, 1876, by George 
Wilkes— MoUy 'Walker, by iCJapt. ^ ^^, 
Walker 2:13% 

Harry Wilkes, b g, 1888, by Fitzger- 
Nimrod 2:29v4 

Birry Winchester, b e, 1889, by 
Htamboul— Jessie Ballard, Archie 
Hambletonlan 2:26^ 

Harry Y., ch g, ..• 2:27 

Hartford, b s, 1880, by Harold— _ 
Judith, by Mambrino Chief 2:22% 

Hartford, blk s, 1882, by Peacock- 
Kate Patchen, by Hamlin Patchen 2:30 

Hartland, b g. 188-, by Hartland .... 2:29% 

Harvest Queen, b m, 1863, by Kys- 
dyk's Hambletonlan, dam by Seely's 
American Star 2:29% 

Harvey, gr g, 1876, by Tom Hunter- 
Cypher, by Magna Gharta ....;... 2:24»4 

Harvey, b g, 1885, by Kentucky Vol- 
unteei^Lucy. by Kentucky Chief... 2:21 

Harvey BoBseU, D s, 18&-, by Har- 
binger 2:2l>% 

Harvey Wilkes, b g, 188-, by Bed 
Wilkes 2:20% 

Hasdrubal,' gr* g, 1885,' by' iii'liiiighaiik 
—Fanny, by Paragon 2:27% 

Hastings, b g, 1877, by Qarlon Chief, 
dam by Tippoo Chief 2:28% 

Hat Sprague, b g. 188—, by Prague.. 2:20 

Hathaway, b m. I88-, by Begalla. . . . 2:20% 

Hattie, ch m, 1862, by Trojan (dead). . 2:30 

Hattie, b m, 1872, by Dixon— Fan, 
by Sackett's Hambletonlan 2:299^ 

Hattie Arnold (Lady Daniels), b m, 
187—, pedigree not traced. . .' 2:24 

Hattie B., b m, 1886, by Alexander 
Button, dam by Don 2:20% 

Hattie Belle, b m, 1887, by Brown 
Wilkes— Policy, by Harold 2:25% 

Hattie D., b m, 1886, by Electioneer— 
Maple, by Nutwood 2:2694 

Hattie H., br m, 1884. by Alleghany 
Boy— Hall Mare, by Young Consul.. 2:26% 

Hattie Hawthorne, b m, 1879, by Sen- 
tinel—Christy Morgan, by Hunter 
Lexington (dead) 2:23% 

Hattie Hull, ch m, 1886. by HuU— 
Hattie Spai'ks, by Sweepstakes 2:30 

Hattie K., b m, 188a by Phalias— 
Dutch Girl, by Abdallah Boy 2:24% 

Hattie L., ch m, 188—, by Tom Hal.. 2.27v* 

Hattie L., ch m, 1885, by Motion- 
Lady Grey 2:25% 

Hattie S., ch m, 1886. by Alar Clay 
Jr.— Nina S., by Bay Middleton 2:16% 

Hattie T., ro m, 1877, pedigree not 
traced 2:29% 

Hattie Woodward, b m, 1871, by 
Aberdeen 2:15% 

Havlland, b ' g,* ' I'sfe', ' by ' Mountain 
Chief, dam by Bundy Horse 2:29% 

Havllla, b m, 1888, by Earl— Daisy 
Byebright, by Kirkwood 2:2U'a 

Hawthorne, ch s, 1883, by Black A> 
thur— Lady Miller, by Creeper 2:29% 

Hawwood. eh s, 1888, bv Woodnut— 
Fanny, by Admar 2:30 

Haydon, b g, 1885, by Ogden's Ham- 
bletonlan Mambrino — Daceus, by 
Duncan's Black Hawk 2:20% 

Hazel, br g, 1886, by Clay— Aurora, by 
Ji^nNefion 2:28 

Hazel, br m, 188—, by Indianapolis 
Ohlef 2:29% 

Hazel, br m, 1890. by Royal Fear- 
naught-^Bmo, by Masterlode 2:30 

HazeL b m, 1886, by Wilkes— Daisy 
Bolffe. by Young Rolf e 2 :28% 

Hazel 0., b m, 188—, by Count Folsio. 2:30 

Hazel Dell, b m, 1889, by Stranger- 
Hazel, by Jay Gould 2:24% 

Hazel King, ch s, 1887, by King 
Monte Mario— Sisson Mare, by Black 
Dan 2:21»/i 

Ha^el Kirke, b m, 1879, by Brigadier 
—Fancy, by Jim Brown 2:24 

Hazel Maid, b m, 1886. by Charles G. 
Hayes— Toney, by Coupon 2:29% 

Hazel N., b s, 1886. by Decatur Chief 
—Alloa, by Abdallah Mambrino 2:26 

Hazel Thome, br s, 1882, by Fairy 

Gift— Hawthorne Belle, by Lexlng- 

ton Hambletonlan 2:29% 

Hazel Wilkes, ch m, 1885, by Guy ^^^, 
Wilkes— Blanche, by Arthurton 2:11V4 

Hazel Wilkes, b m, 188-, by Wayne 
Wilkes «-.2i9i 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Haselwood. b m, 1891, by Atwood, 

dam by Dr* Talmag''. 2:29V^ 

IliLzor, Iff g, iHtl— , by Young America 

(deiL(l> „ ..: 2:27 

H, li.. bik g, imi, by WInship Jr.— 

Ladj Haekett 2:18% 

H. XS. I^ambert, ch g, 188—. by Tom 

Lutabvrt 2:30 

H. Ji. M., b g, 1887. by Belladomia— 

Lak« Mare, l>y liny nilly 2:20% 

H. M. Win shin, tjlk h, 1876, by Arls- 

toB— Wlllfal. by Lol. Moulton 2:20^* 

H. C, b ^, IBS--, by Wellington, dam 

by ihngi^uro 2:22 

H. a Hill, b g, ISOO, a catch colt by a 

grey pac**r ,,,.* > 2:25Vii 

H. day. cH g, 1S8~* by Grey Kagle, 

flou i>r Walker MorrilJ 2:28^ 

H. C. T.. b s, 18W7. by Klnz Almont— 

iHuck Besan by Frauk Wolfond 2:17^ 

Header, iih g, ISU— . pedigree not ^ ^ 

tra<!ed 2:28 


Head light cU g. 1ST—, by Scott's Hla 
toga— Mifis Wooda, by Flying Hla- 

HeaSuigb tVb g ' Ws^ ", '. ! ! ! /.* '.'.'.'//.'.'.'.' 2:27V4 

HtiidiitfUr, cE H, 1S83, by S. R. La- „ ,^. 

mont— BeUe Brandon 2:2644 

Ht^adllght. qU m, 188-, by DeLoog's 
Ethan AllL^n .».. 2:29^ 

Httjri^a. b H. ISHy, by Prlnceps— Flor- 
euce, by Volunteer 2:30 

Heckotlirtft, br tj. IS ^4, by Hermes— 
Katie MliiJietou, by Mambrino 
Fatcben 2:29 

Hertor, b g, 187". by Otego CSiief 2:23 

Heel or, gr g, 167—, pedigree not 
traced ^•••v-^---- 2:25^ 

Hedgetbornp, b a, 1389, by Haw- 
thorne — Elia Boggs, by Tilton Al- 
mont 2 :27 

Helr-at-Law, blk «, 1888, by Mam- ^ 
brlno King— (Etetabella, by Alcantara. 2:12 

Heiress, b m, 1885, by Woodford 
Wilkee — Hambletonlan Maid, by 
Charles Backman 2:27 

Helen, ch m, 1877, by Balrd's Ham- 
bletonlan Prince— Faith Derrick <2:28 

Helena, b m, 1889. by Ben Franklin 
—Maggie Myers, by Phil Sheridan... 2:20V4 

Hetena, b m, 1889, by Electioneer— 
Lady Bllen, by Carr'a Mambrino. . . . 2:21 

Helena B., gr m, 188—, by Ooun'a ^ ^ 
Harry Wilkes 2:27 

Helene, ch m, 187—, by Baird'a Ham- 
bletonian Pilnce— Maxwell Mare. ... 2:21 

Helen G., b m, 1883. by BSnslgn— Maid, ^ ^^ 
by Norcross Horse 2:28^ 

Helen Goodson. b m, 1886, by Good- ^ ^ 
son— Nelly Orichton, by Orichton Jr. 2:25 

Helen H., h m, 1886, by Darl— Meta. 
by Thomdale 2:30 

Helen Houghton, b m, 1878w by Happy 
Medium— Molly Sheppard, by Jack 
Sheppard 2:20^ 

Helen K., b m, 1890, by Patron— Wed- 
ding Bell, by Nutwood 2:22% 

Helen Ijeybum, b m, 1890, by Onward 
—Mamie, by Star Almont 2:14 

Helen Luce, b m, 1882, by Bobert 
Bonner Jr.— Glimpse, by Gonpon.... 2:26^^ 

Helen M., gr m. 1S37, by Oobden— St. 
Lawrence Maid, by Laundry Horse 


Colt, dam by Holland's Ethan Allen 2:25U 
Hellas, b s, 1888, by Phallas— Helen, 

by Nutwood 2:24V4 

Helmsman, b s. 1887, by Pilot Med- 
ium — Lady Gerster, by Western 

Pathfinder 2:28% 

Henderson, ch g, 187—. by Strath- 
more— Brignola, by Brlgnoll 2*27^ 

Hendryx, gr g, 1882, by Dauntless- 
Fan, by Comet * 2:17^^4 

Henrico, blk s, 1889, by Patchen 

Wllkes-Jenny West, by AlUe West. 2:16 
Henrietta, b m, 1883, by Mambrino 
King— Bay Hambletonlan, by Bys- 

dyk^ Hambletonlan 2:17 

Henrietta G^ ch m, 1887, by Blyrla— 

Maud, by Star Hambletonlan 2:19^ 

Henry 0.. ch e, 1886, by Midas— Mag- 

_jgle v., by Revenue Jr 2:26V^ 

Henry, b g, 188—, by Bassett's Blue 

Bull 2:30 

Henry, b g, 186—, pedigree not traced 2:29^ 
Henry, b g, 185—, by Canadian Lion 

(dead) ...... .....: 2-.27% 

Henry, b g, 1861, by Harry Lathrop— 

Flora (dead) 2:20% 

Henry Arnold, b g, 1883, by Pyeatt's 
Brown Henry— Mattle J., by MlUer's 

Frenchman 2:28% 

Henry Bruce, b s, 188—, by Onward. . 2:26^ 
Henry Colby, blk g, 188-, by Charles 

G. Hayes 2:27V4 

Henry Stemond, br g, 1883, by Goy. 
Sprague— Minnie Crawford, by Gold- 
smith's Abdallah 2:80 

Henry G., b g, 1889, by Harold- 
Molly Friend 2:28 

Henry G., ch s, 1887, by Albert Mack 

Mary B 2:28 

Henry Grady, b g, 188—, by Barney 

Wl&es ........ 2:28 

Henry H., b g, 188—, pedigree not 

traced .. 7. 2:27% 

Henry L., b g, 188—, by Tony En- 
sign 2:29% 

Henry L., ch g, 18a—, by Mohawk 

Hambletonlan 2:29% 

Henry Middleton, b s, 1878, by Bay 
Middleton— Maggie Adams, by Hol- 

comib Horse 2:26% 

Henry O., b g. 1879, by Resolute- 
Doll, by Kemble Jackson 2:25% 

Henry R., kr g, 1884, by Gen. Stan- 
ton— Kitty Hudson, by Frank Por- 

(paolng2:17) .....'. '. 2:27 

[eien M., b m, 1889, by Sherman- 

Lisa Jane, by Gooding's Champion. . 2:29% 
Helen R., b m. 1880, by Pickett— Flor- 
ence, by Quinton's Magnet 2:27% 

Helen Wilkes, b m, 1877, by Carlton 


. . 2:25% 

H^nry W., b g, 1S8-. by Reveille 2:29% 

He-a, b m, 1880, by Mambrino Wllkes 

-Kitty, by C<jndMLtor. ., ,. 2:23 

HerehTt b m, 1881, by Hermes— Jes- 
sie Douglfta, by Stepbea A. Douglas. 2:27 

Herkimer, b b, 188........ 2:29% 

Herman H., bp g, 1879, by Bmbassa- 

dor— Felicity, by Enehanter 2:21% 

Hermno Xutwooo. blk a, J8S7, by Nut- 

wood— Hermln, by Woodford Mam- 

brino 2:2SSH 

Henn(*s, br s. 187L by Harold^Her- 

moHa, by lOdwIn Forrest 2:27% 

Hermetic, b a, IBm, by Tra Wllkee— 

Lady Gift, by HambletOQlan Gift... 2:28% 
Hemanl, b b, 1SS^» by Electioneer— 

Gypay, by FanVn Abdallah 2:29% 

Hero, rh n. Iftfi2, by Stoner Boy— 

Fantay. by Blue BuU 2:28 

Herod, blk », 1866, by King Herod— 

HllUard, bv Hreeii Mouiitnln Boy.. 2:24% 
Heroa. br s, ISflO. by Khroa-^Cyrene, by 

Gyrus B....... .,.. 2:26% 

Hersey, br s, 1874, by Macedonian- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

• ,-i-^ 



Klect, i>T Vuuiijt Jupkei-, , 2:25% 

H<a«ln>o, h s, IWhi. t»y Herschel— 1-Lidy 
Star, by Syuire Ttilumg^ ..- 2:2U% 

LiictTua. by Gould's *. Itiy 2:28Vb 

tierae Pearl, & w. iy77. by PrtQ' epB 

—Kate, by Birmingham ,. . 2:27 

Hettiemont,^ r.>^ m^ i,?^^.^,?„il'^^;:.^'*- 2:16% 

mont— LHdy Cliirk, hj Molm^vk Jr.. 
Mambrlno, dam l>y llBbey'a St. Law- 

ch je. 1883. by 
Patchen^ dam by Tyroi 


2:22 V. 
2:22V4 i 

Hiatoga Ohief, ^ ^. 

Patdien, dam by Tyrone 
Hickory, o b. 18(89, by Goldamith'B 
Abdallah-Dollabella. by Klcharda' j 

Bellfounder 2:27>4 , 

Hickory Boy ......... 2:30 > 

Hickorywood. blk a. 1801 by Nor- 

wood-nJet. by Ravenawood... ;..... 2:20 
Hidalgo, b g. 1882, by Sultan-Hunt- 

roBS by Arthurton Jtizt 

Hideaway, b g, 18&-. by Brie Chief. . 2:28^ | 
Hideaway, b s, 1882, by Alinont Ford 

— Venua, by ilatoga Chief 2:23% 

Highland Boy, gr g. 1883. by Edge- 

water-Carol, 5y ^giocrat ......... 2:23 W 

Highland Boy. b s, 1885. by Laclede— 

Haael. by Ourango........... ...... 2-.30 

Highland Boy. gr s. 1887. by Highland 

(Jrey-Rosa. by Aonest Dan Jr. ... 2:28^4 
Highland Girt, b m, 1885. by O. A. C. 

—Darkness, by Highland Jr. 2:29^ 

Highland Grey, gr s. 186-. by Darkey 

—Grey, by Vermont Hambletonian 2:28 
Highland Lassie, gr m. 18*-. by 

Yo\mg Highland Grey— Blitzen, by 

Thorndale Prince . . . .... . . . . .... • • . 2:2(H4 

Highland Lass, br m. 1887. by Sidney 

-Young Highland Mary, by Arthur- 

ton ^i^'T* 

Highland Maid, ch m. 1875, by Poca- 

Uontas Boy— Hippy, by Blue Bull . . .2-29Vi 
Highland Maid, b m. 1847, by Saltram 

— Boxana. by Hickory (dead) ..... 2:27 
Highland Mary, b m, 1871. by Poca- 

hontas Boy-%ridget, by Blue BiU . . 2:26 
Highland Sidney, blk s, 1800, by Sid- 

rey— Highland Lass, by Buccaneer 2:29% 
Highland Stranger, b s, 187— by 

Mambrlno Patchen— Highland Win- 

field, by Edward Bveiett 2:25% 

Hlj'hland Tom. br g. 1882, by Hod 

Qregor— Cedar Mountain Maid, by 

Mambrlno Royal ......2:24 

Highland Wilkes, b s. 1886, by Bal i- 

BaTa— Forrest Queen, by Eginont ..2:25 
Hifilland Wln^ b m. 1873. by Ashland 
—Young Higlilnnd Maid, by Ethan ^^ 

Allen 7 «• .. 2:26 

Flghraont. b g, 1885. by Pi3dn:<mt— ^ ^^^ 

Juliet, by Mohawk Chief 2:29% 

High Mucky Muck. gr.s. 188-, pedi- 

gree not traced 2:29% 

mghtide, ch m. 188—. by Harold, 

dam by Almont 2:80 

Hlghwood. b s. 1887, by Nutwood— 

Dalphine. by Harold 2:21% 

Hllarlta. b m, 1887. by Alban— Miss ^ ^^^ 

She! ton. by Blinstioneer 2:29% 

Hnbert gr s. 1884. by Egbert— Head- 
ley Mare, by Alexander's Norman.. 2:28% 
Hilda, oh m. 1887. by Hambrino 

Pilot ^ Rosa Wilkes, by George 

Wilkes 2:20% 

Hilda, b m ,188—, by Balrd's Ham- 
bletonian Prince, dam by son of 

Benedict's PathAnder 2:29% 

Hilda, ch m. 1887, by Nelson— Elsie. 

by Fearnaught Jr 2:28% 

Hilda 8.. b m, 1891, by Stamboul— 

Hinda, by Guy Wilkes 2:19% 

Hlldeburn, b s. 1889, by Cheltenham 
— Brunheilde, by Bysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2:18 

Bilberry, ch a, 1888. l»y Nutmeg— _ ^ 
Hickory Nell, by T. J. Scott (dead) 2:27% 

Hillcrest, br s. 1884, by Volunteer- ^ _ 
Ablet, by Pacing Abdallah 2:29 

HUldale. br s, lS88. by Edge Hill- ^ 
Amanda B.. by Hero of Thorndale.. 2:20% 

Hillsdale, b s. 1890, by Antinous- ^ ^_^ 
Nettle Nutwood, by Nutwood 2:17% 

Hinda Rose, br m, 18880. by Blectlon- 
eer-Beautiful Bells^by The Moor.. 2:19% 

Hinda W., br m. 1887. by Greenbusu 
King— Maud L., by Mambrlno Mor- 
gan 2 :26 

Hinder Wilkes, ch s, 1883. by Red 
Wllkee— Lady Almont. by Almont . . 2:20% 

Hindoo, blk g. 188-. 2:21 

Hlppia. b m. 1880. by Favorite 
Wilkes— LaRosa. by Blackwood 2:21% 

Hippona. gr m, 188—. by Grey Dan. 
dam by Tempest (dead) 2:27% 

Hiram Miller, blk g. 1878. by Tom 
KimbaU 2:22% 

Hiram Woodruff, br g. 18ft-. by Phil 
Sheridan— PoUy, by Canada Grey 
Eagle 2:25 

Hixie McGregor, ch m. 1887. by Rob- 
ert McGregor— Lady Willis, by 

Squire Talmage 2:28% 

H. L. J., br m, 1885. by Almont Star 
-Dolly Rogers 2:27% 

H. M. Stanley, gr s. 1890. by Fla- 
herty's Fearnaught— Nelly, by Old 
Bill 2 :10% 

H. M. Strong, ch g, 1874. by Bay Mid- 
dleton— Kitty Manny, by King's 
COiamplon 2:26% 

Hogarth, blk s. 1873, by Messeager 
Dnroc— Hattie Hogan. by 3Iarry _ 
Clay (dead) 2:26 

Hokeland. br s. 1884, by Dundee— 
Brinette, by Lord Baltimore 2:10 

Holeomb, br g, 1887, by Holsteln— 
Jenny Lind, by King Patchen 2:27 

Holden Davis, b g. 188—, by AlUe 
West 2:24% 

Holland, b s. 1882, by Onward- 
Pa ttle Williams^ by Haywood 2:29% 

Hollander, b s, l686, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr.— Myrtle, by Wood's Ham- 
bletonian 2:80 

HolUster. b s, 1887, by HamUn's AI- 
mont Jr.— Miranda, by Mambrlno 
Patchen 2:21 

HoUy. ch g, 1885. by Kentucky— 
PacfflcMaid 2:28% 

Holmdel, b s, 1885. by Hermes— True 
Love, by Peacemaker 2:18% 

Holsteln. b s, 1882, by Indianapolib— 
Belle Brasfleld. by Vila's Cripple. . . 2:20 

Home Brewed, b g. 188—, by 'ftamont 2:24% 

Home Maid, ch m. 1877, by Royal 
Fearnaught— Nance, by Western 
Chief Jr. 2:25% 

Homer, br g. 1883, by Hermes— Min- 
nie H., by Gen. Knox 2:22% 

Hcmer Wilkes, gr g. 1885, by Mam- 
brino Wilkes, dam by Gen. Lyons . . 2:20% 

Homer Wilkes, b o. 1888. by Wi'kes 
Boy— Hallie, by Homei 2:28 

Hcmfstake, b g, 1881. by Gibraltar- 
Kate, by Volunteer 2.14% 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Homeetead. b b, 1886, by Nutwood- 
Precept, by Pancoast 2:30 

Homewood, ch e. 1878, by Hainble- 
tonSan Tranby— Belle Wurman, by 
Fred Pierson 2:23% 

HorcBt Billy, b g. 186—, by Grcon 
Mountain Morgan— Beach Mare, by 
i^sLelot Morgan (dead) 2:2U^ 

Honest Billy, ch g. 1886, by Tom 
Jtfferson-^elly xoung, by Little 
Hanjilton 2:27% 

Honest Byerly, b b, 188T, by Byerly 
Abdallah— Nina K., by Honesty 2:24% 

Honest Clay, br s, 1889, by C. F. 
Clay— Cbanco. by Tom Stampe 2:29% 

Honest Dutchman, ch s. 1862, by Grey 
Messenger, dam by Bellfounder 
(dead) 2:26% 

Honest George, b g, 1885, by Albert- 
Fanny OrowJer .2:14% 

Hc^uent Harry, ro g, 1869, by Win- 
throp Morrill 2:22% 

Honest Jake, b g, 188—, by Honest 
John 2:27% 

Honest Joe. b g, 188—, by Fred Boone 2:24% 

Honest Lyon, ch g, 1870, by Gen. 
Lyons 2:30 

Honest Tommy, blk g, 188^, by Dud- 
ley Buck 2:26% 

Honesty, ch s, 1877, by Priam— Weet- 
em Girl, by Chieftain 2:25% 

Honey B.. b m, 1881, by Charley B., 
Flora Andrews, by Gooding's Cnam- 

_pion 2:25% 

Honey Dew, br m, 1889, by St. Bel— 
Lonely, by Volunteer .^ 2:29% 

Hcneywood b m, 1890, by St. Bel— 
Shelboume M.aid, by Holibird's 
Bthan Allen 2:19% 

Hoodwink, b m, 1881, by Hermee— 
Gharmis, by Belmont (dead) 2:25 

Hooka, b m, 1886, by Messenger Chief 
-Minerva, by Strathmore 2:30 

Hoosier Girl, blk m, 1873, by Blue 
Bull— Kate, by Darley Arabian 2:25% 

Hope, ch g, 186—, by T^egraph 2:28 

Hopeful, CT g, 1866, by Godfrey 
Patchen— Kate, by Bridgham. Horse ' _ 
(dead) 2;14?4 

Hopemont. br m, 1877, by CJol, Cross 
-Miss Robinson 2:28 

Horicon, br g, 1881, by Hoepodar— 
Mary, by Darkey 2:19% 

Homell Wilkes, b s, 1886, by Red 
Wilkes— Laura, by (Japt. Sykes 2:27% 

Hornet, ch m, 1880, by Gooding's 
Champion— Fanny 2:29% 

Hornpipe, blk e. 1863. by Banker- 
Jeanne tte, by Mambrino Howard . . 2:22% 

Hortense, b m, 1890, by Quartermas- 
ter— ^Saratoga, by Grand Sentinel. . 2:21% 

Hortense, b m, 188—, by Judge Advo- 
cate 2:26% 

Horton, b g, 1883, by Polonius— Mag- 
gie Horton. by Major Bdsall Jr. .. 2:23% 

Hot Shot, ch g, 18^ by Deucalion. . 2:21% 

Hotspur, b g, 1861, by Ethan Allen, 
dam by True John (dead) 2:24 

Hotspur Chief b s, 1871, by Hotspur 
(dead) 2:2J) 

Hotspur Girl, b m, 1878, by Hotspur 
Jr.- Flora 2:29% 

Hotspur King, b s, 1883, by Hotspur 
Jr.-Lilly 2:27% 

Houri, b m, 1884, by Onward— Jessie 
Turner, by Mambrino Patchen 2:17 

Howard, b s, 1887, by Vermont Ab- 
dallah— Vernet, by Edward Everett 2:20 

Howard, b g, 187—, by George Wilkes 
—Lady Adams, by Amos' C*is8iu» M. 
City Jr 2:27% 

Howard Jay ro g, 1876, by Wjod's 
Hf mbletonian— Smma Montour, by 
Seneca Chief 2:21% 

Howard L^ ro g, 1887, by Monarch Jr. 
— TiL-ey B., by Black Pilot 2:20% 

Howard Medium, b s, 18^—, by Sax- 
ony 2:19% 

Howard S., b s, 1888, by Westjrn Boy ' 
—Smith Mare .2:28% 

Howell, b 8. 1889, by Haidane— Shena 
Vun, by Daniel Lambert (pacing 
record 2:24%) . . 2:26% 

H. P. B., br g, 18S-, by Gen. Garfield 2:25% 

H. R. C, b g, 18Jy-, by Independence, 
dam by Swigert 2:21% 

Hudson, b g, 187-, by Tlppo 2:29 

Hudson b g, 1881, by Klnlock— Flora 2:27 

Hugh Gf., blk g, 188-, by Governor D. 2:28 

Hugh Mcl^aughlin, b s, 1873, by Aber- 
deen—Lady Ham (dead) 2:23 

Hugh Patrick, gr g, 187—, pedigree 
not trace* 2:2dV4 

Hugo, b g, 1888, by Hope So, dam by 
Coafeter 2:22^4 

Hueo, b 8, 1887, by Electioneer- 
^Inmate, by Planet 2:27Vi 

Hugo H., blk g, 1885, by Hugo Prince, 
dfim by Bonnie Scotland 2:25%r 

Huguely, b s, 1889, by Vatican— Edna 
O., by Hogan's Mambrino 2:24 

Hulbert. br a, 1888, by Sherman's 
Hambletonlan— Alice gT., by Allle 
West 2:17% 

Hulda. b m, 1888, by Guy Wilkes- 
Jenny, by Bull Pup 2:0S% 

Huldy B., ch m, 1886, by Ben Frank- 
lin— Topsey, by Green Mountain 
Banner ^ 2:21% 

Humbert, b g, 1878, by Bona Fide- 
Belle of Payiet, by Warr Hulett... . 2:28% 

Humboldt, b g. 187—, by Stockton 
Chief, dam by Parish's Davy Crocket 2:20 

Humbolt Maid, b m, 1891, by Wald- 
steln 2:27 

Humbug, gr g, 188—, by Billy • Knox, 
dam by Major Goldsmith 2:21% 

Hundley, ch s, 1887, by Harkaway— 
Burton Mare, by Peavine 2:20% 

Hunter, ch g, 1867, by Black Dutch- 
man, dam Dy Walters' son of Sala- 
din (dead) 2:29 

Hunter, br g, 1878, by Jerry Ladd 2:25% 

Hunter, gr g. 1877, by Banker Roths- 
child, dam by Glencoe 2:23% 

Hunter Rye, b g, 1884, by Orange 
Blossom— Carrie, by Andy Johnson 2:26% 

Huntress, ch m, 1878, by Admiral- 
Black Flora, by Black Prince 2:28 

Huntress, b m, 1864 by Volunteer- 
Lady Sears, by Seely's American 
Star (dead) 2:20% 

Huntsman, b s, 1887, by Heptagon- 
Big Head Mary, by Virgo Hamble- 
tonlan 2:30 

Huon, b 8, 1879, by Hamlin's Almont 
Jr.— Polly, by Hamlin Patchen 2:28% 

Hurlingham, br s. 1887, bv Wilkes- 
dale— Loretta, by Bostick^s Almont 
Jr 2:19% 

Hurly Burly, ch s. 1886, by Rumor- 
Lucia, by Jay Gould 2:16% 

Huron Boy. vh s, 1885, by Pasacas— 
Jenny Bell 2:16% 

Hurricane, gr s. 1877, by Rlngwood— _ 
Maggie Mitch^l, by Phjl^eridaiv. .. 2:29% 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


JOHN SPLAN, Qlenville, Ohio. 

(the orator.) 

Splan cut the world's record for trotter.'* t^ 2 :13H with Rarus, 

and the world's record for pacers to 2 :06H with Johnston. 

Digitized by 



FRANK DOBLE, Ei.yria, Ohio. 

The member of the Doble family that marked Gertrude 2:12 



Digitized by 




Huaeholt, br s, 188—, by Reno Defi- 

Hussar, b 6, 188—, by Sweepstakes- 
Lady Power 

Hussar, b s, 1886. by Jersey Wilkes— 
liady Swiyeler, W Walkill Chief. . . . 

Hustler, ch ff, Iffi— , by Haldaufr— 
Lady Fearl, oy Abraham (pacing rec- 
ord 2:27H) 

Hustler, b s, 1890, by Hummer— Mu- 
sette, by Mambrino Patchen 

Hustler, ch g, 18&-, by Bustler 

Huzham, ch s, 1887, oy Nest Bgg— 
Hagar. by Woodford Mambrino Jr. . 

Hyaciuthe, b m^ 188—, by Pasacas. .. 

H. W. Beecher, blk s, 1872, by Phil 
Sheridan— Lady Clement 

Hydrogen, b s, 188—, by Nitrogen. . . . 

Hylas, ch s, 1809, by Alcalde— Santa 

Tlaria, by Pilot Jr 

Hylas Boy, b g, 1884, by Hylas, dam 
by Indian Chief 

Hylas Maid, b m, 1880, by Hylas, 
aam by Bobert Bonner 

Hyperion, oh s, 1886, by Piedmont— 
Miamie, by Hambletonian Jr 

Hyson, b s, 18ft—, by Hyperion 

H. Z. Leonard, b s, 1878, by Du- 
Bois's Hambletonian Prince — Leon- 
ard Maid, by New York Boy 

lago, b g, 188—, by Tempest— Eulogy, 
by Commodore Belmont 

lanthe, b m, 1887. by Bostick's Al- 
mont Jr— Llttlefleld. by Enfield 

Ibis, b m. 1884, by Princeps— Lonette, 
by Rysoyk's Hambletonian 

Ice Cream, dn g, 188—, by Swigert 
Chief r 

Ichi Ban, b s, 1883, by Belmont— 

Primrose, by Alexander's Abdallah. 
Ida, gr m, 1875, by 
Quick, by Scott's Blue Bull 

m, 1875, by Belmont— Molly 

Ida A., b m, 188—, by Princeer 

Ida B., ch m, 188—, by Ashland 

Ida B., b m; 188—. by George Brooks, 
dam by K.ey'8 Miller 

Ida Belle, b m, 1880, by Mal^MiUer 
—Lady Konkle, by Wood's Hamble- 

Ida O^ b m, 188—, pedigree not traced 

Ida D.. br m, 18§5, by Maximr-Nut- 
meg Maid, by Thomas Jeffenson 

Ida D., ch m, 188—, by Doncaster. . . . 

Idah, br m, 1892, by Sidney— Juno, by 

Ida H., br in,' 'l876,' pedigree' not 

Ida K., b m, 1891, by Bobert Mc- 

Ida2lo Patchen, b s, 187—, by Henry 
BTPatchen— Kate Wallen, by Lusby 
(aeiiil) - 

Ida May, hr lu, 1SS5. by Hnwt borne— 
linrou Tempeatt by UhleftHJn. 

Ida Norwood, b m, 1881. by Korw'i)Od 
—Arabian Glil, by Arabian Chief... 

Ida P. J., br m, ISS^, by Dreiid— 
Fanny CastleniaD, by Punch 

Ida ».♦ b m, IBS— , Ijy JmJinmftn 

Ida T., b in, ISS— , by Dauntleas— 
Lady Tramp, by Tva mp ^ . . . 

Ida T., b tD, 1S8--, by Wiigncr Ba- 

Idaran, b s, 1885, by Earl— Meta, by 

Idia, b m, 1891. by Duquesne 

Ideal, b m, 1880, by Onward— Idyl, by 







2:27)4 i 

2:24% I 

2:28 I 


2:29% ; 












2:30 I 












Idella, b m, 1886, by Blectloneer— 
Clarabel, by Abdallaii SUr 2:30 

Idleweise, b m. 1880, by Idolater- 
Lady Rownd, by Square Dealer 2:24% 

Idle May, b m. 1885, by ElecUoneer- 
Maj;j5y WUdldle:... 2:27% 

Idle Thought, b m, 188—, by Happy 
Thought 2:29% 

Idlewlld. blk m, 1878, l^^ Glenair- 
Lady Henkley» by Bartlett's Black 
Hawk (dead) 2:29V4 

Idler, rn m. 188—. by Raymond — 
Abbie. by Onderdonk 2:28 

Idol, ch m, 1867, by Bob lildley— 
Friendship, by Gossip Jones 2:27 

Idol, br m, I860, by Stephen A. Doug- 
lass, dam by Seely's Black Hawk... 2:23 

Idol, b s. 1^, by Gambetta— Molly, 
by St. Mmo 2:27% 

Idolater, ch s, 1884, by Backman's 
Idol— Nelly B., by Brougham 2:28% 

Idolf b 8, 1885, by Backman's Idol- 
Molly Jackson, by Stonewall Jack- 
son 2:13% 

Idol Gift, blk s, 1881. by Aker's Idol- 
Lady McKenny, by Sweepstakes. ... 2:24 

Idol Jackson, blk s, 1886* by Back- 
man's Idol— Mary Jackson, by Stone- 
wall Jackson 2:27'>i 

Idol Stone, b g, 188—, by Backman's 
Idol 2:20'i 

Ignaro, b s, 1884, by Princepe— Olio, by 

Dick Hambletonian 2:2oVi 

b s, 1884, by Bdltor- 

by George Wilkes 

», 1883, by Tramp— De- 
, . . -een's Bashaw 

Ike Shulta, b g, 187—, by Vosburg— 
Kitty Bu.^on, by Rainbow 2:30 

Ike Wilkes, b g. 1887, by Grand 
Wilkes— Fanny, by Blue Bull 2: ITU 

niinois Egbert b g, L882, by Egbert— 
Hippy, by Bowman's Clark Onief. .. 2:1C',4 

lima Cossack, b m, 1888, by Don Cos- 
sack—True Blue, by Blue Bull 2:21=;i 

nton, b s, 1885, by Tenq>est— Bonetta, 
by Commodore Belmont 2:28% 

Image, b m, 1800, by Delmarch— 
Bright Light, by Autocrat Jr 2:19 

Imitato-, b s, 1881, by Delineator 2:23V.j 

Immense, ch g, 1890, by Stockwell— 
Alice W.. by Black Chief 2:25',. 

Imogene, b m, 1884, by Princeps— 
Ozone, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian.. 2:22 

Imogene, blk m, 1890, by Inmaus, dam 
by Shooting Star 2:2Gv^ 

Impetuous, blk m, 1892, by Dictator— 
Bthelwyn, by Harold 2 :loh 

Ina, b m, 188—. by Ridgeway 2:2.>r* 

Ina G.. bm, 1875, by Blue Bull 2:24 '/a 

Inca, br e, 1872, by Woodford Mam- 
brino— Gretehen, by Mambrino Pilot. 2:27 

Inca Jr., ch s, 1881, by Inca— Black 
Hawk Belle 2:21^'/^ 

Incas, br s, 1884, by Inca— May Day, 
by Ballard's Casslus M. Clay Jr... 2:14% 

Incense, b m, 1885, by Young Jim- 
India, by Happy Traveler 2:1734 

Independence, gr s. 1871, by (Sen 
Knox— Skip, by Gideon 2 :2 U 4 

Independence, b s, 1873, by Young 
Hindoo— Fanny Fern, by Tom How- 
ard 2:23% 

Independence, blk g, 188—, by Edward 
Everett 2:19V4 

Independence B.. br e, 1885, by Thun- 
dei^Dumpty, by Mambrino Thatch- 
er 2:29% 

Independent, ch s, 1889, by Lincoln— ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



l>olly K. 2:28Va 

Index, b 6, 1877, by James K. Reese— 

Koea Belle, by Bacon's mhau Allen. 2:21 
Index, b s. 188—. by Dexter Prince, 

dam by AbbottaCord 2:27% 

Indiana Belle, b m, 1885, by Chief- 
Belle of Kentucky, by Woodford 

Mambrino 2:24Vi 

Indiana Boy, b s, 1885. by A:;gonaut— 
Manlbrino Belle, oy Mambilno 

Patchen 2:29% 

ludianap. br s, 1886, by Indianapolis- 

Mi Ladi, by Harold 2:18i4 

Indianapolis, br a, 1808, by Tattler- 
Indiana, by Mambrino Chief (dead).. 2:21 
Indian Pet, br m, 1876, by Marshal 

Ney— Dilatush Mare, by Keed Horse. 2;2SVti 
India Rubber, blk g, 185-, by Rocket 

(dead) 2:29% 

Indicator, ch s, 1869, by Golddust- ^ 

Capitola, by Bob Jordan 2:23V4 

Indigo, blk m, 1881, by Indianapolis- 
Nannie Jordan, by Kinkaid^e St. 

Lawrence 2:23U 

Indo Wllkee, b m, 1886, by Fe.guson 

—Mag, by LitUe Woful 2:29 

Irez, blk m, 1872, by Sweepstakes— 

DoUy Bull, by BerU-and 2 :22>A 

Inez, b m, 187o, by The Moor— Katy ^ ^^ 

Did, by Fireman 2:30 

Inez, b m, 188—, by Dexter Prince, 

dam by Abbottsford 2:30 

Ing-enook, br g, 1890, by Jersey ^ 

Wilkes— Susie Thorn, by Romulus.. 2:29 'a 
Inglewood, b s, 1884, by Onward— ^^ 

Mary, by Wilkes Booth 2:24 

Iiigomar, ro g, 1874, dam by Wood's 

Hambletonian 2:29!4 

Ingot, br s, 1884, by Nugget— Maple 

Leaf, by New York 2:26k 

Inis Wilkes, gr m, 188—, by Lumps, 

dam by Administrator 2:29 

Inlaid, ch g, 1880, by Belmont or son 
of Lexington — Mosa, by Woodford ^ ^^,, 

Mambrino 2:26% 

Lunan, b s, 188—, by Strathmore, dam 

by Gov. Sprague 2:30 

Ino, b m, 1873, by Cheney's Grey 

Bagle-Dolly 2:21V4 

Ino, ro m, 1886, by Wood's Hamble- 

tonian 2:19% 

Instant, b m. 1885, by Startle-Integ- 

rlty, fay Belmont ... * * * - . 2:14k 

lEtegri&H l>r a, iSStt. by Capoul- 

Gauntletle, by Dkuator i'^Y^ 

Interloi^ lioj, b s, 18a—, by Interior.. 2:29k 
Interyiil, b m, litt/0, by Norval— Aral, ^^,, 

by Amber 2:2o!4 

Inventor, b b< ISH^ by D,imt leas- 
Lady WaaUiugton, Tiy ItepQ^Jk- 2:2o% 

lDTet5tlj,'utor, b H. iSSfti, by iLetorder— 

Grace Woudard, by Dictator 2:19k 

Inveterftte. b h, iJSati, by Woudford 

WUkes— RijsUltt, by tSwfgert 2:29^ 

ItiTlnclbli^ (Oory'aK n #, 18S9, by In- ^ ^ 

Tlnclble— Ida C, by Kums 2:27 

Invinuibie, b fi, l^^. by Trluteps— 

Duroc Maid, by Metisenger Duroi^. . . 2:ly^}i 
lo, cb m, l^yOp by MPCurJy'ss Uamr 

bletoniaii— Lulu, tjy Golddust * . . 2:13 

Iodine, br g, 18&1, by Aker's Idol-^ . 

Phinny Mare -■ 2:29Va 

lola, b TO, 187-* by Peter-Iola, by 
Wriikrs Rattler . . . . . . ... - - . . .... . 2:29^ 

lolanSie, b m 1879, by Ylctor-lhe 
Countess, by Drew ■ . .^- . ......... 2:30 

lona. bllt m, 1SS2 \w AlcvoiR^^esate 
Pepper, by Muuibrino Chief....,.,. 2:17^ 

looa. Ibr m. 1B88. by Combat~-I>ftIiri 

by Dictator 2:27 

lona, ro m, 188—, pedigree not traced. 2:29% 
lona S., ch m, 1886, by Albrino— Nixie 

B., by Daniel Boone 2:17^ 

loDe, b m, 1885, by Alcyone— Lotta, 

by Album 2:27 

Ionia, gr m, 1873, by Shunganunga— 

Cinderella T. ........ 2:29Vi 

lora, b m, 1890, by Ira— Daisy Hay- 
ward, by Poscora Hayward 2:28V^ 

Iowa Harold, b g, 1880, by Harold- 
Iowa Maid 2:25^ 

Ira, b 8, 1884, by Piedmont— Irene, by 
Mohawk Chief 2:24Va 

Ira, b g, 1884, by Hinsdale Horse, 
dam by Harris' Mambrino Chief Jr. . 2:27 

Ira Gaines, b g, 1880, by AUie Gaines 
Lucy Bird,, by AbdaUah Bird 2:13«/4 

Iral N., b m, 1888-, by Muncie 2:24V4 

Ira M., gr s, 1878, by Blue Bull- 
Nelly Miller, by Coulter's Davy 
Crocket 2:30 

Ira Wilkes, b s, 1876, by George 
Wilkes— Nelly B., by Harry B. 
Patchen (pacing 2:22%) 2:28 

Iia Wilkes, b g, 188— by Mambrino 
Wilkes 2:2^ 

Irene, b m. 1886, by Star Wdkes— 
Iieoa 2:16*^ 

Iiene, blk m, 1885, by Alcantara— lola, 
by Administrator 2:23^ 

Irene, gr m, 1871, by Dusty Miller— 
Mij.nie, by Vanif error's AbdalUih . . 2:20% 

Irene, I m, IS««0, by Idolater— Bassie, 
by De.K on 2:30 

Irene Crocker, gr m, 1890, by Will 
Crocker— Irene 2 :20 

Irene White, blk m, 1884, by Principe 2:25^^ 

Ii-ene Wilkee, blk m, 1SS7, by Frank 
Wilkes— Jenny, by Pilot 2.27V4 

Iris b m, 1877, by Mambrino Star— 
I ady Dolphus, by Dolphus 2:29% 

Irish Lad, b g, 1872, by Aberdeen- 
Lady Catherine 2:23% 

Irish Pullett. b m, 18S4. by Phil Sher- 
idan Jr.— Estella B 2:28 

Irl N., b s, 1888, by Nuncio— Minnie, 
by Gill's Vermont 2:27^i 

Irma C, gr m, 1884, by Jim Wilson- 
Fanny, Dy Pocahontas Boy 2:23% 

Irma H . b ra, 1888, by Onward— Lulu, 
by Harold 2:29% 

Iron Age, ro g, 1871, by Jules Jurg«*u- 
sen— Miss Hastings, by Drew 2:19% 

Iron Bar, gr s, 1890, by Temple Bar 
— Camella, by Old Bodo 2:24% 

Iron Duke, Jr. b s, 1880, by Iron Duke 
—Maggie, by Mambrino Chief 2:25 

Iron iving b g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Ironwood, gr g, 1882, by Jim Wilson 2:23% 

Ironwood, b g, 2:27 

Iron Worker, b 6, 1888, by Mambrino 
King— Topaz, by Strathmore 2:29V^ 

Irrington, br s, 188— by Mambrino 
King 2:29 

Iroquois, b g, 188—, by Hurricane ..2:25 

Isaac, b g, 1878, by George Wilkes— 
Fanny, by Charles B. Loew 2:25% 

Isaac G.. gr g. 1880, by Athlete— 

Oriole, by Orient 2:26^ 

Isabella, b m, 1876, by Dictator— Miss 
Roberge 2:25-% 

Isa Belle, br m, 1888, by Jay Bird— 
Kate, by Prlnc© Almont 2:1 4% 

L S. French, ch g, 1888. by PUot Al- ^ ^^^^ 
mont 2:12>i 

Island Wilkes, gr s, 1888, by Red 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Wlikes— Minuie Patcheu, by Mam-- 
brlno Patchen 2:13% 

Islam, b B, 1889, by Sphinx— Ma«gle 
Hubbard, by Magna (Jharta 2:26 

Isreal, b a, 1884, by Rampart— Jessica, 
by Bellwood 2:10% 

Issaquena, br m, 1881, by PaneoaBt— 
Iiaytham Lass, by Alexander's Ab- 
dailab 2:21% 

Item, b s, 1882, by Artillery— GodWa, 
by Auditor 2:26% 

Ithuriel, b s, 1888. by Red Wilkea— 
Topsey, by Strathmore 2:2&% 

Ivaunoe. b s, 1883, by Amber— Lysan- 
der Maid, by Lorsander 2:27% 

Ivica, b s, 1884, by DeGrafl's Alexan- 
der—Genoa, by Ouyler 2:24% 

Ivo. b s, 1887, by Electioneer— Vic- 
toria, by Don Victor 2:26 

Ivy E., b m, 1887, by Electioneer— 
Ivy, by Don Victor 2:28% 

Ivy Medium, b m, 188—, by Prince 
Medium 2:24% 

Ivy Princess, ch m, 1886, by Jersey 
Prince— Fanny Pern, by Wood's 
Hambletonian 2:30 

I. York, b g, 188—, by Gen. Thomas 2:20% 

1. X. L., b e, 1883, by Walker Morrill 
— Sesesh, by Atkins' Trustee 2:25% 

Jack, br g, 188—, by A. W. Richmond 2:26 

Jack, b g, 188-. by Aristos 2:20% 

Jack, gi' g, 1883, by Pilot Medium- 
Carrie Russell, br Magna Gharta... 2:11% 

Jack B., br g, 1»— , by Annapolis- 
Hlppitaca, by Hermes 2:28% 

Jack Barry, b g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced 2:29 

Jack Oade. b s, 1885, by Coriander- 
Judith, by Robert McGregor 2:26% 

Jack Clark, blk g, 1884, by Antar— 
Yankee, by Ace of Diamonds 2:27% 

Jackdaw, br s, 1888, by Jay Bird- 
lUddy McGregor, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor : 2:28% 

Jack Dawson, blk s. 1888, by Director 
- Favorita, by George Wilkes ... 2:30 

Jack Draper, b g, 186—, by Humblra 2:27 

Jack Hey den, b g 187—, pedigree not 
traced 2:23% 

Jack Lewis, b g, 185—. by Clifton 
Pilot (dead) 2:28% 

Jack OfCutt. ch s, 1887, by Nantucket 
-Buclld Maid 2:26 

Jack Raleigh, br g, 188—, by Black- 
stone Prince— Waldo Mare, by Sher- 
man Horse 2:23% 

Jack Riley, b s, 1888, by Dan Mc- 
Gregoiv-Sunset, by 9olferino 2:25% 

Jack Roth ro g. 188—, pedigree not 

traced 2:28% 

Jack Sailor, br g, 1874. by Sweep- 
stakes—Fanny D., by Black Morgan 2:25% 

Jack Sheppard, b s, 1887. by Ander- 
son Wilkes 2:14% 

Jack Sheppard Jr. b g, 1870, by Jack 
Sheppard— Baby, by Ethan Allen.. 2:20% 

Jack Slade, ch s, 188o, by Prince Mon- 
roe-Daisy, by Stockbridge Chief.. 2:29% 

Jackson, b s, 1865. by Fine Cut .... 2:27% 

Jacksonian, b s, 1887, by Longstride 
Kate TlfTany, by Monarch 2:22% 

Jacksoni&n, b g. 1880, by Autograph 
—Miss Fanny Jackson, by Bay Lam- 

b«-rt ,.. 2.10% 

Jacksonian. br s, 1890. by Schuyler 
Colfax— Lady Jackson, by Mohawk 

Jackson 2:22% 

Jackfonvllle Boy. b g, 186—. pedigree 

not traced 2 :26 

Jack Splan, b s, 1876, by Almoui— 
Jenny Mai tin, by Star Denmark ... 2:2Gii 

Jack Spratt, b g. 188—, by Tiuder . . 2:27% 

Jack Spratt, b g. 1888, by Hamble- 
tonian WIlkea-AVater Lily, by 
Magna Charta 2:23% 

Jack Spratt. br g, 1875, by Tom 
PaLchen— Fowlor 2:22% 

Jack the Ripper, b g, 188—, pedigree 
not traced 2:27% 

Jack Wiman. b g, 1888, by Hai-old- 
mont, dam by Gllbreth Knox 2:20% 

Jaco, blk s, 1886, by Patchen Wilkes 
— Lida Patchen, by M:imbrino 
Patchen 2:20 

Jacobin, b a, 1885, by^ Princeps— liUlu 
Wilkes, by George Wilkes 2:23% 

Jadie Allen, b m, 188—, by Petoskey, 
dam by Freeman 2:17% 

J. A. K., ch g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:2.')% 

Jake, b s, 1884, by Messenger Chief- 
Sal Swope. by Bourbon Chief 2:22 

J. Alba, b g, 188-, by Glen Knox . . . 2:20% 

Jalisco, b s, 1882, by Durango— Purl, 
by Haw Patch 2:10% 

James, ch g 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:26% 

James A. Garfield, blk g. 188—, pedi- 
gree not traced 2:20^ 

James D., b g, 188—, by Mambrino 
Pilot 2:28% 

James D., ch g, 1886. by Clay Abdal- 
iah— Field Mare 2:30 

James D. McMann, b g, 186—, by 
George M. 3»atchen Jr. (dead) .... 2:28% 

James F., b g, 1883, by Reporter- 
Jessie^ by Roberts' Royal George .. 2:22% 

James (>., ch s, 1881, by Royal Chief 
—Sunbeam, by Aihambra 2:20 

James G. Blaine, blk g, 1866, by 
Messenger Hunter— Lally Mare, by 
Call Horse 2:28% 

James n., b g, 1873, by Amboy, dam 
by Finch's St. Lawrence 2:21% 

James H.^ b g, 187% by Gladiator- 
Fanny^ Collier, by Collier 2:21 

James H., b s, 1887. by Nil Desper- 
andum— Maggie, by Thorndale 2:28% 

James Halfpenny, b g, 1875, by Blue 
Bull, dam by Pearsall 2:20% 

James H. Burke, blk g, 186—, by Tip- 
poo (dead) 2:27% 

James Howell Jr. br g. 1866, by Rys- 
dyk's Hambletonian— Jessie Sayre, 
by Harry Clay (dead) 2:24 

James L., b g, 1887, by Dexter Prince, 
dam by Tom Vernon 2:16% 

James M., b g, 1885, by Landmark 
—Lady Haskfiis, by Haskins Horse 2:21% 

James Madison, b s, 1884, by Anteeo 
—Lucy Patchen. by George M. 
Patchen Jr 2:17% 

James Morrison, b g, 188—, by Gov. 
Sprague 2:25% 

James P., b s, 1887, by Princepfh- 
Grade van Cott, by Jay Gould 2:28 

Jane L., br m, 1879, by Hamble- 
tonian Mambrino— Molly Welsh, by 
Paul Jones 2:10% 

Jane R., b m. 1870, by Alden Gold- 
smith— Medora, by Bayard 2:26% 

Janesvllle, b g, 186-, by Robert Fnl^ 
ton, dam by Gen. McClellan 2:20% 

Janet, br m, 188-, by Black Rolfe. . 2:24% 
Janet, b m. 1886, by Bourbon Boy- 
Lady Wellington, by Wellington .. 2:27% 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Janie (Opal), b m, 1879, by Jay Gould 
Buby— Allen, by Bthan Allen 2:21i4 

Janifer, br m, 1883, by Red Wilkee 
Stella O'Neal, by Pacing Abdallah 2:22 

Jasper, b g, 188U by Altimont 2:25^ 

Jasper, b g, 1875, by Jasson 2 :2&fi 

Jaunita. b m, 1887, by Sultan— Benlah, 
by Harold 2:29 

Jflj B^nl, li ni, 107", ^^y Kent— Molly, 
by VVartbt^ster 2:30 

Jay Oaldwell, b b. 1!W7, by Hamdal- 
lab— Molly, by DUtlt Goldsmith 2:22^4 

Jmy OooJc. blk k. iSOt^ by Joe Hooker 
—Spy, by Sweet Dwen (dead) .... 2:27 

Jay-Bye-SfiB, blk g, 1878, by Dictator 
— Mld4jlflit, by Pilot Jr. (pacing 
rpcorrt 2;m%y 2:10 

Jayfoot, ro b. 1888, by Jay Bird- 
Fleety, by Baywuod 2:28 

Jay (Jould, h e. lSti4, by Rysdyk's 
Hnmlileionliin— Lj^dy Sanford, by 
B*^\f9 Auieilejiii Siar (dead) 2:21% 

Jaybtiwk, b b, ISk>;, by Jaywood— 
Greuadint;, by Grenadier 2:29% 

Jaw Hawker, ro s, 1890, by Jay Bird 
Sorrento, by Grand Sentinel 2:14% 

Jay See Bee, b 6^1886, by Paramount 
— MoUy B., by ^Panic 2:28V2 

Jay See Ml, blk s, 1891, by Hound's 
Spraffue 2:24% 

Jay U. See, ch s, 1883, by Vermont 
Abdallah 2:25% 

J. B., b g, 1880, by Dick Turpin- 
Lady Belle, by Emigrant 2 :24% 

J. B. C, b m, 188—, by Strait's Su- 
perior ; 2:27^ 

J. B. Richardson, b g, 1877, by 
George Wilkes— Tullahoma, by Al- 
mont 2:16% 

J. B. S., br g, 188—. by White's Bthan 
Allen, dam by Black Ralph 2:29% 

J. B. S., b g, 1882, by Allie Gaines— 
Belle &., by Star of the West 2:19V4 

J. B. Thomas, b g, 1874, by Sterling 
—Lady Hooker, Tt)y Defiance 2:18% 

J. O., b g, 188-, by Oehkosk 2:29% 

J. C. (Frederick) b g, 1882 by Winne- 
bago Chief-Kit 2:20 

J. D. O., gr g, 1883, by Roscoe C— 
Lady Bromley 2:30 

J. D. Crelghton, blk s., 1800, by O. F. 
Clay — Gambettina, by Gambetta 
Wilkes 2:25% 

J. D. L., br p, 1886. by Mamhrino 
King, dam by ^ffphen A. Donsrlut*.. 2:29% 

Jeanette. b m, lasfi. bv The King- 
Jenny, by Yaunp Orilurabii^. ..*.*.,. 2:29% 

Jean Look, b m, 1B8~» by TxK»k 2:30 

Jeanne tte, b in. 1882, hy Don ro^sack 
— Lotta, by Bnphaw Dniry 2:26% 

Jeannie, b m. 1877, hy Abraham— Old 
Sorrel, by It reed Hotop 2:27'i4 

Jeannie C, b tn, 1884. by Nutwood- 
Delilah, by Aflmimfftmtor 2:22 

Jean Valjean. h e, 1883. by CiU ten- 
den— Fantino, bv AlonMe 2:14 

Jean Wilkefi. b' m, 1884, by Red 
Wilkes— Belle IMnOn by Hambrlnn.. 2:27% 

Jean Wilken. b m. 1880, by Guy 
Wilkes— Rosalie, by Sultan . 2:24% 

Jean Wilkes, b id, ia**s. by Young 
Wilkes— Jem***' '^ >>t' \[c*wKj-iiu'[>r Du- 
roc 2:29% 

Jeff Davis, b s, 188—. by Wedgewood. 2:27% 

Jeff DaTls, br g, J884. by Atlantic- 
Doxy Morgan, by Red Lion 2:17'4 

Jeffersonlan. b g. 1889. by Ajax— 
Fanny, by Gray's Tom Hal 2:27 

Jefferson Wilke«, blk n, 1891, by Al- 
oone 2:26 

Jeflle Lee, ch m, 1887, by Red Pilot, 
dam by Cramer 2:22 

Jeff Smith, b g, 1881, by Ohio— DoU, 
by Manchester Tuckahoe (pacing rec- 
ord 2:29%) 2:27% 

Jeff Wilkes, b g. 1879, by George 
Wilkes— Lady Adams, by Amo«' Oas- 
siusM. Clay Jr 2.20k 

Jellyby, b s, 1885, by Walsinghamr- 
Nonie, by Golddust f 2:26 

Jenny, b m, 1865, by Red Bagle— 
Topsy Reamy, by Palalaska (dead).. 2:22^ 

Jenny, ch m, 1871, by Dandy— Nich- 
ette, by Guest Horse 2:2a% 

Jenny, b m, 1881, by Richwood—Han- 
nah, by Don J. RobinBon 2:18^^^ 

Jenny By b m, 1882, by Blue Bull- 
Lady Haesin 2:29^ 

Jenny B., gr m, 1880, by Dan Brown- 
Jenny Lind, by Tucker's Good Ike.. 2:24 

Jenny Bell, b m, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:281^ 

Jenny C, b m, 1884, by Kent— Sorrell 
Lan^ert, by Daniel Lambert 2:24^ 

Jennv D., blk m, 1887, by Lake Erie- 
Nelly, by Star of Ulster 2:2Gyi 

Jenny Hill, blk m, 188—, by Egthorne 2:29Vi 

Jenny Helton, b m, 1868, by Jbiiiy 
Bacchus 2:22k 

Jenny June, br m, 188—, by Motor... 2:rJk 

Jenny K^ b m, 1887, by Phallas— 
Dutch Gfirl, by Abdallah Boy 2:15^i 

Jenny Kirk, ch m, 1877, pedigree not 
traced 2:27U 

Jenny L., gr m, 1869, by Terhune 
Horse— Bmma, by Grey Messenger 
(dead) !.. 2:27k 

Jenny M., ch m, 1880, by Joe Hooper 
—Hull Mare, by Von Moltke 2:^% 

Jenny M., br m 2:29k 

Jenny Q.. gr m, 1800, by Gen Wilkes 

—Miss Barlow, by Dr. Keene 2:30 

Jenny R., b m, 188—, by Como 2:26u 

Jenny Rolfe, b m, 188—, by Young 
Rolfe. dam by Summerset Knox 2:27% 

Jenny R., blk m, 188—, by Warwick 
Boy 2:28k 

Jenny Sprague, ch m, 1882, by 
Rounds' Sprague — Kit, by (xage's 
Logan 2:15k 

Jenny Star, br m, 1885, by Master- 
lodfr-Star Maid, by Magnolia 2:24k 

Jenny Thombs, b m, 1887, by Senator 
—Jenny, by Corbin Bashaw 2:25Vi 

Jenny W^^ br m, 1870, by Brown 
Harry— Blackbird, by Black Hawk. . 2:30 

Jenny Wilkes, b m, 1886. by Ck>ronei— 
Kitty Morgan, by Bartlett Morean. . 2:25Va 

Jenny Wilkes, b m, 1887, by Wood- 
ford Wilkes — China Wilkes, by 
Adrian Wilkes 2:12% 

Jenny Wren, b m, 188—, by Coligue... 2:25% 

Jenny Wynne, br m, 188—, by Wade 
Hampton 2:26k 

Jeremiah, b e^ 1879, by William 
Welch— Lady Gregory, by Corbeau. . 2:21% 

Jericho (Eyerett), b g, 186*. by Henry 
Clay— Jenny, by Grinneirs Cham- 
pion (dead) 2.30 

Jerome, b g, 188—, pedigree not 
tnaced 2:29% 

Jerome, b g, 1880, by Caesar 2:26% 

Jerome, b g, 1870, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonian— Fanny Fiske, oy Young 
Almack 2:27 

Jerome, b g, 1873. by Hamiltonr- 
Blonde, by Ashland 2:25% 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 



Jerome, ch g, 186-, by Keokuk 2:27 

Jerome Bidy, b 8, 1876, by Louis Na- 
poleon — Fanny Mapes, by Alexan- 
der's AbdaUah 2:16V4 

Jerome Turner, b e, 1879, by Byerly 
AbdaUah— Nettle, by Gray's Tom 
Hal 2:l3Va 

Jerry, b g. 1888, by Garnet Wllke*- 
Hazel, by Iowa Dnroc 2:27^4 

Jerry, b g, 188—, by Henry B. I'atcb- 
en 2:2814 

Jerry Almont, bik g, 1882, by Almon- 
tonian, dam by Bricsaon 2:26!4 

Jerry L., Jgr k. 1879, by Stonewall 
Jackson Jr., dam by Bayard 2:15^ 

Jerry M., b g, 1886, by Bright Oay— 

Jerry W^ ch g,* 188-^, 'by'Hannls*. '.'.;*. 2*:22'A 

Jei-ry wilkes, b a, 1888. by Wilkes ^ ^ 
Spirit Jr.-Jefwle 2:30 

Jersey Boy. b g, 1870, by Young Vol- 
^teer— Libby, by Gen. Taylor 2:21k 

Jei«ey Belle, Wk m, 18&-, by Jersey 
Wilkes, dam by Star of the West. . . 2;18Va 

Jerseyroan, br s, 1886, by Jersey 
Prince — Lulu IC, by Goldsmith's 
Star 2:23\4 

Jersey Prince, oh e, 1879, by Ken- 
tucky Prince— Bmeline, by Henry B. 
Patchen (dead) 2:27^ 

Jei«ey Wood, b a, 1885, by Jersey 
Prinoe— NeUy B., by Billy Patterson 2:27^4 

Jesse, b g, IwT— , not traced. 2:26*4 

Jesse, gr g, 187—, by Deucalion 2:21 

Jesse Hammond, b g, 1880, by Signal 
—Jenny Amos, by Middleton's Gold- 
duat 2:25Vi 

Jesse Hanson, b g, 1884, by lloger 
Hanson— Kelly Mac, by Blue Vein... 2:13^ 

Jesse James, ch g, 1883, by Don J. 
Eobinson— BlacklBlora 2:29\4 

Jeesie. ch m, 1874, by Yeruol's Black 
Hawk ... .. 2:21 

Jessie, br ni', 188-^*,' by Dexter Prince 
-Lady Fracture 2:22 

Jessie B., ch e, 1885, by Gen. Grant- 
Lad^ McBeth 2:21 

Jessie B., b m, 1880, by Don J. Hobin- 
son— Novice 2d, by Sisk's Mambrino 
Chief Jr 2:24V4 

Jessie Ballard, b m, 1877. l^ Archie 
Hambletonian 2:25 

Jessie O., b m. 1880, by Olyllization. . 2:24% 

Jessie Clark, b m, 1889, by Norwood 
Star — Lady Sutherland, by Clark 
Chief 2:27Va 

Jeseie D., ch m, 1888, by Myrla— 
Kate, by White Line 2:19V4 

Jessie Dixon, b m, 1872, by Mam- 
brino Patchen 2:28U 

Jeseie Fly, br m, 1886, by Swl^ert— 
Lady Lambert, by Mambrino Medley 2:29'^ 

Jessie Gaines, br m, 1883, by Allle 
Gaines, dam by Shakespeare 2:15^^ 

Jessie Gould, b m, 1881, by Jay Gould 
— Dolsey. by Shaeffer Pony 2:29V4 

Jessie Hayes, b m, 1868, by Ned For- 
rest, dam by High.lander 2:24 

Jessie Hood, b m, 188—. by W. H. 
Caflridy 2:25^2 

Jessie K., b m, 1885, by Landmark— 

^ Nelly, by Haskins Horse 2:26i/i 

Jessie Maud, gr ni, 1870, by Kegulua 
—Quakeress, by Washington 2:29 

Jessie MoCorkle, ch m, 1889, by 
Amboy— Lilly, by Amber (dead) 2:15 

Jessie Sheridan, b m, 1888. by Elial 
G. Jr.— Chestnut Fan, by Phil Sheri- 
dan 2:21% 

Jessie Wales, blk m, 1850, by West's 
AJax (dead) 2:30 

Jessie Wilkes, b m, 1886, by Pilot 
Wilkes— Notre Dame, by Hurst and 
Thornton's AbdaUah (dead) 2'.28H 

Jessie Wilkes, br m, 1888, by Algeria 
Wilkes-Alice G., by Black Knight.. 2:10'm 

Jettie, bik m, 1890, by Bonnie Boy- 
Lady Cooper, by Andrew Jackson.. 2:18% 

Jewell, ch e, 1882, by Clayton Edsall 
—Fanny Crawford 2:27^ 

Jewell, br g. 1875, by Buckingham- 
Kate Coe, by Rhode Island . . 2:24% 

Jewell, ch g, 1882, by Qayton Edsall- 
Famiy Crawford 2:29V^ 

Jewel C. b m, 1887, by Kentucky 
Ruler— Hazel Kirke, by St. Almo 
(dead) 2:24V* 

Jewel Wilkes, b m, 1887, by Woodford 
Wilkes— Pearl, by ABhIand Patchen. 2:28)/^ 

Jewett, blk g, 1876, by AlUe West- 
Heel and Toe Famiy (pacing record 
2:14) 2:20 

Jewmont. b s, 1888, by King AJmont— 
Jewel, by Gill's Ve -mont 2:30 

J. G. Morrill, ch g, 1872, by Wlnthrop 
Morrill, dam by £3aton Horse 2:29 

J. H. Mccormick, ch g, 187—, by Wag- 
ner Bashaw— Lucy, by Flaxtail 2:29 

J. H. S., ch g. 188-, by Naublc 2:30 

Jilt, ch m, 185^ by Allegheny Chief- 
Jenny Llnd (dead) 2:28% 

Jim, ro g, 1874, by Daniel Lambert- 
Pacing Kate 2:23Vi 

Jim, gr g, 1882, by Billy Norfolk- 
Irene 2:22V» 

Jim, b g, 188—, by Electioneer 2:27U 

Jim Alone, ch s. 18&-, by Bolus 2:2aS 

Jim Anderson, b g, 1879, by Robert 
McG?e«or-Nelly 2:25% 

Jim Blaine, b g, 1884, by Dundee— 
Ora. by McKlnney 2:30 

Jim Blaine, b s, 1891, by Eastwood.. 2:30 

Jimbone, ch g, 188—, by Bonesetter.. 2:29% 

Jim Bowman, b g, 187—, by a son of 
Ericsson 2:26 

Jim Burns, br g, 188—, by Belmont 
Chief 2:24% 

Jim Bums, blk g, 1880, by Temper- 
ance—Flora, by Harrington Hunter 2:25% 

Jim C, b g, 1885, by Jim Swigert— 
Darkness 2:22% 

Jim 0:«ndal!, dn g, 187—, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Jim Crow, blk s, 188—, by Abbotts- 
ford, dam by Lumps . . 2:23% 

Jim Dean, gr s, 1888, by Dr. Spurr— 
May, by Bayard 2:20% 

Jim Deyo, ch g, 18&-, by.. S. J. 
Fletcher 2:2D 

Jim Dunn, ro g, 1885, by Mambrino 
Startle— Flora, by Lanlgan 2:20% 

Jim Early, ch g, 1875. by Fitzslm- 
mons' Champion— Nelly Early, by 
Pilgrim Eclipse 2:22% 

Jim F., b s, 1886, by Int.igufr-Min- 
nle. by Windsor 2:26 

Jim Fuller, b g, 1880, by Golden Bow 
—Maggie, by Fletcher 2:19% 

Jim Golden, blk g, 1880, by Alaric— 
Jenny Rose 2:30 

Jim Graham, b g, 1883. by Harry 
Franklin— Patterson Girl 2:20% 

Jim Irving, b g, 1865, by WUson's 
Snowstorm— Lear Mare, by Sir Will- 
iam (dead) 2:23 

Jim Knox, dh s, 188— 2:2i>% 

Jim L., ch s, 1881, by Dan Voorhees— 
Grade B., by Uncle Sam. . . .^-.^ 2:20 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Jim Lane, b g, 187—, by DatmtlesB— 
Kitty Hnnter, by Harrington's 
Himjer 2:20\4 

Jim lieach, b g, 1879, by Inca— MoUy, 
by Sacramento 2:2SV6 

Jim Matt, b g, 1884. by Young Jim, ^ _^ 
dam by American Clay 2:2SM 

Jimmy O., b g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:29^ 

Jimmy C, b g. 1879, by Col. M.,— 
Fanny Grifflnsteln 2:23i4 

Jimmy Puzaler, b e. 187— by Whirl- 
wind Jr 2:30 

Jimmy Steward, b g, 187—, by Daniel ^ ^ ; 
Lambert 2:24^ 

Jimmy Temple, blk g, 1882, by George 

Wilkes— Lady Patdben, by Mambrino 

Patchen (pacing record 2:23%) .... 2:22% 
Jim Nutwood, b g. 188—, by Corneliufl 2:21^ 
Jim Rayen, blk g, 186—, by Star of 

the West (dead) 2:30 

Jim Riddle, ch 8. 1887. by Pilot 
Wilkes— Emma Armstrong, by Star- 

mont 2:25\4 

Jim Saverr, b g. 1892, by BUtzen.. 2:29<4 
Jim Schriber, gr s, 1872, by Rliode 

Island- Dutch Girl, by Dusty Miller 2:21^ 
Jim Smith, b s, 1886. by L. J. Sutton j 
— Hattle B.. by Don J. Robinson .. 2:22% 
Jim Sneaks, D g, 188—, bgr McLeod— 
MoUy Graydon, by (Jreen's Ba- 
shaw *. 2:23Va 

Jim Star, gr s, 1882. by Star of the 
West— Ehnma, by Flying Gypsy .. 2:29 

Jim Ward, b g, 1871, by Young Co- 
lumbue— Black Star, by Darkey 2:23% 

Jim Wilkes, b g, 1885. by Young Jim 
—Anna P., by Stockbridge Ohlef Jr. 2:19% 

Jim Wilkes, blk s, 188—, by Young 
Jim— Kate Scott, by Olai-k Chief. . . . 2:15% 

Jim Young, b s, 1886, by Young Jim— 
Cricket, by Mambrino Abdallah .. 2:26% 

Jingles, b s, 1886, by Baron Wilkes- 
Lamberta, by Daniel Lambert .... 2:28% 

Jingo Jim, br g, 188—, by Bemis* 
Black Cloud 2:26% 

J. Irving O., b g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:27% 

J. J. Audubon, ch s, 1887. by Alcyone 
—Dolly Pomeroy, by Highland Grey 2:19 

J. J. Bradley, b g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced 2:25^4 

J. J Douglas, br g, 1880, by Mam- 
brino St. Lawrence, dam by Geta- 
way 2:20% 

J. M.. b g, 188—, by Oomell, dam by 
Lothair Jr 2:22% 

J. M. B., b s, 1882, by Selenite— Oap- 
lola 2:26% 

J. M. D.. b ST. 188-. by Harry Ham- 
ilton, dam by Little Oak 2:13% 

J. M. G.. gr g, 188—. by Whltellne .. 2:20 

J. M. K., gr ff, 1888, by Jet-Nelly 
Grey, by Jack Splan 2:18 

J. M. T., b g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:22% 

Joan, b m. 1880, by Waveland Chief, 
dam by Joe 2:30 

Jockey, b g, 188— by Powers Ham- 
bletonlan 2::^0 

J. O., blk g 2:27% 

J. O. C. gr g 2:25 

J. O. D., ch m. 1889. by Karl 2:30 

Joe. ch g, 188—, by Tom Hunter 2:30 

Joe. ch 8. 1886, by Ononlrne— Nelly 
Ferguson, by McKe&son's Gray 
Eagle 2:10 

Jot. eh g, 1860, by Young Plenlpo 

(dead) 2.2ri% 

Joe, b s, 1887. by .Marco— Kate, by 

MlUiman's Bellfounder 2:29% 

Joe. b g, 188—, by Blial G.,— Jones' 

Mare, Dy son of Tom Jefferson ... 2:29% 
Joe, b g. 1881, by Sweepstakes, dam 

by Jupiter Abdallah 2:30 

Joe Arhurton, b g, 1878, by Ai-thurton 

-Flora, by Langford 2:20% 

Joe Bassett Jr., b s. 1883, by Joe Bas- 
sett— Cary Mare, by Sweeting's Ned 

Forrest 2:18% 

Joe Barney, b g. 188—, by Barney 

Monroe ^ 2:26 

Joe Bluffer, b s, 1882, by Wilkesonian 
—Kitty, by Washington Hamble- 

tonian 2:27% 

Joe Brown, gr s. 1863, br Woodward's 
Rattler, dam by Burdick's Engineer 

(dead) 2:22 

Joe Bunker, gr g, 1874, by G«orge 
Wilkes— Lady Dunn, by American 

Sttr 2:19% 

Joe D.. b sr 187—. by Oafferty Horse 
—Fancy Fairbanks, by Hines' Black 

Hawk Morgan 2:27% 

Joe Davis, br g, 1877, by Dr. Herr— 

Molly, by Mambrino Pilot Jr 2:17% 

Joe Dayton, br s, 187—, by Puzzler, 

dam by Honest Tom 2:25% 

Joe Bastman, b s. 1883, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor—Josephine, by Gen. Grant.. 2:29% 
Joe Fifer, b s, 1889, by Bloomfleld— 

Dell by Bay Joe 2:18 

Joe Gaines, b s^ 1889, by Allie Gaines 

—Lucy Bird, by Abdallah Bird 2:25 

Joe Gales; ch g, 1889, by Blyria— 

Shoo Fly, by Young Tlppoo Sultan 2:29^/4 
Joe GUbirds. b s. 1^, by Gilbirds 

Sprague 2:29% 

Joe Green, b g, 18d— , pedigree not 

traced ,, 2:26% 

Joe H., blk g, 188—, by Canadian • 

Champion 2:26% 

Joe Hal, br s. 1879, by Blood Chief 

Jr.-Babe 2:30 

Joe Holmes, ch s, 1888. by Sir Walter 

dam by Blackwood 2:26Vi 

Joe Hooker, ch g, 186—, by Andy 

Johnson (dead) 2:30 

Joe Jefferson, br s, 1878, by Hamble- 
tonlan Downing— Mila Thomas, by 

Blue Bull 2:27% 

Joe Kellogg, b g, 186—, by Tuckahoe 

Post Boy 2:30 

Joe Kinney, b g, 188—, by Alwood, 

dam by Mlllllman's Bellfounder 2:26% 

Joe M., br g. 1882, by Joe Cool— Dolly 

M 2:23^ 

Joe Mark, b s. 1887, by Victor Bis- 
marck— Mlse Monroe, by Jim Monroe 2:28% 
Joe McLaughlin, b g. 1885, by Red 

Luke— Dolly, by Duroc 2:26% 

Joe Moreland. b s, 1881, by Woodbum 
I —Lottie Lee by Herman D. Patchen 2:22 
! Joe Pettit. b e. 1868. by Ashland— 
I Belle of Fairfield, by Toronto Chief 2:30 

! ,Toe R., br g. by Kirk 2:17% 

.Toe R.. Lambert, ch g, (rlnsrer) 2:30 

Joe Ray, b g, 188—, pedigree not 

traced 2:30 

Joe Rhea, b g, 187—, pedigree not 

tra<:ed 2:23 

Joe RIple.y, b g. 1S68, by Sa win's 

Hambletonlan, dam by Black Arrow 2:25 
Joe S., b g, 1869. by Daniel Lambert 2:30 
Joe S., dn s, 1883. by Creole— Mary 
MeMoUy ^ j.... 2:30 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Joe Thorndale, b fl, 1882. by YouDir 

Tb orndal e ! 

Joetta Wilkes, b m, 1889, by Wood- 

focd WilkecH-Kate Griffith, by Alden 


Joe Udell, b g, 18d— , pedigree not 

traced (dead) 

Jo© W., b g, 1887, by Stanton Jr.— 

Fanny, by Brant 

Jo© Wilkes, br s, 1885, by Alcantora 

—Kit hT Belmont Hambletonlan. . 
Jo© Wonaer, b g, 1885, by Bonnie 

Richards— Bay Doll 

Jo© You See, b s, 1885, by Jo© Young 

—Lucy, by Antar 

Jo© Young, blk s, 1876, by Star of the 

West— Lady Gregory, by Green's Ba- 

John A. ,' " b ' g, ' 'iss-^, * pedigree ' not 

Tohn A. Logan, b g. 188—. by Major 
mnggold a>aolng record 2:2^ 

John A. Logan, b g, 1884, by Tornado 
M.— Kitty M., by Mosher's Clay 

John B., b g, 1869. pedigree not traced 

John Bascomb, b s, IffiG, by Wilki© 
Collins— Josephine, by Wood's Ham- 

John Bury, b g, 1891, by Antlnous, 
dam by George M. Patchen Jr 

John Carter, b s, 1887. by Regulator- 
Dolly Frltts. by Marshall Chief . . . 

John O. Shelly, b s, 1884, by Haw- 
thorne—Old Tempest, by Morgan 

John Cody Jr., b g, 188—, by Sir Wal- 

John d!,' gr * g' * 1884,' ' by Royaliton-^ 
Canadian Girl 

John D., b g, 188—, by Dr. Downing. . 
. John D., b g, 1874, by Messenger 
Duroc— Lady Kate, by Kemble Jack- 

John Dickson, b s, 1882, by Monarch 
Jr.^Jessie Dixon, by Mambrino 

John Doddridge, gr g, 188—, by John 
A. Allen \ 

John B., ro* g/ 1868, by ciark' Chief,* 
dam by Alexander's Abdallah 

John B., gr s, 1887, by Moody— Lady 
Olmstead, by Young Wilkes 

John F.. b s, 1880, by Seneca Prince- 
Bandy Heyl 

John F., b g, 1883, by Mohawk Ham- 

John Ferguson, b g, 1880, by Forest 
Mambrino— Lady Scott, by Winfleld 

John Fero (Western Boy), b g, 1862, 
pedigree not traced 

John F. Phelps Jr.. b s, 1873, by Al- 
mont— Sue Monday, by Conscript . . . 

John G., gr g, 188—, 

John Goldsmith, br s, 1866, by Volun- 
teer—Ida, by Marlborough 

John Grant, gr g, 187— pedigree not 

John G. Carlisle, *b*s,*18W,' by Norvai 
—Mete, by Idol Patchen 

John H., b g, 186—, by Black Ba- 
shaw, dam by Morgan Hunter .... 

John Hall, b g, 187—, by Daniel Lam- 

2:30 I 




2:90 ; 


bert. dam by American Bthan 
■ ■ )lk I - 

John Hall, blk g, 1869, by Gen. How- 

John Head, gy g. 188.5, by St. Elmo.. 2:26^ 
John Henry, ch g. 1880, by Pilot Mam 




2:30 I 










2:26 ' 



2:20 ! 


2:20 j 

brino— Sada Belle, by Stark's Mor- 
gan 9 •Oft! ' 

Jdhin I., b s, 188^,* by ' Aristos "/,','.'. '. 2:26vl 

^^ L^*V? «• ^^^* «>y star of ^ 
the West- Fanny Jewett 2:29% 

JohnL., bfl, 18a-, bT Hermit 2:27% 

John L., b g, 187t by Marshall's 
Patchen— Kate, by Daniel Webster 2:29% 

John L., b s, 1886, by Bourbon Wilkes 
-Elsie by Westwood 2:19% 

John L., ch s, 1887, by Al West- 
Fanny Barge 2:29% 

John L., b g, 1887, by Landmark, dam 
by B©tt'6 St. Lawrence h. . . 2:29% 

John Loye, b g, 1872, by BUly Denton 
—Trusty, by Marlborough 2:28% 

John McDougail, b g 187—, by Bay 
Billy :...'....!•. .'......... 2:29 

John Merrill, b g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:28% 

John Mitchell, b g, 1884, by C. W. 
Mitchell— Pearsall Mare, by Pearsall 2:26U 

John Morgan, ch g, 1854, by Pilot Jr. 
—Croppy, by Medoc (dead) 2:24 

John Morrill, b g, 1874, by Winthrop 
Morrill 2:27% 

John Murphy, b g, 188—, by Clipper 2:28!4 

John M., b g, 187—, (ringer.) 2:29% 

John M., ch g, 1881, by Greenback . . 2:27% 

John W.. ch g, 18^-, by Appleby. . 2:29% 

Johnny A., ro g, 1886, by Ben Lomond 
Jr.— Fidele, by Gibeon^s Tom Hal .. 2:22% 

Johnny B., gr g, 1881, by St. Omer- 
Moss Rose, by Man Bater 2:27% 

Johnnie B.. b g, 188—, by Handy B. 
Ck>ni B.« by Artemias. 2:25V4 

Johnny Boggs, b s, 1887. by King of 
the West— Maggie Gift, by Ikfiun- 
brlno Gift ^ 2:23 

Johnny Bull, b g. 1886, by Jim Wilson 
—Daisy Boone, by Daniel Boone ... 2:27 

Johnny H., b g, 187—, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Johnny Hayward, gr g, 188—, by Pos- 
cora Hayward— Mabel, by The Moor 2:26 

Johnny Golddust, br g, 1886, by 
Thompson's Golddust— Fanny, by 
Toronto Chief Jr 2:17 

Johnny Gordon, ch g, 1860, by Toron- 
to Chief Jr., dam by St. Lawrence. . 2:25% 

Johnny Knott, br e: 1883, by Mohawk 
Hambletonlan- Flora Belle 2:22 

Johnny R., ch s, 1886, by Bgmont— 
Dalsv . . 2*25"'/ 

Johnaay Skelton,' ' g g,' 188-^*, ' by Mil- 
ton Medium 2:3«> 

Johnny Wilkes, b s, 18fr-, by Wilkes. 2:27% 

John R., b g, 187—. by Aker's Idol- 
Kate Smitt, by Spaulding's Abdal- 

,Iah 2:23 

John R., blk g, 187—, pedigree not 
traced 2:25% 

John R. Wise, ch g, 1878, by Ham- 
bletonlan Tranby— Lizzie Brown, by 
Belmont 2:23% 

John S., blk g, 1884, by Jersey Prince 
— Ladv Augusta, by Rysdyk^s Ham- 
bletonlan 2:21% 

John Sj, g g 2:20% 

John S., dn g, 1886, pedigree not 
traced 2:29'4 

John S. Clark, ch g. 1873, by Thomas 
JefPepson- Annie, by Scott's HIatoga 2:10% 

John S. Heald, br g, 186S, by Whale- 
bone Knox — Cooney, by Stewart 
Morgan 2:27Vi 

Johnson, br g, 1885, by Sto'-m— Lady 
Washington 2:27 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



John Stewart, b g, 186—, by Tom 
Wonder — Park Mare, by Harris' 
Hambletonian (dead) 

John Taylor, b g, 1869, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 

John Thomas, b s, 1885, by Egmont— 
Phallas Maid, by Phailas 

J>hn Virgin, ch g, lfi70, \)y DIcIeo.... 

.M;hn VV., b g/ iJ^tT, by KjiTghi — 
Chatit^t* Mare, by Morgdii Black 
Hiiwk , . , , . 

.Toliu W., b e. 1881, by MeBa«n^«r 
Duroe— Astniea^ bv A&teroJil. . . . ■ * . 

John W., b g. 18«3, by JoHn Wtnt- 
worth— Bay Jenny, by Colonel ,...., 

John W.. b g. 188". by St^nulctr N.,.. 

John W. Oonley. b s, imA by Tom 
Wondtir. dam by Alul^iliah. .,. 

Johu \\\ Hull. cQi s, lB*m, by Inde- 
pendence, diim by Jfouarch * * , . . 

Jtjhxk Wilkea, blk a, 188—, by Young 

Joker, b s, 1880, by Johnston's Gen. 
Lee Jr.— Lady Gay, by Prescott's 

Joker, br g, 186—, by Parrls' Hamble- 
tonian— Gleason Mare, by Andrus' 

Joker, b m. 1890, by Aladdin 

JoUy Wilkes, b s, 188—, by Barth(rfo- 
mew Wilkes — Puss Patchen, by 
Patehen Chief 

Joker H., br g. 1888, by Maplewood 
Ohlef— Blaze, by Magna Charta Jr. .. 

Jokton. b s, 1892, by Lord Jenklnson. . 

JonesYiUe, b s, 1886, by Haroldson— 
Olivia, by Woodbum Pilot 

Joseph, b g, 1J871, by Blue Bull— Jo- 
sephine ,..i 

Joseph A., b g, 1870, by Sackett's 

Josephine, blk m, 1880, by Kentucky 
Prince— Madam Felter, by Happy 

Josephine, b m, 188—, by Bienzi, dam 
by Magic 

Josephine, blk m, 1888, by 0. P. Clay 
—Maud, by Bell Brino • 

Josephine, blk m, 188—. by Secretary. 

Josephine, b m, 187—. by Green's Ba- 
shaw— Seely, by Oassius 

Josephine, b m, 1884, by Castllllan, 
dam by Yorkshire Lexington 

Josephine S., blk m, 1874, by Guy 
Miller— Swartz, by Ethan Allen 

Joseph R., br g, 188— 

Joseph See, b- g, 1884. by Bgmont— 
Jessie Farwell, by Bell Clay 

Josephus, ch g, 1873, by Green's Ba- 
shaw—Simmons Mare 

Jose S., gr m, 1878, by Landmark 

Josh BUTings, ch g, 186-, by Motfs 
Independent— Sconeld Mare 

Josh Morse, blk g, 1880 by Wilson's 
Messenger Duroc— Nelly, by Henry 
Clay ., 

Joeie A,, b m, 188— 

Josle B., br m, 1888, by Lew Wann— 
Bess, by Fred Douglas 

Josle B., ch m, 188—, by Watchmaker. 

Jcsle Bates, blk m, 1880. by Almont 

Prince— Josle, by King William 

Jcsle Campbell, b m. 1880, by Dom 
Pedro— Batty Morrill, by Winthrop 


Josle Chimes, b m, 1800, by Chimes- 
Josephine, by Mercury 

Josle D., ch m, 1879, by Charley 
Wicker- Miss Brown 














2:24y4 ' 


2:30 : 






2:23 V4 



Josle J., b m, 1887, by Edge Hill— 
DHunohd Maid, by Diamond 2:21% 

Josle King, blk m. 1884. by The King 
— Kincora, by M.ambrino Patchen... 2:29^ 

Jourdan Wilkes, b s, 1886, by Jersey 
Wilkes— Carrie R., by Jay Giould.... 2:20% 

Joy Wilkes, b s, 188-, by Woodford 
Wilkee : 2:23Vi 

J. P., b g. 1SS3, by Loula R.-Flo:-a 
BeJIe, by Bla^-k Horee, , 2:26% 

J. P. M^ rrtfl, br g. ISTJl. by Robert R. 
MorritT— Uro wu l^oss. by Billy 2:20% 

J. Q.r I^IU gr IS&O, by Kentucky ITlnce 
Jf.— Ivltty Clyde, by Hkluuer'if! Joe. . 2:17% 

J. U. (JiKilyn). br g. ISm, by M(?ctor— 
Topigey, by a eon of St. Liiwr^^uce... 2:20 

J. It, sue eld, b Sp IS^2, by Red IVilkes 
— ^Belle ErleBson, by Efrlcss^on 2:19% 

J. a. b 15, 188jj by J. AV. South— 
RotionioDt. by Egiuont 2:16% 

J, S. O., h ti, ISS-, by a son of Echo. . 2:22vj 

J. S. Vouriff, b u. ISO—, ideadr 2:29% 

J. T.. blk g, im-, by MeL-os* 2:24V5 

Jubt*, b *r. ISST. by ^tlilmdn— Zolla, by 
Confi-durate Cbfef 2:26 

Jubilant, b s, 1SS5, by PHnceps— 
lluuiming Bird, by Gwrge Wilkes.. 2:22 

Jnl>lJ*^e, b s^, 1^7:;, by Sjitellit*>-En- 
cbunti-GSB, bj Volunteer , 2:30 

juttilce, eh m, 188—, by Melbourne 
King 2:25% 

Jubilee, gr s, 1885, by Prlnceps— Olio, 
by Dick Hambletonian 2:26 

Jubilee de Jamette, b e, 1883, by 
Jubilee Lambert— Lady de Jarnette, 
by Indian Chief 2:29% 

Jubilee Lambert, br s, 1868, by Daniel 
Lambert — Harvey Mare, by Taft 
Horse 2:25 

Jubilee Lambert Jr., b s, 1882, by 
Jubilee Lambert, dam by Joe Down- 
ing 2:27% 

Judd Boy, gr g, 1880, by Marlborough 
—Kit, by Bajardo (dead) 2:29% 

Judd's BabjTj, ch m, 1885, by Roscoe 
Conkling— Daisy, by GreenleaTs Ba- 
shaw 2:19% 

Judean, b s, 1885, by Princeiw — 
Hamite, by Hamlet 2:29% 

Judge Austin, gr g. 18S— , by Mc- 
Curdy*s Hambletonian Jr 2:12V4 

Jud£e Brown, br s, 1889, by Brown- 
Addle Hayes, by Judge Hayes 2:29% 

Judge Conway, gr g, 1888, by Con- 
way— Finey, by Searcher Jr 2:28% 

Judge Davis, b g, 1876, by Joe Brown 
—Lady Sherman, by Mlllman's Bell- 
founder 2:18% 

Judge Fisher, ch s, 1888, by Linkwood 
Chief— Llnkwood Maid, by Trlpolitan 
Chief 2:14 

Judge Fullerton, ch g, 186—, by Ed- ^ ^ 
ward Byerett (dead) 2:18 

Judge G., ch s, 1888, by Sidney, dam 
by Lynwood 2:21% 

Judge Hampton, br g, 188—, by Frank 
Hampton 2:27% 

Judge Hawes, b g, 187—, by Jim Mon- 
roe— Iiaura Logan, by Amerlciui 

Clay 2:24 

Judge Keeler, blk s, 1888, by St. Ar- 
naud-Mabel L., by Victor 2:21% 

Judge Llndsey, b g, 1880, by Bostlck's ^ _,, 
ATmont Jr., dam by cfifton Pilot... 2:21% 

Judge McCue, b s, 188—, by Douglas— 
Lady McCue, by Kent 2:26% 

Judge Parsons, b g, 1876, by Power's 
Hambletonian— Miss Doty, by Sweet 
Owen (dead) 2:23H 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Judge Pollard, oh g, 1871, by Brown's 
Tom Crowder 

Jndffe Purple, b ff. 1880, by Sir Wal- 
kill — M<diawk Dixie, by Mohawk 
Chief .,,4 

Jndjre Rider, b ■, 1880, by Billy 
THlkes-'Mlss Bemls, by Mambrlno 

Judge Rysf'lyk, br s, 1883, by Jndgs 
Jamea— Lucy Plumb, by Rysdyk 

Jodzb Wilkes, ch e. 1885, by Bourbon 
Wilkes — Leona Patchen, by Mam- 
brfaio Patchen 

Judgment, b:* k, 1870. by Black Mllo, 
dam by Morgan Rattler 

Ji»dy^gr m, 1®— 

Jud >nike8, b B. 188—. by Ira Wilkes 
— Champion Maid, by Champion 

Juggler Boy. b s, 1883, by Jubilee 
' Irfunbert— Hattle, by Smunler 

Julia a, b m, 187-, by PhU Sheri- 
dan— Sher line, by Johnny Heanan. .. 

Julia C, gr m. lOT— , pedigree not 

Julia Coulter, br m, 1889, by Wilkes 
Boy— Birdie, by Egbert 

Julia B., ch m, 188—, by Robert Fnl- 

Julia G^ b m, 188—, by Daly, dam by 
Ckny McClell^m ; 

Julia H., ch m, 1883, by Monaco- 
Kitty Merchant 

Julia Jackson, b m, 1886, by Mam- 
brlno Startle — Kate Stanhope, by 
Kiug Rene 

Julia L., b m, 188—, by Landmark 

Julia M., b m, 18&-, by Clifton's Kent 

,— Vloletta, by Young Morrill 

Juliana, blk m, 1886, by Patchen 

,Wilkes-^enny West, by AlUe West. 

Julian b 8, 1^, by Mambrlno Boy, 

, dam by Surprise 

Jnlla O., br m 

Julletta, gr m, 1886, by Fleldmont— 

, Cropear, by Pilot Duroc 

Jraibo Wilkes, ch b, 1888, by Victor 

^Wilkes— Daisy, by (General Sherman. 

June Bug, b m. 1880, by Chlmesr- 
Lady Bug, by Hamlin's Almont Jr.. 

Jme France, b m, 1886, by France— 


Junelight b s, 188—, by Vatican, dam 
by Lexington Hambletonlan 

Junemont, ch s. 1883, by Tremont— 
Fanny Carey, by Jack Kosey 

Jungfrau, ch m, 1888, by Matterhorn— 
Jontlle, by Hiambletonian Prince. . . . 

Junlo, b 8, 1882, by Baectloneer— Nel- 

,ly, by Granger 

Junius, blk s, 1870, by Dictator— Con- 
stlne, by Conductor 

Juno WiJkes, ch m, 1880, by Victor 
Wilkes— Nelly Lambert, by Daniel 

Juno Withers, ch m, 188—, by Gen. 

^Withers Jr.. 

Jnpiter, b 8. 1887, by Stlllman— Net- 
tie S., by Raples' Hiram WoodruflP. . 

Jnplter Jr., blk s, 188-, by Jupiter 

_ ADdallah, dam by St. Lawrence 

Jwa, b s, i88-, by Billy Wilkes 

J^;ra, ch m, 1881, by Sir Walklll— 
Middletown Belle, by Mlddletown. .. 

Juror, b s, 1885, by Hlot Mambrlno— 
Florence, by volunteer 

JUBtina, b m, 188—, by Baymont 


Jnstlua. b m, 1870, by Hamlin's Al- 




2:26 ' 



2:27 ■ 

2:23'A ' 

2:20 I 


2:27 ' 



2:25S I 


















mont Jr.— Black Golddust, by Ham- 
lin .7?.... 2:20 

Justlnette, b m, 188—, by George W. 
Shakespeare 2:28% 

Justinian, b s. 1882, by Solicitor— 
Oapltola. by Knickerbocker 2:27 

J. V. a. ck g 2:28 

Just Right, ch g, 188-, by Haldane. . . 2:25% 

J. W. Gould, ch g, 1874, by Jay €k>uld 
— Idol, by bob l&dley 2:28% 

J. W. O., b g. 1880, by Prlnceps— 
Bromide, by volunteer 2:28 

J. W. South, b 8. 1880, by Princeps— 
Roxle, by Melbourne Jr 2:20% 

J. W. Tedford, er g. 1882, by Ensign— 
Peg, by Bill siiaker 2:10% 

J W. Thomas, ch g, 1874, by Scott's 
l%oma0— Belle W., by Iierr's Black 
Hawk 2:27% 

J. Y. G., b g, 1883. by Harvester 2:24% 

KadUah, br m, 18^, by Red Wllkes- 
Our Mary, hy Lelaps 2:28% 

Kaffir, b s, to7, by Alcazar— Flower 
Gin, by Arthurton 2:20% 

Kaiser, br e, 188% by George Wilkes— 
Fair Lady, byDlctator 2:2^ 

Kalula, b m, 188—, by Constellation. . 2:28% 

Kansas Boy, b s, 1884, by Tendoy- 
Prairie Queen, by General MiClellan 2:1 

Kapollna, g m, 188-, by Little Billy 2l' 

Kansjis Chief, b g, 186—, by Young 
Josephus— Ella, by Young Copperbot- 
tom (dead) J«l% 

Kaneas Wilkes, b s. 1881, by Georg»« 
Wilkes- Purltana, by Almont 2:30 

Kaota, blk m, 188—. by Sir Knight 
(pacing 2:15%) 2:28 

Karl BL, blk g, 1880, by Prophet 
Wllkes-Jenny k.. by Pilot Medium 2:28% 

Kate, blk m, 1887, by Woodbrldge Jr. 
—Dolly Ahart, by Capt. Goodwin.. 2:22% 

Kasper b s, 1887, by Kenaett— 
Orphan Queen, by Lakeland Abdal- 
lah 2:27% 

Kate, ch m, 1877, by Morrill Drew, 
dam by Grey Fearnaught 2:20% 

Kate Agnew, gr m, 1883, by Hamble- 
tonlan Chrlsman— Nelly, by Oakland 
Boy 2:28% 

Kate B., b m, 1886, by Lucas Brod- 
head— Dutch Kate by Jlmmle 2:26 

Kate Bennett, ro m, 1868, by Blue 
Bull— Jane Ollyer, by Gen. Taylor.. 2:20% 

Kate Bradley, b m, 1892, by Axtell— 
Ola Moore, by Onward 2:30 

Kate C. ch m, 1879, by Cuyler— Ash- 
land Kate, by Ashland Chief 2:27% 

Kate C, ch m, 188—, by GUbirds 
Sprague 2:27% 

Kate C., b m, 1885, by Phoenix— Lady 
Forrester, by Field's Royal George 2:24 

Kate Caffrey, blk m, 1887, by Charles 
Oaffrey— Eva, by Tlppoo Bashaw... 2:18% 

Kate Campbell, b m, 1862, by un- 
named horse, claimed to be a son ot 
Bthan Allen, dam by Blind Tucka- 
hoe (dead) 2:25% 

Kate Castleton, ch m, 1885, by Kel- 
ly's Ethan Allen— Athol, by Ashland 
Jr 2:26V3 

Kate Clark, b m, 1881, by Thomas 
Jefferson- Lady Goldsmith, by Rys- 
dyk's Hambletonlan 2:20% 

Kate Cloud, blk m, 1881, by Harry 
Clay— Kate, by St. Lawrence 2:26V4 

Kate Cuyler, b m, 1887. by Cuyler- 

Kate Mlddleton, by Mambrlno 

Patchen 2:26 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Kate Dillard, ch m, 1885, by Hamen- 
ger, dam by John Dillard 2:22^ 

Kate Ethan, b m, 1887, by BSthan 
Wilkes— Kate Westwood, by West- 
wood 2:25 

Kate Ewing, br m, 1879, by Berlin- 
Lady Washington, by American 
Boy Jr 2:21V4 

Kate P., b m, 1885, by Fugleman- 
Katie Bashaw, by Rinaldo 2:16V4 

Kate Hall, ch m, 1870, by Blue Bull 
—Little Nell, by Proud American Jr. 2:241^ 

Kate Ham, b m. 1888, by Glen Miller 
— Rilee, by Hotspur Jr 2:28% 

Kate Hamilton, b m, 1888, by Ravens- 
wood— Laura Wilson, by Smuggler 2:30 

Kate Isler, gr m, 1878, by Munsey, 
dam by Rebel 2:22^4 

Kate Jordan, br m, 187—, pedigree not 
traced 2:28V4 

Kate Keener, br m, 1880, by Messen- 
ger Golddust— Fanny Keener 2:29>4 

Kate McCall, gr m. 1874, by Blue Bull 
—Carol, by Democrat 2:23 

Kate O'Brien, b m, 188^ 2:30 

Kate Owen, b m, 1877, by Lee's Ed- 
win Forreet 2:26^ 

Kate Phallamont, b m, 1887, by Phal- 
iamont— Flora McVeane 2:17^ 

Kate Preston, blk m, 1878, by Pacing 
Pilot-Lizzie 2:27^^ 

Kate Rowel I, b m, 1880, by Byeriy 
Abdallah— Lou Rowell, by Louis Na- 
poleon 2:29% 

Kate Sparks, blk m, 1888, by Mam- 
brino Diamond— Lizzie, by Jubilee 
Lambert 2 :19 

Kate Sprague, br m, 1875, by Gov. 
Sprague— Fan. by Lance 2:18 

Kate Taylor, b m. 1872, by Aberdeen 
— Bmellne, by Harry B. Patchen . . 2:23% 

Kate Thomas, rn m. 188—, by G. C. 2:24^ 

Kate v., br m, 1888, by Heptagon- 
Cripple, by Orange County 2:23 

Kate Wilton, b m, 1888, by Wilton- 
Kate Wilkes, by George Wilkes 2:27 

Katharina, b m, 1873, by Flying Hla- 
toga— Kit Alfted, by King Alfred ... 2:30 

Katherine, b m, 188—, by Jerome 
Eddy 2:291^ 

Katherine S., ro m, 1883, by Messen- 

fer Chief— Forest Maid by Forest 
ermont 2:17% 

Kathleen, b m, 1887, by Stranger- 
Carmen, by Socrates 2 :25\4 

Katie B., b m, 1879, by Lord Nelson 
—Nelly, by Fowler Brandy 2:22^4 

Katie B., b m, 1876, by Legal Tender 
— Rody, by Copperbottom Jr 2:28^4 

Katie Oahill, b m, :^1 by Oirflpn'a 
Hambletonlan M:aiibrino— LU!y Cn- 
hill, by Albert Duflley 2:26*^ 

Katie Drew, blk m, 1885, by CasLelar 
— Lona G., by Crnzlc^r * .,....,. 2:28 

Katie Earl, ch m. I8ft8 by En rl -Kit- 
ty Wilkes, by R(:^a WNIcw {dea^ll _. 2:16% 

Katie Jack<?on, b m, 1873, by Almont 
—Fanny, by Iron*a Oiulmua .... 2:25% 

Katie L., b m, 1884. by Trn*? Bi'dl- 
Paclng Bessie, hy Victor Elsmorck 2:23% 

Katie Lee. br m, 18S4, by Boekwood 
—Lady Klsbar, by Kisbar 2:29V4 

Katie, b m, 188-, by Knight Tem- 
plar 2:30 

Katie M., ch m. 1879, by George M. 
Van Norte— Lilly, by Daniel Lam- 
bert 2:25'/» 

Katie Mack, b m. 1889, by Robert Mc- 

Gregoiv-Cella, by Sealskin Wilkes .. 2:1'.)% 

Katie Middleton, ch m, 1878, by Mam- 
brino Patchen— Flora, by Alexan- 
der's Abdallah (dead) 2:23 

Katie R., b m, 188—. by Landmark, 
dam by Bacon's Bthan Allen 2:21% 

Katie S., blk m, 188—, by Director- 
Alpha Medium 2:19^4 

Katfe Wood, b m, 1884, by John E. 
Wood— Anna, by Hambletonlan 
Downing 2:26% 

Katisha, br m, 1886, by Ben Frank- 
lin—Pixie, by Pratt's Rifleman .... 2:26% 

Katrina, b m, 1880, by Conn's Harry 
Wilkes— Blsle V., by Sir Charles ... 2:25% 

Katrina Bel, blk m. 1892, by St. Bel 
—Katrina, by Nephew 2:26^ 

Kay S., ro m, 1889, by Spectator— Fly, 
by L J. ..! 2:29V4 

Keblr, b s, 1889. by Alcazaiv-Yerba 
Santa, by Santa dlaus 2:28^ 

Keeler, b s, 1884, by King Rene- 
Ada Wilkes, by George Wilkes.... 2:13i4 

Keeler, br s, 1884, bv Dictator— Sally 
Fox, by Senour's Davy Crockett . . 2 :29 

Keene Jim, ro g, 1873, by Lookout- 
Laura Fair, by Rattler 2:19»4 

Keepsake, b s, 188—, by Black Ralph 2:29^4 

Keewaydin, br s, 1880' by Brown 
Wllkis-IUewlld by Nugget 2:28% 

Keller Thomas, gr s 1885, by Pilot 
Duroo— Ida T., by Dictator 2:12% 

Keller V., ch s. 188—, by Abdallah 
Mambrino— Josle, by Gen. Wayne .. 2:21% 

KelPie, b g, 1872, by Iron Duke— Mc- 
Whorter Mare 2:23% 

Kemble Maid, br m, 1878, by John 
Goldsmith, dam by Harry Clay 2:28% 

Kendall, b s, 188—, by Kent, dam by 
Daniel Lambert 2:20% 

Keney, ch g, 187—, pedigree not 
traced , 2:2!)% 

Kenilworth, br g, 187—, by Woodford 
Abdallah— Mary, by Wilkes Booth 
(dead) 2:18% 

Kenmar, b s 1889, by Goldemar— 
Sally Brass, by Florida 2:20% 

Kenneth, b g. 1883, by Kentucky 
Prince— Mary A., by Messenger Du- 
roc 2:28% 

Kenneth, b s, 1886, by Kensett— 
Princeton Belle, by Woodlawn 2 :28 

Kenneth, blk s, 1884, by Strath Ian 
—Kate Cooper, by Joe (hooper 2:2;>% 

Keno, b g, 188-. by Greenbacks . 2:24% 

Keno, b g, 1873, by MaglQ— Lady, by 
Black Jeff 2:23% 

Keno F., ch g, 1883, by Mohawk 
Hambletonlan— Fan 2 :17 

Kenaett F., b m, 1878. by Kensett 
-Dolly 2:22'4 

Kensett Maid, ch m, 1881, by Ken- 
sett. dam by Pomp Shafer Horse. . 2:30 

Kenton Belle, blk m, 1879, by Den- 
mark Jr.— Coaly W., by Rlno Welf . . 2:30 

Kentuckian, ch s, 1871, by Balsora— 
Nonesuch, by Brignoll 2:27% 

Kentucky Bird, br s, 1887, by Jay 
Bird— Kate day, by Kentucky Clay 
(dead) 2:26 

Kentucky Blanche, b m, 1879. by Ken- 
tucky Prince— Blanche by Railspllt- 
ter 2:26-4 

Kentucky Boy. b s, 1883, by "^^ctor 
Bismarck— Bourbon Girl, bv McDon- 
ald's Mambrino Chief 2:28 

Kentuckv Dictator, br a. 1882 bv Dip- 
tator— Xettle Time, hv-^ Mnn>l)Tthi'-» 
Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Time 2:29V4 i 

Kenucky Girl, b m, 1874, by Bdward 

G.— Kitty Clover, by Tom Hal 2:28% 

Keutucky Hambletonian, b s, 1883, by I 

Victor Bismarck- J^iny Wallace, by 

Joe Downing (dead) 2:27 

Kentucky Jim, b s, 1863. by Black 
Diamond, dam by Bailey^s Star Den- 

irark 2:28 

Kentucky I,ew, b a, 1890, by Wilkes 
Boy— Annlo Almont. by Bostick'a 

Almont Jr 2:24% 

Kentucky Ruler, b a, 1S81, by Egbert 

Tiady Almont, by Almont (dead).. 2:29 
Kentucky Russell, ch s, 1885, by 
Mambrino Russell— Annie Steele, by 

Fearnaught 2:18^4 

Kentucky Star. b_g. 1884, by Vol'in- 

teer Star -Sally Hamlet^by Piiacock 2:21% 
Kentucky Union, ch m, 1860, by Aber- 
deen— Kentucky Central, by Balsora 2:11% , 
Kentucky Wilkes, br s, 1874, by i 

George Wilkes— Minna, by Red 

Jacket 2:21% 

Kenwood, b g. 1885, by Fairv Gift. . 2:17 
Keokee, ch m, 1884, by Ambassador i 
-Fearless, hv Western Fearnaught 2:20% 
Kepler, b s. 1884, by Kensett— Prince- 
ton Belle, by Woodlawn 2:29% 

Kent, b 6, 1890, by Sable Wilkes-Ma- 

cola, by Le Grand 2:28 

Kerneer, b s, 1888, by Electioneer— 

Frolic, by Harry CJlay 2:23% 

Kerwln, 1) s, 1887, by Slander— Cigar- 
ette, br Gen. Washington 2:20% 

Kestersoo b s, 188—, by Seth P.— 

Jessie Bxmiter. by Mambrino George. 2:27 
Ketch, blk g, 18©, by unknown sure 

—Kate Wright, by Abraham 2:18% 

Keturah, ch m, 1885, by Kensett— 

Golden Era, by Countersign 2:30 

Keystone, b s, 1883, by Guarantee- 
Black Mare 2:28% 

Key West, ch s. 186—, pedigree not 

traced 2:28% 

Keywood, ch s^ 1886, by Onward— 

.eywooo, ch s. 1886, by onwara— Klng^Hatcher, by Mambrino Hatch- 
Mary K., by Ericsson 2:21 er 2: 

:hedlve, b s, 1884 by Landseer- King Patchen. ch s. 1883. by Mam- 

KhedU., ^ -, ^^.. ^^ 

Iiady Orion, by Orion 2:24% 

KIM, b g, 186—, by Henry B. Patchen 

(dead) 2:28 

Kilbum Jim. b s. 1865. by Wood's 
Hambletonian, dam a Canadian 

Mare (dead) 2:23 

Klldee, b m, 1883. by Happy Med- 
ium—Sally Clay, by American Clay 2:29% 
Killona, b m, 1892, by King Wilkes 

— Cnienille, by Crittenden 2:20 

Kllraln, b s, 1886, by Hawthorne- 
March Forth, by Whipple's Hamble- 
tonian 2:23% 

King, blk 8, 188—, by The King, dam 

by Bob Sprague 2:28% 

King Almont. b e, 1874, by Almont— 

Jennv, by Oockett's Arabian 2:21^ 

King Bird, ro g. 1884,, by Jay Bird— 

BorniP 2:27^i 

Klnebolt. b B 1887. by The King- 

\Tnrh9. hv Yonng Jim 2:27% 

King Cardinal, ch s, 1885, by Cardinal 

„--Pllot Qneen, by Hylas 2:2C% 

King Charles, b s, 1883. bv Sir 
Charles— Lady D'Archy, by Robert 

K Morris 2:22^4 

King Charles, blk s, 1883, by Pocahon- 
tas Boy— Rapalee, bv Seneca Chief. . 2:29% 
King Chester, b s, 1887. bv Prairie 
King— L.«idy Prince, bv Hambleton- 

ian Prince 2:19!/4 

King OUfton, gr g, 1881, by Volante— 

Lady Naylor 2:22 

King D., b s, 188-, by Red Wilkes. .. 2:29^ 
King Darlinffton, b s, 1887, by King 
Wilkes — Marguerite, by Kentucky 

Prince (dead) 2:16 

King FoT«8t, b g, 188 -, by Forest 

Mambrino, dam i>y Mat OameroQ... 2:21V^ 
King Gaines, b s. 1887, by King of 
the West— Victoria Gaines, by Allle 

Gaines 2:21i% 

King Goldemar, b s, 1891, by Pelletier 2:25% 
King Gllllg. ch s. 1^, by GlUig, 

dambyAristofl 2:26V4 

King Cfolddust, b s, 1800. by Indi- 
cator, dam by Special Hambletonian 2:30 
King Grover, br s, 1886. by Herod- 
Dolly, by Andrew Burnham 2:28^ 

King Harry, b s, 1889. by Red King— 

Beulah S., by Sweepstakes 2:22 

King Herod, ch a 1887, by Fayette 

Chief— Slloam, by Capt. Brooks 2:1GH 

Kng Hollidiay. b s, 1887, by HolUday 

—Ada May. by Maxle 6obb 2:22% 

King Mambrino, b s, :888— , by Ham- 

brlno 2:30 

King Midas, br g, 187— , by Woodford 

Pilot, dam by Whirlwindf 2:28«4 

Kingmoor, b s, 1888. by Bndymlon— 

Josie Wilkes, by George Wilkes 2:28V4 

Kin? Nasir. b s. 1889, by Ambassador 

— Bnvie, by Phal lament 2:21V4 

King of the Ring, ch g. 1889, by Sil- 
ver King— Knight Hawk, by Briga- 
dier .-. 2:23V4 

King of the West, b s. 1879. by Ham- 

dallah— Belle S., by Star of the West 2:27 
King of Wales, b «, 1883, by Mam- 
brino King — Miss Burton, by Gov- 
ernor 2:30 

King Orry, ch s. 1887, by Alcona Clav 
-Pansy, by Strader's Cassius M. 

Clay Jr 2:21Vi 

King Patchen, br s, 1887, by The 
■^' w-Hfttcher. hv Mambrinn Hatch- 


brfiio' King— kitty Patchen, by Ham- 
lin Patchen 2:23V9 

King Philip, ch s. 1876. by Mambrino 
King — Lady Rothschild, by Mam- 
brino Patchen 2:26i,4 

King Philip, b s, 1870. by Jay Gould- 
Factory Girl, by Rysdyk'ft Hamble- 
tonian ...... 2:21 

King Piedmont, b s. 1888. by Pied- 
mont—Daisy D., by Electioneer 2:30 

King' P'-inceps. b s, 1888, by Count 
Princeps— Ladv Almont, by Almont 
Lightning ...1 2:23V4 

King Rex. br s, 1887. by King Rene- 
Molly, by Sweepstakes 2:20% 

King Rock, b s. 1882. by Alden Gold- 
smith — Fanny Dunlap, by Black 
Rock : 2:30 

Klntr Rnssel! b s. 1886. by Lord Rus- 
sell—Mist, by King Rene 2:2«>U 

KiTie«biiry, b g, 1883, by Kentucky 
Clay Jr 2:28',4 

Klngsley, b g. 187—. by Wllklns Mi- 
o«wber— Lqdy Re'.lfounder, by Rys- 
dvk's Bellfounder 2:20^ 

King Spraeme. blk «. 1882, by Gov. 
Sprague— Molly Whitefoot, by Little 
Priam 2:12 

King Stnr. blk e. 18R-. by Stnrtlf^ 
Vennp, by .Tuplter ._ 2:2(»'7^ 

Digitized by 




Kini^ton, b g, 18&~, by Bd Bills 2:18^ 

King Sultan, b s, 1890, by Sultan- 
Kitty Wilkes, by Red Wilkes 2:23 

King Walkill, br s, 1886^ by Sir Wal- 
klll — Lady B:x)wnell, by American 
Btbaa 2:24% 

King Warlock, ch s, 1890. by Warlock 
I>ady O., by Oorbln Bashaw 2:24Vi 

King W^ilkes, b s. 188—, by! Ready 
M<mey. dam by King Tom 2:2514 

King Wilkes, b s, ft76, by George 
Wllkefl— Missie, by BrimoU 2:22^ 

King William, blk g, 1877, by King 
Wfiliam— lizzie Abdallali, by Pacing 
Abdallah 2:20% 

Kingwood, br s, 1886, by Kentucky 
Dictator— Burcnwood, by Blackwood 2:17U 

K'nsman, ch g, 1880, by Stranger- 
Jenny, by Young Country Boy Jp&c- 
Ing record 2:172) • 2:231^ 

Kinsman Boy, b g, 1870, by Case's 
Dave HUl— Lady Trumbull, by Ver- 
mont Trotter 2:28% 

Kioto, b s, 1883, hy Marmlon Gold- 
dust— Mischief, by Volunteer 2:20% 

Kiowa, b 8, 188s, by Midas— Jessie P., 
by Administrator 2:29% 

Kirkwood. br s, 1860, by Green's Ba- 
shaw—Madam Kirkwood, by Young 
Green Moxmtain Morgan (dead) 2:24 

Klsbar, b s, 1873,* by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonlau— Lady Pallis, by Seely's 
American Star (dead) 2:27% 

Kismet,-b s, 1882, by Sultan— Sauce- 
box, by Samson (dead) 2:25>^ 

Kitchen Belle, b m, 1885, by King 
Almont-nJane Hubbell, by Roland .. 2:21^^ 

Kitty B., br m. 1888, by Volunteer 
Syrigert— Trojan Maid, by Barley- 
corn 2:29% 

Kitty B., b m, 188-, by Nutgold.... 2:29^4 

Kitty B., b m, 188—. by Sidney 2:24% 

Kit Baker, b m, 18&-, by Meander. . 2:27% 

Kit OloTer, b g, 187—, pedigree not 
traced 2:25% 

Kit Curry, br m, 1880, by Mambrlno 
Bruce— Kate Ourry, by Dave High- 
lander 2:18% 

Kitefoot, b m, 1878, by Landmark- 
Lucy, by Rough and Ready 2:17% 

Kitewood, ch m, 1886, by Brent- 
wood 2:23 

Kit Sanford b m, 1873, by Wood's 
ITambletonian— Polly Denton, by 
Billy Denton 2d 2:21% 

Kit Webber, b m, 1891, by Fast Mail 2:30 

Kitty, b m, 1870, by Billy Bowlegs— 
Eddy Mare, by Byington's Young 
St. Lawrence 2:30 

Kitty Abbott, b m, 1874, by Abbott 
— Ladv Franklin, by Eureka 2:26% 

Kitty Almont, blk m, 1880, by Tilton 
Almont 2:22% 

Kitty B., br m, 1880, by Magna Chief 
—Kicking Kate 2:27% 

Kitty B., br m, 1883, by Silverheels 
—Brown Pet 2:29% 

Kitty B., b ni), 1885, by Sweet Meats 
—Pauline, by Roland 2:25% 

Kitty B.. ch m, 1881. by Rego 2:29% 

Kitty Bates, gr m, 1868, by Jim Mon- 
roe—Popcorn 2:19 

Kitty Bayard, gr m. 1885, by Bayard 
—Del!, by Billy Campbell 2:12% 

Kitty Bnreh. ch m. 187—. by George 
B. Mpdellan— Kitty Burch 2:24'/4 

Kitty C, b m, 1877, by Dauntless- 
Lady Welch, by Jupiter 2:30 

Kitty C, ch m, 1882. by Atturriey- 
Helen, by Green's Bashaw 2:30 

Kitty Can, blk m, 188—, by EUal G.. 2:30 

Kitty Clyde, b m, 187—, by Sam Kirk- 
wood— Molly 2:29% 

Kitty Clyde, b m, 1886, by Phallamont 
—Lady Coakley, by Wagner Gold- 
dust 2:28% 

Kitty Clyde, br m, 1873. by Reed's 
Splendor— Jenny, by McMahon's Bos- 
ton 2:30 

Kitty Cook, b m, 1869, by Abraham, 
dam by Ethan Allen 2:26 

Kitty Oook^blk m, 188—, by son of 
Godfrey Patchen 2:28% 

Kitty D., br m, 1861, by Rattler Tuck- 
ahoe— Mary Hup, by Consul (dead). . 2:26% 

Kitty Bdsall, m m, 1882, by Clayton 
Bdsall— Cheney Mare, by Fortune. . 2:28% 

Kitty Fisher, b m, 1874, by Glenn's 
Hambletonian 2:29% 

Kitty Frazier, br m, 188—, by Peace- 
maker—Kitty Frazier 2:21% 

Kitty Greenlander, b m. 1890, by 
Greenlander— Kitty Hetzel, by Het- 
zel's Hambletonian; 2:23% 

Kitty Grey, gr m, 1881, by Grey Bill 
—Kate Wilson 2:29% 

Kitty Ham, br m, 1882. by Hamble- 
tonian Mambrlno— Kitty Lewis, by 
Silver Duke 2:26 

Kitty Hayes, b m. 1884, by Judge 
Hayes— Laura Swigert, by Swigert. 2:25% 

Kitty Hiatoga, b m, 1885, by Harry 
Phelps— Bawley, by Blanco 2:18% 

Kitty Hooker, b m, 1886, by Egbert 
—Laura, by Joe Hooker 2:29% 

Kitty Hudson, ch m. 188—, by Hud- 
son, dam by L-onwood 2:25 

Kitty Ives, gr m, 1872, by Dolan 
(Canadian)— Kinkora, by Alger Horse 2:28% 

Kitty Kilburn, gr m, 1877, by Kilburn 
Jim Jr.— Belle by Honest John... 2:21 

Kitty L., b m, 188-, by Paddy Magee 2:27% 

Kitty Lynch, br m, 187—. by Mlll- 
iman's Bellfounder, dam by Morgan 
Sumpter 2:26% 

Kitty Mills, b m, 188-, by Horry Mills 2:28% 

Kitty Morris, b m, 1872, by Lou Mor- 
ris 2:30 

Kitty M. Patchen b m, 1878, by 
George D, Patchen, dam by Sir 
Henry 2:30 

Kitty Patchen, ch m, 187—, by Jeb 
Stuart— Lady Jones, by Hening*s 
Hiatoga 2:21% 

Kitty Silver, ch m, 1876, by Mambrlno 

• Patchen— Silk Ribbon, by Joe Won- 
der 2:27% 

Kitty Story, b m, 188—, by Everett 
Clay, dam by Roland 2:22% 

Kitty Van, b m, 1876. by Walker Mor- 
rill— Belle Hastings, by Magna 
Charta 2:24 

Kitty Vera b m, 1887, by Talavera 
-Kittle iilsk. by Seneca Chief... 2:23% 

Kitty Walte. br m, 188—, pedigree 
not traced 2:26% 

Klttv Wilkes, b m, 1S77, by George 
Wilkes — Gilbert Mare, by Clifton 
Pilot 2:30 

Kitty Wood, rn m. 1871, by Wood's 
Hambletonian- Fame, by Chancy 
Moore Horse " 2:24% 

Klamath, b g, 1885. Morookus- Bob, 
by Ophlr 2:13 

Klnto. br s. 1890. by Pluto— Belle 
King, by Mambrlno King 2:28% 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Klaxle. m g, 1881. by KIux. .. ....... 2124% 

Knight, gr g, 1882, by Pilot Medium . 

—Daisy Dean, by Magna Charta... 2:2»^ 

Knight, br s, 1888, by Woodford 
Wilkes— China Wilkes, by Adrian 
Wilkes 2:28^ 

Knlghtmare, b m, 1888, by Sir Knight 
— LAdy Austin, by Bnyoy 2:12V4 

KniflAitmont, ch s, 1889, by fflr Knight 
—Actress, by Alpoy 2:24 

Knighthood, b s, 1885, by Aberdeen— 
Opblr, by Alamo 2:2tHa 

Knfrht Templar, br s, 1884, by Eg- 
bert— Laura, by Billy Adams 2:27 

Knita, b m, 188—, by Sir Knight 2:23V4 

Knotty Boy, blk g, liB8— . by Way . . . . 2:24^^ 

Knotwood. b s, 1883, by Monaco- 
Annie Birch, by Almont 2:29 

Knox, blk s, 1^75, by Gen. Knox— 
Clemontlne, by Logan 2:29)^ 

Knox Boy, br s, 1868, by Gen. Knox— ^ _^^ 
Juniata 2:23% 

Knoxie Magnet, blk m, 188—, by Mag- 
net 2:30 

Knoxie Walker, ro m, 188—, by Jay 
Bird 2:25^ 

Koallno, b m. 1888, by Montgomery- 
Volga, by Sobol 2:16 

Kokomis, b s, 1886, by Victor Bis- 
marck, dam by Groldsmith's Abdal- 
lab 2:21 

Kolena, b m, 1890, by Kokomls — 
Lanra Hatcher, by Mambrino Hatch- 
er 2:22V^ 

Konantz, b s, 1881, by Lyle Wnkes— 
Lady Gregory, by Coibeau 2:28 

Konie, ch m, 1889, by Konantz— Orna, 
by Woodford Mambrino Jr 2:28Mi 

Konoyalinka, ch s, 188—, by Chestnut 
Wilkes 2:25 

K. P-T b g, 1881, by Young Padlorls— 
Mohawk Belle, hy Muhiiwk Jaoi^-on 2:20'/4 

IkratK. b s. 18tf), by Cjclonf^— NtHjma 
C, by lVli!s?ht 2:2Ui 

Kjemlrn, b b, IR-S7, by Lrj d Iliissell- 
EIV€Btlf!e, by Woodford llnmbrlno.. 2:07'>i 

Krta Kriitgli\ 1> e^. IfeN'i hy S^tiita 
Glaus— Tnit'i, by 1'j (rieo!^^ - - 2:28^4 

La Bessa 2:24V4 

La Bel, br s, 18S8, by St. Bel— Ella 
Jackson, by Hamlin's Almont Jr. . . 2:27 

La Belle, ch m, 1892, by Sidney- 
Anna Belle, by Dawn 2:16 

Lace Dealer, b s, 3880, by Smuggler 
— Tullahoma, by Almont 2:2."> 

La Crosse Jr., b s, 1890. by La Crosse 2:19% 

Lady Alcy. b m, 1892, by Alcyo— 
Annie Rooney. by Lolhalr 2:19 

Lady Alert, ch m, 1878. by Mambrino 
Lance— Queena, by Sampson 2:24^ 

Lady Alice b m, 186—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:29% 

Lady Almont, b m, 1885. by John 
Bnrdlne— Ruby, by Mingo Chief .. 2:27% 

Lady Anderson, b m, 1889, by Ander- 
son Wilkes— Bird, by Bdgewater.. 2:28^ 

Lady B., ch m, 188—, by Springtime 2:25% 

Lady B., ro m. 1885, by Olark Chief 
-Puss, by Vinco 2:22*4 

Lady B., ch m, 18»— , by Goldemar. . 2:27 

Lady Augusta, b m, 1857, by Rys- 
dyk*s Hambletonlan (dead) 2:30 

T.a<^v B.. ch m, 188—, by Warwick Boy 2:23% 

Lady Babcock, b m, 188—, by Happy 
Medium Jr 2:30 

T.»ady Banker, b m, 1865, by Ryedyk's 
Hambletonlan— Blanker Mare, by 
Boston (dead) 2:23 

Lady Barefoot, br m, 1877, by Kent 
—Dolly, by Ballard's Caanus M. 
Clay Jr 2:26V4 

Ladv Beach, blk m. 1886, by Altamont 
—Hollywood, by Hambletonlan Mam- 
brino 2:26% 

La^y Belle, gr m, 1887, by Pilot Med- 
ium—Minnie Hoag, by Bay Mld- 
dleton :.... 2:14% 

Lady Blanchard. gr m, 1864, by Whip- 
ple's Hambletonlan— Lady Living- 
ston, by Gen, Taylor (dead) 2:20% 

Lady Blanche, b m, 188—, by Don 
Carlos 2:26% 

Lady Blanche, b m, 186—, pedigree 
not traced (dead) 2:28% 

Lady Blessington, b m, 1868, by Mid- 
dletown-Jenny Hawkins, by Seely's 
American Star 2:28 

Lady Bomont, b m, 1891, by Bomont. 2:29% 

Lady Bon^^er, b m, 1875, by Honest 
Allen— Ledger Girl, by Rysdyk's 
Hambletonlan 2:24% 

Lady Brooks, b m, 1873, by Whit- 
comb's Feamaught, dam oy Big- 
ler's Bashaw 2:25% 

Lady Bug, blk m, 188—, by Green Boy 2:24% 

Lfl' Bug. b m, 1881, by Burton— Lucy 
White, by Young Toronto* Chief .. 2:22% 

Lady Bullion, b m, 1884, by I*llot 
Medium— Hattle Hover, by Bullion 2:10% 

Lady Burton, b m, 1887, by Ck)l. Bur- 
ton 2:28 

Lady Byron, blk m. 1861, by Royal 
Geo-we, dam by Sir Lovell (dead).. 2:28 

Lady Clare, ch m, 1888, by Blyria— 
Lou, by Mambrino Sterley 2:18% 

Lady Capom, b m, 1879, by Capoul— 
Nelly !7.... 2:28 

Lady Clark, ro m, 1874, by dark's 
Mohawk Jr.— Fanny Cox, by Kos- 
suth 2:27 

Lady Collins, b m, 188—, by Good- 
win's Hambletonlan 2:30 

Lady Oonnaught, b m, 1888, by Con- 
navght, dam by Boston 2:30 

Lady Crossan, b m, 187—, by Sus- 
sex Chief 2:28 

Lady Daggett, zr m, 1867. by Logue 
Horse— Lady Johnson (dead) 2:26 

Lady Dahiman, b m, 1865, by Robert 
Bonner— Miss Seeley, by a son of 
Hill's Black Hawk 2:28 

Lady Daphne, blk m, 1888, by Alta- 
mont— Nell, by Duroc Prince 2:21% 

Lady Dawson, b m, 1876, by Jay 
Grould— Daisy Bums, by Skenandoab 2:28 

Lady De Jamette, b m, 1874, by In- 
dian Chief— Belle, by Lytton's 
Warfield 2:28 

Lady Dinsmore, b m, 186—, pedigree 
not traced 2:30 

Lady Don, b m. 187—. by Don A. . . . 2:29% 

Lady Douglas, b m, 188—, by Arling- 
ton 2:24% 

Lady Douglas, b m, 1865, by Vermont 
Hero— Sal by Dicky 2:.30 

Lady Douglass, ch m, 1884, by Clay- 
ton Bdsall— Stebbin's Mare, by a 
son Off Stephen A. Douglass 2:29% 

Lady Bgmont, b m, 1887; by Egmont 
Chief— Nelly S., by Wichita 2:30 

Lady Blgin, b m, 1876, by Legal 
Tender Jr.— Nelly, by Blue Bull ^:25V4 

Lady Bllen, b m, 1875, by Carr's Mam- 
brino— Ida May Jr., by Owen Dale. 2:29^^j 

Lady £2mma, blk m, 1883, by Alcan- 
tara-Advantage, by Anmlnistrator 2:23% 

Lady Emma, ch m, 1855, by Jupiter- 
Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Empress, by Abdallah (dead) 2:20^ 

Lady Emma, ch m, 1866, br Canada 
(Jhampion. dam by imp. Ooneterna- 

tlon (dead) 2:28 

Lady flscott, ch m, 1881, by Arthur- 
ton— Young Lady Vernon, by David 

Hia ....! 2:26% 

Lady Ethel, br m, 1887, by Baron 
Wilkesr-Princess Ethel, by Volun- 
teer 2:24J>4 

Lady Euclid, b m, 1886, by Euclid- 
Maud, by Keene George 2:25 

Lady F., gr m, 1878, pedigree noi 

^ traced 2:203* 

Lady Falrlawn, b m, 1889, by Fair- 
lawn Medium— lolanthe, by Oceanic 

Chief 2:28Vi 

Lady Fargo, b m, 188—, by Happy 

Medium ..........:.. 2:24^4 

Lady Fern, b m, 1890, by Hed Fern... 2:29Vi 
Lady Fay, ro m, 188—, pedigree not 

traced 2:20/j 

Lady Finch, b m. 1880, by Star 

Patchen— Polly, by WlikiloTV Horse. 2:30 
Lady Finch, br m, l«8— , by Jim Finch 2:27V{i 
Lady Fox, ch m, XS63, oy Druiy's 

Ethan Allen— LaJy i*urtlngtan 2:30 

Lady Foxle, ch m. lyCiD. by Daniel 

Lambert— Foxie, by Breed Horse. . 2:243,^ 
Lady Franklin, b m, 188—, by Ben 

l^'anklin, dam bj Browu lliuiy.... 1^:25/4 
Lady Franklin (Carrie), ro m, 1847, 

pedigree not traniil (dfiidj 2:29^ 

Lady G., b m, 181J0, by Antouelle... 2:29Ut 
Lady Gai-field, b in, ISI^, pedigree 

not traced (dead) 2:28»/a 

Lady Gay, ch m, 1885, by Sir Walter 
--I/ady Almont, by Abdallah Mam- 

brino 2:27% 

Lady Gilbert, gr m, 189-, by Red 
Wilkes— Annie B., by Hambletonian 

Mambrino 2:2ok 

Lady Grovernor, b m, 188—, by Gold- 
smith 2:25 

Lady Griawold, gr m, 186—, pedigree 

not traced (dead) 2:29 

Lady Griswold, blk m, 188-, by Mid- 
night ......7! 2:30 

Lady Groesbeck, gr m, 1869, by Star 

of the West— Old Fly (dead) 2:25^ 

Lady Grosvenor, b m, 1885, by Qroa- 

venor— Lady Nutwood, by Nutwood 2:27 
Lady H., gr m, 1868, by Manchester 

Tuckahoe 2:27 

Lady Hamilton, gr m, 1859, by Toron- 
to Chief— Kate King, by Sir Tatton 

Sykes (dead) 2:30 

Lady Hamilton, b m, 1884, by Ralston 

—Sally H., by Weedman's Dexter. . 2:215% 
Lady Hamilton, b m. 188—, by (Jen. 

Hatch 2:24% 

Lady Hannie, b m, 1885. by Hannis 

—Miss Trotwood, by Enfield 2:25 

Lady Hare, ch m, 188—, by Col. Hare 2:16^4 
Lady Hassan, b m, 1885, by Mambrino 
Hassan— Lady Penrose, by Moscow 

Jr 2:30 

Lady Havoc, b m, 1882. by Havoc- 
Kit 2:23 

Lady Helen, ch m, 1879, bv Wood- 
burn Cliief— Princess, by American 

Clay 2:22 

Lady Hendryx, br m, 1880, by Daunt- 
less, dam by Tom Hunter 2:30 

Lady Houk, b m, 1887, by Ambassa- 
dor-Flora West, by Scott's Hlatoga 2:20Vi 
Lady Hu^es, b m, 1860, by Jupiter, 
dam by Webber's Tom Thumb (dead) 2:30 

Lady L, b m, 1882, by Billy Norfolk 2:29 
Lady Idol, b m, 1887, by Idol Wilkes 
—Net Star, by Spencer's Vicar of 

Wakefield 2:25 

Lady Independence, blk m, 1872 by 
Black Dutchman— Fanny, by Voor- 

hees' AbdaUah Chief 2:29!4 

Lady J., b m, 1889, by Darknight— 
Belle Oakwood, by Black's Ham- 
bletonian (pacing record 2:20) 2:30 

Lady Jane, d m, 1885, by Mambrino 

Swigert, dam by Bismarck 2:17^ 

Lady Jane, b m 184—, pedigree not 

traced (dead) 2:30 

Lady Jefferson, blk m, 188—, by 

Thomas Jefferson 2:22^ 

Lady Jerauld, b m, 1878, by Billy 
Denton Jr.— Bay Golddust, by Gold- 
dust 2:2414 

Lady Juno, blk m, 1890, by Quarter- 
master— Electa, by Electioneer .... 2:30 
Lady Jupiter, ch m, 1874, by Jupiter 2:30 
Lady K., ch m, 1885, by Hunter- 
Virginia Kemper, by Woodmansee's 

Tuckahoe 2:30 

Lady K., b m, 1873, by Gen. George 
H. Thomas— Lady Crane, by Faasol- 

etta 2:29% 

Lady Kate Sprague, b m, 1879, by 

Gov. Sprague— Bonnie Smyle 2:27^4 

Lady Kelso, gr m. 1872, by Belmont 

—Diana, by Pilot Jr 2:29 

Lady Kensett, b m, 1878, by Kenseit 

— Prouty 2:21^ 

Lady Kerns, b m, 1876, by Amboy, 

dam by Blacknose 2:29V^ 

Lady Klldeer, b m, 1862, by Black 
Dutcheman. dam by Sterling's May 

Day (dead) 2:28 

Lady Lightfoot, b m, 1888, by Almon- 

eer— weasel 2:28V4 

Lady Lannon, br m, 188—, by Auster- 

litz 2:2o'/a 

Lady Lear, gr m, 1872, by Morgan 

Horse— Wiley, by Nelson 2:24i4 

Lady Lemmon, b m, 1872. by Knicker- 
bocker— Lemmon Mare, by Paul Clif- 
ford 2:27 

Lady Linda, ch m, 1879, by Haven 

Star-Kate 2:26 

Lady Lockwcod. b m, 1S">3, by Neave's 
Cassiufi M. Clay, dam by Rediker s 

Alexander W., (dead) 2:25 

Lady Low, ch m, 1869. by Justin 

Morgan 2:28 

Lady Loye, b m, 1879, by Confederate 

Chief, dam by Ethan Allen 2:23^^ 

Lady Lumber, blk m, 1870, by Lum- 
ber, by Iron Duke 2:29^4 

Lady M., ch m, 1878. by Dick Preble 
— Sabin Mare, by St. Lawrence 

(Thunderbolt) 2:24 

Lady M., b m, 1878, by Hamlet— Nell, 

by Oonant's Black Hawk 2:23 

Lady M., -gr m, 1870. by Vermont 

Hero— Loveland, by Night Hawk— 2:30 
Lady M., br m, 1885, by Iiidiaman 

—Daisy, by Volunteer 2:21 

Lady M., gr m, 1886. by Billy H.— 

Brister, by Brister Horse 2:21^ 

Lady M., b m, 188—, by Black's Ham- 
bletonian 2:23% 

Lady Mao, b m, 1878, by Mapleton— 

Susan, by Wheeler's St. Lawronce 2:29^ 
Lady Mac, b m, 1885, by Lemont— 

Codicil, by Administrator 2*J23^ 

Lady Mac, b m. 1878, by Mambrino 

Digitized by 




King, dam by Mambriiio Pilot 2:25^ 

Lady Mac, b in, 1868, by Whirlwind 
—Madonna ^ 2:23 

Lady Mac, b m, 186—, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Lady Mack, b m, 1884, by Chismore 
Lady Mac 2:25% 

Lady McOune, br m, 1882, by Malt- 
land, dam by Babcock Howe 2:28Vi 

Lady McFatridge, b m, 1868, by 
Woodford Mambrino— Bayadere, by 
Bay Chief (dead) 2:29 

Lady McGregor, b m, 1887, by Robert 
McGregor— Leda, by Aberdeen 2:25V^ 

Lady McGregor, br m, 1888. by Gil- 
man Mc Gregor— Lady Almont, by 
Royal Almont 2:30 

Lady McKeen. b m, 188—, by Mohi- 
can, dam by Dr. Herr 2:29*^ 

Lady MaJoUxja, b m, 1878^ by Dicta- 
tor— Lyd, by Brown Chief 2:25 

liOdy Marie, b m, 1876, by Windsor, 
dam by Voorheee* Abdallah Chief. . 2:29 

Lady Martin, ch m. 1878, by Davis* 
Honest Allen—Lady Ling, by Tag- 
gart's Abdallah 2:29Vi 

Lady Martin, b m, 187—, by Downing 
Abdallah 2:23 

Lady Mascotte, b m, 1882, by lied 
Wilkes— Belle, by Alcalde 2:25% 

Lt)dy Mand, br m, 1882, by Rockwood 
—Lady Clark, by Klsbar 2:23% 

Lady Maud, br m. 1867, by Gen. Knox 
—Fanny, by Sabek 2:18V4 

Lady Maxim, b m, 1885, by Maxim- 
Lady Graves, by Smuggler 2:26% 

Lady Mills, b m^ 1871, t>y Ohosroes, 
dam by Othello 2:24% 

Lady Monroe, gr m, 1870, by Jim 
Monroe, dam by Bald Stockings.... 2:20Vi 

Lady Moni-oe, b m, 1884, by Sagerser 
— Lncy, by Old Morg 2:29 

Ladymont, . b m, 1889. by King Al- 
mont— Baughman Girl, by Messenger 
Chief 2:28% 

Lady Moore, br m, 1870, by Peace- 
maker—Nelly Moore, by Westchester 2:25 

Lady Morrison, b m, 1867, by Volun- 
teer— Stella, by Seely's American 
Star 2:27% 

Lady Moscow, br m, 183—, pedigree 
not traced (dead) 2:30 

Lady Nelson, ch m, 1886, by Nelson, 
dam iKy^ son of Bmperor William. . . . 2:21V4 

Lady Nutwood, b) m, 1891. by Nut- 
wood Francis— Medium, by Happy 
Medium 2:25-% 

Lady O., br m, 188—, by T. O. M.— 
Baby 2:24 

Lady O., gr m, 1884, by Young Prince 
-Nell .:......... 2:28% 

Lady of Lyons, b m, 1882, by Argyle 
-Miss Lyons, by Blue Grass 2:21% 

Lady Onward, b m, 188—, by Game 
Onward 2:28 

Lady^aflsmore, ch m, 188—, by Peter 
Plnder 2:25% 

Lady Peek, ch m, 1885, by Star Duke, 
, dam by State Rights 2:26 

Lady Potter, gr m, 1891, by Young 
Pullerton— Mary, by Harry Long. . . 2:27 

Lady Powell, b m. 1888, by Hope So, 
dam by Annapolis 2:25% 

Lady Preston, ch m, 1877, by Dr. 
Herp— Kitty Preston, by Mambrino 
Pilot Jp -. 2:30 

Lady Prewitt, bp m, 1871, by Clark 
Chief— Lady Wallensteln, by Lex- 

ington 2:30 

Lady Prltchard, ch m, 1868, by Green 
Mountain Banner— Piitchard Mare, 
by Flying Morgan 2:21 

Lady Red, b m, 1891, by Glenelg 2:24% 

Lady Redwood, br m, 1885, by Red- 
wood—Belle 2:27 

Lady Reld, b m, 188—, by Oorbln Ba- 
shaw 2:28% 

Lady Richards, ro m, 1880, by Bu- 
cephalus — BJtta Knox, by Roan 
pAice 2:26% 

Lady Richards, b m, 1886, by Swlgert 
—Lady Star, by Gtoldsmith'^B Star... 2:21V4 

Lady RlChwood, b m, 1876, by Rich- 
wood— Orlana, by Ericsson 2:29% 

Lady Robert, br m, 1890, by Robert L. 
— Mlna, byAJax 2:17% 

Lrdy Rooker, b m, 188—. by Rooker. . 2:20% 

Lady Rolfe, b m, 1874, by Tom Rolfe 
—Nelly, by Montezuma (pacing rec- 
ord 2:23) 2:22U 

Lady Ross, b m, 1860, by Vergennes 
Black Hawk, dam by Neave's Cas- 
sius M. Clay Jr 2:251')* 

Lfldy Rowena, ch m, 188—, by George 2:29% 

Lady Russet, ch m, 1891, by Joe You 
See— Lady Homer, by Homer 2:30 

Lady Sampson, b m, 1872, by Dolph- , 
us, dam by a Copperbottom horse. .. 2:28% 

Lady Sargeant, b m, 1873. by Good- 
ing's Champion— Lady Allen 2:27/4 

Lady Savage, b m, 188—, by Hlnkston 
Boy 2:25 

Lady Scud, b m, 186—. by Edward 
Everett 2:29% 

Lady Shannon, gr m. 1846, by Har- 
ris' Hambletonfan (dead) 2:28% 

Lady Shepard, b m, 1884, by Scobey's 
Feamaught— Molly Allen, by Wood- 
ard's Ethan Allen Jr 2:28% 

Lady Sheridan, b m, 186—, pedigree 
not traced (dead) 2:28% 

Lady Sherman, br m, 1874, by Gen. 
Sherman, dam by Darkey 2:25% 

Lady Snell, b ml 1865, by Godfrey 
Patchen— Lady Stevens, by Biggart's 
Rattler (dead). 2:23% 

Lady Spanke:\ b m, 1878, by Wide 
Awake— Swift, by Richard's Colt... 2:26% 

Lady Spencer, b m, 1888, by Idol 
Wilkes— Lizzie Howes, by Harrison 
Chief 2:27 

Lady Star, b m, 186-, by Sir Henry.. 2:24 

Lady Stlllman, blk m, l»r9, by Hiram 
Woodruff— Dolly, by Trojan Jr 2:29% 

Lady Stout, ch na. 1871, by Mambrino 
Patchen— Puss Prall, i>y Mark Time 2:29 

Lady Suffolk, gr m, 1833, by Engineer, 
dam by Don Quixote (dead) 2:29% 

Lady Sutton, blk m, 1880, by Dash- 
wood— Sutton 2:29% 

Lady Sutton, br m, 1839, by Morgan 
Eagle (dead) 2:30 

Lady Tessa, ch m, 1883, by Alcantara 
— Mifls Bluff, by Wilklns Mlcawber. 2:27% 

Ladv Thistle, b m, 1878, by Pineapple 
— i'anny, by Volunteer 2:27% 

liady Thompson, gr m, 1886, by Sim- 
mons—Lady Humphrey, by Victor.. 2:23% 

Lady Thorn, b m, 1856. by Mambrino 
CJhlef— Rhodes Mare, by Gano (dead) 2:18% 

Lady Thome, b m, 1873, by Darlbay— 
Salty Messenger, by Starlight (dead). 2:25 

Lady Thornton, b m, 1871, by Mapes 
Horse, dam by Edsall's Jupiter 2:26% 

Lady Tighe, b m, 1874, by Felter*s 
Hambletonlan— Spider Legs 2:29 

Digitized by 




Lady Tiiceps, b m, 1878. by Triceps 
—Goodwia Mare, by Dolan (Oana- 

Lady Tarpin. blk m, 1869, by BeU 
Morgan — Nonesuch, by Brignoll 

Lady Ulster, b m, 1885, by Clay Ham- 
bletonlan— Maggie S., by Gallagher's 
Prince of Orange 

Lady Underbill, br m, 188—. by Mike 

Lady Upton, b m, 1870, by Gen Grant 
(C^adlan) — Nancy, by American 
Ilagle t 

Lady Van, b m, 1887, by George Steck 
— Kenble Newman, by Magic 

I/ady Vernon, gr m, 1845, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 

Lady Voorhees, ch m, 1870, by Man- 
chester Tuckahoe 

Lady Walker, br m, 188-, by Oaptaln 
Walker Jr., dam by Flaco 

Lady W., b m, 188—, by Weiabaden. . 

Lady Warren, b m, 188—, by Royal 

Lady Washington, b m. 188—, by On- 

Lady Washington, b m. 1887, by Prin- 
ceps— Ella, by Enfield 

Lady Watson, blk m, 188—, by Sim 

Lady Weeks, oh m, 1884, by Dow S. 
—Dolly Stover, by Honest Dan 

Ladywell, b m, 1886, by- Electioneer— 
Lady Lowell, by Shootz's St. Clair. 

Lady Wellington, blk m, 1882, by 
Victor— Fanny Crafts 

Lady Whltefoot, b m, 1881, by Will- 
iam M. Rysdyk— Nelly, by Matthews' 
Black Hawk 

Lady Whitman, b m, 1861, by Seely's 
American Stajv-Nance, by Durland's 
Yonng Messenger Duroc 

Lady Wilkes, bli m, 1889, by Ellers- 
lie Wilkes— Lady Eclipse, by Abdal- 
lah Eclipse 

Lady Wilkes, b m, 1882, by Bed 
Wilkes— Grey Nelly, by John Dillard 

Lady Williams, br m, 1886, by Lumps 
—Betty, by Red CSiief 

Lady Williams, ch m, 1867, by Par- 
son's Horse— Logan Maid, by Page's 

Lady Wilson, b m, 188^, by Wild 

Lady Wilton, br m, 1888, by Wilton 
—Lemonade, by Kentucky Pilnoe Jr. 

Lady Wlnship, br m, 1881, by H. B. 
Winship— Daisy, by Black Ralph 

Lady Wonder, ch m, 1878, by Little 
Wonder— Pet, by Whitehall Jr 

Lady Wonder, ch m, 188—, by Fergus 
McGregor— Nell, by Manhattan .... 

Lady WoodhnlL b m, 1879, by Corn- 
wall—Warwick Star 

Lady Woodruff, b m, 1851. by Wash- 
ington, dam by Gen. Coffee (dead) . . 

La Ferme, b s, 1889, by Garnet Wilkes 
—Daisy Wilson, by Lucknow Jr. . . . 

La France, br s, 1891, by France 

La Grange, blk g, 1879, by Sultan— 
Georgiana, by Oyerland 

La Grippe, b m, 1886, by Lumps- 
Black, Dy Protos 

La Hante, b m, 1891, by Re-Election 
—Elite by Messenger Duroc 

Lah-da-dah, b m, 1876, by Ferdinand 
O.— Laconia 

Lakeside Nerval, b s, 1889, by Nor- 

val — Mattie, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 

tonian 2:15 

2^8 LakewoocL^b e, 1889, by Norwood- 
Jet, by Bavenswood 2:28 

Lakewood Maid, b m, 1882, by Wilke- 
2:23 sonian — Mirabeth, by Woodford 

Mambrtno 2:29 

Lakewood Prince, b s, 1884, by Wilke- 
2:20 sonian — Mirabeth, by Woodford 

Mambrino (dead) 2:13\i 

2:20Va Lakoto, br s, 1886, by Bourbon Wilkes 

—Mia Ellis, by Westwood 2:275i. 

Lallah Wilkes, blk m, 1889, by Sable 
2:29 Wilkes— Susie Hunter, by Arthurton 2:26 

Lamar, br g, 1881, by Baker Pilot— 

2:28 Kate 2:24^4 

Lamartlne, b s, 1886, by Egbert— An- 

2:29^ nie. by Oottrlll Mo:gan 2:27l(. 

Lambert B., b s, 1884, by Daniel . 
2:2S^ Lambert — Lotta B., by Messenger 

Chief 2:2214 

2:30 Lammermoor, b g, 1884, by Rumor— 

2:18% Lucia, by Jay Gould 2:23 

La Mode, ch a, 1887, by Nantucket, 

2:29% dam by Almont Smith 2:2U 

Lamont, b s, 1883, by Redwood— Nelly 

2:25^ F., by Coupon 2:1» 

Tjamp, ch g, 1884, by Lively— Nelly, 

2:24'Jiil by Hickory Bov ...: 2:26 

j Lanark, blk s, 1885, by Egbert- Kitty 

2:20% 1 Gibson, by Alcalde * 2:29Vi 

, Lancelot, b s, 1887, by Messenger Du- 
2:251^ I roc— Green Mountain Maid, by Har- 

! ry Clay .._ 2:28 

2:10Va lianoet. blk g, 1849, by Vermont Black 
i Hawk — (5ld Squaw, by Lee Boo 

2:25U (dead) 2:27^^ 

; Lancewood, ch g, 1875, by Lance- 
I wood— Kate, by Young Napoleon... 2:20^ 
2:18^ Landmark, ch g, 187—, pedigree not 

I traced 7..... 7. ....7 2:28% 

Landmark Maid, gr m, 188— , by Land- 

2:30 mark— Lyisander Biaid, by Lysander. 2:23»4 

Langton, ch s, 1887, by Alfred— Laura 

C, by Electioneer : 2:21% 

2:lGv^ Langtrey, br m, 1882, by Administra- 
tor—Fanny Osborne, by Volunteer.. 2:26^ 
2:29% Lanier, b s, 1890, by St. Just— Dora, 

by Bayard Jr 2:27 

2:29"5i I Langford, b g, 1886, by Mansfield 

M&ium ....: 2:2S\4. 

I Laoinl, b m, 188—, by Anderson 

2:28'/j Wilkes 2:24^^ 

La Oscaletta, br m, 1874, by Dictator 

2:29% —Lady Ketchum, by imp. Osirus... 2:29?4 

La Petite Bel, blk m, 1891, by St. Bel 

2:21V4 —Pet Cub, by Administrator 2:28«^ 

Laprairie Girl, br m, 1880, by Ben 

2:23\^ Morrill 2:29% 

Laporte, ch g, 1885, by Jappo, dam 

2:25 by Slasher 2:26«4 

Laputa, ch s, 1888^ by Royal Fear- 
2:23^ naught— Maggie Roys, by Shurtz 

Magna 2:27% 

2:29% Larco, gr s, 188—, by A. W. Rich- 
mond, dam by Overland 2:28 

2:29 Largesse, b m, 1874, by Scott's 

Thomas— Fanny Howard, by Woful 2:25 
2:231/4 Larkin, b g, 1871, by Young Woful— 
2:26V4 Lady Forrester, by Field's Royal 

George 2:30 

2:23% Larry, b g, 1883, by Beaufort— Aiken 

^ Mare 2:23% 

2:17% Larry, b g, 1883, by Tangle 2:29% 

Larry Boy, br g, 1880, by Stockholm 

2:2414 -Leary few ,. 2:29% 

Larry C, b s, 1892, by Ponce De Leon 2:29% 
2:26 Lasella. b m, 1887, by Grand Sentinel 

—Governess, by George Sprague ... 2:2(^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

»♦»»»»»»»»♦»»»♦♦»•♦»♦♦♦♦• «» >•><•»»»»»»»» »» »>••»♦♦»<»♦»♦»♦»♦♦»♦♦•♦♦♦♦ 

ED. GEERS, Buffalo, N. Y. 

(the silent man FBOM TENNESSEE.) 

In 1894 Geers placed the worid's record for pacers at 2K)m 

with Robert J., and gave Fantasy a fonr-year- 

old record of 2:06. 

Digitized by 


•<<»»»>4>» >»»<*<<>>• >>t<*>><4<»»<>* « <t <*>>•* t>t>t<4»<<*<»»» 

P. SHANK, Litchfield, Ohio. 

An Ohio product that was out last year with Eloise 2 :15. In 1895 
he will wear the colors of the Two-Minute Stock Farm. 

Digitized by 




Lasls, b m, 1884, by Champion— 
SLsal, by Harold 2:2014 

Lassie, b m, 1887, by Masterlode— 
Ester, by Fisk'g Belmont 2:30 

Last Chance, b g. 1882, by Regal 
Wilkes, dam by Arthurtou 2:26U 

Last Chance, b m, 1885, by Victor Bis- 
marck—Dicta, by Dictator 2*.2b9h 

Lath, blk 4 1881, by Gypsy Boy- 
Lady Burdett 2:29)4 

Latitude, b a, 1880, by Walsingham— 
—Easel, by Prinveps 2:15 

Laundry Girl, br m, 1880. by King 
Kene— Good Morning, by Harold . . . 2'.2d^ 

La Tosca, ' b m, 1888, by Madrid— 
Fantasy, by Onward 2:11 

Laura, b m, 188—, by Beayer 2:21 

Laura B., b m, 1887, by Prairie Star 
—lone, by Wapsle 2U1% 

Laura B., b m. 188—, by Willie Schep- 
per 2:27 

Laurabel, ch m, 1885, by Belmont— 
Laura by Joe Hooker 2:27% 

Laura C, b m, 1881, by Bl3ctloneer— 
Fanny Lewis, by imp. Buckden ... 2:29^ 

Laura B., b m. 1881. by Swigert— 
Blucheretta, by Hichard's Bell- 
found'3r 2:28 

Laiu-a F., blk m, 188—, by Bostick's 
Almont Jr.— Black Maid, by Black- 
wood Jr 2:10)6 

Laura M., b m, 1874, by Washing- 
ton—Laurel 2:27 

Laura McGregor, ch m, 1888, by Rob- 
ert McGregor— Laura Forrest, by 
Forrest Gkdddust 2:22 

Laura R., b m, 1885, by Electioneer 
—Lady Farmer, by Leachmen'^ Lex- 
ington 2:21 V4 

Laura S., cb m, 188—, by Starmont Jr. 2:23^ 
Laura WilUams. gr m, 1870, by Hola- 
blrd'e Bthan iJlen— Stone Mare, by 
North American 2:24Vii 

Laura Z., br m, 1886, by Alexander 

Button— Black. Dolly 2:18«/4 

Lauretta, b m, 1891, by Patchen 
Wilkes— Dlnnie, by Rochester 2:30 

Lavender, b m, 1887. by Alcantara— 

^ Modjeska, by Royal Fearnaught . . . 2:28^ 

Lavlna, b m, 1889, by Woodford 

Wilkes— Pearl, by Ashland Patchen 2:28 
Layoca, b m, 188—, by Anderson 
Wilkes 2:22/* 

Lawrence, br s, 1882, by Dr. Frank- 
lin— Mise Morrill, by Morrill Cham- 

,Pion 2:2oVa 

L. B. R., b g, 188—, pedigree not 

traced 2:29% 

Lea. ch m, 1890, by Sidney— Venus, 

^ by Capt. Webster 2:2ii4 

Leap Year, b m, 1888, by Tempest— 

^Eulogy, by Com. Belmont 2:26'% 

Leek, l)r g, 1887, by Elector 2:29 

Leckwood, b s, 1886, by John B. Wood 

^-BeseleLee, by Siberian 2:28% 

Le^Oount, b B, 1880, by St\ eepstakes— 

Mangle, by Edward Everett 2:29 

L. D., b B, 188-, by South Jersey 
i*atchen, dam by American Jack- 

^8on 2:25% 

Leda, b m. 1871, by Anerdeen— Pattle 

T^-' if Brandywine 2:25^ 

Leda Wood, br m. 1879, by Black- 
wood— Fanny Goldsmith, by Bdward 

, Everett 2:30 

Lee, c^ g, 188—, by Gen. Lee— Slater, 

by Gen.Taylor 2:17Vi 

Lee Forester, b g, 1886, by Kentucky 

Belmont, dam by Halsey's Ham- 
bletonian 2:22' •• 

Lee Hope, br s, 1882, by Kentucky 
—Maud 2:26 

Lee M., gr g, 188—, by Osier Horse 2:28<i 

Lee R., b g, 1879, by Mountain Bird- 
Maggie, by Snip ranter 2'J2^\^ 

Lee Russell, b s, 1888, by Lord Rus- 
sell— Myra, by Electioneer 2:16U 

Leesee, br m, 1887, by Quartermaster 
-Nelly 2:23;, 

Lee W., b g, 187—, by Bourbon Blue 
—May Fly 2:23 * 

liegacy, br m, 1888, by St. Bel- 
Lonely, by Volunteer 2:30 

Legal R., b g. 1876, by Legal Tender 
Jr.— Betty Hudson, by Frank 2:30 

Legal Tender, b g, 187—, by Legal 
Tender— Liza Boston, by Boston ... 2:27^ 

Legal Test, b s, 1886, by Blectloneer 
—Maria, by Don Victor 2:29% 

Le Grand, b g. 188—, by Le Grand- 
Henrietta, by Bell Alta 2:28V> 

Leicester, ch s. 1884, by Deucalion- 
Lady Winshlp, by H. B. Winshlp.. 2:17V4 

Leigh ton, gr g, 188-, by Jay Bird . . 2:24 

Leiah H., b m. 1880, by Homer- 
Lady Sentinel, by Sentinel 2:24'/' 

Leland, b g, 188—, by Senator 2:29% 

Leland Medium, br s, 1887, by Fair- 
lawn Medium— Kit Ataman, by 
Judge Leland 2:23Xi 

Leland Stanford, b s, 1884, by Strath- 
more— Chum, by Duke's Norman . . . 2:24Vi: 

Lelawah, blk m, 1885, by Ajnbassador 
—Bird, by Or»'s Flying Cloud 2:29Vi 

Lem, b s 187—, by Orange County 
—Clara, by Tom Thumb 2:27v. 

Lemonce, b m, 1890, by Wilton- 
Lemonade, by Kentucky Prince Jr. 2:18-% 

Lemonade, b m, 1879, by Kentucky 
Prince Jr.— Susie Melbourne, by Mel- 
bourne Jr • 2:27'/i 

L'Bmpress, blk m, 188—, by L*Bm- 
peror— Belle Stevens, by Stevens' 
Bald Chief 2:20»/o 

L'Bmpereur, b s, 1883, by Alcyone- 
Fair Lady, by Dictator 2:25 

Lena D., blk m, 1883, by Stephen A. 
Douglass, dam by Sprlngville Chief 2:30 

Lena H^ blk m, 1883, by Alaska- 
Drew Girl, by Winthrop 2:29V' 

Lena Holly, ro m, 1889, by Direcor— 
Stelnola, by Stein way 2:1874 

Lena Miller, ch m, 1886, by Onward- 
Long Lane, by Long Island Patchen 2:26Vt 

Lena Sprague, blk m, 1883, by Grov. 
Sprague— Helene, by Administrator 2:20Vt 

Lena Swallow, b m, 1877, by Blue 
Bull, dam by Aachy Llghtfoot 2:19 

Lena V., b m. 188—, by William H. 
Vanderbilt 2:28v4 

Lenawee, br s, 1884. by Sickle Ham- 
bletonlan— Fanny Patchen, by Fisk's 
Mambrino Patchen Jr 2 :22vi 

Lena Wilkes, b m, 1883, by Barney 
Wilkes— Gin Burner, by Frank Al- 
len 2:29l4 

Lenity, b m, 1885. by Hiram Wood- 
ruff -nJessie, by George M. Patchen 
Jr 2:29V, 

Lenmar, b s, 1882, by Admar— Le- 
nore, by Gladiator 2:16!i 

Lenore Moody, blk m, 1888, by Moody 
—Lauretta, by Durango 2:26Vj 

Lenox, br s, 1888, by Quartermaster 

— Lorna, by Bnfleld 2:22«H 

Lent, b s, 1886, by Blectkmeer— t 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Lizzie, by WUdicUe 2:^6/^ 

Leo, b g, 1884, by I'luto— Miss Sibley, 

by Swigert 2:22'/a 

Leuia, m, 1890, by Ilockefeller— 

Modeua, by Messenger Wilkes 2:30 

Leola, b m, 1888, by Quartermaster— 

Nelly 2:30 

Leon, gr g, 1886 by A. W. Kichmond 

-Nelly, by Grant 2:22y4 

Leona, ch m 1887. by Almoon— Daisy, 

by Bob Woodring 2:28 

Lieon Boy. ch g, 1877, by Sprlng- 

vllle Chief— Fanny Greeley, by Peter 

Jones 2:2U% 

Leone, ch m, 1891, by Lancelot— Nida, 

by Monon 2:28i4 

Leon H., blk s, 1888. by Young 

WUkes— Nettie Hawkins, by Belvl- 

dere 2:2di>4 

Leonor, t m, 1884. by Dashwood— 

Geraldine, by Echo 2:24 

Leontine, b m, 1874, by Hamlet— Bet, 

by Clark Chief 2:23!4 

Leopard Bob, ch g, 1880, by LitUe 

wonder— Bess Sparks, by Parsons' 

Abdallah 2:28 

Leopard Rose, sp m, 1882. by Kilhuck 

Tom— Flora Green, by Thorpe's 

Guemey 2:15V4 

Leo Wilkes, b s, 1889, by Brown 

Wilkes— Maggie Monroe, by Monaco 2:25V4 
Leo Wilkes, br s, 1885, by Guy 

Wilkee— Sable, by The Moor 2:29% 

Leroy, b g, 1881. by Trample 2:29^4 

Leroy, ch g, 188—, pedigree not 

traced 2:29,0 

Leroy, blk s, 1887, by Joe Young . . . 2:2o'vi 
JLe^a. Wilkes, br m, 1890, by Guy 

Wilkes— Hannah Price, by Arthurton 2:llVij 
Leslie Boy, br e, 188—, pedigree not 

traced 2:2Q% 

Le Simmons, b s, 1888, by Simmons- 
Clara, by Strathmore 2:2t5 

Leta Howe, b m, 1886, by Balaklava 

-Leila S., by Sweepstakes 2:27v4 

Letcher, gr s, 1888, by Director— Alice 

Grey, by Signal 2:187^ 

Letell, ch s, 188—, by Axtell— Amy 

Lee, by Bay Star 2:29^4 

Letta C, ch m, 1886, by Walkill 

Prince— Kitty Wilson, by Blue Bull 2:16/4 
Letter B., b m, 188—, by Ward B.- 
Brown Irish, by Judge MeKinley... 2:27y. 

Lettie D., gr m 2:28/1 

Letitia, b m, 1885 by Louis Napoleon 

—Maud, by Garibaldi 2:27Va 

Lettie Watterson, gr m, 188—, by Jim 

Schriber 2:21>4 

Levi Aristos, br s, 1882, by Aristos— 

Lady Snip, by William Tell 2:26i^ 

Lewand, br g, 1884, by Legal Tender 

Jr.— Luan, oy Sovereign Glencoe .. 2:25% 
Lewellyn, ch s, 1887, by Aberdeen— 

Selina. by Strader's Oassius M. Clay 

Jr 2:19Vi 

Lewe S., ch s, 188—, by McCurdy's 

Hambletonlan 2:2G>4 

Lewinski, h g, 186—, by Mambrlno 

Messenger (dead) 2:25Va 

Lewis, blk g, 18S-, by Brown Rolf 2:28% 
Lewis R., ch s, 1880, by Mammont— 

Lady Powers, by Davis' Boston .. :i:23 
Lew iTes, b g, 186—, by Bacon's 

Ethan Allen, dam by Studtail 2:28 

Lew Pettee, b g, 1860, by Benson 

Horse (dead) 2:29 

Lew Sayers, ro g, 185— by Neave's 

Gassius M. Clay Jr. (dead) 2:28% 

Lew Scott, b g, 186—, by Scott's Hia- 
toga (dead) 2 :23 

Lew Wann, br s, 1883, by Egmont— 
LadySamson. by Rover 2:2vrJ4 

Lew Wallace, blk«, 188— by Gold 
stone 2:23\4 

Lexington, br s, 1883, by King Philip 
—Diana Patchen, by Mambrino 
Patchen » 2:24V^ 

Lexington Belle, b m, 1888, by Lexing- 
ton Chief Jr.— May Hamilton, by 
Little Hamilton 2:24^^ 

Lexington Boy, b s, 1884, by Egbert- 
Dixie, by RlcheUeu 2:23 

Lexington Chief, sp g, 188—, by Aris- 
tos— Dolly yanden (pacing record 
2:23^....-' ....: 2:30 

Lexington King, b s, 1888, by Hunter 
Chief— Daisy 7r., by Governor Hayes 2:28V4 

Libby S., vo m, 187— by Walker's 
Corbeau— Dolly, by Drennon (dead). 2:10A4 

Liberty Bell, b s, 1890, by Bell Boy— 
Preflx, by Pancoast (dead) 2 :24 

Liberty Boy, b .«, 1881, by Amboy— 
Kate 2:27 

Librettx), br s, 1887, by Mambrino 
Swigert— Fannie Harris Cutler, by 
Grey Major 2 :30 

License, ch g, 1859, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:26 

Lida Bassett, b m, 1871, by Forest 
King— Belle, by Alcalde 2:2(iVi 

Lida D., b m, 188—, by Brilliant Gold- 
dust 2:24^ 

Lida Pic ton, br m, 186—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:27% 

Lida Wilkes, b m. 1888, bv Young 
Wilkes — Lida, by Hambletonlan 
Prince 2;29»4 

Lifemark, b s, 1890, by Edgema:k— 
Gipsy M., by Eclair 2:26^4 

Lightfoot, b g, by Bostick's Almout ^ 

Light ' Hall' ' ro* si ' 1888,* by Vatican- 
Nell, by Estill Eric 2:25% 

Lightning, b m, 1887, by Alcantara- 
Portia, by Startle 2:11 

Lightning Maid, blk m, 1880, by Al- 
mont Lightning— Grijsette, by Draco. 2:27^ 

Lightwood, b m, 1886, by Nutwood- 
Belle Lightning, by Lightning 2:25% 

Likewise, br s, 1889, by Gideon Chief 
— Neily Boone, by Daniel Boone 2:17^4 

Lilac, br m, 1889, by Clay— Lizzie 
Miiier, by St. Clair 2:2914 

Lillian, ch m, 1876, by Almont— Lilly 
Shields, by Cadmus 2:23 

LilUan D., br m. 1881, by Wilgus 
Ciay, dam by Edwards Cadmus.... 2:30 

Lillian Smith,' ch m, 1888, by Clay 
Duke, dam by Biightwood 2:2t) 

Lillian Wilkes, br m, 1886, by Guy 
Wilkes— Flora, by Langford 2:17% 

Llllis H., b m, 18&, by Chesterfield- 
Kate 2:23% 

Lilly, ch m, 186—, pedigree not traced.-2:26^^ 

Lilly B., b m, 1885, by Foster Palmer. 2:28V4 

Lilly O., blk m, 1880, by Dr. Herr— 
Mattie Clay, by Whip Clay 2:21% 

Lilly Dale, b m, 1877, by Alden Gold- 
smith—Queen of Meadow Lawn, by 
Goldsmith's Abdallah 2 :25U 

Lilly Dale, b m, 188— by Conductor,. 2:27Vj 

Lilly H., b m, 1886, by Nutwood- 
Lottie, by Sentinel 2:20 

Lillv Irwin, b m, 1876, by Virgo Ham- 
bfetonian— Lady Huggins, by Vol- 
unteer 2:30 

Lilly J., blk m, 1875,^y BaWd— . 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



speed, by Xlios. Jefl!e.«on 2:2oV^ < 

Lilly Kaiiii, b m, 188—, by Star of Uie i 

west 2.21%\ 

JLilly Lrtingtry, b in, 1877, by Mambrlno 
Hambleumian— Gream Mare, by Sen- 
eca Chief 2:23!4 I 

Lilly McOartby, ch m, 188-. by Dick 
Flaherty— Moille McCarthy 

Lilly Macii, b m. 1886, by Auctioneer 
Johnny— Uie Sue 

LtiUy^ Mor«land, b m, 1888, by Red 


2:24U . 
2:26V.i I 
2:2»V4 , 
2:25'^ ' 

Wilkes— Neva, by Squire l^alma^e 

Lilly g., ch m, 1890, by Keywood— 
Kittle S., by Dispatch 

L.iUy Kysdyk, ro m, 1882, by William 
Kysdyk— Curiosity, by Enquirer .... 

LilUy Shields, ch m. 18&~, Dy King's 
Oadmufi — Jane Shields, by Snow- I 

storm (Canadian) (dead) 2:2'JVi ' 

Ldlly D., g m, 188- bv Giltedge 2;28i(4 

LUly Stanley, b:- m, 1881, by mipple- , 

ton— Dolly McMann 2:17V4 I 

liimonero, b e, 1891, by Piedmont— I 

Lukmeer, by Electionee:*' 2:15^4 

Limber Jim, b g, 188— ,,by Alhambra. 2:30 I 

Lime Bullard, b g, 187— 2;30 

Limestone, b g, 1884, by The King- 
Curd Mare, by MarshaU 2:10V^ 

Linda, b m, 1882, by Volunteer Boy- 
Lady Franklin, by Em-eka 2:29V^ 

Linda Fister, br m, 1888, by Gam- 
betta Wilkes— Bess Wilkes, by Har- 
ry Wilkes 2:27% 

Linda Sprague, b m, 1881. by Gov. 
Sprague— Mary Coleman, oy Grey's 
Mambrlno CJhlef 2:17Vi 

Linden Wilkes, b s, 18&-, by Wood- 
ford Wilkes 2:25 

LtndJe, br s, 1886, by Pretender— 
Meta, by Idol Patchen 2:2(H4 

Llnkwood, br s, 1886, by Walsingham 
—Ermine, by Princeps 2:2UU 

Llnkwood Chief, ch 6» 1883, by Han- 
nis— Myrtle, by Norman D 2:18% 

Llnkwood Maid, ch m. 1883, by Tri- 
politan Chief— Mrs. Khoades 2:20 

Llmnont, b s, 1886, by Almont Med- 
ium— Livonia, by Almont 2:23M» 

Linnet, br m, 1888, by Electioneer- 
Lizzie Whips, by Enquirer 2:20'/i 

Llnnette, b m, 1883, by Onward— Josie 
Sellers, by Mambrlno Time 2:29V4 

Linnette. dn m, 1886, by Reveille- 
Nelly, by Jones AcuflC 2:28V4 

Linnie, b m, 1885, bv Egbert— Mary 
Cap, by Mambrlno T^me 2:25 

Linwood, b m, 1880, by Mercury— 
Stroud Mare 2:30 

Lion Moscow, eh s, 1890. by Musco- 
vite— Bpiphanie Girl ; . . 2 :21U 

Lisette, b m, 1887, by Laclede— 
Myrtle Herr, by Dr. Herr (dead) 2:22V4 

Liska, b m, 1889, by Electioneer- 
Lizzie, byWildldle 2:28Vi 

Lls9a, dn m, 1888, by Patchen Wilkes 
—Lady Shaw, by Rochester 

Lister, d g, 187—, by Almont— Mother 
Hubbard, by Johnston's Toronto.. 

Litchfield, ch s, 1887, by Mansfield- 
Heiress, by Alexander's Abdallah . 

Litta, b m, 1885, by Haw Patch— Mat- 
tie, by Bourbon Chief Jr 2:22 

Little Albert, ch g, 1884, by Albert 
W.— Star Mare, by Roach's Ameri- 
can 9t3ar 2:10 

Little Belle, b m, 1885, by Chestnut 
Hill Jr.— Fanny C, by Black Dia- 
mond 2:22Vj 

Little Belmont, b g, 1885, by Gratz's 


Edwin Forrest— Molly Gordon 2:30 

Little Ben. blk g, 187—, by Ben Mor- 
rill 2:28\4 

Little Betz, ro m, 1888, by John W. 
Daniel— Betz Springer, by Captain.. 2:23V« 

Little BUiy, b s, 1874, by Clear Grit— 
Moily, by Thombuin's Royal George 
(dead) 2:23i: 

Little BUiy, b g, 188—, by Antar 2:21^ 

Little Billy, b g, by William Irvin.... 2:a0 

LitUe Crocker, b g. 180(>, by WiU 
Crocker— Lady Inca, by Inca 2:a0 

Little Crow, blk s, 18U, by Recon- 
struction—Dolly Wright, by Sher- 
man Black Hawk ^ 2:28^ 

LltUe D., spt g 2:2aC 

Little Daisy, br m, 1871>. by French's 
Bashaw— Kate, by Magna of Avon. 2:20Vi 

Little Dan, b g, 188—. by Star Ethan.. 2:iy'A 

LitUe Dan, b g, I8i^, by Biackwood 
Chief 2:21^4 

Little Dick, b g, 1884, by The Banker, 
dam by Ohio 2:20U 

Little Dick, ch g, 1874^ by Holabird's 
Ethan Allen — Josie, by Goldd.op 
(dead) 2:24V4 

Little Ethan, b g, 1886, by Ashley's 
Ethan Alien, dam by Holabird's 
Ethan Allen 2:19Va 

LitUe Eva, b m, 1879, by Post's Ham- 
bletonian Prince— Kit, by Joe Bates. 2:20V4 

Little Frank, ch g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Little Frank, b g, 1883, by Ira Wilkes 
— Idlewild 2:25 

Little Frank, b g, 1880, by Swan- 
brough's Hambletonian Prince 2:30 

Little Frank, b g 2:27% 

Little Frank, b g, 1882. by Autocrat. . 2:241^ 

Little Fred, b g, 1860, by Diiigo (dead) 2:26% 

LitUe Fred, blk s, 1882, by Star of the 
West— Dolly 2:30 

Little Fred, b g, 187—, pedigree not 
traced 2 *ro 

Llttie Fred,* 'b ' g, * 186^,* 'by Eastman 
Morgan — Frederica, by Simpson's 
Blackbird T 2:20 

Little Gem, b g, 187—, by Henry B. 
Patchen 2:29i/a 

Little George, ch g, 188—, by Hurst 
& Thornton's Abdallah 2:25^ 

Little George, br g, 188—, by Morgan 
Wilkes 7... 2:27V4 

Little Gift, b s, 188—. by Fairy Gift.. 2:292 

Little Gipsy, b m, 186-, hZr Gray's 
Tom Hal 2:22 

Little Goldie, ch g, 1881. by Little 
Frank— Dolly G., by Golden Bow... 2:27 

Little Harry, ch g, 1878, by Young 
Banner, dam by Ballard's Oassius 
M. Clay Jr 2:20i>4 

Little BLarry, br s. 1885, by Potter's 
Hambletonian— Nelly, by IjCo 2:29^. 

Little Ida, b m, 188-, by Kentucky 
Prince 2:20V4 

Little Jake, ro g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:30 

Little Jersey, ch g, 1885, by Jersey 
Prince— Fanchon, by AJax 2:29^ 

Little Jim, b g, 188—, by Wlldbrino.. 2:23% 

Little Joe, br g, 1876, by Bob Hunter, 

dam by Fitzsimmons* St. Lawrence. 2:21% 
Little Joe, blk s, 1875, bv Joe Bates. . 2:25»4 
Little Johnny, b g, 188-, by High- 
land Jr. . 2:30 

Little Kahn, ch m, 188—, hv Salamon 2:27% 

Little Leo, blk g, 188—, by Leo 2:26% 

Little Longfellow, ch g, 186-, by Fly- 
ing Mo-gan (dead) .^ 2:29% 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



Little Mac, b s, 188—, hy Stone's Elec- 
tloik. 2:28 

Little Mack, br 6, 1867/ by McKim- 
min'fl Golnmbu»~01d Fly ,,. 2:28^ 

Little Mack, b g, 188-, by Harry 
Plummer 2:29*% 

Littie Mack Jr, b a, 188—, by Little 
Mack ; . . 2:2TVa 

LltUe Mag, b m, 188-, by Prince Or- 
loir 2:26 

Little Mary, ch m, 1868, by Billy 
Mn€rtapha 2:23 

Little Mat. b g, 1880, by Iron Duke- 
Maggie Anderson, by Itourke's Cad- 
mus 2:28% 

Little Maud, b m, 188—, by Patchen. . 2:263 

Little Mike, b g, 18»- ^, 2:24 

Little Mike, cb s, 1887, by Xmampion 
Prince— Nelly, by Gen. Bumside.... 2:23'/s 

LitUe Miss, b m. 1876, by Goldsmith's 
AbdaUab-Old Lady, by Oapt Walk- 
er 2:26V(j 

Little Nancy, rn m, 188—, by Henry 
O., dam by Macbeth 2:29 

little Ned, ch g, 1875, by Hotspur Jr. 
—Nell Johnson 2:29U 

Little Ned, br g, 1884, by Hampton- 
Nelly Green, by Greenes Bashaw. . . 2:2U% 

Little Nell, b m, 1881, by Jefferson 
Prince— Musa, by Hugo 2:19^ 

Little Nell, blk m, 18^, by Romulus 
—Polly Perkins, by Blue Bull 2:29% 

Littie Rock, b e, 1884, by Bullet (pac- 
ing record 2:26) 2:20Vi 

Little Sam, ch g. 186-, by Hall Horse 
—Concord Girl (deacO 2:29 

Little Sioux, b g, 1873, by Monitor— 
Bugenia, by Ben Roodhouse 2:221^ 

Little Saap, gr g, 1890, by Kellar 
Thoma»— Maud! M., by Crazy Nick 
Jr 2:17% 

Little Sport, gr g, 1884, "by Happy 
Thought, dam by Palmer's Norman. 2:25^4 

Little Tobe, b s, 188—, by Pamlico. . . 2:19% 

Little Thorne, b g, 1879, by Dauntless 
—Nannie Thome, by Hamlet 2:23% 

Little Tommy, b g. 187—, by Black- 
wood Jr 2:27V4 

Little Walter, b g, 187—, Vy Clarion 
Chief 2:29% 

Little Witch, ch m, 1884, by Ben 
Franklin — Grey Beesie, by Wood- 
stock 2:29 

Little Witch, gr m, 188—. by Director, 
dam by Capt. Hanford 2:27 

Little Wonder, gr g, 1885, by George 
B. Swan— Nellie Hackett, by 
Whalen's Grey Eagle 2:24% 

Little Wonder, ch g, 188—, by Star 
Ethan 2:24% 

Mttle Wonder, ch s. 1872, by Blue 
Bull— Polly, by Sovereign Glencoe . . 2:30 

Little Wonder, b s, 187—, by Tom 
Wonder, dam by May Day 2:30 

Little Wonder, ch g, 1879. by Ohlp- 
rcuok— Mag, by William's Magna 
Oharta ..:..... 2:27% 

Liva, b m, 188—, by Patchen Wilkes- 
Rosa, by Rochester 2:25% 

Live Oak Girl, b m, 188—. by Dead- 
wood 2:22% 

LlMle 2d, b m, V^i, by aYouble— 
Lizzie Craig, by Paragon Morgan. . 2:23% 

Lizzie Chapln, ch m, 188—, by Itai- 
peror William 2:30 

L zzette, ch m, by Chestnut .Toe 2 -.25 

Lizzie P., ch m, 1875, by Windsor, 
dam by St. Charles 2:27% 

Lizzie P., b m. 1887, by Elector, dam 
by Duke McOlellan 2:16^4 

Lizzie Gibson, b ui. 1884, by Gen. 
Stanton— Mattie, by Major Macon 
(dead) 2:29% 

Lizzie H.. b m, 1884. by Winooeki— 
Lady WalklU, by Walklll Chief 2:24% 

Lizzie H., b m, 1883, by Don RoUn- 
son— Novice, by Pisk's Mambrino 
Chief Jr 2:27% 

Lizzie H., b m, 1881, by Orange 
County— Bessie, by MIddletown .... 2:28% 

Lizzie Harold, b m, 1887. by Manetho 
-Belle Mambrino. by Ashland Chief ^:2m 

Uzzie K., ch m. 1882. by Deucalion- 
Emblem, by Minchin*8 Tom Moore. . 2:28^ 

Lizzie L., blk m, 1886, by Thomas 
Oarlyle— Clytie, by Young Cham- 
pion 2:27% 

Lizzie Lansing, b m 1889, by Prince- 
ton—Maud Stonestreet, by Conn's 
Harry Wilkes 2:22% 

Lizzie M., b m, 1873, by Thomas Jef- 
ferson—Queen Pin. by Legal Tender 
(dead) 2:20% 

Lizzie M., b m, 1885, by Nutwood— 
Luclna, by Cuyler 2:24 

Lizzie O., b m, 188—, by St. Gothard 2:27% 

Lizzie O'Brien, ch m, 187—, pedigree 
not traced ...2:23% 

Lizzie R., br m, 1877, by Mambrino 
Boy— Mia, by Cripple 2:23% 

Lizzie S.. br m, 18ife. by Iowa Chief 
—Blanche 2:22y4 

Lizzie S.. b m, 1883, by Honest Dick 
—Kit 2.30 

Lizzie S., blk m, 1886, by Wildfire 
-Kit 2:22% 

Lizzie S., b m, 1880, by Wild Wagon- 
er, dam by Poote'e Bellfounder.. 2:27% 

Lizzie Wilkes, blk m, 1880 by George 
Wilkes— Laura, by Joe Hooker 2:22')4 

L. L. C, b g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:28y4 

L. L. D.. b s, 1889, by Woodford 
WilkesH-China Wilkes, by Adrian 
Wilkes 2:24^4 

L. M. Wing, b s, 1887, by Glenyiew— 
Clayette. by O. B. Gould 2:26ri 

Loafer, ro g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:24% 

Loafer P.. b g, 18»-,- by Inspector . . 2:24% 

Lobaaco, b s, 1886, by Bgmont— Pleta 
Maid, by Gen. Hatch (dead) 2:10% 

Lobelia, ch m, 1887. by Alcazir— 
Malla. by Sir WalkiU 2:24% 

Lock Boy, br g, 188—, by Dorsey Gold- 
dust ..\...... 2:22% 

Lockheart, b s. 1886, by Nutwood— 
Rapldan, by Dictator 2:1S 

Locomotiye. ch g, 1887, by ipBen 
Wright— Clara Lincoln, by Mister- 
lode 2:29% 

Lodina, b m, 18<J0. by California- ^^ 
Belle of Lodi, by Antar 2:27% 

Logan ch s, 1860, by Wadleigh's 
Logan 2:28 

Logan B., br g, 1881. by Wlneman'e 
Logan— Madam Jenne, by Green's ^^^. 
Bashaw 2:22% 

Logan Chief, blk s, 1878, by I. J.— 
B^nny by Vennonter 2:23% 

Logan Grant, ch s, 1881. by Gen. 
Grant— Olive Logan, by Sage's Lo- 
gan 2:29 

Lohengrin, b g, 1882, by Echo— Vixen, ^ ^,, 
by George M. Patchen Jr 2:27«/t 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



I^la, ro m, 186--, by Kenyon'g Kemble 
Jackson Jr 2*^ 

Lula Anderson, b m, 18S— , 'by Wood- 
burn Hambletonian 2:29^ 

Lola D., b m, 1881 by Copperbot- 
tom Horse— Nettie, by Flying Bird.. 2:20% 

Lottie T., b m, 1872. by Vermont- 
Nance, by Red Fox 2:28i4 

Lompoc, B g, 188—, by Daji Rice .... 2:24^ 

Lona Quffin, b m, 1876. by Blue Bull 
—Queen Guffin, by Pete Quflln 2:23% 

Lonely Medium, b m, 188—. by Shan- 
non Medium 2:28 

I-one Star, b s, 1890, by Memento 
Wilkes— Golden Measure, by Golden 
Bow 2:2»% 

Londema Wilkes, Irm, 1891, by Ash- 
land Wilkee 2:26V4 

London, ch g, 1876, by Mambriuo < 

Patchen— Beckey, by Bdwln Forrest 2:20% I 

Longfellow, ch g, 18i7, by Whipple's 
Hambletonian— ReiFiere 2:^V4i 

Longfellow Whip, br s, 1877. by Ken- 
tucky Whip— Bessie Brown, by Bird 2:20y4 

Longford, b g, 1881, by Ohosroes— | 

Long Mary. Dy Derby's Bashaw ... 2:20^ i 

Long John, b g, 1884, by Mambrino 
Templar ;rr.— Nelly H 2:28% 

Lon M., blk g, 1879, by Bonnie Scot- 
land—Fanny Lee 2:30 : 

Lonsbury, b g. 188-. by Pickering ... 2:28^ 

Lookaway, b s, 1888, by Look— Rosa- 
lind, by Harry Clay 2:22% , 

Lookout, b g, 1881, by Arab, or Stan- 
ford .... 2:25 

Lookout, t» g, 1873, by Gen. Light- 
foot— Shoo Fly, bv Rising Sun ... 2:28% 

Loraneer, "b m, 1880, by Blectionee^- 
Lora, by Piedmont 2:26% 

liOra J., gr m, 1885, by Gloster, dam 
by Fred 2:19% 

Lord Brino, blk e, 1880, by Wood- 
brino-FllrtiUa, by Ballard 2:25% 

Lord Byron, b s, 1885. by Gen. Ben- 
ton— May Day, by Wlssahickon 2:17 

Lord Caflfrey, blk s, 1887. by Charles 
Oaffrey — ^Pat«»y, by Brougham 2:21*4 

Lord Clinton, blk g, 1885,, by Denning 
Allen-Fanny 2:08% 

Lord Nelson, b a, 1882, by Wellington 
-MisK McT^eod, by aolbert Colt .. 2:26% 

Lord Nelson, b s, 188 - by Bashnw. . 2:29% 

Lord Palm, b s, 1886, by Mambriuo 
Startl»>— T^ady Palm, by Thon'as "'-f- 
ferH>n 2:29% 

Lord Shelburne, b s, 1890. by Home- 
8tead-~Si«ter, by Holablrd's Bthan 
Allen 2:19 

Lord Stanley, br e, 1880. by Nephew 
— Susctte, by Bloctioueer 2:28% 

Lorella, b m, 1888, by Jerome Bddy— 
Nanny Payne, by Homer 2:30 

Lorena, blk m. 1887, by Jim Mulvenna 
— Blmorene, by Elmo 2:30 

Loretta. ch m. 1881, by Strathmore— 
Blla, by Cripple 2:30 

Ix)retta, b m, 187—, pedigree not 
traced 2:29% 

Loretta B., b ra, 18S— , by Greenbacks 2:28 

Loretta .F.. b m, 1877. by Hamlet- 
Lady Grayson, hy Col. Grayson.. 2:18% 

Lorita. ch m. 1883 by Piedmont— 

^Lady Lowell, by Shootz's St. Clair 2:22% 

Loma Doone. b m, 1884, by Hambrino 
Star— Vexation, by Belmont Prince. . 2:24% 

Lorodv. ch s. 1884, by Harold— Nata, 

^ by Woodford Mambrino 2:24% 

Los Angeles, b «. IdW. by Woodlark 2:28% 

, Lothair, blk s, 1867, by Gllbreth 

I Knox- Bunker Mare, by Baton Horse 2:29% 

I Lothair Jr., b s, 1877, by I-othair- 

Topsy, by Young Drew , 2:30 

; Lot Slocum, b g, 1882, by Blectioneer 

I — Glencora, by Mohawk Chief 2:17% 

; Lotta. b m, 1877. by Florida— Kate 

Porter, by Daniel Lambert 2:24% 

! Lotta Prall, b m, 1875, by Mambrino 
, Patchen— Puee PraU, by Mark Time 2:28% 
Lottery, gr g, 186—^ by Bysdyk's 

Hambletonian— Jane Murray 2:27 

Lottery Ticket, b a, 1887, by Dexter 
Prince— Bmma Nutwood, by Nut- 
wood 2:19% 

, Lottie, blk m, 1890, by Luminator, 

dam by Atlantic 2:25^4 

Lottie, b m, 188—, by Thompson 2:21 

I Lottie, b m, 1870, by Potter^s Foxhun- 

I ter 2:29% 

Lottie, br m, 1866, by Rysdyk'a Ham- 
bletonian— Molly, by Long Island 

Black Hawk 2:28 

Lottie C. b m, 1879, by Seneca 
Chief— Rosalind, by Strader's Oas- 

slus M. Olay Jr 2:29% 

Lottie B., br m, 1892, by San Diego— 

Flcia B., by Whinpleton 2:26% 

Lottie B., b m, 1890, by Blind Tom— 

Nelly 2:2^% 

Lottie G., b m, J8S-. by Gibraltar . . . 2:26% 
: Lottie K., b ra, 187—, by American 
Emperor Jr.— Lady Konkle, by Het- 

zel's Hambletonian 2:27 

I liOttie K., gr m, 1879, bv Squire Tal- 
' mage— Varina, by Stradeo-'s Oas- 

I sius M. Cl.iy Jr 2:26% 

Lottie M., b ra, 187-, by Nephew— 

I Lucy, by Chieftain 2:24 

! Lottie Moore, b ra, 1890, by Red 
Wilkes— Lady Backman, by Ken- 
tucky Prince 2:29% 

; Lottie P., b m, 183- by Volney .. 2:30 
I Lottie Thorn, b m, 1879, by Mambrino 
Patchen— Lady Ayres, by Redmon's 

Abdallah 2:23% 

Lottie W.. b m, 188a by Qark Chief- 
tain— Judea, by Mambrino Archy ..2:21 
Lottie Williams, b ra. 1887, by Pilot 

Medium, dam by Jefferson Mambriuo 2:27 
Lottie Woodruff, b m, 188—, pedigree 

not traced 2:28% 

Lou, b m. 1890, by Ira- Blectra, by 

Newland*8 Hambletonian 2:27 

Lou Edsall, ch ra, 188—, by Bdsall 

Star 2:26 

Louetta, b m, 187—, by Romulus— 

Pickelominla, by Bashaw Drury .. 2:24% 
Lou Gates, b m, 1880, by Al West- 
Dolly Bruce, by Robert Bruce 2:29% 

Loughran W., br g, 1887, by Newton s 

AUle Wilkes— Belle of Peru 2:17% 

Louie C, b g, 188—. by George Milo 2:28% 
Louisa Almont, br m, by Bostick's AI- 

mont Jr.- Lady Blla 2:25 

Louis D., b g, 187—. by King William 2:2*% 
Louise, b m, 1873, by Volunteer, dam 

by Ethan Allen 2:29% 

Louise, blk ra 2:28 

Louise B.. b ra, 1887, by Young Ful- 

lerton— Stella, by Blackstone 2:29% 

Louise Kellogg, b m, 188—, by AI- 

raont Star 2:27V4 

Louise Macey. b m, 1887, by Thomas 

K.— Lucy Avent, by PeaTlne 2:27% 

Louise N., b m. 187—, by Alpine- 
Little One, by Columbus 2:20% 

Louise Watt, blk m, 1891, by; Wal- 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Ringbam 2 :27 

Louis Owosso, b s, 1885, by Louis Na- 
poleon— Mambrlno Babe, by Mam- 

brino Gift 2:25 

LouLs P., b g, 1882, by Pickering- 
Lady Pierson, by Happy Medium .. 2:21V4 
Louis P., b 8, 1885, by Charles Caffrey 

—Julia, by Happy Medium 2:29>4 

Louis R.. b g, 1879, by Louis Na- 
poleon— Mambrlno Girl, by FIsk's 

Mambrlno Chief Jr 2:26»4 

I^uis S.. oh g, 1880, by Bashaw Pi- ^ 

lot— Belle, by Honest John 2:26yi 

Loul^ T.. blk g, 1884, by Mambrlno 

Bov— Orkket, by Cuyler 2:30 

Louis Victor, ch g^ 1880, by Tusca- 
rora King— May Bloom, by Black- 
wood Patchen 2:23=)4 

Louisville, blk s, 1888, by Green- 
lander— Helen walker, by Pilot 

Mambrlno 2:19-% 

Louniont. b m, 1889, by Tremont— 

Luciel Campbell, by Louis Napoleon 2:23V4 
Lou Scott, b m, 1887, by Scott Chief— ' 

Maud, by Rob Boy 2:29'>4 

liou Sprague, blk m, 1878, by Got. 

Sprague— Lance, by Lance 2:27^ t 

Lou Whipple, br m, 1869, by Whip- 
ple's Ilambletonian— Lady Hibbard 2:28% 
I^u White, ch g, 1883, by Raven 

Golddust- Nelly 2:21 V4 

Lou Wilkes, blk m 1880, by Sable 
Wilkes— Hinda Wllkee, by Guy 

Wilke« 2:19)4 

Lovelace, br s, 1891, by Egotist— Cre- 

pon. by Prlnceps 2 :20 

Lovell, blk s, 1886, by Walsingham— 

Lo-ette, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian. 2:26V4 
Lowland Girl, b m, 1877, by Legal 

Tender Jr.— Fanny, by Blue Bull 2-AdVi 

Lowland Marv, ro m, 1875, by Conk- 
lin*9 AmerioEui Star, dam by George 

M. Patchen 2:25 

Lroyaleer, b s, 1887, by Woolsev— Lady 

Dooley, by McCrackin's Black Hawk 2:30 
Loyalty, b m, 1880, by Harry Vane- 
Belle Thorn, by Strader's Cassius 

M. Clav Jr 2:27 

L. R., b g, 1885, by Coriander— Mi- 
nerva, by Fisher's Mohawk 2:27/4 

Lnby, ch s, 1886, by Post Boy, dam by 

Kentucky Prince 2:20 

Lucca, b m, 1866, by De Long's Ethan 
Allen— Boston Queen, by Tliupston's 

Black Hawk 2:30 

Lucetta, b m, 1886, by Victor Bis- 
marck — Lady Wilkes, by Bourbon 

Wilkes 2:22U 

Lncilla, br m, 1880, by Nephew— Lu- 

clnda, by Gen. McClellan 2:28V4 

Lucille, b m, 1869, by Exchequer— 

Fanny ,,,,. 2:21 

Lupillf'. Ml m. 1SR— hv I'Hsaeafl.. 2:29V4 

Lurlllf, Vilk in. ISS— , by Dpxter Prince 2:26 
Luf ])h- (^^Ijtniist. h m, I&jO, hv fi old- 
dust diim by Balil TToniftt ^defirl^... 2:16U 
Lucillo'ft Bnhv, b m. 13H0, by I'Hn- 

CcpH-Lncillft GaUlrtust. by noldrliist 2:20Vi 
LucluEi, b* ni, 1884, bv ^rrento— 

Mary, by Darkey * 2:29U 

hnokv B., br h. Ism, by Prom pier— 

Jfwie R. bv Bedonln 2:20^2 

Ltn'ky BiiMwJn, b g, 18.^-, by Pit'ott's _ 

(Thief 2:22 

Liivlcv Balflwln, nh g, 188—. by Beneca 

Priuhfin ..,...., 2:24 

Liu'ltv Bf>y. h (T. 1^2, by Highland 
rriiUf-Yflnslo. by !f!™t^nel...* 2:29 

Lucky Jim, blk g, 1883, by IMpton— 

Princess, by Rattler Jr 2:W/i 

Lucre, b s, 188- 2:23Vi 

Lucrece, b m, 1876, by Robert Whaley 

—Jenny 2:23U 

Lucretia, b m, 188^, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr.- Louisa, by Hamlin Patch- 
en 2.2i) 

Lucy, b m, 1857. by George M. 
Patchen— Lady Clifton, by May Day 

(dead) 2:18Vi 

Lucy, b m, 1874, by Felter's Hamble- 
tonian — Dolly Varden, by Hiatoga 

Johnny 2:2GJ^ 

Lucy, blk m, 187—, by Royal Revenge, 

dam by Harkaway (dead) 2:20^4 

Lucy A., b m, 1887, by "King Rene- 
Yellow Dock, by Clark's Mohawk Jr 2:30 
Lucy Abbott, ch m, 1884, by Abbotts- 

ford— Peggy, by Don Jnan 2:2r>V4 

Lucy B., b m, 1^8-, by Gipsy Boy.... 2:22 
Lucy B., b m, 1888, by Alexander But- 
ton—Lucy 2:17^ 

Lucy B., b m, 188—, by RicJhmond 

Chief ,.. 2:27 

Lucy C, ch m, 187—, by Hotspur- 
Lady Clara, by Marshal Ney 2:30 

Lucy C, b m, 1*886, by American Boy 
— wancy O., by son "of Green Moun- 
tain Morgan 2:30 

Lucy Cooper, gr m, 1886, by Favorite 

Wllkes^Lucy Moore, by Sterling. ... 2:30 
Lucy Fleming, ch m, 1871, by Pea vine 
—Lizzie Bnnke:-, by Brinker's Dren- 

non ■ 2:24U 

Lucy Fry, b m, 1876, by Blue Bull—. 
Kitty Bates, by Jim Monroe (dead). . 2:20% 

Lucy k., b m, 18&-, by Henry F 2:25 

Lucy Hayes, ch m, 1886, by Scotch 

Prince— Stella 2:2i)-*)4 

Lucy K., ch m, 1886, bv Guilford Boy 

—Silver Belle, by King Patchen 2:25V^ 

Lucy M., cr m, 1882, by Louis R 2:20Vi 

Lucy Macey, b m, 1884, by Macey— 

Reddy, by Alleghany Boy 2:20Vt 

Lucy May, b m, 1886, by Havoc— Blva, 

by Christopher H 2:17 

Lucyneer, b m, 1888, by Electioneer— 

Lucy :.. 2:27 

Lucy P., br m, 1882, by Henry S.— 

Polly ■ 2:27^2 

Lucy Page, gr m, 187—, by Rex Hia- 
toga 2:29!^ 

Lucy Pancoast, ch m, 1888, by Pan- 
coast— Lucia, by Jay Gould 2:29 

Lucy R., blk m, 188—, pedigree not 

faced 2:27'A 

Lucy R.. b m, 1886, by Sultan— Lady 

Mackay, by Silverthreads 2:18^4 

Lucy W., blk m, 1881, by Ambassador 
— J'ulla Anderson, by Highland Mor- 
gan 2:2oV4 

Lncv W., b m. 188—, by Arthur 

Wilkes, dam by Singleton 2:28V^ 

Lucy W.. b m, 1888, by Chief Med- ^^^. 

ium, dam by Magna Charta 2:27y4 

Lucy Walter, b m, 1879, by Sir Wal- ^ _ 

ter— Senorita, by Sentinel 2:29 

Luella, b m, 1875, by Ohickamauga— 

Dart, by Trojan 2:21% 

Luella Cllly, b m, 188—, by Montgom- 

e-T 2:30 

Lugano, b s, 1889, by Rumor— Lucia, 

by Jay Gould (dead) 2:21«54 

Lula, br m, 1864, by Alexander's Nor- 
man—Kate Crocket, by imp. Hooton 

(dead) 2:15 

t Lula B., b m, 1885, by Betterton— ^ ^ 
; Kate, by Gladiator 2:20 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Lula F., b m, 187—, by Ericsson— 
Mai*y Messenger, by Downing's Bay 

Lnia Hambletonlan, b m, 1877, by Mc- 
Curdy's Hambletonlan— Sue MeCnrdy 

Lnlie C, b m, 1886, by Nutwood- 
Lottie, by Sentinel 

Liilo, bik m, 188— by Atlantic, dam 
by St. Omer s- 

Lulu, b m, 188— , by Bayonne Prince, 
dam by Blue Medium 

Lulu B., b m, 1885, by Baaaett M.— 
Lucinda, by Haw Fatch 

Lulu By b m, 1880, by Lo^iis Napo- 
leon— Libbie 

Lulu CX, b m, 1880, by Alcona— Mother 
Tayloi", by (Jen. Taylor 

Lulu F., b m, 188—, by Ohrlstmas. 
- 18'/4. by r 

Lulu H., er 
eral— Vickey 

Quaker Gen- 

Lulu Judd, blk m. 1878, by Royal 
Duke — Moscow Belle, by Field's 
Royal George 

Lulu Wilkes, b m, 1800, by Onward- 
Lulu Harold, by Harold 

Lump, bIk s, 188—, by Ruby 

Lumps, br s, 1875, by George Wilkes 
—Mother Lumps, by Pearsall 

Lulu P., b m, 1880, by Sankey 

Lulu Stanton, b m, 188—, by Gen. 

Lumpson, br s, 188—, by Lumps 

liUmpwood, b s, 1890, by Oedarwood— 
At)6inthe, by Lumps 

Luna, b m, 1887. by Phallamont, dam 
by Tyler's Paichen 

Luner, b m, 188—, by Beamer 

Lunette, b m, 18S6, by Lumps— Lady 
K., by G^n. George H. Thomas 

Lurline, blk m, 188— by Dexter 

Lurline, br m, 1888, by Paramount- 
Flash, by Hambletonlan Bashaw. . . . 

Lustre, b e, 1888, by Fallis—Patti, by 

Luzelle, b m, 1890, by Patron— Rachel 
Ray, by Overstreet Wilkes 

Ltteeme, b g, 1879, by Gen. Washing- 
tour— Martha Nutwood, by Hamlet . . 

Lycurgus, b e, 1884, by Abe.xieen— 
Zoette, by Almont Prince. .... 

Lycurgus, br s, 188—, by Lumps 














Lydi blk m, 1800, by Joe You See- 
Idyl, by Ohadwick 

Lydia C, b m, 1886, by Bay Rose- 
Lofty, by Algon>a 

Ly^a Thompson, b m, 1861, by Wild 
Wagoner, dam by Saladin 

Lyman, dn g, 1871, by Bay Chief, dam 
'— '" adla ' 

by Canadian Redbuck 

Lynde, ch m, 188—, pedigree not 

Lyndon, ch V 1S84, by Egbert— Nelly 
Stout, by Mambrino Time 

l^yndon Boy, blk g, 1884, by Black 
Morrill— Rundel Mare 

Lynne Bel, blk s, 1890, by St. Bel— 
Vashtl, by Baronne Prince 

LjTiette, b m. 1887, by Lynwood— Lady 
Belle, by Skenandoah 

Lynn 9p!«gue, blk m, 1884, by Gover- 
nor Sprague — Windom Belle, by 
Mambrino Foster 

L>nn W., blk g, 1879, by Sponseller 
Tucfcahoe— Topsy. \yv RoUman Horse 

Lynwood. gr s, 1879. by Clinker— 

^ Belton Mlaid, by Stuart tindley 

Lynwood, b s. 1890, by Guy Wilkes, 
dnm. by Sultan Jr 





















Lynnwood, b e, 1888, by Look— Flirt, 
by Balrd's Hambletonlan Prince.... 2:27^,4 

L^x, b» g, 1885, by Lexington Chief 
Jr. (dead) 2:28 

Lyra, blk m. 1877, by Antenoiv-Morn- 
ing Star, by Peacemaker 2:28% 

Lyric, b m, 1881, by Launcelot— Lyre, 
by Arthurton 2:26V4 

Lysander Boy, ch g, 1870, by I^san- 
der, dam by Wme Creek Black 
Hawk 2:20)4 

McOurdy Jr.. Wk s, 188-, by Mc- 
Curdy^s HambletODian 2:30 

Mab, blk m. 1885, by Defiance— Queon, 
by Republic 2:21 

Mabel A., ch m, 1881, by Attorney— 
Sally, by Tramp 2:23' » 

Mabel C, b m, 188—, by Gloster 2:25U 

Mabel F., zr m, 1880, by Monahan's 
Patchen— Blue Bell, by Harry Bluff. 2:29'4 

Mabel H., b m, 1888, by Alexaude:- 
Button— Winnie, by Dietz's St, Clair. 2:17':* 

Mabel H., ch m, 1879, by Col. West- 
Nelly Gray, by White Mountain Jr.. 2:2C 

Mabel H., blk m, 188—, by Lambert 
Chief 2:2214 

Mabel M., b m, 1882, by Athlete 2:30 

Mabel Mack, b m, 18^, by Sweep- 
stakes — Lady Bowman, by Star 
Mambrino 2:25 

Mabel Mack, blk m, 18&-, by son of 
Gen. Knox 2:29% 

Mabel Parmeter, br m, 1883, by Ham- 
bletonlan Gift ; 2:29'.j 

Mabel R., br m, 1883, by Deceive— 
Old Frankle, by Trojan 2:27% 

Mabelle, cU m, 1SSM3, by Bettertwn— 
Queen SweepatakeB. hy Swt'tp^takes 2:25V'. 

Mabel S., b m, IE SI. by Liia^lmnrk, 
dam by Niagara Chnmpiou. ......... 2:22Vi 

Mabel W., br m. 1S8-, by Thouplit. . 2:27;4 

Maby, b m, im% by Oxfo-tl Boy- 
Lady Ma\\ by Mflrahnl Ney . » . , 2:16U 

Mac Ivor, br a, 18.S9. by Marry Fl'Stn- 
mer— Trixov, bi? D-MirFil!r>ti ., , , ..2:27 

M>ac. du L- ^ ''■'^" '■" ^y-" ^j- 'ill 
Fall .,..'. 2:26i4 

Mack, br g, 1843, by Morgan Oaesai*, 
dam by Bush Messenger 2 :2S 

Mack, b s, 1885, by Thought— Topsey, 
by Billy Ring 2:20V-. 

Macleay, blk s, 1889, by Sable WUkes 
—Mamie Comet, by Nutwood (pacing 
2:29^) 2:22V4 

McClelland Stewart, b g, 188—, by Di- 
rector 2:29V4 

McAlister, b g, 1883, by Black's Ham- 
bletonlan— Katie James, by Waterloo 2:24^; 

McAllister, b a, 1885, by Egbert- 
Laura, by Billy Adams 2:27 

McCready, blk s. 1882, by Arnold — 
Mattie Stockbrldge, by Stockbridge 
Chief Jr 2:20% 

McCuUough, ch s, 1887, by Robert 
McGregor— Laura, by Joe Hooker. . . 2:30 

Mac D., ch s, 1883, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor—Gipsy 2:30 

McDoel (Sedalla Boy), ch g, 188—, by 
Pred— Pony 2:15U 

McDuflf, b g, 1885, by Fergus Mc- 
Gregor—Judy O'Can, by Evan Dhu. . 2:23 

McDuff, b g, 1887, by Buying Hiatoga 

jp...... : :......:.. ...?:. 2:22^4 

McEttree, b e, 188—, hy Martlne 2:24V4 

McBwen. ch s, 1885, by MeCuTdy's 
Hambletonlan — Mary M., by Bass- 

Inger 2:18i4 

McFarland. br s. 1881, by Charles 
Caflfroy— Eva. by Tlppo Basji^w . . 2:29^4 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



McGlnty, br e, 1889, by Inveterate— 
NeUj, by John A. Rawlins 2:2^ 

McGlnty, b g, 188r-. by Jim Mul- 
venna 2:26 

McGlnty 2:2(H4 

McGlynn, br g, 188—, by Blsliop 2:25 

McGregor (Hood's), cli s, 1888, by 
Robert McGregor— Saily Denmark, 
by Star Denmark 2:26% 

McGregor Boy, cli s, 1880, by Robert 
McGregor— Lydda. by Romulus 2:29^ 

McGregor Time, ch s, 1888, by Rob- 
ert McGregor— Ollie Stoat, by Mam- 
brino Time 2:30 

McGregor Wilkes, b s, 1887, by Rob- 
ert McGregor— Dewey Bve, by 
George Wilkes 2:27yi 

^IcGregor Wilkes, ch e, 1887, by Rob- 
ert McGregor— Alice Wilkes, by Red 
Wilkes , 2:21 

N[cGuire, 'b'V,*Yg88*, by 'Egbert— Sue ' ' 
Monday, by Tattler Jr 2:20V3 

Mcintosh, b s, 1885, by Mountain Boy i 

—Sister Oawley, by Northrup's Rat- I 

tier 2:27«^| 

McKean, b s^ 1883, by Volunteer- 
Black Meg, by Kentucky Prince . . 2:27% i 

McKee, b g. 188-, by Calamity Dick 2:30 

McKelvey, ch s. 1884, by McGregor 
Jr.— Fanny, by Strathmore 2:29i/4 

McKenna, b g, 188—, 2:29^ 

McKenzie, gr g, 187—, by Antenor— 
Silver Islet, by Tonng Columbus... 2:25^ i 

McKinney, b e, 1887, by Alcyone- 
Rosa Sprague, by Gov. Sprague ... 2:11!4 

McKinney Belle, ch m, 188—. by Bel- | 

mont Chief 2:29Va I 

McKuslck, b s, 1885. by Olympus- 
Lady Burns, by Bum's Trotting i 
Childers 2:261i I 

McLane, g s. 1889, by Pilot Medium i 

—Stella Paddock, by Magna Charta 2:28% ! 

McLeod, b g, 1877, by Mambrino Blit- I 

zen-^enny Bryan, by John Dillard 2:21^ 

McLeod, ch s, 1879. by Saturn— 
Biadge, by Vermont Hero 2:19% 

Maclure. blk g, 1871, by Messenger 
Duroc— Nelly Wilmarth, by Raven . . 2:30 

McMahon. br s. 1876, by Administra- 
tor— Mattle West, by Almont 2:21 

McMillan, oh g, 1883, by Kensington 
—Lizzie Stillson, by Stillson 2:29% 

McMinnville Maid, blk m. 1888. by Al- 
tamont— Hblly^ood, by lBam,ble- . 
tonian Mambrino 2:22 

McMnllen Boy, br g, 188—, by Sweep- 
stakes 2:29'/4 

McMyatt, eh s. 1885, by Ben Frank- 
!fn— MTfitt^ hv De Lon^'n iCthrm Al- 
len , 2:25% 

MpYal*^, ch ^ "I88S. \iy M^'Curdy's 
Hamhletnnlnn— Fernvnip, hv T!nfleld 2:29 

MoVern. li s, lflSf>. by Tnlavera, dam 
by MoMnlinn . .** 2:21^4 

McZenp, hr a, 1R!>1, hv M (^Kinney- 
Grnc?e Ktileter. by K Riper 2:29% 

Mfloarnon, !i s. 1S30, bT ^[c€nrdy's 
Ham'hlerrhntnn— SiiBfe O , i>\* Soir>Io 2:21% 

Madawrtpkti MaM, fh m. 18*S, pedi- 
prpp not trntfod fdffifl) 2:29% 

ilfld<*l^na > m. IRTH, hv Kysdvk's 
HftrrjbTotfinlnn— Naiit'T Whitman* by 
flep!Tr*s Amerlcnn f^tar 2:23*4 

MHf! Fyp. rh a. T8S6, liy Frimt^e's Allie 
Wlfkpe— Mpff, \iy Rlr JJi^rtvy 2:26% 

MadcTt^ D,. h m. iR82 br Cflce'.H Dave 
Htll— Kfitt* C. by TotinET Waxey ... 2:30 

Mfldff^ T."nllprJ/iti. l> in ISfi— br 

Young FuUerton— Lucy, by Big Dan 2:30 

Madge Hatton, br m, 1885, by Glen- 
coe Jr.— May Waddle 2:17V4 

Madge Wilkes, ch m, 1890, by Victor 
Wilkes— Nelly Lambert, by Daniel 
Lambert 2:21?4 

Madison, b a, 1887, by Leland— Young 
Gypsy, by Mambrino Pilot 2:24 

Madison Chief, b s, 1888, by Madison 
Wilkes— Fanny Mambrino, by Har- 
ris* Mambrino Chief 2:21^ 

Madison Wilkes, b s, 1878, by George 
Wilkes— Minna, by Red Jacket 2:24% 

Madras, b g, 188—, by Madrid 2:252 

Mad River Belle, b m, 188— by King 
of Belalr : 2:29^ 

Madwood, b s, 1887, by Nutwood- 
Ella Madden, by Rysdyk*s Hamble- 
tonian 2:20V4 

Maestro, blk s, 1889, by Rumor- 
Bangle, by Slander 2:29^ 

Magdalene, b m, 1890, by Bermuda- 
Maggie C., by Hailstorm 2:20 

Magdallah, ch m. 1873, by Primus— 
Maud, by Mambrino Rattler 2:23^ 

Magenta, b m, 1870, by Woodford 
Mambrino— Madge, by Alexander's 
Abdallah 2:24% 

Maggie, ch m, 1891, by Jerome Heath 
—Maggie, by Bdmoie 2:29^ 

Maggie, b m, 18&— , by Dexter Prince 2:20 

Maggie B.. blk m., 1880. by Shelb/- 
ville Chief— Buck, by Red Buck .... 2:20 

Maggie B., b m, 1885, by White Line 
Jr.-Ianthe, by Oc*»ana Chief 2:26 

Maggie Briggs, b m, 1869, by Ameri- 
can Clay— Jenny Morgan, by Seba.s- 
tapol 2:27 

Maggie C, b m, 187— by Whipple's 
Hambletonian, dam by Bldred 2:25 

Maggie C, b m, 18S0, by Joe Hoaper 
— Pattie, by Bush's Messenger .... 2:27iA 

Maggie C, ch m, 1879. by St. AJmo 
Puss, by Jehu Morgan 2:29% 

Maggie O., br m, 188—, by Gen. Stan- 
ton 2:29^ 

Maggie Campbell, br m, 188—, by 
Pamlico 2:251^ 

Maggie Dot, b m, 188—. by Tornado 2:24% 

Maggie B., b m, 1880, by Nutwood- 
May, by George M. Patchen Jr. ... 2:10»4 

Maggie F., b m, 1876 by Menelaus— 
Molly King, by Yorkshire Lexington 2:27 

Maggie F., b m, 1873, by Newry— 
Flora 2:26 

Maggie F.. b m, 1882, by Young Jim 
—Molly, by Young Diamond 2:22% 

Maggie G. Middleton, b m, 1879. by 
Bay Middleton— Gyp, by Magna 
Charta 2:20% 

Maggie H., gr m, 1876, by Iron Duke 
-Jordan, by Stonewall 2:28U 

Maggie H., b m, 188—, by Nero 2:27i4 

Maggie H., b m 2:24 

Maggie H. b m, 1885, by Barney 
WIlkes-Alice 2:28^ 

Maggie K.. br m, 1874, by Brown 

Chief -Doll Burger, by Myer's Fox- , 

hunter 2M 

Maggie K.. b m. 188—, by Deceiver. . 2:26 

Mnegle Kevin, b ra, 1879, by Star of 
the Wost— Kit Kevin, by Wadding- 
ton's Sampson 2:25v^ 

Magfirie Knox, ch m, 1877, by Oceana 
Chief— i.Iolly Bawn, by Sir Henry . . 2:24>4 

Motrjr^o Lambert, br m. 1876, by 
Daniel Lambert— Brown Fanny, by ^ ^., 
Young Black Hawk 2:25% 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Ml8«gie L.e^vi^, bdk m, 1887, .by 
eiirauirer— Ireue Fell, by Maxubriuo 
Abaailaii 2:28^ 

Maggie M., blk m, i86». by Patrick 
Ueury, dam by Friiice Moscow... « 2:27^ 

Haggle M., b ixi, 1881, by Jcbn Rrigbt 2:28^ 

Jilug^io May, b m, 1881, by Yoluutcer 
— ijizzie K., by ibnigraiic 2:29^ 

Maggie MUier, br m, 1878. by Harry 
IQiox, a&m by Bay State 2:26>^ 

Maggie Miner, br m, 188—, by Audi- 
tor 2:29 

Maggie MitclieU, br m, 1882, by O. 
W. Mitchell— Pearsall Mare, by 
Pearsaii (dead) 2:21^ 

Maggie Mouroe, b m, 1885. by Monaco 
— tuuny Mouroe. by Jim Momoe^. 2:2(H4 

Maggie Morrill, cb m. 1876, by 
Cbailey B.— Maggie L<ee 2:29^ 

Maggie N*, cli m, 188(5, by Oupid— 
Dock 2:16% 

Maggie S., b iu, 187— by Kolaod 2'JiO 

Maggie S., bik m, ISO—, peaigree not 
Uaced (dead) 2:26V^ 

Maggie 8., b m, 1881), by iSiiawmut— 
Maggie H., by Homer 2:29 

Maggie Slierman, ch m, 1888, by 
Alexander H. Sherman— Bernice, by 
Snuser's Moha^vk 2:16^ 

M>a4{gie'a Liast, b m, 188—, Pappalee 
-Maggie ..; 2:28i4 

Maggie Sprague, b m, 1889, by Bolton 
Sprague— Kittie, by Young Wofui.. 2:29V4 

Maggie Sultan, br m, 1887, by Sultan 
Maggie Prcscott. by Jim Monroe ..2:30 

Maggie T., b m, 1884, by St. Charles 
-Maggie 2d, by Tom Patchen 2:18^ 

Maggie Wilkeewood, b m, 1888, by 
Wiikeswood— Maggie, by Magna 
OhaitA 2:28 

Maggie Wilton, b m, 1891, by Wilton, 
Uam by Homer 2:28)^ 

Maggie WUton, b m, 1887, by Wilton 
—Maggie Preacot, by Jim Monroe . . 2:80 

Maggie v\ right, ch m, 1885, by Silas 
Wright— Maggie Gift, by Mambrino 
Gift 2:221/^ 

Magic, bik g, 1874, by Jim Fisk. dam 
by Sam Slick 2:25^ 

Magic Wilkes, b s. 1885, by Onward 
—Santa Olaus, by Magic 2:29^ 

Magua Medium, br s, 1889, by Chief 
Medium— Gyp, by Magna Charta .. 2:24% 

Magna Sphinx, b s, 1890, by Sphinx— 
BelTa Ann. by Magna Charta 2:29 

Magna Wilkes, b g. 1880, by George 
Wilkes— Molly, by Magua Charta.. 2:23!^ 

Magnet, b s, 1875, by Magnolia— Mis- 
chief, by Alexander'ji Abdallan 

J<iead) 2:27^ 

Magnetta, b m, 1888, by Cornelian- 
Magnet, by Strathmore 2:21Va 

MagnoUa, b m, 1887, by Haw Patch 
—Mag, by Bourbon Chief Jr 2:09^ 

Magnolia, gr g, 186—, by MagnoUa. . 2:26^ 

Magnoma, blk m, 1886, by Alhambra 
Chief— Nettie Forrest, by Forrest 

M«ha&^ ' blk' 'ii, ' l&r* ' by* 'Cycione^ 

Madam Beatty, by Monroe Chief 2:19% 

Mahaska, b s, 1887, by Advance- 

Bav SaUy, by Corsair 2:25 

M^ron, blk 8, 1888. by Alcantara- 

±»ianche Jefferson, by Thoma« Jef- 

J^«*8^n 2:13% 

M^pgany b s, 1889, by Bayonne 

Prince-Sandal, by Jay Gould 2:12^ 

Mah .met, b 0, 188-, by Mambrino 

Clay Jr., dam by son of Planet . . 2:20 

Mahomet, b g, lij8— , by Constella- 
tion 2:28V4 

Maiden, b m, 1884, by Blectioneer— 
May Queen, by Alexander'^} >iorman 2:2a 

Maid of Monti, b m, 1871, by Comet— 
ALontl 2:iS8 

Maid of Oaks, ch m. 1880, by Duke 
McClellan— Oregon Nell 2:23 

Maid of the Wilderness, br m, 1888, by 
Sherman Aristos— Siivertaii, by Had- 
win Horse 2:25% 

Maidstone, b m, 188—, by John B. 
itysuyk 2'JiO 

Majelia, b m, 1886» by Counsellor— 
Alcalde 2:29 

Majester, b s, 188-, by Sterling .... 2:24 

Majolica, b g, 1876^ by Startle-Jessie 
Kirk, by uiark Chief 2:15 

Major, gr g, 1876. by Gten. Putnam- 
Kate, by Flying doud Jr. 2:24% 

Major, b s, 1888» by Don McGregor, 
dam by Fleetfoot 2:11 

Major, b g, 188,— pedigree not traced 2:26^ 

Major, ch u, 1890, by Golf's Mohawk, 
dam by Gould Clay 2:22 

Major Brown, br g, 188—, by Philos- 
opher 2:28 

Major Brown, b s, 1886. by Tennessee 
Wilkes— Aline, by AlUe West 2:27 

Major iDwing, b b. 18»9, by Strath- 
more— Miss Kirksey, by Mambrino 
Le Grand 2:18% 

Major ii\, b g, 1883, by Jersey i'rince 
-nJessie, by Henry B. Patcheu ... 2:80 

Major liaeey, b s, i887, by Mogadore 
—Lucy, by Flaztail 2:80 

Major Mapes, b s, 1888, by Bonnie 
Wilkes— Nora Mapes, by Furor .... 2:29% 

MaJ. A., ch g, 188(r by MaJ. IMsaU.. 2:29% 

MaJ. Allen, ch g, 1864, by Frank Al- 
len 7....::.. )?:..: 2:24% 

MaJ. Buford, gr g, 1884, by Charles 
Caffrey— Iiady Belle, by Tip Crans- 
ton 2:28^ 

MaJ. Sdsall, b s, 1859, by Alexander's 
Abdallah, djam by Harris' Hamble- 
tonian (dead) . 2:20 

MaJ. Flowers, ch g, 1884^ by Bourbon 
Wilkes, dam by Caliban 2:21% 

MaJ. King, ch e, 186—, by Careless 
(dead) 2:30 

MaJ. lx>rd, dn g, 1870, by KUwaixl 
Everett— Phoeiilk Mare 2:23% 

MaJ. Lynn, ch g. 1881„ by Young Ba- 
shaw—Snow l^lake 2:23% 

MaJ. Boot, br g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:27 

MaJ. Boss, br s, 1890, by Anteros— 
Blanche H., by Blue Bull 2:24% 

MaJ. S., b g, 188-, by Knick Wilkes. . 2:29% 

MaJ. S., b g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced 2.29 

M^. Thome, blk s, 1886, by Haw- 
tliorne — Old Tempest, by Morgau 
Rattler 2:30 

MaJ. Ulrich, b g, 188—, by Vermont 
Aodallah 2:24% 

Malabar, b s, 1884, by Wedgewood— 
Kitty Abbott, by Abbott 2:21% 

Malacca (CarLie B.), br m, 1875, by 
BUal a.— Comitry Maid, by Hinsdale 
Horse 2:21% 

Malaclii, b s, 1886, by Monaco— Dolly 
Varden, by Daniel Lambert 2:29 

Malheur, b s. 1888, by Altamont— 
Belle Price, by Doble 2:2T 

Malvlna, b m, 1874, by Feamaught 

Spy .^ J^:2l% 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Mambrinette. b m, 1876, by Mambrino 
(Uft — I^ady Alice, by Mambrino 
Chorister *. 2:21 

Mambrino (Graham's), blk fi, 1882, hy 
Mambrino Bashaw— Kitty Clay, by 
Kentucky Clay 2:27VS 

Mambino Archy, br s, 1876, by Mam- 
brfuoBoy, dam by John Dillard 2:24^>4 

Mambrino Belle, dn m, 188—, by 
Mambrino Chief Jr 2:23 

Mambrino Boy, blk s, 1868, by Mam- 
brino Patchen — Boving Nelly, by 
Strader's Cassius M. Clay Jr. (dead) 2:28Va 

Mambrino Clay Jr., br s, 1875, by 
Mambrino Clay— Lousch, by Search- 
er.... 2:25 

Mamblno Diamond, blk s, 1873, by 
Mambrino Patchen— Lucy, by Stra- 
der's Cassius M. Clay Jr 2:28 

Mambrino Dick, br s, 1879, by Mam- 
brino Time— Scottish Maid, by imp. 
Bonnie Scotland ." 2:24 

Mambrino Dudley, b s, 1874, by 
Woodford Mambrino— Sue Dudley, 
by Edwin Forrest 2:10% 

Mambrino General, br g, 186—, by 
risk's Mambrino Chief J:-.- Black 
Sal 2:2oV2 

Mambrino George, b s, 1871, by 
Fisk's Mambrino Chief Jr.— Bay Wi- 
ley, hy Royal George 2:30 

Mambrino Gift, ch s, 1866, by Mam^ 
brino Pilot— Waterwitch, by Pilot 
Jr. (dead) 2:20 

Mambrino Girl, b m, 1883, by Victor 
Bisma^vk — Lrady Mambrino, by 
Walker's Mambrino 2:30 

Mambrino Jefferson, br s, 188—, by 
Thomas Jefferson 2:30 

Mambrino Kate, gr m, 1869, by Mam- 
brino Patchen, dam by State of 
Maine 2:24 

Mambrino Lambert, ch g, 1881, bv 
Merry Boy— Shadow, by Daniel Lamf 
bert 2:20y9 

Mambrino Lumps, b s, 188—, by 
Lumps 2:28^4 

Mambrino Maid, ch m, 1880, by Chief 
—Hetty, by Case's Frank Moscow. . 2:299i 

Mambrino Maid, b m, 1885, by Mam- 
brino Startle — Winnie Wilkes, by 
Red Wilkes .....2:15% 

Mambrino Maud, blk m. 1884, by 
Mamb ino Duke— Daisy C 2:28^ 

Mambrino Medium, b e, 1885, by Hap- 
py Medium— Kate Keene, by Mam.- 
Drino Champion 2:28V& 

Mambrino Patchen (Flack's), blk s, 
188— by Mambrino Tuckahoe 2:30 

Mambrino Payne, b s, 1884, by King 
Mambrino — Katy B., by John F. 
Payne 2:30 

Mambrino Prince, br s, 18155, by Jef- 
ferson Prince— Mambrino Lizzie, by 
Harris' Mambrino Chief Jr 2:22 

Mamb-ino Queen, ch m, 1889, by Ely- 
ria— Schaible Girl, by Bobby 2:13U 

Mamibrino Queen, b m, 1884, by Nob- 
by—Beauty, by fflm's Prophet 2:26% 

Mambrino Sotham, blk s, 1874. bv 
Mambrino Gift, dam by Young Black 
Hawk. . ,^ *. 2:26*4 

Mfjmbrino Sparkle, b m, 1878. by 
Fisk'fi Mambrino Chief Jr. — Kate 
Sparkle, by Sparkle (dead) 2:17 

Mambrino Star (Leggatt's), b s, 1862, 
by Mambrino Chief— Lady Fairfield, 
by Red Buck (dead) 2:28^ 

Mamblno Startle, blk s. 1884. by 

Mambrino Startle— :Maggie, by. Black 
Flying Cloud 2:26% 

Mambrino Swift, ch m, 1800, by Ely- 
ria— Schaible Girl, by Bobby 2:26V4 

Mambrino Swlgert, blk s, 1876, by 
Swlgert— Jenny Hamilton, by Lake- 
land Abdallah 2:30 

Mambrino Thorn, br s, 1885, by Gen. 
Washington— Cuba, by Mambrino Pi- 
lot 2:2r»';^ 

Mambrino Wilkes, gr e, 1875, by 
George Wilkes — Hattie Fitch, by 
WUliams* Mambrino 2:28% 

Miamb:itonlan, b s, 1883, by Belmont 
—Sonnet, by Bourbon (jhief 2:20^^ 

Mamet, b s, 188...... 2:271^ 

Mamie, b m, 1885, by Mercury— Mam- 
brino Rose, by Mambrino Joker 2:281/4 

Mamie, b m, 1878, by Blue Bull— Sll- 
verelia 2:21!4 

Mamie A., b m, 1884, by Landmark, 
dam by Clear Grit 2:25 

Mamie Allen, b m, 188-, by Wilker- 
son 2:30 

Mamie C, gr m. 1886, by Barkis- 
Flora, by Bacon^s Ethan Allen 2:28V4 

Mamie Case, b m, 1886, by Jalisco - 
Bird, 1^ Fetter Horse 2:28 

Mamie Comet, ch m, 1880, by Nut- 
wood—Black Betty, by Sportsman.. 2:23^ 

Mamie D., b m, 1887, by Woful— 
Belle, by Oysterman 2:26\4 

Mamie Griffin, b m, 188—, by Reavls' 
Blackbird 2:20% 

Mamie Haywood, b m, 188—, by Mar- 
quette 2:29Vi 

Mamie J^ ch m, 188—. by Ben Wright 2:28V2 

Mamie M.. br m, 1877, by Crittenden 
—Lucy Marshall, by Clark's Daniel 
Boone 2:22^At 

Mamie Phillips, ch m, 1885, by Ham- 
bletonian Downing— MJattie, by Red- 
woodi 2:28 

Mamie Strike, blk m, 188—, by Strike 2:2f^4 

Mamie Tyler, b m, 1884, by Squire 
Talmage— Belle Maxwell, by Cla-k's 
Mohawk Jr 2:27V« 

Mamie W., b m, 1882, by Pickpocket— 
Hattie ...... . 2:27^ 

Mamie W. ,' dh. 'm, 'iss^, ' by Hannls '. ! '. 2 :?.0 

Mamie Woods, ro m, 1884, by Wood's 
Hambletonlan- Mary Ann, by Mag- 
nolia ........:. 2:20 

MJanawa, br s, 1888, by Mambrino 
Yorick— Adele Tyler, by Chester 2:20 

Manchester C, b s, 1887, by Madison 
Smith— Toney, by HamdaUah 2:2Si4 

Mandame. ch m. 1884, by Mambrino 
King — Sallr Griffin, by Crosby's 
son of Field's Royal George 2:29'/4 

Mandolin, ch g. ISS- : 2:24V4 

Manille. ch m, 1887, by Whip*— McCa, _ . 
by Alraont 2:2f>^ 

Manipulator, b e, 1886 by Nutwood— 
Gladys, by Hetzel's Hambletouinn . . *i :20'4 

Mamiing, bs, 188—. by Ellal G 2:24«^ 

Manning (Col. Bradshaw). b g. 1883. 
bv Messenger Clay— .Te well, by Gi I's ^^. 
Vermont 2:18V4 

Manon, b m. 1877, bv Nutwood — 
Addle, by HIasbrouck's Hambleton- ^^ 
ian Chief 2:21 

Mansfield, ch s, 1876. by Messenger 
Duroc — Green Mountain Maid, by 
Harry CJlay ":/• 

Mnnvllle, b s. 1886. by Meandev— 
Norma, bv Scutari. 2:26 

Manzanlta, b m. 1882, bv Electioneer 
—Mayflower, by St. Clnir 2:lf» 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Maralia. ch m, 1883, by Gen. Benton 

— Maybell, by Electioneer 2:24Vi 

Mai^aquita, b m, 1886, by Bro0~lda, * i 

by oileftAln 2:30 , 

Marble, b n^ 1891, by King Clay 2:23^ i 

Marble Oblef, b s, 1891. by Madison 
Wilkes^Fannle Mambrlno, by Flsk'8 

Mambrtno Ohief Jr 2:21^)4 

March, gr s, 1884, by Climax— Belle 

Brandon 2:25% 

Mai'chester, be, 1886, by Cbichester— 

Mara, by Black Rat 2:20 

Maireliion««6, b m, 1891, by Sidmore— 

Kitty Irvlngton, by Dawn 2:29 

Miarcb Onward, b s, 188—, by Onward. 2:28vi 
Marcus, b a, 1884, by Sorrento— Win- 
some, by Messenger Duroc 2:29S4 

Marcus, b g, 188—, bj Navarre 2:21 

Marcus, gr g, 188*>., by Administrator 

— Emily C. (dead) 2:29V4 

Marcus JDaly, cb », 188—, by Satin- 
wood 2:22^ 

Marea, ch m, 1888, by Hambrino— Ella 

G., by Cteorge Wilkefl 2:22 

Marengo Chief, b s, 1884, by Maxwell 

—Sadie B., by Orange Duroc 2:30 

Margaret, ch m, 1891, by Capoul— 

Grace 6., by Strader 2:20 

Margaret, b m, 1880, by Sultan— May 

^roule, by The Moor 2:28 

Margaret J., ch m, 188—, by Como... 2:24Va 
Margaret C, b m, 188-, by William 

L.— Mochilles, by Achilles 2:19% 

Margaret Knox, blk ni. 188—, by Nor- 
way Knox, dam by Daniel lAmbert. 2:23 14 
Margaret L.., b m, 1890, by Uliic 

Wilkes— Mattle B., by Bonner Boy.. 2:10^4 
Margaret M., b m, 1887, by Pickpocket 
— Cady Hlttinger, by Chenery's Grey 

Bagle 2:19 

Margjaret S., b in. 188a by Director- 
May Day, by Ballard's CaBsius M. 

a^Jr/.../. 2:12V4 

Margaret W.. ch m, 1889, by O. F. ^ ^ . 
Clay— Ehnma T., by Gov. Sprague... 2:25V% 

Maxaret Worth, b m, 18&-, by Alex- ^ ^ 

ander Button 2:17Va 

Mairgrave, po s, 1890, by Baron WilkeB 
—Spanish Maiden, by Happy Med- ^ ^^ ., 

ium 2:15*^ 

Marguerite, b m, 18&-, by Dexter 

Dictator 2:20\4 , 

Marguerite, b m. 1868, by Rysdyk'g 

Hambletonian— Kate Smith 2:29 

Maria Liegacy, blk m. 1882, by Legacy I 

-Jessie Sheridan, by Phil Sheridan. 2:22^4 
Ma-ie Ansel, br m, Iffl— , by Ansel... 2:25 

Marie B., b m, 18»-, by Oberlln 2:30 

Marie D. , gr m, 1892, 1^ Patron— Cleo- 
patra, by War Call 2:26% 

Marie M,^ch m, 1886, by Spartacua— 

JennjiWood 2:19% 

Marie Wilkes, b m, 1888,- by Woodford 

Wilkes— Lucille, by Western Chief. .. 2:30 
Marin, b s, 1875w by Qulnn*s Patchen 

-Pay MaT^ 2:22Vi 

Marin Jr., gr g, 188—, by Marin— Sil- 
ver, by ailverthreadfl 2:13 

Marlon, ch g, 186—, by Jamlson^s Tom 

Crowder 2:23^/^ 

Marion, ch g, 187—, (ringer?) 2:30 

Marion, b m, 1883. by Piedmont— Lady 

Morgan, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian. 2:26% 
MaMonette, b e, 188— , by Mlddletown, 

, dam by Blackwood Jr 2:27^ 

Marion H., b m, 187—, pedigree not 

traced... 2:30 

Marion H.. b m. 1888. by Prince Al- 
dlne— Fannv IT.. l)v Danbry Horse.. 2. 241'* 

Marion Messenger, b m, 1891, by Ely- 

rla, dam by son of Stranger 2:30 

Marion Wilkes, Oh 6, 1888rbv Garnet 

Wilkes— Lady Bock, by Iowa Duroc 2:17'; 
Manion Wilkes, b s, 1890, by Red Lam- 
bert 2:22% 

Mark B., ch g, 1879. by David Bonner 
—Black Kate, by Andrew Jackson. . 2:28'.* 

M)ark Field Jr., b s, 1890, by Mark 
Field— Daisy, by Revenge 2:2*J\i 

Ma:*k Medium, b g, 1887, by Almont 
Medium— Rene G.. by Aloona 2:1G' 4 

Mark Monroe, b s, 1883, by Victor 
Bismarck— Maggie Monroe, by Jim 
Monroe 2:25Vi 

Mark P., Iw s. 1887, by Durango Chief 
— La^y Y., by Gipsy Boy 2:25^4 

Mark Slrius, ch s, 1887, by ^rlus- 
Louisa R.. by Blue Bull 2:13 

Marksman Maid, b m, 1881. bv Marks- 
man—Fanny, by Ben Abdallah 2:21^4 

Mark Thne, br s, 1878, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor-Lloyd, by Glancey's Morgan 2:10 

Mark^., b g, 188-, by Mark Monroe. 2:28='i 

Manquetta 2:23"i 

Marquette, b s, 1886, by Victor Bis- 
marck— Ida, by Favorite Wilkes 2:20 

Marquis, blk s. 1878. by Clay Abdal- 
lah— Fly, by Spaulding's Abdallah... 2:2<>:i 

Marquifl, b g, 1881, by The Marquis, 
dam by Mambrino Gift 2 :li>»i ■ 

Marquis of Eden, b s, 1889, by Prince- 
ton—Bell Almont, by Abdallah Mam- 
brino 2:2:i».. 

Marron, ch g, 1886, by Gold Beater- 
Annie WllsOn, by Henry Wilson ... 2:11)-% 

Mars, b g. 1881, by Administrator— 
Watereprlte, by Belmont 2:28«1. 

Mars, ch s. 1874, by Gen. Sherman- 
Jenny, by Superb 2 :27> i 

Marshal B., br s, 1877, by Ohadwick 
—Lady Tartar, by Pelham Tartar 2:26' (. 

Marshall Maid, b m. 1884. by Dom 
Pedro— Folly, by Thalaba 2:23Uj 

Marshal T., ch s. 187—. by George 
Sherwood— Kit. by Rook Miranda . . 2:20 

Marston a, b s, 1891, by Peidmont 
—Maiden, by Electioneer 2:10^4 

Martha, b m, 187—. by Prosper 2:S0 

Martha H., ch m. 1888, by Bgmont- 
Dora Belle, by Hartford Hamb'.e- 
tonian 2:2.'>u'. 

Martha Washington, ch m, 1870 by 
Blucher 2:20'4 

Martha Wilkes, b m. 1883, by Alcyoue 
—Ella, by Clark Chief 2:08 

Martle G., b m, 188-, by Inrtlaman 2:2S 

Martin B., b s, 1889, by Alvardo— 
Leon Maid, by Springville Chief. . 2:.'^0 

Martin K., ch g, 188—, by Hannibal. . 2:18^ 

Martin M.. b g. 188— 2:20S 

Martyr, blk s. 1887, by Rumor— Mlg- 
non. by Gen Knox 2:22H 

Marvel, b g, 1876, by Messenger Chief 
-Kit Dunn 2:2S 

Marvel, ch s, 1888, by Fordstan— 
Frankie Eaton, by Whipple's Ham- 
bletonian 2:24' 1 

Marvel, b g, 18—, by Mambrino Pilot 
Jr.— Kate O'Brien 2:2lij 

Marvel, b g, 1887, by Adjuster— Mam- 
brino Girl, by Pennypack 2 :18» i 

Marveloufl, b 8, 1889, by Woodbrfno 
—Aetna, by Belmont 2:2^ 

Marvin, b «, 1886. by Electioneer- 
Bright Dyes, by Gen. Benton 2:231/. 

Marwood. ch s. 1888. by Atwood— 
.innrn "nrander. by Glendale^ *-:30 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Marsy, b m, 18&— , by George M. 
ratoben, dam by SalaOlu (dead) ..2:28 

Mary* b m, IbUO, by MacCuliummore, 
aam by Aladdin 2:2(H4 

Mary, b m. IbaS, by iSt. Just— Dolly, 
by Hamlet 2:24^ 

Maiy A., b m, iJnm, by Altamont— 
Uaisy A., by Klabar 2:30 

Mary Anderson, b m, 1S8— . by Ham- 
lln'0 Almont Jr.— Mmo, by Wood's 
Uambletonlan 2:27^ 

Mary Anderson, cb m,1884, by Llgbt- 
wood— Molly Hal, by Moore's Tom 
Hal 2:26 

Mary Ann, b m, 1879, by Bay tState— 
Grand Ducbesd, by Handley's Hla- 
toga 2:28V^ 

Mary A. Wbltney. b m, 186T, by Vol- 
uuteei^—Peggy isilender (dead) 2:28 

Mary B., br m, 1878, by Alcalde- 
Mary Weaver, by Black Hawk Ver- 
mont 2:29 

Mary B., b m, 188-, 2:29^ 

Mary Best, ch m. 1890, by Guy WUkes 
—Montrose, by Sultan 2:12% 

Mary Brown, b m. 1885, by Egbert- 
Annie Brown, by Asbiand Chief .. 2:29^ 

Mary C, br m, 1884, by Wagner Ba- 
shaw— Puss Cunningham, by Green's 
Bashaw 2:30 

Mary C, br m, 1880, by Wilson 
Horse— Maggie Day 2:24V^ 

Mary Caldwell, b m, 1888, by Wilkes 
Boy— Lulu Patchen, by Tom Patchen 2:20 

Mary Cecil, b m, 1884, by Thomas K. 
—Fanny, by Thornton's Abdallah . . 2:22V^ 

Mary Orlt, blk m, 188—, by Rohmer 
(pacing record 2:19) 2:23% 

Mary Davis, b m, 186—, by Werner's 
Rattier— Mary Rotan 2:26^4 

Mary Ferguson, b m, 1888, by Gran- 
by 2:29V6 

Mary Hanford, b m, 1887. by Ghosroes 
—Mary Long, by Bashaw 2:28% 

Mary G., b m, 188—, by Almonarch, 
dam by Stephen A. Douglas 2:2744 

Mary Karr, or m, 1884. by Gov. 
Sprague— Maddle Karr, by Adminis- 
trator ....^ 2:24 

Mary Kent, br m, 1881, by Kent— 
Burbank Mare, by Gen. Grant.... 2:28^ 

Mary Lee, blk m, 1887. by George O.— 
Uoxle Belle, by Squire Talmage 
(dead) 2:29V4 

Mary Lou, ch m, 1885, bv Tom Ben- 
ton—Brown Jenny, by McCracken's 
David Hill Jr 2:17 

Mary Maderia, ch m. 1889, by Strath- 
roy— Mattie Lake, by Pacing Abdal- 
lah 2:2T^ 

Mary Magdalene, ch m, 1890, by Du 
Bols* Superior — Magdalene, by 
Magnet 2:27% 

Mary Marshall, b m, 1885, by Billy 
Wilkes— Bennle Sydner, by Mam- 
brino Abdallah 2:12% 

Mary Mc, b m, 188—, by Lumps, dam 
by Lexington Chief 2:18% 

Mary O., ch m, 1885, by Brown Jug 
—Betsey, by Budd Doble 2:29^^ 

Mary Powell, blk m, 1880, by De 
Witt aay, dam by Young Cardinal 2:22% 

Mary R., ch m, 1885, by McCurdy's 
Hambletonian— Maggie 2:24% 

Mary Russell, gr m, 1871. by .Toe 
Brown— Kate Odell, by Burt's Young 
Bellfounder 2:28% 

Mary S.. br m, 1882, by Barney 

Wilkes— Gin Burner, by Frank Al- 
len 2:28 

Mary S., ch m, 1881, by Alcantara— 
Lady Carr, by American Clay ... 2:28 

Mary Spillman, b m, 1883, by Rolling 
Wave 2:80 

Mary Sprague, br m, 1879, by Gov. 
Sprague— Little Ellen, by Gold- 
smith's Abdallah 2 21 

Mary W., br m, 1888. by Gk)v. 
Sprague— Dora Dnnton, by Smuggler 2:29% 

Mary Wilkes, b m, 1885. by Tennessee 
Wilkes— Mcdjeska, by Bnfleld 2:19 

Mascot, ch m, 1884, by Triceps— Kit 2:24% 

Mascot, b fl, 1887, by Stamboul— Min- 
nehana, by Steven's Bald Chief 
(dead) 2:25% 

Mascot Bob, ro g, 1882, by 0>1. Howe 
—Pet, by PacTng Joe 2:29% 

Mason, b s, 1885, by Greenbacks— 
Frazel. by Trophy 2:27% 

MJasoQ Nutwood, b s, 1891, by Ira 
Nutwood 2:22 

Maseasoit, ch s, 18S5, by Phallamont 
—Theresa Lambert, by Daniel Lam- 
bert 2:25% 

Master, b s, 1886. by Masterlode— 

Maggie Hubbard, by Magna Gharta 

(dead) 2:27% 

Master Dudley, br s, 1884, by Mam- 
brino Dudley— Octavio, by Bysdyk's _ , 
Hambletonian 2:29% 

Master Medium, b s, 1885, by Happy _ , 
Medium— Venture, by Volunteer ... 2:29% 

Matanzas, b m, 1885. by Ijord Russell 
- -Malmalson, by Alexander's Ab- 
dallah 2:27% 

Matchless, b g, 187—, by Nil Deeper- 
adum— Mattie Lyle, by Young Mor- ^ ^_, 
rill 2:24% 

Matchless, br s, 1886, by Dauntless— 
Jenny, by Iowa 2:25% 

Matchwood, b s, 1887. by Woodl>rino 
Smuggle, by Hampton 2:27 

Matilda, b m, 1884, by Nutwood— 
Luallaba, by Berkley's Bdwln For- ^^ 
rest 2:30 

Mathewson Sprague, b s, 1888, by 
Sprai^ue— Daisy May, by John 
Bright 2:29% 

Matrimony, b m, 1889 by Aberdeen 
—Happy Choice, by Happy Medium 2:23% 

Matt, b m, 1877, by Louie Napoleon 
-Magg 2:30 

Matt Fisher, b g, 1876. by Ripon Boy ^,^ 
-Daisy, by North Star 2:29% 

Matthew Smith, b g, 186—. pedigree 
not traced (dead) 2;26% 

Matthew W., gr g, 1887, by Neighbor 
Ups-Lady Lorn 2:.S0 

Mattie, b m, 1867, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonian— Lucy Almack, by Young 
Engineer 2:22% 

Mattie B., b m, 188—, by Louis Na- ^^, 
poleon 2:28% 

Mattie B.. b m, 1877. bv Phil Sherl- ^^^ 
dan Jr.— Flint, by Mclntyre Horse 2:27% 

Mattie B., b m, 187—, pedigree not ^ ^.. 
traced 2:25% 

Mattie Bassett. b m, 188—. by Hermes ^ ^^, 
Llda Brigand, by Brigand 2:26% 

Mattie C. firr m. 1883. bv American 
Hthan— Jessie, by Hlcrhland Grey.. 2:25% 

Mflttle -C. ch m, 1881, by Spneca 
Chief— Bay Dolly, by ingersoirs 
Young Trustee 2:^8% 

Mattie D., ch m. 1880. by Bay Middle- ^,., 
ton-Kit. by Hero JiT^r^-rvrvT/^- ^'^* 
Digitized by V^OOy IC 



M&ttie G., b m, 18S-. by Pan ...... 2:22% 

liattie Graham, b m, 1874, by Harold 

—Vic, by Mambrino Chief 2-^Mt 

liattie H., b m, 1886, by Abdallah 
Mambrino— Ella Hopkins, by Oc- 
toroon 2:11% 

Hattle H., gr m, 1874, by Blue Bull 
—Nelly MSler, by Ooulter*B Da^y 
Crocket 2:27%, 

Mattle Hunter, b m, 1884, by Stride- 
away Jr.— Clara Benton, by Robin- 
flon'e Benton J'"^,:"' 2:21% 

Mattle Hunter, b m. 1877. by Glen- 
dale— Flora, b y Jhn Crow (dead).. 2:80 

Mattle K., b m. 187—. by Hinsdale 
Horse, dam by Harris' Mambrino 
Chief Jr ., 2:24% 

Mattle Lyle, br m. 186-, by Young 
Morrill 2:28 

Mattle Marco b m, 1885, by Monaco 
—Mattle Hunter, by Prince Pulaski 2:25 

Mattle Merrill, b m. 188—, by Wilkes, ^ „„_ 
dam by Mayhew 2:27% 

Mattle Mosler. b m, 1890, by Wilkes- 

wood 2:27% I 

Mattle P., b m, 1884. by Jackson 

Temple, dam by Tom Hyer 2:26% 

Mattie Price, br m, 1873, by Wood- 
ford Mambrino— Miss Taylor, by _ 
Aker's Idol 2:29% 

MatUe Scott, blk m, 188-, by Estill 
Brie 2:25 

Mattle Solomon, blk m, 1885. by Di- 
rector—Martha Solomon, by Reavls* 
Blackbird 2:30 

Mattle S. Wilkes, ch m, by Simmons ! 

— Celeete, by Alcyone 2:26% 

Mattle Swope, ro m, 1884, by Young i 

Jim— Roan Fanny, by Mambrino 
King 2:80 

Mattie Wilke?, br m, 1881. by Lvle '[ 

Wilkes— Molly Lumber, by Lumber 2:30 

Mattle Wilkes, b m, 1885, by Barney 
Wilkes— Maggie Underwood, by Tl- ^ 
tus 2:24% 

Matt Kirkwood, b sr, 1870, by Klrk- 
wood— Maggie Davis 2:29% 

Maud, b m, 1882, by Clay Cadmus- 
Jenny Lynn 2:29% 

Maud, b m, 1866, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonlan— Starlight, by Seely*s 
American Star 2:29% 

Maud, b m, 1881, by Young Napoleon 
-Minnie BJfel, by Arbuckle's Rat- 
tler 2:18% 

Maud, b m, 188-. by C. V. B 2:2^ 

Maud, br m, 1883, by Othello— Betsy 2 -.29% 

Maud, ch m, 1882, by Aurora— Lady 
Sherman, by MilUman's Bellfounder 2:27 

Maud, blk m, 1884. by McDonald 
Chief— Puss, by Gen Taylor 2:29% 

Maud, ch m, 188—, by Hiram 2:30 

Maud, ch m, 188—, by Hotspur Jr 2:29V4 

Maud, ch m, 1882, by Abdafiah Duroc 
—Nancy 2:29% 

Maud, b m, 188—. by George Sprague 2:28% 

Maud A-, b m, 188—, by Embassador, 
dam by Billy Green (pacing record 
2:28%^ 2:29% 

Maud A., b m, 1877, by Bysdyk— Jes- 
sie, by Roebuck 2:26% 

Maud A., br m, 1886, by Pyramid- 
Judith B., by Lord Almont 2:19% 

Maud A., 18»-, 2:28% 

Maud Almeda, gr m, 188—^ by Gavlota 2:24 

Maud Archibald, br m, 1881, by Glen- 
wood 2:27% 

Maud B.. ch m. 18«— , by Dow S 2:28% 

{ Maud B., ch m, 1884. by Charley B.— 

Doll 2:23% 

MaadB., b m, 188-. hj Barkto 2:29^ 

Maud Banks, ch m, 18&-, by Dictator 

CaUef— Empress, by Sterling 2:27% 

' Maud C, blk m, 1889, h^ B&derton— 

I Nita, by Atlantic 2:15% 

I Maud C, ch m, 1886, by Oallfomla 

Nutwood— Zola, by Stein way 2:U 

, Maud C, b m, 1882, by Sir Charles— 

Bessie, by Southerner 2:27% 

Maud C., b m, 18^ by Alexander 

Button— Gipsy, by Woodward's Don. 2:28% 
Maud C. b m, 18^, by Landmark... 2:28% 
Maud Clay, gr m, 18^, by Fire Cluy 

—Lou, by Pilot Duroc 2:24 

Maud Cook, b m, 187—, by Iron Duke. 2:30 

Maud Cooper, m.m, 18S— 2:28% 

Maud D., D m. 1881, by Bums, dam 

by Tlppoo Saib 2*.20% 

«Maud D., ch m, 188—, by Clarion 

Chief— Nelly, by States Battler 2:29% 

Maud D. N., b m. 1889, by Hamdal- 

lah— Esther, by Silas Wright 2:25 

I Maud E., b m, 1885, by Qifford 2:22% 

, Biaudee, d m, 1887, by Anteeo— Biaud, 

by Nutwood 2:24% 

Maud F.. b m, 1882. by Troy— Maud 

Oarlln. by Hugo 2:25% 

Maud F., b m, 1882, by Oneida Chief 

—Babe 2:30 

Maud Fowler, b m, 1888, by Anteeo— 

Eveline, by Nutwood 2:21% 

Maud G., b m, 18&-, by Woodman, 

diam by Atlantic 2:28% 

• Maud Greenwood, br m, 188—, by 

I Gen. Knox 2:26% 

Maud H., b m, 188—, by Jay Bird.. .. 2:26 
' Maud H., br m, 1888, by Duroc Volun- 
teer—Lady Hiainllton 2:2J)% 

i Maud H., ch m. 1883, by Carr's Mam 

brino— Flora, by Dan voorhees 2:24 

Maud H., ch ul, 188—, by Landmark, 

dam not traced 2:29% 

Maud Halbert, b m, 188—. by Halbert 2:30 
Maud Haywood^ b m, 1890, by Gam- 

I betta Wilkes, dam by Almont 2:24% 

Maud Howe, ch m, 1883, by Bashaw 

Hiambletanlan— Kate P. 2:27% 

Maudie Belle, b m, 1882, by Wood's 

HiamiWetoiilan— 'Helen V., by Bnfleld. 2:20% 
Maud J., b m^ 1886, by Wlnfield Scott. 2:25% 

Maud J 2:25% 

Maud Knox, ch m, 1882, l^ Winthrop 

Knox 2:27 

Maud L., b m, 188—, by Seaside 2:29% 

Maud L., br m, 1880, by Grey Dan, 

dam by a son of Hiram Drew 2:3V 

Maudlen, b m, 1883, by Harold— Nutu- 

la, by Belmont 2:25% 

Maud Lightfoot, ch m. 18S-, by 

Prince Almont 2:25% 

Maud M.. ro m, 1884, by Crazy Nick 

Jr.— Dolly Elder, by Young Prince 

Albert 2:26 

Maud M., b m, 188—, l^ Abdallah 

Hambletonlan. 2:20% 

Maud M., br m, 1888^ by Janu»— 

Frolic, by Dick 2:2R 

Maud M., b m, 18B1, Ivy Little Hamil- 
ton 2:28% 

MaudM 2:26 

Maud M., br m, 187—, pedigree not 

traced 2:30 ^ 

Maud M., br m, 188-, by Anteeo.... 2:20% 

Maud M., chm, 188-, by Gift Jr 2:30 

Maud Maoe, br m, 1885. by Dan Mace 

— Maod, by Quaker General 2:27% 

Maud Macey, ch m, 1871. by Joe 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Hooker— Jenny Martin, bj' Star Den- 
mark 2:27^4 

Maud Medium^ br m, 188—, by Chief 
Medium 2:28 

Maud Medium, b m, 188— 2:2ei4 

M«ud Mer 411, blk m, 1888, by Ante- 
Yolo— Belle A., by Tilton Almont... 2:18 

Maud Messenger, d m, 1877, by Mes- 
seibger Chief— Eliza Jane, by Gentle 
Breeze 2:10^4 

Maud Muller, gr m, 1873, by Coupon 
— Oheeley, by John Robinson 2:20^4 

Maud Muller. ch m, 1882, by Locker- 
bie — Bessie Turner, by Kentucky 
Traveler 2:20y4 

Maud P., b m, 1891, by Idaho Patchen 2:26^ 

Muud N., br m, 188—, by Col. Crock- 
ett • 2:26% 

Maud Patchen, b m, 1887, by Idaho 
I»atchen— Maud W. W. W., by Gen* 
Keno a^:10V4* 

Maud R., ro m, 1879, by Cunaixl 2:27 

Maud S., br m, 188— by Oapt. Jinks. 2:30 

Maud S., ch m, 1874, by Harold— Miss 
Ruissell, by Pilot Jr 2:08-}4 

Maud Singleton, b m, 1885, by Slngle- 
to<n— Lettle, by Wayland Forrest... 2:28Vj 

Maud S. M.. b m, 1887, by Pedo— 
Faamy M., by Lender's Printer 2:22 

Maud Stillson, ch m, 1880, by Still- 
son 2:20«^ 

:Maud T., b m, 1877, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr.— Fanny Fern, by Sover- 
eign Jr 2:1UU 

Maud v., ch m, 1887, by Nutmeg- 
Maggie W., by Richmond Boy 2:29)4 

Maud W., ch m, 1891, by Epicure, 
dam by Hot&pur Jr 2:26V4 

Maud White, ch m, 1886, by LitUe 
Ben— Nelly, by a son of Cub 2:22 

Maud Wright, b m, 1889, by Silas 
Wright — Fanny Newton, by Allle 
Gaines • 2:15i/4 

Maud W. W. W., blk m, 1875. by Gen. 
Reno, dam by Bldwell's Rattler 2:23 'a 

Maud Y., b m, 1889, by Dexter Prince 
—Nelly Nelson, by John Nelson 2:29Vi 

Maud Z., rn m, 188— 2:29'>4 

Maumejan, b g, 18^, by Messenger 
Chief— Edna D., by Dr. Almont 2:26i/i 

Maurice S., b g, 188—, by Coupon, 
dam by Col. Heywood 2:23Vj 

Maustoo, b s, 1886, by Rysdyk— Helen 
McGregor, by Robert McGregor 2:25V:i 

Max, b g, 188—, by Black Ben, dam 
by Don Juan 2:24:94 

Max, gr g, 1887, by Pilot Medium- 
Kit Reese, by Billy D 2:20V^ 

Max, dh g, 188—, by Young Ame.lca. . 2:2S^A 

Maxey, ch s, 1885, by Ben FrankUn— 
Kitty Cook, by General Sherman... 2:30 

Maxie, b e, 188—, by Joe Hooper 2:27>4 

Maxle B., b s, 188—, by Ashland 
Wilkes 2:28V^ 

Maxie Cobb, b g, 1881, by Donny- 
brook, dam by Rocket 2:25^/4 

Maxle Oobb. b s, 1875, by Happy Med- 
ium—Lady Jenkins, by Black Jack 
(dead) 2:13^4 

Maxle Oobb Jr., b s, 1881, by Maxle 
Cobb — Wheeler Mare, by Brown 
Dick 2:281^ 

Maxie McGregor, blk g, 1886, by P.en 
' McGregor — Jessie Grant, by Geu. 

Grant 2:2&>4 

Max O'Rell. b g, 1884, by Altitude— 
Jule. by Slasher 2:24% 

Max T.. blk g, 1801, by Plioton, dam 
by Xeptuno '. 2:29% 

Maxwell, gr s, 1882, hy AVllUam Tell. 2:28'>4 

Majr, ch m, 1873, by Jordan's Young 
Moscow — Belle Wlndflower, by 
Wlndflower 2:25 

May B., blk m, 188—, by Altoona, dam 
by W«ipflle 2:30 

May B., 1^ m, 188- . by Sir Knight. . . 2:30 

May Be- b m, 1883, by Ben Franklin— 
Pedunk, by Vermont Volunteer 2:24 

May Bee, br m, 1889, by Happy Rus- 
sell—Beeswing, by Kent 2:25 

May BeUe. b m, 1892, by Phailamont 
—Daisy Maid, by Hickory 2:29>i 

May Bird, bit m, 1868, by George 
Wilkeo, dam by John C. Fremont. . 2:21 

May Bird, b m, 1867, by Jlmmle— Kate 
Smitih, by Cady's Champion 2:2PA 

May Bird, b m, 1877, by Blue Bull— 
llnley, by Boubon Chief 2:23 

Majr Bird, X) m. 1886, by Jay Bird- 
Maud B., by Seneca Chief 2:21?^ 

May Boy, b s, 1878, by Whipple's 
Hambletonian — Harvest Queen, by 
Rysdyk's Hambletonian 2:23^4 

May Breaker, ch m, 1889, by Nut- 
breaker— May H., by Chicago Vol- 
unteer 2:17Va 

May BrliK>, ch m, 1887, by Dall Brlno 
—Mayflower 2.2Gvij 

May dark, ch m, 1873, pedigree not 
ti'aced 2:29-14 

May Conkllng, b ni, 1885, by Roscoe 
Conkling — Sally Mills, by Moore's 
Orange Chief 2:28 

May Day, bi* no, 1877, by Dread— Kitty 
Whalen. by Fenian (Jhief 2:23% 

May Day, b m, 1870, by Ballard's Cas- 
sius M. Clay Jr.— Kate, by Hiram 
Drew... 2:30 

May Day, b m, 1890, by Abdallah 
Miambiino— Mignon, by Messenger 
Chief 2:24V4 

May Day, b m, 1888, by Dominion- 
Idol Belle, by Aker's Idol 2:27 

May Douglass, gr m, 1885, by Fred 
Douglass — Badger Girl, by Black 
Flying Cloud 2:15^^ 

May E(My, b m, 1887, by Jerome Eddy 
—Flora Hebel, by Young Dick Tay- 
lor (pacing record 2:22^ (dead) 2:25V4 

May F., b m, 188—, by Gen. Stonton, 
dam by Young Oaidmus 2:30 

May F., gr m, 187—, by Adirondack. . 2:30 

Mayflower, b m, 187—, by Mambrino 
Pilot 2:27V4 

Mayflower, br m, 1881. by Walkill— 
Mayflower, by Victor Bismarck 2:21U 

Mayflower, b m, 1891, by Young Jim, 
dam by Robt. McGregor 2:29^, 

Mayflower, b m, 1889, by Israel- 
Lucy, by All Right 2:28 

May Gould, b m, 1874, by Jay (]tould 
—Columbia, by Draco 2:24^4 

May H., ch m, 1876, by Chicago Vol- 
unteer, dam by Plow Boy " 2:26V4 

Mayhill, br m, 1887, by Edge HUl— 
Maywood, by Blackwood (pacing 
2:1^4) 2:19 

May Homer, b m, 1889, by Homer— 
Hannie, by Jerome Eddy 2:18^ 

May Howard, gr m, 1865, by Oapt. 
Hanford— MoOormick Mare 2:24 

May King, b g. 1886, by Electioneer- 
May Queen, by Alexander's Norman 2:20 

May McGregor, ch m, 188—, by Bonnie 
McGregor 2:30 

May Mltchel, gr m, 1884, by Pasaxsas 
-Maid of the Mist, by Oonklin's 
American Star 2:22v4 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Maymomt, b m, 1882, by Tremont— 
Kitty Robinson, by Frank Moscow. 2:2S^ 

May Morgan, b m, 1888, by Onward- 
Rachel Ruflsell, by Woodford Ab- 
daJlab 2:mi 

May Moirnlnff, b m, 1871, by Daniel 
Lfambert— ^May Queen, by Ethan Al- 
len 7. 2:30 

May Not, b g, 18&— , by Judge AdTO- 
cate 2:27V4 

Mayonne, b m, 18S--> (ringer?) 2:30 

May Queen, b m, 1853, by May Day 
(dead) 7. 2:20 

May Queen, b m, 1808, by Alexan- 
der's Norman— Jenny, by Crockett's 
Arabian, 2:20 

MayQueen. b m, 1883, by Hambleton 
—Warwick Star 2:27 

May Queen, ch m, 18&— , by Ben 
Franklin. 2:20% 

May Queen, gr m, 188—, by Duroc. . . 2:28^ 

Jklay Queen, D m, 1878, by Western 
Feamaught — Maggie OrofftKrt, by 
Magna of Aron 2:20% 

May Queene, b m, 1888, by Duquesne 
— liottle, by Album 2:21 

May R., b m, 1882, by Caiarley B — 
Lucy.. 2:29Vi 

May Rose, b m, 1886, by Indlaman- 
Magnet 2:20i*i 

Maytell, b m. 1891, by Axtell— Delta, 
by Nutwood 2:24 

May Thome, b m, 1874, by Thorn- 
dale— Sunbeam, by Jupiter 2:24^4 

May Virginia 2:24v; 

Maud B., ch m, 1884, by Charley B.— 
Doll 2:24V4 

Maud B., b m, 188—, by Barkis 2:2914 

Maud Banks, ch m, 188—, by Dictator 
Oliief— Empress, by Sterling 2:27% 

May Wilkes, b in, 1884, by loung 
Wilkes— Kit, by Star of OatskiU. . . . 2:20% 

May Williams, b m, 1881, by Cham- 
pion I*rmce— Ida, by Mott's Indepen- 
dent 2:26Vi 

Mavwood, blk m. 1880, by Gov. 
Sprague— Lady Byrjn, by Iloyal 
George 2:20 

Mazie McGregor, ch m, 1885, by Rob- 
ert McGregor— Belle Far well, by 
Ladd's Ethan Allen 2:28 

Mazomania, ch g, 1867, by Gen. Mor- 
gan—Old Belle, by Brown's Bell- 
founder 2:20Vi 

:sfazzintine, ch g, 1887. by Fitzger- 
ald's Enterprise— Palena, by Strath- 
more 2:29V4 

:Mazzone, b s, 1885, by Gen, Han- 
cock—Verbena, by Messenger Duroc 2:29% 

M. C, dh m, 188—. by Deceive 2:27 

M. O. S., b 8, 1890, by Billy Mont- 
Kitty Midnight, by Charley B 2:30 

Meade, ch m, 188—, by Rattler 2:26 

Meander, b s, 1879. by Belmont— 
Minerva, by Pilot Jr 2:20»/a 

Mecca, b g, 1880, by Jay Gould- 
Martha Nutwood, by Hamlet 2:28 

Mechanlceville, b s, 1891. by Myrtle- 
ton— Sally Wilkea. by Baron W^llkes 2:28V4 

Meda, ch m. 188-, by Harold 2:25 

Medah, b m, 188—, by Combat, dam 
by Dictator 2:27K 

Mediator, b s, 1886, by Happy Med- 
ium— Abdalletta, by Strader^s Cas- 
slus M. Clay Jr 2:25% 

Medina, b g, 188—, breeding not 
traced 2:27 

Medio, b 8, 1890. by Pilot Mcdlum- 
Larly Epicure, by Epicure 2:14% 

Medium, b g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2'2T 

Medium Boy, * b *s,* IsS* ' JDy Shennaii 
Medium— Jessie B., by Knicker- 
bocker 2:29'/4 

Medoc, gr g, 185—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:28% 

Medonias, gr s, 1885, by Pilot Med- 
ium—Mercedes, by Masterlode 2:80 

Medora, b m, 1882, by Gov. Sprague 
Olivia, by Ashland Chief 2:29% 

Medora, blk m, 1884, by Bourbon 
Wilkes, dam by American Piay . . 2:27% 

Medora, br m, 1882, by Young Rolfe 
—Knox Girl, by Gen. Knox (dead).. 2:20% 

Medora, b m, 1888, by Gambetia 
Wilkes— Mary Bruce, by Von Arnira 2:19'/4 

Megibben, oh s, 1886>, by Simmons- 
Big Six, by Hambrlno 2:28 

M'llBB, b m, 1884, by Commander — 
Little Lassie 2:21% 

M'liss, blk m. 1885, by Simmons- 
Dolly Hazard, by Sam Hazard 2:27 'A 

Melissa, blk m, 1884, by Nutwood— 
Eudora, by Cuylep 2:2:> 

Mella G., gr m, 1881, by Dr. Herr— 
Lady (list, by George Bell 2:22% 

Melophene, br m, 1891, by Quarter- 
master— Mattie C, by Trouble 2:28 

Me r(>s>'. br g, 187«J, by Sultan, dam by 
California Ten Broeck 2:27 

Melrose, b s, 1874, by Victor Bls- 
Marck— Cinderella, by Mambrino 
Pilot 2:2J% 

Melrose, b s, 1883, by Monaco— Lady 
Alice, by Mambrino Chorister (dead) 2:20% 

Melton, b s, 1885, by Frank Noble- 
Mary Safford, by Combat 2:.30 

Melvar, ch s, 1888, by Fords tan— 
Frankie Eaton, by Whipple's Ham- 
bletonian 2:22 

Memento, b m 1884, by Electioneer— 
Mamie, by Hambletouian Jr 2:25V4 

Memento Wilkes, b s, 1884, by Red 
Wilkes— Ducky Almont, by Almont 
(dead) 2:24 Vj 

Memona, ch m, 1886, by Aberdeen- 
Senorlta, by Coaster 2:24Vi 

Mendicant, br g, 188—, by Monaco.. 2:28'4 

Menlo, b s 1879, by Nutwood, dam 
by imp. Hercules 2:21.% 

Menlo Belie, b m, 1887, by Menlo— 
San Mateo felle, by Speculation ... 2:30 

Menlo Fallis, b a, 188—. by Fallis .... 2:27% 

Mentor, gr s, 1884 by Middletown— 
Ethics, by Princeps 2:27 

Mercurlus, gr s, 1887, by Kensett— 
Delusion, by Almont 2:14V4 

Merle Moore, b m, 1886, by Victor 
Bismarck— Maud, by Lightwood. . 2:2')% 

Merlin, b s, 1883, by Phallas— Mila 
C, by Blue Bull 2:27i4 

Mermaid, b m, 1884, by Von Moltke— 
Skip, by Gideon 2:26^^ 

Merman, b s, 1890, by McBwen— 
Myrtle, by Tennessee Wilkes 2:16 

Merodock, ch s, 1887, by Matterhorn 
— Mosa, by Woodford Mambrino 2:22% 

IMerrilies. ch m, 1881. by Dr. Herr— 
Dolly, by Dusty Miller 2:2»'4 

Merren, b g, 1891, by Lucky Cross, 
dam by Favorite Wilkes 2:2Syt 

Merriment, ch m, 1877, by Happy 
Thought— Lady Morgan, by Rys- 
dyk's Hambletonian 2 :26% 

Merry Bird, br s, 18&— , by Jay Bird, 
dam by Norman Jr 2:16% 

Merry Christmas, b s, 1885, ta Santa 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Olaus— ISaster Medium, by Happy 
Medium 2:27 

Merry Thought, b m, 1879. by Happy 
Medium— Four Linee, by Black- 
wood 2:22V4 

Mertls Wilkes, ch m. 1888, by Ash- 
land Wilkes— Daisy • • • 2:29^ 

Mertzy. b m, 1891, by O. F. Clay, 
dam iy Red Wilkes 2:2<t»4 

Merula, b s, 1887, by Frank Noble— ^ ^ 

Manila, by Joe Gavin 2:29% 

Merra K«, gr m, 1880, by Mambrlno 
Boy— Grey Fan, by Gregr Hawk Jr. 2:27% 

Merzalia, b m, 188—, by W. H. Max- 
well—Lady Annie, by Oazenovia 
Star .....2:29% 

Mesquite, br m, 1892^ by Lancelot— 
Malvasia. by Lord Russell 2:29% 

Messenger Knox, gr s, 186ft, by Gen. 
Knox, dam by Prince 2:30 

Meseenger Wilkes, b s. 1883. by Red 
Wilkes— Rena a, byj Metesenger 
CJhlef 2:28 

Metal, b m, 1886, by Referee— Silver- 
foil, by Jackson's Flying Cloud . . . 2:27% 

Metamora, b s, 1886, by Jerome Eddy 
—Madeleine, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonlan 2:19% 

Meteor, blk s, 188^, by Commodore 
Belmont 2:28y2 

Meteora, ch m, 1888, by Tennessee 
Wilkes-Allne, by AlUe West 2:20% 

Metropolis, br g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:30 

Metzger. gr g, 1889, by Moody, dam 
by Peacock 2:21 

Metta, b m 2:24% 

Miami Chief, b s, 1885. by Squire Tal- 
mage— Lena, by Clay Cadmus (Joe 
Hooker) 2:28 

Michael, b _g, 1883, by Herod— Queen 
West, by Ware Colt 2:28% 

Michael O'Harra, b g, 188—, pedigree 
not traced 2:25% 

Michael, b g, 188—, by Lexington 
Chief Jr _^. 2:29% 

Michigan Jim, br s, 1888, by iHctator 
Almont— Jess, by Hambletonian 
George 2:29% 

Michigan Prince, blk s. 1884, by 
Young Wilkes— Fanny Bssler, by 
Nlghthawk 2:26% 

Middlesex, ch g, 1872^ by Seneca 
Chief-Nelly Litchfield, by Grey- 
hound 2:24 

Middletown Jr.^h s, 1875, by Middle- 
town— Nelly Warner, by Andrew 
Jackson 2:27% 

Mlddleway, b g, 1884, by Bay Middle- 
ton— Ida Mills, by Fisk's Mambrlno 
Chief Jr. <dead) 2:22«4 

Midge, b m, 187—, by Wilkie OoUins 
—May Thome 2:27% 

Midget Wilkes, b m, 188-, by WUkes 2:29% 

Midnight, blk s, 188-, by Adrian 
Wilkes 2:23% 

Midnight, blk g, 1872, by Peacemaker, 
dam by Drew Horse 2:18% 

Midnight Chimes, b m, 1889, by 
Chimee^Jennie Jackson, by Mam- 
brino King (dead) 2:16% 

Mldvale Prince, b s, 1885, by Red 
Wilkes— Belle Brlno, by Hambrino 2:25 

Midway, b m, 1886, by IkCddlesex. .. . 2:20% 

Mignon, b m, 1873, by Sentinel— «ally 
Warfleld, by Toronto 2:27% 

Mikado, b g, 1881, by Highland Chief 
-Nelly Grey 2:20% 

Mikagan, b s, 1884, by Onward— Al- 
dine, by Woodford Mambrlno 2:19% 

Mike, br g, 1877, by Beecher-K^te 
Bradley, by Clifton Pilot 2:28 

Mike Bowerman, b g, 188—, by Wll- 
ton^Blla, by Cripple 2:29% 

Mike Jefferson, ch g, 1868, by 
Thomas Jefferson— Mizema 2:29% 

Mike Knight, b s, 1887, by Sir Knight 
—Polly, by Morgan Star 2:28% 

Mike Scott, gr s, 188-, by Winfield 
Scott 2:23% 

Mike Wilkes, b g, 1875, bv George 
Wllkes-Nelly B.. by HArry B. 
Patchen (pacing record 2:15% dead) 2:26% 

Mila C, ch m, 1866, by Blue Bull- 
Cutaway 2:26»^ 

Mild aoQid, ch B, 1888, by Black 
Cloud, dam by Hambletonian Hun- 
ter 2:28 

Mildred, c-b m, 1888, by Egotist— Ray, 
by Pilot Mambrlno 2:29% 

Milkmaid, b m, 1880, by Forbse— Miss 
Soules, by King's Champion 2:22% 

Milkshake, sp g, 1885, by Strathmore 
—Birthmark, by Kentucky Prince.. 2:28 

Millard, ro g, 1884, by Gen. Benton— 
Daisy Miller, by Electioneer 2:23 

Mill Boy, b g, 187—, by Jay Gould— 
Dolsey, by Shaffer Pony 2:26 

Miller's Damsel, ch m, 184—, by Jack- 
son, dam by Little Duroc (dead) 2:28% 

Mill Girl, br m^ 1878, by Jay Gould 
— Dolsey, by Shaffer Pony 2:22% 

Millie Wilkes, br m, 1887. by Guy 
WUkes— Rosetta, by The Moor 2:26 

Millionaire, b s, 1887, by Happy Med- 
ium—Young Winnie, by Woodford 
Mambrlno 2:24% 

Mill Lady, b m, 1891, by Count 
WUkes-MlU Girl, by Jay Gotdd 
(pacing record 2:30) 2:26% 

Milo, b 6, 1874, by Milwaukee— Minnie 
B., by Bay Mambrlno 2:21 

Milton, b s, 1879, by Smuggler— Lizzie, 
by imp. The Knight of St. George 2:39 

Milton, b g, 1884. by Hickory Jr.— 
Kitty Glyde, by Abdallah Hamble- 
tonian 2:16 

Milton Blackwood, blk g, 1879, by 
Blackwood— Irene, by Enchanter . . . 2:26^*^ 

Milton Medium, b s, 1871, by Happy 
Medium— Fan, by Sacketre Ham- 
bletonian 2:25V3 

Mimic, b s, 1884, by Messenger Chief 
—Rose Chief, by Brown Chief 2:21 

Miner, b s, 1890, by Nutwood- Velvet, 
by Volunteer 2:19% 

Minerva, gr m, 1884, by Pilot Medium 
—Silky Lambert, by Daniel Lambert 2:18 

Minet, b m. 1885, by Electioneer- 
Minx, by Don Victor 2:27% 

Mink, blk s. 1877, by MIchie-Abbie, _ , 
by Onderdonk 2:20% 

Mink, blk m, 188—, by Alcantara— ^ , 
Souvenir, by Administrator 2:22% 

Mink Wilkes, blk s, 1886, by Young 
Wilkes— Doll Thayer, by North ^., 
Hawk Jr 2:28% 

Minneola, ch s. 1883, by Young Jim— ^„., 
Jessica, by Hamlet 2:20% 

Minnesota, b m> 1878, by Portion— „.., 
Lorena, by Mambrlno Patchen 2:279* 

Minnie, br^ m, 1883, by Sweep— Lady ^„ 
Julian, by Toronto Chief 2:29% 

Minnie A., b m, 1884. by Hamdallah— ^,. 
Topeey. by DeGraff's Alexander 2:2»V4 

Minnie B., br m; 1889, by Billy Thorn- 
Digitized by VjOOQIC 

♦•••♦♦•♦••••♦••♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ f l 

E. BITHKB, Pittsfield, Mass. 

Bither placed the world's record for trotters at 2 :10 with Jay- Eye-See, 

the world's record for stallioDS at 2 :13^ with Phallas, 

and at 2 :07% with Kremlin. 


Digitized by 



FRED KEYES, Randall, O. 

Keyes was for a number of years identified with the Elyria 

family. He is now at the For<»8t City Farm and 

was out last year with Ilyannis 2:11^. 


Digitized by 




hill— liaupa R., by Electioneer 
Minnie B.,cli m, 18 

Miimle B. 

1881. by Charley B. 

W Seneoa dhief . 
_., b m» 1887, by John Wilkes. 

Minnie Brown, b m, 1889, by Pilot 
Medium— 'Sonbeam, by Grand Senti- 

Minnie 0.» b m^ 1877, by Jack Shep- 
pard— Laidy Gumiming^ by Taggarrs 

Minnie Clay, b m. 1886, by King Ash- 
laind— -Beck, by McDownlne 

Minnie D., b m, 1875, by Nonpareil- 
Black Kit 

Minnie Dale, b m, 1883, by Hero of 
Thomdale— Maggie Fred, by Rayen. 

Minnie Gm na m^ 1888, by Jay Bird- 
Betsey Higglnfi, by Straitlmioire 

Minnie Grey, gr m, 1881, by Harry 
Morgan— Blofls, by Jacques Cartler. . 

Ml<nnie Keene, gr m, 1881, by Young 
Jim— Miss weeks, hj Joe Downing. . 

Mlniiie L., ch m, 1864, by Ornery 
Fearoaught— Molly lAint, by Victor. 

Minnie Ij., gr m, 188— 

Minnie Lee, b m, 188—, breeding not 
traced r 

Minnie Miay, b m, 188—, by Mark 

Minnie Maxfield, b m^ 1865, l^ Char- 

Minnie Moak, b m, 1885, by Mohawk 
Hamibletonlan — Flora, by Baskins 

Minnie Monroe, b m, 1888, by Mark 
Monroe— Minnie, by Whirlwind Chief 

Mtnnie Moore, b m, 188—, by Toronto 
Chief Jr., dam by Clarion- dhief 

Minnie Moulton, bik m, 1875, by Lam- 
bert Chief— Jenny, by Drew Horse. . 

Minnie O., b m, 1884, by Young Yolun- 

2:80 ! 


Minnie P., b m, 18^, by Port Leon- 

Minnie B.. b m, 1872, by Joim> C. 

Breddnriidge (pacing record 2:16^).. 
Minnie Tt., dn m, 188—, by Rescue 

(pacing record 2:2(H4) 

Minnie Shaffer, b m, 188—, by Ham- 

bletonian Bashaw 

Minnie's Almont, br s, 188—, by Al- 

monKt Sentinel 

Minnie Warren, ch m, 1875, by Night 

Hawk. ...•• ••...••. ••••. .•• 

Minnie WWtestoii'ei * blk m', ' 1885, ' by 

Little Bock— Nancy 

Minnie Wilkes, b m, 188—, by In- 

Minnie Wilkes, b m, 1886, by King 

Wilkes-Ida, by Little Ben 

Minmola, b m, 1890, by Earl— Lady 

Wedgewood, by Wedgewood 

Minot, b g. 1880, l>y Jttoche8tei>-Bs- 

telle Sastin, by Mambrino Patehen. 
Minting, b s. 1891, by Mlerslie 

Wilkes, daani by Aberdeen 

Minnetto, br e, 1889, by Bpaulet, dam 

by Administrator 

Mira., b m. 1883, by Boy Executor-— 

Adeline, by Antar 

Minta Llnder, blk m, 1890, by Jersey 


Mintur Wilkes 

Mira Startle, b m, 1885, by Mambrino 

Stjartle— Fleetwood, by Lyle Wilkes. 
Mischief, b m, 1885, by Mambrino 

Wilkes— Kitty Oonun, by Col Cross. 
Mischief, br m, 1889, by Brown Jug 

— 'Ftopa, by Ford*s Belmont 









2:2(H4 i 


























Ml0deal, b s, 1888, by Midas— jj.iauap, 
by Caiibmian 2:20V^ 

Misfortune, gr m, 187—, by Chancel- 
lor Black Hawk 2:21iy4 

Miss Albert, b m. 1889, by Albert W. 
—Young Woodbine, by Electioneer. . 2:26^/4 

Miss Alice, b m. 1884, by Alcantara— 
Thorndiale Maid, by Tliomdale 2:13% 

Miss Carroll, b m, 1890, by Santa 
Clans, dam by Mambrino Pilot 2:23% 

Miss Oawley, br m, 1879, by Jack 
Lambert — Madam Cawley, by 
Biwighton Horse 2:23Vi 

Miss Oeoll, b m, 1890, by Gambetta 
Wilkes— Jeannle C, by Nutwood... 2:21 Vi 

Miss Caay, g m, 1890, by Clay 2:29% 

Miss Oleyeland, b m, 1887, by Aytoun 
— Ole Mammy 2:17Vi 

Miss Edith, b m, 1888, by Midas— 
Biaggle v., by Beyenue Jr 2:19 

Miss Egbert, b m, 1886, by Egbert- 
Miss Patehen, by Mambrino Patehen 2:20% 

Miss Fanny Jackscm, b m, 1880, by 
Bay Lambert — Fanny Jackson, by 
Stonewall Jackson 2:30 

Miss Fdie, b m. 1887, by Inca— Lady 
Foxle, by Daniel Laml)ert 2:22 

Miss FuUerton, b m, 188—, by Young 
Fullerton 2:19% 

Miss Gmce, b m, 1888, by Ambassa- 
doiv-<Jrace Darling, by Grand Sen- 
tinel 2:20% 

Miss Grant, br m, 1S91, by Round's 

MiflB Harper,' b m, 'iS8—\ by* mrper .' ! 2 •20% 

Miss Hoke, b m. 1888. by Osrick- 
Kate Hoke, by Ned Patehen 2:20% 

Miss Hunter, br m, 188—, by Intrigue 
—Ida. by Dutchman 2:21U 

Miss Hnon, b m, 1886. by Huon— 
Dolly Dutton, by Mcdellan 2:24Vi 

Miss Ida. b m, 1887, by LInkwood 
Chief— Sunbeam, by Backman's Idol 2:27^4 

Mies Kent, b m, 1887. by Aloamont 
— Rowena, by Black Hawk Traveler. 2:23 

Miss Kate, b m, 1892, by Direct— 
Fannie K., by Redwood 2:24J/4 

Miss Kirfcman. b m, 1888, by Wedge- 
wood— Queenle, by Euiield Jr 2:17 

Miss liedo, br m. 1886, by Ledo— Nell, 
by Black Sultan. 2:29 

Miss Leffaoy. b m, 1872, by Legacy— 
Marv A., by Dusty Miller 2:24'^ 

Mlsa Leland, b mi. 1879, by Leland— 
Rosw^ma. by Yonntr America 2:2.5V» 

Miss Lida, b m. 1889, by King day— 
Molly C. by Contractor 2:10% 

Miss McOurdy. b m, 1884. by McCur- 
dy*e Hambletonian— Dot, by Black- 
wood Jr 2:28*'4 

Miss McGregor, b m, 1880, by Robert 
McGregor — Morgan Belle, by Ad- 
ministrator 2:19V-1 

Mifls McLain, b m. 1889, by Gregor 
McGregor — Hattie Woodruff, by 
Hirflmi Woodruff 2:28Vj 

Ml«w Majolica, b m. 1884. by Startle— 
.Teissie Kirk, bv Clark Chief 2:24ia 

Mifi8 Maud 2:28 

MI»s Mav. b m. 1887. by Hidalgo- 
Edith Beloit. by Belolt. '. 2:27Vi 

Ml«8 Miner, b m. 187—. by Mono- 
gram—Berkshire Girl 2:2nt ; 

Miss ^fonroe. b m, 1885, by Monroe 
Ohief—Aloha. by A. W. Richmond.. 2:27^ 

Miss Murray, gr m, 1878. by Doty's 
Union— Grev Kate, by Lent's Mes- 
senger 2i28li» 

Miss Xnnde. b m, 1886, bv B!ert!on<^Q^ 




Nadine, l^ WUdldle 2:20Vi 

Ml8B Nelson, b m, 1889, by Norfolk— 
Lassiter 2:12% 

Kiss Patchen, b m. 1888, by Ldnk- 
wood Chief— I>ady Patcbem 2:25 

Hiss Olive, c4i m, 188—, by Mam- 
brino King 2:27V2 

Miss Pilot, blk m, 188—. by Sealskin 
Wilkee--Sally J., by Administrator.. 2:30 

Miss O'Nell, b m, 188-, by Brignoll 
W 2:28% 

Mies Q., b m, 1886, by Wilkesonlan— 
NeU, by Abdallah Mambrino (dead). 2:2<jr, 

Miss RacbelCSkylark), blk m, 189Q, bv 
Bourbon Wilkes— Lark, by Abdallah 
Mambrino 2:20 

Miss Bedmon, b m, 1881, by 15ou.i>on 
Wilkes — Becky Bird 2d, by West- 
wx)od '..., 2:23% 

Miss Simmons, ch m, 1885, by Sim- 
mons — Alberta, by Red Norman 
(dead) 2:29^ 

Miss *>ntag, ch m, 1879, by Victor 
Mohawk— Sontag Dixie, by Toronto 
Sontag 2:28 

Miss Strathmore. b m, 1888, by Strath- 
more— Miss Kirksey, by Mambrino 
Legrand 2:2074 

Miss Superior, gr m, 1890. by James' 
Superior, dam by Wlnfleld Scott 2:23 

Miss Thompson, br m, 1885, by Toa- 
dies Jr. — Primrose, by Hetzel's 
Hambletonian 2:20% 

MicB Van S., ch m, 1887, by Simmons 
—Lizzie Martin 2:27Vj 

-srr.A TM L, b ni, lS8--> by Red Jurkpt 2:2894 

Mifts WUkee. br m. tSUVt, by Knl^o — 
^JonparelU by MoiTllI nbaiEjilon 2:29V^ 

Mia® WUkes, b m. 1870, by (JearRe 
Wilkes — tJUbert Man^, bv CUrum 
Pilot... 2:29 

Mlfiji Wl'ton. br m, 1889. by WlUi^n— 
Mlftg Ijflne, by Msjubitm^ Pau*U{?n. ». 2:25 

MIm Wmxlfotd, b in, J3S2. L>y Black- 
wood Jr.— Uzde Andci'son, by Olnrk ' 
Chief 2:23Mj 

Miss Woodford, b m, 18^--, by 
BoiLlde:^. ..... ,, r. , 2:27Vi 

MlR^ Zura Belle, br m, 1801, by St 
B(4-Zurji. hv Osriiftn 2:26V2 

JiilSM Wt>olt!rv, b iiu IRSO. bv Quo+'i.^hy 
—Dolly pomeroy. by His^hJami Qmy. 2:22^ 

Mlat. b m, Wl% by King Kcnt^-Buow- 
Mrilt by St€^l*?*ft SaitnTfitorTii .,....». 2:29V(i 

MletUn b m, 1887, by AleiisEir— I/ady 
Df^y, by Cttllf^rnift DexttT. ......... 2:29 

Ml*^take/b m, 1883^ by .\Lir3bn| Kleber 
— I>ady Yelser, bj Gaj-mrd Chief.,., 2:29^4 

MlfltleLoe, lilk m> 187^1, by Mambrino 
PsU^lif^Ti - .Tosie Rftliey, by Gen, 
fT(*orf?f* TT, ThouuiB ^ . . 2:30 

MJsty Morning, b m, ISSO. by MarkH^ 
man— Mftmiog Mist, by Alcer'n Irlol. 2:21 

Mitchell, btk s» 188-.. 2:28% 

Mite, bni, 189J. by Delman?h— Briffht^ 
H^t 2:27V4 

MiKle L^cmpliiRs, b ui, l^B— . by Doug- 
lass— T.mly H^>oker. by Erix 'AB»n . . . . . 2:28^ 

M> J. Hende~HOa b g. IflST, by Laud- 
tnftfk-EJt. by Lysftufler 2:20% 

MocklQff Bird. Ch m, 1S81 by Mam- 
btim> King-— Mabel A,, by Toronto 
ObJef Jr. . . - ., 2:16% 

Mi>af4. br 3, 1880. by Leaclnjfton Chief 
Jr.— Paany Back, by FhJfihlngKoy. . 2:S0 

Mod<»aty, b m, iSfiO* by Tom Wonder 
-Wells* i^tiir, by Seely's American 
8t4r 2:26V4 

Modesty, blk tn, lB8a» by Bnacarft!— 

Fancy H 2:30 

Modesfy. b mi, 1891, by CkMHit Folslo. 2:29^14 

Modle H., ch g, 1874, by Bayard— 
CJolie, by Footers Clay 2:29% 

Modjeska. b m, 1876, by Advance— 
GlpsyTby Clark's Bladk Hawk 2:29^ 

Modoc, ch g, 1866, by Tomado, dam 
by Powers Morgan Rattler 2:25 

Modoc, gr g, 187—, by Morgan Hunter 2:25 

Modoc, ch g, 187—, by Aberdeen 2:19% 

Modred, b e, 188—, by Lumps— Isa- 
beUa, by Wedeewood. 2:29% 

Mogul, b g, 18i34 by Middletown— 
liady Shamrock, by Shamrock. 2:10>4 

Mogul, b g, 1888, by Baymont-^laud, 
by Black Rangtr 2:16V» 

Mohawk Blondl b s, 1884, by HaU'B 
Mohawk Jr.— Lady Washington, by 
J. H. Welsh 2:24^ 

Mogul, b g, 1888. by Baymont— Maud, 
by Black Ranger 2:22% 

Mohawk Chief, ch s, 1869, by Hall's 
Mohawk Jr.— Mary Bostovlck . .' 2:30 

Mohawk (McCue's), ch s, 1881, by Mo- 
hawk Island— T.ady Richardson 2:29% 

Mobawk Gift, ch s, 1874, by HaU's 
Mohawk Jr.— Sis James, by Camp- 
bell's Hl«togn 2 21% 

Mohawk Jr. (Clark's), b s, 1866, by 
Mohawk — Moselle, by Boblnson^s 
B<'lifouuder 2:25 

Mohawk Jr., (Hall's) b s, 1865, by Mo- 
liawk— Lady Woavor 2:26 

Mohawk Kate, b m, 1875, by Hall's 
Mohawk Jr.— Lady Wheeler, by F^- 
ing Hiatoga 2:26^ 

Mohawk Mf'Gregor, ch s, 1884 by 
Robert McGregor— Minerva, by tosh- 
er's Mohawk 2:2i) 

Mohawk Prince, b g, 187—, by The 
Commodore 2:28 

Molde, b m, 1891, 2:28% 

MoUno, ch g, 188—, by Belmont 2:27»4 

Molly, b m, 1859 by Dolphus (dead) 2:27% 

Molly, b m, 1863, by Magna Charta— 
Fox Clliie, by Young Florizel (dead) 2:27 

MoUy, blk m, 1867, by Monro Cham- 
pion, dam by Way Horse (dead) 2:27U 

Molly B., b m, 1873, by Duke of Sara- 
toga—Jenny 2:28 

Molly B., b m, 1883, by Hamdallah— 
Maud, by Altitude :i:26'/2 

Molly B., b m,*1877 by Fearnaught 
Gift, dam by Charles' Royal George 2:29% 

Molly B., b m, 1885, by Sovereign— 
Katy P 2:2oVi 

Molly B., br m, 1885. by Willie Schep- 

eer— Black Suse, by Lovelace^s 
lack Hawk 2:29% 

Molly Bell, b m, by CJoneternation . . 2:30 
Molly C., b m, 1884, by Mammont— 

Nelly, by Prince Billett 2:29% 

Molly C, ch m, 1887, by Young Dirigo 

—Daisy, by Daniel Boone 2:23% 

Dolly D., b m, 188—, by Goldenbow 2:26 
Molly Drew, ch m, 1874, by Wlnthrop 

— I<anny Fern, by Jack Hawkins ..2:27 
MoUy G., blk m, 18&-, by (Charles _ 

Caflfrey 'T...2:28 

Molly G., b m, 18»-, by Pickett, dam 

by St Charles ....2:20% 

Molly G., gr m, 1881, by Dclipse Clay ^,^ 

— (5rey Dolly, by Ranger 2:g% 

Molly Green, br m, 18&-, by Pontlac 2:26% 
Molly H., ch m, 188—, by Young De- , 

tective r 2:29% 

Molly Harris, blk m, 187—,* by Couch's ^^ . , 

Bashaw ^ j 2A5 j 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



MoBy J., b m^ 18S-, by Hambletonlan 
Tranby 2*19%^ 

Molly K., b m, 188-, breeding not 
traced 2:20''yi. 

^?J^y J^-: ^.^ ™' ^^^' '>y Bashaw 
Hambletonlan— Katie P. ... 2:29^^ 

Molly Klstler, b m, 1875^ by Blue Bull 
— Mose Rose, by Man Eater 2:27V4 

Molly Long, br m, 1876, by Mambrino 
Champion— Kate Luujuer, by Beam- 
er's Hlatoga 2:20W 

Molly Mc. b m, 1885. by Long Branch 
Fan, by Steer's Indian Chief 2:1^ 

Molly Mlddleton, b m, 3872, by Bay 
Mlddleton—Betsey Allen, by Klng^ 
Champion 2:2&i4 

Molly Mitchell, gr m, 1881, by Ken- 
nebec, dam by British Hunter.... 2:26^ 

Molly MorrUl, b m, 1872 by Walker ^^^ 
Morrill— Molly * 2:28^ 

Molly Morris, ch m, 186—, pedigree 
not traced 2:22 

Molly Morton, gr m, 1883, by Banker 
Rothschild— Lady Forrester, by 
Field's Royal George 2:80 

Molly O'Connor, br m, 1880, by Swi- 
gert 2:25% 

Molly Patten, blk m^ 1886, by Whip- 
pleton— Napa, by Naubuc 2:29^ 

Molly S., g m, 188—, by Daniel Lam- 
bert 2:24% 

Molly S. Llghtfoot, b m, 1886, by 
Richmond— Crane Mare 2:21Vi 

Molly Sprague, ch m, 1888, by George 
Sprague— Perlle Cardinal, by Wilkes 

, Booth 2:16»^ 

Molly Stanton, b m, 1882, by Gen. 
Stanton 2:20l^ 

Molly T., b m, 1887, by Dr. Talmage 
—Blanche, by Cardinal 2:29^4 

Molly Talbert, ch m, 1878, by Mam- 
brino Gift— Kitty Talbert 2:29% 

Molly Wllkea, b m, 1882. by Young 
Jim— Augusta, by Allie West 2:22% 

Molly Work, blk m, 1888, by Combina- 
tion—Patch Work, by Haw Patch.. 2:24^ 

Moloch, tor g, 1892, by Warlock, dam 
by Strathmore 2:26% 

Moloch, blk s, 1888, by Stranger- 
Mystery, by Socrates 2:17 

Molsey, b m, 1863, by Whiteside's 
Black Hawk— Moll, by Dallas 2:21% 

Mona, b m, 1886, by Jay Gould— Mol- 
ly B 2:29 

Mona Li&a, blk m, 1888. by Monroe 
Chief, dam by Reavis^ Blackbird. . 2:21 

Monadock, b 8, 188—, by Allandorf— 
Mosella 2:29% 

Mona B., b m, 1888. by Monon— 
Princess Annie, by Kentucky Prince 2:28% 

Monaco, b s, 1889, by Electioneer— 
Mano. by Piedmont 2:19»^ 

Monarch, br g, i88— , by Brown 
Frank 2:25% 

Monarch, b g. 1869, by— 
Victress, by Belmont 2:28% 

Monarch, b s, 188—, by Mnmbrlno 
Jackson 2:26% 

Monarch Jr., ro s, 1866, pedigree not 
traced 2:24% 

Monarch Rule, b m, 1869, by Monarch 
-Young Bob Rule, by St. Lawrence 2:24% 

Monbais, br g. 1889, by Stagle Bird- 
Lady Maud, by Gen. Knox (pacing 
record 2:16%) 2:11% 

Mondace, b g, 1882, by Ringgold— 
F^nny Whetstone, by Tobe Drum 2:27% 

Monette, blk m, 1887, by Monon— 

Doska, by Woodford Mambrino .... 2-14U 

Money dEunter, b g, 1883, by FleeUnr * 

, ttay '* 2-2n^ 

Money Maid b m, 1888, by Money- ' 
maker-Lady C, by Canada Blade 
Hawk 2:2H6 

Moneymaker, br s, 187—, by a son of 
Young Columbus (dead) 2:29 

Monio, b m, 188—, by Baird's Ham- 
bletonlan Prince, dam by Victor . . . 2:29% 

Monitor, n g, 1876. by Strathmore— 
Martha JMyers, by Benton's Diomed 2:29% 

Monitor CJhlppie, b m, 1886, by Moni- 
tor— Bay Dixie, by (5oleman's Abdal- 
lah 2:27 

Monk, ch g, 1S.SS, by Gift Jr.— Miss 

xc^^^P^t^i. "^y.P"^^^ Oni^'im 2:30 

Monk, blk e, ims, hv Seurca Patchen 
—The Nun, by OotUn 2:26% 

Monocacy, b s. 1BS7. by King Wilkes 
— Vivandier, by Volunteer 2:10% 

Monocrat, b », l&ST, by Monitor 
Prince— Bay Dixie, by Coleman's 
Abdallah Jr. (dead) . 2:27% 

Monogram, blk m, 1878. pedigree not 
traced 2:29% 

Monologue, b m, 1888, by Monroe 
Chief— Susie, by Ayers' Mambrino 
Wilkes 2:20% 

Monopolist, b e, 1878, by Jupiter 
Abdallah— Undine, by Rysdyk's 
Hambletonlan : . . 2:29% 

Morning Glory, b m. 188—, by Rich- 
ard's laector 2:27 

Monroe, ch s, 1867, by Iron Duke- 
Young Saline, by Guy Miller 2:27% 

Monroe, b s, 188—, by Monroe Chief 
—Lady Tiffany^ by Gibraltar 2:29% 

Monroe Chief, br s, 1870, by Jim 
Monroe— Madam Powell, by Bay 
Chief 2:18% 

Monroe Prince, br e, 1886, by Monroe 
Chief, dam by Buccaneer 2:29 

Monroe Wilkes, b g, 1883, by Barthol- 
omew Wilkes— Nelly R., by Jim 
Monroe 2:17% 

Montague, b g, 188—, by Russel's 
Hambletonlan 2:29% 

Mont, b 8, 188—, 2:24 

Monta Lee, b m, 1888, by Montaigne 
—Nancy Lee, by Almont Chief 2:30 

Montana, blk s, 188—, by Montana 
Wilkes— Alberta 2:27^/j 

Montana, b s, 1890. by Sidney— Hat- 
tie, by Commodore Belmont 2:19 

Montclalr, b s, 1884, by Montello, 
dam by James Bludso 2:27% 

Monte Carlo, b s, 1881, by Monaco— 
Blcara, by Harold 2:29% 

Monte Christo, gr g, 1882. by Malta- 
Kate Prasch, by Grey Bagle (Blind 
Eagle) 2:29 

Monte Christo, b s, 1887, by Baymont 
— B:ate. by (Japt. Thompson 2:29% 

Monte Christo, ch g, 188—, by Jubilee 
—Kit, by Monogram 2:18% 

Monte K.. ch g, 188—, by John W. 
Norton— Nigger 2:20% 

Monteo, b s, 1887, by Montgomery- 
Minnie S., by Pasacas 2:24% 

Monte Phister, b g, 1884, by Jot O.,— 
Belle B., by Hero of Thorndale .... 2:29 

Monterey, b 8, 1886, by Blectioneer— 
Minx, by Don Victor 2:25% 

Monto Vista, ch s, 1885, by Nutwood 
— Totsey, by Mambrino Transport. . 2:28% 

Monte West, br g, 1882, l>y^'^st- T^ 
Digitized byVjOOQlC 


THE 2:30 TROT TER&. 

mont 2:25% 

Montgomery, b s, 1878, by Inheritor 
— Bazarr, by Kentucky Cblef (dead) 2:21^ 

Montgomery Boy, ch g, 1875, by 
Sweepstakes— Mag, by Smith's 
Henry Olay 2:28^4 

Montreal Girl, b m, 1871. by Tiger. . 2:30 

Mont Rose, b m, 1888, by Blectioneer 
— Roeemont, by Piedmont 2:18 

Montrose, b s, 1882, by Dartmouth, 
dam by McAllister Horse 2:26l^ 

Moody, gr e. 1874, by Swigert— Moll, 
by Ward Horse 2:18^ 

Moody, b g, 1881, by Moody— Fanny 
Bond, by McCSommon's Magna 
Oharta 2:18 

Moonlight, b m, 1879, by Richmond, 
dam by Toledo 2:25% 

Moonstone, b m. 1888, by Sultan- 
Montana Maid, by George Wilkes . . 2:28% 

Moorzouk, b s, 1890, by Sidney— Sul- 
tan Queen, by Sultan 2:26 

Moocie, D g, 187—, by Washburn Horse 
— Morrlsey Mare 2:19% 

Moquette, br m, 1889, by Wilton— 
Spirea, by Stlllson 2:30 

Moquette, ch m, 1889, by Belmont— 
Mosa, by Woodford Mambrino .... 2:27% 

Moquette, b s, 1888, by Wilton— Betsy 
and I, by BrloBson 2:10 

Morea, b m, 1882, by Electioneer- 
Maria Pilot, by Mambrino PQot ... 2:24% 

Morefield, b s, 1881. by Richwood— 
Fanny Cox, by Kossuth 2:29% 

Morelefn, b s, 1886, by Monte Carlo 
—Nora Wilkes, by Lyle Wilkes 2:25% 

Morelight, b g, 1883, by Starlight- 
Violet, by Volunteer (dead) 2:28 

Morelight. b s, 1885, by Twilight- 
Lady Oarr, by American Clay 2 :30 

Morgan Ethan, b s, 1880, by Ameri- 
can Ethan— Dolly Perry, by Orange 
County Morgan 2 :29V7 

Morgan Wheeler, br g, 188—, by Pal- 
a«dlne 2:29% 

Morgan Wilkes, Uk a, 1889, by Bour- 
bon Wilkes— Fern, by Rebel 2:27 

Mongwiood, b s, 188—. by Atwood 2:29% 

Morning, gr m, 1869, by Mambrino 
Pilot— Granite, by John Plowman.. 2:30 

Morning Glory, b s, 188—, by Harry 
B 2:30 

Morning Star, b s, 188—, by Valde- 
meer 2:27 

Moro, blk m, 1883, by Pasha— Adele, 
by Messenger Duroc 2:25 

Moiccco, b g, 1875, by James R. 
Reese— Patchen Maid, by Henry B. 
Putchen 2:80 

Morris, br g, 186— by Ed Sherman 2:29 

Morris H., br s, 188—, by Hero 2:26% 

Morris H., br 8, 1882, by Lowell 
Chief— Myrtle, by Wood's Hamble- 
tonlan 2:22% 

Morrlsey, ch g, 1857, by Black War- 
rior 2:26% 

Mortimer, br s, 1884. by Electioneer 
—Marti, by Whipple's Hamble- 
tonian 2:27 

Morton, ch g, 188—, by Wilkes Spirit 
—Nelly Brown, by Kentucky 2:29% 

Moscova, ch m. 1883, by Belmont— 
Mosa. by Woodford Mambrino . . 2:28% 

Moficow, D g, 183—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:28% 

Moscow, br g, 18S- 2:28% 

Moscow, gr gj 1881, by Priyateer— 
Goldie, by Hendric Hudson 2:26% 

Moscow, blk g, 18tt— , pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:28% 

Moses, gr g, 1889. by Nutbreaker— 
Maid of Windsor, by Peavine 2:24% 

Moses 8., b s, 1885. by Hawthorne- 
Ryan Mare, by McOracken's Black 
Hawk 2:19% 

Moss Rose, ch m, 1880, by Vitalis ..2:30 

Motion, ch Sy 1873, by Daniel Lam- 
bert—Never Mind, by a son of 
Young Moscow (dead) 2:29 

MoUon Golddust, b g, 1884, by Gold- 
dust Jr.— Ella Leonard, by Judge 
Leonard 2:28% 

Motor, b s, 1884, by Onward— Griselda, 
by WilUam Ryedyk 2:2!i^j 

Motor, b 8, 1882, by Colonna— Emma, 
by Tlppoo Sultan Jr 2:27^ 

Mott, b g, 188—, by Ulster Prince, 
dam by Edeall's Hambletonian .... 2:25% 

Mott Medium, b g. 187—, by Happy 
Medium— Belle Vernon, by Gen. 
Mott 2:29^ 

Motto, b g, 188—, by Ool Bruce 2:28 

Monche Guise, gr m, 188— 2:28^4 

Mountain Boy, b g, 1880, by Edward 
Everett, diam by Gridley's Roe- 
buck (dead) 2:20% 

Mountaineer, b b, 1884, by Young 
Rolf e— Ink, by Louis Napoleon 2:23% 

Mountain Girl, b m. 1877, pedigree 
not traced 2:27V4 

Mountain Maid, br m, 1858, by Morrill 
(dead) 2:27% 

Mountain Maid, b m, 188—, by An- 
teeo, dam by Nutwood 2:22% 

Mountain Quail, b m. 1871, by Weig& 2:25^ 

Mount Airy, b s, 1887, by Walslng'- 
ham— Belle, by Volunteer 2:18% 

Mount Hood, br s, 1885, by Eto&- 
Alice, by Almont 2:22% 

Mount Morris, ro s, 1882, by Smug- 
gler—Christine, by Wood's Hamble- 
tonian 2:19^ 

Mount Vernon, b s, 1881, by Nutwood 
-Daisy, by Chieftain 2:15% 

Mount Vernon, ch s, 1878, by Cham- 
pion Knox 2:26 

Aloxie, br g, 1887, by Opal 2:24% 

M R., br g, 188—, by Raven Gold- 
dust— Nelly Dean, by Major Buck 2:19% 

M. R., b g, 1S71. by Jupiter— MoUy 
B., by Mambrino Black Hawk 2:28 

Muchadq, b s, 1889, by Judge Salis- 
bury—Lady Simmons, by Simmons 2:20^ 

Mudrona, , br ^ m, 1888, by Baron 
Wilkech-Mudra, by Sentln^ 2:26 

Muggins, ch m, 1887. by Blyria— May 
Lady, by Alexander's Norman 2:28% 

Muggins, b m. 188—, by Embassador 2:25 

Mugginfl, b m, 188--, by Haro 2:20% 

Mulatto, br s. 1883, by Aberdeen- 
Nig, by Mambrino P»*;chen 2:22 

Multiform^ br s, 1887, by Pero— Maria, 
by Guide 2:28 

Murtha, b m. 1887, by Stamboul— 
Posey, by Flpxtail 2:18 

Masoovite, ch s, 1885, by Nutwooa— 
Roiua Victoria, by Rysdyk's Ham- ,^ 
bletonian 2:18 

Musette, gr m, 1886, by Lew Scott— ^ ^^,, 
Linda, by Star Mambrino 2:17% 

Musette, b m, 187 -, by Almont— Mag ^,, 
Cooper, by Ashland 2:29% 

Music, ch m, 1867, by Middletown, ^ „.,, 
dam by Roe's Fiddler 2:21% 

Music, b m. 187—, pedigree not traced 2:Afn 

Mustache, br s, 1883, bv^weepetakefl 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



-Mag. by Smith's Henry Clay .... 2:80 
Mustapba, ch e, 1889, by Guy Wilkes ^ ^ 

— Lalla Rookh, by Grand Moor ... 2:23 
Musty, ch g, 188—, by Hambletonian 

Prince 2:26% 

Muta Wilkes, b m, 1888, by Quy 

Wilkee— Montrose, by Sultan 2:11 

M. W., cb g. 18tt4. by Billy Hensly 

M. Y. D.* Colti 'cli'm, 1877.' by Daniei 
Lambert— Fanny Jackson, by Stone^ 
wall Jackson 2:^% 

My Charley, ch «. 188-, by Motor.. 2121 

My My, b m, 1885, by Broe-Nettle ^ _, 
Walker, by Mohawk Chief 2:25«J4 

Myra Simmons, b m. 1890, by Sim- ^ 
mons-Nelly West, by Allie West 2:20^ 

Myriad, b m, 18S5, by Stranger— 
Myra, by Gen. Knox 2:281^^ 

Myritte Tliiome, br m. 1800, by 
Grandiasimo— Belle Thorne, by 
Hawthorne * 2:20>4 

Myron McHenry, ch s, 1888, by Ash- 
laind 'Wllkies— Dame Wcod, iby 
^ Wedgewood 2:18^ 

Myron Perry, b g, 1860, by Young Cc- 
lumbus, dam by Hopkin's Abdullah 
(debd) 2:24% 

Myrtella G., ch m, 1879, by Blue Bull 
—Myra Sbaw, by Tom Lang 2 :28 

Myrtie, b m, 1876. by Louis Nnpoleou 
—Nelly Hullck, by Flsk's Mambrino 
Chief Jr 2:22y4 

Myrtle B., b m, 1884, by George Chief 
-Lady Wonder 2:22% 

Myitie Peak, b m, 1887. by Wilke- 
scnian- -Kitty lilmbrough, by Kim- 
brough's Abdallah 2:29'}4 

Myrtle, b m. 187--, by Iving'e Cham- 
biou— Old Jane, by Magnum Bonum 2:25% 

Myrtle, ro ni, 1872, by Flying Cloud— 
Lottie Moon 2:26% 

Myrtle, gr m, 1882, by Warwick Boy 
-Kit, by Kllpatrick 2:28% 

Myrtle, br m, 1888, by Ante3o— 
Luella, by Nutwood 2:19% 

Myrtle, ro m, 1886, by Oxford Boy. . 2:30 

Myrtle Boy, blk s, 1891, by Myrtleton 
—Bertha James, by Dictator 2:25% 

Myrtle N., b m, 1890. by Alburn- 
Kitty h:.„ by Honest Irishman ... 2:20% 

AtoTtle R., b m, 1886, by Monaco- 
Lucy, by Trascan 2:15^4 

Myrtle S., b m, 1886, by Charley 
Wicker, dam by William M. Rys- 
dyk's 2:28% 

Myrtle T., blk m, 1888, by Grand 
Moor— Gyp, by Decoy's Vermont . . 2:27% 

Myrtle Twig, b m, 1890, by Myrtle- 
ton— Vado, by Cyclops 2:28% 

Myrtlewood, b s, 1883, by Wedge- 
wood— Myrtle, by King's Champion 2:25V4 

Mystery, b s, 1876, by Magic-Ned . . 2:25% 

Mystery, b m, 1888, by Phallas— 
Mystic, by Nutwood 2:21% 

Mystery, b s, 188—, by Milwaukee Jr. 
—Nelly B., by Stockholm 2:26% 

Mystic, b g, 186-, by Reliance 2:22 

Nabby G., br m, 1876, by Hamble- 
tonian Bashaw 2:30 

NabockTlsh, blk g, 1853, by Rising 
Sun (dead) 2:29% 

Nabob, b g, 1887, by Willet— Adele 
Tyler, by Chester 2:30 

Naboth, b s, 1888, by WaJsingham— 
Tinsel :Maid, by Messenger Duroc. . 2:19% 

Nadjl, br- m, 1886, by Earl— Frankie, 
by McAfee's Drennon 2 :28 

Nadjy. b m, 1887, by Stamboui— Lady 
Grayee. by Nutwood .^ 2:26 

Nadjy, ch m, 188—, by Declaration. . 2:28 

Naiad King, b s, 1888, by Recorder 
—Naiad Queen, by Gooding's Cham- 
pion 2:28 

Naiad Queen, b m, 1875, by Good- 
ing's Ohampion— Tackey, by Pi- 
lot Jr 2:20% 

NaUor. b s, 1886, by Sultan— Neily, 
by Rysdyk's Hambletonian 2:29 

Namouna. b m, 1873> by Pelham Tar- 
tar—Kit Jackson 2:28% 

Nana, b m, 1891, Rockefeller- Mo- 
dena, by M.eseenger Wilkes 2:29% 

Nana, b m, 188—, pedigree not traced 2:24% 

Nancy, ch m, 1872, by Daniel Lam- 
bert—May Day, by Miles Standish. . 2:23% 

Nancy B., br m, 188—, by Wade 
Hampton 2:29% 

Nancy Carr, br m. 1888. by Kenny 
Wilkes— Miza Jane, i^ Girrard 
Chief 2:25 

Nancy H., br m, 188-, by Japan . . . 2:24% 

Nancy Hackett, rn m, 187—, by Wood'8 
Hambletonian— Hackett Mare 2:20 

Nancy Hackett. rn m, 1886, by Alle- 
gheny Boy— Quibble, by Solicitor ... 2:29 

Nat Howe, b g, 188—, by Ben Frank- 
Un ...: 2:28% 

Nancy Haas, b m, 188—, by Jim Swl- 
gert 2:29% 

Nancy Hanks, br m, 1886, by Happy 
Medium— Nancy Lee, by Dictator. . 2:04 

Nency K., br m, 188—, by King Will- 
iam: 2:29% 

NaniOy Rice, b m, 1891, by Alcantara- 
Belle Jifedlum, by Happy Medium. . 2:25 

Nancy SL, b mTlSS— , by Wood's Ham- 
bletonifljn ^... 2:27 

Nancy Time, b mi, 188—, by Phillip's 
Blue Bull 2:29% 

Nancy V., br mL_1887, by Mambrino 
Baabaw— NellyBlmo^ by St. Elmo... 2:24% 

Nancy W., b m, 1889, by Psatiton— Lo- 
crine, by Duke of Brunswick 2:26/^ 

N^ankeen, ch s, 1888, by Mambriton- 
lan— N«iicy, by Jones' Independence 2:28 

Nannie K, d m. 1880, by Deucalion- 
IBmblent, by Mlnchln's Tom Moore. . 2:27% 

Nanny B., b m, 1878, by Daubigne— 
Miss Ohriistian, by Damaby's Bay 
Messenger 2:27 

Nanny Talbott, cb m, 1877, by Strath- 
more— Kitty Morgan, by Joe Down- 
ing Jr : 2:29% 

Niannie Wilson, blk m, 1890. by Sim- 
mons— Algia, by Indianapolis 2:28% 

Nantilla J., blk m, 1883, by Bockwood 
—Old Fly, by Fly-by-Nlght 2:30 

Natila, b m, 188—, by Goldmine, dama 
by Arnold 2:25% 

Naomi, b m. 1888. by Indian Hill- 
Juno, by Rysdyk*s Hambletonian... 2:25 

Napoleon Belle, br m, 1881, by Am- 
bassadar 2:27% 

Narcus, b g, 1890, by Messenger 
Wilkes, dam by Hampton 2:25% 

Narka, b m, 1888, oy Messenger 
Wilkes— Tribon Mare, by Hampton. 2:29 

Narka, b m, 1885, by Young Jim— Lu- 
cille Golddufit, by Golddust 2:27% 

Narragansett, br g, 188—, by Narra- 
gansett 2:23% 

Na^yllle, gr g, 1885, by Chesterfield 

-Jenny, by Oarlisle 2:28 

Nat Bruen. cfti s, 188—, by Bgmont. .. 2:21% 
Natdhez, b g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) ^ 2-30 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Nathalie, oil m, 1888, by Jersey Wilkes 

'Nemea, by Nutwood 2:17 

Natbalie, ch m, 1890, by SUmnons— 

Katy Baatman, by Biofield 2:2SVi i 

Nathan, blk g, 1877, by Empire— 

Frieky, by Ikfihew 2:28^4 i 

Nathan Wftkea, b m, 188—, by Bed i 

Wilkes, dam by Monroe Ohief. 2:25% ' 

NatUa, b m, 188—, by Goldemar 2:25V*» 

National, b s, 18S7, by WelUngton— i 

Axnes, by Aberdeen 2:20-4 ' 

Natfye Son, br s, 1889, by Sable 

Wilkes— Biandhe, by Apthnrton 2:26Va i 

Native Son, br a 1890, by Waldstein— 

Gertrude, by The Moor 2:29^ ! 

Native State, b s, 188—, by a son of 

Electioneer 2:27V4 ' 

Naughty Clara, b m, 1890, by Young I 

Jim— Miss Mamie, by Contractor 2:28^ 

Naumkeag. br e, 188—, by Lexington. 2:28 
Navarro, d s, 1887, by Nutmont— 

Nelly G., by Mectioneer 2:22 

Navldad, b g, 1886. by Whips- I/ady 

Thome Jr., by Williams' Mambrdno. 2:22% 
Navy Wilkea, blk s, 1886, by Black 
Ambassador— Black Hawk Beauty, 

by Champlain John 2:27 

Neal Whltbeck, blk g, 1883, by Black 

Bashaw— Dot, by Gen. Knox 2:22% 

Ned, b g, 187—, by Overland 2:29^ 

Ned Biddle, b g, 187- 2:25 

Ned Allen, oh g, 188—, by Rex Patch- 
en...../ 2:29% 

Neddie D., b g, 188—, by R. F. GaUo- 

way. 2:26 

Ned Forrest, blk g. 1864, by Keene's 

Brandywine (dead) 2:28% 

Ned Forrest, (m g, 187—, by Reavis* | 

BlackbiPd/. 2:25%! 

Ned Hastings, b s, 187—, by Taggart's I 

Abdallah.T... 2:28% i 

Ned Lock, ch s, 18fr-, pedigree not 

traced ^..^,.,. 2:24%, 

Ned Wallace, b s, 1868, by Taggart's i 

Abdallah 2:25 ., 

Needham's Whipple, blk s. 1891. by 
Steve Whipple— Young Flora Hill, by 

Chieftain... 2:27% 

Neernut, b s, 1892, by Albert W.— 

Cayte 2d, by Nutwood 2:26 

Nehushta, b m, 1885, by Sftamboul- 

Neluska. by Sultan 2:30 

Nekima, dn g, 188—, by Hailstorm. . . 2:23 
Neli, b m. 1872, by Thomas Jefferson 
—Rose Terry, by Ryedyk's Hamble- 

tonian 2:27 

Nelia, b m, 1871, by Camden Denmark 2:24^A 
Nell, blk m, 187—, pedigree not traced 2:29V* 
Nellette. br m, 1887, by Grand Senti- 
nel— NelUe G., by Brentham 2:28«^ 

Nelly, b m, 1886, by Oberon— Nelly, 

- by Glencoe 2:23% 

Nelly, blk m. 188-, by Little Hamil- 
ton 2:28 

Nelly, b m, 1871, by Green's Hamble- 
tonlan — Holcomb Mare, by Young 

Morrill 2:30 

Nelly, b m, 1879, by Balrd*s Hamble- | 

tonian Prince— Kit, by Victor 2:29V4 I 

Nelly, b m, 188—, by Oberon 2:27V4 i 

Nelly A., b m, 1891, by Wilkes Boy— I 

Wllksie G., by Robert McGregor... 2:16'/4 

Nelly Aldine, blk m, 1889, by Wllkee I 

Boy-Josle King, by The King 2:21% 

Nelly Alfred, b m, 188—, by Alfred G. 2:27'/a 
Nellv Allison, br m, 1883, by Forest 

Hlatoga— Black Polly 2:19% 

Nelly B., br m. 1876, by Gooding's 
Champion— Nelly, by Henry Clay Jr. 2:29% 


Nelly Bariett, blk m^ 1882, by John 

Sberman— Cloud, by Black Ranger. 2:20\^ 
Nelly Benton, b m, 1880, by Gen. Ben- 
ton— Noima, by Alexander's Norman 2:30 
Nelly Blackwing, blk m, 188-, by Al- 

mont M 2:29i>i 

Nelly Bly, b m, 1889, by Advance- 
Molly a. by Gov. Scott 2:30 

Nelly Bly, b m, 1886, by Middletown 

Jr.— Black Kate, by Andrew Jackson 2:23V(i 
Nelly Bryant, b m, 1872, by Palmer's 
Norman— Lady Bryant, by Robinson 

Horee 2:25U 

Nelly Bums, b m, 187—, by MilU- 
man's Bellxounder— Lucy Foster, by 

James W. Foster 2:25 

Nelly C, br m, 1881, by Daniel Web- 
ster—Nettie, by Fearnaught Gift.. 2:26% 
Nelly C, blk m, 1879, by Peter Jef- 
ferson—Ida Shepper, by Mott's In- 
dependent 2:27^ 

Nelly C, br m, 188—, by Grimalkin 

—Molly H„ by Rothschild ^.2:30 

Nelly C., b m, 1883, by Wattless 

Little Grant— Bay Ann 2:29^ 

Nelly C, ch m, 1883, by Ben Butler 
—Duster, by a son of Oaasius M. 


Nelly Chatterton, b m. 1890, by Chat- 

terton— Modjeska, by Harold 

Nelly Cobb, b m, 188—, by Charles 


Nelly D., br m, 1882, by Taylor, dam 

by Allen O. Patchen 2:27% 

Nelly D., b m, 188—, by Toodlee Jr. 

—Romany 2:19% 

Nelly D., blk m, 188—, by Robinson 

D., dam by Dow Rysdyk 2:27 

Nelly Earl, b m, 188-. by Earl 2:2^" 

Nelly F., rn m, 188—, by Rex Patchen 2:2 

Nelly F., ch m, 1888, by Alroy— Pet. . 2:2 

Nelly F., b m, 1888, by Anteros— 

Sharlie by Roger Hanson (pacing 

2:13%) ..: 7 2:25 

Nelly G., br m, 1874, by Brentham 

(dead) 2:20 

Nelly G., ch m, 1883, by St Almo- 

Kate McCann 2:29)4 

Nelly G., b m, 188-, by Kearsarge. . 2:28^4 
Nelly G., blk m. 1885, by Ira Wilkes 
—Molly, by Espie's St. Lawrence.. 
Nelly GamwelL b m, 188—, by 

Bllal G 

Nelly Grant, dh m, 1874, by Major 
Grant— Madam Mauk, by Frank 

Nelly Gray,' gr in, 188^, pedigree not 
traced 2:29% 

Nelly Gray, gr m, 1883, by Ned 
Patchen— Dolly, by Patrick Henry. 2:20 

Nelly Gray, gr m, 187—, by Young ^^^, 
Cassius 2:26% 

Nelly H., b m, 1882, by Raven Gold- 
dust 2:24V^ 

Nelly H., blk m, 1884, by Ambassador 
I —Lady Greer, by Joe Curry 2:28% 

Nelly Hardwood, b m, 1885, by Hard- ^ ^^ 
I wood-Lucy 2:18% 

Nelly Holcomb, gr m, 1853, by Adams* 
American, dam by Harris' Hamble- ^ 
tonian (dead) 2:28 

Nelly Howard, br m, 1886, by Gen. 
Stanton-Nelly T., by Fnlton 2:18% 

Nelly Irwin, b m, 186-, by Middle- ^ ^^ 
town, dam by Bay Abdallah (dead). 2:25 

Nelly J., b m, 1890, by George J.— ^ _. 
Black Hose, by Revolution 2:29% 

Nelly K., b m, 1879, by Young Wash- 




Digitized by 





tenaw Ohlef 2;29% i 

NeUy L... b m, 1878. by George Wilkes 
-iady Oaks, by Gill's Vermont.... 2:23% 

Nel^ Loyd, b m, 1885, by Elgin Boy i 

— Jei^ny Roberson, by Pilot Duroc. 2:22% 

Nelly M., b m. 1877, by Daniel Boone 
—Page Mare, by Page's Gen. Sher- 
man 2:28%: 

Nelly M., gr m, 188—, by Barkis- 
Maggie Oolbum, by Ooeur De 
Idon Jr 2 

Nelly M., b m 2 

Nelly McGee, b m, 188—, by Spring- 
brook 2:80 

Nelly McGregor, b m, 1882. by Mc- 
Gregor » Chief— Nelly Weeks Jr., by 
Captain 2:26% 

Nelly McGregor, ch m, 1887, by Rob- 
ert McGregor— Minnie Brown, by 
IMctator 2:14 

Nelly Mason, b m, 1887, by Onward 
—Rachel Russell, by Woodford Ab- 
dallah ^ 2:14 

Nelly N., blk m^ 188—, by Alcyonium 
— Topsy Knox 2:25% 

Nelly O'NeUl, b m, 1884, by Petoskey 
— ^Fanny, by Iron's Cadmus 2:22% 

Nelly Orlofif, b m, 1886, by Prince Or- 
Ifofl- Fanny Bashaw, by Basthaw Jr. 2:26% 

Nelly P., b m, 1883. by Meeker Ham- 
bletonian— Sprague Mare, by Amer- 
ican Eagle 2:28% 

Nelly Patchen, b m, 187—, by Alex- 
ander—Jenny Shepherd, by Will- 
iamson's Belmont 2:27% 

NeUy R., ch m, 1881, by Red Cloud 
—Nell, by Cole's Black Hawk 2:28 

Nelly R., b m, 18&-, by Santa Clans 
—Helena, by Lancewood 2:21% 

Nrfly R., b m. 187—, by Gen. McClel- 
lan Jr.— Susie Rose, by Sam Mc- 
aelland 2:17% 

Nellie R., b m, 1876, by Stephen A. 
Douglas 2:22% 

NelUe R., blk m, 1891, by Don Felix, 
dam by St. Elmo 2:26% 

Nelly Rof«e, b m, 1872, by Henry B. 
Patchen 2:30 

Nelly Rose, ch m, 1878, by Sacra- 
merto— Nelly Walworth, by Toronto 
Patchen 2:2.^/4 

Nelly S., b m, 188-, by Jersey Wilkes 2:28% 

Nelly S., blk m, 1867, by Commander, 
dam by Ross' Tom Crowder 2:23% 

Nelly S., b m, 1889, by Jim Wilson 
—Maud, by New Jersey Volunteer. 2:23% 

Nelly S.. b m, 1884, by Pickett (pac- 
ing 2:16%) 2:21V4 

Nellie Shank, b m, 1890. by Dr. Tal- 
mage— Annie Penn, by Simmons... 2:29V4 

Nelly Sherman, blk m, 1881, by John 
Sherman— Nichols Mare 2:29% 

Nelly StlUson, b m, 1882, by Stillson 
—Nelly, by Hiatoga Chief 2:24 

Nelly T., b m. 188—, by Mambrlno 
Morgan 2:29% 

Nelly T., b m, 188—, by Hambrino.. 2:20V4 

Nelly v., b m, 187—, pedigree not 
traced 2:20% i 

Nelly W., gr m, 1884, by Rolla Gold- I 

dust— Belle, by Norman Temple.... 2:14%, 

Nelly W., b m, 1886, by Sweepstakes 2:23% 

Nelly W., blk m :i:29% 

Nelly W., ch m, 188—, by Woolsey— | 

Nelly Reynolds, by Inca 2:17% i 

Nelly Walton, b m, 1865, by Jules I 

Jurgensen— Nelly, by Defiance (dead) 2:26% 

Neily Webster, br m, 1865, by Amer- j 

lean EH^ian— Coloners dam, by Big- 
gart'B Battler (dead) 2:28% 

Nelly Wilkes, b m, 188-, by Red 

Wilkes 2:18% 

Wilkes— Belle, by Kimbrough's Ab- 
dallah 2:28% 

Nelly Wilson, b m, 1886, by Baird's 
Hambletonian Prince— Nelly, by Vic- 
tor 2:30 

Nelly Woodruff, gr m,1871. by Booker 2:30 

Nelly Woods, ch m, 188—, by Emer- 
son Golddust— Topsy 2 :28% 

Nelson, b s, 1882, by Young Rolfe— 
Gretchen, by Gideon 2:09 

Nelson, ch g, 1883, by Sir WalklU— 
Flore tta, by Messenger Duroc 2:24% 

Nelson D.. b g, 188-, by Lord Nel- 
son 2:26% 

Nelson Jr.. b s, 188—, by Nelson 2:26% 

Nemesis, b m, 1883, by Nutwood- 
Four Lines, by Blackwood 2:28 

Nemo, br g, 1884, by Ed Barton— 
liar da. by Buckeye Chief 2:21% 

Nemo, b g, 186—, by John Nelson 
(dead) 2:30 

Nemo, br s, 1884. by Clay— Nettie 
Benton, by Gen. Benton 2:26% 

Nemoline, blk m, 1890, by Jersey 
Wilkes— Nemesis, by Nutwood .,.. 2:13% 

Nenox, br g, 1888, by Nephew— Miss 
Knox, by^nox 2:27% 

Neome, b g, 186—. by Post Boy Frank 
—Fanny Snyder, by Dare (dead) . . 2:24 

Neponset, b s, 1887, by Nutwood— 
Mflud S. T., by Gov. Sprague 2:24% 

Neponset, b s, 188—, by Alcyone- 
Betsey Bump, by Stockholm 2:24% 

Nerea, ch m, 1867, by John Nelson- 
Sally Taylor, by Gen. Taylor (dead) 2:23% 

Neri Newcome, b s, 1883. by Star 
mont— Gipsy, by Young Belshazzar. 2:28% 

Nerlssa, b m, 1886. by Pennant— Allet, 
by Almont 2:21% 

Nero, b s, 1888, by Valley Chief, dam 
by Darkey 2:25% 

Nest Egg, ch s, 1881, by Amboy— 
Molly Merrell, by Kentucky Chief. 2:29% 

Nestor, ch s, 1880, by Pasacas— Celia, 
by Knowles* Stranger 2:20% 

Nestor, b s, 1880. by Alden Gold- 
smith-Harriet, by Swigert 2:30 

Nestor, b g, 188- .. 2:29% 

Nestwood, b g, 1886, by Nestor— Jes- 
mont. by McAlmont 2:23% 

Neta Medium, b m, 1874, by Happy 
Medium— Sally, by Yankee Tricks. . 2:22% 

Neta Pine, br m, 1881, by American 
Ethan— Dolly Perry, by Orange 
County Morgan 2:29% 

Nettle, ch m, 1882, by Blue Bull Jr. 
—Kate, by Col. Ellsworth 2:19 

Nettle, b m, 1866, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonian— County House Mare, by 
Seely's American Star (dead) 2:18 

Nettle, blk m, 188-, by Atlantic 
Chief 2:29% 

Nettie, b m, 1885, by The King^ 
Nelly, by Kirkwood 2:19% 

Nettle, dn m, 188—, by Ben Harrison 2:20% 

Nettle B., br m. 1887, by Ansel— Net- 
tie Benton, by Gen Benton 2:20% 

Nettie B., b ra, 1883, by Jim Brvin— 
Kate, by Pilot Duroc 2:25% 

Nettie B., br m, 1884, by Keystone- 
Blanche C. Arthurs, by Kentucky 
Burr 2:27% 

Nettle Burlew, b m, 1869, by King's 
Champion— Nipper, by George M. 

Digitized by 




Patchen 2:24 

Nettle O., I) m, 188—, by Blchards' 
Elector 2:28 

Nettle Dm ch m, 1881, by Messenger 
Duroc— Antoinette, by Shepherd's 
Rattler 2:80 

Nettle D., ch m, 188-, by Phil Sher- 
idan Jr 2:25% 

Nettle H., ar m, 1881, by Richmond 
— I4z, by ©ubank'8 Gray Eagle 2:26^ 

Nettle Kiag^ ch m, 1887, by Mambrlno 
King— Nettie Murphy, by Hamlin 
Patchen 2:20^ 

:4oititi Muti, gr m, IS^, by Caliban 
— UttLe Jane, by Strader's Casslus 
M. Clay Jr 2:28^ 

Nettle T*, b m, 188—, by Thatcher 
BanibletQiilan 2:27 

Nettle T., br m, 1877, by Gen. Stan- 
ton— Shoo Fly. by Toronto Chief.. 2:22i4 

Nettle Thorne, b m, 1876. by Thom- 
daie— Young Gipsy, by Mambrlno 
Pilot 2:25^ 

Nettle W., ch m, 188— 2:29^ 

Nettle Wilkes, b m, 1890, by Young 
Wilkes— Nettle Hawkins, by BeM- 
dere 2:17V6 

Nettie Ward, ch m, 186—, by Peavlne, 
dam by Sir Wallace 2:29^ 

Nettle Lieaf, b m, 1883, by Nuggett- 
— ZelindaTwilkes, by George VVllkes 2:23% 

Neva, ch m, 1885, by Harold— Me- 
gella, by Belmont 2:30 

Neva, b m 1876, by Squire Talmage, 
dam by ^om Traveler 2:23^ 

Neva, b m, 1888, by Stelnway— 
Princess, by Administrator 2:27 

Nevada, blk g, 1885, by Nevada— Bird, 
by Old John 2:23 

Neva Seeley, br m, 1886, by Herschel 
—Lady Star, by Squire Talmage... 2:20'/4 

Neville, b s, 1888, by Walslngham— 
Belle, by Volunteer 2:29^ 

Newago, br s, 1888, by Tallmage— 
Crete, by Haw Patch 2:28 

New Berlin GirL ch m, 1864, by Gray 
Eagle— Nelly Walworth (dead) 2:29^^ 

NewDold, gr g, 1883, by Nutbourne— 
Jeanette. by Messenger Duroc 2:27^^ 

Newbrook, blk g, 1870, by Wilson's 
Henry Clay 2:30 

Newburg, ch g, 186—, by Seely's Amer- 
ican Star 2:30 

Newcastle, b g, 1887. by Cornelian- 
Daisy P., by son of Joe Bowers ... 2:14% 

Newcomb, ch s, 1883, by Nutwood- 
Maggie Wilkes, by George Wilkes. 2:29% 

New Fashion, b m, 1889, by Black 
Wilkes— Fashion, by Sirius 2:25 

Newflower, b s, 1880, by Nephew- 
Flower Girl, by Electioneer 2:23V4 

Newmont, b e, 1883, by Belmont— 
Lulu, by Harold 2:29^)4 

Newport, b s, 1888, by Mambrlno 
Olark— Nelly G., by Electioneer... 2:26/4 

Newsboy, ch g, 1871, by Kling's Cham- 
pion—Miss Lockwood. by Louis Na- 
poleon 2:27 

Newsboy, dn g, 1886, by Brent wood- 
Lemons, by Dan Allen 2:20V4 

Newton, br s. 1883, by Nugget— Duck, 
by Scott's Hiatoga 2:22 

Newton B., gr g, 1881, by Rex Hia- 
toga-Nelly 2:17% 

Newton G., b g, 188— by Highland 
Chief 2:29Va 

New York Central, b g, 1886, by Sim- 
mons— Jassamlne. by Mambrlno Boy 2:13i^ 

New York Dictator, b s, 1882, by 
New York— Ida T., by Dictator .... 2:29^ 

N. H. R., br g, 1884, by Gov. Sprague 
—Lizzie Lewis, by Ericsson ....... 2:23U 

Niblo, br 8, 1888, by Walslngham— 
Miss Fanny, by Hamlet 2:27U 

Nicholas, blk s, 188-, by Victor 
Patchen, dam by Silver Boy 2:29% 

Nickel, b g. 187-, by Oak mil 2:21 

Nickle D., br g, 1889, by Blyrla, dam 
by Gen. Hayes 2:29% 

Nickel Plate, b g, 188—, by Bay Tom 
Jr 2:22 

Nickel Plate, br s, 1881, by Swlgert— 
Rosabel, by Goldsmith's Abdullah 2:20% 

Mickel Plate, b g, 1888, by Hotspur 
Jr.— Molly, by Joe Hooker 2:25% 

Nick L.. b g, 188—, by Inauguration 2:25% 

Nicola, br s, 1890, by Guardsman, 
dam by John Dlllard 2:28% 

Nicollet, b m, 1887, by Epicure — 
Daisy, by Hotspur Jr . 2:30 

Nlcolet Boy, br s, 1888, by Page's 
Hainbietouiiin— Black Kate, by Mi- 
gantic Boy 2:29% 

NIckwa, b gi, 188— 2:29% 

Nigger Baby, blk g. 1870, by Yankee 
ander- Shoofly 2:22% 

Nigger Baby, blk g, 1870, by Yankee 
Bill, dam by Drew Horse 2:27% 

Ni?ntingale, ch m, 1885, by Mam- 
brlno King— Mlnnequa Maid, by 
Wood's Hambletonlan>« 2:10% 

Nightingale, blk m, 1884, by Osgood's 
Patchen— Mabel, by Mambrlno How- 
ard 2:10% 

Nightingale, b m, 1869, by Ericsson- 
Heiress, by Alexander's Abdallah.. 2:28% 

Nighttime, gr g, 187-, by Rustic, 
dam by Sawyer's Stockbrldge Chief 2:29% 

Nil Desperandum, b s, 1871, by Bel- 
mont— Lady McKlnney 2:24 

Nlles Beauty, b m. 1885, by Ulster 
Chief— Puss, by Skenandoan 2:19 

Nlles Jr., b g, 188-, by C. A. Nlles. . 2:27% 

Nimbus, b s, 1884, by Ben Franklin 
—Lady Mills, by Broken Leg 2:26% 

Nlmrod, ch g, 188— pedigree not 
traced . . .T 2:26% 

Nina C, b m, 1881, by Little Hamil- 
ton—Dolly 2:26% 

Nina Cobb, b m, 188-, by Maxie Cobb 
Jr 2:25 

Nina De, ch m. 1885, by Nutwood- 
Adelaide, by PhU Sheridan 2:26% 

Nina Dlnsmore, b m, 1887, by Ham- 
dallah— Lady Gregor Jr., by Star of 
the West 2:23% 

Nina K., b m, 1878, by Honesty— Bay 
Pet, by Black Hawk Champion 2:28% 

Nina Medium, br m, 1887, by Riley 
Medium— Amorette, by Blackwood 
Jr 2:14 

Ninette, ch m, 1878, by Gen. Benton 2:28 

Nino, b g, 187—, pedigree not traced 2:27 

Nino, gr m, 1875, by Deucalion— Nelly, 
by Billy Denton 2:30 

Nlra Belle, b m, 1875, by a son of ^^ 
Ethan Allen 2:21) 

Nita PancoMPt, b m. 1888, by Pan- ^^^, 
coast)— Benita, by Bleotiioneer 2:24% 

Nix blk m, 1887, by Norwood Wilkes ^^, 
-Nan P., by J. H. Welch 2:22% 

Nixon, br g, 187—, by Elial G..-^onAis 
M»ie. by a son of Tom Jefferson. . 2:20% 

Nixon, b s, 188-. by Abdallah Wilkes 2:28',^ 

N. J. Fuller, br s. 1874, by Hinsdale 
Hoise— Doll Wicka, by Young North 

Digitized by 




Briton 2:2ldM 

Nobby, br g, 1876, by Nobby— Fanny 
Bawllngs, by May's Sir Wallace 2:18% 

Noble Harold, b s, 1883, by Harold- 
Wilna, by Belmont 2:29% 

Noblemont, b 6, 1887, by Prank Noble 

— Tremona, by Tremout 2:29^ 

Noblawo, b s, 1887, by Dictator— 
Fuga, by George Wilkes 2:24 

Nobody's Claim, blk s, ISi^., by AI- 
mont Jniot— Pet, by Erie 2:26 

N. O. D.. b g, 18»l. by Ben Frank- 
lin— Trinket Girl, by Jubilee Lam- 
bert 2:30 

Nogero, b g, 1886, by Kingston— Betty 2:28% 

No Hurry, b g, 188—, by Harry Clay 2:30 

Nomad, b g, 1B83, by Smuggler— Mary 
A. Whitney, by volunteer 2:29Vi 

Nominator, b s, 1887, by Stranger- 
Sapphire, by Jay Gould 2:17i/4 

Nominee, b g, 1888, by Rescue— MoUy 
Wilson, by Sirrocco 2:25 

Nominee, b s, 1885, by Stranger— 
■Sapphire, by Jay Gould 2:17>,4 

Nona DowBlng, b m, 1887, by Patter- 
«»*« Joe Downing Jr.— Floira L., 
by San^ 2:20^4 

Nona Y., b m., 1881, by Admiral- 
Black Flora, by Black Prince .... 2:25 

Nona Better, b m, 1886, by AUandorf 
— Baahaw Belie, by Green's Bashaw 2:23% 

Nonesuch, b g, 1870, by Netherland 
-^ady Sbire, by Comma 2:30 

Nonesuch, <Ak m, 1862, by Daniel Lam- 
bertr-Jenny, by Blgelow Horse 2:25Va 

Noonday, br s, 1883, by Wedgewood— 
Noontide, by Harold 2:30 

Noontide, gr m, 1874, by Harold— 
Midnigiht, by Pilot Jr. 2:20Vi 

Nona, ch m, 188— , by WalkiU— Nelly. . 2i27% 

Nora, ch m, 1873, by Springvllle 
Ohlef— McAleese Mare, by Parker's 
Black Hawk 2:2SV-3 

Nora B., ch m, 1889, by Betterton— 
Suimyaide, biy Richelieu 2:17V^ 

Nora D., oh m, 188—, by Del Sur 2:22 

Nora Q., b m, 1878.^ Ahue— Beatrice 2:25% 

Nora Lee, b m, 1874, by Woodford 
Mambrlno— Young Portia, by Mam- 
brino Chief 2:2914 

Nona Lee, br m^ 188—. by Penny Pack 2:20Vi 

N«ra Temple, b m, 1877, by Belmont 
—Bland Temple, by Lexington 2:27V4 

Norhawk, br m, 1888, by Normal— Son- 
tag Mohawk, by 2dohawk Chief.... 2:15Va 

Norman, gr g, by Whipple's Hamble- 
tonian— jLady Suffolk, by Harry Bel- 
mont 2:28=54 

Norman. Medium, gr s, 1881. by Happy 
Medium— Alloc Drake, by Alexan- 
der's Norman 2:20 

Nornette, ch m, 1888, by Norway— 
Katana, by Rochester 2:30 

Noarick, b g, 18B— , by Richwood 2:29V2 

Norrte. ch s, 1887, by Ansel— Norma, 
by Alexander's Norman 2:22% 

Norris N., br g, 1884, by Gilt Edge— 
CJoleta, by Odin Bell 2:20V4 

Norseman, br s, 1884, by Dean Sage- 
Bertha Duroc, by Messenger Duroc. 2:30 

North Ann, ch m, 1881, by Antar— 
Belle Sanderson, by Brigand 2:2oVj 

Norther, b s, 1889, by Onward— Bllen 
Prewitt. by Ashland Chief 2:15% 

Northliggt, b s, 1886, by Twilight- 
Sally Western, by EJmplre 2:28 

North Star M«mbrlno, b s, 1860, by 
Mambrlno Chief, dam by Dayy 
Crocket (dead) 2:20Vi 

Northwest, b & 1885, by Bsmont— Tot, 
by Dictator (pacing 2:1W 2:28Vi 

Nopal, b fl. 18S2, by Blectlonee]^ 
Norma, by Alexander's Norman 2:141% 

Norvaitoon, br b, 1888, by Norval— 
Truatte, by Messenger Duioc 2:28'^ 

Nona, ch m, 1887. by Robert Mc- 
Gregoir— Dnenna, by Woodford Mam- 
brlno 237i4 

Norvadlne, b s, 1891, by Noryal, dam 
by Onwaid 2:25Vi 

Norvin G., br s, 1891, by Norval— Con- 
go, by Blackwood 2:20^^ 

Norway, ch g, 1885, by Gen. Grant— 
Oolnmbia Maid, by Columbia Chief. 2:28%i 

Norway Knox, blk 6, 1879, by Phil 
Sheridan Jr 2:29V9 

Norwood Haimbletonian, b s, 1884 by 
McCurdy's Hambletonian-Lttla Gold- 
dust, by Messenger Golddust 2:22% 

Nosegay, b m, 188& by Gen. Washing- 
ton— Naomd, by Socrates 2:16VC 

Notre Dame, b m, 1890, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor-Christine, by Hamhrino 2:23%l 

No Trouble, b g; 1886, by Waterloo— 
Nell, by Star of Gatsklll 2:21% 

NoTelett, b m, 1890, by Norval— No- 
mia. by Tennessee Wilkes 2:20% 

Novelist, b m, 1889, by Norval— 
Blsle, by Gen. Benton 2:27 

Novelty, b s, 1878, by Graphic— Mala 
of Mount ' View, by Woodward's 
Bthan Allen Jr. 2:29 

Novelty, ch m, 18T5, by Gooding's 
Cham<pion— Minnie, by Sling's Cham- 
pion 2:23^ 

Novelty, br m^ 1881. by New York- 
Polly, by Clark'9 Tom Hal 2:28% 

Novl, b g, 1880, by Hi^^land Gold- 
dust 2:29% 

Novice, b s, 1888^ by Walsingbam— 
SlUca. by Princ«» 2:26% 

Noya, b m, 1885, by Kentuclqr Prince 
—Proline, by Electioneer 2:24 

N. T. H., b g, 1885, by Pilot Mam- 
brino— Molly, by Sheiby Chief 2:17% 

Nubbin, b g, 1884, by Herod Jr.— 
Maud, by Prince 2:17% 

Nubia, b g, 1889. by Soudanr-Bmma 
Andiermn, by Wapsie 2:24% 

Nubbin Wy l>lk s, 188-, by Sim- 
monette— Mulatto Girl. . 2:26% 

Nuggett, ch s, 1878, by Wedgewood— 
fiOnerva, by Pilot Jr. 2:26% 

Nugetta, ch m, 1889. by Nugget- 
Belle Lambert, by Godfrey Patcheu. 2:24% 

Nugget Jr., ch s, 1886. by Nugget— 
Marcheoa, by Woodford Mamb-ino. 2:28 

Nimiber Seven, b g, 1885, by Favorite 
Wilkes— Bettle. by Joe Downing. . . . 2:20% 

Nnmero, ch s, 1884, by Nugget—Ves- 
per Bell, by Belmont 2:27 

Nxmiidian, b s, 1881. by Almont or 
Happy Medium — Susan Brady, by 
Strader's Oaaalus M. Clay Jr 2:25% 

Nuncio, b s, 1888. by Nutwood— Star- 
ling, by Ouyler 2:23V4 

Nutidlee, ch m, 1886, by Nutwood- 
Dot, by Bird 2:29 

Nutant. b s, 1888, by Nutmeg-Juno, 
by Administrator 2:20% 

Nutbreaker, b s, 1883, by Nutwood- 
Bonny Doon, by Aberdeen 2:21f,i 

Nntbpown Maid, br m, 1888, by C. F. 
Clay— Margarita, by Lightheart 2:28'% 

Nutcoast, b s, 1886, by Nutwood— Au- 
gustine, by Pancoast 2:19 

Nutgall, b g. 1877. by Nutwood— Wild 
Rose, by Rysdyk's Hambletonlan . . . 2:2i> 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Nuthunter, b a, 1884, by Nutwood— 
Faniiy, by Scott's Thomaa 2:30 

NutLand, b s, 1883, by Nutwood— Nelly 
Locke, by Kremer's Rainbow 2:29 

Nutllng, b Bjl885, by Nutwood— Queen 
West, by Ware Colt 2:2*JV4 

Nut Maid, ch m, 1888, by Nutbreaker 
—Annie Sprague, by George Sprague 2:20% 

Nutmeg, cii s, 1883, by Nutwood— Co- 
quette, by American Clay 2:16 

Nutmont, b s, 1882. by Nutboume— 
Strabo, by Knickerbocker 2:22'.4 

Nutmont, cih a, 1884, by Almont— Nut- 
shell, by Nutwood 2:2214) 

Nutplck, b s, 1888, by Nutbreaker— 
Lady W., by Tramp 2:25'^4 

Nutrition, blk a, 188S, by Nutwood— 
Becker, by Edwin Forrest 2:24% 

Nutjfliell, b m, 1889, by Boyonne 
Prince— Nutmeg, by Nutboume 2:27% 

Nuttalite, b m, 1887, by Nutboume, 
dam> by Backnuan's Idol 2:26% 

Nutting King, di a, 1883, by Mam- 
brino King— Nutting Mare 2:19hii 

Nutwith. b 8, 1887, by Nutwood— Vir- 
ginia Maid, by Sam Purdy. 2:19% 

Nutwood, cih a, 1870, by Belmont - 
Miss Roaaell, by Pilot Jr 2:18% 

Nutwood Chieftain, ch s, 1886, by 
Nutwood— Bettie G.. by Red Chief.. 2:29V4 

Nutwood Jr., ch g, 187—, by Nutwood 2:29V^ 

Nutwood Prince, b a, 1886, by Nut- 
wood-Sister Ruth, by Jim Monroe. . 2:23^5^ 

Nutwood Wilkes, ch a, 1888, by Guy 
Wilkes— I^da W., by Nutwood 2:19 

Nyanza, b m, 1889, by Quartermaster 
—Kitty Lambert, by Daniel liambert 2:30 

Nyanza, b m, 1889, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor— Teloa, by Ahnont 2:1594 

Nymphia, blk m, 1879. by Mambrino 
Patchen — FaJry Belle, by Belmont 
(dead) 2:26% 

O. A. HIckok, b g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced • . • . . 2 *30 

Oakbourne, cfti a*.* 1889^ by Gold Leaf— 
Ohloe, by New York 2:27!^ 

Oakdale Dot, blk g, 188—, by Wan- 
derer 2:23% 

Oakhurat, b s, 1884, by Victor Bis- 
marck— Abby, by Bassett's Abdal- 
laih 2:26 

Oakland Baron, b s, 1892, by Baron 
Wilkes — Lady Mackey, by Silver- 
threads 2:14Vi 

Oakland Maid, gr m, 1868, by Specula- 
tion—Lady Vernon 2:22 

Oakleaf, Ch s, 1887, by Gold Leaf— 
Ohloe, by New York 2:28 

Oak Leaf, b g, 1887, by Bolton 
&)ragrue— Fanny Belle 2:17% 

Oakley Maid, ch'm, 1889, by Ruasia— 
Jenny, by Ajax 2:24 

Oaknut, ch s. 1885, by Dawn— Miss 
Brown, by Brown's Volunteer 2:24% 

OakvIUe Maid, blk m^ 188—, by Whlp- 
pleton 2 :26 

Oakwood, b a, 1889, bv Cadmus Ham- 
bletonian — Queen Mab, by Black- 
wood Jr 2:24^4 

Oakwood, b a, 188—. by Twilight 2:29 

Oasis, b m. 1885. by Onward— Mla- 
tress, by Hamlin's Almont Jr 2:29»/> 

Obedlaih, br s, 1888, by Oberlln— 
Mambrino Betty, by Mambrino Chor- 
ister 2:25 

Oberlin Boy, oh a, 1887, by Elyria— 
Gyp, by Star of the weat 2:27V'. 

O'Blennia, b g, 1841, by Abdallah 

(dead) 2:30 

Observer, ch g, 1868, by Revenge 2:24U 

Ocala, b m, 1885, by Ouyle?— Nora 

Norman, by Blackwood 2:23 

Occident, br g, 1863, by Doc— Mater 

Oocidentis (dead) 2:16% 

Oceana Chief, ch s, 1863, by Aldrich 

Oolt 2:28 

Octavla, blk m, 1877, tar Goldenbow 

— AlUe Davis, by Joe Davis 2:2914 

Octavlus. b 8, 18iSl, by Oxmoor- Oc- 

tavia, by Rysdyk'a Hambletonian . . . 2:26V4 
Octo, b g, 1888, by Jerome Bddy— Miss 

Koch, by Homer 2:19% 

Ogle B<^, b a, 188-, by Lord Harold.. 2:30 
Odessa, blk m, 1886, In- Adrian Wilkes 

—Nelly, by Dewey Horse 2:29% 

Oddity, b m, 1889, by Princeps— Jeza 

Belle, by Pilot Mambrino 2:30 

Odin, blk g, 1890, by Out-Gross 2-.29^ 

Ofellus, b s, 1889. by BUerslIe Wilkes 

-Victor Maid, i>y Sir WalklU 2:23 

Ogdensburg, ch s, 1886, by Mambrino 

Patdhon— Variety, by Orangb Blos- 

aom 7 2:28% 

Ohio Boy, b g, 186—, pedigree not 

traced 2:27% 

Ohio Maid, br m, 1877, by Orr's Fly- 
ing Cloud— Maggie 2:29% 

Olma, b g, 1885, by Onward--Clio, by 

(3hristiaii'a Edwin Forrest 2:25% 

O. K., b a, 1887, by WalklU Prince- 

GuBBle G., by Blue Bull 2:26% 

O. K., b a, 1891, by Walsingham 2:29% 

O. K., b g, 188—, by B:x>wnmmit 2:29% 

Okalooa, blk m, 1881, by Warwick 

Boy— Brown Kate, bv Virginia 2:27% 

Olaf, blk g, 1878, by Waveland Chief 

Wenny Bryan, by John Dillard 2:22 

Oiaf, b g, 1885, by Mambrino King. . . 2:21% 
Old Crow, ch a. 1885, by Onward— 

Meta, by Idol Patchen (dead) 2:22 

Old Judge, ch g, 1874, by Mambrino 

Pilot Jr.— Nannie Hedges, by Ned 

Hawkins 2:29% 

Old Nick, b g, 1878, by Electioneer- 

Stockton Mild, by CSiieftaln 2:23 

Old Put. br g, 1859, by Clarion- 
Kate Fay, by Mambrino Mesisenger 

(dead) 2:30 

Old Sport, dn g, 188—, pedig:*ee not 

traced 2:20!^ 

Olga, b m, 1887, by Alcantara 2:26^ 

Olive, b m, 188—, pedigree not traced. 2:27^ 
Olive Branch, br m, 1882, by Bonnie 

Bay— Musette, by Ohio Volunteer .. . 2:27^i 
Olive K., br m, 188—, by McFarland's 

Hambletonian 2:29% 

Oliver, br g, 188—, by Adrian Wilkes. 2:29V^ 
Oliver, ro g, 187--, pedigree not traced 2:28 
Oliver C, b g, 1887; by Dexter Prince 

—Lady 2:27 

Oliver K., b g, 1880, \yy King Wllkea 

—Bessie Turner, by Virglnlus 2:16% 

Oliver Twlat, b g, 188-, by Graduate. 2:29% 
Oliver Ross, br s, 1885, by Cha-ley 

Rose 2:30 

Oliver W., b s, 1884, by Wagner Ba- 
shaw— Pnss Cunningham, by Green's 

BaalKaw 2:24 

Oliver West, br a, 1885, by Great 

Weatemn-Snip, by Magna Oharta... 2:25% 
Olivette, b m, 1885, by Rescue— May 

Queen, by Dr. Herr 2:18V4 

Olivette, b m, 1877, by Black Sultan 

Jr., dam by Oobb'a Brandywlne 2:28% 

OUvette, b m 2:24V4 

Olivette, 6h m, 1883, by Leon— Gilkey 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Mare, hy Knapp's Heix) 

OliTette. br m, 1879, by Whipple's 
Hambletonian — Belle, Dy Barton's 
Dav« Hill 

Olivia, b m, 188—, by Melrose— Lam- 
bert, by Daniel IiaiiLbert 

OUvla, b mi, 1887. by Hambrino— 
Cambria, by Mlddletown Chief 

Ollle, b m. 1882, by Stinathmore— Ma- 
rina, by Norman Jr 

OllieB.. b m, 1886, by Valiant, dam 

by Fortune. 

OUie Brake, b s, 1884, by Joe GiLYin— 

Minnie Drake, by liouis Napoleon. . . 
OUie K., br m, 1890, by King Wilkes 

— Ohesella, by Cbicheeiter 

OUie Wilkes, b m, 1884. by Favorite 

WUkes— Miss, by Jim Monroe 

Olmedo Wilkes, b s, 1882, by Onward 

—Alma, by Almont 

Olney^Wilkes, b s, 1888, by Olmedo 

Wilkes— Jenmont, by Tremont 

Omar, b s, 1881, by Oapoul— Mary 

Masouu by Briosson 

Omnia, b s, 1888, by Adrian Wilkes— 

Dolly, by John F. Payne 

Onawa, blk s, 1873, by Goodwin Ham- 

bletonian— Bessie, by Sammy Bluch- 

2:28% I 

2:24 I 

2.2OV4 I 


2:24 ! 

2:24^4 ; 

2:25 ' 





2:;K)Vi I 


Wilkes — Ada Brungaird, by Black 
Hawk Battler 2'.27 

Opus, b m, 1889, by Prino^js-^ToUy, 
Dy Pilot Mambrlno 2:30 

Ori br m, 1889, by ^^ra^e Gciddust 

Orange BIooul ch m, 1879, by Orange 
Blossom— Sally "•*• - ^ ^ 


er 2:22^4 

Onawa Jr., b s, 1885, by Onawa- 
Pruie B 

O'Neill, ch s, 188—, by Andes 

Oneoo, b s, 1881, by Altamont— Belle 
Prloe, by Doble 

Oneida, b m, 1889. by Florida— Lady 
Ham, 'By Hambrdno 

Oneta, b m, 1890, by Shadeland On- 
ward—Alba B., by Enchanter 

Oney, b e, 1884, by Mambrino King— 
Oney Mare, by Damon 

Onida, b m, 1887, by Sweepstakes— 
Tressie, by Chester Chief 

Onie Sprague, br m, 1884, by George 
Sppague— Fanny Play, by Toronto . . . 

Onequa, b m, 1891, by Keeler, dam by 
J. R. Shedd 

OiisLaught, b s, 1883, by Onward- 
Sally Johnson, by Bell Morgan 


\ D i 

Onset, b s, 188—, by Onslaught 

On Time, b m^ 1886, by Konantas— 

Mink, by Contractor 

On Time, ch e, 1887, by Onward- 
Maud, by Mamibrlno Time 

On Time, b g, 1891, by Polonlus— Du- 

Boie Mare 

Onward, oh g, 188—, by Clematis 

Onward, b a, 1875, by George Wilkes— 

Dolly, by Mambrino Chief 

Onward, b g, 188—, by Riley's Dean.. 
Onward, br g, 1875, by Knickerbocker 

— Vivtandiere, by Reserve 

Onward Boy, b s, 1887, by Onward— 

Alice S., by Almont Boy 

Onward Fewell, blk g, 188—, by Bl 


Onward Jr., b s, 1886, by Onwardr- 

Zeler Wilkes 

Opal, ch m, 1883, by Hen'-y S.— Sol- 

talre, by Judge Bvans 

Opal Patchen, b g, 1885, by Seneca 


Ophelia, b m, 1881, by Durango— 

Bmma S., by Indian Chief 

Ophlr, blk m, 1886, by Simmons— Miss 

Smalley, by Indianiapolis (dead) 

Optimist, b 8, 1886, by Hamb'lno— 

^h-ma^ by Belmont 

Optimdst, ch g, 1884, by Tennessee 




2:17 ! 

2:19vi I 

2:29^4 I 













2:29 Vi 




Miller, by Rossman 

Horse 2:25)4 

Orange Blossom^ b s, 1867, by Middle- 
town— NeUy Post, by Seely^s Ameri- 
can Star* 2:26% 

Orange Blossom, b g, 1883, by Victor 
Bismarck— Kitty Coons, by Adminis- 
trator 2:26% 

Orange Boy, b g, 1878, by Orange 
Blossom- Racola, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonlan 2:18% 

Orange Bud, b s, 1877, by Mlddletown 
—Nelly Post, by Seely's American 
Star 2:21W 

Orange Chief, b s, 1887, by Orange 
Blossom— Josle Bowman, by Bow- 
man's Clark Chief 2:16% 

Orange Girl, b m, 1871, by Ryadyk't* 
HambletoaLan— Dolly Mills, by See- 
ly's Amei-loan Star 2:20 

Oramgelander, br s, 1888, by Green- 
lander — Orange Girl, by Rysdyk's 
Hambletonian. 2:22%, 

Orange Leaf, b s, 1881, by Orange 
Blossom— Queen May, hj Creeper... 2:29% 

Orania, b m, 1889, by Indian Hill— 
Gabrino, by George Wilkes 2:22 

Orator, b s, 1886, by Dictator— Bthel- 
wyn, by Hapold 2:24 

Oreide, ro s, 1889, by Osman— Pa- 
vonda, by Peacock 2:26Vi 

Oriama, b m, 1877, by Rochester, dam 
by Black Hawk F^away 2:25 

Orlanna, ch m, 1883, by Onward— 
Romona, by Harold 2:17^ 

Orianna, b m, 1880, by Red Wilkea- 
Anna, by Bourbon Chief -2:27%_ 

Orient, b g, 1868, by Mambrino Patch- 
en— Kate 2:24 

Orient, b m. 1887, by Gov. Pialne— 
Olga, by Challenger 2:27% 

Client, ch m, 1875, by Ouyler— Eden 
Lassie, by Golddust 2:30 

Orinoco, b s, 1886, by Simmonsr-Miss 
Wilson, by Sterling 2:Wl 

Oriole, dn m, 1886, by Dr. Herr— Mat- 
tie B., by Creole 2:29^4 

Oriole, blk m, 1890, by Thistle— Ori- 
ole, by Monroe Chief 2:20 

Orlando, ch g, 1888, by Gypresis— Ma- 
tilda, by Jupiter 2:23% 

Ormomd, d b, 1882. by Happy Medium 
—Queen Lizzie, by Mambrino Chief. 2:27% 

Orx) Pino, b m, 1885, by Eros— Ma- 

nette, by Nutwood 2:18 

Orooo Boy, blk g, 1887, by Islaad 
Chief.... 2:21%. 

Oro WiUtes, blk s, 1890, by Sable 
Wilkes— Ellen Mayhew, by Director. 2:11 

Orphan Boy, blk s, 1880, by StUlson— 

Nettie B., by Joe Hooker 2:22% 

Orphan Boy, br g, 188—, by Winooski. 2:29% 
Orphan Wilkes, d s, 1887, by Keene 
Wi:kes— Prinky Wilson, by Joe Dren- 
nom 2:27%- 

Orphan Girl 2:25 

Orphan Lass, b m, 1886, by Florida- 
Lou, by Mambrino Pilot 2:24%. 

OrT>heus, b s. 1881, by Oxmoor — 

BmeUa, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian. 2:30 
Orphia, br m, 1880, by Almont Rat- 
tler—Orphan Lady, by Mambrino 

Digitized by 




Boy 2:27H 

Oroblna, b m, 1889, l>y Nonral— Or- 
phan Girl, by Piedmont 2:17i4 

Onrllle, b e, 1884, by Redwood — 
Maggie Lambert, by Daniel Lambert 2:27% 

Ortlne, b g. 1891, by Elyrla— Schalble 
Girl, by Boibby 2:22V4 

Ortolan, blk m, 1891, by Wilton 2:28% 

Orwell, bUt s, 1883, by Ben Franklin 
— Doilly Richairds, bj Bleckstone 2:21 

O. S. B., oh 8, 18&-, by Sir John 
FrankUn 2:27 

Oscar, br g, 1868, by Beserre, dam by 
Hector 2:30 

Oscar J., b s, 1884, by Thomas K.— 
Dixie, by Mamb-mnella 2:28% 

Oscar Jr.. br g. 188--, by Oscar 2:28^ 

Osoar W., dh g, 18&— , by Mambrino 
DoiDican 2:25% 

Oecar King, b s. 1886, by Mambrino 
King — Lady Barnes, by Hamlin 
Patdhen 2:26% 

Oaoar William, b s, 1890, by Simmons 
—Lottie Thome,by ^lambrino Patch- 
en 2:18% 

Oslto, b 8, 1892, by McKlnney, dam by 
Othello 2:30 

Osmxai, ch s. 188—, by Ossidine, dam 
by Gen. Bentom 2:27 

Ossian Pet, b g. 1871. by Joeh Bil- 
lings, d<am by imp. Lapidlst 2:29Vi 

Otalgle, br s, 1889, by GreenlBader— 
Amsil. by Olay 2:24% 

Otard, b g, 1880, by Jav Gonld— Mar- 
tenee, by Gen. Knox 2:26% 

Othello, br s, 1883, by Sultan— Atlan- 
ta, by The Moor 2:28 

Otho. blk g, 1877, by Green's Basliaw 
—Nell, by Proirtiet 2:22% 

Otie Sihaw. b s, 1886. by Don Carlos— 
Nelly Otis, by Wlnthrop Morrill. .. . 2:19i/4 

Otis N., b g, 188-, by Triceps 2:2»5i 

Ottawa Ohlef, b e, 1878, by Byron- 
by Mongan 2:25 

•Ottawa Maid, b m, 18S— , by OUmax. . 2:28% 

-Ottlnger, b? g, 188—, by Dorsey's 

N^ew 2:11% 

Otto, b s, 1889, by Landmark— Nelly 
Day, by Tower Colt 2:25 

Otto J., b g, 1886. by Adjusteiv-Ola 
Gurnev, by Gnrney 2:19% 

Otto K., b g. 1874, by Blue Bull— 
Queon Gnffin. by Pete Gnffiu 2:24% 

Ottumwa Maid, eh m, 1874. by Wil- 
liams' Mambrino Chief Jr.— Lucy, 
by Honesty 2:27% 

Ouidfl. b m, 1885, by Smuggler, dam 
by Charles Dickens 2:25% 

Ouray, b s 188—, by Onward— Bonita, 
by Idol Patchen 2:28% 

OutcroBB, ch s, 1886, by Jeb Stuart- 
Happy Sis, by Scott's Hlatoga 2:80 

♦Ondan, br s, 1890, by Bpanlet— 
BUa Nutwood, by Nutwood 2:20 

Outlaw, br pr, 1873, by Draco— Iodine, 
by Gill's Vermont 2:28% 

Orerholt, b s. 1889. by Pilot Medium 
—Silky Lambert by Daniel Lambert 2:19 

Overman, ch g, 1876, by Elmo— Fern 
Leaf, by McCracken's Black Hawk 
(dead) 2:19% 

Ovid, b 8. 1883, by Capoul— Mary, 
by Woodford Mambrino 2:18% 

OwoUf-R. blk s, 1884, by Onawa— 
Lady Carney 2:29% 

•Ox PJye, b s, 1885, by Gen. Wash- 
ington— Daley, by Socrates 2:28% 

Oxford, b g, 188—, by Cerokee Chief 2:25% 

Oxford, b g, 1878, by Deucalion— 
Alice, by vrocm's Toronto Chief Jr. 2',29% 

Oxfoid Boy, b a, 1883, by Backuian'g 
Idol— Lucy Tramp, by Trami .... 2:2^ 

Oxfoid Chief, b «. 1884, by Obester 
Ghief-Klt, by Wild Irishman 2:22% 

Oxide, blk s. 1887, by Rumor— Odu, 
by Gen. Knox 2:29% 

Pabst, b ir, 1889. by PUot Medium, 
dam by Oady'a Champion 2:21 

Packer, b s, 1879, by Sweeps take^i— 
Lady Bockafellow. by Harry Clay. . 2:23% 

Packet, ch g, 1890. by Pactolia 2:27 

Padfica, b ni, lfi89, by Electioneer— 
Bicara, by Harold 2:30 

Pacolet, b s. 1889, by Phallafl— Lady 
Rolfe, by Tom Bolfe 2:29% 

Pactolus. b a, 1887, by Patronage— 
Buda, by Tramp 2:12% 

Paddy Collins, blk g, 187—, by Capt 
BogarduA 2:29% 

Paeony, b m, 1884, by Happy Med- 
ium— Ken tuclqr Central, by Balsora 2:22 

Pagan, blk a, 1880, by Wedgewood— 
Primrose, by Alexander's Abdallah 2:30 

Paladin, ch s, 188—, by Hawthorne 
—March Fourth, by Whipple's Ham- 
bletonian 2:29% 

Palatina, ap m, 1883, by Milton Med- 
ium— Snowflake, by Snowstorm .. 2:22% 

Palatine, blk m, 1891, by Palo Alto- 
Blaine, by Meaaenger Duroc 2:18 

Pallas, b m, 1885, by Gen. Stanton— 
Boxy, by Caledonia Chief 2:26^ 

Palermo %, 2:24% 

Pall Mall, br s. 188—. by Pancoast. .. 2:22% 

Palm, b g, 1887, by Measenger Wilkes 
-Jenny Allen 2:28% 

Palma, ch g, 1869, by Matchless, dam 
by Beal's Horse 2:22% 

Palo Alto, blk s, 18*-. by Bark»— 
Maggie Colburn, by Coeur De Lion 
Jr. 2:25% 

Palo Alto, b 8, 1882, by Mectloneer 
—Dame Winnie, by Planet (dead).. 2:08% 

Palo Alto Belle, b s, 1886. by Bleo- 
tioneei^-Beautiful Bells, by The 
Moor 2:22% 

Palo Chief, b s, 1890, by Benefit 2:30 

Pama, b s, 188-. by Woodford Pilot 2:30 

Paloma Prince, b s. 188—, by Dexter 
Prince— Bessie Miller, by Gen, Mc- 
Clellan 2:17% 

Panama, b s, 1885, by Jay Gould- 
Pandora, by Clark Chief 2:24% 

Pamlico, b s, 1885, by Meander- 
Birthday, by Daniel Lambert (dead) 2:10 

Pan, ch s, 1885, by Pancoast— Midge, 
by Belmont 2:28% 

Pancoast, b s, 1877, by Woodford 
Mambrino— Bicara, by Harold (d=iad) 2 21% 

Panclare, b s, 1888, by Pancoast— 
Lady (jlara. by Youug Morrill 2 23% 

Pandetta, b m, 1891, by Pandect - 
Wanatah, by Wedgewood 2:29% 

Pai.dora, br m, 188—, by Ichi Ban . . 2:80 

Pandora, b m, 18S7, by Planter— Sally 
Burrell. by Autocrat , . . . 2:27 

PangoM, ch s, 1887, by Pancoaat 
Anthem, by Cuyler 2:24% 

Panic, b g, 1853, by Sherman Black 
Hawk, dam by Harris* Hamble- 
tonlaa (doad) 2:28^ 

Panic, b m, 18&-, by Hanols 2:21% 

Pankey John, ch s, 1881, by Capt 
Pankey— Suse 2:28% 

Panstone, b s, 1889, by Plumstone— 
Bessie, by Pancoast 2:19% 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



Pansy, b m, 1887, by Hamlin's Al- 
mout Jr.— Barbara, by Kentucky 

prince • 2:17% 

Pansy, blk m, 1881,, by Berlin— Lady 
Hubtard. by Benicia Boy 2:24% 

Pansy, br m, 188—, by Mink— Chloe, 

by New York 2:28% 

Pansy Bloesoni, b m, 1887, by Glen- 
coe Wilkea-Jessle, by CiUey Horse 2:23 i 

Pansy Blossom, br m, 1890, by Albert | 

W— Pansy, by BerUn 2:28% 

Pansy McGregor, t\h m, 1892, by Fer- I 

gus McGrearor— Oora, by Coriander. . 2:17% | 

Pantomime, o m, 1890, by Arthurton 
—Iota, by Prlnceps 2:21% I 

Paola, b 8, 1887. by Electioneer- i 

Dame Winnie^ by Planet 2:25% i 

Paragon, b g, 1887, by Storm King— i 

Oanace, by Lord Coke 2:13% 

Paragon, b s, 1884, by Deceive— I 

Waldo Mare, by Gray's Hamble- 
tonian 2:27% 

Parana, b m, 1874, by Mambrlno 
Hambletonian— Belle of Cayuga, by 
Post's Hambletonian Prince (dead) 2:19% 

Parapet, b s, 1888, by Harold— Mary 
Beue, by Belmont 2:21 

Parker Jr., b g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:29% 

Paris, b 8, 1881, by Mohican— Merry 
Lass, by Rysdyk's Hambletonian.. 2:29V4 

Parkside. b s, 1888, by Clay- Uinta, 
by Gen. Benton 2:22% 

Parkwood, cb s, 1888, by Nutwood- 
Irene Wood, by Combat 2:2C% 

Parnell, ch e, 1885, by Enfield— Ida 
Elliot, by Allle West 2:28 

Parnell, b s, 1885, by Aberdeen- 
Betty Brown by Mambrino Patchen 2:29 

Parole, b s. 1889, by Patron— Rachel 
Ray, by Oyerstreet Wilkes 2:16 

Parone, br s, 1883, by Almont Battler 
— Pavonla, by Peacock 2:25V4 

Parrott. b g, 1873, by Vermont— 
Clough, by Lumox 1 2:26 

Parthenia, b m, 18&-, by Dexter 
Prince 2:27% 

Parthenia Pedro, b m, 188—, by Dom 
Pedro 2:29% 

Parthenon, b s, 1884. by Aberdeen- 
Maggie Dunn, by Bourbon Chief.. 2:27% 

Pasadena Belle, br m,. 188—, by Nav- 
igator 2:18 

Pascal, blk g, 188—, by Pascolett 2:27% 

Pasha, b s, 1882, by Echo— Young 
Fashion, by Correct 2:27% 

Passenger, b s, 1887, by Red Wilkes 
— Shisle Patchen. by Mambrino 

Pastime, gr s, 1888, by Lord Rus- 
sell—Noonday, by St. Elmo (dead) 

Pastpral, br m, 1888, by Acolyte- 
Cathedral, by George Wilkes 

Pat, br g, 1882, by Thomas A. Scot 

— Betts, b: 


Dy Legal Tender 

Pat, b g, 1885, by Fortunotus 

Patch, b .^, \1873, by ; Detective 

Patchen, dam by Draco Prince 2:29% 

Patchen, ch g, 1869, by King's 

Patchen— Old Jane by Wigwam 

(dead) 2:18% 

Patchen (Gidding's), ch s, 1884, by 

Seneca Patchen— Fanny G., by 

Mambrino Hambletonian 2:27% 

Patchen, b .s, 187—, pedigree not 

traced 2:28% 

Patchen Maid, ch m, 1876, by Henry 

B. Patchen— Maggie 2:30 

Patchen Medium, b s, 1884^ by Happy 
Medium— Mambrino Maid, by Mam- 
brino Patchen 2:2»Vi 

Patchen Wllkeg, blk s, 1882, by 
Georsre WUkes— Kitty Patchen, by 
Mambrino Patchen 2:29% 

Patchen Wilkes Maid, br m, 1888, by 
Patchen Wilkes— Daisy B., by Ad- 
ministrator 2:22% 

Patchmorfe b s, 1886, by Byerly Ab- 
dallah— Colon, by Strathmore 2:24 

Pat Dempsey, blk g, 1878, by Roman 
Chief, dam by Benedicts Path- 
finder 2:29% 

Pat Donoven, b s, 1888, by Newton's 
Aliie Wilkes— Kit, by Yankee Dan. . 2:2T% 

Pat Downing, b s, 1885, by Abe 
Downing— Dagmar, by Mambrino 
Abdalluh 2:13 

Patenter, br s, 1887, by Pancoast— 
Tot, by Dictator 2:27% 

Pat Parrel, b g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:29% 

Pathfinder Jr., br s, 1877. by Buell's 
Pathfinder- Magxie, by Golddust. . 2:27% 

Pat Hunt, ch g, 186—, by Tecumseh. 
dam by Doc (dead) 2:25 

Patience, blk m, 1879. by Gen. Knox 
—Sappho, by Jay Gould 2:28% 

Patience, b m, 1880, by Strathmore— 
Grey Fan, by Sellm 2:26Vt 

Patience, b m, 1886, by Alcyone— Con- 
stance, by Aurora 2:27Vi 

Patience, ch m, 1886, by Hull— Wel- 
come, by Iron Duke 2:18% 

Pat L., b s, 1892, by Republican .... 2:27% 

Pat McCann. blk g, 1871, by Sir 
George 2:28% 

Pat McGinty, br s, 188- by Indlanap 2:23vl 

Pat My Boy, ro g, 188t. by Hinder 
Wilkes— Bird, by Black Prince Jr... 2:18% 

Patoka Boor, b g. 1891, by Patoka 2:30 

Patola, blk m, 1886, by Altitude- 
Julia, by Star of the West 2:19V4 

Pat Qulnn, br g, 1879, by Modoc 
Chief— Flora 2:25% 

Patrician, b s, 1873, by Thomas Jef- 
ferson—Sylph, by Dunbarton 2:26% 

Patrick H 2:27% 

Pat Ring, b g, 186-, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:28 

Patriot, b s, 1888, by Phallas- 
Clarinda, by Nutwood 2:24 

Patron, br s, 1882, by Pancoast— 
Beatrice, by Ouyler 2:14^4 

Patroness, b m, 1887, by Patronage 
—Flirt, by Gen. Hatch 2:26% 

Patroness, b m, 1888, by Patron— Ab- 
bess, by Wedgewood 2:27V» 

Patroon, b s, 1889, by Patron— Souve- 
nir, by Harold 2:23% 

Patsy Curtis, br s, 1888, by Bver- 
mon.l— Bessie Curtis, by Mambrino 
St, Lawrence 2:16% 

Patti, b m, 1879, by Jay Gould— 
Thometta, by Gen. Knox 2:24 

Pattl, gr m, 1886, by Director, dam 
by Bayswater 2:29% 

Pattie, b m, 188-, by Clay Chief 2:29% 

Pat tie Cooper, blk m, 1881, by Black 
Doc— Lucy Marshall, by Clark's 
Daniel Boone 2:80 

Pattie Moore, b m. 188-, bv The King 2:30 

Pattie P., b m. 1878, by Rlctomont. . . 2:27 

Pattie R., ch m, 188—, by Bronae 2:2&% 

Paul, gr g, 1883, h\ Messenger Duroc 
--rmania, by Golddust Jr 2:^% 

Paul B., b g, 188- .^.^ .^.^,2:23^4 

Digitized by ' 



Paul Hacke, gr g, 187—. by Strath- 
iDore— Ingoiiia, ujr Aker's Ldol 2:24^ 

Pauline, ro m, 1883, by Gov. Sprague 
—Llda Lewis, by Sentinel 2:27% 

Pauline, _gr m, 1888, by Electrotype- 
Kitty ^rlTby Earl 2:26 

Pauline, ch m, 1890, by Planter, dam 
by Rockwood 2:29% 

Pauline a, bUc m, 1888, l^ Holla 
Golddust 2:29 

Pauline H., b m, 1888, by Kidnapper 
Nickel Mare (pacing 2 :17J4) 2:24 

Pauline Lambert, b m. 188a by Dan- 
iel Lambert — Pauline, by Lily's 
Sliake€ipea:« 2:29 

Paul Pinkham. b e, 1887, by L. P. 
Thompson— Lydla Pinkbajn.. by St. 
Regis 2:24 

Pawling, ch, s. 1891, by Colonel Kip- 
Merriment, by Happy Thought 2:21i4 

Pawnee, b s, 1889, Dy Stamboul— 
Minn^iaha, by Stevens^ Bald Chief. . 2:26% 

PaAvnee, b g, 1882, by Jim Wilflon— 
Legal, by Legal Tender 2:21% 

Peaceful, Wk m, 187—, by Gen Knox 
(dead) 2:26 

Peach, b g, 1878, by Bi€sniarck— Lizzie 
Mott, by Gen. Mott 2:27% 

Peace Blow, br g, 1878, by South Jer- 
sey Patchen 2:29% 

Pearl, b m, 187—, by Gentle Breeze- 
June, by Gill's Vermont 2:30 

Pearl, b m, 187—, by Begulus— Cora 
P., by Brown Harry 2:23Vj 

Pearl, b m, 1880, by (joleman's Abdal- 
lali Jr. — Missouri Girl, by Dr. 
Morey's Lath 2:30 

Pearl, gr m, 188—, by Star Ethan 2.25^>i 

Pearl Belle, b m, 1892, by Bermuda- 
Pearl Pinkerton, by Thomas K 2:26 

Pearl C, m m, 18»— , by Alexander 
Dumas 2:30 

Pearl Fisher, b m, 1886, by Altamont, 
dam by Kisbar 2:18% 

Pearl McGi^gor, ch m, 1888, by Rob- 
ert McGregor— Maud B., by Seneca 
Chief..... 2:23% 

Pear] Medium, b m, 1883, bv Hjippy 
iiedlum— P(?arl. l>y Gentle Bft*i?^zt 

Peuf I P., br TD, ISS^T by Altt4.1dlii . . 

ronri WUke*. br m, isa™, t>y Wniies 
3pd-it Jr,— i;!ddy Ann 

Pearl Wins hip, b m, 1886» by I^^jjal 
Tender Jr.— is'ellj Mc, by BJuc Vein 2:23% 

Pear wood, b s, 1888, by Patroujige— 
ZoTJL, by B^ickman'B Idol ..,,*,..... 2:25 

Pediar, br a, 1SS7, by Blpctloueer— 
f en^lopc* by Modawk Chief 2:23% 

Pettro, gr g. 1870. by Grey Jim, dam 
by Paildock's lllnck Hjiwk 2:25V4 

Pedro L.. gr g, 1384, by Biiaaett M.— 
Suse, by Tom HuDter 2:18 

Pw>k-a-Boo, "o g, 18S2, by Blue B«.>y— 
Sully, by Green's Bflflhnw 2:27 

Ped^r, b fl, 1800, by Patroiu dam by 
Swif^ert.. ., ...2:27 

Ehiuna fciteiiz, by Mountain Boy.... 2:21 

Peerless Ben, ch s, 1886, by Ben 
Franklin— Dolly Q;K>oner, by Hola- 
bird's Ethan Allen 2:26'4 

Pegafirm. br s, 1881, by Haroldr-Pera, 
1^ Belmont 2:30 

P€*o, b m, 1880, by Bleotloneer— Pen- 
elope, by Mohawk Chief 2:24 

Peleg, b s, 1800, by Reno Defiance— 
Lucy Q., by McKlnncy Horse (pacing 
2:l(ft4) 2:28% 

Pelerine, b m, 1889, by Madrid — 



... 2:22% 

Blythesome, by Onward 2:19 

Pelbiim, b g, iSai, pedigree not traced 

(dc^Jiil) 2:28 

Pefuberton^ br g, 1872, by Feamaught 

Jr,— KtUMjy, iyy Dlrigo 2:20-4 

Pembroke, ro &, 1887, by Sherman's 
Hii iij I tlet OD ion — Nancy Dillaxd, by 
Juhn Dlllard 2:27^4 

Pt-uibroke, b &, 188—, by Jay Bird 2:28Vi 

Pejjce, br e. 1S85, by Bienzi— Lady 
Pence, by Alinont Forrest 2:24^i 

PfTie:ope, dn in. 1871, by Kleckner's 
K.^Ejj^iit^ Jiu:kiM>n 2:27 

Penelope, b m, 188—, by Hinder 
Wilkes 2:27V2 

Penelope, b m^ 1800, by Quartermas- 
ter—Bohemia, by Kumor 2:29i^ 

Penelope, b m, 1891, by McEwen— 
Blnora, by Tennessee Wilkes 2i20\4 

Pendelum;, b g, 1892, by Pianclare 2:30 

Penho(rn, b s. 1887, by Stranger— Bes- 
sie, by Shelby Ohief. 2:24U 

Penistan, b sr, 1880, by Admdnistnator 
— Princess Medixmi, by Happy Med- 
ium .:....... 2:28Vi 

Pennamt, b s, 1880, by Abe Downing 
—Louisa Duvall, by Harold 2:15 

Penryn, br s, 1880, by Kentucky 
Wilkes— Felice, by Mambrino Dud- 
ley 2:18V5 

Pequa Princess, oh m, 188—, by Pequa 
R-ince 2:27M. 

Pequot, br e, 188a by Piedmont— Lady 
Duval, by Strader's Cassius M. Clay 
Jr 2:26 

Peralto, oh g. 187—, by Baird's Ham- 
bletonlan Prince— Logan Maid, by 
Page's Logan 2:20% 

Perlette, ch m, 188—, by Juror 2:22^* 

Perduro, blk e, 1881, by Durango— 
Maggie Welle, by Wadsworth Tuch- 
alhoe 2:29iA 

Perduro K., b g, 1887, by Perduro- 
Fan Stark 2:l9>i 

I'erhaps, b s, 1883, by Hambletonian 
Tranby— Easter, by Gen. Geo. H. 
Thomias 2:30 

Pericles, dh e, 1881, by Mambrino 
Patchen-^Fancy, by Curtis Clay 2:30 

Perihelion, b s, 1880, by Admiral- 
Black Flora, by Black Prince 2:25 

Periwinkle, b m, 1891, by Ponce de 
Leon — Kowena, by Black Hawk 
Traveler 2:28% 

Perkins, ch s, 188-, by C. F. Clay 2:2uS 

Pero, b s, 1883, by Backman's Idol- 
Cora Jackson, by Stonewall Jackson 2:25 

Perplexed, oh m, 1879, by Locksmith 
— Barly Rose, by Godfrey Patchen. . 2:24U 

Perslca, b m, 18^, by BelraK>nt— Nec- 
tarine, by \^lliam Welch 2:18% 

Pe:*simimons, br s, 1885, by Simmons 
—Nona B., by Administrator 2:29% 

Peru, gr s, 1889. by Sphinx— Pilot 
Belle, by Pilot Medium 2:29% 

Pet, b g, 188-, by Black Ethan 2:19VJ 

Pet, gr m, 188—, by Orphan Boy 2:25 

Pet DavlsLgr m, 1888, by Crit Davis 
—Maud T., by Tuckahoe 2:19% 

Pete, b g, 187—, pe<UfiTee not traced. 2:28 

Pete Ourran, b g, 188—, by Chicago 
Volunteer » 2:28% 

Pete Ltndley, cfti g, 1881, by Boyal 

FeaTnaught — Llndley Mare, by 

Fisk's Mambrino Chief Jr 2:27% 

Peter Cooper, br g 2:21% 

Peter Hardwood, br s, 1886, by Hard- 
wood—Eugenia, by Louis Napoleon. 2:20 

Peter K., on g, 1880, bjj^^oyal SJear- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



naught— Kitty, t>y Macula Gharta 2:2$H4 

Peter R.» gr g, 188—, pedigree not 
tnaced 2:28% 

Peter W.j b g, 1887, by Boecoe— Hatr 
tie BarnmoL by san of Gladiator. .. 2:24% 

Peter Whetotone, b g, 1884, by Mc- 
Qnald'6 Sprague— Fasiiian, by Norme 2:29^ 

Petitioner, b s, 1887, by Sherman's 
Hambletonian — Nannie Dlllard,' by 
John Dillard 2:26«4 

Petrolla, b s, 1886, by Red Wilkesr- 
Belle Newman, by Long Boy 2:27% 

Pet Thome, b m, 1887, oy Hawthorne 
—Lady Pet, by Reuben 2:29 

Peveril, dh a, 1889, by Elyrla—Jenn^ 
D., by Tom Hunter 2:14% 

Pew House, ch g, 1889, by Mohawk 
Gift— Lady, by Star Hambletonlan. . 2:80 

Plrnlen, blk g, 188—, by Montello, dam 
by Billy Iflng 2:22% 

Plain Dick, b g, 188—, by South Side, 
diami by Duke 2:29 

Pballami€w, b m, 1888, by Phallamont 
—Athena- by Mack Almont 2:29% 

Phallaeioot Boy, b e, 1887, by Phalla 
mont— Pooalhointas Girl, by Pocahon- 
tas Boy 2:18 

Pbailamont Chief, b s, 1887, by Phal- 
lamont— Athena, by Mack Almont. . . 2:80 

Phallamont Girl, b m, 1885, by Phal- 
lamont— Pocahontas Girl, by Poca- 
hontas Boy 2:27% 

Phallamont Sprague, b s, 1890, by 
Phallamont— Carrie Dexter, by Billy 
Sprague T. 2:27% 

Pfltollamont Swigert, b s, 1889, by 
Phallamont— Mattie, by Dave Bon- 
ner 2:28 

Phallas, b s, 1877, by Dictator— Betsy 
Trotwood, by Clark Chief 2:13% 

Phallene, b m, 1885, by Phallamontr- 
Maud McK., by Rldhard 2:30 

Phantom, b m, 1889. by Alcazar— Ap- 
parition, by Sir Walkill 2.24% 

Phaatom, b s, 188ft, by Strathmore— 
Princess Ethel, by Volunteer 2:29% 

Phay, b s, 1888, by Burdette— Mar- 
gery D., by Broken Leg 2:27% 

P. H. Chapin, b s, 1885, by Ohapin 
Egmont— Faamy Paryln, by Green's 
Bashaw 2r20% 

Pheon, gr m, 1882, by Jim Brvln— 
Cropea % by Pilot Duroc 2:24 

Phil, b g, 18ft—, pedigree not traced.. 2:23% 

Phil Caswell, ch g, 188—, by Whale- 
bone 2:28 

Phil Dougherty, cfh g, 186—, by Frank 
Pierce Jr. (dead) 2:2ft 

Phil Dwyer, b g, 1871, by Island Chief 
—Peerless, by Defiance 2*.29% 

Philip H., b s, 188—, by Red Bird. . . . 2:27% 

Phillls, b s, 1888, by Masterlode- 
Comet, by Lexington Chief Jr 2:30 

Phil Mack, b g, 18^, by Phil Sheri- 
dan Jr 2:29% 

Phlllis, b g, 188—, by Pickering 2:23% 

Phfl C, b g, 188-. by Jim Swigert. . . 2:25% 

Philosee, b m, 1881, by Poloni/us— 
Philosee. l>y Wariock 2:^% 

Phil Sheridan, br s, 1862, by Young 
Columbus— Black Fly, by a son of 
Tipppo (dead) , 2:2ft% 

Phil Sheridan, gr g, ISftft, by Creeper 
—Lady Alice T^ead) 2:2ft% 

Phil Sheridan Jr.. blk a, 1S77, by Phil 
Sheridan— Ebtelie B 2:28% 

FWl Thompson, gr g, 1878, by Red 
Wilkes-Grey Nelly, by John Dil- 
lard 2:tft% 

Phil W., cih g, 1885, by Great Western 
-Nettie H 2:21 

FIboebe Wilkes, br m, 1885, by Ham- 
bletonian Wllkee-^oUy Smith, by 
Fisk's Mambrino Chief Jr 2:08% 

Phurah, b s, 1884, by St. Gothard— 
Jessie D., by Niagara Chief 2:80 

Phyllis, br m, 1874, by Phil Sherl- 
dan— Nelly Wagner, by Tom Sayers 
(dead) 2:15% 

Phyllis Tee, b m, 1890. by Ashland 
Wilkea-Nelly Carscm, Inr PesTine. . . 2:28% 

Pickard, b g, 1874, by Abdallah Pilot 
—Lady Bowman, by Bourbon Chief 2:18% 

Pickering, b s, 1872, by Rysdyk's 
Hambletonlan— Lady Fallls, by 
Seely'6 American Star 2:80 

Pickett, ch g, 1887. by Pickett— 
Amanda, by Goldsmith Chief 2:16% 

Pickpania, b m, 1884, by Pickpocket— 
Lady, by Panic 2:14% 

Pickwick, br g, 1809, by Backman's 
Idol— Lady Brown, by Seely's Amer- 
ican Star 2:29% 

Pickwick, b g, 187ft, by Hatch Horse, 
dam by Young Ethan Allen 2:27% 

Piedmont, ch s, 1871, by Almont— 
Mag Ferguson, by Mambrino Chief 
(dead) 2:17% 

Piletta, gr m, 1889, by Pilot Medium 
— Mag^e, by Hambietonian- Charta 2:14% 

Pilgrim, br s, 1885, by Coriander— 
Abdallah Duche«s, by Silver Duke 2:24% 

Pilgrim, br s, 1889, by Acolyte- 
Cathedral, by George wllkes 2:20% 

Pilgrimage, b s, 1882, by Egbert- 
April Fool, by Norwood 2:30 

Pilot, blk g. 1850, by PUot Jr. (dead) 2:28% 

Pilot, b g, 188ft, by Middletown Jr. 
—Jessie, by David Bonner 2:22% 

Pilot, (Tree's) gr s, 1887, by Pilot Med- 
ium— Madv L., by Honest Dick 2:12% 

Pilot Boy, b g, 187—, by Kllmore.... 2:27^ 

Pilot Boy gr g, 1878, by Edward H. 
— Tackey, by Pilot Jr 2:20 

Pilot Claus, blk s, 188-, by Santa 
Claus 2:26V4 

Piloteen, b m, 1892, by Pilot Med- 
ium—Midget, by Orion 2:28% 

Pilot H., gr g, 1886, by Pilot Medium 
—Gypsy, by Tom Hunter Jr 2:29% 

Pilot Knox, b s, 1875, by Black Pilot 
—Nancy Bjiox, by Col. Ellsworth 
(pacing 2:20%) 2:19% 

Pilot Lemont, ch e, 1887, by Lemont 
— Mellla Mack, by Deadsbot ..... 2:21% 

Pilot Maid, b m, 1887, by Black 
Pilot-Alice, by Harry W. Genet.. 2:21% 

Pilot Middleton, gr s, 1884, by Pilot 
Medium— TopsyC by Bay Middle^ ' 
ton .! 2:2ft% 

Pilot Jr.. blk s, 1S88. by Black Pilot, 
dam by Constellation 2:21 

Pilotou, br s, 1878, by Middletown— 
Forest Queen, by Mambrino Pilot.. 2:30 

Pilot B., b g, 187—, by Black Knight, 
dam by Grey Wallace 2:21% 

Pilot R. Jr., b g, 187—, pedigree not 
traced 2:80 

PUot Temple, b s, 1859, by Pilot Jr.— 
Madam Temple (dead) 2:24% 

Pilot W., gr 8, 1884, by Pilot Duroc 
—Kitty Wilson, by Blue Bull 2:24% 

PUot W., gr g, 1885, by Pilot Medlmn 
-Maggie 2:24 

Pink, ch m, 1882, by Inca— Fairy 
Queen, by Echo 2:23% 

Pip, blk s, 1890, by Durango— Pyro- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



7 '— 

geUic, by Fairy Gift 2:28 

Plsgah, br m, 1886, by JacksonviUe 
Rhode Island— Etta May, by Char- 
ley Hammet 2:30 

Pitt Kellogg, b 8, 1887, by Chester 
Chief— Alice, by Brown's Toronto 
Chief Jr 2:27% 

Pittsburg Wilkee, b g, 188-, by 
WUkeeonlan , 2:lt% 

Plxley, b m, 1885, by Jay Gould- 
Lotto, by Gen. Wafihlngton 2:08% 

Plxle, ch g, 188-. by Black Pilot .... 2:29% 

Placida, b m, 188—, by Swigert 2:30 

Piano Boy, b g, 1878, by Panic or 
Revenge 2:21% 

PUno Prince, ch s. 188—, by Walter 
V. 2:28% 

Planter Boy, b, g, 186—, by Bedbird 
(dead) 2:21% 

Plato, ch g, 1887, by Chance— Bell- 
founder Girl, by Milllman's Bell- 
founder 2:29% 

Play Boy, ch g, 188—, by McCurdy's 
Hambletonian— Maggie 2:18% 

Play Boy, b g, 1884, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr.— Play Girl, by Mambrino 
Patchen 2:18% 

Pleasanton, b s, 188—, by Richard's 
Blector 2:29% 

Playful, ch m, 1890, by Play Boy, 
dam by Pluto 2:26% 

Pluck, blk g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:29% 

Plumed Knight, blk g, 1876. by Mike 
liOgan— Betsy Slasher, by wilfihire 
Horse 2:26% 

Plush, b m, 1881, by Masterlode— 
Velveteen, by Joe Printer 2:19% 

Plutone, br s, 1887, by Wllkle CJollins 
—Maggie Patchen, by Pluto 2:23% 

Pluto Wilkes, ch m, 1884, by Wilkle 
Collins— Maggie Patchen, by Pluto.. 2:26% 

Plutrusse, ch m, 1889, by Pluto— Min- 
nie Bell Jewett, by Duke of Lexing- 
ton 2:30 

Plympton, b s, 1886, by Beaumont- 
Souvenir, by Harold 2:30 

Poco, g m, 188—, by Pluto 2:29% 

Pneumatic, ch s, 1890, by Hgmont— 
June Bug, by Wineman's Logan.. 2:29% 

Pocahontas, b m, 1859, by £>than Al- 
len—Pocahontas, by Iron's Cadmus 2:26% 

Pocahontas Prince, blk s, 1884, by 
Pooahontnb Boy— Karo Queen (pac- 
ing 2:19%) 2:20^4 

Poco ^empo, ro s, 1883, by Happy 
Medium— Bonny Belle, byAImont . . 2:23% 

Poem, b s„ 1885,by Gen Washlngtan 
—Sonnet, by Jay (Jould 2:13% 

Podgis Stanton b s, 188—, by G^en. 
Stanton 2:23% 

Point Breeze, b g, 185—, pedigree not 
traced (flead) 2:28% 

Pointer, <:h s, 1883, by Panooast— 
Midge, by Belmont (dead) 2:26% 

Polka Dot, ch m, 1877, by Pocahontas 
Boy— Uuehvllle Maid, by Blue Bull 2:28 

Polk Laffoon. b g, 1883, by Principe- 
Rep ton Belie, by Marabout 2:21% 

Polly, ch m, 188—, by Oakland Boy . . 2:29 

Polly B., br m, 1873, by Toronto Ab- 
dallah— Fanny Green, bv Montauk 2:28% 

Polly Nelson, gr m, 1886, by Nelson- 
Lena Boone, by Daniel Boone .... 2:30 

Polly Stanton, ch m, 1887, by Gen. 
Stanton— Girl of the Period, by Pel- 
ham Tartar 2:23% 

Pomona, b s, 1885, by Electioneer— 

Pearl, by George Lancaster 2:28% 

Pomona, ch m, 1886, by Hambrino 
—Fashion, by Curtis' Hambletonian 2:25 

Pomp, b g, 188-, by Gen. Lee, dam 
by Royal Tanner - 2:80 

Pompey, ch g, 186-, pedigree not 
traced 2*29 

Ponce de Leon, blk 8, 1887, by Pan- 
coast— Elvira, by Cuyler 2:18 

Pond Lily, b m, 187—, by George M. 
Patchen Jr 2:29% 

Poneto, ch s, 188— . by Strathmore— 
Lotah, by Haw Patch 2:25% 

Pontiac Chief, ch s, 1886, by Golden 
Bow— Lowry 2:16'/t 

Pontoon, ch s, 1888, by Patronage- 
Dolly Brighton, bv Tramp . . . ! 2:30 

Pdhtoosuc, dn s, 1880, by Ambassa- 
dor— Lady Hamilton, by Flying Hia- 
toga . .-. 2:29% 

PorceDain, b s, 1888, by Alcantara— 
Bma, by Smuggler 2:23% 

Portia, ch m, 1875, by Startle-Lady 
Pettee, by Pettee's son of Toronto 
Chief 2:2QVr> 

Portugue Printz, blk s, 1881, by I. M. 
Singer— Portugue, by Old Joe 2:29% 

Poscora Hayward, gr s, 1874, by Billy 
Hayward— Poflcora Maid, by Leon- 
ard's Posoora 2:23V9 

Poser b g, 188—, by Pure Gold- 
Polly, by Shaefer Pony 2:26% 

Position, b m, 1888, by Acolyte- 
Santa Caaus, by Magic 2:22^ 

Poesell, br g, 1887, by Land Pilot— 
Topsy, by Virginia Ben 2:16% 

Post Boy, ch s, 1872, by Magic- Ned 
(dead) 2:23 

Potens, ch g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:18% 

Poughkeepsie, br g, 1884, by Stock- 
holm 2-29% 

Powers, br g, 1869, by Volunteer- 
Jenny, by Seely's American Star . . 2:21 

Praetor, ch s, 1872, by Messenger 
Duroc, dam by Vandal 2:29% 

Prairie Belle, b m, 188—, by Gen. 
Stanton, dam by Phil Sheridan 2:23% 

Prairie Boy, b s, 188-, by Lucaa 
Brodhead 2:28 

Prairie Chief, br s, 1882, by Rural 
Chief— Nlcey, by Rifleman 2:27 

Prairie King, b s, 1877, by Chester 
Chief— Jtenny Clay, sby Houston's 
Harry Clay 2:23% 

Prairie Star, b s, 1880, by Johnny 
Hawkins— Lightning Bug, by Satel- 
lite 2:27 

Pratt, ' br * g," 186^, by sirideaway 
(dead) 2:28 

Praytell, b m, 1892, by Axtell— Jane 
Look, by Look 2:29% 

Predeuse, b m, 1891, by Stamboula 
—Devotee, by Pancoast 2:25 

Precodone, b m, 1886. by Almont 
Rattler— Pavonla, by Peacock 2:20 

Predicate, b s, 188—, by Princeps— 
Arlena, by Balrd's Hambletonian 
Prince 2:23% 

Prelude, br m, 1887, by Billy Wllkea— 
Miss Nettle, by Mambrino Gift .. 2:25% 

Prelude, b m, 1887, by Onward- 
Laura S., by Almont 2:28% 

Prelude, b m 1888. by Robert Mc- 
Gregor— Normls. by John Burdlne 2:29 

Piemler, b s, 1884, by Hambrino— 
Belle, by Alcade 2:29% 

Preecott, b g, 1889, by Prinmont, dam 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

JOHN E. TURNER. Amblee, Pa, 

(the general.) 

'Give me races and few records, as I want the money and 

have no craving for honors," has been the motto 

of John E. Turner through life. 

Digitized by 




C. THOMPSON. Independence. Iowa. 

One of the cleverest of Westorn drivers. He brought out 
Manager 2:06^ and Keno F. 2:17. 


Digitized by 




bj Phil Sheridan 2:27 

PreBCOtt, ch k, 1882, by Kiiox— Au- 

^ netta, by Messenger Duroc 2:27Vj 

iTesent, b s, 1882, by Youni? Bolfe, 

dam by whalebone Knox 2:23^ 

PresQiille, b s, 1889, by Norfoak, dam 

by Mambrino King 2:28^ 

Prestov b s, 1887, by Oen. Waabing- 

ton— GUda, by Jay Gould (dead) ... 2:19M| 
Preston, dn g, 18^-, by George WaiTh- 

ington (dead) 2:28% 

Preston, b s, 1888, by Wilkes Boy 

-cKatherine, by Shelby Ohlef .... 2:27% 
Preston Wilkes, blk g, 1876, by 

Wilkes Spirit— Glencoe Maid 2:29% 

Pretty Belie, b m, 1884, by Messen- 

£er Chief— Sorrel Belle, by Bay 
ick (dead) 2:22% 

Pretty Boy, br s, 1880, by Mambrino 

Patchen— Dixie, by Mokhladi 2:29% 

Pricemont, b s, 1885, by Altamont— 

Belle Price, by Doble 2:26 

Pride, b m, 1888, by Aquarius— Aggie 

G., by Trampaway 2:18 

Pride of Idaho, br s, 1884. by Har- 
per—Brown Jug, by Green's Bashaw 2:29% 
Prime, br m, 1888, by, Prlmo— Dolly 

Smith, by Flsk's Mambrino Chief Jr. 2:21% 
Prlmmont, b s. 1884, by Behnont— 

Blectric, by Princeps 2:21% 

Primrose, b s, 188—, by Melrose— 

May Day 2:29% 

Primus, ch g, 1888. by Wilkle Russell 2:29 
Prince, blk g, 1885, by Appleby— 

Ann M., by Nimrod Tom 2:18% 

Prince b g, 1882, by Swanbrough's 

Hambletonian Prince— Kate 2:26% 

Prince, b g, 1846, by Long Island 

Black Hawk (dead) 2:24% 

Prince. Ch & I860, by Jupiter Abdal- 

teh— Van Wyck Mare (dead) 2:27 

Prince, b g, 188—, pedigree not traced. 2:28% 
I^rince, rp e, ife-, pedigree not 

traced (deacD 2:27% 

Prince, b & 1875, by Balrd's Hamble- 
tonian Prince— Baird, by Superb 2:23 

Prince, blk g, 187—. by Royal Re- 
venge—Lady, by McKelr80Il^» Grey 

Bagle 2:21% 

Prince, b g, 188-. by Waxford 2:28% 

Prince, ch g, 1882, by Lysandejv- 

Harry's Daughter, by Harry Clay Jr. 2:20% 
Prince, b s, 188—, by Beaufort, dam 

by Black Ralph 2:27% 

Prince,^ b g, 188-, pedigree not 

traced 2:30 

Prince, blk g, 188—, by Belmont 

Prince 2:30 

Prince A., b g, 1886, by Swanbrough's 

Hambletonian Prince 2:26Vi 

Prince A., br g, 1880, by Major Miller 

—Jenny 2:22U 

Prince A., b g, 1884. by Baclonan's 

Idol, dam by Orange Duroc 2:19% 

Prince A. G., ch s, 1887, by Princep- 

ter-Brron Girl, by Bypon 2:29Va 

Prince Albert, b g, 1888, by Hamilton 2:28% 
Prince Albert, b g, isfe, by Golden. 
_Bow, dam by Western Fearnaught.. 2:23% 
Prince Albert, b s, 1885, by Stoath- -^ 

more — Patchlenie, by Mambrino 

Patchen 2-26 ' 

Prince Allen, ch s, 1859, by Honest 

Allen, dam by Green Mountain 

^Kagle (dead) 2:26% 

Prince Allen, b g, 1865, by Tick's 

Ethan Allen— Jenny Lind (dead) 2:27 

Ptrtnoe AUerton, b s, 1801, by AUerton 2:28»4 

Prince ^AlmoniL gr g. 1885, by Ham- 

^Un'e AlmoDt Jr 227 

Pijlnce Arthur, b g. 1873. by Volnn- ' 

teer , 2*20 

P^oe Arthur,' b g, 187-, by Wertem 


Prince Axt^l, b s, 1891. by Axtellr- ' 

Athmaid. by Athfete...'..V."~rr 2:28% 
Prince B.. (jh g, 188-, by Senator. . . . 2:26S 
^^S?^^®,:' ^ ft 1880, by Brilliant- ^ 

Maud, by son of (George M. Patctien 

-Jr , , o •24% 

Prince Behnont, b s, 1886^ by Piin- 

cipe-nJenny Belle, by Belmont 2:2944 

^"^ ^^A \«*J^' by Black Tom ^* 

--Bay Nell, by Clarion ChJef 2:27% 

P^ce Brino. ch s, 1884, by Mambrino 

garker - i»olly 'H^in^ ^Mam- 

brino Star 2*29'/i 

Prince Danlels^b g, 1887. by Dexter ' 

Prince, dam by Joe Daniels 2:22% 

Prince— Cole Mare, by Western Boy 2:19 
Prince Dudley, b s. 1887. by Princeps 

— BelleDudley, by Belmont (dead).. 2:29% 
Prince Bddy, b s, 188-, by Jerome 

xflddy 2*29% 

Prince BdsalLjblk s. 1888, by Priilj^ '^^ 

ton— I^idy Bdsall, by WesCwood.... 2:18% 
I*^e^rard, b 8, 188-, by King 

^SS? Sf *¥J^ A^/^^^y EgWt- ^'^ 

BUa, by Clark Chief ; 2-2946 

Pnnce Bu«^e b s. 1887, by Bayonne ^ 

§?^^K, T ?^"y ^^' ^y Rysdyk's 
Hamibletonian ^ o •27J/> 

Prince Bu^ene b g. 1884, by BouAon * 
W^ilkes, dam by Bdwln Forrest Jr.. 2:28Vi 

Prince Fearnaught. blk s, by Fear- 
naught Jr., dam by Ool King 2-23U 

Prince G., t g, 18^, pedl^e not * 

traced 2*28 

Prince Gould ',] 2-241^ 

Prince H., b g, 1885. by Haw Patih- 
Mag, by Tom Hunter 2-17^ 

I*^nce h:, b g, 18a-, by Marsh Yoomg 
— ^Blrd 2 '29 

SS^ §•' J.«^' ^^' toy^Sweepstakes 2i26% 

Prince Harbinger, b g, 18a~, by Har- ^^ 
binger,^ dam by Von Moltke 2:30 

^^?*L%^' ^^^ «» 1883, by Lothair 
Chief— Maestro, by Rifleman 2-23U 

Prince Henachel, b e, 1889, by Her- * 
schel— Hibemia, by Princeps 2-13 

Prince Hogarth, blk s, 1885, 1^ Ken- 
tucky Prince — Hathe Hogan, by 
Harry Clay 2•27i^ 

Prince Imperial, b s, 1879, by Gen. * 
Stant^—poily, by Prince of Wales. 2:27^^ 

Prince Kari, b s. 1886, by Command- 
er— Katie, by Regalia 2*26 « 

^w*?g ^^*J^ ?v 1888* by Gfambetta ' 
Wilkes- Lady Haseltine, by Mam- 
brino Startle 2-30 

^^nf ^k\* s, 1882, by Bourbon 
Wilkes— Daisy Monroe, by Monroe 
Chief 2*21U 

Prim^ Davalard. gr s. 18&-, by Lava- * 

T»i*^""5^^«f ^^^* ^7 Strideaway. .. 2:29% 

Prince M.. b g, 1884, by Lucas Brod- 
head, dam by Ooldwater C3ilef 2:16% 

Prince M. b g, 1884, by Swan- 
brough's Hambletonian Prince 2:29% 

Prince McMahon, blk g, 1883, by Mc- 
Mahon 2:21 

Prince Medium, br s. 1882, by Happy 
Mediumr-Pensora, by Strader!8 Cas- 

sius M. aay Jr l^/.^rMr*!;;^ 

Digitized by VjOOvI^ 



Prince Meddiun, b s, 1386, by ParlB 
Medium — I^y Patdhen, by Bully 
KiQg 2:29^ 

Prince Mlddleton, b g, 1877, by Bay 
mcbdleton ~ Oroeley, by Prince 
Qbariee 2d 2:20>A 

Prince Miller, br «, 1887, by MaJ. 
MiUei^-Storine. by Deucalion 2:203/4 

Prince N., b g, 188—, by PrincetxMi... 2:30 

Prlncento, br g, 1890, by I»rlncep«— 
Olympia, by Oxumkk-! 2:30 

PrlnceNero 2:29\4 

Prince Nutwood, b s, 1885, by Nut- 
wood— Bmpreas, by Draco 2:26 

Prlmclonla, b m, 188—, by Prince 
Bdwurd 2:28^ 

Princeppa Belmont, b m, 1890, by 
Belmont— Hesione, by Princepa 2:30 

PrlnoeK.,bg, 188— 2:28 

Prince Regent, ch s, 1885, by Mani- 
brlno King— Estabella, by Alcantara 
(dead)..... 2:16^4 

Prince S., b g, 1885, by Volunteer Swi- 

Sjrt — Kit, by Gray Eagle (Blind 
agle 2:20% 

Prince S., br g, 188—, by ^•omplng 
Prince 2:22i/4 

Prince a, br g 2:25U 

Prineepe Jr., Blk s, 188—, by Primeps 2:26V4 

PiUncessk blk m, 1870, by Dictator- 
Flora 2:29 

Prinioees. b m, 1846, by Andrus' Ham- 
bletonian— Isaiah wUcox Mare,, by 
BuTdick*& Engineer (dead) 2:30 

Princess, b m, 188—. by Black Morgan 2:28 

Princess, gr m, 1888, by Woolsey— 
Oakland Maid, by Speculation 2:19% 

Princess, b m, 1881, by Baird's Ham- 
bletoniau Prince-Kitty B., by Ed- 
ward Everett 2:27^ 

Princess, b m, 1878, by Hemlock- 
Queen of Trumps, by Continental.. 2:30 

Princes8, cb m, 187o. by Tramp— 
Barnford Mare, by Grreen's Bashaw 2:291^ 

Princess, ch m, 1878, by Masterlode 
—Kate Huuter, by Pierce Horse... 2:29^ 

l»rlncess Belle, br m, 1890, by Bell 
Boy— Musetta, by King Rene 2:24% 

l^rincess Clara, b m, 1892, by Prince 
George— Reality, by Prlnceps 2:26^^ 

I'riucerts Bboli, ch m, 1889, by Don 
Carlo«— Lizzie Thomas, by Wedge- 
wood 2:24V^ 

l»rlncess M., ch m, 188—, by Merrt- 
worth, 0am by Ethan Allen 2:26^ 

IMiiicpfis M., b m, 187—, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

rrlnccss Maid, b ni, 1890, by Dresden 
Price- Maid Itighter, by Victor Bis- 
marck 2:22V4 

l'rlnc«» Keiie. b «, 1889, by King Rene 
—Amy 2:23^ 

Princess Orloff, b m. 1887, by Prince 
OrloflC— Lucy, by Frank Pierce Jr.. 2:29^ 

I*rlncess Royal, br m, 1890, by Chimes 
—Estabella, by Alcantara 2:20 

Princeton, b g, 1876, by Honeet Abe 
—Lady Johnson, by Tornado 2:27 

Princeton, br s, 1881. by Princeps— 
Reina VictoMa, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletouian 2:19% 

Princeton, b g, 1889. by Alcazar- 
Echo Belle, by Echo 2:29% 

I»rince T., ch s, 188—, by George O. 
— Boscabel 2:29»/, 

Princeton Boy, ch g. 186—, by Ver- 
mont Hero (dead) 2:28 

Prince Wilkes, ch g. 1881. bv Red 

Wilkes— Rose Ciiief, by Brown CWef 2:14% 

Prince Wilkes, b g, 1887, by Bed 
Wilkes 2:20% 

Prtncewood, b g, 188-<, by Lakewood 
Prince 2:21% 

Princewood, blk s, 1888, by PiinoepB 
—Jet, by Ravenswood 2:18% 

Princewood, blk jr, 1880, by Dexter 
Prince— Hattie R, by Hawthorn*;, 
(dead) 2:16 

Principe, b s, 188<X by Princeps— Nan- 
nie Dixon, by Velox 2:24^ 

IMnsooiian, c!a & 1888l_ by Maxo- 
britonian— BUen M., by Baird's Ham- 
bletonian Prince : 2:20^ 

Prior, b 8, 1888, by Primmont— Ifimma 
Clay, by American Clay 2:29^ 

Priscilla, blk m. 1888, by William 
Rysdyk— Jessie Downs, by Holmes' 
Wandering Jew 2:29^/4 

Prltchard, ch g, 187—, pedigree not 
traced « 2:24Vi 

Private Joe, ch g,* 188—,' by Goiddust 
Lambert 2:29^* 

Prize, b s, 1882, by PiloteeI^-Glasseye 2:22% 

Problem, b g, 1881, by Kentucky 
Prince— Mary A., by Messenger Du- - 
roc ....;.... 2:18 

Procrastination, br s, 1884, by Chal- 
lenger—Belle, by Woodford Abdallah 2:29% 

Proctor, b g. 186—, by Harris' Mam- 
brlMo Chlei Jr. (deaid) 2:23 

PpootOT W., b s, 1889, by Jim Wilkes 
—Alice Hook, by Goldsmith Star.. 2:26^ 

Prodigal, b s, 1886, by Pancoast— 
Beatrice, by Cuyler 2:16 

Proem, b m, 1884, by Dictator— Laay 
Holloway, by HoUoway's Denmark 2:28% 

Professor, b g, 186-, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:27% 

Prohibit, br s, 1885, by Woodford 
Pilot— Van, by Baker's Hambleton- 
lan 2:25yj 

Prohibition, b s, 1885, by Petoskey— 
Lulu Parrish, by Almoore 2:27% 

Promoter, b s, 1888, by Acolyte— Mu- 
sette, by Ohio Volunteer 2:19 

Prose, b s, 1888, by Gen. Washington 
—Sonnet, by Jay Gould 2:27% 

Prospect, br s, 1886, by Reno Defiance, 
dam by Sir Denton 2:18% 

Prospect, ch s, 1886, by Dominion- 
Penelope, by Album 2:27% 

Prospect Maid, br m, 1874, by George 
Wilkes— Nellsson, by Mambrino Pi- 
lot 2:23% 

Prospect Simmons, cih g. 1®0, by Sim- 
mons—Maud A., by Alniont Boy 2:23% 

Prosperity, blk s, 1887, by Leland— 
Integrity, by Belmont 2:23 

Prosper Merlmee. b s. 1877, by Fritz 
—Anticipation, by Clav Pilot 2:24% 

Prospero, blk g, 1869. by Me^^senger 
Duroc— Green Mountain Maid, by 
Harry Clay (dead) 2:20 

Prosperous, b e, 1887, bv Vacher— 
Ida Oharta, by Macna Chartiw 2:29% 

Protection, b g. 1880, by Ernest- 
Molly, by Gray Kagle 2:19% 

Protion, b m. 1888, by Glenwold— 
Portia, by Startle 2:15V8 

Proteine. br ni. 1871, by Blackwood 
—Sally Chorister, by Mambrino Chor- 
ister (dead) 2:18 

Proth, b m. 188—, by Onward— Lady 
Allen 2:29% 

P. R. T., br g. 188- 2:28% 

Prue, b m, 1889, by Pure Wilkes— 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Lil^r C^ay. by Kensington 2:21^ 

Psyotie, cdi m^ 1888, by Declaoatian-- 

BeMte day, by Strader's Cassuls 

M. day Jr. 2:24M» 

Ftarche, cb m, 1889, by Wilkes Gold- 

dnst— Beauty, by Lowell's Gold- 

4u«t 2:15% 

Puck, blk g; 188—, by Taooma— Har- 

mooy, by Middletown 2:1754 

Po^ta- b m, 1887, by Post Boy— Ella, 

by Oripple 2:29 

PueUa, cb m, 1878, by Harold— Mary - 

Bell, ter Belnuont 2:29 

Puncbellmo, br g, 1887, by Kentucky 

Prinoe, dam by SAireep&takes 2:28 

Pure Wllkee, b s, 1886, by Red Wilkes 

,— Parity, by Brignoli 2:17% 

Puritan, b g, 1886, by Steele— Har- 

numy, by Smuggler 2:18'm 

Puritan, b g, 1878, by Champion 

DiiBW— Belie Knox, by Gilbreth 

Knox 2:30 

Puritan, blk g, 1889, by Sable Wilkes 

^fane B. by MiUimaa's Belifounder. 2:29% 
Purity, oh m, 1864. by Blue BuU— 

Susan Loder, by Banlel Boone .... 2:30 
Purity, br m, 1884, by Boyal Almont 

-Kate ..V. 2:28 

Purity Wilkee, b m, 1887, by King 

Wilkes— Purity, bv Middletown 2:15% 

Puzzle, br s, 1889, by PhaUaft— 

Lizzie W., by S*wigert 2:30 

Pj'gmialion, b s, 188—, by Jay Gould. . 2:25% 
Pythias. ^ 6, 1883, by King Bene— 

Romona, by Harold 2:2894 

Qu Allan, b s, 188—, by Ohampion 

Medium 2:20 

Quaker Boy, b s, 1888, by Ohio Knick- 

erbockei>— Iiady B., by Bayard 2:24 

Quaker Boy^ b g, 185—, pedigree not 

traced (dead) 2:28^^4 

Quaker Boy, oh g, 1887, by Cashier— 

Minnehaha, by Star ot the Weet ... 2:30 
Quaker Girl, br m, 1870, by Hail- 

stonm— Fanny H., by Independence. . 2:30 
Quality, b m, 1889, by Mectdoneeiv- 

MoC^ by Almont 2:25V^ 

Quairryville Boy, br g, 188—, by Mes- 
senger Ohlef, dami by Bed Wilkes.. 2:26 
Quartermain, b s, 1888, by Quarter- 

mBBtei"*— Patchen Maid^ by Mam- 

brino Patchen 2:27% 

Quartermardh, b e, 188—, by Quarter- 
master, dam by Sir Walter 2:19Vi 

Quartermain, b s, 1888, by Quartea*- 

mflBter— Patchen Maid, by Mam- 

brino Patohen 2:27% 

Quarteirmaster, br s, 1883, by Alcyone 

—Qui Vlre, by SenUnel 2:21i,4 

Quarteretretch, br s, 1888, by Quarter- 

maaiter— Lady Sdhofield, by Tippoo 

Salb 2:15 

Quartette, b g, 1880, by Riohwood— 

CJoronet, by Almont 2:22% 

Quay, b s, 1887, by Beaumont— Nelly 

Green, by Billy Green 2:28% 

Queechee Maid, br m, 186—, by Bal- 
^ lard's Oassius M. OLay, dam: by 

MJoroe Horse 2:25 

Queechy, b s, 1886, by Alcyone— Myra 

B., by Joe Brow^n 2:14i/4 

Queen, b m., 188—, by Nelson, dam 

by Old Abe 2:19% 

Queen Alfred, b m, 1891, by Alfred 

G.— Alls Star, by Jay Bird 2:1SV4 

Queen Allah, ch m, 1891, by Almon- 

arch— Ml-t, by Leader Jr 2:21V4 

Queen Almont, b m, 188—, by King 
Almont 2:27% 

Queen Ann, b m, 188—, by State of 

Maine 2:28 

Qtieen Anne, gr m, 1885, by Totovay 

—Queen 2:25 

Queen. Anne, cb m, 1885, by Alcantara 

—Princess 2:30 

Queeni Uay, br m. 1886, by King 

_ Clay— Irene, by Dus-itaf MiUer 2:28 

Queen £}sther, b m^ 1^, by Viking- 
Ada W., by Gideon ?.. 2:20% 

Queen Feamaught, b m, 1886, by Al- 
centara—Modjeska, by Royal Fear- 

naucrht 2:26% 

Queen H., b m, 1889, by Hanover, 

dam by Atlantic 2:29% 

Queen Garrett, b m, ISOL by Garrett. 2:30 
Queen Mab, gr m^ 1877, W Daniel 

Lamibert 2:29*4 

Queen Mab. b m, 188— 2:24^ 

Queen Mark, b m, 1889, by Victor 

Bismarck- Big Six, by Hambrino... 2:27 
Queen Nutwood, b m, 1889, by King 
Nutwood— Mattie Windsor, by Wind- 
sor 2:27^ 

Queen of GedairEr b m, 1889, by Bpau- 
let— Princess Medium, by Happy 

Medium 2:20^% 

Queen of Scotts, ch m, 1889, by Scott 
Ohlef— Minnie Wilson, by Spring- 
field 2:28 

Queen of the West, gr m, I860, by 
Pilot Jr.,— Nelly, by Young Turk 

(dead) 2:26Vi 

Queen of Upland, b m, 1887, by 
Epaulet— Audacity, by Happy Med- 
ium 2:22V4 

Queen SuBie, b m, 1889, by King 

Wilkee— Vlnette, by Belmont 2:2904 

Queensware, blk m, 1888, by Wedge- 
wood— Eavira, by Ouyler 2:25 

Queen T., b m, 1885, by Monitor- 
Katie Belle, by Peacemaker Jr 2:26V4 

Queen Tempo, gr m, 1890, by Poco 

Tempo— Jenny A., by Lepanto 2:28V4. 

Queen Wilkee, blk m, 1879^by George 

Wilkee— Lady Ethan, by Ethan Allen 2:23% 
Queen Wilkes, br m, 1886, by Jay 

BlPd-Jeeedoa, by George Wilkes 2:26^^ 

Quickstep, b m, 1889, by Pilot Med- 
ium— Trixey, by IjouIs Napoleon... 2:27 
Qullisine, b g, 188-, by Judge Bald- 

win ... 2 '22V 
Qullp.' b V, *188— ,* by Boston* Wlikes.*.* 2:27^ 
Quinine S., b s, 1884, by Abdallh 
Mambdno— Ella Hopkins, by Octo- 
roon 2:28^4 

Quiyer, b g, 188-, by Indus 2:20% 

Quiz, b m, 1890, by Wilkiemont— 

Corida, by Bona Fide 2:23i4 

Rabb Wilkes, b s, 1889, by Memento 
Wllke»-Golden Kule, by Golden 

Bow 2:26 

Rabe, cfli g, 1883, by Strader— Susie, 

by Green's Bas>haw 2:24 

Rachel, br m, 187—, by Woodford 
Mamibrino— Princess Ann, by Alex- 
ander's Abdallah 2:26% 

Rachel, ch m, 1891, by Warlock 2:25V4 

Rachel B., b m, 1884, by Chester Ohlef 

—Mattie H. \ry Deucalion 2:18^ 

Rachel B., blk m, 1876. by AlUe West 

—Molly, by Williams' Mambrlno 2:28^2 

Racer, b g, 1888, by Reveille— Nanny 

Talbot, by Strathmore 2:19«/4 

Racine, gr g, 1886, by Pilot Medium, 

dam by Mamb-ino Bruce 2:14 

Racine, b «. 1884, by Swigert— Lady 

Belle, by Richard's Bellfo<under 2:30 

Racket, br g, 1883, by Qylburn— Meta, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



hi liamlvino Pilot 2:30 

ItMus, g c, 18&-J by Tangent 2:28^ 

lUc Baby, b & 188—, by Hambie- 
tankua I)ownin£f 2:22^ 

Rainbow, b e, 18&1, by Silver Bow, 
dam by Reliance 2:24H4 

Sajab, br a, 1883, by Sultan— Kitty 
Wilkes, by George Wilkes 2:2SH4 

Ralph Wilkee, cb s, 1889, by Red 
Wilkes— Mary Mays, by Mambriuo 
Patchen 2;(»)4 

Ramon, b g 2:23 

Remona, blk m, 188—, b|y Blerator.. . 2:2ii% 

Ramona, br m, 1886, by Pilot Wilkea 
—Neat, by New York 2:26k 

Ram^ma, b m, 1886, by Alcyone- 
Rachel, by Woodford Maml»:ino. ... 2:16 

Ramona. b m, 1884, by Ck>:ttland 
Wilkefr-Wingate. by Blackwood.... 2:28^4 

Ramona, br m, 1888, by Whitney— 
Iknprees, by Kensett 2:1694 

Ramona Wilkes, b m. 1886, by Brown 
Wiake&-L#ady Whltelaw, by Mamr 
brlnoClay 2:29% 

Riimpart Jr., b s, 188—, by Rain{NLrt', 
dam by Constellation 2:27!4 

Ranohero, cih s, 1877, by CUark Chief 
Jr.— Mary Eagle, by American Olay. 2:21 Mi 

Randall, dh g, 186—, by Ghauncey 
Goodrich (dead) 2:24^ 

Range.", b g, 1886, by Nil Desperan- 
dmn— Eugenia, by Thorndale 2 :23k 

Rangei' H., br g, 1886. by Typhoon- 
Fan, by Richmond Boy 2:27 

Raola, br m, 188U, by Greenlaoder— 
BriSiant, by Electioneer 2:28k 

Rapid Ann, sp m, 187—, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Rapid Transit, b g, 1889, by Auto- 
graph-Miss McGree, by O. W, 
Mitchell 2:29k 

Rapid Transit, b s, 1889, by Onward 
— Monette. by Bonnie Bay 2:18Vi 

Rare Ben, b s, 1885, by Ben Franklin 
—Dolly Spooner, by Holadlrd's 
Ethan Allen 2:26 

Ra:« John, blk g, 1889, by Rare Ben, 
dam by Wheeler Horee 2:18'^ 

Rarely, gr g, 1875, by Ericssonr— Miss 
Weeks, by Joe Downing 2:24Va 

Rare Ripe, b g, 1877, by Autocrat- 
Turner Mare 2:19k 

Rams, b g, 1867, by Comklin's Ab- 
dallah— Nancy Awful, by Telegraph 
(dead) 2:13V4 

Rashleiglh, ch s, 1887, by Inglewood— 
Pat :.., 2:2Sk 

Battle Bones, b g, 18^ by Sterling- 
May D., by Joe David 2:28 

Rattler, ro s, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Rattler gtowley's), ch s, 1877, by 
AUaJd Horse 2:25k 

Rayen, blk s, 1883, by Ogden's Ham- 
bletonian Mambrino— Melissa, by 
Ouyier 2:26% 

Raven, blk s, 1886, by Cyclone— Blate 
Westwood, by Westwood 2:29>4 

Raven, blk m, 1884, by AJmont Raven 
—Queen 2:27% 

Raven Boy, blk s, 1888, by Mam- 
brino Duke— Polly, by AJax Jr 2:29% 

Raven Sprague, blk g, 1883, by 
Rounds' Sprague— Betsy King, by 
HenelaiK Jr 2:19'^^ 

Raven Wilkes, blk s, 188—, by Dyle 
Wilkee 2:29Vfi 

Raven Wilkee, blk a, 1888, by Guy 
Wilkes— 'Lady Maud, by Rookwood. . 2:15% 

Ray, b g, 188—. by E|>loure t:28 

Ray C, b g, 188—, by Antar 2:20 

Ray Gould, b m, 1875, by Jay Gonld 
— Emeline, by Henry B. Patcheo. . . . 2:20^ 

Ray Jackson, b s, 1883. by Whiriwliid 
Obief— Lady Austin, by Envoy 2:29k 

Raymon, b s, 1885, by Slnimone^Ladj 
Raymond, by Carlisle 2*.27k 

Raymond, b s. 188—, by Rex Patchen. 2:27k 

Raymoikd Wilkee, ch s, 1888, by Ray- 
mond—Kitty Clover, by Captain.... 2:26 

RayomettM, b m^ 188—, by Anteeo— 
DebooAlne 2:27 

Razor B., b g, 187—, by Robert 
Whaley ,2:25 

R. B., b g, 1877, by Wood's HamWe- 
tonian— «Fanny S., by Watkins 
Horse 2:29k 

R. C, ch g. 188-, by Black Bonner. . 2:28k 

R. D. F., 1) g, 1884, by Aristoe— Em- 
press, by Bay Lester 2:21U 

Readington Prince, b s, 1886, by 
Bayonne Prince— Belle Medium, by 
Happy Medium 2:22^ 

Ready Boy, gr s, 1884, by Arnold- 
Pearly Rothsoihild, by Rothschild. . . 2:23^ 

Reality, b m, 1881, t)y ReUance— 
Ernestine, by Mambrino Rattler.... 2:19% 

ReaUty. cih s, 1885, by Pretender^ 
Etta Mambrino, by Henry Mam- 
brino 2:26 

Realization, b s, 1884, by Great Hopes 
—Speedy Fanny, by Black's £lam- 
bletonlan 2:26% 

Reaume, br g, 188—. by Chandler 2:29^ 

Rebel Medium, gr s, 1885, by Happy 
Medium— Bonny Belle, by Almont... 2:23U 

Reciprocity, b s, 188—, by Strait's 
Superior 2:26% 

Rectitude, b s, 1884, by King Rene 
— Virgie Wilkes, by GeorgeWilkee. . 2:28 

Redalia, b m, 1890, by Red Wilkes 
—Ethel, by Commodore Belmunt... 2:26% 

Red Baron, br s, 1887, by Baron 
Wilkes— Lady Wilkes, by Red 
Wilkes 2:29V^ 

Red Belle, ch m, 188-, by Red Cloud 2:29% 

Red Bells, ch s, 188—, by Red- 
mond C 2:26% 

Red Bird, ch m, 1883, by Welsbaden 
-Bay 2:25% 

Red Bird, b g, 1851, by Red Bird 
(dead) ......T 2:30 

Red Bird, b g, 1875, by Chenery's 
Gray Eagle-^olly 2:27% 

Red Bird, ch m, 1890, by Red Fern 
—Laura, by McCurdy's Hamble- 
tonian 2:17 

Red Brook, b s, 1886, by Meadow 
Brook— Fanny, by Col. Hambrick 
(dead) 2:22 

Red Buck, br g, 1879, by Dr. Herr— 
Rhoda Red Buck, by Red Buck.. 2:29% 

Red Bud, ch s, 1891, by Red Fern, 
dam by Brown Dick Jr 2:14% 

Red Cedar, ch g, 1887, by McCurdys 
Hambletonian 2:28% 

Red Cherry, b m, 1889, by Red 
Wilkes— Madam Herr, by Mambrino 
Patchen 2:22^ 

Red Cloud, b g, 1860, by Legal Ten- - 
der (dead) 2:18 

Red Clover, b s, 1886, by Principe- 
Maria, by Marabout 2:26% 

Red Cross, b g, 186—, by Night Hawk 
(dead) :.......:. 2:26% 

Red Cross, ch s, 1873, by Brigand- 
Fanny, by Dole's Young Magna 

Charta -^.T f... 2:21% 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Bed DavlB. ch g, 188- 2:24% 

I^ Dick, ch g, 180ft, by Gen. Mor- | 

gan— Sally, by Hiatoga (Old Togue) i 

(dead) 2:28 

Reddie aay, b m, 1802, by Red ' 

Wilkee-Jennie Clay, by Harry Oiay 2:28% 
Red Duke, ch 8, 1882, by Duke of 

Brunswick— Whirlcloud, by Jay 

Gould 2:80 

Reddy, b a, 1890, by Prairie Star— 

—lone, by Wapsie 2:20% 

Red Bzpress, b a, 1892, by Right On- 

ward 2:22% 

Red Fern, ch b, 1885, by McOurdy's - 

Hambletonlan— Femyaie, by EnHeld 2:27% 
Red Flame, ch g, 18&— , by Bed Buck 

dam by Davy Crockett 2:25% 

Red Flame Jr., ch a; 188—, by Red 

Flame, dam by Blue Bull 2:24% 

Red Girl, b m, 188—, by Red Wilkes 2:28% 
Red Hawk, b s, 1884^ by Red Wilkes 

-Judy, by Plato 2:28% 

Red Heart, b s, 1880. by Bed Wilkes 

— Sweetlieart, by aulten 2:10 

Red Hot, ch s, 1888 ,by Red Wilkes- 

Olayola, by Straders CaRsIus M. 

aay Jr. 2:26% 

Red Ink, ch g, 1880, by Col. LlUard- 

Nelly Smith, by Almont Pilot 2:22% 

Red Knis^t, ch s, 1886^ by Sir Knight 

—Lady Hatch, by Gen. Hatch 2:28 

Red Lake, b s. 1800, by Bed King, 

dam by Sweepstakes 2:24% 

Red Lambert, b s, 1880, by Red 

Wilkes-Lady Lambert, by Daniel 

Lambert 2:28% 

Red Lassie, b m, 1886, by Red Wilkes 
_— Lady WiniB, by Squire Talmage.. 2:20 
Red Leaf, b s, 1889, by C. F. Clay- 
Lady Heart, by Red Wilkes 2:28 

Red Leaf, b s, 1887, by Reveille— Maple 

Leaf, by New York 2:20% 

Red Light, b g. 1883, by Signal.... 2:27% 
Red Line, b «, 1886, by Red Wilkes 

—Molly Bawn, by Smuggler 2:15 

Red Line,, b g, 187—, pedigree not 

traced 2:25% 

Red Line, ch g, 188—, by Hidalgo.... 2:24% 
Red Line, b g, 188—, by Bourbon 

Wilkes 2:27 

Red Mack, ch a, 1886, by Red Wilkes 

<-Lizzie, by Harrodsburg Boy 2:2744 

I^ed Mark, b s, 1888, by Victor Bis- I 

marck— Lucille Miller, by Miller's I 

Hambletonlan 2:26% 

Redmont, b a, 1884, by Atlantic— Red- 
bird, by Blue Bull 2:21 

Red Nutwood, ch s, 1885, by Nut- 
wood—Bessie, by jfemptation 2:27% 

Red Oak, b g, 187—, pedigree not 

traced 2:28% 

Red Oak, b s, 1890. by Redwood-Vic- 
tress, by Victor Patchen 2:21 

Red of Waranoke, b s, 1890, by Hor- 

nell Wilkes— Fiflne, by Aberdeen... 2:22% 
Redondo, b s, 1888, by Stamboul— 

Dido, by Scott's Hiatoga 2:28 

Red Queen, b m, 1886, by Red Wilkes 

—Arnica by Almont 2:27% 

Red Rover, ch s, 1886, by Bourbon 

Wilkes— Mary Turner, by West wood 2:28% 
Red Shnwmut, b s, 1880, by Shawmut 

—Kate Mitchell, by Red Wilkes.. 2:25% 
Red Star, b s, 1887, by Red Wilkes 

Fanny Clay, by Union Olay 2:28 

Redstone, b s, 1886, by Red Wilkes 

-Kate M., by Prince Albert 2:28% 

Red Tom, ch g, 188- 2:27% 

Redwald, b s, 1885, by Lord Bus- 
sell— Primrose, by Alexander's Ab- 
dallah SUS8% 

Red Wedge, b s, 1880, by RedWUkes 
— Ulva. by Wedgewood t:20% 

Bedweed, ch g, 18^, by John CRouike 
—Fanny, by Dr. Syntax >:20% 

Red Wilkes OCitchel's), b s, 1880, by 
Red Wilkes— Mambrlno June, by 
Mambrino Patchen «. 2:10% 

Red Wilton, b s, 188-, by Wilton... 2:20% 

Red Wing, b s, 1885, by Red WUke»- 
Menora, by American Clay 2:20% 

Red Wing Maid, b m, 188—, by a sob 
of Gen. Knox 2deo% 

Redwood, b s, 1885, by Anteeo— IiO« 
Milton, by Milton Medium 2:S1% 

Redwood, ch s, 1880, by Nutwood- 
Alice R., by Naubuc t«7 

Redwood WUkes, ch s, 1886. by 
France's Allie Wllkes-Jenny Red- 
wood, by Redwood 2:28% 

Reed Wilkes, b s, 1880, by Red Wilkes 
—Nelly Crow, by Mambrino Bagle. . 2:25% 

Re-Elect, b s, 1886, by ESect— LUsie, 
by Nephew 2:28 

Re-Hlection, gr s, 1888, by Electioneer 
—Lady Russell, by Harold 2:27% 

Reference, br g, 1881, by Referee— 
Modjeska, by Enfield 2:18 

Regal Wilkes, b s, 1887, by Guy 
Wllkes-Margaret, by Sultan 2:11% 

RegiCtb 6, 188—, by King Rene-Cap, 
by Ward's Flying Cloud 2:26% 

Regina, br m, 1880, by Electioneer 
-Accident, by Elmo 2:18% 

Reginald, b s, 1887, by Mambrino 
Dix— Dot, by Mambrino Jet 2:80 

Regret, ch m, 188—, by Lord Welling- 
ton :. 2:15% 

Regmont, b m, 1887, by Tremont— 
Dolly D., by Regulator 2:20% 

Rego, blk 8, 188—, by Durango, dam 
by Regalia 2:28 

Regulator, ch g, 1881, by Rooker— 
J^t r. 2:27% 

Reina, blk m, 1885, by St Arnaud— 
Mabel L., by Victor 2:12% 

Reina B., b m, 1884, by Abdallah Mam- 
brino— Jane, by Frank Wolford 2:28% 

Reindeer, blk g, 1848, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:20 

Reita U., b m, 1890, by Senator Up- 
degraff- Molly U., by Almont Pilot. 2:25% 

Reliance, b s, 1874, by Alexander- 
Maud, by Mambrino Rattler 2:22% 

Remsen, b s, 1885, by Mansfield— Vel- 
vet, by Volunteer 2:24% 

Rena, b m, 1883, by Alhambra— Helen 
De Long 2:26% 

Rena, ch m, 1884, by Ralston— Bally, 
by Bashaw Drury 2:25 

Rena N., gr m, 1886, by Hamdallah— 
Nelly Gray, by De Graff's Alexan- 
der 2:22 

Rena Rolfe, b m, 1888, by Revenue- 
Daisy Rolfe. by Blackwood Jr. ... 2:10% 

Rene, b s, 1880, by King Rene— Cffie, 
by Regular 2:28 

Renie Silver, br s, 1886. by King 
Rene— Mary Blackwood, by Black- 
wood Jr. 2:24% 

Renne, gr m, 188—. by King Rene.... 2:20% 

I^no, b g, 1887, by Boniface -Crasy 
Jane, by Crazy Jack 2:28% 

Reno, ch s, 188—, by Captain 2:27 

Reno Defiance, br s, 1877. by Louis 
Napoleon— Mambrino Princess, by 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 






' FiBk's Kambrino Oblef Jr 2:29% 

Reno's Baby, br g, 1887, by Reno De- 
fiance— Lu^ Qm by McKbiney' Horse 2:26^ 

lienaselaer Wilkes, b s, 1889, by Al 
cantara— Nena, by Nutwood 

RepetiUon, b s, 1885, by Red Wilkes 
—Nannie DiUard, by John DUlard. . 

Repetition Jr., b s, 188—, by Repeti- 
tion , 

Reporter, ch g, 188—, by Richwoud 

Repablican, b s, 1887, by Aimont 
Wilkes, dam by Coaster 2:19^4 

Resemble, b m, 1887, by Barl—Wan- 
nle Minor, by Pilot Mambrino 2:29^ 

Resolute, b g, 1870, by Swlgert— Bay 
Fanny, by Richards^ BeUfounder.. 2:27% 

Resolute, ch g, 188—, by Aristos— 
Fanny !>., bx^De Long's Dthan Alien 2:26V4 

Resolute, m % 1885, by Lothalr Jr.— , 

Kitty Lambert 2:26% 

Re«}olutlon, b s, 1887, by Rampart- ! 

—Kate 2:28^ 

Result, b 8, 1868, by Jupiter Abdallah 
—Compromise, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonlan 2:25 

Retta, br m, 1880, by Whipple— Betty, 
by Clark Chief 2:28% 

Rettle, b m, 188—, by Envoy 2:27% 

ReveiUe, b s. 1875, by New York- 
Fleet, by Kearsarge 2:21% 

Reveille, b g, 1888, by Quartermaster 
—Roll Call, by High Private 2:27% 

Revel, b s, 1888, by Reveille— Folle 
Farine, by Strathmore 2:29% 

Revenge, blk g, 1878, by Patchen 
Chief Jr.— Wllsonia 2:24.V4 

Revenue, b s, 1876, by Smuggler— May 
Morning, by Daniel Lambert 2:22% 

Reve So, b m, 1886, by Revenue— So 
So, by George Wilkes 2:28^* 

Review. Mk g, 1881, by Adjutant, 
dam by Saracen Chief 2:29% 

Itfjvicw, b m, 1879, by Joe Blmo 2:28% 

Revolver, ch g, 188—, by Don Carlos- 
Devotee, by Pancoast 2:29% 

Revolt, b s, 1880, by Reveille— Iva 
Dee, by Clark Chief Jr 2:19 

Reward J., ch s, 1887, by Bourbon 
Wilkes— Lark, by Abdallah Mam- 
brino (pacing 2:10%) 2:29 

Rex, b g, 1880, by Sweepstakes-Nelly, 
by Volunteer 2:24% 

Rex, b g, 1884, by Anteeo— Accident, 
by Elmo 2:22% 

Rex, b g, 1879. by Orion— Mary Belle, 
by Breckinridge 2:22% 

Rex, br g, 1877, by Barthquake-Klt 
O'Neil. by Sumner Hazen 2:22% 

Rex, blk g, 1877, by Rex Patchen, 
dam by Hiram Drew 2:28% 

Rex Americus, b s, 1890, by Onward 
—Gleam, by Dictator 2:11% 

Rexford, b s, 1883, by Electioneer- 
Rebecca, by Gen. Benton 2:24 

Rexford, br g, 188—, by Starlight... 2:30 

Rex M., b g, 1884, by Somonauk— 
Bird M., by Stoneman 2:26% 

Rex Patchen, b s, 1866, by Godfrey 
Patchen 2:30 

Rex Patchen, b s, 1882, by Seneca 
Patchen— Maggie, by Seneca Chief. 2:29V4 

R. F. C, b g, 187—, by Darlbay— 
Calmes, by John Dlllard 2:23% 

Rhahemes, b m. 188—. by Barl— Helen 
Walker, by Pilot Mambrino 2:30 

Rhode iHland. br s, 1857, by White- 
hall—Mag Taylor, by Davy Crockett 
(dead) 2:23% 

Rhoderick Dhu, blk s, 1886, by Mam- 
brino Boy— Cricket, by Cuyler 2:20 

Rlalto, b g, 188—, 2:30 

Ricetta, b m, 1885, by Odd Fellow- 
Buttercup 2:22% 

Richard, ch g, 187—, by Red Wilkes, 

dam by Rattler 2:30 

Richard, ch g, 1867, by Blue Bull. 

dam by Pete Guflln 2:21 

Richard Aimont, b s, 1890, by Aimont 

Medium— Lady Onyx, by Onyx 2:28% 

Richard B., b g, 188—, pedigree not 

traced 2:27% 

Richard B., b g, 1874, by Swlgert— 

Fanny, by Rhodes' Blood Royal Jr. 2:2S% 
Richard H., b g, 1883, by Hayner's 
l*athflnder— Jenny, by Gray Fear- 
naught 2:30 

Richard Lambert, ch s, 188—, by Ben 
Franklin 2:25% 

Richard Wilkes, b g, 1876, by George 
Wilkes— Miss Moutagrne, by Wilson's 
Snowstorm 2:26^^ 

Rlchbrown, br s, 1886, by Defiance- 
Brown Kate, by Brown Chief 2:22Vi 

Richelieu, b g, 188—, by Reno De- 
fiance 2:23l/i» 

Richelieu, gr g, 1886, by A. W. Ricn- 
mond— Ventura Belle, by Ventura. . 2:29% 

Richmond, blk g, 1871, by Gen. Lyons 
—Smith Mare 2:26 

Richmond Jr., b g, 1883; by A. W. , 
Richmond 2:15 

Richwood, b 8, 1883. by Mambrino 
Patchen— Sally Fox, by Senlour's 
Davy Crockett 2:27 

Richwood, b 8, 1880, by Squire Tal- 
mage— Lady Clay, by Strader's Cas- 
sius M. Clay Jr 2:24U 

Richwood, b g, 187—, pedigree not 
traced 2 :27 

RiiA wood * Boyi ' b ' g,' * 18^* * 'hy Billy 
Hinsley 2:29'/i 

RIdeau Belle, b m, 1886, by George 
Wood— Belle, by Glenell 2:23% 

Rlckreal, ch g, 188—, by Rock wood. . 2:29 

Rienzi, b g, 1872, by Erie AbdaUah 2:25i4 

Rienza Aimont, br g, 1886, by Aimont 
Pilot-Kit 2:28 

Rifle, blk g, 1890, by Blyrla, dam by 
Star Wilkes 2:18% 

Rifleman, br g, 1878, by Rifleman, 
dam by son of George M. Patchen 2:27% 

Rigmarble, b g, 188—, by Prince Or- 
loflT ...: 2:29-4 

Rlgolette. b m, 1874, by Exchequer- 
Belle Gentry 2:22 

Riley, b g, 1872, by Enoch 2:30 

Riley S., br s, 1891, by Riley Med- 
ium 2:21% 

Rinaldo. b s, 1883. by Mambrino Dud- 
ley— Wanatah, by Wedgewood ... 2:27' 4 

Rlualdo, blk s, 1884, by Reveille- 
Lady Tennis, by Mambrino Patchen 2:27 

Rlnconada, b g, 1886, by Eros— Ac- 
cident, by Elmo 2:17 

Rintoul, br s, 1884, by Mambrino 
Dudley— Alicia, by Messenger Du- 
roc 2:24% 

Ripple P., blk g, 188-, by Simmons Jr. 2:26% 

Rio Alto, b s, 1801, by Palo Alto- 
Elsie, by Gen. Benton 2:16«/3 

Rlpon Boy, br s, 1863, by Ira Allen, 
dam by Wiley's Blucher (dead) 2:25 

Ripple, br m, 1881, by Hill's Duroc— 
Onoto, by Volunteer 2:17»^ 

Ripple, ch m, 1886. by Crit Davis- _. 

Lady Claire, by Rlsdon^ ».. 2:20^j 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Rlpplet, b m, 188d» hy Phall4Mh-Rip- . 

pie, by Hill's Duroc '.. 2:29% I 

Rip Rap, br g, 1809, by MambriDO 
Brave, dam by a Copperbottom I 

horse 2:26 

Ripton, b B, 1889, by Ben Harrison— 

Betsey, by ^Tcamore 2:80 • 

Rlpton b g, 1870, by Amedcaoi Boy, 

dam by Seely's American Star 2:26 

Ripsee, b s, 1889, by J. R. Shedd— 

MisB liOgan, by Ga^'s Logan 2:30 

Rival, gr s, 186—. by WWteslde's 

Black Hawk, dam by Black Hawk 

(Oonsttematiion) 2:30 

Riverbend, b s, 1885, by BeImoi]tt--Sea j 

Qn'A, by Strathmore ^:24fl^ ; 

River Side, b s, 1887, by Cadmne 

Haonbletondan — Daisy Dayton, by l 

Rysdyk'6 Bellfounder 2:29% 

Rivetrslde, b s, 188-, by Red Wilkes. . 2:20)4 ■ 
Rizpaih. b mi, 1889, by Haroldmontr- i 

L,ily Bowers, by Louis Napoleoor. . . . 2:24^ 1 
R. SB. Lewis, b_g, 1880, by Brown ' 

Haxry, dam by Black Pilot 2:29 ' 

R. M. Wilkes, er g, 1882, by Mam I 

b:iiDo Wilkes— Lady Davlis oy Kear- • 

sarge 2:25^4 

RoacihAiiane, cb g, 1878, by the Scotia i 

Horse, dam/ by Tebo Horse 2:27% I 

RoEidsteir, b «, 1886, by Rex Patcben 

— NoT«lette, by (leorge Wilkes Jr. . . 2:30 
Roan Boy, m g, 188—, by Bastllght— , 

Strathaima, by Sbrathmore 2:25^4 

Roanoke, b s, 1880, by Lysander Chief 

— Hammll Mare, by Riley's Oonster- 

natlon 2:30 

Roanoke Maid, br nu, 1882, by Roan- 
oke 2:22^1/4 

Roanoke Maid, b m, 185—, pedigree 

not t laoed (dead) 2:30 

Robbie P., b s, 1886, by Charles Gef- 
frey— Nanny, by Long Island Chief. 2:12^4 
Rotoblns, ro s, 188—, by Black Walnut 2:21% | 

Robbins, br g, 188—, by Swigert 2:29V4 , 

Robert, b g, 1880, by Antar— Dark ' 

Dale, by Bale 2:25^^ I 

Robert A., b g, 188—, by Taeoo 2:29% ' 

Robert A., b g, 1889, by Hartford— Re- 
gardless, by William M. Rysdyk 2:29V4 

Robert B., ck e, 1884, by Sqnlre Tail- \ 

mage— LIda J 2:20% I 

Robert Baso, blk s, 18a-, by Dlaitonic 2:20% 
Robei-I: Bell, b s, 1892, by St. Bel— 

Neocile, by Robert McGregor 2:30 

Robert Bonner Jr., b s, 1881, by Van- 

dergrift 2:29V; , 

Robert B. Thomas, ch g, 186—, by 

Prinoe Allen (dead) 2:25 

Robert Bums, dh s, 1873, by Green's 

Basliaw— Dolly weed, by Lamson's 

Iowa Chief. .'. 2:30 

Robert H., b g, 187—, pedigree not 

trailed 2:29%; 

Robe.-t H., br g, 188—, by Robert Ful- ! 

ton 2:17 I 

Robert L., b g, 1885, by Sierra Boy, 

daim by Tom Atchineon 2:21 

Robert L., b g. 188—, bv WeUington. .2:28 
Robert L., blk s, 1884, by Haw Patch , 

—Nora Shy, by Mambrlno Patchen. . 2:26'.4 i 

Robert L., 6 s, 1880. by Artemas 2:29'J4 i 

Robert Lee, blk g, 187—, by Ridley 

Horee— Molly Stone, by Root Horse. 2:23Vi I 
Robert Lee, blk s, 1890, by Alcantara 

—Meg MerlUies, by Electioneer 2:18% | 

Robe-t McGregor, ch e, 1871, by Mai. I 

Bdsall— Nancy Whitman, by Seely's j 

American) Star 2:17% ' 

Robert McGregor Jr., ch s, 1888, by 

Ro<)ert McGregoiv-Dayton, by Dic- 
tator ♦ , 2 "30 

Robert Medium, b ^, 1678, by Happy 
Medima-Sally, by Yankee Tricks... 2:29 

Robert M. Taylor, blk 8, 1884, by Al- 
ouitara--Oora M., by Air Line 2:23% 

Robert R., bg.. 2:30 

Robert Ransom, br s^ 1887, hr Gam- 
betta— Black Maria^ by Strader's a 
M. Clay Jr 2:20^54 

Robert Ryan, b s, 1886. by Go-ldsmith 
Pilot— Lassie, by Aladdin 2:21 

Robert Rysdyk, br s. 18^ by WUliam 
Rysdyk— Queen B.. by Kearsarge. . . . 2:13% 

Robert 8., b s, 1887. by Pero— Bird, 
by Ghiide 2:28 

Robert T. McGregor, b s, 1886, by 
Stiver King— Kit, by Young Tocka- 
boe 2:29% 

Robert Wilkes, blk s, 1885, by Bour- 
bon Wilkes, dam by Ttojani 2:24V4 

Bobdn, gr g, 1874, by Bnfleid'— Mary 
Weaver, by Blax;k Hawk Vermont.. 2:24% 

Robin, b s, 1891, by Axtell— Ozone, by 
Rysdyk's Hambletonian 2:28 

Robinson D., b s, 1881, by Daniel 
Boone— Gumey Marc 2:17% 

Rob Roy, b g, 1886, by Aubrey— Doc- 
tor 2:20-J4 

Rob Roy, b g, 188—, by Crawford 
Prince 2:26% 

Rockbridge, b s, 1884, by Nutwood— 
Rapidian. by Dictator 2:29 

Rockbum, cih g, 188—, by Woodburn 
Pilot 2:19% 

Rockefeller, b s, 1884, by Electioneer 
—Edith darr, by Clark Chief 2:29% 

Rocket, blk g, 1879, by Knox Boy 2:29% 

Rockert, br g, 188—, by Gapt. Webb. . . 2:30 

Rocket, b s, 1878, by Blue Bull— Kitty 
Patterson, by Dick Consternation. . . 2:28 

Rocket, gr g, 1876, by Clematis 2:26% 

Rocldnehami, gr g, 1845, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:25% 

Rock Mand Maid, b m, 187—, pedi- 
gree not traced 2:30 

Rocknight, cfh s, 1885, by Beaumont- 
Girl 2:29% 

Rocko, b s, 1891, by Sphinx— Nora D., 
by Louis Napoleon 2:29V4 

Rocktons, b g, 187—, by Highland 
Beauty 2:K% 

Rockwell Boy, b g, 18&— , pedigree not 
traced' 2:24% 

Rcckwood, b g, 1886, by Treewood— 
Lady Hustler, by La Bock's Ben 
Franklin 2:25% 

Rocky Mountain Tom, gr g, 187—, ped- 
igree not traced 2.25% 

Roctoey J., b g, 188— by Auctioneer. . 2:21% 

Roger, b g, 1885, by Gordon Windsor, 
dami by Will's Patchen 2:28% 

Roger, b g, 18&— , by Black's Harry 
Caay 2:24V4 

Roge:^ Hansion, gr s, 1873, by Alta— 
Luialaba, by Berkley's Edwin For- 
rest 2:28% 

Roger K., b s, 1886, by Attorney— 
Roxy, by Broujaifhain 2:26% 

Roland, br s, 1872, by Crown Chief- 
Dolly 2:28 

Roleo. b s, 1890, by Nepihew— Oamma, 
by Norway 2:23 

RolfeK., blk g, 188—, by Black Rolfe. 2:29^9 

Ro'la. oh g, 1879, by Shelby Chief— 
Kate....:... 2:24V& 

RoiHa, b g. 1879, by Clark Chief Jr. . . . 2:24 

Rolla Golddust. br g, 1860, by Gold- 
dust, dam by Bartlett's^ Mohawk 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



L^iir^J (dead) . , U:25 

Bolia Ryan^ gr g, 188—, by Waile 

Humptciu. .,.,. .,. .......2:21^ 

KoLlAWoy, b s, 1SS2, by DauDtlejiv^ .... 2:29^ 
Ko!o, b g, iStKJ, by JoUa A. lUwliiis. . 2:23W 

Eolok^i, <sh B. ISJfl, by ^:utw£>od 2:80 

Eoiuan, b h» 18S9, by Arnmjfk— Majy 

M,, by Pt^ittiypftek 2:29 

BomiiiJioe, br ra, 187:^, by I^rlnt;jr?pi^>— 

Jtr,nj;i, J>y fn^hMrrnt 2:29V4 

Bomanoer^ b s. lisS7, by Hoppj Mv^- 

Ittmr-LizKie Downs, by Ma«ic 2:28!^ 

Borne, b jf. 1881, by Wheelock— liucy 

Lowry. oj McMortrle Horse 2:29^ 

Bomeo, b s, 1874, by Meiielaiie— Dolly 

Martin, by Defiance 2:29!4 

Bomeoi, b g. 1884, by Bioegold— Matt, 

by Goat's ^lack BR«Ae 2:19Vi 

Bomerov gr s, 1877, by A, W. Rich- 
mond— Ghretchen, by Mambriao Pilot 2:10^^ 
Bcmola, b m^ 1889, by Beltx^n— Ella, 

by Boabaw Jr 2:20^ 

Booraliis. b g, 1883, by Judge Aldyo- 

cate— Diamond, by King Drew 2:24\4 

Bomulus, b g, 188—, by Edgewood 2:28Vi 

Bosa,bm .....rrtr. 2:29VS 

Booa B., b m, 1882, by Charley B.— 

Lady Allen, by Pkilip Allen 2:26^ 

Boea a. b mv 1888, hy Doontlese— 

liady Grey, by Tom. Hunter 2:22 

Boea Gotherd, b m, 1882, by St. 

Gk>tliArd— Mignoa Medium, by Happy 

Medium 2:25 

Bosa K., b m, 188—, breeding not I 

trwjed 2;29=Jil 

Bosailind, b m^ 1866^ by Alexander's | 

Abdallab— Bnrch Blare, by Brown 

Pilot 2:21%j 

Boealindi, gr m, 187—, pedigree not 

traced.?:. .7! ! 2:29^4 1 

Rceallnd Wilkes, b m, 1882, by Conn's , 

Harry Wllkee— Cigarette, by Zilcaar 

dl GoMdust 2:14%! 

Bosamood, b m^ 1889, by Fairy Gift— < 

Amy, by Climax 2:27-14 i 

Bosa Pease, b m, 187—, by Jack Rosle 2:27 
Eoea a, b m^ 1890, by C. F. Clay, 

dami by Almont 2:24V4 * 

Boea Vnikee, b na, 187—, by George j 

Wilkes— Black Jane, by Mambrino i 

Paftdhen 2:18V4i 

Roscoe, br s. 1876, by Bescue— Boany, 

by Oopperbottom Jr. 2:30 

Boscoe d, gr s, 1880, by Highland 

Grey— Polly Daly, by Bd Brown 

Horee 2:26^^ 

Bosooe Conkllng, br s, 1878, by Gov. ; 

appague-Bertle. by Blue Bull 2:30 

Bose, blk m, 1879, by Wellington— 

Jeanette, by Blackwood 2:29Mi i 

b m, 1887, by Bashaw Chief- 

Helen Medium, by Happy Medium. 2:18i4 > 
Bose Almont, b m, 1885, by Almont 

Star— Mary Lawrence, uy Wood- ^ 

ward's Ethan Allen 2:30 

Boseberry, ch s, 1887, by Charley B.— 

Nelly Bose, by Henry B. Patchen.. 2:24V^ 
Bosoberry, b s. 1880, by Strathmore, 

dam by MoConnell's Mambrino 

(dead) 2:15% 

Bose Copeland, b m, 188—, by Charles 

Caffrey 2:29V4 

Bose Orolx. b s, 1885, by Laclede— 

Gulnare, by Dnflfy Horse 2:28% 

Bose Fllkin, br m, 1886, by Melrose— 

Lambent, by Daniel Lam'bert 2:22 

Bose L., ch m, 188—, by Olympus. . . . . 2:27% 
Bose Leaf, br m, 1890, by Gold Leaf— ^ _^ 

Florence B., by Atlantte 2:14% 

BoeeUne, br m, 1889, by Bed Wilkes 
—Susie Patchen, by Mambriua 
Patciien t:22 

Be fie Medium, b m, 187—, by Happy 
Medium— Olara Jones, by Mambrino 
Chief 2:26Vi 

Bosemont, cb m, 1881, by Almont Pilot 
—Nannie Hedges, by Ned Hawkins. 2:28% 

Bose of Washington, gr m, 1886^ by 
Green's Bashaw— Lady McNair, by 
a son of Bush Messenger 2:21% 

Boee a., ch m» 188-, by C. F. Clay, 
dam by Ajmont . . . . » , . . . . 2:21% 

Bose Standlsh, b m, 187—, by Cor- 
bean, dam by Tom Hale 2:2U 

Bo0e Turner, b m, 1889, by Jerome 
Tumect-nLakewood Maid, by Wilke- 
sonlan 2:15% 

Bosewald, gr s, 188—, by A. W. 
Bicftuuond 2:20Vg 

Bosewood, blk m, 1870, by Blackwood 
— Tennessee, by Fraxier's Mambrino 2:27 

Bosewood, br & 1878, by Creole— Bose 
Bwadeir, by Gardner's Bed Buck. . . . 2:28% 

Bosewood, b m. 188^, by Bedwood.. 2:25% 

Bceewood, blk m., 188—, by Mecca... 2:28U 

Bosita, b aLl888, by Stamboul— Nelly 
May, by Electioneer 2:27% 

Bosita, en m, 1881, by Balsora— None- 
such, by Brignoii 2:26V^ 

Bosiyn, b s, 1886, by Robert Mu- 
Gregor- Hope, by Magic 2:15 

Boss, sp s, 186—, pedigree not traced 
(dead) 2:29% 

Boss, b s, 1888, by Mikagan— Flight, 
by Hambletonian Downing 2:28% 

Boss S., b s, 1881, by Nutwood, dam 
by State of Maine (dead) 2:19% 

Bostoko, blk fi, 1887, by Brown 
Wilkes— Dominica, by Harold 2:24V4 

Boswall, b 8, 1885, by Hambrino— 
Pearl, by Hero of Thorndale 2:24% 

Rosy Mac, b m, 1882, by Alexander 
Button— Young Bosedale, by Saw- 
yer's Messenger 2:20% 

Bosy Thorne, ch m, 187—, by Thorn- ^^^ 
dale— Dolly Thorne, by Foxhunter. . 2:27% 

Bockwood, b m, 1892, 2:26^ 

Rowdy, ch g, 187—, by Kickapoo 2:27% 

Roweua, b m, 1877, by George Wilkes 
— Capitola, by Jeff Moore 2:24% 

Ruwena, b m, 1890, by Azmoor— 
Emma Robson, by Woodbarn 2:1T 

Rowena Sprague, blk m, 1882, by Got. 
Sprague— Minnie Crawford, by Gold- ^., 
smith's Abdallah 2:27»4 

Rowland, ch s, 1886, by Time Med- 
ium— Olayala. by Strader's Casslus 
M. Clay Jr 2:24% 

Rowood, ch s, 1888, by Nutwood— 
Resa, by Romulus 2:29% 

Roxane, b m, 1888, by Robert Me- 
Gregor— I. O., by Red Wilkes 2:16% 

Bioxiana, blk m, 1891, by Ambassador 
— Roxie McGregor, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor li^ra 

Roxie Lee, ch m, 1881, by Bay Star— 
Nell, by Scott's Hiatoga 2:26% 

Roxie M., blk m, 1875, by Jack Fow- ^ ^^ 
ler 2:28% 

Roxy McGregor, ch m, 1879. by Rob- 
ert McGregor— Roxy, by Romulus . . 2:iO% 

Roy, ch g, 1882, by Royal Fearnaught 
—Winning Ways, by Masterlode . . . 2:21% 

Roy, b g. 1882, by Carlos— Xeilson, by 
Star of the West 2:30 

Roy. br g, 1887, by Hark^way— Kate 
B(i wards, by Bay Dick 2:20% 

Digitized by 




noyvH, Ch g, 1879, by Royal Fear- 
oanght— Fanny Harris, by Kidder's 
Morgan 2:20% 

Royal Ambassador, b s, 3B88, by Am- 
basfiador— Belle M., by Empire .... 2:26% 

Royal Bounce, b g, 1.87—, oy Blue 
Bull— Clarionette, by Volunteer Jr. 2:19 

Royal David, ch s, 188—, by Kanka- 
kee I . . 2:26^ 

Royal DukeV b W'iss^,* by Florida,' 
dam 1^ Night dawk 2:29^ 

Royal George, gr g, 186—. by Wil- 
liam H. Ripley (deadj 2:2tf^ 

Royal Guard, b s, 1890, oy Beecher— 
Fanny Crowder 2:80 

Royal John, gr g, 186—, by Wood- 
stock, dam by Putnam Morgan 2:26^ 

Royal King, ch g, 1888, by Mambrino 
King— Polly, by Hamlin Patchen 2:25V4 

Royal Ki6bar, b s, 1882, by Kisbar, 
dam by Garrison's Pathfinder 2:28^ 

Royalmont, ch s, 1880, by Bostick's 
Almont Jr.— Louisiana 2:20^ 

Royal Phallas, blk s. 1886, by Prince 
Phallaa— Blonde, by Woodward's 
Ethan Allen 2:30 

Royal Prince, ch s, 188—, by Dexter 
Prinee— Ida W., by Abbottsford 2:19% 

Royal Red, b a, 1886, by Red Wilkes 
—Christine, by Strathmore 2:21% 

Royal Rysdyk, br s, 1884, bv Rysdyk 
—Gypsy Maid, by Crown imperial. . 2:28% 

Royalty, b s, 1876, by Swigert— i<ay 
Fanny, by Richard's Bellfounder. . 2:26 

Royal Wilton, blk s, 188—, by Wilton 
—Mary Sprague, by Gov. Sprague.. 2:21^^ 

Royal Wllkea, br s, 1887, by Lumps— 
Lu<^, by Royal George 2:25% 

Roy B., blk g, 1886, by Gilroy— Lady 

,Loomis, by daybrino 2:24% 

R,oy K., b g, 1889, by Ethan Wilkes, 
dam by Grand Sentinel 2:29% 

Roy McGregor, ch s, 1887, by Ben 
McGregor— Belle Farwell 2:26 

Roy Rex, b g, 1887, by Atto Rex, 
dam by Wapsie 2:28% 

Roy Princeton, b s, 1892, by Prince- 
ton, dam by Westwood 2:29% 

Roywood, ch s, 1889, by Neatwood— 
Aldina, by Alroy 2:21% 

I^ P., b g. 1874, ty Happy Medium - 
Sunflower, by Bartholomew's Amer- 
ican Star Jr. 2:22% 

R. R. H., ro g, 1871, by Emulue— 
Nelly Gray, by Gov. Banks 2:23% 

Rubinstein, b s, 188—, by Durang)— 
Belle Bowen, by Richelieu 2:29 

Ruberta, b m, 1889, by Bermuda— 
Rena C, by Messenger Chief 2:29% 

Ruby, b m, 188—, pedigree not traced 2:29% 

Ruby, b m, 188—, by Clinton 2:18% 

Ruby, b m, 1889, by Independence- 
Minnie 2:17% 

Ruby, b m, 1880, by Sultan— Fleet- 
wing, by Rysdyk'fl Hambletonlan . . 2:19% 

Ruby, b s, 1886, by R^d Wilkes— 
Docla Payne, by Almont 2:22% 

Ruby, b m, 1881, by Mnsterlode— 
Gypsy, by Resolute 2:25% 

Ruby, b m, 1887, by St. Amaud— 
Mabel L., by Victor 2:28% 

Ruby Macklin, ch m, 1885, by Pre- 
tender—Queen B., by Kearsarge 2:22% 

Ruby Wilkes, b s, 1885, by Young Jim 
—Jenny Daniel, by Rysdyk 2:25% 

Ruby Wilkes, b m, 1889, by Memento 
Wilkes— Ruby Queen 2:25 

Rufus. br g, 1872, bv Bacon's Ethan 

Allen— Lady Fulton, by Btubtail .... Bdt9 

Rufus, b fi, 1877, by Sir Henry BsM% 

Rumor, bit s. 1879, by Tattler-Mar^ 
tense Maid, by Jackson's Flyinc 
Cloud 7;tt« 

Rujpert GiUig, b s, 1889, by Gilllg— 
Cecil, by Waltham Eitk%, 

Ruprecht, b s, 1891, by Favorite 
Wilkes— Kate Sprague, Iby; Gov. 
Sprague B'M^ 

Rnrik, br s. 1888, by Lord Russell- 
Primrose, by Alexander's Abdallak e:S8 

Rusenole, b m, 1888, by Electioneer 
—Rebecca, by Gen. Benton ti30 

Russell, b g, 188—, pedigree aoc 
traced e:2S% 

RusseU, gr g, 1867, by Blue Bull 
(dead) tM 

Russ Ellis, b g, 1873, by Bacon's 
Ethan Allen 8:27% 

Russellmont, b s, 1888, by Lord Ru»- 
sell— Yolande, by Belmont »:14% 

Russell R., b g, 188—, by Thomas K. 
-Molly t:29% 

Russia, gr m, 1883, by Harold— Miss 
Russell, by Pilot Jr t:28 

Russia, ch 6, 1883, by Nutwood— 
Reina Victoria, by Ryedyk's Ham- 
bletonlan £:29% 

Russian Spy, b g. 1871, by Murphy's 
Royal George (dead) E:26% 

Russia White, ch g, 1889, by Russia, 
dam by Blue Bull ErfS9% 

Rustic, gr s, 186—, by Whipple's 
Hambletonlan— Lady Suffolk, liy 
Harry Belmont t'JSO 

Rustic, blk e, 1885, by Wlldalr- 
Lydia, by Aristos t:27 

Rustic Lady, b m, 188—, by Mam- 
brino Rule t:ZO 

Rustic Maid, b m, 1888, by Mam- 
brino Russell— Maud Righter, by 
Victor Bismarck * 2:27% 

Rustique, b m, 1888, by Electioneer— 
Miss Russell, by Pilot Jr t:lft4 

Rusty, b m, 18S-, by Aristos 8:24% 

Ruth, b m, 188—, by President Gar- 
field (?) 2:28% 

Ruth H., b m, 1889, by Laclede— 
Durango Queen, by Dur«ngo (pac- 
ine 2:22) E:24% 

Ruth M., g m, 1891, by Alastor— Kit 
Harris, by loung American £:29% 

Ruth Nutwood, b m, 1885, by Nut- 
wood—Sister Ruth, by Jim Monroe. . e:24% 

Rnth S., b m, 1877, by Jim Flsk, daM 
by Grey Eagle B:29% 

Ruth Wilkes, ch m, 1888, by Victor 
Wilkes— Nelly Lambert, by Daniel 
Lambert «:17% 

Rutledge, b g, 1867, by Conqueror, 
dam by Cassius M. Clay (dead) . . . t:90 

Rutledge, gr g, 1883, by Onward— 
Bstelle, by Clark Chief E:27% 

R. W. S., blk g, 188—, by Ben Frank- 
lin— Fleda, by Ridler B:29% 

Ryland T., b g, 1886, by Ledger Jr.— 
May, by Ulverston 2:07% 

Bypdyk Maid, b m, 1872, by Rysdyk's 
Hambletonlan— Flora, by Benedict's 
Pathfinder B.-24V4 

Ryswood, b s, 1884, by Bellwood— 
Lucy PluDib, by Rysdyk 2:16 

Sablna, br in, 1889, by Sable Wllkes- 
Eva, by LeGrand t:15% 

Sabledale, b m. 1890, by Sable Wilkes 
— Viven. >iy Nutwood t:18% 

Sableburst, blk s, 1890, by Slal^le 

Digitized by 




WUkee-Qina Wilkes, by Guy Wilkea 2:25 

SAblennt, br 8, 1892» by Sable Wilkes 
—Auntie, by Dawn 2:22i4 

Sable Wilkes, blk s, 1884, by Guy 
Wilkes-Sable, by The Moor 2:18 

Sacaza, b a, 188—, by Bobert Mc- 
Gregor, dam by Banker 2:29% 

Sacramento, br s, 188—, by Monroe 
Cbief, dam by Gen. Reno 2:20% 

Sacramento Girl, b m, 1888, by Alca- 
zar— Viola, by Flaxtail 2:30 

Sadie, br m, 1885, by Mambrino Boy- 
West Union Girl 2:29Vi 

Sadie Allen, b m, 1888, by Kentucky 
Jewel— Ijady Jane, by American 
Etban 2:29Vi 

Sadie B., blk m, 188-, by Ashtabula 2:24V4 

Sadie Belle, ch m, 1872, by Odin Bell 
—Molly, by Sebastapol 2:24 

Sadie G., blk m, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:27i4 

Sadie H., b m, 1865, by Price's St. 
Lawrence (dead) 2:30 

Sadie Hasson, ch m, 1889, by New- 
ton's Allie Wilkes— Mabel, by Mam- 
brino Howard 2:26V4 

Sadie Howe, b m, 1860, by Maiu- 
bninello 2:26 

Sadie L., b m, 1883, by Young Rolfe— 
(Jretchen, by Gideon 2:26v4 

Sadie M., b m, 1886, by Prince Orloff 

-Foesil. by Princeps 2:16V4 

Sadie Moor, blk m, 18»>, by Grand 
Moor, dam by Poscora Hay ward. . 2:29i/i 

Sadie S., gr m, by Pequawfcet— Kate 
Dudley, by Bayard 2:28^ 

Sagasta, ch s, 1885, by Nutwood— Ver- 
bena, by Princeps 2:29% 

Sagwa, ch m. 1884, by Ben Atwood 
—Chestnut Girl, bv Alroy 2:27% 

St. Albans, blk g, 1876, by Monmouth 
Patchen— Black Lady; by Daniel 
Boone 2:20Va 

St. Arnaud, b s, 1876, by Cuyler— 
Emma Arteburn, by Mambrino 
Patchen 2:2J>14 

St. Aubin, br s. 1890, by St. Bel— 
Chantllly, by Nephew 2:28^ 

St. Bel, blk 8, 1882, by Electioneer— 
Beautiful Bells, by The Moor (dead) 2:24% 

St. Charles, ep g, 1868, by Grey Eagle 
(Blind Bye), dam by Dandy Jim .. 2:26 

St. Clond. b g, 1873. by Conklin's 
American Star, dam by Bay Rich- 
mond 2:21 

St. Olond, b s, 1876, by Swlgert— 
Flora Lambert, by Spaul ding's Ab- 
dallah 2:23% 

St. Cloud Jr., b s. 1887, by Sit. Cloud 
— SnMe T.. by Trumpeter Gnlddust 2:26% 

St. Orolx. b fi. 1888, by Wilkes- 
Zulah. by Gideon 2:14% 

St Croix, b m, 1891, by St. Bel— 
TODsy, by Will Crocker 2:28% 

St. Croix Jr.. b s. 1891, by St. Croix, 
dam by Pred Boone 2:30 

St. Denis, b g. 1877, bv Blue Bull- 
Little Marg, by Gray's Tom Hal.. 2:23^ 

St. IWmo. br s, 1860, by Alexander's 
Ab'lallah (dead) 2:30 

St. T9lmo, gr g, 1865. by Brown Harry 
->Taclwon Mare, by French Tiger 
(dead) 2:29^4 

St. HiTno, br g, 1878, by Royal Fear- 
na?^ght— Lucy Lincoln, by Master- 
lode 2:1614 

St. K!mo, br g, 1S79, by Frank Tuck- 
ahoe 2:22^ 

St. Elmo, br s, 1879, by Duke Alexis 
-Nelly 1:2514 

St. Felix, br 8, 1891, by St. Bel— 
Bealah West, by Abdallah West.. 1:25% 

St Gotbard, b s, 1876, by George 
Wilkes— Zora, by American) Clay.. 2:27 

St. Helena, b m, 186-, by Gen. Mc- 
CleUan (dead) 2:27% 

St. Ives, b s, 1886, by Harbinger- 
Red Rose, by Gideon 2:29^4 

St. Jacob, b g, 1878, by Hiram Drew 2:27 

St. James, b g, 1866, by Gooding's 
Champion (dead) 2:23V4 

St. James, b g, 188—, by son of Good- 
ing's Champion 2:2()U 

St. James, b g, 188- 2:26^ 

St. Joe, br g, 188—, by Winthrop 
Knox 2:18 

St. Joe, b g, 1886, by Junio— Emma, 
by Lueeonla 2:26 

St. Jonathan, br s, 1889, by Ken- 
tucky Dictator— Fanny Goldsmith, 
by Edward Everett (i^aclng 2:221^. . 2:22i4 

St. JuUen, b s, 18S— , by Gen. Wlikes 2:29'^4 

St. Jullen, b g, 1869, by Volunteer- 
Flora, by Harry Clay 2:111,4 

St. liambert, ch a, 1879, by Bay Star 
- I/ady Douglas, by Bourban Chief 2:29i4 

St. Lawrenct', b g, 1881, by Grey Dan 2:23!4 

St. Lewis, b 8, 1888, by St. Nicholas 
—Trinket G., by Harry Glenn 2:19 

St. Lookout, b s, 1889, by Sultan- 
Kitty Wilkes, by Red Wilkes 2:26 

St. Louis, b g, 187—, by Colpesus 
Mambrino 2 :2r» 

St. Lonis Maid, br ffl, 1885, by 
Rysdyk Chief— Jenny Crews, by 
Aleck Douglas 2:24'"^ 

St. Michael Boy, b g, 188—, 2:28 

St. Minx, blk s. 1892, by St Bel- 
Minx, by Mambrino Patchen 2:26^ 

St. Patrick Jr., b s, 1888, by St. Pat- 
rick— Young Mountain Maid, by 
Long Island Patchen 2:28?4 

St. Regis, b s, 1886, by St. Arnaud— 
Mabel L., by Victor 2:29^4 

St. Remo, b g, 1870, by Volunteer- 
Flora, by Harry Clay 2:28^4 

St. Simon, br s, 1889, by Wlnfleld 
Scott— Raven, by highland 2:24^ 

St. Valentine, br s, 1881, by West- 
wood— Laura Logan, by American 
Clav 2:16% 

St. Vincent, b s, 1884, by Wilkes Boy 
Aileen, by Mambrino Boy 2:13^ 

Salando, b g, 188— by Hemando 2:26U 

Salinas Maid, b m, 188—, by Junio— 
Mamie V., by CJarr's Mambrino .... 2:30 

Sallie, br m, 188—, by Jim Lambert 2:30 

Sal lie Cossack, b m, 1884, by Don 
Cossack— Almonla, by Almont 2:22*^ 

Sallie Simmons, blk m, 1890, by Sim- 
mons—Sally Adams, by John Bur- 
dine 2:l:^»4 

Sally B.. dn m, 188.3. by Young Jim— 
Ij&dy Dun, by Million's CJopperbot- 
tom (iead) 2:20 

Sally Benton, gr m, 1880, by Gen. 
Benton— Sontag Mohawk, by Mo- 
hawk Chief 2:17% 

Sally C. ch m, 188-, by McCurdy's 
Hambletonlan 2:18% 

Sally G.. ch m, 188—. by Dan G 2:29^* 

Sally Graham, b m, 1886. by Nutwood ^,, 
— Mattle Graham, by Harold 2:29i4 

Sallie K., b m, 188— by Jim Brister 2:2» 

Sally Ranger, blk m, 1887, by John 
Sherman— Cloud, by Black Ranger.. "t:i4*i 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Sally Boott. b m, 187—, by Majma 
Cbarta— MoUy Pitchec, by Rysdyk's 

Hambletonlan 2:28^ 

Sally Vajan, b m, 1884, by Danyille 
Wllkes-Oarrie. by May'a Sir Wal- 
lace 2:28 

Salute, b a, 1801, by Overatreet 

Wll?€8 2:ar^ 

Sam, gr g, 188—, by Sherman Morsran 
Jp. 7.,T, : V- 2:25% 

Sam B,, br g, 1880, by Pompfey 
Smasb— Shield's Mare, Dy Klng'a 

Cadrniw 2:26% 

Sam Basaett, ch e, 1887, by Blyrla— 
Shoo Fly, by Young Tlppoo Sultan 2:22^^ 

Sam Browne, ch g, 188—, by Haw- 
thorne 2:29 

Sam OurtlB, b g, 1866, by Winthrop 
Morrill, dam by Baton Horse 2:28 

Same Kind, b m, 1887, by Virgo Ham- 
bletonlan— Olochette, by Jubilee 
Lambert 2:26% 

Sam Estea, b g, 1891, by Aberdeen.. 2:27% 

Sam F., ro g, 187—, by Wood's Ham- 
bletonlan 2:26% 

Sam Harris, b «, 1881, by Bostlck's 
Almont Jr.— Louisiana 2:29Vi 

Sam Hick^on, br g, 1886, by Sam 
Purdy— Black Kate 2:30 

Sam Hill, b s, 188—, by Wilkes Spirit 
Jr.— Lady Hill, by Ryadyk's Ham- 
bletonlan 2:20^4 

Sam Hill, ch e, 1886, by Invader- 
Mi nnehaha, by Abdallah Hamble- i 
tonlan 2:30 

Sam Lakeland, b g, 188—, by Lake- , 

land Abdallah— Judea, by Mambrino i 

Archy 2:26% 

Sam Medluim, b b, 1892, by Prince 
Medium 2:30 I 

Samovar, b m, 1886, by King Rene— > 

Carrie, by Volunteer 2:28% I 

Sam P., ch g, 188—, pedigree not I 

traced 2:29% 1 

Sam Purdy, b s, 1866, by George M. i 

Patchen Jr.— Whisky Jane (dead).. 2:20% I 

Samuel A., b s, 1885, by Grand Sen- , 

tinel— Evelyn, by Egbert 2:27% 

Samuel G., b s, 1888, by Simcoe ' 

Wllkee— Carrie G., by Almont Pilot 2:29 

Sam Webber, b g, 188—, by Warwick 
Boy, dam by Ctoenery's Grey Eagle 2:25% 

Sam Weller, b s, 1888, by Charley B. 
—Princess Clay, by Baird's Hamble- 
tonlan Prince 2:26% 

Sam West, b g, 186—, by Davy 
Crocket (dead) 2:29 

Sam Wilkes J> s, 1884, by Barney 
Wilkes— Gin Burner, by Frank Al- 
len 2:29% 

Sanborn, b s, 1883, by Gen. Washing- 
ton—Scotland Maid, by Rysdyks 
Hambletonlan 2:26% 

San Bruno, b g, 186—, by George M. 
M. Patchen Jr. (dead) 2:2,5% 

San Carlos, ch g, 188—, by Brown 
Jug 2:27% 

Sancho, b s, 1875, by Knox Boy, 
dam by Gen. Knox ,.. . . 2:29 

S. & B. blk s, 1887, by Lumps— Bes- 
sie B., by Justin Morgan (dead) . . 2:26% 

Sanders, ch g, 1888, by Sidney— Ellen 
Roy 2:26% 

San Diego, ch g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:25% 

San Gabriel,' b s, 1884, by Sultan— 
Minnehaha, by Stevens' Bald Chief 2:29% 

San Malo, b s, 1886, by Nugget— 

Zelinda Wilkes, by George Wilkes. . t:26% 
San Mateo, b m, 1881, by Santa 
Glaus— Dolly Patchen, by George M. 
Patchen Jr 2:28% 

San Pedro, blk g. 1885. by Xtel Sur, 
dam by Keating Horse (pacing 
2:10%) »:14% 

Sanule G., gr m. 1872, by Almont— 
Wiltona, by Mokhladl 8:27 

Sans Souci, cb m, 1891, by Sidney— 
Miss Roy, by Buccaneer 2:2S^A 

Santa Belle, b m, 1890, by St. Bel- 
Sis Nutwood, by Nutwood t:23 

Sante Clara, b m. 1887, by n-)bb 
Wilkes— Gypsy M., by Eclair 2:29 

Santa Claus, b a, 1874, by Strath- 
more— L»idy Thome Jr., by WU- 
liiims' Mambrino 2:17% 

Santa Gertrudes, br s, 1890, by C. F. 
Clay— Winnie Wilkes, bv Red Wilkes 2:29% 

Sontie, br s, 1887, by Santa Claus— 
Gettle Greatman, by Othello 2:2.5 

Sappho, ch m, 1883. by Aberdeen — 
Sally M., by Almont t:^ 

Sapplho, cb. m. 1887, by Robert Mc- ^ 
(>reg0P-Pauline, Iw^ Asbiand Ohief. 2:15-% 

Sarah Ann, gr m, 188—, by Johnny 
Wonder (pacing 2:23%) 1:27 

Sarah B., b m, lS7— , by Little Jack. . 2:29;i 

SBxali B., b m^ 1880, by Almonarch- 
Cbarlotte Jones, by tester's Royal 
George 2:20% 

Sarah B., gr m, 1881, by Planet— Miss 
JfLckson 2:30 

Sarah Oy b m, 188—, bv Pistacfliio 2:22V4 

Sarah Coin, b mi, 188—, by Wilkes 
Spirit 2:29'/i 

Sarah G., b m, 1888, by_C. F. Ciay— 
—Sophie D., by Lyie Wilkes 2:18% 

Soran Gilbirds, blk m. 1885, by Gil- 
blrdfl Spragae — Jule O., by Bine 
Dick...:.. 2:23% 

Sarah Jane, b m:, 188—, by Edgar 
Wilkes ' ..-^* B:24% 

Sarah L., b m, 188a by Index— Rose 
Bud, bv Young Wilkes 2:26 

SaraOb Shielton, oh m, 1890, by Bed- 
ford—Princess Clay, by American 
Clay .- 2:28'>4 

Saranac, Wk s^ 1885, by Gen. Wash- 
ington— Sappho, by Jay Gould S:25% 

Saratoga, b g, 187—, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Siaroanett, b s, 1883, by King Rene— 
(roasamer, by Prineeps 2:16V4 

Sardls Ensign, b s, 1887, by Ensign- 
Lucy L., by L J t:30 

Sargeant, b s, 188—, by StamHopd Bel- 
mont 2:29% 

Sargent, gr g, 1884, pedigree not 
traced 2:28 

Sargent, b s, 188—, by Almont Eclipse. 2:26V4 

Sargtfnt, b g, 187—. by Tariff 2:29^4 

Sargent, gr g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 1:29 

Sargent, b s, 1889. by Alcantara- Vo- 
lante. by Messenger Dnroc 2:27% 

Sartwell. b g, 1889, by Sensation- 
Lady Yeomlana^ by Rochester 2:*28r% 

Sati la. br m, 1885, by Almont Rattler 
—Lady Warfield, by Green's BashAw 2:24 

Satin Slippers, blk m, 1891, by De- 
lanoy— Satin, by Mambrino Alaham- 
bra.. 2-24% 

Saturn L., b g, 188-, bv Echo E:28^i 

Sauveur, b g, 1878, by Happy Medium 
Lyd'la Montague, by Tlppoo Bashaw 1:29V4 

Savoyaird, b s, 1888, by Km^ Rene- 
Digitized by CjOOQIC 



i^nmlet, by Ooyler 2:23 

Saxon, Ob g» ^&, by AbdaUah Wilkes 
— Snowfl&e, by Klentucky Prinoe. .. 2:22Va 

acaikcUiuiyian, blk g, X87— , by Ver- 
iiK»t Black Hawk Jr 2:2t 

SdMol Boy. b g, 188-> by Oasbady- . 

DoUy. by Bay Flsbennan 2:26^4 

School Marm^ cih m, 1886, by Olympus ^ ^ 
-Prlnceaa. by Cobbler 2:20 

Scihiiyball, b g. 1874, by Gooding s 
Cbampion — Belle, by Thompson's ^ ^ 
Flying doud... 2:26V^j 

Scdioyler, b s, 1872. by Seneca Chief— 
•PTIghia"^ Maid, by Ooieakan'fl Amer- 
ioan Star 2:2(> 

Sokria. b m, 186—, by Hanshaw Honae ^ ^ . 
(deSi), 2:23k 

Sclota Belle, br m, 186—, pedigree not ^ ^ 
traced (dead) 2:28 

Scipio, b 8, 1882, by Bedwwxl-Nell, 
bydmpon 2:20'^ 

Scotia, b m, 1882, by Sacramento- 
Nelly Walworth, by Toronto Patch- 
en 2:21*4 

Sootlaind, blk g, 1860, by imp. Bonnie 
Scotland— Waterwitch, by PUot Jr. 
(dead) 2:22% 

Scotland Maid, b m, 1866, by Brsdyk's 
Hamtbletonian— Trusty, by Marlbor- 
ough 2:28% 

Scotsman, cb s, 1886, by Mllo— Alfret- 
ta, by Atom/brlna Gift 2:27% 

Scott b g, 18S— . by G<jn. abermaii... 2:24^4 

ScoLt, «h &* 1884< by Egbert— Birdie 
Tramp, by Trump , * . . 2:26% 

Soutit AisJjtoa, b g, IBSii. by Hjunpiou 
-Flora Elmo, by St, Ejmo 2:25-^4 

Scott 1*,. b g, isei. by Jim Scott— ^ _ 
B*ile, Iw FlviDf Hlataga. , 2:20Vi 

SfXrtt Cliref, h fi, ISIIK hy Ei?iijoiH— 
Lou Six>tt, by Dey*s Woodford 2:28 

Soott Newman, ch g. 187—, by Henr> 
Bell Oolt, dam by Whirlwind 2:27% 

Scott's Chief, b g, 186-, by Bdwln 
Foireet— Lady Rice, by Whitehall.. 2:23 

Scott*8 Thomas, b a, 187—, by (Jen. 
George H. Thomaa— Lady Rice, by 
Whiteiiall 2:21 

Soo<ai4ne, br m, 18&2, l^ Wlltonr- 
Mamde, by Star Almont 2:23% 

Scramble, br g, 1883, by Antenor Jr. 
— Oolnmbia, by Kenyon's Ooliuimbus. 2:22% 

Scranton Belle, br m, 188—, by Bis- 
muth 2:18'4 

Screwdriver, po g, 1875, by Tibbett's 
Patohen— Stockbnidge Mare, by Mack 2:24',j 

S. D. O., b g, 1879, by Almont BcMpse 
— Pmkchard Mare 2:25% 

Sea Foami, gr m, 1863, by Young Co- 
Imnbva, aam by Hafrris' Hamble- 
tonlan 2:24i^ 

Sea Girl, br m^ 1888, by Wilton- 
Julia Patcben^ by Mambrino Patchen 2:18-% 

Sea King, ch s, 1886, by Melbourne 
King— Bertha, by Daniel Lambert. . 2:181^ 

Sealskin Wilkes, br s, 1881, by George 
Wilkec^— Wobum Maid, by Woburn. . 2:29% 

Seaside, b m, 1888, by Hecton Wilkes ^ 
—Alice, by Jacinto 2:16»/2 

Seametre^B, br m. 1885, by Alcantara 
— Senwrlta, by Sentinel 2:26 

Secret, gr g, 188—, by Blackwood Jr. . 2:30 

Secret, gr m. 1890, by Secretary— Pas- 
time, by Rustic 2:26V2 

Secret, b m, 1877, by Strathmore— 
Amanda, by Waxy 2:20% 

Secure, b s, 1891, by Pelletler 2:29'/4 

Secure, br s, 1885, by Mambrino Patch- 
en— BaeBiaw Belle, by Green's Ba- 

shaw 8:30 

Sedlna. di wl 1887, by Sidney— Star, 
byOeorge M. Patchen Jr 2:28% 

See, dh. s, 1887, by Odalmajit— Fansile 
0., by itoaooeJr: 2:29% 

Seemucker, b dl 1888, by The Seer- 
RegUn, by Redwood 2:30 

Selah (Jhesterwood, b m^ 188—, by 
Ohesterwood 2:27% 

Selene, b m, 1878, by Grand SentUiel 
—Shadow, by Octoroon 2:29% 

Setim Mambrino, b s. 1868, by Dau- 
blgae — Peggy Murry, by Cayuga 
dElef 7t. .......TTf.r.. 2:28^ 

Seline. b g, 188—, by Leon 

Selkirk, br s, 1867 (dead) 

Sellita. br m, 188-, by Artillery 

Senator, dn g, 18&-, by St. Cloud 2:80 

St'nator, b s, 1883. hy EScho— Senator 
Jones Mare, by Wintihrop Morrill. .. 2:21% 

Senator, b g, 188—, by Porter Stanton. 2:26% 

Senator, b g, 1876, by Robert B. Mor- 
ris—Wisely Mare, by Napper 2:26% 

Senator A., gr s. 1888, by Tramp 
Panic— Dolly Wonder 2:13% 

Senator Boy, ch. s, 188—,. by Senator 
Rose 2:24% 

Senator OonkUng, b s, 1885, by Ro«coe 
Oonknng— May Queen. 2:12% 

Senator K., gr g, 188—, by Spink's 
Clark Chief 2:23% 

Senator L., b a, 1888, by Dexter Prince 
—Fanny Bayswater, by Bayswater. . 2:23% 

Senator L., ch s, 188—, by Renslhaw. . 2:25% 

Senator Maid, ch m, 1878, by Hi 
Miller — Hattle Brown, by Dan 
Brown 2:30 

Senator N., b a, 1881, by Wapsle— 
Bradelhaw Mare, by Mambrlau 
Patchen 2:25 

Senator Rose, b a, 1887, by Sultan— 
Georglana, by Overland 2:18 

Senator XJpdegraff. b a, 1884. by Sim- 
mons—Madam updegraff, by flying 
Hiatoga .V.T..... .......7:2:27% 

Seamstress, b m, 1887, by Mambriton- 
Inn — Flora Temple, uy Bettsinger 
Horse TTTTi,. 2:22 

Seneca Bismarck, b s, 1884, by Victor 
Bismarck— Patohen Maid, by Patch- 
en CMef 2-.22% 

Seneca Maid, cih m, 188—, by John 
Adams 2:22% 

Seneca Prince, blk s. 1888, by Bay- 
onne Prince— Pond Lily, by Seneca 
Chief 2:25% 

Sensation, gn g, 1881, by Peacock— 
Morw Mare 2:22 

Senaaition. b g. 1865, by Dixon's Ethan 
Allen, daml^y Indian Chief (dead).. 2:22% 

Sensation, b s, 1882, by Rochester— 
Dstelle Bastin, by Mambrino Patck- 
en 2'.20% 

Sf ntlnel, b s. 1863, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonian— Lady Patriot, by Young 
Patriot (dead) 2-.2W* 

Sentinel, b s, 1885, by Almont Senti- 
nefl— Ma/ttie. by Banta's Shakespeare 2:29% 

Sentinel Wilkes, b s, 1883. by Red _ , 
Wilkee— Sentlnette, by Sentinel 2:20% 

Sentry, b g. 1880, by Grand Sentinel— _ 
Jenny, by Nisfht Hawk 2:26 

Serena, cih m, 1887, by Sidney— Blonda* , 

byBbno 2:29% 

Serpolet b m, 1887. by King Bene— ^ 
Belle Hewett, by Belmont 2:30 

Seth Thomaa b sr, 1880, by Hamdallak ^,, 
— BeUe S., by Star of the West 2:25% 

Setting Sun, ch g, 1889, by Billy Hay- 
Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Seylax. b g, 188-, by Alban— Wood- 
flower, by Anael 

SejBMMu- BelliL b m, 1878. by Cpmmo: 
dore— Lucy, oy Curtte* Sain Hazzard 

Sbadeland Acme, b m, 1888. by Wilkes 
Nutwood-^AnDiabel Lee, by Satellite 

Shadeland Almeda, b m^ 188V^by 
Wilkes Nutwood— Oriteiia, by Oritei^ 

Sbadelaod Boron, cb s, 1887, by On- 
ward— Kattie Whitney, by Beecher. . 

Sbadeland Bellewood. ch m, 1^ by 
Nutwood— Sbadelaod Leona, by Sa- 
tellite Vcii,---^:' 

9hadeland Delmonia, b m^ 1883, by 
Toning Jim— Sue, by BricBS'-;' . . . 

Sbadeland Lamont, b 8, 1889, by 
Wilkes Nutwood — Heroine, by 
Shadeland Hero •»» . . . . ... . 

Shadeland Leona, b m, 1882, by Sa- 
tellite-Jidla Patchen, by MambrinQ 

Shadeland Onward, br s, 1883, by On- 
ward—Nettie Time, by Mambrino 

Shadow, b «, 188-, by Addleon Lamr 
l)0rt..,. • 

Shadow,' b g, 1868, by Gen Ughtfoot. . 

Shadow®, b m, 1892, by Nlghthawk— 
Little prlncees, by Kentucky Prince 

Shakespeare, br s, 186—, by Honest 
Allen (dead) 

Shemdallah, b s, 188-% by Hamdallah 

Shamrock, gr g, 1872, by Samson- 
Bessie Maltland, by Tom Wonder. . 

Shamrock, br g, 187— by Gayo— Lady 
Shnma, by Potter's Clay 

Shamrock, blk g. 1884, by Boccaneer 
—Fern Leaf, by Flaxtall 

Shandon Belle, gr m, 188—, by Black 
Republican v 

Sharper, ch s, 1882, by Bourbon 
Wi.kea— Lucy Sharp, by Joe Down- 

Sharpness, b m, 188—, by Hatto 

Sbaw Jehan, b g, 1890, by Aegon— 
Betsy Allen, by Thompeon's Eithan 

Sha^vmut, b s, 1877, by Harry Olay 
— Ileroine, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 

She, b m, 188--, by Abbottsford 

Shea Wilkes, b s, 1889, by Alcyone- 
Maggie Shea, by Jefferson Prince.. 

Sheba^ Queen, b m, 188—, by Epaulet 

Sheeny, b g, 1886, by Arthurton— 
Vixen, by Nutwood 

Sheik, b g, 1884, by The King— 
Sheila, by Kimbrough's Abdallah . 

Shelby Maid, gr m, 1880, by Sbelby 
Chief— Gray Bird 

Shellbark, blk g, 1884, by Royal Fear- 
naught, dam by Tom Hunter .... 

Shellmont, b s, 1888, by Bgmont— 
Zula Maid, by Zula Hambletonian. . 

Sheperd Boy, gr g, 1868, by Wood- 
ward's Ethan Allen 

Shepherd Knapp Jr., b g, 1861, by 
Shepherd F. Knapp, dam by Royal 
Oak (dead) 

Stertldlne, b g, 188H, by Alex. H. 
Sherman— Kephart Mare, by Shakes- 
peare Jr 

Sherbet, br s, 1888, by Sherman, dam 
by Brcole 

Sheridan, b g, 187—. by Edward 
Sverett, dam by Eureka 



2:27% j 





2:26 : 



2:28 j 

2:26% I 


2:21% i 

2:19^ I 





2:29% I 
2:29% j 
2:29 i 
2:29X4 ! 

2:27% ' 



Sheridan Girl, b m, 188-, by Marl- 
borough ^^^ 

Sherman, b g, 188—, by George K... ttS7% 

Sherman, br s, 1875, by George 
Wilkes— Lady Belmcnt, by Belmont 
<dead) 1A% 

Sherman Bashaw, b g, 1880, by Billy 
Sherman— Lady Blanca, by Green's 
Bashaw e±B 

Sherman Morgan Jr., b s, 1869, by 
Sherman Morgan, dam by Stonewall 8:29 

Sherwood, gr s, 1886, by Barkis— Fllp^ 
by Glenooe Golddust S:S% 

Sbillaly. blk g. 1886, by Bona Fide, 
dam by Young St. Lawrence >:21% 

Shilo, gr g, 188—. by White Cap ai:2U 

Shiloh, ch 8, 1881. by Gea. Grant- 
Julia Logan, by Gage's Logan ....^ BdB3% 

Shiloh, b 8, 1883, by Ensign- Alice 
West, by AUie West S:80 

Shlpman, b s, 1883. by Kentucky 
Prince— ELatie Clark, by Rysdyk's 
Hambletonian S:S4% 

Shooting Star, ch m, 1880, by Jeffer- 
son Prince— Sib, by Harris* Mam- 
briuo Chief Jr 2rf86% 

Showeres8, br m, 1888, by Comae— 

^ Madeline, by Goldsmith's Abdullah 2*.27% 

Shuck Wilson, ro g, 188—, by Jay 
Bird is:»>i4 

Shylock, ch g, 1886, by Tom Benton- 
Brown Jenny, by David Hill Jr 2:ir.ia 

Shylock^ b g, 188d, by Charxcy B.,*- 
Ella J. 2:2iH4 

Slam, br g, 1890, by Amerlca-Suu 
Maid, by Belmont 2:26'4 

Sibyl, br m, 1881), by Sphinx— Joeie 
H., by Masterloae 2:2J>ia 

Sibyl, br m, 188—, by Sidney— Maua 
K., by Whipple's Hambletonian 2:27% 

Sickle Hambletonian, br s, 1874, by 
Masterlode — Ester, by Flsk's Bel- 
mont 2:29% 

Sid, blk g, 1884, by John Goldsmith 
—Maud 2:28% 

Sid Fleet, br s, 1889, by Sidney- 
Flight, by Buccaneer 2:26% 

Sidlette, gr m, 188-, hf Sidney 2:22 

Sidney Boy, b s, 1891, by Sidney- 
Flirt, by Buccaneer 2:29 

Sidney 0., b g, 188—, by Acolyte .... 2:30 

Sidner McOrogor, b s. 1890, by Rob- 
ert McGregor— Etta B.. by Young 
Jim 2:18% 

Sidney J., b g. 1886, by Dudley's Rev- 
olution—Nelly J., by Friday Mc- 
Cracken 2:26% 

Sidney Smith, b s, 188-, by Sidney 2:24% 

Sidney Maid, b m, 1891, by Sidney.. 2:27 

Sldnut, ch s, 188-, by Sidney, dam 
by Nutwood 2:26% 

Sidwood, b s, 188-, by Sidney, dam 
by Nutwood , 2:18 

Sierra La Salle, ch in, 1882, by Mas- 
terlode— Molly Nlxou, by Bist Boy 
-Frank 2:28 

SigUght, b g, 188—, by Signal 2:22% 

Sigma Nu, b s, 1884, by Bourbon 
Wilkes— Lark, by Abdallah Mam- 
brino (pacing 2:17%) 2:29% 

Signet, ch s, 1877, by Hambletonian 
Pilot— Linda, by Soult 2:26% 

Signo Vinces, br s, 1885, by Grand 
Sentinel— Shadow, by Octoroon 2:27% 

Si Huntley 2:29% 

Silas F., b s, 1883, by Billy Sprague 
—Nelly Lefler 2:29% 

Silas Rich, ch g, 1855, bv_^ Young 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Prtam (dead) 2:24% 

Silas Skinner, bllL a, 1886, by Alcona 
Jr.— Fontana, by Almont 2:17 

Silas Wright, b a, 1875, by DeQraff's 
Aleranaer— Divorce, by Gov. Wright 2:23% 

Silena F., blk m, 1890, by Nutwood 
—Kate F., by Mambrino Boy 2:20 

Silent Brook, br s, 1890, by Dark 
Nlj^t-Jonny Clay, by Harry Clay. . 2:16% 

SlUcon, br m, 1890. by Wilton— Sil- 
houette, by Hambrino 2:13% 

Silk V.4Tet, br m. 1888, by Wilton- 
Kate Meeeenger, by Messenger 
Chief 2:26 

Silky B.. ch g, 186-, by Tornado .... 2:30 

Silurian, b m, 1892, by WUton— SU- 
honette. by Hambrluu 2:25'i4 

Silver Bee, ch a, 1891, by Silver Bow 
—Belle Mc, by Ensign Golddust Jr. 2:27% 

Silver Bell, b m, 1886, by Harbinger— 
laabeL by Happy Medium 2:21% 

Silver Bow, b e, 1887, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor—Sadie, by Ilysdyk's Hamble- 
Ionian 2:16 

Silver Cloud, gr a, 1883, by Flak'a 
Mambrino Chief Jr.— Maggie Roys, 
by Shurtz Magna 2:22^4 

Silver Edge, b m, 1889, by Sherman'a 
Hambletonlan, dam by George 
Wilkes 2:23% 

Silverdale, b s, 1888, by WalkiU 
Prince— Cassandra, by Cuyler 2:25% 

Silver Duke, gr a, 1868, by Iron Duke 
—Dandy, by Young Ehig^neer 2:28% 

Silver King, ch s, 1881, by Mambrino 
King, dam by Iron Duke 2:26% 

Silver King, gr g, 1879, by vS^rath- 
more— Maggie T., by St Lawrence 
Horse 2:28% 

Silver Kine, ro s, 1877, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor—Fanny 2;30 

Silver Lace, b m, 1888, by Silver 
Chimes— Kitty Jjambert, by Daniel 
Lambert 2:28 

Silver Leaf, gr m, 1880, by Menelaua 
—Mary C, by Ladd'a Ethan Allen 2:23 

Silver Maid, b m, 1885, by Silver Tail 
-Nell 2:30 

SUvernale, br a, 1880, by'Swlgert— 
Nelly Silvemale, by Gipson's Black 
Hawk ........... 2 '^5 

Silverone,* b m* 1882, by Alcyone^Sii- 
verlock, by Mambrino Time 2:10% 

Silveo Op©, gr g, 1890, by St. Bel— 
Ritchelders, by Messenger Chief ... 2:19% 

Silver Plate, gr a, 1889, by Silver 
Cloud— Lady Graham, by Lexington 
Chief Jr 2:17% 

Silver Sides, gr g, 1856, by Chester 
Lion, dam by Hassan <dead) 2:22 

Silver Spray, ch s, 1887, by Guy 
Wilkes— Blanche, by Arthurton 2:28 

Silver Spray, gr s, 1886, by Backman's 
Idol— Hannai A., bv Hamblehawk 2:27% 

Silver Star, gr s, 1888, by Silver 
Cloud— Lucy H., by Lexington Chief 
Jr 2:30 

Silver Star, blk g, 1885, by Bdsall 
Star— Raven, by Highland 2: lev* 

Silver Street, b m, 1886, by Nelson- 
Shore's Mare, by Somerset Knox.. 2:19% 
Sllverthorne, b s, 1887, by Allandorf 
—Silver Lake, by Lakeland AbdaUah 2:19% 

Silverton, gr g, 188—, by Bertrand . . . 2:27% 
:?ilvorton, b g, 1875, by Blue Bull— 

Silverella 2:20V4 

Sllrertone, blk m. 18<H>. by Wilton— 
Saiverlook, by Mambrino Time..-.. 2:30 

Silver Wilkes, b s, 1886, by Adrian 
Wilkes— Fanny Whitney, by Brig- 
ham ' 2:25 

Silver Wilkes, b s, 188—. by Fayette 
Wilkes— Silver Lake, by Lakelana 

Abdallah ....^. , 2.26% 

Silver Wing, ch s, 1887, by Robert 
McGregor-Silver iHp, by Mike Kc- 

Cool i- 2:28 

Silver Wood, gr g, 18^, by Byswood 
— Orean, by Gen. Ouster 2:21 

Silvia, ch m, 1891, by Bdgewood— 
Blanche, by Vanderbilt 2:28 

Simbrino, ch s, 1888, by Simmons- 
Mag, by Hambrino 2:22V4 

Sim Brown, b g, 1885. by Strath- 
more— Dinah, by Forest King 2:26% 

Simmocolonv ch s, 1885, by Sbamons 
—Colon, by ^rathmore 2:13% 

Simmonette, blk m, 1888, by Simmons 
Boy— Lidtfi F., by Bob Monroe 2:17% 

Simmons, blk s, 1879, by Cteorge 
Wilkes— Black Jane, by Mambrino 
Pfttchen ' 2:28 

Simoda, br g, 1887, by Simmontf— 
Ella Arnold, by Mambrino Clay . . . 2:28 

Simon Bolivar, ch g 2:25% 

Simon Taylor, b s, 188—, by Cadmus 
Hambletonlan 2:25 

Simon, ch g, 186—, by a son of ESthan 
Allen (dead) 2:30 

Sim Watson Jr., blk s, 1888, by Sim 
Watson— Maud B.. by Whirlwind.. 2:21% 

Sinbad, b g, 187—. by Jersey Star ... 2:29% 

Sinbad, gr s, 1878, by Strader's Cas- 
aius M. day Jr.— Medusa, by Almont 2:29% 

Sinda, b m, 188—, by a son of Happy 
Medium 7... 2:29^ 

Slneus, b s, 1886, by Lord Russell- 
Primrose, by Alexander's Abdallah 2:27% 

Sir Albert, b s, 1886, by Mambrino 
Startle— Winnie Wilkes, by Red 
Wilkes 2:20% 

Sir Albin, b g, 1881, by Durango— 
Gulnare, by DuflCy Horse 2:29% 

Sir Arthur, b g, 1882, by Goodson— 
Daisy, by Clay Trustee 2:25% 

Sir Bell, b s, 1886, by Eyle Wilkes- 
Lovely, by Enfield 2:20^^4 

Sir Blossom, ch s, 1885, by Orange 
Blossom— Queen Bess, by Backman's 
Idol 2:291/4 

Sir Credit, b a, 1890, by McKinney— 
Lady L, by Billy Norfolk 2:25% 

Sir Gay, ch g, 1881, by Billy Wilson 
-Mag 2:26^ 

Sir Gird, b s, 188—, by Woolsey— 
Laurette 2:26^j 

Sir Gothard, b a, 1886, by St. Gothard 
—Berry, by Auditor 2:29H 

Sir Guy, b g, 1876, by The Moor- 
Madam Ferguson, by Stormy John 2:28% 

Sirius, b s, 1889, by Garnet— 
Fanny Duroc, by Iowa Duroc 2:19V4 

Sir Joe, b g, 188-, 2:24% 

Sir Knijrht, b s, 1881, by Gr.iud Sen- 
tinel—Shadow, by Octoroon 2:23% 

Sir Launcelot, b s, 1881, by Eigmont 
— Bainter Mare 2:27 

Sirocco Belle, ch m, 188-, by Sirocco 2:27% 

Sirock, b g, 188—, by Coronet- Mrs. 
Adams 2:19% 

Sir Outcross, b s, 1888, by Electioneer 
—Sarah, by Shannon 2:28 

Sir Roger, ch g, 1876, by Lexington 
Golddiist- Inez, by Vallandlngham 2:23^ 

Sir Thomas, b s. 1884. by Lambertus 
—Lady Herbert, by Waltharr 2:24 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Sir YAUxhn, ch s, 1887, by Captain— 
Barline. br Bomuius 2:29% 

Sir Waiter, 1> g, IMH. by Abdallah— 

Jen. by Klng^ Belliounder (dead).. 2:27 
Sir Walter, ch a, 1873, by Aberdeen— 
liady W infield, by Edward £^ye^ett 2:24^ 

Sir Walter Jr., ch s. 1882, by Sir Wal- 
ter-Kate Clark, by American. Clay 2:18^ 

Sir Wilkee, b a, isa-, by Sable 

Wilkes 2:29 

Sir William Wallace, b «, 1864, by 

lioliinaon Horse (dead) 2:27V. 

Sisal, b m, 1880, by Harold— Sapau, 

by Socrates 2:23V4 

Siseon Girl, blk m, 186—, by Mc- 
cracken's Black Hawk— Muggins, by 
Kelty Messenger 2:28^^ 

Sister, br m, 1879, by Admiral- 
Black Flora, by Black Prince (dead) 2:19V4 

Sister, b m, 1880. by Holabird's 
Ethan AUen— Ba*ownell Mare, by 
Browney's EJthan Allen 2:25% 

Sister Barefoot, b m, 1883, by Kent- 
Dolly Lambert, by Daniel Lambert 2:25 

Sister Ethel, b m, 1800, by Jay Bird, 
dam by Young Jim 2:19^ 

Sister Lou, blk m, 1801, by Durango 
— Venle, by Haw Patch 2:29V4 

Sister v., b m, 1885, by Sidney- 
Nettle Lambert, by John Nelson ... 2:18^/2 

Sliver Wilkee, po m, 1876, by George 
Wilkes— Cherokee Girl 2:22% 

Sitra Wilkes, b m, 188—, by Knight 
Wilkes..... ......../:.. 2:28 

Siva, ch m, 1889, by Guy Wilkee— 
Sable Hayward, by Poecora Hay- 
wiard 2:13')4 

Sixty-Six, b g, 1888. by Chimes-Jer- 
sey Lily, by Hambletonian Downing 2:151/4 

S. Jm dh g, 188—, i)edlgL-ee not traced: 2:lG'/4 

S. J. B., ch g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:27»/i 

S. J. Fletdher, b s, 1877. by Hamble- 
tonian Tranby— Pierce Mare, by Jos- 
lyn Hoi-se 2:23Va 

Skinkle Hambletonian, b s, 1861, by 
Gage's Logiui 2:28j; 

Skipawiay, br m, 1886, by Conductor— 
Louis Kellogg, by Pinole Patchen.. . 2:20;4 

Skipper, b m, 188—, by Thomdale 
Idoi, dam by Gaberlumzie 2:2SV4 

Skyaght Pilot, b m, 18S-, by Strath- 
more— Twili^rht, by Mambrino Pilot 
(dead) 2:10 

Slander, br" s, 1879, by Tattler— Daisy 
BunMk^ by Skenaudoah 2:2SVi 

Sleepy Bill, br g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2 :26 

Sleepy Chief, b g, 1879, by Confeder- 
ate Chief 2:27^4 

Sleepy Dan, ch g, 1880, by Grand 
Duke— Winch Mare 2:29'/4 

Sleepy George, b g, 188—, by George 
Sprague Jr 2:1J)V4 

Sleepy Jim, b g, 188—, by Duke 
Pat»heo 2:30 

Sleepy Joe, br g, 1873, by Joe John- 
son—Obscurity 2 :lUv4 

Sleepy Jolm, b g, I860, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:24 '/^ 

Sleepy Ned, blk g, 1885, by Hamlin 
Patcben, dam by Fred Pierson 2:26^4 

Sleepy Ned, b g, 1886, by Hannibal 
—Jessie.. 2:22% 

Sleepy Tom, b g, 1870. by Blazing 
Star, dami by imp. Ofaampion 2'.28^v^ 

suck Nelson, b s, B8— , by Nelson. . . . 2:27^ 

Sligo, b g, 1870, by Honest Dan 2:30 

Sllgflit; b m, 1886, by Electioneer— 


Sprite, by Belmont 2:28Vi 

SUppecy Bei^ b g, 188-, by FieHl- 

moiit ,. 9:20U 

SUppery Dick, b f, 1871. by Maxeppa. 2-.30 
SilDperj Tom, blk s, 188-, t^HMMid 

Slow Gto'.'irg) 1885, hy Sharatack* Jr! 

(dead) , 2;18% 

Sly <3iubby, b g, 188—, by Jim WU- 

aon , 2:21% 

Small Hopeik. br g, 1866^ by Hysdyk's 

Hambletonian (dead) 2:26VJ 

Smock W.. b s, 188-, by Album 2:28 

Smith O'Brien, b s, 1875. by Sweei. 

stakes—House Mare, by Younir Co- 

Iwnbus 2:20V4 

Smllax 2:26V4 

S. Montgomery, ch g. 1881, by 
montr-Lady Montgomery, by Flint's 
McHrgan 2:25i/j 

Smjuggile, b g, 1880, by Smuggler- 
Nelly Steyens, by (Xirtis' Hambie- 
toniaii 2:24 

Smnggler br s, 1866, by Blanco (dead) 2:15vi 

Smugger s Daughter, b m, 1876, by 
Sbiuggler— Molly D., by Mamibrina - 
CMef 2:24^^4 

Smiuggler Wilkes, gr s, 1889. by Allte 
Wukes— Lady Hayes, by Lace Deal- 
er 2:22U 

Snakes, blk g, 1885, by Ed Kimble— 
DoUy 2:30 

Snap, b m, 1877, by Strathmore — 
Madam K., by Marshal Ney Jr 2:30 

Snip Clay, b g, 188—. by Alar Clay. .. 2:25«?4 

Snip Nose, b m, 1888, by Cyclone- 
Nancy Wilkes, by Favorite Wilkes. . 2:24'/i 

Snow BaKL gi* g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) ..«. 2:27^^ 

Snow Ball, b g, 188—. by Star Ham- 
bletonian, dam by Lightwood 2:19V<j 

Snowden. b g, 1885, by Strathmjore— 
Topsey, by Williams'^ Mambrino 2:16*4 

Sobol, br 8, 1883. by Oesar— Senday, 
by Lion of Canada 2:27%, 

Socrates, ro g. 1874, by Socrates- 
Belle of Au^rusta, by loun^r Indian 
Chief 2:27v4 

Socratlst. b s. 1884. by Socrates- 
Belle Clay, by Kentucky Clay 2:26 

Sol, dh s, 1886. by Nutwood— Sun- 
srhine, by Golddust 2:30 

Solano (Xiief. oh g, 188—, by Carr's 
Mamibrino Chief Jr * 2:29',; 

Soldle % }f g, 188—, by Socrates— Lady 
Ethan, by Ethan Allen 2:2S '^ 

Solferino, br s, 1885, by Grand Senti- 
nel — Patdheu Girl, by Maaiibrino 
Patc4ien 2:2C'/i 

SoUta, br m, 1887. by Bros— Accident, 
by Elmo 2:27 

Solo, b m, 1877. by Strathmore— Ab- 
bes©, by Albion 2:28% 

So IxmjT, gr £. iKS2, by Ej^Iou*^— 
Iiillilijiie, by JIju*(«lil 2:13'4 

Sonu !set, ch K' 1881 K by Sorr*.ttiio— Ini- 
f ■I'SrtU:^^ by Mamb iut) Uaftler. . , . . 2:27*4 

SoiJiH s. b oIh iBJ^if by Benton I an— 
& I » i J (inj in s. i ^^ T » V To n ni to f^t ri ta^ . . . 2 :24 V' 

Soil TnH,^ ell s. ISSa, by firmul St'Utinel 
- Nrlly ly^arli, by BUck Fij Uig OKmd 2:30 

Soiii/TTUi, iiT mw ]SHr>, by Elei-Houet^r — 
Swttag MMia^k, hy Mohaw... CiU*jf. 2:28 

Sonbag Clay, ch m. 18S0, by Beth War- 
ner—Jennie Pratt, by Strader's CJas- 
slus M. CJlay Jr 2:24 

Sonticus, b s, 1887. by Belmont— Son- 
net. \yy BouiboQ C»lef 2:27 

I Sooner, b g, 186—, by Hjambletoaiaa 

Digitized by 




:R<ittler» dami toy Murry's Cayuga 
Chfcf.. ;. 2:24 

Sophia Temple, br m, 1869, by Uat- 
fler, 4B1X1 by a sou of Oaxmon's 
WlJp : 2:27 

Sorceratt, b m, 1880, by Witchcraft— 
Adelea. by Kentucky Prtnoe 2:21'^ 

Sorrel Dan, ch. g, 1879, by Diademr— 
Blackbird.... T 2:22^4 

Sorrel Dapper, ch g, 1858, by King's 
GhaaDDAon (dead) 2:28Mt 

Sorrel Kate, <ai m, 188—, l^ Mambrlno 
Time 2:29yj 

Sorrel Ked, ch g, 187—, by Flying 
Olond...... 2:25^ 

So So, b m, 1875, by George Wilkes— 
Little Ida, by Edwin Forrest 2:17W 

Soto, b m, 1886, by Abdallafti Mam- 
brlno-Jane, by Frank Woiford 2:20!4 

Sondan, b s, 1883, by Happy Medium 
—Maria Stargess, % Almont 2:25 

Soudtam, br g, 1883, by Oombat— Maud- 
ette/by Oapoul 2:18V4 

Soudan, bilk s, 1884, by Sultan— Lady 
BabeoGk, by Whipple's Hambleton- 
lan : 2:27^ 

Soupy, ch «, 1884, by Gen. Hatch- 
Belle Green, by Green's Bashaw. . . . 2:23V4 

Sour Mash, b a, 1881, by Bed Wilkes 
—Brown Mary, by Bourbon Ohlef . . . 2:24% 

South Jereey Patchen Jr., b s, 1879, 
by South Jersey Patchen— Lucy 2:14^ 

Southward, b s, 1887, by Onward— 
AdmlratioiL by Mambrino Patchen. 2:28V«j 

Spanisih Biaiden, ro m, 1886, by Happy 
Medium— Maggie E.eene, by Mam- 
brino Hatoher 2:2934 

SpaiTtan, b g, 1880, by Stnathmore — 
AUa, by Almont 2:241,4 

S^rx, b s, 1889, by Jersey Wilkes— 
Blanclie, by Bg-be-t 2:24?J4 

Spectatoar, b s, 1884, by Dictator— 
Hattle Hogan, by Admlnls-trator 2:28 

Speculation, gr s, 1885, by Mambrino 
Messenger — Mambrino Belle, by 
Mambrino Charta 2:25 

Speedaway. gr s, 1885, by Brook- 
Nanette, by Hambrino 2 :24iy4 

Speedress, b m, 1877, by King Philip 
—Nell, by Tenbrook 2:25V4 

Spencer Gi:*l, m g, 1889, by Ashman— 
SaTona Girl, by Wood's Hambleton- 
lan 3^.. 2:30 

Speedwell, g g, 188—, by Steele, dam 
by Mambrino Wilkes 2:26^4 

Spencer Wilkes, b s, 1887, by Idol 
Wilkes— Molly Walker, by Oaptaia 
Walker 2:28% 

Sphinx, b s, 1883, by Electioneer— 
Sprite, by Belmont 2:20% 

Spider, ro g, 187—, pedigree not traced 2:30 

^inella. b m, 187o, by Louis Napo- 
leon—Scotia, by Dennison (dead). . . . 2:21% 

Splnaway. blk m, 1891, by Clay- 
Myrtle Herr, by Dr. Herr 2:29% 

Sj^rea, ch m, 1886, by Autograph- 
Princess 2:24% 

Split Second, b m, 1891. by Happy 
Heir— Bird, by Harry Thomd-ale. ... 2:28 

Split Ears, ch s. 1885, by Star Ethan- 
Marie, by Young 0/olumbus 2:29V4 

Spofford, blk g. 1880, by Kentucky 
Prince, dam by Dispatch 2:18% 

Spokane, b s.. 1888, by Stranger-^ 
Speedaway, by Socrates 2:26 

Spo-^, gr s, 1884, by Piedmont— Son- 
tag Mohawk, by Mohawk Ohlef 
(dead) 2:22% 

Spotted Beauty, wh g, 187—, by Ma- 

aeppa t'j2X>^A 

Spotted Colt sp ft 1862, by Hough's 

Taamibletanlan— Spotted Mare_(dead) 2CJ5% 
Spotted Sanv sp •. 1878, by Wood's 

Hamibletoiiian — Spotted Moll, by 

Wallace'si Phenomenon (pacing 

2:25%) r^.T: «:29% 

Sprague (Bound's), br s, 1879, by Got. 

Sprague— Davis Maid, by Mambrino 

Prince 3:24% 

Sprague (3k>ldduat, br «. 1883, by Go^. 

Sprague— Lucille GoldduBt, by G<>ld- 

dust 2:15'^ 

Sprague Pilot, blk s, 1878, by Gov. 

Sprague — Lady Temple, by Pilot 

Tfemple 2:24 

SpraiToe Superb, b s, 1885, by Wilmar 

— l^Uy, by Black Diamjoind 2:29% 

Sprague Winahip, br s. 1885, by WIJ- 

mai-^Stella, by H. B. Winsiilp 2i29V4 

Spray, b m, 1887, by Princeton— Lady 

EdsaM, by WestWood 2:2&% 

Spray, dh m, 1888, by Simmons— Pat- 

ters(»i Mare, by Patterson's Trustee 2:28^^ 
Spreckles, b a, 1889, by Epaulet- 

CTharm, by Santa Clans 2:30 

Springcrolt bik s, 1887, by Alcyone- 
Hebe, by Bmulus 2:26*74 

Springdale, dh g, 188- 2:24% 

Spring Day, b m, 1888, by O. F. 

Olay— Saratoga, by New York 2:26% 

Sp-^, b g, 18B2, by Gen. Beaton- 
Sprite, by Belmont 2:28^4 

Spuirgeon, br s, 1880, by Charley B.— 

Jenny, "bfy Freehold Bashaw 2:21% 

Spurrier Boy, dh g, 1881, by Brussels 

—Sally Beaver, by CJoulter's Davy ^ ^^ 

Crocket 2:30 

Spy, oh s, 1887, by Allandorf— Style, ^^^^^ 

¥y Maxim 2:27% 

Squeezer, b g, 188—, by McEwen 2:25% 

S. S., br g. 1883, by Kentucky Volun- 

teer— Matilda, by Spriugville Chief. 2:2C% 
S. S. Ellsworth, ch g, 187—, by Andy 

Johnson 2:29 

Stambouil, b s, 1882, 1^ Sultan-Fleet- , 

wing, by Bysdyk's Hambletonian. .. 2:07% 
Stamina, br m, 1888, by Patron— Cle- 

ora B., by Elial G :•••,*• 2:26% 

Stammont b s, 1890, by Stam-boul— 

Zoraya, by Guy Wilkes. ......••• •,• • 2:29^4 

Stanmal, b s, 1888, by Stamboul— 

Young Signal, by Arthurton 2:25% 

Stanford, b s, 1885, by Piedmont— 

Irene, by Mohawk Chief 2:28% 

Stanford, b s, 1885, by Clay-Flora, 

by Whipple's HamWetonlan 2:29y4. 

Stauhope, 1) s, 1889, by Bed Wilkes- 

Venus Almont. by Star Almont 2:g% 

Stanley, b g, 1884, by Dartmouth 2:29k 

Stanley, b g, 1885, by Venture Boone, 

dam by Matchless • 2:li 

Stanley, b g, 188-, pedigree not 

traced i5:ou 

Stanley, *bs, 1883, by Valentine Swi- 

gert— Kewanna, by Trojan Jr 2:2< 

Stanley^ b'k s, 1889, by Quartwrnas- 

ter — Belle Medium, by Falrview 

CMef •••• 2:2414 

Stanton Chief, b s, 188—, by Gen. 

Stanton, dam by Henderson Horee. . 2:27% 
Stanza, blk s, 1867. by Stranger-Son- 

net, by Jay Gould 2l22% 

Star, blk s, 1876, by Pennypack— Ladv 

Fashion, by Long Island Black 

Hawk 'A^\l"^'-^ 

Star, b g, 1871, by Aberdeen— Sitella, ^_^,, 

by Carpenter's American/ Star z'.25>4 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


A. Mcdowell, san fkanoisco, cal. 

In 1894 McDowell placed the world's record for trotters at 2 :03% 

with Alix and the world's record for two-year-old 

pacers at 2 :0755i with Directly. 

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦t» f f ♦•♦••♦t»«»t»»<»*»»»*»»f»# 

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MILLARD SANDERS, Plbasanton, Cal. 

Millard Sanders drove the following yearlings to world's records : 

Frou Prou 2:25%, Fausta (p) 2:225li, Rosedale (p) 2:22. 

He also marked the pacer W. Wood 2K)7 

and drove the trotter Guy in 2 :10l£. 

Digitized by 




star, c»i g, 186—, by Otmklln's Amer- 
ican Star 2:30 

Star Alcyone, b s, 1887, by Alcyone 
— OUvette 2:24Vi 

Star Allen, blk m, 1884, by Frank 
Allen— Goddess of Liberty, by Phil 
Sheridan 2:20^^ 

Star B.. b g, 1885, by Dom Pedro— ^ _, 
Cora Collins, by Ned Forrest 2:20^ 

Star Bashaw, blk s, 1885, by Star of 
of the West— Bonnie Doon, by Ba- 
shaw I>rury 2:2-lV4 

Star Bashaw, dh s, 1884, by Wapsle 
— Ga«, by AbdaJlaii Star 2:27 

Star Chief, b g, 188—, pedigree not 
ti-aced 2:30 

Star Dnroo, b:- 8, 1874, by Messengei 
Duroc— Lorilard Mare, by Seely's 
American Star 2:25% 

Star Gazer, b g, 1878, by Tom F. 
Patdhen 2:20',4 

Star Girl, b m, 188—, by Star Lam- 
bert.... 2:29^^ 

Star Hambaetoniam, br s, 1875, by Fel- 
te:*'s Hambletonian— Belle Piitts, by 
Aanerican Boy 2:28% 

Star Hawk, dh s, 1887, by Star of the 
West— Betula, by Romulus 2:17^* 

Starin Medium, b s, 1880, by Happy 
Medium— Lady Emma, by Niagara 
Ghiamplon 2:26Vi 

Star King, dn g, 187—, by George M. 
Patchen Jr 2:22 

Starletta, blk m, 1881, by Starlight- 
Highland Mary, by Seely's Ameri- 
can Star ...: 2:211^ 

Starlight, dh g, 1878, by Cyclone— 
Modesty.\ 2:28^ 

Stanliglht, br m^ 1889, by Bleotloneei- 
— Salli© Benton, by Gen. Benton 2:15^4 

Star Lily, csh m. 1884, by President 
GarP eld— Star Queen, by Star Ham- 
bletonian 2:20 

Star Line, gr a, 1886, by White Line 
—Belle Parsons, by Star Hambleton- 
ian 2:27 

Star Line, br s. 1885, by White Line 
—Lady Star, by Star Hambletonian 2:20'"U 

Starling, oh e, 188-, br Banks 2.27W 

Sta:^ Medium, b s, 188—, by Rupert 
lifodium 2:2Si4 

Star Medium, gr b, 188—, by PUot 
Medium 1:20^ 

Star Medium^ b m, 1880, by Union 

Medium— Aloha, by Atlantic 2:29)i 

Star Moak, b s, 1888, by Molhawk 
Hambletonian— Peggy Corrlgan, by 

Jackson 7 2:20% 

Star Monardh, br s, 1879, by Almon- 
arch— Charlotte Jones, . by Keoter's 

Royal George 2:23V6 

Starmont, blk s, 188—, by Hamlin's 

Almont Jr 2:28^ 

Star of the West, blk si. ISeO, by Fly- 
ing Cloud— Gney Fanny, by Bureka 

(dead) 2:2«'^ 

Star of the West Jr., blk s, 1876, by 
Star of the West— Lady Dou^^as, by 

Black Douglas 2:29V& 

Star Prlnceps, b s, 1880, by Prlnceps 

-MaybiPd, by Abdallalh Bird 2:10% 

Startle, b s, 1887, by Mambrino Star- 
tle— Hamlettie. by Ham'.et 2:25 

Startle, blk s, 1870, by the Andrews 

Horse, dam by Witherell Messenger 2:20i/^ 
Star W., b m, 1879, by Concord— Fan. 2:2794 
State Senator, blk g, 18S— , by Fleet's 

Hamtbletonian— Pnncess 2:20 

Staihard, b m, 1886, by St. Gothard— 

Stacy, \fy Strathmore 2:27V4 

Stealaway, b m, 188—, by Bliol G 2:28^ 

Stelneer, b s, 1887, by Steinway— 

Katy G., by BTectloiLeer 2:29^ 

Steinway, b s, 1876, by Strathmore— 

Abbess, by Albion. . . *. 2:25% 

Stella, b m, 1879, by Electioneer— 

Lady BIhodes, by Gen. Taylor 2:30 

SteUa, gr m^ 188—, by Abdallah Glen- 
coe — *'anny Ramsey, by Hogan's 

Henry 2:20 

Stella, br m, 1892, by Geo. Washing- 
ton, dam by MoDonald Chief 2:30 

Stella, br m, 1885, by Shawmut— Lady 

Bleano.% by W^alklll Chief 2:21 

Steflla Belmont, b m, 1887, by Bel- 
mooit — Lida Goldsmltlh, by Gold- 
smith's Abdallaih 2:19 

Stella Blake, br m, 1871, by Pequaw- 

ket— Roea B.. by Morgan Trotter... 2:25i4 
Stella C, ch m, 187—, by Aberdeen- 
Maud 2:27^ 

Stella C, br m, 1885, by Director- 
Speculation MaJd, by Speculation... 2:26 
Stella H, br m, 188i5, by Hambleton- 
ian Mambrlno— Stewart Mare 2:29% 

Stella Magnet, b m, 1884, by Magnet— 

Leadyllle Girl, by Pilot I>u>:x)c 2:24% 

Stellaria, b m, 1891, by Lancaster- 
Sun Maid, by Belmont 2:26% 

Stemwinder, b g, 1884, by Altamont— 

Amanda, by Scamperdown 2:25^/i 

Stepihanie, b m, 1882, by Meander- 
Ruby Duroc, by Messenger Duroc. . . 2:22M 
Stephanus, b s, 1871, by Bajardo— 

Nancy, by Morgan Hunter 2:2814 

Stephen G., b g, 1874. by Knicker- 
bockers-Sunbeam, by Volunteer 2:20% 

Stephen M., b g, 1872, by American 
Sta-- Jr.— Miss Cadmus, by Long Isl- 

^ and 2:28% 

Stephen R.. oh g, 1884. by Gen. 

Thomas— Dolly Russell, by Mazeppa 2:20V<i 
Sterling Wilkes, oh g, 188—, by Bour- 
bon Wilkes — Lucy Moore, by Ster- 
ling 2*23% 

Sternberg, blk a, 1888. by Wilkes Boy 

—Fanny Allen, by Black Allen 2:15li 

Stet Brino. ch s, 1888, by Hambrlno— 

Jewess, by Woodford Mambrino. . . , 2:26% 
Stere, br g. 18&-, by Steve Whipple, 

damj by Nephew 2:19»1 

Steve MaTBren, gr g, 1867, by Ole 

Bull Jr. (dead) 2:21% 

Steve Whipple, br s. 1884. by Ham- 
b'etonlan Chrlsman — Twist, by 

Whipple's Hambletonian 2:12 

Stevie, blk g. 1880, by Kentudo 
Prince— OamlUe, by Rysdyk's Ham- 
bletonian 2-10 

Stevie H., blk g, 188—, by Washing- 
ton 2:22U 

Stewart, gr s. 188a by Pilot Medlumr- 

Mercedee, by Masterlode 2:25 

Stewtart Mac, ch s, 1878. bv Blue Bull 

■-Fanny Mac, by Night Shade 2:29 

Stewart Maloney, b g, 1866, by 

Charles B. Loew (dead) 2:27 

Stickfast, b g. 1882, by Duke of Craw- 
ford-Dora Houston, by Sam Hous- 
ton Jr 2:27 

Stoneontter. b g, 1877. by Bnfleld— 

Grey Fanny, by Pilot Jr 2:28% 

Stone- Boy. ch g, 188—, by MJamibrino 

Ruflsel— Vlvette, by Strathmore 2:26'^ 

Stoneridge, br e, 188—, by Happy 

Thought ........... 2:21% 

Stonewall, ch g. 187—, by Frank 
Pieroe 3d, dam by Moscow^ 2:24% 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Stoaewall. br e, 1S89, by Bgotist— ^^^^^ 

Dixie itoPa^e, by Gov. Sprague.... 2:27% 
StOTue\?aili, b s, 1881, by Jim. Hill— 

Lenia 2:28V4 

Storm, b m, 1867, by Miadleton — 

a.-een Mountain Miald, by Harry 

Clay (dead) 2:20% 

Storm, b s, 1887, by Du-ttngo^De- 

boi^h, by Squire Taimagie 2:24 

Stormer, b e, 1872, by Siurprlse— Nel- 
ly 2:29V4 

Stormer, b g, 1890, by Storm King— 

Faamy W., by Meredlttti 2:2UV4 

StoimKing, b s, 1882, by Happy Med- 

iumi— Topey Taylor, by Alexander's 

Normiam 2:20^ 

Stornaway, b s, 1884, by ahlahesteiv- 

Naiad, uy Beimont 2:19 

Story Teller, b m, 188^, by Peter 

StXKry 2:27% 

Story's Clay, b 8, 18&-, by Byerett 

Clay, dam. by StiUson 2:18^4 

Stpader H., b s. 188tt, by Squire Tal- 

mfl^e— Iiucy H., by Napoleon 2:09ya 

Stran^emore, blk b, 1879, by Oolumbia 

Obief— Topey, by Black l^onald 2:29% 

Stronger, b g, 187—, pedigree not 

traced 2:30 

Stiianger, gr g, 1876, by Selim—Kltty 

Mci>onaltL by MclKmald's Mambrino 

Obieif 2:28 

Stranger, gr g, 187—, by Mamibrluo 

Haanibletonlan— Grey Mary, by Trav 

eter 2:23% 

Stranger, cb g, 1872, by Alta— Sally. . 2:29 
Stranger, gr g, 1849, by Baton Ho.'se 

(defi)...... 2:30 

Stranger, b s, 1885, by Tllton Almont 

-njessle, by Wblpple's Hambleton- 

ian.. ..:... 2:17 

Stranger, oh. g, 188—, by Sir John 

Dean 2:25i4 

Stranger Boy, br s, 188—, by Stranger, 

dam by Squire Talnmg© 2:20^ 

Strangler, b s, 1887, by St.'anger— 

Kate, by Alien Book 2:2Ci4 

Strategist, cih s, 1883, by Grand Sen- 
tinel-Peru Beile. by Ranger 2:22 

Stratford, b s, 1883, by Stratbmore— 

Young Winnie, by Woodford Mam- 

brino? 2:28% 

Strathbridge, ch s, 1885, by Grand 

Sentinel — Soprainov by Stuathmore 

(dead) 2:28!^ 

Sirathalan, b s, 1887, by Strathmort. 

—Lady waxy, by Beal's Waxy 2:24Vi 

Stratblan, b s, 1874. by Strathmore— 

Sbaekleford* by Aker's Idol 2:21% 

Strathboy, b s, 188«, by Stratbmore— 

Bamjeralida, by Ham^brlno Star 2:22V^ 

Strathmo.'ie, b g, 1855, pedigree not 

traced (dead) 2:30 

Stiatlunore Abdallab, b s, 1885, by 

Stratbmore — Kate AbdaJlab, by 

Goldonith's Abdallah 2:28 

Btrathway, cb s, 1885. by Stelnway— 

Oountefts, by Wblpple's Hambleton- 

lan 2:19 

Strathwood, b s, 1881, by Stratbmore 

—Betty Blackwood, by Blackwood.. 2:25Vj 
Strepbon, b g, 18S8, by Kentucky 

Wilkes— Melinda, by Oxmoor 2:20!^ 

Strldeawiay, br g, 1861, pedigree not 

traced 2:28^^ 

Strogoff, b 8, 1884, by Grand Sentinel 

— Molly, by Grey Feamaugbt 2:24H 

Strontla, gr g. 188—, by Sam Purdy— 

Madge, by Zlrkle's Engineer 2:14% 

Stuart, b g, 1880^ by Strathjnore— CJar- 

rie Clay, by Coaster 2:25 

Student, cb g. 188—, by Socmtefih- 
Hattie Woodward, by Aberdeen 2:21'^ 

Sucoees, b s, 1888, bj Onward— Minnie 
Walker, by Harry Vilkes 2:26% 

Success b g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Sucker Maid, gr m, 1868, by Bocka- 
way, dami by Kob Roy 2:29V4 

Sue Glllig. b m, 1888, hj GiUig-Cecil, 
by Waltham 2:25!4 

Sue Grundy, br m, 187—, by Getaway 
—Old Kate 2:25% 

Sulsun, b m, 1884, by Meotloneer^ 
Susie, by George M. Patcben Jr. .. . 2:18'^ 

Suitor br s, 1884, by BiUickwood— Sue, 
by Thomdale 2:21 

Sulfonal, b s, 1887, by Nutwood— Ful- 
ton Maid, by Clay Pilot 2:16% 

Sultan, br », ISTS, by The Moor-Sul- 
tania, by lieimonlco (dead) 2:24 

Su.ten, tik g, 1887, by Aaministrator 2:28% 

Sultana, b m, 1882, by Sir WalkUl- 
Free Love, by Blackwood 2:29% 

Sultandin, ch s, 188—, by Sultan 2:29S 

Sulwood, b 8, 1885, by Sultan— Lady 

• Graves, by Nutwood 2:20 

Summer Queen, cb m, 188—, by Joe 
You See 2:29% 

Summit, br s, 1886, by Oberlin — Cora, 
by Cottril Morgan 2:29% 

Summit Chief, b s, 1888, by Elliott 
Wilkes— Toga, by Country Boy ... 2:21% 

Sumpter, b g, 1881, by Grand Sentinel 
—Pet, by Chadwick 2:25% 

Sunalto, b s, 188—, by Sunolo, dam by 
Washtenaw Chief 2:26i4 

Sunbeam, ch m, 1889. by Ambassador 
-Mambrino Maid, by Chief 2:28 

Stinbeam, br m, 1890. by Quartermas- 
ter—Magnolia, by Middletown 2:28 

Sunbeam, b m, 186—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:30 

Sunflower, ch m, 1882, by 'Elmo- 
Ella Kellogg, by Chieftain 2:24 

Sunlight, gr s, 1885, by Tasco— Julia, 
by White Cloud 2:27 

Sunlight, b s, 1886, by Bartholomew 
Wilkes— Our Mary, by Roup's Amer- 
ican Boy 2:29^4 

Sunnyside, blk m, 185—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:30 

Sunol, b m, 1886, by Electioneer— 
Waxana, by Gen. Benton 2:08^ 

Sunrise, br g, 1882, by Abbottsford 
—Belle, by Signal 2:24% 

Sunrise, br m. 1889, by Brazilian- 
Sunday, by Young Volunteer 2:28^ 

Sunrise Patchen, b s, 1883, by Seneca 
Patcben— Lady Monmouth, by Win- 
tluop Mon-111, Jr. 2:19^4 

Sunrise Prince, b s, 1889, by Hillside 
Prince— Jessica, by Monaco 2:13^4 

Sunset, b s. 1885, by Anteeo— Nelly, 
by King Philip 2:29% 

Sunset Patchen, br s, 1885, by Seneca 
Patchen— L«»dy Monmouth, bv Win- 
tbrop Morrill, Jr. (pacing 2:18%).... 2:23% 

Sunshade Patchen. b s, 1888, by Sen- 
e'^a Patch <»n— Lady Monmouth by 
AVinthrop MorrlJl, Jr 2:28 

Sunshine, ch s, 1872, by Curtis* Ham- 
bletonlan— Kate, bv Kentucky Clay 2:29^4 

Sunshine, ch g, 1878. by Tramp— ^ , 
Flaxy, by Green's Bashaw 2:29% 

Sunerintendent. b s, 1887, by Almont 
Wilkes— Dazzle, by Happy Medium 2:22 

Superior, ch s, 1881, h^ Egbert- 
Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



Mary, b/ Woodford Mambrlno ... 2:17^ 

Superior, b s, 1880, by Warwick Bojr 
—Brown Kate, by Virginia 2:18^ 

Superior Wilkee, ch s, 1888* by Hec- 
tor Wilkes— Lady Trojan, by Troj in 2:24% 

Snrab, b s^ 1889, by Rochester— Lady 
Carmen, by Neely's Henry Clay .. 2:29^^ 

Surprise, b m, 1889, by Aberdeen- 
Jenny W.. by Almont 2:29^ 

Surprise, blk m, 187—, 1^ Tom Knox.. 2:29^ 

Surprise, ar g, 185—, by Harry Clay, 
dam by Boanerges (dead) 2:26 

Surprlee, ch s, 1884, by McGregor 

Chief— Dolly, by Sam 'Kirkwood 2:23% 

Surprise, gr m, 1876, by Grey Dan, 
dam by Black Sultan 2:28^ 

Surprise Franklin, ch s, 1887, by Ben 
Franklin— Lady May, by Black- 
stone 2:29% 

Susan B., br m, 1878, by Mark 
Anthony 2:29% 

Susan Nipper, b m, 187—, pedigree 
not traced 2:30 

Sneette, b m, 1883, by Electioneer- 
Susie, by George M. Patchen Jr. .. 2:23^ 

Suaette, b m, 1886, by Onward— Joeie 
Sellers, by Mambrino Time 2:26% 

Susie, ch m, 1862, by Hampshire Boy, 
dam by Wlldalr (dead) *. 2:21 

Susie, b m, 1883, by Addison Lambert, 
dam by DeLong'^s Ethan Allan ... 2:26 

Su»ie, ch m, 1872, by George M. 
Patchen Jr.— Santa Glaus, by Owen 
Dale (dead) 2:26Vj 

Susie B., b m, 188— by OUnker— Dol- 
ly, by Searcher 2:26»4 

Susie Collins, br m, 1884, by Volun- 
teer—Madeleine, by Goldsmith's Ab- 
dallah 2:26% 

Suale D., b m, 1876, by Mlddletown— 
Nelly Holly, by Ed Holly (dead).... 2:29V4 

Susie G., br m, 1884, by Alcalde Jr. 2:26% 

Susie H., ch m, 1885, by Ma con- 
Blanche, by Harold Mambrlno ... 2:29% 

Susie H., b m, 188—, by Duroc, dam 
dam by Kenyon Columbus 2:27% 

Susie Mac, br m, 1882, by Nicotine 
— Thorndale Princess, by Thorn- 
dale 2:29 

Susie Owen, br m, 1877, by Daniel 
Boone— Gret Chen, by Gideon 2:26 

Susie Parker, b m, 1864, by Henry 
B. «x Patchen, dam by ^Abdallah 
(dead) 2:25% 

Snsie S., ch m, 1881, by Hamble- 
tonian Mambrino— Bellfou ider Maid, 
by Milliraan*8 Bellfon' 2:18 

Susie S., b m, 1884, by Hylas- Lady 
Byron, by Byrcn 2:15% 

Susie T., blk m, 188—, by Bostlck's 
Almont Jr 2:23% 

Sr-fie T., ro m., 1881, by Gov. 
Sprague— Momlncr Dawn, by Ma- 
rengo 2:28^ 

Susie W.. blk m, 1878, by Comet- 
Doll Wattere 2:26% 

Sussex, blk g, 187-—, by Star, dam by 
B.vsd^k's Hembletonian 2:30 

Sut, blk 6. 1888. by Siit Lovingood- 
Pe^-rlt-M, by Feamaught 2:28% 

SMtberland, b s, 1887, by Grand Sen- 
tinel— Pjnpress, by Abdallah Mam- 
brino 2:24% 

Sutton, ch B, iwa by Epaul *t— D lisy 
Maid, by Mambrino Boy 2:26% 

SKJseraln. b «. 1884, by Grand S:5n- 
tlnel— Shadow, by Octoroon 2:20% 

S. V. White, b s, 1891, by Alexander 

{Dumaa— T<ypcy WMte, by Little 

Ben 2:29% 

Swanock. b s, 1887, by Advance— 
Joiinetta, by Honest John 2:20 

Swanton Boy, br g, 188UC by Jimmy 
Blaine— Bird, by McKesson's Grey 
Eagle 2:28% 

Swan ton Boy, br s, 1886, by Star 
Fthan— Daisy Dean, by Young Rip 2:27% 

S. W. Bennett, b s, 1886, by Pilot 
Medium— Belle B.. by Masterlode . . 2:19% 

S. W. a, b g, 1879, by Artemas- 
Lady Bellfounder, by Fowhattan.. 2:27 

Sweepstakes, b g, 1875, by Kentucky 
Prince-Juno, by Oonltlin's Ameri- 
can Star 2:24^ 

Sweetbriar, gr m, 1870, by Eugene 
Casserly— Peanuts, by George M. 
Patchen Jr 2:26^ 

Sweetbriar, ch m, 188-, by Favorite 
Wilkes— Sally Wood, by Westwood 2:17^ 

Sweet OhUd, b m, 1891, by AprU Fool, 
dam a Texas mare 2:299^ 

Sweetheart, br m, 1878, bv Saltan— 
Minnehaha, by Stevens' Bald Chief 2:22^ 

Sweetheart, b m, 1884, by Masterlode 
—Irish Girl, by Tarn O'Shanter ... 2:2944 

Sweet Home, cli ni, 187—, by Milli- 
man's Bellfounder 2:30 

Sweetness, b m, 1878, by Pequawket 2:2M 

Sweetness, b m, 1871, by Volunteer- 
Lady Merritt, by Edward Everett.. 2:21i4 

Sweetness, b m, 1874, by Young Vol- 
unteer— Fustey, by John Snylock 
(dead) 2:22% 

Sweet Rose, b m, 1891, by Electioneer 
— Roeemont, by Piedmont 2:25li 

Sweetwater, b m, 1889, by^Stamboul 2:26 

S. W. G., b g, 18S-, by WUUam H. 
Vanderbilt 2:26% 

Swigert Bellfounder, b 8, 188—, by 
Swlgert— Lady, by Bay Dick 2:2591 

Swigert Jr., b s, 1875, by Swigert— 
Pauline, by Mambrino Rattler 2:22% 

Swigert K., br 6, 1889, by Swigert— 
Lady Belle, by Richard's Bell- 
foL'D<?er 2:25% 

Syenite, ro g, 187—, by Waveland 
Chief- Nancy DUlard, by John Dil- 
lard 2:29% 

Sylvanlte, ch m, 1891, by Delmarch.. 2:26 

Sylva C, b m, 1891, by Sphinx— CJoast 
carl, by Coaster 2:29% 

Sylvan, b m, 1885, by Petoskey— 
Sally, by Monroe Chief 2:28% 

Sylvan, b s, 1884, by Nutwood— Nora 
Lee, by Woodford Mambrino 2:23% 

Sylvan Glen, b s, 1883, by Duke of 
<$lenlake— Beatrice, by Moro 2:30 

Sylvester K., b g, 1885, by Lambertus 
-Young Pocahontas, by Stride way. . 2:17% 

Sylvia, b ni, 1887, by Stranger- -Sybil, 
by Jay (iould 2:29% 

Sylvia, ch m, 1883. by MiddL^town 
Jr.— Black Kate by Andrew Jack- 
son 2:27% 

Sylvia M., gr m, 1878, by Baird'6 
HambletonlaSi ' Prince— Faifb Der- 
rick ,.. ..^. 2:25% 

Syndicate, b m, 1878, by Erin Chief 2:25% 

T. A, b g, 1868, by Sentinel 2.-28 

Tackey, gr m, 1859, by Pilot Jr.— 
Jenny Lind, by Bellfounder (dead). . 2:29 

Tdckg, blk s. 1885, by Egbert-^en- 
ette, by Mambrino Howard 2:21% 

Tacony, ro g, 1844, by Sportsman 
(dead) 2:27 

Tague O'Ragan, b g, 1887, bj-Black*B j 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



H^mbletonian 2:27% 

Tainter, br g, 1878, by Bdfdr— Nelly 
WlldwoQd, oy Matchless 2:26 

T. A. K.. b g, 1875. by Gilroy 2:28% 

Taklaa, b m, 1881, by Stratbmore— 
Belle 2:30 

Talavera, b 8, 1881, by Happy Med- 
ium—Kate, by Alhoit 2:30 

Tallyman, b s, 1885, by Princeps— 
DoUy, by Billy Booker 2:30 

Tall Leon, b 6, 1890, by Tallmage— 
I«ady Leon, by Leon 2:2&i^ 

Tamarack, gr g, 187—, by Jim Haw- 
kins T 2:28% 

Tamerlane, blk s, 1889, by Aristos— 
Empress 2:29 

Tam O'Shanter, blk g, 188—, by 
Charley B 2:28% 

Tandy, b s, 1884. by Robber Boy- 
Sister, by Strathmore 2:28% 

Tanner Boy, gr g. 186—, by Edward 
Everett 2:22% 

Taney D., b m, 188—, by Stephen A. 
Douglas 2:29 

Tansy G., ch m, 188—, by Ajax 2.30 

Tanhauser, br g, 188—, by Billy R... 2:22% 

Tarantella, br m, 1890, by Axtell— 
Gladys, by McMahon 2:21% 

Tariff, blk g, 1883, by Young WUkes 
—Nelly, by Robert Whaley 2:20% 

Tariff, b s, 1874, by Clario© (2hief— 
Lillian, by Fayorite 2:20% 

Tariff J., br «, 1883, by Tariff, dam 
by Ohampion 2:26 

Tartar, b g, 1884, by St Louis— Mary, 
by Milwaukee 2:26% 

Tartar, br g, 1840, by Wild Deer 
(deadi 2:28% 

Tattler, b s, 1863, by Pilot Jr.— 
Telltale, by Telamon '(dead) 2:26 

Taurus, br s, 1885, by Backman'0 Idol 
—Clifton Girl, by Stonewall Jackson 2:30 

TaTemler, b s, 1887. by Pilot Wilkes— 
Sid Offntt Mare, by Almont 2:26% 

Taylor, b g, 188-, by Tom Scott 2:28V4 

Taylor, ro g, 1872 by Johnny B 2:26% 

Taylorson, gr g, 1885, by Sweepstakes 
—Snowball, by Potter's Clay 2:27V4 

Teakwood, b s, 1890, by Nutwood- 
Lady Bashaw, by Mambrino Boy . . 2:30 

Teaser, b g, 1883. ^y Jotunny Repp . . . 2:29 

Tecoma, b s, 1884, by Alecto— Sally 
Jenkinis, by Genor«l Knox 2:19V4 

Tecumseh, cfh s, 1876, by Mambrino 
Gift- Lady Night Hawk, by Night 
Hawk 2:28 

Teddy Look, ch g, 18&-, by Look. . . . 2:28% 

Ted McMaihon, b g, 1882, by McMahon 
-Daisy, by Hambletonlaii Chief 2:28 

Telegraph Girl, Ch m, 1880, by Harry 
Arlington— Nelly, by Winchester. . . 2:2&% 

Telephone, ro g, 1877, by Wood's 
Hamibletonianr— Miss RoJoerto, by 
Young Andrew Jackson 2:22% 

Telephone, b s. 1882, by Umpire— 
Lark, by Abdallah Mambrino 2:15% 

Tellie, br g, 1883. Ixf Abdallah J- 2:25V4 

Tempest, di m, 1880, by Sunsbine— 
Nelly 2:27% 

Tempest, b m, 1883, by Hawthorne- 
Brown Tempest br Chieftain 2:19 

Tempest, Wk g, by Tempest Jr 2:^/4 

Tempest, cih g, 1876, by Millman's 
Bellfouflid'er- Firefly, by Walnut 

.^Bark 2:29 

'Tempest, gr m, 187—, by Ledger— 
Tlllie Pee, by Cook's Bulmefti Mor- 
gan 2:29% 

Temple, b s, 1874, by Harold— Bland 
Temple, by Lexington (dead) 2:30 

Temple Bar, blk s, 1886, by Egbert- 
Nettie Time, by Mambrino Time. . . . 2:17^ 

Templemore, oh s, 1887. by Theseus— 
Delancy Tramp, by TYamp 2:2Wi 

Templeton, b s. 1885, by warlock— 
Princees Royal, by Happy Medium 
(dead) :.....:........ 2:25% 

Tempter, b s, 1889, by St. Bel— Nora 
Temple, by Belmont 2:24% 

Templette, b g, 1889, by Epaulet— _ 
Kitty Temple, by Rysdyk . . 7 2.2&V4 

Tennessee, blk m, 1861, by Commodore 
—Dairy Maid, by Vermont Black ^ 
Hawk 2:27 

Tennessee Wilkes, b s, 1880, by 
George Wilkes— Lizzie Hayden, by ^ 
Peavine 2:27 

Tennie O., blk m, 1890, by Major H... 2:20% 

Tennyson, dh g, 188—, by Thompson's ^ ^^^, 
GoMldust ..:. 2:2iV% 

Tennyson, b s, 1885, by Tremont— ^^,, 
Lady Wilkes, by George Wilkes 2:27*A 

Terragon, b g, 1886, by Tauton— ^, 
Barker Mare, W Bald Chief.. 2:23 

Tentabit, gr s, 1888, by Pilot Medium ^ _, 
—Minnie Hoag, by Bay Middleton. .. 2:29Vi 

Texas Bill, gr g, 187—, pedigree not ^,^ 
traced ..:...;. 2:26Vi 

Texas Jack, ch g, 187— by Blue BuU. 2:29^ 

Texias Joe, b e, 188—, by Texas Jack. . 2:29% 

Texas Rooker. br s, 188—, by Texas ^,, 
Jack, dam by Rooker 2:29% 

T. G., cJh g, 1878, by Young's Ham- 
bletonian Prince, dam by Bilow 
Horse 2:26 

Thad. b g, 1879, by Hambletonian _^, 
Tranby 2 :29% 

Thalberg, b g, 1878, by Mambrino Ex- 
celsior— Georgia Mack, by C3ady*s 
Ohampion ^ . . 2:20 

Thalia, b m, 1885, Iw- Ool. Hambrlck— 
Miss Watson, bv Billy Lewis 2:24% 

Tbapeln, blk g, I88O, by Berlin— Lady 
Hubbard, by Benlcia Boy 2:21'/4 

The Banker*, ch s. 1874, by Mamibrino 
Patchen— Lute Boyd, by Joe Down- 
ing 2:29% 

The Bull, b s, 1885. by Thomas Jeffer- 
son— Sheppardess, by Jack Sheppard 2:30 

The Oolonel. b g, 1884. by White's 
Pete— Nell 2:26% 

The Conqueror, oh s, 1890, by Egotist 
— Arlotta, by Harold 2:15% 

The Corporal, b s. 185^, by Baird's 
Hambletonian Prince ' 2:28% 

The Item, b g, 1881, by Gov, aprague 
—Molly Walker, by Captain Walker 2:25% 

The Jewess, b m, 1871, by Mambrino 
Patchen— Lettia, by Joe Downing.. 2:26 

The Judge, b s, 188—. by Round's 
Spregue 2:22% 

The Bang, blk s, 1874, by George 
Wilkes-Jewel, by Gill's Vermont.. 2:29^4 

Thelnwi, b m, 1801. by Thorr— Helai, 
by Kentucky Prince 2:29 

Theme, ch g, 1890, by Ben Harrison- 
Dolly Smith, by Flsk's Mam*b-ino _ , 
Chief Jr. 2:29% 

Themis, b m, 1885, by Achilles- 
Young Sontag, by Volunteer 2:25 

Theodore, br s, 1885, by Reveille— 
Maole Leaf, by New York (pacing _, 
2:18%) .\..... 2-.26% 

The Raven, Wk Ss 1886, by BSlal G.— 
Maud, by Victor 2:19% 

The Raven, blk m, 1890, by Clay 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



King—Aimabel Lee. bj Aberdeen.. 2:20 

Theresa, br m, 1887, by NelBon— Lady, 
by Gen, Knox 2:25% 

The Seer, b s, 18^5. by Gen, Benton 
—Odette, by Electioneer 2:15% 

Thetifi, b m, 1885, by Mambrlno 
Wilkea— Serena, by vedder's Cad- 
mus ■ 2.ia»A 

The Tork, b s, 1887, by Sultan— Ida 
Elliott, byAlile West 2:30 

The>ese Pballaniout, b m, 1887, by 
Phallamonit— MolUe Bradley, by Mil- 
waukee 2:29^ 

Thereeia Sprague, b m, 1878, by Got. 
Spra^ue— Bohemian Girl, by Almont 2:25^^ 

The Wasser, b s, 1884, Ijy Washing- 
ton—Kate Taylor, by Aberdeen 2:30 

Thomas A. Doyle, b g, 188—, pedigree 
not traced 2:25^4 

Thomas 0., b g, 1881, by Blind Tom. 2:26Vi 

Thomas H., hr s, 1884, by Moihawk Jr. 
—Myrtle, by Bashdw Drury 2:30 

Thomias Jefferson, blk s, 1863, by To- 
ronto Chief— Gipsy Queen, by a son 
of Black Hawk (dead) 2:23 

Thomas L. Youn^, oh g, 1865, by 
Wells* Yellow Jacket, dam by 
Dna^roQ (dead) 2:19V^ 

Thomas Rysdyk, b s, 188& by Rysdyk 
— Largessi, by Scott's Thomais 2:29yi 

Thomas B., ch », 188—, by Montgom- 
ery 2:29% 

Thomas a Harrison, br s, 1883, by 
Hermes— Lady Aline, by New Jersey 2:29^ 

Thompson, ch s, 1890, by Boodle, 
dam by Jim MidTenna 2:21% 

Thompson, blk g, 188—, by Redwood 
Boone, dam by Howe's Bismarck. . . 2:27% 

Thomiburg, b g, 1877, by Judge Advo- 
cate—Lady Reno, by Gen. Grant. . . . 2:21% 

Thomdaie, b s, 1865, by Alexander's 
Abdallalh— Dolly, by Mambrino Chief 
(dead) 2:22% 

Thomdaie P., b g, 1881, by Thomdaie 
Chief— Lady Durgln, by Walter 
Allen 2:30 

Thomdaie Jr.. b s, 1885, by Hero of 
Thomdaie— Wild Maid, by Young 
Matchless 2:30 

Thomdaie Maid, b m, 1877, by Thorn- 
dale—Ooujitry Maid, by Country 
Gentleman 2:30 

Thomdella, gr mjl881, by Iliomdale 
Chief— Maggie Wayne 2:27% 

Thoraden, b s, 1887, by Crittenden- 
Mary K., by Hero of Tboradale 2:30 

Thoralese. b' g, 1878, by Dauntless- 
Nannie Thome, by Hamlet 2:15% 

Thomley, b s, 1889, by Rumor— Thorn- 
leaf, by Jay Gould 2:29% 

Thornton, b e, 1885, by Alcantarar— 
Tho!Tadale Maid by Thomdaie 2:26% 

Thomtonian b s. 1888, by Bgthome— 
Kit P., by William k 2:30 

Thorn Rose, Ch m, 1888, hy Nil Des- 
pepandumr-Rosy Thome, by Thom- 
daie 2:26-% 

Thorn Wilkes, b s, 1887, by Hector 
Wilkes— Smuggler Belle, by Stoaug- - 
gler T. 2:28% 

Thorawood, b g, 18&— 2:29% 

Thornwood, <fh s, 1887. by Hawthorne 
—March Fourth, by Whipple's Ham- 
bletonian 2:19V4 

Throe Tips, ch s, 1887, by Sam Purdy 
— ViTglnia Girl, by Hetzel'ai Ham- 
hletonian 2:2.'>% 

Thursday, blk ni. 188—, by Noonday. . 2:25 

Thurston, b s, 1889, by Sir Archie 2:29% 

Tlcklie Me. blk s, 1889, by O. 7. Clay, 
dam by Lyle Wilkes 2:28 

TietauL b s, 18&-, by Anteeo— Bya- 
line. by Nutwood 2:19 

TLoonic, ch g, 1875, by Milwaukee- 
Lady Dexter, by Black Flying aoud 2:26% 

TlckO'Tanlc, b m, 1890 2:2S% 

Tid Jefferson, blk m, 1880, by Alex- 
ander JeffeiBon-nJenny, by Pilot 2:27% 

TllfoTd, b s, 1883, by Bourbon Wilkes 
-Julia, by Gibson's John DiUard Jr. 2:17% 

TilHeB., b m 2:24% 

Tillie Green, ch m, 188—, by Mam- 
twino King 2:27 

Tiilie Macey, b m, 188—, by Macey, 
dam by Hero of Thomdaie 2:26% 

Tillie S., br m, 1886, by Pasacas— 
HotGh Mare, by Patchen 2:27% 

TlltOD, br g, 188-, by Constellation. . . 2:24% 

Tlltom Almont, b s, 1872, by Almont, 
dam hr Clark Chief (dead) 2:26 

Tilton B., b g, 18»-, by Tilton Al- 
mont, dam by John Nelson 2:24% 

Tim a, b g, 188—, by Graham's Mam- 
brino 2:23% 

Time Medium, b s, 1880, by Happy 
Mediumr-Decorah, by Mambrino 
Time 2:27% 

Tim Kane, br s, 1890, by Jud^e Tram- 
ble— Brown Nell 2:21% 

Timothy, b g, 187—, by Hindoo 2:26% 

Tma F., b m, 1888, by Tamarisk 2:25 

Tinker, b g, 188—, by BlckfordPoaTest 2:25% 

Tinker, b a, 1880, by Geo-ge M. Patch- 
en Jr., dam by Uncle Tom 2:28 

Tinaaie 6., br m, 1875, by Black Pilot— 
Oooney, by Stewart Morgan. 2:27% 

Tin Plate, br s, 1891, by Durango- 
Nlckle Plate, by Belmont 2:26 

Tiny, b g, lfe», by So!icitoiv-Red 
Bfaid, by Harold 2:29% 

Tiny, br m, 1889, by Electioneer— 
Telle, by Gen. Benton 2:28% 

Tiny B., b m, 1886, by Charley B.— 
Pauline, by Prince imperial 2:21% 

Tiny Moore, b ni, 1891, by Judge 
Tranby- Minnie H., by Legal Ten- 
der Jr 2:29% 

Tiny Rogrers, b m, 1886, by Prairie 
Star— lone, by Wapsie 2:30 

Tio«a Belle, b m, 188—, by Hiatoga 
^ef 2:29% 

Tlppie, b m, 1884jby l>cho— Hatha- 
way Mare, by Whipple's Hamble- 
tonian 2:16% 

Tippo Tib, b g, 1880, by Reliance, 
dami by MamDrino Rattler 2*.26 

TIpseoo, b s, 1884, by Louis Napoleon, 
dam by Garlbalcll 2:19% 

Tipton Boy, b g, 1881, by Gypsy 
Chief— Whelan Mare, by George S. 
Patdhen 2:24^4 

Tip Tyler, blk s. 1888, by Wilton- 
Lady Simmons, by Honest Allen. ... 2:22 

Tii-zah, b m, 1877, by Swigei-tr— Lady, 
by White Stockings 2:30 

Tirasah, ch m, ISffi, by Penrose— 
Dinah, by Little Crow 2:26 

Title Clear, ch m, 188—, by Great 
Hoped 2:30 

Tltanla, ch m, 1878, by Aberdeenr— 
Bonnie Lassie, by a J. Wells 2:27 

Tito, b s, 1887, by Egbert— Laura, by 
Billy Adams 2:27 

T. J. Potter, gr g, 187—, pedigree not 
traced 2:29% 

Tocsin, ch s, 1879, by Almont— Jenny 
Martin, by Star Denmai-k 2:22% 

Toinette, b m, 1884, by Onward— t 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 



SaUy B., bj Lerer 2:30 

awoken, b m, 1888, by Onward— Alarm, 

by iJmont 2:14% 

Tsta, gr m. 1873, by Staitoor-Nelly 

Grey 2:29% 

Tblu, b s, 1889. by Vatioann-Oallie C, 

byPeavine 2;21^4 

Tola Maid, br m, 1871, bsr Bed Bird. . 2:23!4 
TQOi'ab, dh g, 1890, by XSdgardOk dAm. 

by oiympS 2:12^4 

Tom AILea, bik g, 1874, by Honest 

AUen— Lucy Smith, by BrlgnoU 2:22 

Tom Aj^en, b g, 1886, by Kuss Den- 

niark 2:16i4 

Tom Bailey, b g, 18^—, by Sam B., 

diam by Tom Oi-owder 2:28i4 

Tom Baird, b s, 188—, pedigree not 

trooed 2:28 

Tom Barry, b g, 187—, by Warwick 

Boy, dBm by Tattler Jr 2:2Ci4 

Tom Bayard, b g, 187—, pedigree not 

traced 2:27V^ 

Tom B. Patohen, br s, 1871, by Chur- 
chill Horse, diauL by Benson Hor&e. 2:27-4 
Tom Brlttxxnv b:* g, 1805, by Mam- 

brunello (dead) 2:2G 

Tom Brown, ch g, 1870, by Adam's 

Bald Ohlef, dam by Sam Slick 2:27V^ 

Tom Oameron, gr g, 1«72, by Scott's 

Hiatoga— Old Pac^ by I^aWet 2:23% 

Tom Oarpeniter, b g, 1883, by ThouLas 

Jefferson— Shepperdeas, by Jack 

Shepperd ...t 2:23^ 

Tom Cbrwln, b b, 1880, by Smuggler 

— ijly Shields, by King's Cadmus.. 2:25 
Tom OoTington, blk s, 1883, by Limber 

Jim^-OM Kate 2:28Vi 

Tom Dixon, b s, 188—, by Prlncepe. . . 2:2iV4 
Tom Drew, b s, 18&-, by Yofung Dir- 

Igo— Wild Bi idh, by Patches Boy. . . . 2:27% 

Tom Bdran 2.28% 

Tom H., b 8, 188—, by Tom Scott 2:27Vi 

Tom Hook, b s, 1889, tyv Cyclone— Nan 

Brown, by OoJ. Hambrick 2:27Vi 

Tom H., b g, 188—, by Tom Scott.... 2:27iA 
Tom Hull, b g, pedigree not traced. . 2:28 
Tom Jacobs^ b g, 1885, by Clark's 

Hamb^etoiiian 2:21 

lorn Judge, b g, 1888, by Melrose— 

Molly Clark, by Holabird's Ethan 

Allen 2:25% 

Tom Hamilton, b g, 1885, by Ham- 
ilton 2:21% 

Tom Hendricks, gr g, 1873, by Tom 

Hunter 2:30 

Tom Hendricks, b g, 1868, by Tom 

Rolf e— Black Sal, by Copperbottom. 2:25 
Tom Keeler, b g, 186—, by Jersey 

Star— Betsy Baker (dead) 2:25 

Tom King, b 6, 1883, by Daniel Boone 

—Dolly Bidwell 2:28 

Tom Kirkwood, bl s, 1874, by Green's 

Barihaw— Nancy Bell, by Galea' Mor- 
gan 2:29% 

Tom Knox, ch s, 1883, by Telephone 

— Topsy, by Currier Horse 2:28% 

Tom Mackey, br g, 1888, by Hotspur 

Chief— Belle Herman, by Hermes... 2:26 
Tom Malloy, bl g, 187—, by PhU Sher- 
idan 2:30 

Tom Medium, b s, 188-, by Riley 

Medium— Queen, by Harris 2:2J)% 

Tcm Medley, b g, 187—, pedigree not 

traced 2*27% 

Toni Miller, ch s. 1889, by WilliamB ' I 

—Pearl K., by Bgmont 2:23%L 

Tom Moore, b s, 1868, by Jupiter | 

Abdallah— Nelly Moore .......:.... 2 28 ' 

Tom Murray, b g. 1883, by Chester 
Ohlef— Murray Mare, by Nanny 
Horse 2:24% 

Tom Scott, g g, 188—, by Nutwood. .2:26 

Tommy, b g, 1879, by Aberdeen- 
Jenny Baker 2:30 

Tommy B., b g, 1875, by Caledonian 
Chief— Kitty, by James' Toronto 
Chief Jr 2^5 

Tommy B., b g, 188—, by Hotspur Jr. 2724% 

Tommy Dodd, ro g, by Alexander, 
dam by Mystery 2:24 

Tommy G., b g, 1887, by Queen's 
Phallas— Clara G., by Brilliant Gold- 
dust 2:25 

Tommy Gates, br g, 1871, by The 
Moor, dam by Ldttfe John 2d 2.24 

Tommy X/ee, b g, 1886» by Rescue, 
dam by Alllson^s Red Buck 2:25% 

Tommy Norwood, b g, 1873, by Nor- 
wood, dam by Gen. Knox ....'.... 2:26% 

Tommy R,, b g, 188—, by Tom Jef- 
ferson 2:29% 

Tommy Root, gr g, 188—, by Teller- 
Nelly Elmo, by St. Elmo 2:25% 

Tommy Tosser, b g, 188—, by Busy 
Boy 2:30 

Tommy Wilkes, br s, 1883, by Young 
WUke*--Lady Gift * 2:22 

Tomoka, gr e, 1886, by St. Leon- 
Columbia, by Knickerbocker 2:28% 

Tom Pugh, ch s, 1886, by Red Wilkes 
— liOttie T^nple, by Mambrino 
Temple 2:30 

Tom Rogers, b g, 188— by Dartmouth 2:28 

Tom Rogers, bl s, 1876, by George 
Wllkes-Nelly (dead) 2:20 

Tom Rolfe, b g, 1877, by Tom Rolfe 
— Carlotta, by Fearnaught Jr 2:22% 

Tom Thome, ch s, 1886, by Western 
Boy— Belle Cromwell, by Abdallah 
Mambrino 2:20% 

Tom Tinker, bl g, 1881, by Hamble- 
hawk— Gentle Anna, by Black Dan. . 2:30 

Tom Tucker, b g, 1886, by Fieldmont 
—Flirt, by Forrest Golddust 2:29% 

Tom Walter, ch g, 186—, by Grey Mee- 
senger (dead) 2:29 

Tom wonder, br g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced (dead)....- 2:27 

Tono, ch g, 188—, by Judge Salisbury 2:26% 

Tonquin, b s, 1888, by Lord RusseU— 
Trlcara, by Annapolis 2:2» 

Tony, ch s, 1887, by Kenmore— 
Arlfltlna, by Arlstos 2:27 

Tony Boy, ch s, 1889. by C. F. Clay 
—Lady Alexainder, by France's Al- 
exander 2:26 

Tony D., cr g, 188—, by Goodfellow. ,. 2:28 

Tony Denton, ch s, 1887, by Sir Den- 
ton— Belle C., by Masterlode 2:22 

Tony Hill, blk s, 18&— , by Boston 
Wilkes 2:30 

Tony Klock, ch s, 1887, by Mambrl- 
tonian— Lady Klock 2:18% 

Tony Medium, b m, 188—, by Shen- 
nan Medium— Jessie B 2:24% 

Tony Newell, b g, 1874, by Clark 
Chief Jr.— Collins Mare, by Bmbry's 
Lexineton 2:19% 

Tony v., b s, 1890; by Vatican, dam 
by Sales Horse 2:27% 

Topaz, bl s, 1888, by Culler's Ham— 
Motly, by Sam 2:18% 

Top Royal, b e, 1888, by Nil Desperan- 
dnm— Roeburn, by Thorndale 2:24% 

Topsy, b m, 1885, by Jim Swlgert— 
Lady Brlington, by Erllngton 2:28 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Topsy, br m, 188—, by Royal Fear- 
naught— Dolly Smith, by Flak's 
Mambrlno Chief Jr 2:28 

Toney, bl m., 187—, by Chaiiey B.— 
Lucy 2:29i4 

Topsy, b m, 1891, by Grandlssimo— 
Flora B., by Whlppleton 2:27 

Topsy, bl m, 1873, by Sklnkle Ham- 
bletonian— Flora Belle, by Prince... 2:30 

Topsy, b m, 1872, by Walklll Chief, 
dam by Holablrd's Bthan Allen 
(dead) 2:21% 

Topsy 0., b m, 1888, by Prince L.— 
Gazelle 2:29% 

Topfiy M., b m, 1881. by Trogan Boy. . 2:80 

Topsy v., ch m, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Tornado, b g, 1885, by Dom Pedro- 
Cora Collins, by Ned Forrest 2:29 

Toronto Chief Jr., br s, 187—, by 
Jones' Toronto Chief 2:26^4 

Toronto Maid, br m, 1876, by Captain 
—Lady Mack, by Toronto Chief ... 2:28^ 

Toea, gr m, 1886, by Bnfleld— Susie 
G., by Sip 2:19% 

Tosca, b m, 1887, by Grand Senti- 
nel—Jane, by Sweepstakes 2:19% 

Tot, b m, 1884, by Young Columbus 
Jr.— Young Maggie, by Vermont Vol- 
unteer 2:24 

Touchstone, b g, 188—, by Hamlin's 
Almont Jr 2:30 

Townsend Chief, b s, 1885, by Bonnie 
Wilkes— AUce Townsend, by Niagara 
Chief .V/......Vr.... 2:27% 

Toy, ro g, 188—, by Blackwood 
Chief : 2:27% 

Tracy, br s, 1886, by Mambrlno Dud- 
ley— Knlck Knack, by Knicker- 
bocker 2:26% 

Trafalgar, b s, 1887, by NeHaoo- Fan- 
nie Drew, by Dirlgo. ." 2:28V4 

Tra«'ord, ch s. 1887. by Red Wilkea— 
Misaiev by Westwood (pacing 2:23). . 2:27% 

Tramp, b g, 188—, pedigree not traced 2:29% 

Tramp Jr., ch s, 187—, by Tramp- 
Belle, by Barnard's Muscatine 2:30 

Trampoline, ch s, 1869, by Tramp- 
Yellow Bird, by Green's Bashaw... 2:23 

Tramp S., ch s, 1883, by Tramp- 
Belle, by Muscatine (dead) 2:21% 

Transit, b s, 1883, by Prompter- 
Venus, by CalKomin Dexter 2:26% 

Trapeze, b m, 1885, by Rumor— Zoe, 
by Gen. Knox 2:27 

Traveler, ch g, 185—, by Flying Mor- 
gan (dead) 2:27Va 

Treadway, b g, 1881, by Arletos Jr.— 
Graham Mare, bv Young Jackson . 2:24% 

Tremont, b e, 1875. by Belmont — 
Virginia, by Abdallah 2:28% 

Ttevillian, b s. 1889, by Young Jim 
—Miss Kittridffp. by GambPtta 2:08% 

lYIbime, b s, 1882, by Knickerbocker 
—School Girl, by Mambrlno Patchen 2:25\i 

Tribune Jr., br s, 1889, by Tribune— 
KRte Shelley, bv Hamb'eh<»wk 2:30 

Tribute, b s, 1886. by Tribune— Hat- 
tie Hogan, by Administrator 2:25% 

Tricotrin. b s. 1884, by W. H. Max- 
well—Lady Klock. by Younar Onedia 2:25 

Trtdent .Jr., bl s. 1885, bv Trident- 
Lady Clayton, by Bay Dirk 2:27% 

Trifle, b m, 1874, by Trouble— Fanny, 
bv Quaker .Toe 2:29% 

Trifle, b g, 1882, by Wilder— Flaxy, 
br Marco 2:26V4 

Trilly Way, b m, 1888. by Balrd's 

Hambletonian Prince— Kittle Wheel- 
er 2:25% 

Trim, di fc 1886l by Young D«i- 
mark— Lady Blackey, by King Will- 
lam Jr. 2:16% 

Tdnonlo, dt e, 1880, bj Monroe— Flora 
McGregor, by Robert McGregor... 2:20 

Trinket, b m, 1875, by Princepe— 
Ouida, by Rysdyk's Bambletonian. 2:14 

Trio, b m, 1868. by Volunteer— Lady 
Sears, by Seely's American Star.... 2:28% 

Tristan, br s, 1886, by Forward— 
Parthenia, by Almont Rattler 2:22% 

Triumph, b s, 1880, by Richwood— 
Belle C;iay. by Strader's Oassius M. 
Clay Jr 2:29% 

Triumph, br s, 1883. by Stockholm... 2:27% 

Trixey, b m, 1890, by Embaasador. 
dam by Star Hambletonian 2:30 

Trixie, br m, 1882. by John Gold- 
smith, dam by Black Harry Qay . 2:26% 

Trixter, ch s, 1884, by Executor— 
Lucy H., by Almont 2UZS% 

Trombone Rex, b s, 1888, by Dictator 
—Cadenza, by King Rene 2:15% 

Trotwood. br s, 18©, by Swigert— 
Lady Glare, bv Volunteer 2:22% 

Trotwood, b s. 1889, by Fhallas— Ma- 
tilda, by Nutwood 2:27% 

Troubadour, bl g, 1874, by Revenge— 
IlUhois Maid, by Black Donald 
(dead) 2:19% 

Trouble, b s, 1879, by Nigger Doctor 
—Nelly B., by Sherman Black Hawk 
Jr : 2:24% 

Troublesome, br m, 1877, by Messen- 
ger Duroc— Lady Bryant, by Brig- 
noil (dead) 2:25% 

Troublesotoe, ch g, 188—, by Thorn- 
dyke 2:19% 

Trousseau, ch m, 1878. by Nutwood 
—Molly Tmssell, by Pilot Jr 2:28% 

Troy Belle, ch m, 1885, by untraced 
sire-Bird, by Sanders' Mohawk ... 2:29% 

True Blue, blk 8, 188—. by Blue 
Blood V 2:80 

True Blue, b m, 1875. by Blue Bull 
— MisB Davidson, bv FooaJhofntas Boy 2:26 

Tmemont. blk g, 1888, by Altamont— 
Minnie, by Rockwood 2:21% 

Tniman. b s. 18W^. by Electioneer— 
Telle, by (3en. Benton 2:12 

Trumpeter, br s. 1881. by Challenger 
—Nashville, bv Woodford Mambrlno 2:20% 

Trustee, b g, 18»—, pedigree not traced 2:25 

T. T. S., ch g. I8fi0, bv Melrose— 
AJax. by Vermont Hnmbletonlan . . . 2:19% 

Tube Rose, br m. 1887. by King Al- 
most—Rose CJhfef. by Brown Chief . 2:30 

Tucker, ch g, 1877. by Strathmore— 
Fanny Shuff. by Bob Henry 2:19 

Tnlu, b m. 1889, by Oriole— Dora L., 
by Wellington 2:2 

Tumo Winston, ch g. 187—. by Primus 2:2 

T"Tia. b m. 1886. bv Wood word's 
Bthan Allen Jr.— Fortnna, bv Almont 2:15% 

Tnral, b s, 188—, by Mambrlno 
Startle 2:23% 

Turk, ch s, 1881. by Arthur, S.— 
Nelly Spoon, bv Blue Bull 2:27 

Turk, br g. 188?*. bv Coriander— 
Georglana, bv lOvnn Dhn 2:17% 

Turner, b s, 1885, by Alsyone— Nettle, 
bv Gray's Tom Hal 2:23% 

Tamer, b b, 1884, bv Mambrino 
P«tr»ben— Lady Ayres, by Redmon*» 
Abdallah ... .........: 2:28% 

Turner Boy, b s, 1889, by Dick 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Wilkes— Kate, by Stockdale's DU- 

lard 2:21^ 

Tusoarora, b m 1890, by Antonio- 
Reality, by Princepe 2:22^ 

TTrnng, b g, 1S5— , by Hanflley's Hla- 
togan dam by Young Bdlpse, ...*... 2:28V^ 

Twunu, h s» laSflt IJJ Aicy&ne— IVln- 
kle, by KjUekerbooker 2:18% 

Twlgge, b g, 1B87. by Judge Rv^yk 
— Jt>!^s. bv Boekwith Horse , . . 2:24^ 

Twilight, b m, l3S;ip by Poooli^utas 
3ioy— ChJUJiplon Belle, by King's 
Chiimptou .,...„....,...,,.. 2:28^ 

TwIlJglvl, gr tf, 1S34. by Arnold— Orey 
Mug. by Mike alrtool 2:20% 

T\\illjq:tiL gr tJi. ISO—, by Wnslilugton 
Jiiokscm ^dea a) . . * ^ . , 2:27 

TwineblQdtv, br e, lH8a. by Panic 2:20% 

Twinkle, ch ni^ ^mh by Egmoot— May 
Pn^velU by MHJor Lowell , , . . 2:27% 

Twinkle, br m. 1887, by Dleluitor— 
Jlr>ia WlJkes. by aeorge WUkta.,.. 2:25% 

TisiEt, ro m, 1386, by Jay Blrd-Tas- 
selL by liatblln (dead) 2:20 

Tybalt, blk ». IS^r^ by AJtomout— 
Nelly Kfllhler. by Mike 2:27V4 

Tyelio. h 6, IBS5, Tiy Jerome Eddy— 
Ckiy Thome, hy Hiram 2:28% 

Tyier. m ff, IST—, pcOlert^ not tnu-ed 2:28% 

Tyler Wilkes, b- s, 188—, by Wild 
Wiikc» 2:29% 

Tjrphoon, br s, 1879, by Narra^ansett 
-^Uen Swlgert, by Swigert 2:28% 

T^phooa, b m, 1886, by Lord Russell— 
Stopm^ by Mlddletown 2:28 

O^amus, blk s, 1889, by Young Wilkes 
— Rosetta, by Pickering (ivacing 
2:22%) 2:21% 

Tyrant Ohlef, b s, 1883, by Tyrant- 
Nelly, by Young Woful 2:26% 

Tyringnam b s, 1883, by Alcantara— 
Volante, by Messenger Duroc 2:29% 

Tyrolean, gr s, 1884, oy Pilot Medium 
—Mary Courts, by Bay MiddJeton. . 2:20% 

Ulee Wilkes, blk m, 1888, by Guy 
Wilkes— SaWe, by The Moor 2:23 

TJlva, gr m, 1879, by Wedgewood— 
Tulip, by Alexander's AbdallaJi 2:27 

Umber, br s, 1881, by WiUlam Rysdyk 
—Begum, by Alcalde 2:25V4 

TJmbria, b m, 1886, by Pennant— Mam- 
brino Mand, by Mambrino Paris. . . . 2:25V4 

Una, b m, 1874, by Almont— Mangos- 
tine, by imp. Mango 2:27% 

Una Wilkes, b m, 1886, by Guy 
Wilfceo— Blanche, by Arthurtcm 2:15 

Una Young, b m, 1885, by Gen. Stan- 
ton— Jenny, bv Grantham Chief 2:29% 

Uncas, b g, 188—, by Onsight 2:22% 

Uncle I>ave, sp g, 187—, by Ind.^en- 
dent 2:26% 

Uncle Henry, br s, 1889, by Bolton 
Sprague— Black Rose, by Swigert. . . . 2:29^ 

Uncle Josh, ro s, 1890, oy Areaces— 
Nydia Sprague, by Governor Sprague 2:20% 

Uncle Sam, b s, 1888, by Lk>u1s Napo- 
leon—Seldom, by Durango 2:22 

Uncle Tom, ro g, 1889, by Sphinx- 
May C, by Dunbarton 2:18% 

Union Medium, b s, 1885, hj Happy 
Meddunir-Oamilla, by Straaer's Cas- 
sius M. aay Jr 2:18% 

Union Wilkes, gr s, 188—, by Mam- 
brino Wilkes 2:29% 

UnkJimet, eh s, 1800, by Lancelot— 
Ruslna, by Belmont 2:22% 

Unknown, ch g, 186—, pedigree not 
traced (dead) 2:23 

U. N. O., cli g, 1877. by Carenauglit. 2:24% 

Unolala» b m, 1871. by Volunteer- 
Flora, by Hari-y Clay (dead) 2:22^ 

Up-and-Up, b g, 187—, pedigree not 
traced 2:28 

Uprielht Wilkes, blk s, 1888, by Honor 
— Mlas Haydon, by Mambrino Foster 2:14% 

Urbana Belle, b m, 1878, by J. H. 
Welsh— Mary Belle, by Breckinridge 2:20V4 

Useful, b g, 188— by Gambetta 2:22% 

Ureula. b m. 1889, by Onward—Maud, 
by Mambrino Time 2:28% 

Utell, b s, 1887, by Square Dealer— 
Romping Girl, by Mambrino Royal 2:24% 

U. Tell, br g, 1886, by Star Etihan. . . . 2:29% 

Utella, blk m, 18&, by Charley B. 
Wilkes, dam by Miller Horse 2:26% 

Utility, b m, 1885, by Electioneer— 
(Consolation, by Dictator 2:20% 

Vadel, b m, 1887, by Vasco— Delmo- 
netto, by Delmonico 2:20% 

Val, b s, 188—, by Vasco— Lee, by 
Magic 2:18 

Valoour, ch s, 1882, by .King Rene- 
Marietta, by Mambrino Hedgeford. 2:28 

Valdemeer, b s, 1880, by mrold— 
Va8ea:% by Belmont 2:28 

Valensin, en s, 1883. by Crown Point 
—Netty Lambert, by John Nelson. . 2:23 

Valentine, br g, 18»), by Kentucky 
Clay Jr.— Queen 2:22 

Valentine, gr m, 1883, by Georgia 
Wilkes 2:18% 

Valentine Chief, blk s, 188—, by Val- 
entine Swlgert— Maggie, by Monroe 
Chief 2:20% 

Valentine Sprague, blk s, 1884, by 
GilWrd's Sprague— Fleda, by Grant's 
Hambletonian 2:29% 

VaUetta, br m, 1887, by Dresden— 
NeUy Wilson, by Onward 2:23 

Valiant, b s, 1871, by Bndhanter— 
Lorena, by Volunteer 2:28% 

Valissa, b m, 1887, by Vasco— Chess, 
by Maglo 2:19 

Valkyr, b m, 1882, by Volunteer Star 
—Susie, by Corbeau 2:19% 

Valley Boy, b g, 1876, by Aberdeen- 
Flora, by Plow Boy 2:24% 

Valley Chief, gr s, 187—, by Phil Slier- 
idan, dam by Ben Bolt 2:25 

Valley Girl, b m, 1870, by Walkill 
Chief— Madam Swlveller, by Henry 
aay Jr 2:30 

Valley Girl, dh m, 1889, by Valdameer 
—Ella Steele, by Dan Underwood... 2:29% 

Valley Queen, b m, 1891, by Sphinx- 
Mascot, by Red Wilkes 2:28% 

Vailse, b m, 1889, by Onward — 
Cadiuca, by Almont 2:30 

Vanadis, dh s, 1886, by Star of the 
West— Fringa, by Almont Rattier.. 2:26% 

Van Buren^Vilkee, blk s, 1885, by 
Young Wilkes— Fanny Easier, by 
Ni^tHawk 2:21% 

Vancor, b g, 188— 2:23% 

Vandeen, b s, 1889. by Clay Cuyler— 
Dolly Dean, by Forest Mambrino. . . 2:26% 

Vanderlynn, b g, 1874, by George M. ^ ^^ 
Patchen Jr.— Lady Scully, by Joseph 2:21 

Van Duke, b s, 1880, by Ryse Duke 
—Indian Maid, by Saturn 2:30 

Vaneesa. b m, 1888, by Aberdeen — 
Belle Donna, by Peavlne 2:20 

Van Helmont, blk s, 1884, by Har- 
bingei>-Lady, by Gen. Knox 2:19Va 

Vanity, b m, 1889. by Valdemeer— _ 
Addle Wilkes, by Idol Wilkes 2:22 

Vanity Fair, b g, 1867, by Albion.... 2:24% 

Van Robin, oh g, 1891, by Vatican. . . . 2:19% 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Vanaulrfi, blk s, 1889, by HamWetonr 

Ian Mambrlno— Natilla J., by Kock- 

-^ood 2ilv 

Van Taseel, b e, 1884, by C5rlttenden _ 

— Prlnoeas Alice, by Ashland Chief. 2:2S^ 
Van Tromp, b s, 1884, by Badger 

Boy— Spmgfield Maid, by Lakeland 

Abdailah ••••• 2:29 

Vashto, b 8, 1886. by Ambacwidor— 

Jenny, by Robert FilUngham J:\. .. 2:27% 
Vasear, b s, 1889. by Vatican-NeU, 

by Bstill Brie (pacing 2:07)........ 2:21^ 

Vatioan. b s, 1879, by Belmont— Vara. 

by ByBdyk'8 Hambletonlan 2:29V4 

Vatican, oh 8, 1887, by Acolyte— 

Santa Olaus, by Majortc 2:18 

Veda, b m, 1887. by Electioneer— Isma, ^^^ , 

by Gen. Benton 2:26^ 

Vega, blk s, 1887, by Woodb-ino- ^ ^^^, 

Blackstone BeUe. by Blackstone. . . . 2:15% 
Velmar, b s, 1887, by Robert Me- 

Gregor,— OreduUty, by Belmont.... 2:28% 

Velocity, b g 2:20 

Velox, b m, 1875, by Knickerbocker, 

dam by Rysdyk's Hambleitonian. ... 2:30 
Velvet, oh s, 1886, by Tramp— Bracket. 

by Peacock \ir\w" 2:28 

Velvet, blk m, 1888, by Brown Wilkes ^ ^^^ 

—Helmet, by Nntwrood 2:22% 

Vendetta, blk m, 1886, by Black Clond ^ __ 

— El-Pe-Nlce, by Parisian 2:28Vt 

VendetU, b s, 1888, by RevelU^ ^ ^^^ 

—Kitty Morgan, by Joe Downing Jr. 2:20% 
Venita Wilkes, b m, 188-, by Guy 

"Wilkes — San Mateo Maid, >y Spec- ^ ^^ 

Tilation zjj:-" 2:13 

Venture, b e, 1887, by Jerome Eddy- 
Maggie Burns, by Green Mountain 

Chief 2:30 

Venture, ch s, 1864, by Califo(rnia 

Belmont— Mtes Moetyn, by American 

Boy Jr. (dead) 2:27% 

Vera, b m. 1886, by Kentucky Vol- ^ ^^ 

unteer— Lady Graves, by Smuggler. 2:25 
Vera, b m, 1886, by Geo-^e O.-Roxie 

Bee, by Squire Tahnage 2:29% 

Vera, b m, 1886, by Hamdalkih- 

Dolly 2d, by Abdailah Bird 2:22% 

Vera, br m, 1889, by Stamboul— ^ ^^^^ 

Garred, by Junius 2:18% 

Vera, b m, 1889, by Viking— Jiar- ^ ^ ^ ^ 

quette, by Bona Fide 2:25% 

Vera, b m, 188—, by Young Harry ^ 

Clay 2:26% 

Verdi, b s. 1890, by Rumor"— Cymbal, 

hy Gen. Knox 2:25V«a 

Verdict, b s, 188—, by Hamlin's 

Almont Jr 2:27% 

Veritas, b g, 1884, by Mark Field— Bay 

Dell, by Advance 2:16% 

Verlinda B^ gr m, 188—, by Oritm, 

dam by Mambrlno Columbus 2:20 

Vermont, dh g, 1887. by Beaumont- 
Verdant, byTMlly Green 2:29% 

Vemet b__g, 188—. by Red Eagle. 

dam by Wrlgiht's Rattler 2:27% 

Vemette, b m. 1881, by ManJcheater— 

Ella Madden, by Ryedyk*s Ham- 
bletonlan 2:239i 

Vemmont ch s. 1886, by Flaxmont— 

Fancy, by Bill 2:29 

Vernon, gr e, 1885. by May Boy— Lucy 

Vernon, by Speculation 2:26% 

Vemwood. gr s, 1889, by Wllkeewood 

— Vemey. by Haw Patch 2:26 

VefTona, ro m, 1888, by Picket— Berks 

County Maid 2:21% 

Verona Wilkes, b m, 1886, by Guy 

Wilkes— Glen EUen. by Arthurton. . 2:27 

Veronica, b m, 1884, by Alcona*— 
Fontana, by Almont ^ . . 2:29 

Versailles Girl, b m, 1870, by Stephen 
A. Douglas, dam by Tippoo 2:25^ 

Vertex, b g 2:21% 

Vesolia. b m, 1886, by Stamboul— 
Inez, by The Moor 2:29% 

Vespasian, b s, 1882. by Hull— Bon- 
nie Bessie, by Backman's Abdailah 
Star 2-.24% 

Vesta, 1)1 in, 1885, by Monaco- 
Country Girl, by Blozlng Star 2-.27% 

Vesta, cli m, 13S--, bv Guy Wilkes 
— Annit? G., by Daa Voorhis ,., 2:80 

VestabulEi. ^ e. IS^IO, by I'Hot Medi- 
um, dam bFf Qlmedo Wilkes, .... ... 2:25 

Vesta MiMtliim. gr m, 18^, b/ Pilot 
Mediuin-Vt^sttt. Uy McFerrou .... 2:29% 

Vic H., br m, 1^4, by Kenvls' Black- 
bird— Elleu Swigen. by Swlgurt ... 2:12% 

VichmoDt, eb t. l^— , by OJympiiis... 2:30 

Vic Hunter, b m, 188—, by Gen. 
Ttiomas 2:23% 

Victor, ro g, 1888, by Garnet Wllkee 
—Darkness, by Reconstruction .... 2:29% 

Victor, br s, 1871, by Gen. Knox — 
Kate 2:28 

Victor b g. 188- 2:24% 

Victor, b g, 1877. by Rysdyk— Dolly 
by Phenomenon 2:21% 

Victor, br s, 188-, by Echo 2:22 

Victor, br s, 1870, l^Young Darkey— 

Fanny Norton, by Vermont Morgan. 2:29% 

Victor B., br s, 1883, by Alaric— _ 
Daisy, by Coon Horse 2:20 

Victor Clay, b g, 1879, by Victor Mo- 
hawk—Lady Clay, by Qark's Pay- ^ ^ ^ 
master 2:26% 

Victor Duroc, ch g, 1878, by Victor 
Mohawk— Annetta, by Messenger 
Duroc 2:28 

Victor B.. br g, 188-, by H. W. __,^ 
Beecher ...... ................... 2:28% 

Victor Hambrino, b s. 1885, by Victor 
Bismarck— Beauty, by Hambrino . . 2:20 

Victor Hugo, ch s, 1889. by Seneca 
Patchen— Carrie P.. by Spink 2:23% 

Victoria, ch m, 1878, pedigree not 
traced 2:30 

Victoria McGregor, ch m, 1887, by 
Robert McGi^egor — Victoria, by Dic- 
tator 2:19% 

Victoria Wilkes, b m^l885, by On- 
ward—Victoria, bv Dictator 2:19% 

Victor It^., b g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:29% 

Victor Sprague. b s. 1881. by George 
Sprague— SylTia. by Swlgert 2:29% 

Victor Sprague. ch s, 1890, by Sprague 
—Adelaide, by Tendoy 2:26% 

Victor v., ch s. 1889, by Deacon- 
Pauline, by Darby 2:29% 

Victor Wilkes, b s, 188—, by Victor 
Bismarck 2:29% 

Victor Wilkes, gr g. 188—. by Young 
WUkes— Dolly, by Little Giant .... 2:26% 

Victory, b e. •1881. bv Alden Gold- 
smith— Jannette. by Swleert 2:24% 

Victress, b m. 1888, by Brown— Vic- 
toria, by Dictator 2:28% 

VirtnMa. br m, 1883. by Abdailah 
Wilkes— Vlsette by Voltaire 2:23% 

Vida, b g. 188—, by Viking, dam 
by Ben Morrill 2:23% 

Vlrta Wilkes, ch m, 1888, by Guy 
Wilkes— Vixen, bv Nutwood 2:18% 

Vidette. b m, 1882. by Scott?^ Dave j 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



HUl Jr.— Black Beauty, by Dayld 

Hill Jr , :i:23% 

Viking, ch 8, 1881, by Belmont— 
Waterwitcb, by Pilot Jr. (dead) . . . 2:19% 

Vilette, b m, 1878» by Volunteer Jr.— 
Lady Hill, by Davis* Tom Kim- 
ball 2:22% 

Village Girl, ch m. 1866, by Canadian 
Black Hawk— Desjardin 2:28 

VUliers, br s, 1891, by Norval-Ca- 
thedral, by Gen. Wilkes 2:27% 

Vina Belle, br m, 1889, by Nephew 
— Flushing Belle, by Dictator 2:15% 

Vinco, b 8, 1885, by Kentucky Bel- 
mont— Ally, by Lewie* Stone Plover 2:30 

Vincent Cromwell, br s, 1880, by Gov. 
Sprague, dam by Administrator ... 2:30 

Vindex- cb g, 1885, by Mark Field- 
Bay Dell, by Advance 2:29% 

VkmKmt, b s^ 1889, by AJtamoat— 
Venetia, by Almont 2:29 

Viola, br m, 186—, by Morgan Prince, 
dam by King George (dead) 2:28 

Viola Clay, b m, 1884, by Volunteer 
Clay— Mary Norwood, by Norwood.. 2:24% 

Viola Medium, b m, 1886, by Happy 
Medium — Topey Taylor, by Alexan- 
der's Norman, 2:25 

Violin, b g, 1878, byWilliam Welch 
—May, by Blue Bull 2:25% 

Virgin, ch m, 1887, by Allandorf— 
VIrgle R., by Crittenden 2:28% 

Virginia Blvans, bl m, 1885, by Ken- 
tucky Wilkes— Lady Thornton, by 
Mapes Horse 2:15% 

Virginius, b s, 1886^ by Phallamont 
—Theresa Lambert, by Daniel Lam- 
bert 2:10% 

Virus, be, 188—. by Vatican 2.29% 

Visalia, b ^^ 1891, by Iris — Scratch 
Loppy 2:20 

Viscount, bl s, 1883, by Adminis- 
trator— Lydia Montague, by Tippoo 
Bashaw 2:28 

Vision, b m, 1868. Edsall Clay— Lady 
Hopkins, by Bolivar 2:26% 

Vivandiere, br na, 1870, by Sentinel, 
dam by Young Bngineer 2:21% 

Vivian, b m, 1885rDy Homer— Clara 
G., by Beecher 2:27% 

Vivian, br m, 1889, by Golden Bow 
— Frankle, by Franklin 2:22 

Vivid C, b g, 187-, by Schuyler Col- 
fax— Vivid, by John C. Fremont ... 2:28% 

Vladimir, ch g, 1870,* by Woodbum 
Pilot- Princess, bv Honest Allen ... 2:28% 

Volatile, bl m, 1883, by Chicago Vol- 
unteer—Lady Bysdyk, by Rysdyk's 
Hambletonian 2:27% 

Volbrino H., b s, 188 -, by Hannibal 
Baetlake, by Volunteer 2:26% 

Voleta, b m, 1884, by Abdallah 
Wilkes-Volette, by Voltaire 2:23 

Vol'.ery, b s, 188—. by Woodbrino... 2:21% 

Volmer, br s, 1879, by Gambetta — 
Ulster Queen, by Bysdyk*s Ham- 
bletonian 2:24% 

Volney, b g. 1868. by Volunteer.— Dolly 
Martin, by Defiance 2:23 

Volney, ch g, 188—, by Lakeside 2:24% 

Volney, br g. 1884, by Voltaire— Nelly, 
hj llden Goldsmith 2:26% 

Volney True Blue, b g 2:27 

Volta, ch 8, 1889, by Benton— Gold 
Bug. by Knfleld 2:19 

Voltaire, br e, 1868. bv Tattler — 
Young Portia, by Mambrino Chief 
(dead) 2:20% 

Volunteer, br s, 1871, by Gen. Dana 
— NovHtD Damsel, by Norato Chief. . 2:27 

Volunteer, b g, 1881, by Toronto 
Chief Jr.— Polly, by Touchstone... 2:25% 

Volunteer Chief, b g, 1878, by Volun- 
teer-Josephine, by Morrill 2:29^ 

Volunteer D., gr g, 188—, by Diplomat, 
dam by Chicago Volunteer 2:27 

Volunteer Maid, b m, 1867. by Vol- 
unteer—Fanny, by Drew Horse 2:27 

Volunteer Prince, b g, 188—, by Virgo 2'.26% 

Voluela, b m, 1884, by Antai^— Admin- 
istratrix, by Administrator 2:20% 

Von Arnlm, t) s, 1874, by Sentinel- 
Mary Short, by Blood's Black Hawk 2:19% 

Von K., b B, 1886, by Von Amim— 
Sister, by Swlgert 2:29% 

Von Suar, b s, 1886, by Bonnie Bay— 
Moonehine; by Mambrino Hamble- 
tonian 2:27% 

Voodoo, b s, 1888, by StambouJ— Bva, 
by Sultan 2:27% 

Vortex, b g, 1887, by Walker Mor- 
rill 2:21% 

Voucher, br g, 1881, by Nephew- 
Fanny Traherne, by J*atchen Ver- 
non 2:22 

Voyager, br m, 1890, by Norval— Sa- 
hara, by Challenger 2:30 

Vrowsky, b s, 1887, by Red Wilkes 
-^NeJly, by Hamibrino 2:18% 

V. R. S., b m, 1877, by a jekmi of 
Fearnaught 2:29% 

Vulcan, bl g. 18ft—. by Green Moun- 
tain Banner, dam by Vermont 
Hambletonian (dead) 2:25 

Vyzant, b e. 1888, by Bezant— Viola 
Duch, by Guide 2:17V4 

Wabash, ch s. 1885, by Red Wilkes 
—Lottie Patch en, by Mambrino 
Patchen ^.. 2:20 

Waco, b 8, 1886, by Brelong-J^oy, 
by George Wilkes 2:16% 

Wade Hampton, ch g, 1873, by Am- 
bov-Lizzle Pollock 2:29% 

Wagner Bashaw, br s. 186—, by 
Green's Bashaw— Mayflower, by 
Champion 2:25% 

Waitrng. b g. 1878, by Tiexlngton 
Chief Jr. — Jenny, by Fiek's Mam- 
brino Chief Jr 2:24% 

Waldo McGregor, b e, 1885, by Rob 
Rov McGregor— Kate, by Thomp- 
son's Black Hawk -2:29 

WaWsteln, br s, 1885, by Director- 
Nelly W., by Electioneer 2:22% 

Walker H., b g. 1886. by Peter G. 
— Snarkle, by Sparkle 2:26% 

Walklll Boy, \> g, 1882. by Sir Wal- 
klU- Sexta, by Dexter Mohawk 
(dead) 2:24 

Wallace, b g, 1873, by Gen Knox 
.Tr.— Merrymaker, by Wltherell 
I^e^sensfer • 2:29% 

Wallace, bl g," 187— bv Grey 'Comet. 2:22% 

Warace. G., ch g, 1882, by Plumas— 
Princess ... 2:23% 

W«Mul«L, bl mv 1886, by Altamont— 
Ophelia Chiles, by Almont 2:29% 

Walnut, b ST. 1875, bv Flori-'a— Re- 
M«»f. by MesseP^or HamWetonian. . 2:19% 

Walter. " ch. g, 18f7— , pedigree not , 

traced i S=S}^ 

Walter, pr c. 1884. n^d^CTPe not traced 2:28% 

Walter A. br g. 1885. bv William A, 
Allen— Dolly, by Fearnaught 2:25% 

Walt<*r C... b e. 1879. by Moecow— 
Lady Singleton, by Sllverheels 2J2e% 

Digitized by 





Walter D.. ch g. 188-, by Palmer 

Walter Drake, b 8, 1880, by Joe 
Gavin— Myrtle, by Louis Napoleon. , 

Walter B., b k. 1884, by Patchen 
Mambrlno— Old Morgan, by a «on of 

Walter Herr, ch g, 1885, by Sir Wal- 
ter— Sopbie, by Lelaps 

Walter, 188—, oy Kenmore. . 

Walter Si, b g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced *•••••••*•••••••••* 

Walter Klng.'bik i, 188—, by Wilton 
—Lady Larabee, by Howard Mam- 

Walter Mac, ch s, 1884, by Hamble- 
tonian £>on— Clipper 

Walter O., br g, 187—, by Blackstone 

Walter R., blk a, 188—. by Dr, Henry 

Walton Boy, gr s, 1881, by Welling- 
ton— Bve, by Ddward Everett .... 

Walton B<^, gr a, 1891, by Diqpurtant 
— Santa Glaus Maid, by santa Glaus 

Waltz, ch m, 188—, by Anderson 

Wanda, br m, 1889, by Rldgewood— 
Fly. by Wide Awake Oolddust 

Wanda, b m, 1886, by Piedmont— 
Unis, by Mectioneer 

Wanda, b m, 1885, by Bros— Accident, 
by Blmo 

Waneta, b m, 1889, by Shadeland 
Onward— Mocly S,, 

Waneta, blk m. 188— ,by C. P. aay, 
dam by Gambetta Wilkee 

Wanetah, b m, 1885, by Panic 

Wanita, b m, 1890, by Montaigne- 
Grey Princess, by Triumvir 

Wanita, ro m, 1885, by Aberdeen- 
Wyoming Belle, by Lowe's Pilot . . 

WaimimKaker, br 8, 1886, by Charles 
Oallrey— Julia, by Happy Medium . . 

Wapokisco, gr s, 1886, xk Pilot Med- 
ium— Oaseia, by Bay Mlddleton 

Wapsie B., blk m, 1888, ^ Wapsle— 
Nelly, by Laauder's Red Buck 

Warcliff, b s, 1885, by Warlock — 
Btfreda, by Blwood Medium 

Warder, ch 0, 1883, by Belmont— 
Wateirwltoh, by Pilot Jr 

Ward Medium, 6 g, 187—, by Happy 
Medium— Betty Waa^ by Kossuth.. 

WardBftilp. b s, 1889, by Warlock— 
Josle Wilkes, by George Wilkes. . . . 

WardweW, b g, 1883, by Hamlin's Al- 
most Jr.— Graoe, by Hailstorm (pac- 
ing 2:16%) 

Warlock, 1& s, 1885, by Whips-Nelly 

Walker, by Tho^dale 

Warrant, b g, 1886, by ComJbat— West- 
wood, by Brf)ert 

Warren, b s7l884, by Aristoe- Nelly, 
by Black Diamond 

Warren B., b s, 188—, by Sir Walkin 
—Miss Virgo, by Virgo Hambleton- 

Warren Guy, b s, 1892, by IMnceer— 

Lady Emery, by Monte Carlo 

Warren McG-^egor, oh s, 1888, by Rob- 
ert McGregor— Oriena, by Bjgbert... 
WarretD P., eh g, 188—, by William 

BE. Allen 

Warrior, b g, 1871, Ict" Indian Chief— 
^Kitty Clover, by GLave's Rockaway 
Warwick, b s, 185—, by Ethan Allen 


Warwick Medium, b s, 18*-, by Al- 
motit Medium 



























2:20% ; 
2:20 i 
2:2C I 
2:29% ' 
2:21% I 

Warwick Medium, b b, 188—, by Mil- 
ton Medium 2:27% 

Warwltcb, b m, 1889, by Wariock— 
Badinage, by Madrid (pacing 2:25%). 2:18% 

Waterfoird, b s, 1882, by Abbottsford 
—Lady Softly, by^?eculatlon 2:27 

Water Lilly, b m, IffiS. by Sphinx- 
Kate TaJbert. by Mambcino Gift . . . 2:19% 

Waterloo, b s, 1882, by Belmont— 
Waterwltdh, by Pilot Jr 2:19% 

Waterloo Girl, blk m. 1888, by Adrian 
Wllkee— Nettie Highly, by Hamble- 
tonlan EcUpee 2:19% 

Watchword, br s, 1885, bv Nil Des- 
peiiandum— Daisy l>ale, by Thorn- 
Sale 2:20 

Watson, b s, 1885, by WUton— Lost 
Heiress, by Woodbum PUot 2:27% 

watt, ch g, 1880, by Lysander— Dor- 
lisca, by Rockefellow Horse 2:24% 

Wat Wat, blk g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:29% 

Wauco, br a, 1885, by Abdallah Wilkes 
—Nannie Marders, by Clark Chief. . 2:25 

Wauseon, n> s, 1884^ by Vaoher— 
Vemey, by Haw Patch 2:22 

Wave 2:2414 

Waveland, br s, 1882, by Waveland 
Ohlef-Soily H.. by Royal Revenge. 2:2t>!4 

Wavelet, b m, 1879, by Belmont— 
Waterwltch, by Pilot J- 2:24Vii 

Wavelet, b m, 1885, by Piedmont- 
Wave, by Electioneer 2:28 

Wawoua, b m, 1885, by Bourbon 
Wilkes— l^ark, by Abdallah Mam- / 
brinio 2:19% 

Wax, blk g. 188-, by Waxford » . 2:24 

Waxford, br s, 1878, by Hemlock— 
JuUa : 2:26% 

Wayland, b s, 1881, by Falcon (dead). 2:25% 

Wayland W., b s, 18a—, by Arthur 
Wilkes— Lettie, by Waylaud Fori-est 2:12% 

Waymart, b s, 1863, by Happy Med- 
iuuk— Patsy F., by Mambrlno Patch- 
en (dead) 2:27% 

Wayne Chief, b s, 1889, by Wayne 
Wilkes— C>oi-nelia B., by Blue Bull.. 2:25 

Wayne Wilson, ch e, 1888, by Stoner 
Boy— Fal.y, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2:29% 

Wayside, oh m, 1885, by Ottawa CMef 
—Minnie, by Compeer 2:21% 

W. B., b g, 188-, by Aneonia 2:29vl 

W. B. H., ch g, 1882, by Pacing Ab- 
dallah 2:28% 

W. G. B.. b g, 1885. by Victor— Mag- 
gie H., by Aubrey Horse 2:26% 

W B., b g, 188— 2:29% 

Weasel, oh g, 188—, by Scotch Prince 2:29^ 

Weaver Boy, b g, 188—, by Fortune- 
Fanny Greeley, by Peter Jones 2:28% 

Webber, br g, 1868, by Como Chief— 
Kitty Hodges, by McKenzie Moo-gan 2:28 

Wedeti K., b s, 1891, by Atwood 2:26% 

Wedgewood, br s, 1871, by Belmont 
—Woodblnie, by Woodford 2:19 

Wee Wee, b m, 1885, by Pilot Mam- 
brino—Pet, by Boetlck's Almont Jr. . 2:23 

Wehlna, ch m, 1887, by Woolsey— 
WU'helmina, by Messenger Duroc... 2:26% 

Welbeck. br 6, 1891, by Electricity— 
Lula Wilkes, by Gfeorae Wilkes 2:24% 

Welcome, b s, 1869, by Arthur Wilkes 
—Lettie, by Wayland Forrest 2:27% 

Weltesley Boy, b g, 1869, by Godfrey 
P^tohPii (f**M!d) 2:26% 

Wellington. TOnsL ch s, 1888, by Lord 
Wellington — DudiesB of Iowa, by 
RyaeDuke 2:27% 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Wells Fargo, ch g, 10M, by George M. 

Patdhen Jr.. dam by Gen. Taylor. .. 2:18% 
Wentwwth, b g, ISO, by Abdallah 

Pilot...... 2;29% 

Werthei\ b s, 1886. by Red Wilkes— 

Belle Brino, by Hambrtno 2:20^ 

Wesley Boy, c!h g, 188—, bv Charley B. 2:26^ 

Wesley B., % & iss-. 2:26'^ 

Westbrook, Wk e, 1887, by Patclien 

WUkefr-XA Belle, by Joe Toung 2:23 

Westdhfister Girl, blk m, 187—. by 

Peter Story 2:2G% 

West Egbert, b a, 1881. by Egbert— 

AprilFool, by Smith's Norwwd 2:29^ 

Western, b g. 186—, by Stephen A. 

Douglas (dead) 2:30 

Western, cih g, 187—. by Tramp Dex- 

teiv-Mlss Ray, by 0alley Horse 2:2&V4 

Western Belle, b in, 1876. by Oomet— 

Blackbird, by Simpson^s Blackbird 

(dead) - 2:24% 

WestfTiL Eoy, b s. 1S82, by Euiplrc— 

limb, by Joe Downing. 2:20% 

Wevtern Qdri, b in, ISTiS^ by Hicti aril's 

BeUfcmudf^r— Fflnny, by Wild Hiurry 2:27 
Western New York, 'b g. im2, Ijy 

Noupartil— Kate, by Bluche: <deflil>. 2:29 
Weatero Pal Mud er, b s, ISTS^ by 

ButJl's fat hflnder— Flora, by FlMit's 

Mambiiiio Chief Jr , 2:28 

Western Wilkes, b s. 1S86, by Senti- 
nel Wilkeis— Lilly, by SurprUse 2:29% 

WePtfaJI, cli a, 1SS8, by rreton^ler— 

Sport by OnwflTfl 2:29V4 

Westtall y dn b, 1887. by Ad ri i\ n 

WlJkeB-Orphla, by Orphan 2:2t)% 

Westfletd. ch g, 180^, by Wbipple^s 

HoJiibl Etonian (dead) 2:26^ 

Wcfltlatwt, br s, lSSi>, by Oal. We*t— 

Km>x OlrU by G™. Kiiox 2:29% 

Wo8t Uberty, cb s. 1B60, by WafMile 

(dead) 2:28 

Westmont* b h, 1S77, by C<j1. West— 

Faaay, by Mambriim Shernifln, . , . . . 2:24 
West over, d g:, 1875, by Miirslial Ney 

—Kate Lawrcaoo, by Price's St. 

Lawrence 2:26V4 

Westward, ct s, 1886, by Onward- 
Helen D., by Amben 2:20J4 

West Wilkes, blk s, 1886L by Sim- 
mons—Nelly West, by Allie West... 2:22V4 
West Wilkes; blk s, 188—, by Norman 

Wilkes 2:27 

W. H., blk s, 1888. by Fred Forest, 

dam by General Taylor 2:24V4 

W. H. Oamidy, b s. 1884, by Young 

Jim— Molly, by Rotbsehild 2:29% 

What Ho, gr g, 188— by A. W. Rich- 
mond 2:25^ 

Whalebone, b g, 186—, pedigree not 

traced (dead) 2:29 

Whalebone, b g, 1878, by Walkill— 

Dolly Hoyt, oy Seely's American 

Star 2:23% 

Whalebone, br s, 1892, by Sable 

Wm^ep— Anita, bv La Grand 2:24 

W. H. Bailey, b g, 1885, by Vidette 

Boy Jr., dam by Delmxmico (dead). . 2:20V4 
Wheatland Onward, ch s, 1887, by On- 

ward- Thi -d Lute, by Antar 2:16Vi 

Whips, b 8, 1880, by Blectloneejv- 

Lizzie Whips, by Enquirer (denfi)... 2:27% 
Whipsaw, b g. 187—, by Red Wilkes, 

dam by Corbeau (pacing 2:26»4).... 2:27% 
TVTiIrlwi'nd, b g, 1876, by Ziloaadi 

Golddiust— Molly Befde, by Cotton- 

picker ". 2:24 

Whirlwind, b s, 1888, by Glencoe 

Wilkes— Katie Morgan, by Robert 

Allen 2:2(J% 

Whist, b g, 1885, by Motion— Dr. Por- 
ter Mare, by Mambiino Patcihen.... 2:18% 

White aoud, gr g, 186—, by Joe 
Brown 2:23% 

White Flag, b m, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:28% 

Whitefoot, b s, 1887, by Ak^yooe— Ad- 
die H., by Ashland Chief 2:22% 

White Line, gr s, 1869, by Strong 
Horse (dead) 2:30 

White Oak, ch g. 1875. by George M. 
Patohen Jr.— Flora, by Black war- 
rior 2:30 

White Oak, b g, 1884, by Pasacas, 
dam by Napoleon Jr 2:24V4 

Wlhitesboro Chief, br s, 1878, by 
Roman Chief, dam by Henderson's 
Pathfinder 2:28% 

White Socks, cSi g, 1880, by Alcantara 
—Dixie, by Battler .^ . . . 2:20% 

White Stjockines, b g, 1867, by Biack- 
well's Haxnbletonian — Seaserpent 
Laura, by Seaserpent 2:21 

White Stockings, b g, 187—, pedigree 
not traced 2:16 

Whitewater Olhlet br s, 1884. by Alle- 
gro— T\)p8y 2:25 

White WlngB, oh g, 1887, by Monte- 
zuma— Flaxy, by £[;entucky Clay.... 2:24% 

TVhizz Wilkes, blk s, 188-. by Al- 
cyone, dam by Dirego 2:29% 

W. H. Kerr, 1> s. 1887, by Efhan 
Wilkes — Lucy Patdiea, by Mam- 
brino Patcben 2:28 

W. H. Nichois, br s, 1882, by Black- 
wood Chief— Miranda, by Mambrino 
Patohen 2:23% 

W. H. P., br g, 1887, by Riddle's 
Hambletonianr—Hettie C, by Draco 
(dead). 2:27% 

W. H. Taylor, ch g, 1857, by Oawford 
Horse, dam by Wltherell Messen- 
ger (dead) 2:29% 

Why Not. «r m, 1890. by Hambrino— 
Zeptiyr, by Mamibi-ino Patohen 2:2()% 

Wick, b g, 187—, by Justin Morgan— 
MooQbeam. by John Dlllard 2:26% 

Wick C, br s, 1885, by Egbert— Jane 
Carlisle, by Antar 2:24% 

Widow Bedott, ro m, 1875, by Bashaw 
Drury 2:29% 

Widow Madhree, ch m, 1861, by 
Seely's Amerloan Star — Duryea 
Mare, by PIntler's Bo.ivar (dead.... 2:29 

Wilbur, b g, 1890, by Hnrly Burly. . . . 2:19% 

Wilbur OWef, b s, 1886, by Ottawa 
Chief- Clay Queen, by Ensign 2:21 

Wilbur P., blk g, 187—, by Hinsdale 
Horse— Tate Mare (dead) 2:24% 

Wildair, b g, 1869, by John Morgan 
—Pocahontas, by Portamoutlh 2:23 

Wild Bee, b m, 1888, by Piedmont— 
Wildflower, by Electioneer 2:29 

Wild Bill, br g, 2:28% 

Wllbooka, b m, 1890, by Wilkes 
Boy, dam by Allen Brook 2:19% 

Wildbrlno, br s, 1885, by Hambrino— 
Molly, by Wildwood 2:19% 

Wild Crr>cus, br m. 1891, hy Wildbrlno 2:25% 

Wilder Boy, b g, 188—, by Stranger. . 2:29y* 

Wildey, br s, 188—, by Waveland 
Chief— Dolly H., by Royal Revenge.. 2:29 

Wildflower, b m. 1879, by Electioneer 
—Mayflower, by St. Clair 2:21 

WUd Idol, blk g, 1885, by Vero— Fly, 
by Gen. Butler 2:28% 

WUd Lily, b m, 1872, by Daniel Lam- 
bert—Whalebone, by Carter's Colum- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

TtlE 2:30 TROTTERS.^ 


bus ' 2:24 

Wild May. b m, 1887, by Electioneer— 
—May. by Wildidle 2:30 

Wildmont, br s, 1880. by Bgmont— ^ ^ 
Advance, by Administrator 2:27 

Wildmont, b m, 1887. by Piedmont— 
Wildllower, by Electioneer 2:27% 

WiK^Oats, br k, 1^7, by Green's Ba- 
Shaw— Lady, by Young Columbus . . 2:2^ 

Wild Oats, br g, 188—, by Norwood 2:1(% 

Wild Olive, br m, 1890. by Edge- 
V700d-Daisy Wllkee, by George 
Wilkes 2:27% 

Wild Rake, b s. 1883. by Hamble- 
tonian Mambrino— Merry, by John 
Dlllard 2:22% 

Wild Rose, b e, 1887. by Elevator- 
Molly Buford, by Enquirer 2:28 

Wildwood. br s, 1871. by Blackwood— 
Kate Messenger, by AUen's Bay 
Messenger Jr 2:30 

Wilkerson, ch s, 1884, by Favorite 
Wilkes-Nelly, by Highland Mes- 
senger 2:29% 

Wilkecho, b s, 1890, by Ashland ^ ^ 
Wilkes— Alice M., bv Echo Chief ... 2:30 

WiJkes, b g, 1889, by St. Jer-jme— ^ ^ 
Thornebell, by Hawthorne 2:17% 

Wilkes, br s, 188—, by Lexington 
Wilkes 2:25% 

Wilkes Bee, b s, 1883, by Alcantara— 
Maybee 2:27% 

Wilkes Bird, b s, 1887, by Jay Bird- 
Cricket, by Alcalde 2:25 

Wilkes Boy, br s, 1880, . by George 
W^ilkes— Betty Brown, by Mambrino 
Patchen 2:24% 

Wilkes Boy Jr., b s, 188—, by Wilkes 
Boy 2:20% 

Wilkes Brino, ch s, 1882. by Ham- 
brino-Ella G., by George Wilkes.. 2:23 

Wilkes Chief, ch s, 1887, by Red 
Chief— Maud, by Scott's Rooker 2:23% 

Wilkes D., blk g, 188—, by King 
Wilkes 2:29% 

Wilkesdale, br s, 1883, by Alcantara 
— Thorndale Maid, by Thorndale ..2:29 

Wilkes Girl, br m, 1888, by Young 
Wilkes— Mill Girl, by Jay Gould.. 2:28% 

Wilkes Golddust, ch s, 1886, bv Young 
Jim— Lucille Golddust by Golddust 2:23% 

Wikeslona, ch s, 188—, by Red Wilkes 

a»clng 2:28) 2:24% 

Wilkes Maia, gr m, 1889, by Adrian 
Wilkes— Topsy, by Abe Downing ... 2:27% 

Wilkes Maid, blk m, 1890, by Young 
Wilkes-Mill Girl, by Jay Gould 2:19% 

Wilkesman, br s, 188a by Wilkes Boy 
—Bald Hornet, by Jenks 2:26% 

Wilkes McGregor, b s, 188—, by Rob- 

' ert McGregor 2:30 

Wilkesmont, ch s, 1883 by Tremont— 
Lady Wilkes, by George Wilkes .. 2:27 

Wilkesmont, br s, 1886, by Kaiser- 
May Withers, by Gen. Withers 2:20% 

Wilkes View, blk s, 1887, by Ken- 
tucky Wilkes— Abby, by George 
Wilkes 2:28% 

Wilkesward, ch s, 1889, by Onward- 
Lulu Harold, by Harold 2:18% 

Wilkes wood, b s, 1884, by Nutwood ' 
—Maggie Wilkes, by George Wilkes 2:23% 

Wilkes Worthlngton, br «, 188-, by 
Gambetta Wilkes— Bubble, by Mar- 
shall Kleber 2:23% 

Wilklemont, b s, 1883, by Bourbon 
Wilkes— Lark, by Abdallah Mam- 
brino 2:28 

Wilklemont, b e, 188—, by Alcantara 2:27% 

Wilkie Wonder, gr m, 1884, byCort- 
land Wilkes— Jenny, by Tom Wonder 2:28% 

Wilkin, ch g, 1881, by Abdallah West 
—Rosa Wilkerson, by Humbolt ... 2:27% 

Wilksie G., ch m, 1886. by Robert 
McGregor— Nelly Wilkes, by Gteorge 
Wilkes 2:22% 

Willabald, g g, 188-. by Gen. Wilkes 2:21>% 

Willamore, b m, 1889, by Bourbon 
Wilkes-^Annettemore, by Strath- 
more 2:25 

Willard 8., 2:29% 

Will Benham, b g, 1872, by Whip 
Clay— Miss Jones .2:24% 

Will Carlton, b s, 1887, by Pilot Med- 
ium— Trixy, by Louis Napoleon 2:25% 

Will Cody, b g, 1871, by Blue Bull— 
Celia (dead) 2:19% 

Will Collender. br g, 1876^ by Strader 
—Blossom 2:21% 

Will Come, b s, 1891, by King 
Wilkes— Mosaic, by Belmont 2:30 

Will D., b g, 188-, by Cosmopolitan 2:26% 

Wlllelah,blk m, 1889, by Wilkes Boy- 
Miss Mamie^ by Contractor 2:27% 

WiUema, b m, 18&— , by Eros, dam 
by Brigadier 2:26 

Willetfl, b s. 1891, by Island WUkes 
—Ellen T., by Orange Bud 2:20% 

WlUett, b g, 1879, by Sweepstakes- 
Sally Downs, by Edward Everett.. 2:27% 

Will Hamilton, b s, 1885, by Norwood 
— Lydia, by Volunteer 2 :28% 

WiUiam, b g, 1881, by Wilder 2:18% 

William A., b g, 188-, by Wagner 
Golddust 2:20 

William Albert, b s, 1890, by Albert 
W.— Hilda, by Nutwood 2:20% 

William Arthur, b g, 1876, by Oon- 
tederate Chief— Syracuse Maid 2:19% 

William B., b s, 1881, by George 
Sprague— Madam Golddust, by Bril- 
liant Golddust 2:26 

WiUiam C, br g, 1877, by Young 
Wilkes— Cobb Mare, by Long Island 2:22% 

William E., ch g, 1885, by Crazy Nick 
Jr— Dolly Elder, by Young Prince 
Albert ,- 2:19% 

William G., gr g, 1875, by American 
Boy— Grey Fan, by King Alfred Jr. 2:25% 

WiUiam G., blk g, 1880, by Stickney 
Horse— Golddust, by Myron Perry 2:25% 

WUUam Gee, ch g, 1880, by Mam- 
brino Pilot 2:29% 

WiUiam GiU, b g, 188—, by Fieldmont 2:26 

William H., b g, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:29% 

WiUiam H., b g, 1868, by Samson- 
Jane Murray 2:29 

WiUiam H., b g, 1875, by Young 
Wilkes— Marshall Mare, by Daniel 
Webster. .... 2:18% 

WilUam H., gr g, 188—, by Messenger 
Chief (dead) 2:22% 

William H.. br g, 1878, by Longfel- 
low t Golddust— Ladiy Rattler, |by 
Rattler 2:25 

WiUiam H. Allen, b s, 1865, by Vol- 
unteer— I'eggy Slender 2:23% 

William J. Woorner, ro g, 187—, pedi- 
gree not traced 2:29% 

WiUiam Kearney, b g, 1877, by Ly- 
sander, dam by Rough and Ready. . 2:20% 

Wniiam L., b s, 188- by Forsee. ... 2:29% 

William M. HIU, b s, 1885. by Sir 
Walteiv-Bonnle Kate, by Wagrnm 2:20 

William Penn. br s, 1890. by Santa 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Glaus— Lulu Mm by Dauntless 2:12^ 

WllUam B., ch 8, 1886, by The Mar- 
quis— Lottie, by Daniel Lambert .. 2:29^ 
William B.. b g, 187—, by Brookmont 

—Fanny, by Feamaugbt 2:28^ 

Williams, b s, 1882, by Combat — 

Gauntlette. by Dictator 2:20V6 

William S.. br g, 188—, by South Jer- 
sey Patchen, aam by son of Ameri- 
can Star .^^.. 2:22% 

William T., b g. 1679, by Thatcher 
Hambletonian— Elizabeth Tllton, by 

Willett's Champion 2:25^ 

William Tell, b g, 188-, by Cornelius 2:18 
William Vy b g, 188—, by Florida. .. . 2:30 
William Wallace, b s, 1878, by Duke 

of Brunswick or Almont Chief 2:28^ 

WilUam Wilkes, blk s, 1883. by Ham- 
bletonian Wilkes— Marcia, by Mark- 
er 2:30 

Willie Bee, br s, 188—, by Mambjiao 

Bescue 2:28 

Willie Brooks, b g, 188—, by Sweep- 
stakes 2:29^ 

Willie C, b s, 1884, by Toronto 

Patchen— Molly 2:25% 

WUUe D., b g, 1879, by Home Horse 2:26 
Willie B.. ch g, 188—, by Idol Wilkes 2:24^4 

Willie Earl, b g, 188- 2:27 

Willie Blkln, b m, 1888, by McCurdy's 
Hfimbletonlan— Slip, by Gen. George 

H. Thomas 2:27% 

Willie Gothard, b s, 1884, by St. 
Gothard— Nelly Wadsworth, by Col. 

Wardsworth 2:29\4 

Willie J., b g, 188—, by Bona Fide. . 2:27% 
Willie Beed, blk g, 1888, by Heed 

„Horee 2:29% 

Willie Wilkes, f. ni, 1881. by George 
Wilkes— Sally Southworth. by Mam- 

brino Patc]i»»n 2 r28 

Willis, b s, 1885, by Landseer- Nelly 

Stith 2 

Willis A., ch g, 1886, ly Alcrntara.. 2 
WllMs Woods, b g. 1876,i)y Beecue- 
Dolly Vard«»n, by Harris' Henry 

Clay 2:25 

WiU-o-the-Wtep, ch g, 1882, by Dean 
Swift— Gypsy, by Power's French 

Lion 2:29^><; 

Willow, b m, 188?». by De Soto— ^ 
Georgia, by H»mbletonIan Wilkns. . 2:22% 
Wilmiar, b s, 1875, by Bhode Island 
—Belle Bmndon, by Bysdyk's Ham- 

bletonian ,», 2*29% 

Wilmarch, br e, 1890, by Wilton— 

Pe&rl, by Homer 2*17% 

Wilson, b g, 1876, by George Wilkes 

—Miss Ooofus, bv Clark CMet 2:10V4 

Wlletar. ch s, 1889, by Bobert Mc- 
Grogor— Wllka Monroe, by Bourbon 

Wilkes 2:23^4 

Wllto b 8. 1889, by Wilton-MoUy, 

bv Bdfrewater 2-22% 

WUtxxn, b s, 1880, by George Wilke*- 
x,^,y®y',^y jRysdyk's Hambletonian. . 2:19% 
Wilton Jr., b g, 188— by Wilton.... 2:25 
Wiltonette, br m. 1889, by Wilton— 

Limap D., by Wilcrua day 2:24 

Wlltonian, br e, 18S9. by Wilton— 

Neta, by Bonnie Bay 2-283,4 

Wimbledon, b a, 1883, by Belmont— 

W'ater Lily by Hero of Thnrndale 2:29% 
Winchester br s, 1890. by Wilton, 

dam by Mambrino Patchen 2-19«!4 

Winder, b s:, 187-, by Buckshot 2:29% 

Windsor, H., b g. 1879, bv Windsor, 
dam by Selin (pacing 2:22%) 2-25% 

Windsor, M., b g, 1878. by Windsor— 
Lady Dutchman, by Black Dutch- 
man 2:20% 

Wineshade, br s, 1882, by Indiaman 
—Minnie Forrest, by Forest King.. 2:23% 

Winifred, gr s, 1886, by Williams' 
Idol— Lady Teaser 2:24% 

Winks, b s, 1889, by C F. Clay— % 
Mora, by WilUam L 2:20% 

Winnebago, b g, 1878, by Oshkosh— 
Lady Conklin, by Conklin's Ameri- 
can Star 2:24% 

Winnie Davis, b m, 1889, by Bourbon 
Boy— Fanny, by Bobert Lee 2:26 

Winnie H., b m, 1886, by War Eagle 
—Peg, by Grey Jim 2:18% 

Winnie W., dn m, 1886. by Fortunatus 
—Molly Morgan 2:22 

Wiunip Wick, blk m, 1876, by Swigert 
- liady Bolle, by Bichard'e BeU- 
fouLdor 2:24% 

Winnie Wilkes, blk m, 1382, by Ira 
Wilkes :.......... 2:28% 

Wir.nie Wilkes, br m, 188- - 
publican 2:28% 

Winnie Winsoiiie, b ra, 188—, by Vero 2:22% 

Winnlfred, b m, 1885, by George B. 
McClellan— I,ady Prit-z, by Black 
Chief 2:26% 

Winona, ch m, 1881 by Jefferson 
Prince— Fanny, by Gen. Sheridan.. 2:21% 

Wipsome, br m, 1885, by Egbert— 
Malsle, by Shelby Chief 2:28% 

TOnstom, b s, 1887, by Wllkee Boy- 
Nell, by Balsopa 2:25 

Winsure, br m, 188—, by Shermaja... 2:25% 

Winteraet, b s, 1886. by Brown 

^Wilkes- Marietta, by Mario 2:24% 

Wintlhrap Morrill Jr., blk s, 1864, by 
Metacomiet, dam by Calvin 2:27 

Winthrop Pilot, br s, 188-, "by Port- 
land Riot 2-27 

Wintergpeen, b m, 1890, by Brown 
TV^ilkee— Marietta, by Mario 2:24% 

WJ^ Dexter, b g. 1886, by Colby 
Swlge:-t— Dido, by son of Peck Horse 2:30 

Wisdom, b s, 1888, by Mambrino King 

_— Homora, by Almonaroh 2:27 

Wistful, br m, 1890, by Wedg«wood 
—Lady Almont, by Boetlck's Almont 
Jr 2:13% 

Witch Hazel, blk m, 1888, by Brown 
Wilkw-MoUy Hurd, by Atlantic... 2:21% 

Wizz, b g, 1869, by Boscoe— Lady 
Pulton, by Stubtall .7. 2:23% 

W. K., b g, 187—, by Chosroes 2:21% 

W. K. Thomas, gr g, 1860, by Osce<da 
—Soider (dead) 2:26 

W. M., br g, 188-, pedigree not 
traced 2:29% 

W. M. Mallory, b g, 186-, by Orange 
County 2:30 

Wolfo tl Z., b g, 186—, by Capt. Beau- 
mont— Neily Bhodee (dead) 2:22 

Wonder, b s^ by Millman's Bell- 
founder 2:27% 

Wander, dn g, 1883, by Wapsie— 
Paony Munger, by Panic 2:21% 

Wonder, gr g. 1882. by BelVs Ham- 
bletonlan— May West 2-22% 

Woodard and Harbison, ch g, 1879, by 
Mambrino Joe— Flora, by Bedmon's 
AbdallaOi 2*27;^ 

Woodblrd, ch s, 1885, by Nutwood— * 
Fanny, by Bird 2-27 

Woodbipd. ch m, 1891, by Bussla, dam 
by Jay Bird 2:25% 

Wood Boy, b s, 1889. by Nutwood— 

Carrie, by George Wilkee.^ t2:25 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Woodbrlno. b s, 188a, by Nutwood— 
Maiagia, by Woodford Mambrino. . . . 2:25V& 

Woodbum Boy, cih g, 1880, by Wood- 
burn Pilot, uam by Smith's Morgan. 2:27^ 

Woodbury Thome, b g, 1880, by Har- 
old Thome— L.odi Maid, by William 
M. Kysdyk 2:25i4 

Woodehuck, b g, 186—. by Fisk's 
ManDbriuo Cailef Jr 2:30 

Woodflord Ghief. b s, 1872. by 
Ohlef — Virginia, by Billy Townes 
(dead) 2:22^4 

Woodford Mambrino, br 8. 18(S3, by 
Mambrino Ciiief — Woodbine, by 
Woodford (dead) 2:21Vi 

Woodford Pilot, br s, 1873, by Wood- 
ford Mambrino— Bruna, by Pilot Jr.. 2:23^ 

Woodford Pilot Jr.. b s, 1886,^ by 
Woodford Pilot— Kate, by Star beu 
mark 2:27^ 

Woodlark. b m, 1887, by Woodcraft— 
Geraldina, by Glemsvlew 2:20^ 

WoodlawB, cb e, 1888, by Pickett- 
Patchenette, by Bdwin Booth 2:22V& 

Woodiine, b s, 1888, by Nutwood— 
Foixr Lines, by Blackwood 2:19 

Woodnote, b s, 1888. by Wedgewood— 
Minuet, by Harold 2:28 

Woodnut, cih s, 1882. by Nutwood— 
Axidie, by Ha»lM:ouk s Hambletonian 
Chief 2:16V4 

W^oodslde Prince, br s, 1890, by Haw 
Patch— Jeimie, by Jupiter 2:24% 

Woodstock, ch s, 1880, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor—Kitty Golden, by . 2:17% 

Wood Talmage, b 6, 1888, by Squire 
Talmage— Belie, by Westwood 2:30 

Woodstock BeJle, b m, 1886, by Chica- 
go Volunteer 2:29% 

Wood Wilkes, b g, 1886, by Lyle 
Wilkea-Flora, by Skedaddle 2:25 

Woodwine, b m, 188—, by Quarter- 

maciter 2:28% 

Woolly Jim, b g, 1877, by Blood Ghief 
—Jenny Martin, by Canada Jack 2:29% 

Woi-mwood, b g. 187—, by Nutwood- 
Nelly Parker, by Skenendooh 2:25 

W. 1. Allen, gr g, 186—, by Pearsall 
(dead) 2:29 

W. Van, br g, 1881, by Bellwood— 
Flora, by Beiiedlct's Pathfinder 2:24% 

W. W., blk 8, 188-, by Tilton Al- 
mont 2:29% 

Wyandiot, ch s, 1885, by Ambassador- 
Lily bloom, by Daniel Lambert (dead) 2:19% 

T^'yandotte, b s, 1885, by ArteoLas— 
Fanny, by Baker Boy (dead) 2:24% 

Wyatt, blk g, 1888, by (Duyler— Tot- 
sey, by Mambrino Transpoirt 2:27 

Wyoming, b s, 1887, by BgaUte— Sal- 
ly L., by Harry Wilkes 2:30 

Wzmakh, gr s. 1887, by Wlstrei— 
Sanika, by Zarez 2:27% 

X. L., b s. 1890, by Emperor Wilkes 
—Molly Sp-ague, by Gov. Sprague. . . 2:20% 

X. Y. Z., cOi g, 1879, by Bristow— 
Drupilla, by Prophet 2:29% 

Yankee H., ch g, 1883, by Jim 
Sc-hriber- Lilly H 2:19% 

Yankee Luck, b g. 1888, by Black- Jr.— inke Mare, by Holabird's 
Btlhan Allen 2:23 

Yankee Sam, dn g, 1870, pedigree not 
traced 2:27 

Yaqui. ch s, 1890, by Yataghan, dam 
by Kentucky Prince 2:28% 

Yarmouth, b s, 1888, by Sandwich— 
Yuba, by Harold 2:25% 

Yazoo, cjh 8, 1881, by Harold— Yo- 

lande^ by Belmont 2:27% 

Yellow Dock, ch m, 1875, by Clark's 
Mohawk Jr., dam by Iowa Copper- 
bottom 2:20% 

Yellow Jacket, du g, 1887, by Brown 
Fr^nk 2:29% 

Yellow Ochre, dn s, 1884. by Wapsie ^ 
— Topsy, by PsbIc 2^% 

Yellow Yam, b s 1389, by Parisian— 
Lon, by Mambrin^ 2:30 

Yorker, b g, 1882, by Prank Ellis- 
Anna Hough, by Kentucky Priace. . 2:24% 

York State, b g, 186—, by Gooding's 
Ohempion (dcftd> 2:23% 

YorktoTvn BeUe, b m, 1883, by Young , 
Vclunteer- Molly Patch^u, by Arab 2:20^ 

Young Ambassador, b s, 1881, by Am- 
bassador—Nelly, by Boyal George.. 2:24% 

Young Bruno, br g, 1864, by Rysdyk's 
Hi mbietocian- Kate, by Bellaire 
(lead) 2:22% 

Young Buchanan, b s, 1868, by Bu- 
chanaan 2d. dam by Hiram Drew 2:29^ 

Ycing Columbus Jr., br s. 1871, by 
Young Colombus— Dolly, by Morse 
Horse 2:30 

Young Dauntless, b s. 1889, by Daunt-- 
less— Calamity, by Billy Whaloy ,. 2:26^ 

Young Frank, ch g, 18«l, by Royal 
Fearnaught. dam by Flsk'e Mam- 
bilno Chief Jr 2:30 

Young Fullerton, ch s, 1875, by Ed- 
ward Everett— Flora, by Jupiter . . . 2 -.20% 

Young Gypsy Boy. b s, 1885, by 
Gypsy Boy— Net, by Ripple 2:28% 

Young Leland, b s, 1886, by Leland— 
Young Gypsy, by Mambrino Pilot .. 2:27% 

Young Magna, b g, 1865, by Magna 
Ch^rta T. ................ 2:29 

Young Morrisey, blk g. 1874, by Mor- 
rlson— Hepsey Jane, by Foreigner . . 2:28% 

Young Netherland, b s. 1886, by Neth- 
erland— Pineo, by Black Prince .... 2:29 

Young Pilot, ch s, 1887, by Black 
Pilot— Nancy Knox, by Col. BUs- 
worth 2:22% 

Young Rattler, br g, 186—, by Oregon 
Pathfinder 2:30 

Young Rolfe, b s, 1876, by Tom Rolf e 
-nJudith, by Draco (dead) 2:21% 

Young Royal George, b g, 185—, pedi- 
gree not traced (dead) 2:30 

Young Sentinel, b s, 186—, by Senti- 
nel—Fanny, by Seely'e American 
Star 2:26 

Young Smuggler, b s, 1876, by Smug- 
gler— Parepa Rosa, by Andrew Jack- 
son 2:29% 

Young Stockbridge, b s, 1882, by 
Stockbridge Chief Jr.— AUce, by 
Manchester Tuckahoe 2:27 

Young Sweepstakes, b s, 1880, by 
Sweepstakes— Lady Rockafellow, by 
Harry Clay (dead), 2.30 

Young Vermonter. br g, 1879. by Wal- 
kill Chief 2d,— Black Fawn, by Ring 
Horse 2:30 

Young Voltaire, b s, 1884, by Voltaire 
— Lotta, by Alburn 2:30 

Young Watchmaker, blk s, 1885, by 
Watchmaker— Gypsy, by Constella- 
tion 2:80 

Young Wildidle, ch g, 188—, by Elec- 
tioneer, dam by Wildidle 2:25 

Young Wilkes, blk s, 1868, by George 
Wilkes— Jane Brown, by Prince of 
Wales 2:28% 

Yuba, b m, 1882. by Harold-^olande, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



by Belmont 2-^24^ 

Yuoa Sous, blk (Sk 18»9, by Swlgert ^ ^^^ 

Petaluma, by Alnambra 2:2(^4 

Yucatan, b m, 188—, by Preahman.. 2:30 
Tula, b m. 1887, by Rounds* Sprague— 

Hazel Belle, by John Bright 2:27^ 

Yuletide, ch m, 1885, by Lord Russell 

— Yolande, by Belmont 2:28% 

Yulo, b 8, 1891, by George Emmons.. 2:30 
Yum Yum, b m, 1884, by Ferguson- 
Lady McKenney, by Sweepstakes.. 2:29% 
Za Za, b s, 1888, by Jay Bird— Ida, by 

Little Ben 2:27^ 

Zahn, gr g, 187—, by Dauntless— Sally 

Hall, by Young America 2:23% 

Zebidee, b g, 1891, by William M., 

dam by The Baron 2:29% 

Zebu, b s, 1887. by Regent— Zingera, 

by Almont Rattler 2:29% 

Zeelnnd, b s, 1885, by Ethan Wilkes 

— Topey, by Kentucky Prince 2:24 

Zembla, br m, 1887, by King Almont— 

Minnie Helm, by American Boy .... 2:15% 
Zeuas, br s, 188 -. by Brown Wilkes, 

dam by Oberlin 2:27% 

Zenith, b s, 1800, by Egotist— Nadir, 

by Dictator 2:2i% 

Zeno, blk s, 1879, by Stillson— Molly, 

by Green's Banhaw 2:2<$% 

Zenobla, b m, 1880, by Ohio Knicker- 
bocker—Nettle Windsor, by Panic. . 2:20% 
Zenobla. b m, 1800, by Prince Regent 

— Eudora, by Hamlin's Almont Jr... 2:22 
Zephyr, br m, 1805, by Frank Allen . . 2:30 

Zephyr, ch s, 186—, pedigree not 
traced 2:29% 

Zerbrino, b s, 1890. by Woodbino— 
Kitty Abbot, by Abbot 2:2 

Zero, Dr m, 188—, by Aubrey 2:18 

Zero, ch s, 1891, by DanylUe Wilkes 
—Lucy, by John Boner 2:29% 

Zig, b g, 1877. by Guide— Lady Staples 2:25 

Zigzag, ch s, 1886, by Rumor— Zoe, 
by Gen. Knox 2:30 

Zilllca. b m, 1891, by Recorder 2:20% 

Zoda, b m, 1889. by Erelong— Maggie 
B., by Menelaus . ...» 2:29% 

Zoe B., b m, 1871, by Blue Bull— Cut- 
away 2:17% 

Zoe Hammond, br m, 1884, by Nor- 
wood Star— Dot, by Daniel S 2:26% 

Zoe K., b m, 1883, by Egmont— Flaxie, 
by Flaxtail 2:30 

Zora Zar, br m, 1889, by Alcazar— 
Ledo, by Cohannet (pacing 2:24%) .. 2:24% 

Zuleka, ch m, 1884, by Daubigne— 
Vldi, by Alhambra 2:29% 

Zuletta, b m, 1891. by Onward— Ro- 
mana, by Harold 2:23% 

Zulu, b m, 1889, by Neno— Blue Belle, 
by Hammall 2:25 

Zulu, br 8. 1879, by Harold— Miss 
Duvall, by Duvall's Mambrino ... 2:29% 

Zulu, b g. 1879, by Capoul— Katie, by 
Como Chief 2:29% 

Zulu Girl, b m, 188—. by Western Boy 2:27V4 

Z.VCO, b 8. 1885, by Sherman— Argalia, 
by Rochester 2:26% 

Digitized by 



W. J. ANDREWS, Buffalo, N. Y. 

The ffradnate of the Village Farm school who cut the world's 
record to 2 :04 with Mascot. 


Digitized by 






A clever horseman, skillfal reinsman and able driver, who showed 

his ability at Lexington in 1894 when he won 

with Vera Capel 2:10^. 

Digitized by 



The following are all of the horses that have made, records of 2:30 or better to 

harness to the close of 1894. 

j^doiiis, g e» 1S8— , by son of Almont. . 2:19^ 

Afrlght, b s, 1891 2:27% 

' Taniemnon, br m, 188—, by Wal- 

lerl 2:19% 

jate, Ob g, 1883, by Opal 2:21 

Aggie, brm, 187- 2:26 

Aggie Downs, b m, 183—, (dead) 2:29 

Agneb M., b m, 188—, by Yandergrift. 2:21% 
Alleen, b na, 1891, by Gazette— Hei^nia, 

byNnncio 2:19% 

Almee, b m^ 1885, by Del Snr, dam by 

BcOlio 2:24% 

A. K. DaTls, b g, 1884, by Denmark 

Jr 2:21% 

A. K. B., blk 8, 188-. by NUndo 2:22% 

AlannaW b m, 1887, by Guy Wilkes— 

Molly Drew, by Wlnthrop 2:11% 

Albany Boy, ch g, 18^- 2:20 

Albatross, oh s, 1884, by Floramour— 

Alloe Golddnat, by Higbland Gold- 

dndt 2:ltni 

AXbena. b m, 188-, hy Albanl 2:26 

Albert D., b g, 188-, "by Island Chief. 2:26^i 
Albert Darling, b g, 188-, by Nut- 

patdb. dam by Whirlwind 2:21% 

Albert a, be g, 1889, by Penrose— 

Rlngiett, by Rinfirwood Jr 2:10% 

Albert H., b s, 1886, by Oallfomia 

Nutwood: 2:27% 

Albertha, ch m, 188—, by Alroy 2:22% 

Albrazia, blk s, 1887, by Absolute- 
Bessie Wilkes, by Red Wilkes 2:24 

Albrig<btj b s, 188—, by George Brick.. 2:21 

Aice^, b g, 1890, by Alcantara 2:23% 

AJcinta, b m, 188-^, by Alcantara— 

Ballett, by Electioneer 2:16% 

Alcyo, b 8, 1887, by Alcyone— Louise, 

by SunfOiine 2:11 

AJda, gr m 1887, by Solon^Topsy, by 

Mark Field 2:14% 

Aldaban, b s, 1888, by AlVwn— Nina, 

by Tennessee Rock 2:21 

Aldebaran B., ch s, 1889, by Maxi- 

muB— Dolly by Magic 2:27!4 

Alden G., br s, 1887, by Richard 

Alden— Belle Swigert, by Swigert... 2:10% 
Al Donis, b g, 188—, by Pocaihontas 

Q0y , 2 :28 

Alert,* br g, * 1885,* *by 'Hainibietoni'an 

Downing— Nanoe, by Yoiung Mohawk 2:22% 
Alessandno, or s, 1886, by George 

Sprague — Bally Bnowu, by Dan 

Aaion R., b g, 187— by Morgan Mes- 

SKfDseer 2:20 

Abble H., dh m, 188—, by Abdallah _ ^ 

Jr 2:26% 

Abbott WUkes, b s, 1889, by Red 
Wilkes— Minnie Pa.tcheni, by Mam- 

brino Patdhen 2:12% 

Abdallaih, ch s, 188-, by Daling's 

AbdaUah 2:26 

AbdjaUalb (Grant's), b e, 1886, by Ab- 
dallah. Bruce — Martha, by Hoosier 

Jim 2:10% 

Abdallah (StUes'). b s, 1879, by Ham- 

^'llah^Leland Mare 2:23 

Abdallah Boy, b g, 188-, by Brie Ab- ^ ^^ , 

daUali 2:22% 

Abdallaih Girl, b m, 1890, by Abdal- 

WhJr 2:10 

Abdallah Wilkes, b s, 1884, by Bour- 
bon Wllke«H-Lulle, by Star Dixie... 2:14 
Abe, c!h g, 188—, by Ghurclilll, dam by 

Blanoo 2:23% 

Abe Johnson, g g, 186-, (dead) 2:29 

Abe Lincoln, b s, 188-, by Trouble. .. 2:26 

Aberdeen, wOi g. 187— 2:23% 

Abeto. b m, B87, by Woolsey— Ab- 
bess, by Mohawk Chief 2:21% 

Accident ch m, 188-, 2:26% 

Aoe of dubs, ix>g. 186- 2:24% 

Ace of Diamonds, b s, 188Q, by Honest 

John— Fly 2:24V4 

Ace of Diamonds, b g, 186-. (dead) . . . 2:28% 
Acmion, ch s, 1887, by Nutwood— 

lonja, by Alcyone (dead) 2:29% 

Acrobat, b s, 1886, by SterUng- 

MadamBuckner 2:18% 

Actor, b g, 1883, by Hiamlin'a Almont 

Jr.— Lady Clay, by Clay Trustee. . . . 2:22i4 
Ada, blk m, 188&^l>y Legal Tender Jr. 

^-Warlnsa, by Blue Bull 2:17% 

Ada, b m, 188—, by Gold Boy, dam by - 

Traveler 2:13% 

Addle Belle, gr m, 1882, by Arehle— 

MUly, by Stump the Dealer 2:17v4 

Addle C, b m, 1883, by Gloeter- 

Panny, by Flying Dutdhman 2:20 

Addie O., b m, 1881, by Ryse Duke- 
Miss Wilson, by Blue Bull (trotting 

2:30) 2:29 

Addle H., cih m, 18&-, by Pacing Ab- 
dallah ,, 2:26% 

Addie Stewart, b m^ 188—, by Addi- 
son Lambert 2:20% 

Addle Wilkes, blk m, 188—, by Madi- 
son Wilkes— Molly C^rk, by Hola- 

bird's Bthan Allen 2:23% 

Adelto. Wilkes, blk m, 188—, by Tom 

Roge!v Jr 2:26 

Adllna, b m, 1889, by Jersey Wilkes- 

Lady Mac, by Mamhrino King 2:29% 

Admore, b e, 1886» by Advent- Ken- 
tucky Girl, by Edward G. (trotting 

2.-28) 2:24 

Adonia, b g, 1885, by Sidney— Venus, 
by Oaptafo Webster 2:11% 


Jpown .2:18 

Alexander Boy, b g, 1881, by Adjuster 
—Ola Gumey, by Gui-ney .',... 2:18% 

Alexander Dumas, b 8, 1887, by Du- 
mas—Jenny Martin, by Canada Jack 2:15% 

Alexis, b s, 1887, by William L.— Sue 
Stout, by Surplus. 2:18 

Alfred, b g, 1889, by Bayaid Wilkes— 
Daylight, by Glenarm 2:23% 

Aigetta, m m, 1891, by Clay 2:24% 

Alhambra, blk s, 1889. by Legal Ten- 
der Jr.— Little Miss, by Blue Bull. . . 2:14% 

Alice Orittenden, b m, 1887,^ Crli' t 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



teikden— Alice Temple, by Bostlck's ^ ^^,, 

Almont Jr. • • • • 2:10% 

Alice Director, to? mi, 1887. by Direct- ^ ^ . 

ol^-M•lls», by Monroe Chief ?"i5^V4 

Alice Bneign, br m. 18&-, by Bnslgn. . 2:25 
Alice L., br m, 1888, by Oonaauj^t, ^ 

dam by Nutwood 2:2.J74 

AUce M.. b m, 188-, by Phillip's Blue 

Bull 2:21V4 

Aliee MoCordy, b m, 1888, by Mc- 
Ourdy's HamWetonian, dam by Hick 2:21^4 

Alice W., b m. 188—, by Boulder 2:2T 

Alice Wllkee, b m, 1889, by G«inbetta 

Wilkes— Alice, hj Onward 2:17 

Alietta, b m, ia)2, l^ Gkunbetta 

Wilkes-AUoe, by Onwaird 2:2r> 

Aliqulppa, b g, 188— 2:27 

AJlAbrevS; b g, 1888, by Don Wilkes 

— Faimy day, by American Clay... 2:20V4 
Aneen, b mi, 188—, by Almont Aber- 
deen 2:21 

Allegro, blk m, 1890, by Alcantara— 

Plooolo, by SUmden 2:14V4 

Allegro, ep s, 188-. by Atlantic 2:2SV4 

Allen liowe^b s, 1886, by Alcantara— 

Sufiife. by Happy Medlusn 2:12 

Allen Maid, blk m. 1880, by As^hley*s 
BtBian Allen — Mioirgan Maid, by 

James Horse 2:16i^ 

Alletuft b g, 188-, by Alcyone 2:23% 

AUey Buasell. b s, 1883, by Mambrino 
Russell— Alley, by Rysdyk's Ham- 

bletonlan 2:22% 

AUle A., Ob g, 1887, by Prance's Allle 

Wilkes 2:20 

AlUe C, cb 8, 1887, by Hambletonian 

Tranby— Lucy Jordan 2:13 

Allie Cresco, Wk m. 188-, by Oresco. . 2:19V4 

Allle I.., b e, 18897by Lockerbie 2:10% 

Allie Wilkes, b g, 1801, by Petoskey.. 2:181i 
AlUsoDi, b mu 1884, by Pilot Medium— 

-Prairie Girl, by Landseer 2:24!^ 

Alniioiit Basihaw, blk s, 188—, by Al- 
most Raven 2:12 

Almont Patdhen, br a, by Juanlto— 

Gladys, by Gladiator 2:15 

Allmyown, br s, 1887, by Alcyone- 
Recompense, by Aristos 2:24V^ 

Almabel, b m, 1888, by St. Bel— Al- 

mffDXL, by Almont 2:17^ 

Almary. ob Ss 1889, by Aloaaar— -Mary 

Ann, by Bay State 2:23!^ 

Almo Jay, b s, 1888, by Altoona— 

Susie, by Conway's Patohen 2:19 

Almiont, b s, 188—, by Morris' Almont 2:29 

Alois, ch m, 188—, by Alroy 2:25 

Alpba Hunter, b m, 188—, by Defioon 

Hunter 2:26«^ 

Alphonso Wilkes, b s, 1892, by Petos- 
key— Redlightby Headligibt 2:25 

Also Jr., b e, 188—, by Also 2:30 

Altana, b s, 188—, by Almont Raven. . 2:27^ 
Alta Wilkes, b s, 1®—, by Petoskey. 2:28V4 
Alti, b 8, 1887, by Phillip's Blue Bull 

— liucar 2:11% 

Alto, db g, 188—, by Kllbuck Tom. . . . 2:21 
AltXMi L., Wk g, 188—, by Atlantic, 

dam by Ma^eppa 2:23% 

Altoona, b m, 188—, by Menelaus 

(tPOttine 2:22%). 2:16% 

Altuinas, br s, 1888. by Haroldr-Lula I 

Patdhen. by Mambrino Abdallah 2:12% ' 

Alvan Swift, br », 1887, by Alvan 2:11% 

AlvJn Green, b g, 188—, by St James 

— Mattle S., by Smuggler 2:23 

Ambulator, b s, 1892, l>y Ambassador 

— Regalo, by St-iathmore 2 :21% 

Amelia, ch m, 1889, by Albert W.— 

Oeoelia, by Poeoom Hayward 2:21% 

Amelia a, m m, 188—, by Henry 2:25% 

Anuerican Boy. b s. 1878, by Pocalhon- 

tas Boy— Doilly Yetter. by Little Joe 2:2G% 
American Boy Jr., b a, 1SS4, hy Amer- 
ican Boy— Molly, by Legal Tender. . 2:20 
American Girt, b m, 188—, by Amer- 
ican Boy 2:20»4 

American Lad, b a, 1885, by Bthan 
Wllkee— Rarity, by Mesaenger Ba- 

tf»aw (tuotting- 2:adH) 2:17V; 

American Lady, b m, 188—, by Amer- •*" 

lean Boy 2:24% 

Amerlcus, b g, 186— 2:24V4 

Amorita, b m, 1883, by Gibson's Tom 
Hal Jr.— Annie, by Jameson's John 

Dillard Jr 2:14% 

Amo3 J 2:23% 

Amy L., b m, 1887, by Bluffton L.— 

Suap 2:21% 

Amphion. blk s, 188—, by Candidate. . 2:24% 
An A'Alene, b ul 1801, by Goer 

D'Alene, dam by Uhance 2:29% 

Anderson, A . L., ch h, 1886, by Tom 

Oorwin— Nelly Morgan 2:24% 

Anderson Beil, blk s, 1890, by Bell 

Boy— Criterion, by Orittonden (dead) 2:20% 
Anderson Chief, b s, 188—, by Bonny 

Doon 2:27% 

Andrew J. Polk, ch g, 1840 (dead).. 2:26% 

Andy, b g, 188—, by Dashwood 2:20 

Andy Melon, br g, 185—, (deadj 2:25% 

Andy Wilkes, b s, 1S87, by Onward- 
Bess Wilkes, by Harry Wilkes 2:18% 

Anerone, b m, 1891, by Strath way. ... 2:29 
Angelina, b m, 188—, by Leggett's 

Black Wilkes 2:16% 

Angle D., b m, 1889, by Mikagan— 

iQt, by Tom Belair 2:11% 

Annapolis, b m, 1892, by Instructor.. 2:25 
Anna C, br m, 188—, by Commander 
Stranger's Sister, by Mambrino 

Hambletonian 2:21% 

Anna J., ch m, 187—, by Hamlet 2:29% 

Annetta C, b m, 188—, by Ajax 2:23% 

Annie B., br m, 188—, by Onward.... 2:24% 

Annie Becker, b m, 188— 2:23 

Annie Boyd, b m, 186— 2:20% 

Annie Dickinson, b m, 1886, by 
Lumps— Jessie Wilkes, by George 

Wilkes 2:15% 

Annie Embassador, blk m, 1890, by 

Embassador 2:25% 

Annie Boone, b m, 188—, by Daniel 

Boone ^ 2:25% 

Annie C, b m, 1885, by California 

Nutwood— Annie Titus, by Echo 2:21% 

Annie B., br m, 1888, by Detractor- 
Music, by Brigham 2:16% 

Annie Rhea, b m, 188—, by Clipper 
Brooks, dam by Bostwick's Almont 

Jr 2:14% 

Annie Rooney, ch m, 1890, by Strath- 

way-^ewel, by Gen. McClellan ... 2:24% 
Annie Turner, ch m, 188—, by Gen. 

Turner 2:30 

Antedote, b s, 1891, by Anteros— 

Miss Wilson, by Blue Bull 2:27 

Antoinette, br m, 188-, by Valient . . 2:28% 

A. P., b g, 188—, by Accidental 2:17% 

Apple Jack, b g, 188— 2:24% 

Apple Jack, b s, 1887, by Ajax— Fan- 
ny N., by Kimo 2:18 

Arabian Wilkes, rn s, 188—, by Black 

Victor 2:28% 

Arbor Wilkes, b s, 188—, by Penrose 2;18% 
Archie, b g, 188—, by Dexter Prince, 
dam by Chieftain 2:29% 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Aral, g 8, 1877, by Chenery's Gray 
Baglfr— Katie, by Hampton 2:29^^ 

ArcMe C, b g, 187—, by Hinsdale 
Horse, dam by Stephen A. Douglass 2;30 

Architect, b s. 188—, by Bullet 2:23% 

Arch White, gr g, 188—, 2:19% 

Arctic, blk s, 1884, by Atlantic— 
Golden Girl, by Blue Bull 2:21% 

Arcturue, b m, 1891, by Artillery— 
Orange Girl, by Rysdyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2*25 

Ardock, br g, 188—, 2:24% 

Argoey, b s. 188—, by Atlantic, dam 
by St. Omer 2:25 

Argot Wilkes, b s, 1886, by Tennessee 
Wilkes— Sally Ward, by Bennett 
Chapman 2:14^4 

Argyle, gr g, 187—, by Baker Horse- 
Mary Hal, by Tom Hal 2:14% 

Arkalon, ch s, 1890, by Kankakee— 
Susie Mac, by L.yle Wilkes 2:16 

Arlington, b s, 1888, by France's Al- 
lie Wilkes- Maggie D., by I>ave Hill 
Jr 2:2354 

Arnold Boy, ch s, 188— by AJax 2:18% 

Arpansa, ch m, 1888, by Pancoast- 
Arabelle, by Aristos (trotting 2:30) 2:23% 

Arrow, b g, 1883, by A. W. Richmond 
— Crichton's First, by Crichton 2:13% 

Ashton, b g, 1887, by El CapitaH— 
Grey Nell, by Dan Voorhees 2:17V2 

Ashton Boy, b s, 188—, by Hunter.. 2:26 

Ashby, blk g, 188—, by Wagner B^l 
Shaw 2:26% 

Athlo, ch s, 1885, by Dunraven- Sun- 
flower, by Alexander's Abdallah.... 2:25 

Atlanta, br g, 1883, by Atiantic— 
Fanny 2:22% 

Atlantic Gem, b s, 188—, by AUantlc 2:28V4 

Atlantic Gift, br s, 188—, by AtlauUc 2:17% 

Atlantic King, blk s, 1887, by Atlan- 
tic—Carrie Blackwood, by Blue Bull 2:00% 

Atlas, ch s, 188—, by Alroy— Nelly 
M., by Joe Hooker 2:28V4 

Atmont, b s, 188—, by Atwood, dam 
by Starmont 2:28% 

Attaa, b mi, 1890, hy Wildlbrino 2:23% 

Attorney Jr., ch s, 1885, by Attorney— . 
Dolly, by Iowa 2:12 

Attraction, b m, 1385, by Onward — 
Little Fortune, by Scott's Thomas 2:28% 

Attractive, b s, 1885. by Alcantara- 
Jane liOomer, by Dick Looiner 2:18% 

Augusta, ch m, 188— 2:29% 

Aurelian, b g, 188—, by Riley Med- 
ium 2:29% 

Avan, b m, 188— by Bdgewood 2:24% 

Axtell, b 8, 188—, by Thompson's 
Golddust 2:16V4 

A. W. Thome, br s, 188—, by Haw- 
thorne-nJenny, by Jim Flsk 2:29% 

Babette, b m, 1890, by Sir John— Net- 
tie Rose, by Winfleld Scott (trot- 
ting 2:22V4i 2:14% 

Baby Boy, b g, 188—, by Finality. . 2:20% 

Baby Girl, ch m, 188—, by Ring- 
wood 2:26% 

Baby Wilkes, ch m, 1891, by Tommy 
Wilkes 2:24 

Bacillus, ch g, 1887, by Star Ham- 
bletonian, dam by Printer Jr 2:23% 

Bacon, b g, 1885, by Ajax— Polka, by 
Pocahontas Boy 2:23 

Bacon, b s, 1885, by Ajax— Polka, by 
Pocohontas Boy 2:23 

Badge, br g. 188—. by Silas Wright 2:13% 

Bald Chief, b g, 188— 2:26% 

Badger, b s, 186—, by Kerr's Bashaw 2:29 

Bfidd Bagle, ch s. 1886, by Hooeler 

^SfdlSiTLfne?' .'!'-' ^^ ^--«' ;.r 

§S!LS;'wil' ^^' Dy Bkii'R^bklesi 2:'2ii% 

Balsora Wilkes, ch g, 1881^ by WilWe "^ 

Collins— Laura Bassett, by Balsora 2 17% 

BandeUa b s. 188-, by JVIaximus . . . . 2-2^2 

Banner Boy, rn g, IgV- 2 -294 

^wnl'' ^^tH^^!' ^s, 1^9. by Brown * * 
Wilkes— Lizzie C. by Star Hamble- 

toniau 2'20V 

Barbara Riddle, br m, 1889,"by*iien<; * 

Defiance, dam by McKlnney Horse 2:22% 
Barb Wli-e, ch g, 188-, by Naaman.. 2:St 
Barb Wire, b g, 188^, by Hartford, ^^ 

dam by Empire Bellfounder 2-24«^ 

Barney, b g, 187— 2-278 

Barney 2-23 

Barney, b g, 188-, by Barney Wilkes 2:08% 
Barney A., ch g, 188-, by Chicago 
Volunteer— Carlotta, by Fearnaught 

Jr 2:27 

Barney C, b g , 188- by States- 
man 2:21% 

Barney Grossln, b g, 188—, by Jos. 

Broils, dam by Gibson's Tom Hal.. 2:29% 
Barney G., b g, 188^, by Capt. Wil- 
liamson, dam by Scott's Hlatogo. . 2:29% 
Barney Horn, b g, 1883, by Nephew 

— Rltchelders, by Messenger Chief 2:23% 
Baron Bel, blk », 1890, by St. Bel- 

^Batrlna, biy BaiPooi Wilkes 2:11% 

Barondale, br s, 1890, by Baron Wilkes 

— Nathialle, by Nutwood 2:11% 

Baromial, b s, 1886, by Baron Wilkes 

—Sunset, by Strathmore (dead) 2:29% 

Barrin^oo Wilkes^ br s, 1885, by 

Wilkes Spirit Jr.- Mercer Mare 2:25 

Bas-Bleu Wilkes, b m, 1885, by Geor- 
gia Wilkes— Mag Wood, by Blue Bull 2:18% 
Ba-h-- — - V. . 1*^1 Uy Bashaw 

I- 'i'^ J--r- DDL ". 2:17 

Birii ri 1- Brown Wilkes 

!::■.] iiii \Vjjki'i>. L-y i.,Jiaii Wilkes ... 2:22% 
BHi^Uihit, l> s. iSfy-. by Tennessee 

Wilkea , . 2:27% 

Bjnvley, b e, 188—, by King PharofOi. 2:13 
Ba74itid VVlfkps, b s, 1H.S5, by Alcantara 

— Burrena, by Bajarl 2:13% 

Bay BartML, b tf, 1887, by Baron 
\Vi!k€*8— Cajrle Wllies, by George 

Wilkes 2:24V4 

Bay RLlly, b g, 188- 2:29% 

Bay ItiMy, b g, 1547- 2:14 

Bti.y (Jlmrley. 1* a 1S80, by Green 
iloujitiiJn Mi>rgan— City Pet, by Oop- 

p<rrfK>Lti>m Ht>-Tj« . » 2:23%, 

Buy I^^iu, Ir tr, 1883, by Stanley, dam 

by Blue Bull 2:23% 

Bay Diamond, b g, 1880, by Milo 2:23% 

Bay Fly, b m, 188—, by Booth's Clear 

Crit 2:23V4 

Bay George, b g, 188— X20% 

Bay Hal. b s, 1886, by Brown Hal— 

Yellow BHag, by Thompson's Slasher 2:20V4 
Bay Henry, b s, 188—, by Bnown 

Henry 2:23 

Bay Jim, b g, 187—, 2:21% 

Bay I-.eaf, b m, 1884, by Quilna Chief 

-Bessie B., by StUlsoo 2:24% 

Bay Lucy, b m, 186— 2:30 

Bay Pilot, b sri88— , by Red Pilot 2:21% 

Bay Rob, b g, 18-, (dead) 2:25 

Bay Sally, b m, 1866, by Tom Crowder 

-Jane 2:20 

Bay Tom, b s, 1869 (dead) 2:23 

Bay^ ^Tom, b g,_1 86— y^ 2:26 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Bay wood, b j^, isS— * tiy Wooeliiut— 

Grares* Murr , hy li'io , 2:14^ 

Baywood, b t^. 1!^^ , bj tlylug Uli>u(l 2:28 
Bay Tom Jr., b s, ihTl*, hv Bay Tom.. 2:30 
B. B., ro g, !sn;e. hv H file's Veto Jr. 

— Panny G<n.inj;coii, by Jt>hn 2:12% 

Becke.-, b g, 1S^7, hy Oihiinnt^t— 

Beoca, by Si, Elmo . , 2:24^^ 

Beeoher Boy. blk h, 18J^^, by Bs.>o*^er 2:27i4 
Beeohnut, b s, lH>i"i, Ht tji^tils; Niip<> 

leon— Jenny Ltswii*, by "Joe Gavm.... 2:23^ 
Bee Line, b s, 1887, by Elevator— Lula 

Wllkee, by Red Wilke© 2:19Vi 

Be Jax, ah s, 1888, by Ajax— GoiOle, 

ky Miller's Bine Bull 2:14Vi 

Ben Boy, b g, 1884, by Rocbester— 

Belle Clay, by American Qay 2:20V4 

Belle, cih m, 1891, by Melbourne King 

— HattieTby All Rlg-ht 2:15 

Belle ActoQ, b m, 1S91, by Sbadeland 

Onward-Lottie P., by Blue Bull Jr. 2:1CV4 
Belle B., b ms 188—, by Ricbard Sco- 

bea .....7. 2:19V4 

Belle Bayard, gr m, 1888, by Bayard, 

dam by Joe I/arkin 2:20^4 

Belle Burton, b m, 188—, Im;_ Edgar 

Wilkefl— Belle Herr, by Dr. Herr. . . . 2:19 
Belle Button, br m, 1886, by Alexander 

Button— Floria, by Dletz's 9t. Clair. 2:181/^ 
Belle Oailley, b m, 1882, by Robert 

Ryan ..:. 2:27% 

Belle Cbafie, br m, 188—, by Roibinsoti 

D ....!?. 2:21^4 

Belle D., b mi, 188—, by De Long's 
Ethan Allen, dam by Rolliu Bur- ' 

chard Horse 2:24^4 

Belden Boy, b a. 1883, by Brownwood 

—Winona, by Blue Bull 2:29^4 

Belle Durtend, XT m, 1886, by Mike 

Snyder-Gipeey A, by FraSk Pilot. 2:19'>4 
Belle Girl, ch m, 1882, by Harold— 

Pe;ia, by Belmont 2:24 | 

Belle Haimill, b m, 188—, by Soott's 

Hiatoga 2:26V4 

BeUe J., br m» 1888, by Brook- Snapp 2:12»/i 
Belle M., b m, 188-, by Willoug!hby. . . 2:19% 
Belle Miaboine, ro m, 1889, by Sea 

Foam- Bird 2:1(H4 

Belle MJcGee, b m, 188—, by Rictiard 

Scobell— Modock 2:24V4 

Belle Meade, b m, 1892, by Cbarleeton 2:28^^ 
Belle Moody, b m, 188—, by Moody.. 2:29 
Belle Morse, gr m, 187—, by Cald- 
well's Grey Diamond— Jane Oliver, 

by Gen. Taylor 2:29% 

Belle N., cih m, 18&-, by Red Dick. . . . 2:27^4 
Belle Nlra, b m, 188—, by Brick 

Wllkea, dam by Captain Jack 2:24^4 

Belle Noble, b' m, 1891, by Harry 

Noble 2:16 

Belle of Kentucky, b m, 188— 2:2< !^ 

BeMe Pedro, br m, 188— 2:29V4 

Belle Potter, b m, 188— by Chester- 

wood 2:29% 

Belle R., rn m, 188— 2:29^ 

Belle Shackett, cfli na, 1876, by Abrar 
biam— aover Fed, bv De Long's ^ ^ ^, 

Ethan Allen (trotUng 2 :27^4) 2:27% 

Belle Simmons, br m, 1887, by Better- 
ton— Delia, by Hero of Thomdale.. 2:17% 

Bellvue Maid, b m, by Jim FI«k 2:28 

Bellevue Wilkee,^ s, 1887, by Red 
Wilke©— Lady Tasseil, by Shelby 

Chief (trotting 2:27%) 2:29% 

Belle W., Mk m, 188—, by George 

H. D T 2:26 

Belle West, b m, 188—, by DouWe 

Stroke 2:24^4 

Belle Wllkee, b m, 188-, by Don 

Wilkes 2:29% 

Belmont Boy, ch g, 1879, by Nutwood 

-Lilly Vernon, by Tom Vernon.... 2:15 
Belmont Chief, b s, 188—, by Belmont 

Star 2:20% 

BelUK^nt ObJef, h s, 1K8— , by De- 

IrHA: ti>r 2:30 

Bekoij. b a, 1882. by BelmOot— Sally 

1^., by i5tratliimiro 2:17% 

Beivn LoekwoidH b id, 1880, by Bob 
^Itidley Jr,. djim by JShawhan's Hal. 2:17% 
Beji Adlieni. b n, 18S— , by Ben Frank- 

lin~Lrfiily iiogi^rpi, by Len Rogers... 2:21% 
Beu AUU}., b g, ISUI, by Ben Hariison 2:21 

Ben B., eh s, 188— by Clipper 2:13% 

Bet* Bni:*ir, blk g. IB^-, by Nelson's 

Onwaxd 2:29% 

Ben Butler, b g, 1865, by St. Clair- 
Mary 2:19% 

Benefactor Jr., oh s^ 1887, by Bene- 
factor—Midway by Combat 2:18% 

Ben F., dh g, 188—, by Qullna Chief. . 2:24% 
Ben H., b s, 188— by Smith's Mam 

brino (dead) 2:29% 

Ben Hadad, b s. 1890. by Doc Vail— 

Lady Fergus, by Fergus McGregor. . 2:23% 
Ben Harrison, br g, 1887, by King- 
ston, dam by Bourbon Chief, Jr 2:18% 

Ben Higdon, dn g, 184—, by Clark's 

(dead) 2:27 

Ben Hur, bl g, 188—, by Jim Roberts 2:21% 
Ben Lambert, g, 188—, by Golddust 

Lambert 2:27% 

Ben Mitchell, gr, 188- 2:22% 

Ben Morgan, br g, 188—, by Clark's 

Hambletonian 2:17% 

Benny, gr g, 1872, by Fearnaught, Jr. 

—Martha, by Gilbreath Knox 2:18% 

Ben's Misfit, blk s, 1892. by Ben Eas- 

ton, dam by Squire Talmage 2:19% 

Benson H., ro g, 1881, by Louis Na- 
poleon 2:17% 

Ben Jack, b s, 188— ,by Butler's 

Bashaw 2:29 

Ben S., b s, 188—, by Ben Morrill 2:29% 

Ben Star, b g. 1876, by Tom Hazzard 
—Dolly Buxton, by John Richards, 

Jr., (trotting 2:21%). (dead) 2:19V4 

Ben Swigert, b g, 188—, by Vero 2:30 

Benton Boy. b s, 1886, by Gen. Ben- 
ton— Gazelle, by Ryedyk's Hamble- 
tonian 2:16% 

Benzine, b g, 188—, by Dunbarton, 

dam by Byerly Abdallah 2:24% 

Bergletta, ch m. 188—, by An tar 2:28% 

Berkshire Courier, b e, 188—, by Ira 

Wilke»-Kate Windsor, by Windsor. 2:14% 
Bernecia, oh m, 188—, by Commander. 2:30 
Bernica, ch m, 188—, by Commander 

Dolly Smith, by Flying Hiatoga.. 2:21% 
Bernice, ch m. 188—, by Game On- 
ward ~ 2:23 

Berry Davis, b g, 188—, 2:22 

Bertha W., g m. 188-, by Roderick. 2:25 

Bertie W 2:80 

Bessemer, b m, 188—, bv Billy Brlster 2:24% 
Bessemer, b s, 1884, by Voltaire- 
Cora, by Concord 2:13% 

Bess H., br m, 1885, by May Boy- 
Belle, by Signal Chief 2:21% 

Bessie, bl m, 188—, 2:25 

Bessie Ann, gr m, 188—, by White 

Cloud 2:30 

Bessie Braddock, ch m, 188—, by 

Mountain Boy— Maud 2:26% 

Bessie B., b m, 188—, by Gold King— 

—Dolly Smith, by Flying Hiatoga... 2:21% 
Bessie B., b m, 188—, by Look, dam 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



by Baird\s Hambletonlan Prince. . 2:18'/i 
Bessie B., rn m, 188—, by Sea Foam. 2:22 

Bessie C. 2:24V(, 

Bessie H. br m, 1888, by Newton's 

Allie Wilkes— Star Bye 2:22^ 

Bessie H.. br m, 188—, by Brook 2;1»^ 

Bessie M., gr m, by White Cloud- 
Fanny 2:14 

Bedcie M., br m, 188—, by Littie BUiy 2:23^ 
Be«sle M., blk m, 1875, by Capt. Gay, 

Jr.— Buxom 2:1®^ 

Bessie Moore, b m, 187—, by Tom 

Moore 2:24Vi 

Bessie Polk, b m, 188—, by Jim Mon- 
roe. Jr 2:25 

Bessie R., cr m, 1886, by Blue Bayard ^ _ 

—Bessie, by Johnson's Copperbottom 2:21Va 
Bessie It., b m, 1887, by Redmond 

Wilkes 2:23% 

Bessie Shedd, b m, 18&-, by J. R. ^ ,^,, 

Shedd 2:23V4 

Bessie Wilkes, b m, 18&2, by Wilkes U. 2:23V4 
Bessie Young, bl m, 188—, by Joe 

Young 2.24 

Be Sure, b s, 1891, by Bessemer- 
Jessie B.. by Smuggler 2:14 

Betty Battle, b m, 188—, by Jes**e 

James 2:24V4 

Betty M., br m, 188—, by Gi-esco.... 2:20 

Betty Walker, b m, 187- 2:30 

Beulah, gr m, 1890, by Du Bois' 

Superior— Maggie H., by Iron Duke 2:14^ 
Beulah Boy, br g, 1889, by Robert C- 

Lady M., by BiUy Almont 2:23V4 

Beulah C, ch m, 1891, by Badger's 
Clay, dam, -by Got. Wilkes (trotting 

2:27), (dead).... 2:28^ 

B. H. D., br 8, 188—, by Brown Hal, 

dam by Tempest, Jr 2:20V^ 

Bide A Wee, b a, 1887, by Ashland 
Wilkes— Lucy Glover, by Thalaba. . 2:25 

Big Hopes, ch g, 188— 2:20V4 

Big Inlun, ch g, 188— by Brown Hal. 2:20^2 
Big John, br g, 188— by Belmont Boy 2:28 
Big Mike, br s, 1889, by Studer- 

Maria, by Burnside 2:19 

Big Wonder, b g, 188—, by AJax— Big 

Mary, by Blue Bull (dead) 2:25 

Billy B., b g, 187— by Mountain Boy 2:29 V* 
Billy Boyce, b g, 1861, by Corbeau— 

MeGlnuls Mare, by Tom^fiale 2:10 

Billy Breen, b g, 1S8— , by Mambrino 

Motor 2:26V4 

Billy Brlggs. 188—. by Trojan, Jr 2:21 

Billy Brister, rn g, 188— 2:27 

Billy Bunco, rn g. 188— 2:24% 

Billy Bunker, bl g, 1879, by Harry 

Clay, Jr.,— Larue 2:19V4 

Billy Bums, ch g, 188—, by Billy 

Davis 2:24% 

Billy Button, g g, 185—, (dead) 2:20^ 

Billy C, br g, 186-, 2:25% 

Billy C, br g, 18»-, by MIddletown, 

Jr 2:26V3 

BIllv C, blk g, 188—, by Rescue 2:27V4 

Billy C, b g. 1887, by Billy Davis, 

dam, by Gloster 2:20 

Billy C^rr, b g, 188—, by Mambrino 

Smuggler 2:27 

Billy Cleveland, ch g. 188—, by Don- 
Alice, by Indian Chief, Jr 2:19% 

BiVv D.. b g. 187—. by Henry Mid- 

dleton 2:29% 

Billy Dorhman. b g, 188—, by Messen- 
ger Golddust 2:24Vi 

Billy E., b g, 188—, by Bcrbert 2:29f4 

Billy H., b g, 188-, by R«I Joe 2:22 

Bl'ly B., b g, 188—, by Pocohontaa 

Sam 2:29% 

Billy F., br g, 187- 2:28»4 

Buiy F., br g, 1881, by Land PUot. . 2:20% 
Billy Flemmiug, b g, 188—, by Copper- 
bottom 2:25% 

Billy Frazler, ch g, 188—, by Bourbon 
Wilkes— Daisy by Kitcheil's Tele- 
graph 2:21% 

Billy G., bl g, 188—, by Tempest Jr. 2:24% 
Billy Gau.t, b g, 1883, by Frank Noble 

—Olive Logan, by Mambrino Logan. 2:20 
Billy Golden, ch s, 1887, by Headlight 
—Madam Golddust, by Brilliant 

Golddust 2:21 

Billy Hayes, b g, 188—, by Tramp. . 2:29% 
Billy Hopper, ch s, 186—, by Jack 

Fowler 2:24 

Biliy J., b g, 188—, by Johnson's 

Hamb.etonian 2:29% 

Biliy J., rn s, 188—, by Gen. Hardee- 
Rosa Lee, by Newsboy 2:26V4 

Billy Jay, b i<, 1891. by Wha.ebone. 2:17% 
Billy Kedron, b g, 187—, by Glencoe 

—Annie, by Wiiey Ihompson 2:29 

Billy Larklu, b g, 186— 2:2'< 

Billy M., br g, 1881, by Bob Hunter— 

Miuer Mare 2:19% 

Billy M., b g, 187—, by Clear Grit- 
Billet Doux, by St. Lawrence 2:19% 

BlUy Mack, br g, 188—, by Nathan 

Mills 2:24% 

Billy Mayo, gr g, 185— 2:20 

Biily McCracken, blk s, 1885, by Ham- 
bletonlan Mambrino— Fanny Bed- 
ding, by Tom Hal... 2:24% 

Billy N., ch g, 187- 2:30 

Billy Nye, blk g, 188-, 2:29 

Billy Nye, b g, 188—,... 2:29% 

BUly P., br s, 1891. by Edge Hill- 
Irene, by Wilkes' Nutwood 2:29% 

Billy Patdhen, b s, 188—, by Hen -y 

B. Patchen 2:29% 

Billy Pierce, b s, 1892, by Pelletier.. 2:22% 
Billy R., b g, 188—, by Paul Jones, 

Jr.— Collie, by Solomon Hager 2:27% 

Billy Rlchbald, ch m, 188-, by King 

Mac 2:20% 

Billy Russell, b g, 188- by Alley 

Kussell 2:19% 

Billy Russell, g g, 188—, by Grey 

Duke 2:16% 

Big Sam, ch g, 187— 2:29% 

Bill White, rn g, 184-, (dead) 2:30 

Billy S., b g, 1873, by Cort)ean— Pacing 

Kate, by Redmond's Boston 2:14% 

Billy 'Sample, b s, 1889, by Bgmont— 

Kate Medium, by Time Medium 2:20 

Billy Scott, ch g, 187—. by Billy 
Green Green— Lady Jones, by Hei- 

lln*s Hiatoga 2:21% 

Billy Silk, b g, 187-, 2:2i^% 

Billy Stelnman, b g, 188—, by 

Bronx Jr 2:21% 

Billy Sprague br s, 1878, by Gov. 

Sprague— Lake Breeze, by Swlgert.. 2:28 
BiUy Stewart, b g, 188—, by Ameri- 
can Boy 2:18% 

Billy T., g g, 188- ^ 2:30 

Blllv T., b g. 1883. by Don Ozro, dam 

by Jamestown Horse 2:21% 

BUly T.. er g. 188—. by Alierdeen.. 2:30 
Billy the Kid. ch s, 188—, by Bashaw 

Fwharie: dam. by Sondusky 2:21 

Billy the Kid, eh s, 18—, by Bo«haw 

Bill . . . 2*28 

Bil ly the * Twister. ' ch g. 1 88—, by 

Gray Harry 2:18% 

BUly v., b g. 188—, by Ned Warfleld^g^J-^ 



SH}^ Xif ^ ^' ^?- **y ^^^e Bull 2:25^4 

BiU^r Warren, b g. 188—, by Billy * 

Green . .-^ 2'2BkL 

Billy Walters, b s, 1891, by Whalel * 

bone, dam, by VIck's Morgan 2 -181,4 

BUly Webb, ch g, 1^-.....^ 2-27 

Billy Wilkes, b g, 187— ' 2'30 

Billy Wilson, b g, 188-, by Embassa- ' 

uor 2*2lBi/ 

Binnle C, bik, 188-. by* WyiAdott4 " 

Chief 2-30 

Blrchwood, b s, 1889, by Nutwood— 

Kate F., by Mambrino Boy 2:15 

Birdie, br m, 1882, by Capt. Sligart, 

Jr 2 '2A^± 

Birdie L., ch m, 187—, by Lance,' dam ' 

by Smith Horse 2-28i,i 

Birdie L., g m, 188—, by Ingraham 

Horse 0.07 

Bird Mont, br s, 188-, by* Bird-Ada ' 

Mont, by Edmont 2-22«ii 

BIrentha, br m, 1889, by Walsing- ' 

ham ° 2'25 

Black Ambassador, bl s, 18i8*0*, * * *b*y ' 

Ambassador— Quaker Girl, by Star 

Hambletonlan 2-25 

Black Bassinger, blk s. 1877, *b'y *Legai * 

Tender dfun. by Baselnger. . . .. .7. . 2:29»4 

Black Bird, br g. 188-. by Blackhawk * 

McGregor 2''28Jii 

Black Cat, blk m, 187-. . 2-^ 

21!^!^ oV'"^,- y,^ «' ^S^' by *Gien:: 2 124% 
^^i^K?^''"^' ^^^ «• 1^' ^y Brown ^^ 

Kimble o -2314 

S«oi5 Si*'''^- ^ ^' 1®^' by Adjiitint 2:2p 
Black Diamond, gr g, 188-, by Grey 
riarry 2*lfl 

pick: dam, by Dr. Herr 2-11 

Black Hawk, blk s, 188-,.:. 2-25 

Black Hal, blk s, 188-, by Morrteoii's 

Ldipoer 2*30 

Black Hawk Menelaus, b's.'l'ssi ' *bv 

Menelaus-Millie, by Black Hawk 

onier o •221/ 

Black Nell, blk m, 18-, by* Hard* Tack 2-*^ 
Bl^Sl" Prince, blk g, 188^, by Jeffe'r^ ^'^ 

son Prince o-oca/ 

Black Bph., blk g, 187-. ::;:::;;; 2-i^ 

Black Henry, blk g, 187—... 2-27iiL 

Black Hunter, blk s, 188-. 2-90? 

Black Jack, blk g, 180-.?. . .' ! l-lSit 

B ack Morgan, blk g. 187-, ! ! 1 ! ! 2-27 

B ack Ne'l, blk m..l88-. by Hard Ta'k 2128 
Black RoTer, blk s. 188-, by Pr^ 
T*io^:Il^^^' J?,"^' ^y Bourbon Wilkes.. 2:21 
wnvl^.' S^. '"' i^%. ^y Patohen 

Wllke^— Betsey, by Draco 2-20 

Back Shy, blk g, 185-, (dead) 2:.^ 

Back Tom, blk g, 188-,.... 2-^% 

ifs Jr "^' ^^^ ^' ^^^^' ^^ ^^*^" . 
Black Weasel,' *bl*k' *g,' '187-', 'by *Loigl ^'^ 

fellow * 2-27JV 

Black Wilkes, blk s. 1882." * by" Am- "^ 

bassador- Bird, by Hiatoga 2:24% 

Black York, blk g, 188—, by Tern- 

pest, Jr , 2-18V 

Bl^lrwood, hs. 1889, by 'wedgewood- ' 

Pink, by Chieftain 2-15U 

Blanche, bm, 1881. by Middletown, 

* vr"^^^y Bailey, by Bacon's Ethan 

Allen Jr 2'20!»6 

Blanche, gr m, 188—, by 'Round's " 

Sprague 2-243A 

Blanche Louise, b m. 1888, bv Ren* ' 

Wilkes— Mis«ie. by Westwood 2:10 

Blanche M., b m, 188—, 2*23^ 

Blluky Morgan, g g, 188-, by Pilot 
Wilkes 2-265i 

Bli25zard, b s, 188—, by Sandy Short— * 
Gipsey McGregor, by Robert Mc- 
Gregor 2:12q&. 

Blonde, ch g, 1884, by Brunswick 
Chief— Kit. by Kansas Duke 2:14% 

Blonde Wilkes, ch s, 1888. by Guy 
Wilkes— Blonde, by Arthurton 2:22\4. 

Blue Wing, br m, 1883, by Pluto— 
Bay Fanny, by Richard's Bell- 
founder 2*27 

Blondie, ch s, 1886, by Lemont— 
Molly, by Prank Chapman (trotting 
2:2414) 2:15 

B ue Bell, ro m, 188—, by Sea Foam. 2:19-14 

Blue Bell, ro m, 1883. by Sea Foam.. 2:17 

Blue Bell, br m, 188—, by Christie's 
BuU 2:29^4 

Blue Bob, gr g, 188-, by Blue Brit- 
ton 2*23 

Blue Dick, g g, 188-. by George 
^V ashingtou 2:30 

Blue Hal, ro s. 1890, by Gibson's Tom 
Hal, Jr.— Tiny, by Blue Ball 2:23 

Blue Note, rn g, 1884, by I^gal Note 
—Belle , r. 2:22«4 

Blue Ridge, rn s, 188—, by Gold Boy, 
dam by Pointer's Slasher 2:20 

Blue Sign b g, 1887, by Ensign- 
Polly Hopkins 2-06% 

Bob, blk m, 188— by Young Abner 2:23% 

Boadioea, ch m, 18—, by Good Duck. 2:28% 

Bob, blk g, 188— 2:15 

Bobby Burns, b s, 1888, by (Jen. 
Wilkes -Dixie, by Dictator . ; 2 :19% 

Bob Cotton, b g, 188— by Little 
Grant 2:29^4 

Bob Ingersoll, blk g, 188—. by Legal 
Tender Jr.— Bolly, bv Capt. Walker. 2:26«4 

Bob Ingersoll, ro g, 188—, by Frank M 2:23<4 

Bob Taylor, ro g, 1885, by Gibson's 
Tom Hal, Jr.— Jennie, by Enfield.. 2:18% 

Bob Volunteer, b g, 1888, by Sun- 
rise Patchen-Ueartrace, by Rvsdyke. 2:19V4 

Bokara, b s, 1890, by Alcantara- 
Siren, by Nutwood 2:20 

Bob R., b g. 188—, by Woodburn 
Pilot 2:29% 

Bonalr, Jr., b s, 188— by Bonair 2:2ei4 

Bonaventure, b s, 1886. by Indianapo- 
lis— Susan Ann, by Balsora 2:18 

Boucher, b s, 188—, by William L 2:26 

Bonnie B., b s. 1887. by Orion- 
Nelly v., by Bonner 2:18% 

Bonnie B., b g. 1887, by Happy Trav- 
eler— Merrlmac, by Wilder 2:19% 

Bonnie Bell, blk m, 1887, by Adiron- 
dack—Daisy James 2:24% 

Bonnie Belle, b m, 1890, by Bonnie 

^Boy— Ardelle. by Rochester 2:17% 

Bonnie Belle, br m, 188—, by Black- 
hawk Paragon ; 2:20 

Bonnie Boy, b g, 188—, by Brown 
Henry— Lady Shellbark, by CJorbeau 2:29% 

Bonnie Wilkes Jr.. blk m, 1886, by 
Adrian Wilkes— Princess, by Ara- 
bian Gk>lddu8t 2:24U 

Bonnie Wilson, b s, 188—, by Jim 
Wilson 2:26% 

Boodfler, br s, 1887, by JIadrid— 
Sahara, by CSballenger 2:26 

Boone Wilson, gr a, 1887, by Jim Wil- 
son— Ne41y Boone, by Daniel Boone 
(trotting 2:20%) 2:ia 

Bonus, b s, 188—, by Morgan Ethan., 2:29% 

Bo Peep, b g, by Rayen 2:16V4 

BoeweU Jr., chs, 1883/^ ^ ^.. 
Digitized by' 



Maude, by Bertrand Black Hawk.. 2:10 
Bouitboa Patchen, ch s, 1889, by Bour- 
bon Wilkes— Carrie Patohen, by 

Mamibrlno Patchen 2:00 

Bourbon Sneak, b m, 1801, by Bour- 
bon Prlnoe— Sneak, by Sam Hazzafd 2:21^ 
BoTee K., b s, 1890, by Boyaltoor- 

Old Queen, by Jack 2:15% 

Boy B., b«, 188- 2:28 

Brae, ar m, 188—, by Tom Hal Jr., 

dam by JoOm DUlard 2:25^ 

Bracelet, b g, 1882, by Nephew— 

Bltchelders, by Messenj^^er Qblef ... 2:21 
Bradbum, bg, 1886, by MoAiican— 

Nantafllra, by Hamtln's Almont Jr.. 2:24 
Branohwood, b g, 1885, by Woodburu 

Hambletonlan— Belle 2:25 

Bpandywlne, gr g, 188—, by Koscoe 

Boy 2:20Vi 

Branolia, b m, 1880, by Brown 

Wllkea-Julla H., by Mondco 2:22 

Braut Arnold, blk g, 188—, by Arnold. 2:2Ui/4 
Breastplate, b g, 188—, by liosedale, 

d«um by Monroe Chief 2:20 

Brennflin, gr b, 1801, by Gambetta 

Wilkee, dam by Mambrino Startle. . . 2:16V4 
Brent Wellss ch g, 188—, by Bedford. . 2:10j* 

Brewery Boy, b g. 187— 2:20 

Bridget, b m, 188—, by Dmetry's 

Gaffrey 2:27Vi 

Bright Hope, blk s, 1887, by Hypeiion, 

dam by Surplus 2:25 

Bright Light,!) s, 187- 2:20 

Bright Pat, b g, 188—, by Bed Mark, 

dam by Pat Malone 2:2314 

Brighton Boy, b g, 1883, by Hamble- 

tonian Morgan 2:22% 

Brigliton Girl, b m, 188—, by Victor 

NaiKdeon 2:21U 

Bright Kegent, ch s, 1801, by Prince 

llegeut— Bri^t Eyes, by Blackw^ood 

Chief 2:2014 

Brightwood, b g, 188—, by Abraiiam- 

Pritchard Mare, by Flying Morgan. 2:10V^ 
BilUlantlne, dn. m, 1887, by Brilliant 

—Smut, by Prompter 2 :17Jl4 

Brinodia, b m, 1880, by Mambrino 

Davis— Molly, by son of Red Buck. 2:15iA 
Brino OYicks, b s, 1888, by Mambrino 

Wilke»-Sally Tricks, by Patchen 

Vernon 2:18% 

Broadwell, b s, 1800, by Splendor, 

• dam by loung Wilkes 2:21% 

Brookfleld. b s, 1891, by Redfleld, dam 

by Ma-tin's Tom Brown 2:22 

BrookBlde, gr s, 1801, by Martin's 

Tom Hal— Lucinda, by Henry Clay. 2:11% 
Brooks, cih a, 1880, by Nettle Keenan 

—Minnie M!., by Planeroid 2:15Vi 

Brotlier Geers, br g, 1882, by Old 

• Hank 2:20% 

Brown Al, br g, 1880, by Aladdin— 

Mattie Logan, by Dick Turpin 2:24V:, 

Brown Frank, br g, 1885, by Tbm Hal 
Jr.— Nelly 2:16% 

Brown George, br g, 188— 2:21% 

Bnown Hal, br 8, 1870, by Gibson's 
Tom Hal— Lizzie, by John Nether- 
lamd 2:12% 

Brown Hal Jr., blk s, 1888, by Brown 
Hal— Midnight, by Crim's Black 
Hawk 2:17% 

Brownie, br g, 1887, by Koulette— 
Blue, by Billy Hazzard 2:22% 

Brown Jim, br g, 188—, by Lace 
Dealer, dam by Atlantic 2:26% 

Brown Nell, br m, 1883, by Stock- 
holm—Gray Nell, by Hercules 2:23 

Brown Sami, be* g, 188—, by Whistle 

Jacket 2:20% 

Buck Dickerson, ch g, 188—, by Jack 
Fowleir 2:25% 

Buckeye Girl, b m, 188—, by Dili 
Greed Horse, dam by Sam Patch.. 2:27 

Buck Franklin, b s, 1801, by Ben 
Franklin— SJcbo, by Enfield 2:16% 

Buckner, b m, 1881, by Bkirnheaxt's 
Brooks— Molly, by son of Stackpole. . 2:15% 

Buckshot, blk g, 188—, by Levi Aris- 
tos 2:28% 

Buckskin, dn s, 187—, 2:27 

Bud Orooke, b s, i860, by George 
WUkes-Llzzie Brinknei*, by Brink- 
ner's Drennon 2:15% 

Bud DiUe, br s, 188-, by Klnlock.... 2:22% 

Budd Doble, b g, 1883, by Indianapolis 
—Kate, by Stocking Obief 2:13% 

Budd Doble, b g, 188—, by Clay Ab- 
dallah— Dot, by Aknore 2:10% 

Bud Onward, b g, 1885, by Onward- 
Maria 2:21% 

Bud Weiser, br g, 188— 2:28 

Buffalo Girl, b m, 1873, by Pocahontas 
Boy— Kit Freeman, by Gray's Tom 
Hal 2:12% 

Bugjier, b g, 187— 2:30 

Bunco Jr., b g, 188—, by Bunco— Dell- 
laih 2:12% 

Bullmont, gr g, 1887. by Blue Skin- 
Lady Almont, by Almoiit Pasha 2:10 

Burback, b s, 1801, by Red Wilkes 2:29V4 

BuTdette, b s, 1886, by Alcantara- 
Minnie, by Broken Leg 2:21% 

Burkhoddea-, b g, 188- 2:26% 

Burley F., b g, 188—, by Legal Ten- 
der J:- 2:18% 

Buster, ru s, 188—, by Sam Purdy 2:27% 

Butoher Boy, dh s> 188—, by Poca- 
hontas Boy : 2:26% 

Butler Chief, b s, 1888, by Reveille- 
Lady, by Kansas Wilkes- 2:26 

Byrl C, br m, 1800, by Victoi- Patch- 
en 2:23% 

Oa^-sar, b g, 1885, by Steinway— Olita, 
bv Nutwood 2:16% 

Cairn, b s, 1800, by Ante:X)S— Govera- 
eos, by Gov. Sprague 2:23% 

Calera, b m, 1800, by McEwen— Cuy- 
lera, by Ouyler 2:18% 

Oallie S., br m, 1880, by Mambrino 
Logan— Delphine, by Wade Hampton 2:23% 

Calvin C, b g, 18&— , by Hambletonlan 
Down 2:28 

Calyce, blk m, 1888, by JKndymion— 
Opponent, by Madrid 2:20% 

OemA K., gr m, 188—, by Bog Oak— 
Josie, by Miambrino Bruce (dead)... 2:23% 

Cambridge 2:25 

Cambridge Boy, oh s, 188—, by Amer- 
ican Boy 2:18 

Cambridge Girl, ch m, 188—, by Amer- 
ican Boy 2:11% 

Oamille, b m, 188— 2:28% 

Candidate, Ch », 1884, by Pocaihontas 
Boy 2:20% 

Caneland Wilkes, b s, 1887, by Young 
Jim— Augusta, by Allie West 2:12 

Oemnon Ball, br s, 1886, by Red Jacket 
-Jip 2:10% 

Cantab, eh g, 188-, by Sphinx— Home 
Maid, by Royal Feernaught 2:1 iU 

Can Tell, br m, 188—, by Grove's Blue 
BullJr 2:25 

Capital, b s, 188— by Byron 2:26% 

Capltola. dh m, 186- 2:25% 

Gapelheaf, blk s, 188—, by Confederate 
(Met 2:21% 

Oapt. Dan, b g, 187— ^ 2:24% 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Oapt. Hunter, br a, 188—, by Clear 

Oapt. Jack, b s, 187—, by Old Red Buck 

Capt Jollm, b e, 188Z,.by Don Wilkes- 
Molly. by Dlllard Dudiey 

Gapt Kiimey, b g, 184—, (dead) 

Capt. Mack, blk a, 188—. by Outbbert. 

Capt Payne, ch b. 188—, by Black 

CaptJ. Ittiome, b s, 1888,_by Haw 





June Second, by Ben Frank- 

_ 2;10V4 

Oapt. Tomey, b g, 188—, by a son of 

Dictator 2:27»/4 

Oapt. Walker. c4i 8, 18ft- 2:27v5 

Capt Wood, g 8, 188-^ by Wllkeewood 2:ltH4 
Oarbomate, m s. 1892, by Superior— 

UsiggLe H.. by Iron Duke 2:09 

CarelesB, b g, 1879, by Spring- Hill— 

VlctOTla Almont, by Almont 2:23% 

Carmel, b s, 188—, by Bourbon Chief 

Jr 2:30 

Oarrie H., b m, 188—, by EXii^ewood.. 2:29Vi 

OaiTle Ii., b m, 188— 2:29v4 

Oarrie M., b m^ 1887, by Dispatdi— 

Miss HerrinsTton, by Star Hamble- 

tomlaii 2:21% 

Oarrie Onwaird. b m, 1889, by Onward 

—Oarrie B., by Blue Bull 2:18V4 

Carrie Strathmore, b m, 188—, by 

St^atlhmore — Carrie Blackwood, by 

Blue Bull 

Caarie T., b m, 188—, by Signal 

Carrie W., b m, 188—, by Royattty 

Oarro, b jr, 1886, by Erie Wilkes— 

CeUa, by Black Henry. 

" ' -^ b g, 188—, by Wayne 

Cash Boy, 


Oaelbier, gr s, 18^-. by NeUwn 

Oasbler Jr., b g, 1886, by Qashler— 

Pattie Dodd 

Oaasie, b m, 1887, by Tennessee 

Wilkes— Jenny, by Bnfleld 

Oatherine H., r m, 18^-, by Juifee 

Oato, b g, 188-^* by Guilford* Boy .* ! .' .* .' 

Oayiiga Maid, b m, 184r-, (dead) 

a C, blk 8,188-, W Butler .^ 

Cebx>n, b s, 1888, by Belvoir— Minnie 
Russell, by Mambrtnio Russell 

Cecelia, b m, 1892, by Iris— Scratch, 
by Loppy 

Oediar RapldB, b s, 1892, by Mam- 
brino Payne 

Oedkar Snag, b g, 188—, by Locomotive 

•CenterviUe Maid, b m, 185—, (dead) . . 

Chamois, cih s, 1888, by Cba!mi>lain— 
Royalty, by Almont 

tTbaanplcm, br g, 188— 

Cbttrnpy, b' g. l^^S— 

Chim. Ij tn, l^iMiJ, by Obandos— Mid- 
night, by R^ Cloud 

ClMmge, h ^, 1S7— 

ChaptiianH i± g, 1881, by St Omer. . . . 

Ghflpnifiii, b g, 1S8— , by Western 

CharUnd. b s, ISS— 

QMirlee U, dh p, 1885, by Ashley's 
Btlian Allen, ditm by Earthquake. . . 

Oharletj l\ * 

CharJwj S., b g, l^y Red Joe 

ObHrlpy, Iplk g- ix^, • v • %k- - • -^ 

Cbarlc^y B., oh li. \88— , by Dan Brown 

Oha^ev B. Wllk^ss, br s, 18^-, by 
DtiarW H 

Ohoj^l^y TBn>^ti. ^t g, 187—^ 

Charley 0., b g. 188-, py Bnifl^ls. . . 

CSjarley C. oh r. 188-, by Piedmont 
"EloomfleVJ Maid, by HJambletonian 







Obarl^ D., b g, 188—, by Stride 

Wilkes 2:liH4 

Charley D., ch g, 188—. by Dan Rice. 2:26% 
Charley D., ch g, 1882, by John A. 

Loigan— Tabittui, by Blajck Ben 2:24^ 

Obariey Danforflh, ro g, 18^—, by 

Fred Lothali- 2:23?i 

Cbaiies H. Hoyt. b s, 1889, by New- 
mont— Reel, by Blue Bi^ (trotting 

2:21%) TTr, 2:WA 

Chaiiey K., du g, 188--, by Old Sambo 2:25 
Charley Evans, ro g. 186—, (deaa).. 2:21^ 
Charley F., b g, 187— by Cloud Mam- 

brino 2:28 

Charley Ford, ch g, 1888, by Dexter 

Prince— Nellie, by Corsica 2:12V^ 

Charley Foster, rn g, 187—, by Joe 

Brister 2:29^ 

Charley Friel, ch g, 1877, by AUie 
Weet— Old Lady, by Capt Walker.. 2:15% 

Charley H., b g, 187— 2:21 

Charley G., bg, 188—, by Gen. Stanton 2:29Va 
Charley Hicks, b g, 188—, by Iowa 

Mambrino 2:28^4 

Charley M., ch g, 188- 2:22% 

Charley M., gr s, 188— 2:20(4 

Charley M., blk g, 188— 2:28^ 

Charley M., ch g, 188-, 2:25% 

Chailey Miller b g, 1888, by George 
Steck, dam, by Slmm's Edwin For- 
rest 2:21^ 

Charley Mozee, b g, 1886, by Wood- 

mont— Lizzie, by Daniel Payne 2:20% 

Charley P., gr g, 1882, by Gov. 
Sprague— Martha, by Rothschild 

(trotting 2:25%)... 2:11V4 

Charley P., g g, 188— by Kiibuck 

Tom 2:19% 

Charley P., oh g, 188—, 2:18% 

CTiarley Pegg, b g, 188— 2:27 Va 

Charley R., ch s, 18^-, by Pilot 

Champion 2 :25% 

Charley Stillson, b g. 1886, by Still- 
son— Nell, by Bob Ridley 2:20% 

Charley Wilkes, b s, 1889, by Red- 
field— Top^sy, by Commander (dead) 2:18 
Charm, ch s, 1882, by Leroy- Bessie . . 2:24% 
Charton, ch s, 188— by Charleston 2:16% 
Chase, b g, 188—, by Billy Green.... 2:23% 
Chattie C. b g, 188— by Hamble- 

tonian Chief 2:29% 

Chautauqua Prince, gr e, 188—, by ♦ 

Sii.bad 2:28% 

Cheerful Alcy, ch g, 188—, by Clay 
Wilkes— May Wilkes, by Young 

Wilkes 2:15% 

Cheerful Charlie, b g, 188— by Broad- 
way, dam by Gen. Knox 2:28% 

Chehalls, blk s 1890, by Altamont— 
Tecora, by Strader's Oassius M. 

Clay Jr 2:24% 

Cheplta, rn m, 188—, by Hamble- 

tonian Messenger 2:25% 

Cherokee Prince, ch s, 1887, by Dex- 
ter Prince— Brownie, by Capt. Lewis 2:22% 
Cherry, b g, 188—, by Hambletonian 

Mambrino 2:2774 

Chester Boy, gr s, 188—, by Joe Hall 2:30 
Chestnut Bird, ch s, 188—, by Chest- 
nut Wilkes 2:24% 

Chestnut Day, ch g, 187—, by Tarn 
O'Shantei^— Meg MerriUes, by Mam- 
brino Fxjlipse 2:29% 

Chestnut Hal. ch s, 1R8— . by Tom Hal 2:27 
Chestnut Star, ch e, 1876, by Arnold's 
Redbuck— Flora Voss, by Sleepy 

Ab^ 2:22 

Chester C.\* b g,' 188-*, by Chester A. 2:24% 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



OheBterfield. ch g, 1885, by Strath- 
more Jr., dam by Whipple 2:11V4 

Ghico, b g, 188—, by Gov. Boggs 2:2114 

Chief, b g, 187— by Blood Chief ... 2:24^ 

Chief Justice, b s, 188—, by Clark 
Chieftain, dam by Bnchanter 2:22^ 

Chief Scott, b s, 1890, by Kgemont— 
Lucy J., by J. J 2:28^4 

Chieftain, b g, 186—, (dead) 2:28^ 

Chief Thome, b s, 1888. by Haw- 
thorne—Daisy, by Chieftain 2:20 

Chimes C, gr g, 1882, by Daniel 
Boone 2:23 

Chimes E., gr g, 1882, by Ohimes— 
Bugenia, by Louis Napoleon (trot- 
ting 2:28Vi) 2:15 

China Girl, rn m, 187—, by Mayhew 
Knox, dam by imp. Anfleld 2:29% 

Choral, b m, 1891, by C. F. Clay- 
Lady Pepper, by Onward . .• 2:15 

Chris Smith, ch g, 1885, by Guy 
Wilkes— Lucy, (dead) 2:14% 

Christn Qiu>fn, r> m, 1888, by M.mte 
Christo— Mary l»y Standard Bearer 2:11^ 

Chromette, ch m, ISS— , by Cheeter- 
worJ 2:24 

Chronometer, b s, 1882, by Abe Down- 
ing— Dagmar by Mambrino Abdai- 
lah 2:15^4 

Chronos, b s, 1884, by Alcantara— 
Clytie, by Knickerbocker 2:12% 

Olbolo, b s, 1890, by Charles Derby- 
Addle Ash, by Indianapolis 2:13V4 

Cigarette, b m, 1889. by Madrid- Dis- 
taff, by Onward 2:18% 

Cinch, ch s, 188—, by Phurah 2:26 

Cisco Queen, blk m, IS—, by Volun- 
teer Swigert 2:23 

Clara C, b m, 188—, by Alcantara. . 2:24 

Clara H., blk m, 1875, by Phil For- 
tune— Myra Leon 2:24% 

Clara J., b m, 1888. by Rattler Brooks 
—Mamie W., by George Gordon 2:17% 

Claremont, blk g, 188^, by Gold King 
—Sleepy Jane 2:21% 

Clatawa, blk s, 188—, by Alwood, dam 
by MiUlman's Bellfoundor 2:23% 

Claude Duvcl, br s, 188— 2:19% 

Claybonrne. b s, 1889. by C. F. Clay- 
Ada Byron, by Enfield 2:11% 

Clayhor'tas, ch s, 1890. by Pocahon- 
tas Boy, dam by Buckley's Chief. . 2:11% 

Clay Jax, b s. ISSS, by AJax— B'»lie, 
by Jim Clay 2:2b 

Clayson, b s. 188—. by Allie Clay, 
dam by Lord Nelson 2:25 

Claytina, b m. 1888—, by Clay, dam 
by Mohawk Chief 2:19% 

Clear Grit, blk g. 1885, by Ejcmont- 
Jenny Balfour, by Black Tlmoleon . 2:19% 

Cleopatra, b m. 188—. by Arooetook 
Bo.y. dam by Wing Dan 2:29% 

Cleveland, b g, 1S79, by Sweepstakes, 
dam by Slglar's American Star 2::!2-Vi 

Cleveland, ch g. 188— by Al West.. 2:29% 

Cleveland S., b e, 1884, by Montgom- 
ery— Topsy, by Tlpp<iO Salb (trot- 
ting 2:24) 2:11% 

Clifton Boy, b s. 188—, by Alhamar . .2:21% 

Clinker, blk s. 1872 2:20 

Clint Klff. oh s. 1885, by Bald Hornet 
— Laiy Fink, by Bob Spragae 2:16% 

Clito, b g, 18*-. bv Gov. Stanford.. 2:24% 

Clopton. ch g, 1684. by Beaconsfield 
— Whltelass, by Reckless 2:24% 

Cloud R., br g. 187— 2:25V:i 

Const Boy. blk e. 1885, by Bourbon 
Wilkes- Albnlross, by Coaster 2:10% 

Coastman, br s, 1888, by Bourbon 

Wilkes— Albatross, by Ooa-^ter 2:08% 

Cobdellah, ch m, 188—, by Cobden . . 2:26% 
Cobden Boy, b g 188—, by Cobden . . . 2:28% 
Cobden Jr., ch s, 188— by Cobden . . 2:15 
Cock Robin, b g, 188—, by Pound's 

Golddusi, dam by Sim Booker.... 2:25% 
Cognac, br s, 1883, by Madrid— Lady 

Shanahan. by McGregor's Warrior 2:20% 
Cohannet, b s, 1876, by Bay State- 
Grand Duchess, by uanley's Hla- 

toga 2:17i,i 

Coltt, ch g, 188-, 2:24% 

('olbert, ch s. 1888, by Onward -Queen 

B., by Kearsarge 2:12% 

Coldwater Billy, gr g, 185-, (dead).. 2:23 
Coleridg;e, b s, IffiS, by C. F. Clay- 
Susie Wilkes, by Red Wilkes (trot- 
ting 2:23%) 2:09% 

Colettfe, b na, 1885, by Indianapolis— 
Abdallah Belle, by Pacing Abdal- 

lah 2:19% 

Colletta, b m, 1889, by Nutbreaker— 

Sleet, by Bourbon Wilkes 2:19% 

CoUossus. b s, 188— by Colons- Sil- 
via Blair, by Gridley's Red Buck .. 2:29% 
Colon, br s, 188—, by Silas Wright— 

Lotta, by Allle Gaines 2:17% 

Colonel, b g, 187— 2:30 

Col. B., b g, 188—, by Cromwell 2:30 

Col. Bruce, b s, 1880, by Mambrino 

Bruce 2:25 

Col. Forest, b s, 1885, by Forest 

Hal 2:18 

Colonel H., ch g, 188—, by Wood's 

Hardee 2:19% 

Col. Hardee, rn s, 18—, by Hardee.. 2:29% 
Col. Louis, b 8, 1884, by Louis Napo- 
leon—Bashaw Maid, by Young Ba- 
shaw 2:25 

Col. Matson, rn g, 187—, by Chader's 

Red Buck 2:30 

Col. Matson, b g, 1889, by Chance 
Prudlc Allen, by Clark Chief Jr... 2:27 

Col. Taylor, br s, 188— 2:26% 

Col. Thornton, b s, 1887 by Onward 

— Mllly, by Norton Hambletonlan. . . 2:11 
Como, ch 8. 1890. by Sphinx— Sllkey, 

by Daniel Lambert 2:17'/4 

Columbus Girl, ch m, 187— by Ar- 
nold's Red Buck 2:25% 

Combination, b s, 1891, by Duplex.. 2:23% 
Otn.Mnatlon. gr s, 1889, by Garnet 
Wilkes, flam by Wagner Bashaw.. 2:25 

Combination George, ch g, 188— 2:18% 

Comet, gr g. 1S7— 2:22 

Comet, gr m, 187— 2:21% 

Comet, ch jti. IHh*^. hy Kilbuck Tom 

— Flosfele, by Pennypack 2:24% 

Comet, ch g, 188- . by B^ack Dan,. 2:24% 

Ccmt't Allen, gr s, IS8— 2:25% 

Commn.Uue, b g. 185—, (deart) 2:27 

Commo<lore. blk g, 188 - 2:27% 

Common Pleas, b s. 1888, by Dread, 

dam by Col. Smith 2:24% 

Commonwealth, br g. 1886, by Dre^id 

— IVmnle (trotting 2-23V4) 2:18% 

Commonwealth, b s, I88r— , by Phil 

Sheridan Jr 2:24% 

Complex, b s. 188—, by Duplex, dam 

by George Gordan 2:14% 

Comns. t s. 1884 by Lucas Brod- 

head— Dutoh Kate 2 :30 

Cona«!ee, b g. 188—, by C-onfii-sIon- 

Lllvdnle 2:26% 

Ooncllio. b s, 1888, by Delineator— 

Belle Grant, by Gen. Grant 2:21% 

C-onmur. blk s, 188—, by^^d^orrlsonj 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Wilkes, dam by Almont Eclipse 2:22^ 

Oonsolation, br s. 1888, by Antevolo 

Elizabeth Basler, by BlU Arp 2:17 

Contest, b a, 1891, by Conflict— Maud 2:21 
Contender, b g. 1^7—, by Standard 
Bearer— Shack, by John Bright ... 2:30 

Contention 2:29'y^ 

Conway, gr s, 1879, by Wedgewood— 
Vanity Fair, by Alexander's Abdal- 

lah 2:18% 

Coon Hollow Jack 2:28 

Coon Hollow, b g, 188—, by Col. 
Wilkes— Dolly Varden, by Harris' 

Henry Clay 2:23% 

Copperbottoin. ro g, 186—, (dead).... 2:19% 

Cora, b m, 18^ 2 :26Vi 

Cora, br m, 1887, by Coriander— Lady 2:25 

Cora B., b m, 187— 2:27V4 

Cora C, br m, 188—, by Whippleton. . 2:22Mi 

Cora Cloud, b m, 188— 2:30 

Cora D., ch m, 188—, by King Mam- 

briuo— Lolly, by Italian Boy 2:26V2 

Cora Mack, ch m, 187—, by Earl Van 

Dorn 2:22>4 

Corette. b m, 187— by Winthrop 2:19 

Corn Cracker, b s, 1887, by Texas 
Jack Sr.— Kinney Booker, by Ken- 

ney 2 '18% 

Cornelius, br s, 1892, by Roeeberry . . 2:29\4 
Corneto, b g, 1888, by Coronet— Bon- 
nie Lassie, by C. J. Wells 2:18V4 

Coatello, blk a. 1883. by Echo— Bessie 

Taylor, by St. Clair 2-24^4 

Cotton Picker, ch m, 186—, by Jack- 
son's Red Buck 2-27«/4 

Cotton Queen, b m. 188—, bv Jim Fisk 2:29i/o 

Count Clay, b e, 1891, by Clay 2:27i/ 

Count Hal, ch s, 1880. by King Hal 

—Dove 2-201A 

Count Kllms-h, br s. 18&5, by Eg- 
bert— Kate Penniston by Standard 

Bearer '. 2 "27 

Count Princeps, b s, 18&V, * by" Pr'in- 

ceps— FlTiPfise, by George Wilkes.. 2:20i4 
<^!2J":try Girl,, b m, 1885, by Blue 
Vein— Kate, by Murphy's Blue Bull 2:1(51/2 

Country Girl, gr m, 188- 2-22^ 

Country Girl, b m, 188—, by High- 


Und Lad 

Country Girl, b m. 1S8— by Voian- 

teer Jr •'•21iA 

Courier b s, 188—, by .Tohn Burdlne. .' 2:2i) 
Cousin Joe, b g, 188.5, by Del Sur . . . 2:21Vt 

^^?^^?' \ ®' 1^^' ^y Kentucky 

Wilkes— Arffo. by Prectioneer 2-l.'iU, 

Oralgshead. br g. 188—, bv Athlete— ' ' 

Oh My, by Haroldcus 2 -30 

Crappy, ch g, 188-. by Rocky Moun- ' 

tain 2-30 

Crawford, b s. 1884. by Favorite ' 

T\ likes — Carle Patchen, by Mam- 

brinc^ Patchen (dead) \.. '2-07% 

Crcedo. bra. IgS-, by Jersey Wilkes 2^20% 

Creeping Kate, b m, 188— 2 30 

Creole, br m, 186— ' 2*30 

Creole, hv s. 18S6, by Prompter- * 

Grace, by Buccaneer 2-15 

Crescent, b g. 188- by Cre«co, dam 

by Capt. Webster 2-'>3VA 

Cricket, m m. 18R-, bv Sea Foam.*! 2-30 
Crickot, b m. 1884, by Steinway, dam 

by Dolphin 210 

Cricket, b m, 18i)1. by Jim wn><on.'.".* 2-25 
Crltmore. ch g. 1880. by >ittenden— * 

Pinafore, by Strathmore 2-21U 

Cntt ch g. 188—. bv Stplnwav— ' 

Lady Wattle, by Abbottsford ...... 2:24% 

Crown Point, wht g, 187— 2-26 

Groooiwell Jr., b b, 188—, by Crom/well 2:25 
Orosader, b b, 18S7, by Littie Pete G. 

—Black Fiddle, by Reynolds' Orn- 

Huler ^ 2:23^ 

Orystal, b m, 188—, by Happy Med- 
ium, dam by Almoot 2:29 

O. T. B., g g, 18&-, by Butle ^ 2:29^4 

Odckoo, blk b, 1888, by Aimbafi8ad)oi>- 

Bveijn, by %bert 2a6^ 

Oollen. br s, 188—. by Gen. Hancock.. 2:25 
Gate, b m, 1891, by Loird Eldon. dam 

by Jersey Wilkes 2:21^ 

Cufier, b s, 1881. by Strathmoae— 

P<Hiy, by Alexander's Abdallah 2:24% 

a W. G., gr g, 18&-, by Adonis. 

dam by St, Clair 4:18% 

aw. L., b g, 1882, by Battler-Lucy. 2:25 

Cycftone, b s, 188^, by Telegrapii 2:11% 

Cfyclone, b g, 188— 2:20V4 

Oyclooe, oh g, 188—, by Toranto Chief 

Jr 2:27^/ 

Qylex, db s, 188—, by Ne son 2:2< 

Cyrus, b g, 188—, by Capt. Webster. . 2:1^ 
Gyros V., b s, 1887, by Advaaoe— Nel- • 

ly Mays, by Stranger 2:22% 

DaUy News, b g, 188-, by Franklin.. 2:20 

Dais^, m ra, 188—, bv Phapon 2:27^. 

Daisy B., m 'm, lg8-, by Rieihaid 

Scoble 2:21^4 

Daisy B.. g m, 188—, by Gray ISisigle.. 2:29% 
Daley B., b m, 188—, by Mambrino 

Startle 2:18V4 

Daisy a, gr m, 188—, b;^ Jim Wilson. 2:17% 

. . ^ _ . ___ , by J 
Daisy O., b m^ 188—, by Mambrino 

Wilkes 2:26% 

Daisy C, b m, 188—, by Princeton... 2:22 
Daisy C, blk m, 188—, by Wilder 

Wilkes 2:22 

Daisy D., blk m, 1887, by Bob Lee- 
Brownie, by Foster's St. Lawrence 2:23% 
Daisy Dean, b m, 188—, by Major 

Bdsall 7... 2:26 

Daisy Dean, b m, 188—, by Tom Jack- 
son 2:18% 

Daisy de Spain, g m, 188—, by King 

Phajwdi 2:12 

Daisy B., ch m, 188—, by Will Go, 

dam by Wai-wick Boy 2:24% 

Daisy Hoflmjes, b m, 188—. by Pilot 

Dupoc Jr * 2:28% 

Daisy L., br m, 188—, by Messenger 

Duipoc 2-29% 

Daisy M., ah m, 18&-, by Johnson's 

Basihaw 2*30 

Daisy Mack, b m, 188—, by American 

Boy 2:25 

Daisy Mc, b m, 188—, by Mount Ver- 
non, dam by Gen. McClellan 2:24 

Daisy Norwood, b m, 1887, by Pilot, 

dam by Gen. Grant 2:23% 

Daisy Rolfe, b m, 188— by Wlnslow 

Boy 2*80 

Daisy S., b m, 188—,' by Hiatoga* Jim.' 2:16% 
Daisy S., blk m, 188—, by Phil Sheri- 

dan Jr 2*23% 

Daisy Scott, b m, 187— 2-^r2 

Daisy v.. b m, 188.3. by Pocahontas 

Boy— Blla Wrigtit, by Troj>an 2:23% 

Daisy Webb, b m, 1880, by Almon- 

ardh— Webb Mare, by C. J. Wei's. . . 2:28'a 
Daisy Woods, dn m, 18*-, by Roscoe 

Jr.— Nellie, by Balnbow , 2:26i^ 

Dale, b s, 1890, by Good LucK,, dam 

by Blue Bn!Il , . 2-21% 

Dallas, cih g, 1883, 'by Almont Boy— ' 

Ravenua^ by Black Hawk Traveler. . 2:11% 
Dallas (Kissell's), ch s, 188-, by In- 
diona Chief ^^ .,. . ., 2*10% 




Daficetty, b g, 18&— , by Tbomdale. . . 
Damlana, ch g, 187—, by Glaidlatoc... 

Dan, b g, 188- 

Dan Oonkling. b », 188—, by Bosooe 

Oonlding .* 

Da>a D., D g, 1878, by Diadem— Mlsi 

Woods, by Hollingsbead's Sambo... 
Dandy, b g, 188—, by Lord Cook (dead) 
Dandy, b g, 188—, by Kocky Moon- 


Dandy B., gr g, 188—, 

Dandiy Boy, oh g, 1876, by Blue Bull- 
Mary Baker, by Pooabontafi Boy. . . . 
Dandy Bmr, Uk «, 188—, by Legal 

Tender Jr 

Dandy Boy, blk s, 188—. 

Dandy Brown, br g, 188—, by Tom 

Browni Jr. 

Dandy Dastmoait, b g, 188—, by Allie 

Clay— Topsy, by Fearless 

Dandy O.. b s, 1888, by Dall Brino— 


Dandy R., b s, 188— 

D«anJel Boone, dn g, 188—, by Hylas 


Dtmlel 0., b g, 18&-, W Daniel Boooe 

Dan Maihomey,' ro- a, 185—, (dead) 
Daniel S., ah g, 187- 

Daniel Webeter, di g, 184—, (dead) . . . 

Dan Miller, oh g, 18f^. (dead) 

Dan Mltohell, b b, 1886, by Regulator 
—Dolly Fritto, by Marshal Chief 

Dan MurpQiy, br s, 188—, by Young 
Jim, dam by George Wilkes 

Damness, cli g, 188—, by Rookaway . . . 

Dan R., 6h 8, 1882, by Smuggler- Fan- 
ny, by Brahian'a Oopperbottom 

Dain'Rlce, b g, 187— ^ by Signal 
pan. Rice, m g, 184^, (dead) . . 

Dan Ripley, b s, 188-, by William H. 
Ripley .4. 

I>an Robinson, ch g, 1890. by Nut- 
hurst, dam, by Abdallalh MamibriDX) . 

Dan Tucker, b s, 1885, by George P. 
Tucker— Belle 

Danube, b g, 188—, by <3hi<;kamaugar- 
Dart, by Trojan 

Dan vcWiXhees, gr g, 186—, (dead) 

Dan Webster, b g, 187—, 

Dapamie, b m, 18^, by Aurora 

DarkU^t, b m. 188—, by Twilight 

Darling, b m, 188— 

DartfoPd, b s, 1886, by CJaptain Lyons 
—Jenny Martin, by Star Denmark. . 

Dartmouth, blk s, 1885, by Dictator- 
Alma id, by Almont 

Daughiter, b m^ 1886, by Reliance 

Dauntless Bess, b m, 1882, by Dock. . 

DaTe, b g, 186—, (dead) 

DaTe Boy, br s. 1891, by Gilley 

Dave R., gr g, ISH— , by Luey Horse. . 

Dave R., gr g, 188—, by Leroy Horse. 

David Cqppetfleld, blk g, 1884, by 
Qullna <5hief— Jennie Ourtia, by Mor- 
gan Messenger 

David S., b g, 18&-, by Dr. Herr— 
Lady Benton, by Stockbridge (3hlef . . 

David Wilkes, blk g, 1878, by AJmont 
Eclipse— Lady Simmonsi, by George 

8avy B., gr g, 188—, by Davenant 
avy Crockett, blk a, 188—, by Uli- 

nois cniief 

Davy Crockett, Wk g, 187—, by Legal 

Tender Jr 

Dawson Lake, ch m, 1801, by Nut- 

Day Stan,' b 6,' 1886, by oiiestout Star* 




















2.25 I 
2:26!4 ! 



. 2:25«/4 

2:16')4 ; 


.. 2:22V; 













—Belle, by Prampton's Wood 2:17 

Deacon, b g, 1886, by Ben Bolt— Bes- 
sie Lincoln, by Justin Moraan (dead) 2:20 

Debrtno, b g, 188—, by Detractor 2:17V4 

Deck Wrlgfit, cih s, 1887, by Qullna 

Ghleif— BAte C. by Blue BuU 2:18Vi 

Decoy, b s, 189% oy Detective— Pet, 

by son of Dan Voorbees. 2:30 

Defiance, br g, 186—, by Ohleltaln 

(trotting 2:21) 2:17% 

De Jamette, b s, 188a, by Indianap- 

olto— Belle, by Lltton'g Warflleld 2:17 

De Kalb, b g, 188—, by EHsman 2:23^ 

Delaware Boy, b g, 188—, 2:19V4 

Dedgiaido, b s. lSi6, by Egbert-BU- 

nois, by Contrajctor 2:28 

Dellgbt, b s, 188-, by Good Luck 2:29^ 

Delineator, b s, 1882, by Dicta.tor— 

Mateie, by Shelby Chief 2:18 

Delia a, oh m, 1890, by Thistle 2:21 

Delia Shermian, dh m, 188—, by Ash- 

kind Wilkes 2:21^ 

Dell Wind, b s, 188—. by Del Sm-— 

Imogene, by Norwood 2:25 

Del Norte, blk s^ 1888, by Altamont— 

Teooii'a, by Strader's Oassius M. 

Clay Jr 2:14Vi 

Delpih, b g, 1888, by King Almont— 

BecL by Hutoihison Chief (trotting 

2:27%) 2:24% 

Delta, b s, 1890, by Patalka— Hattle, 

by Heptagoii 2:21^ 

Demiand, b g, 188—, by Diplomat 2:29 

Dempsey, b s, 188—, by Tribute 2:16^ 

Den Ledyard, ch s, 188—, by McCur- 

dy's Hambletonlan 2:20 

Dennle B., b m, 188—, bv Ethan 

Wilkes ". 2:24V4 

Deimiijon Wilkes, b s, 188—, by Star 

Wilkes 2:26^ 

Densmore, br s, 1889, by Bayonne 

Prince— Lillian C, by Warwick Boy. 2:2o74 
De Soto Belle, b m, 188—, by Bums' 

De Soto 2:18% 

Despot, ro s, 1878, by Dictator— Spray, 

by Bay Muuson (trottiu« 2:29) 2:24^ 

Detraetbr, blk s. 1877, by Gossip— 

Evening Rose, by Black Dutchman. 2:26^ 
Dexter, b g, 1885, by George— Nichols 

Mare, by Louis Napoleon 2:24 

Dexter, oh g, 187—, by Woodaxd's 

Bthian Allen 2:29 

Dexter Power, ch s, 1887, by Major 

Doke— Molly, by Champion 2:2-4i4 

Dexter 1!ho me, b s, 1888, by Dexter 

Prince— Clyde, by Hawthorne 2:28 

Diablo, cih s, 1889, by Charles Derby 

—Bertha, bv Alcantara 2:09!4 

Dial, m g, 188—, by Barbarian 2:28V4 

Diamond, blk s. 188—, bv Joe Pond... 2:112 
Dicer, dh s, 188—, by Hoosier Tom. . . 2:30 

Dick,_»r g, 188-, by Ina N 2:29^ 

Dick B., b g, 1883, by Alhamar— Litta, 

by Bayard 2:18V^ 

Dick B., b g, 188—, by Stonewall 

J-ackson 2:21 Vi 

Dick a, b g, 188-, by Glcster 2:18% 

Dick Fitzgerald, br s, 188-, by Bllal 

G., diam by Hercules 2:24V4 

Dick H., b" 8, 1887, by American Boy 

—Daisy, by Gen. Putnam 2:18 

Dick Hal, b s, 188-, by Tom Hal. . . . 2:23^ 
Dick Kitdhen, b g, 188—, by Wyoming 

Chief 2:27iA 

Dick Mason, b g, 188—, by Nuthunter 2:14»4 
Dick Pennell, ah g, 188-, by Baywood 2:14Mi 
Dick R., b g, 1^-, by William H. 

Vaojdeibllt 2:27Vj 

Dick Smith, b g, 188j, by-Prin<5e Im- 
Digitized byVjOOQlC 



perUI— Mai^e, by Gharles Douglas. 2:19^ 

Dfck Thorn, b k, iSs- 2:26% 

Dick Tmmpet, b g, 188— 2:17 

Dick ValU Dlk g, 1888, by Detractor- 

Nlgbt, by Swfgert 2:14V4 

Dick West, blk g. 188—, by Ool. West. 2:29^ 
Dick WiUs, bg, M8— , by Wilkesonlan. 

dam by Indiaii Ohief (tirottiiif 2:25^^) 2:16>^ 
Dick Wilkes, b g, 188—, by Young 

WUkes 2:23% 

Dido, b m^ 1876, by Scott's matoga— 

Oolumibla, by xoung OolumibuB 2 

Dinah, b m, 18ft-. by Flaoo 2:25' 

Direct, blk s, 1885, by Director- 

Boho:«, by Bcbo (trotting 2:18^). . . . 2.05\^ 
Direction, blk s, 1887, by Dlreotor— 

DulQ Wilkee, by George Wilkes 2:}S>% 

Directrix, blk m, 1890, by Director— 

Dady Wkttljes^ by Abbottsford 2:2av^ 

Directly, b'i s, 1892, by Direct— 

Mil 1 w-l. hy Nuubiio . 2 :07% 

IMrcgv-F Jim, b g. m% 2:28W 

Dlrijro MaJd, b m. 188—, by Dlrigo... 2:21^ 
IMrnji, 14k », 1889. hy Patchen Wilkes 

— BttH3', by iPraco 4. . 2;15 

Dixie, t? m, 1^-. 2:29V4 

DUle fiin. b i^ im— by Parts 2:24V4 

Doe, b g, l^t", by Wllllam Ck>rbett... 2:27^4 
Doc Ob lis tie, b s IHS8, by An teres— 

Th(*tnM^^:U^ by Hiinpy Medium 2:21 

Doo H.. br g. isa7. by Clarion Ohief. . 2:19% 
Tim* Sn,v<l^M\ b ff. l^T— , by Wild Tom. 2:27V4 
I>oo Sperrr. br g, 188f), by Altomont- 

KJtty K^sl«^^ M Voung Klsbar 2:09 

Dr. A., oh Eh IftS— , by Aihue, dam by 

Hnnrer'B Lexlnjfttm 2:24V4 

Dr. Dlx^ br s, IRS— ^ by Albrino. dam 

by Diuiie] B< wje 2:30 

Dp. Elino, b g, 18S^, by St. Mmo 2:22 

Dr. G., b g, 188—, by Pacing Abdal- 

lalh 2:25\4 

Dr. H., gr g, 188—, by Hazel Bashaw. 2:;>2^ 
Dr. H., b g, 188—, by Tom Hal Jr. ... 2:14J^ 
Dr. HJaile, b s, 1888, by Guy K.— La4y 

Kahn, by Bushw^hiacKer 2:15(4 

Dr. J., b g, 1886, by Allle West, dam 

by Mamb-ino Forrest 2:13% 

Dr. Keeley, b g, 1891, by Almout 

King— Nel y, by Whip Horse 2:24 

Dr. Keely, Mk s, 188—, by Mambrino 

DiamKmd 2:1534 

Dr. li., gr g, 188—, by Blew's Hiatoga 2:29^4 
Dr. M., br g, 1882, by King Mambrino 

— Jenny D 2:13V4 

Dr. MUler, m g 2:25 

Dr. Miller, oh s, 188—, bv McOurdy's 

Hambletonian, dam by Gibson's 

Tom Hal 2:21 

Dr. M., br g. 188—, by Brown Pilnce 2:23V^ 

Dr. Mac, b g. 188—, by Blberon 2:16 

Dr. MeC!cllMti. b tx. ISS— ])y Malt- 

laTifl 2:28V4 

l>r. Perkins, b s. 188--, by Louis Na- 
poleon - :26i/4 

Dr. Snv'Vr. h s. 18R8 bv Dnnne«»ne 

-Pnfjs Pabhen. bv Patchen Chief. . 2:17^ 
T>r. Suifr. ch a:, ISSri. by Bay wood— 

Amprloan Girl, by Younsr America. . 2:13 
Dr. W., br p. 1876. by Robert Fininsr- 

hntn .Tr.— Bolly Peters, by Orlm's 

Rani Peters 2:24^ 

Dr West, br gr. 1878. by Contractor- 

St;*', by Thorndale 2:17% 

Dr. Wood, ch s. 188—. by Mambrino 

Wilkefl 2*29%. 

Dr Wood.' chV."V88~ by Chester'!! 2:20i4 
Do'^d Poet ev fl. 1886. by Pant-oast— 

P.elle Dudley, by Belmont 2:18 

Dolce, b m, 18&-, by Diplomat- 
Nelly, by Mark Twain 2:20^ 

Dolly Brown, br m, 188—, by Dan 

Brown 2:16V4 

Dolly Franklin, ch m, 188-, by Gen. 

Franklin : 2:2SH4 

DoUy M., br m, 188—, 2:27% 

Dolly Qulnn, b m, 188—, by Land- 
mark 2:29% 

Dolly Spanker, b m, 184— (dead) ..2:27 
Dolly Spanker, blk m, 1891, by Jim 
Wilkes— Lucy Dounass, by True 

Boy 2:llii 

Dolly T., ch m, 188—, 2:15% 

Dolly W., b m, 1888, by Reno De- 
fiance— Molly W 2:24% 

Domino, m m, 188—, by Masker— Gip- 

sey, by Gibson's Tom Hal 2:19% 

Domino, g s, 188—, by Masker — 

Stella, by Sweepstakes 2:19% 

Donald, b g, 188—, by E^a[lbas8ador . . 2:30 
Donald H., b g, 188—, by Darwin, 

dam by Golddust 2:18Vi 

Don Angus, b 6, 1880, by Hughey 

Angus— Pauline, by Swigert 2:18% 

Don O., b g, 188—, by Don Carlos, 

dam by Gen. Lee 2:23% 

Don Cameron, gr g, 188— 2:24% 

Don Carlos, b g, 187—, '2:29% 

Don Donaldo, b g, 1887, by Hamble- 
tonian Chief— Ambea, by Skinkle 

Hambletonian 2:24% 

Donne, ch s, 1891, by Don Plzarro— 

Hallle B., by Hambrino 2:22 

Don Lorenzo, b s. 1889, by Gam- 
betta Wilkes— Lady Yelser, by Gar- 
rard Chief 2:17% 

Don Payne, br s. 1886, by John F. 

Payne— Donna, by Orange Duroc. . 2:18 
Don Pedre, br g, 1882, by Kirkwood 

Jr., dam by Autocrat 2:25 

Don IMzarro, b s, 1886, by Gambetta 
Wr.kes— Lady Yeiser, by Garrard 

Chief 2:U% 

Don Q., ch g, 188— by Prince Al- 
bert 2:26 

Don Richards, b s, 1887, by lielmont 

—Lulu, by Harold 2:21% 

Don T 2:25 

Don W., ch g, 188— 2:27% 

Door Knob, D g, 188—, by Grantham 

Chief 2:21 

Dura 1).. £?!• Ill 2:24*4 

Dora Holmes, b m, 188—. by Mil- 

tonlan— Kit, by Awaga Chief 2:29% 

Dora Martin, b m, 188—. by Petoskey 

Charmer, by Contractor 2:19% 

Dorcas, b m. 188—, by Deceive . 2:25% 

Doris, b m. 18H— , by Don Wilkes... 2:29 

Douglass, b g. 188—, by Ingoraar 2:27% 

Drover, b g, 183— (dead) 2:25 

Dupignac, b s, 1889, by Meander— 

Mab, by Harrv Vane 2:22% 

Doty, b g, 1885, by Tommy Wilkes, 

dam by Doty's Lexington 2:11% 

Doubtful, b g. 188-. by Yellow Jacket 2:25% 
Drellncourt, b s. 1888, bv Hambrino 

—Mabel, by Mlddletown 2:17% 

Duchess County Belle, rn m, 1890, by 
Favorite Wilkes— Ulster Be'le, by 

Holabird's Ethan Allen 2:2^ 

Dud Davis, b e. 188—, bv Dimias 2:29% 

iKMlloy. b «. 188—. by Antero.s— Lily 

Langtry, by Nenhew 2:14% 

Dude, br g 1887, bv Jay Gould- 
Mary, by George M. Patchon (trot- 
ting 2:27%) 2:28 

Du-ex, b s, 1889, by Du^jpllllon— 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



DoUy M., by Young Fearnaught .. 2:24J4 

riu&r&ii, 2 •24^ 

Duke, \) g, 188—, by Texas Prince.. 2:28% 
Duke F., ch g, 188—, by Ckwnb'e Cop- 

perbottom Vi,/* ^''^'*74, 

Dumas, b 8, 1883, by Onward-Mis- 

tress, by Hamlin's Almont Jr 2:18% 

Dupage, br s, 1889, by J. R. Shedd— 

Ldzzle M.. by McGregor Chief .... 2:28 
Duplex, b B, 1882, by Bay Tom Jr... 2:17Va 
Duetmont, br s, 1888, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr.— Ooldie, by Mambrino 

King 2 

Dusty Bob, ch g, 188-, by Deepwater 2:1»' 
Dyer«burg, b s, 188—, by T^neseee 
Dictator— Nannie Reed, by (Jen. 

Greorge H. Thomas ^:^V!i 

I. 1R89. bv Baffle 


(frace, by" Buccaneer 2:1»^ 

Earnest B., m g, 188—, by Nutbreaker 2:27^ 
Easter Girl, ch m, 1885, by Bigln 

Boy— Kate, by Ontario 2:25% 

Easter Girl, b m, 188^, by Glenview 2:27',^ 
Easter Girl, b m, 1891, by West Eg- 
bert—Daisy, by Blue Bull 2:28^ 

Eckford, b g. 187—, by Woodward's 
Kthan Allen, dam by Spirit of the 

Times 2:25^ 

Eclair Jr., blk s, 188— by Eclair, 

dam by Oxford Boy 2:19 

B. C. C. blk g, 187-, 2:26y4 

Eclectic, ch s, 1887, by Jolly— Belle, 

by Ethan Allen ... 2:14 

Eclipse Tranby, ch e, 188—, by Ham- 

bletonian Tranby 2:29% 

Ed Annan, b g, 1880, by Dauntless- 
Bay Fanny, by Night Hawk 2:16% 

Eddie C, ch g 2:28% 

Eddie C, b g, 1876, by Happy Mea- 

ium— Boston Girl 2:20 

Eddie D., gr g, 187— by Billy To- 
ronto—Trim 2:17V^ 

Eddie R., ch s, 1890, by Sigma Nu. . 2:24% 
Ed Baston, b s, 1890, by Chimes- 
Maid of Honor, bv Mambrino King 2:09% 
Ed Greene, b g, 188—, by Enfield. . 2:26% 

Ed Geers, b g, 188- 2:26% 

Edward, b g, 188—, by Rattler 

Brooks 2:29% 

Bdinburg, ro g, 188-, by Henry B... 2:20 
Edison, ch s, 1889, by Sedgwick. 

dam by son of Blue Bull 2:24 

Edith, b m, 188—, by Dexter Prince, 

dam by Hamilton Chief 2:10 

Edith 1)., b m, 188—, by Almonarcji 2:26 

Edith F., 2:28% 

Edmond, b s, 188—, by Nelson— Lady 

Buck, by Hiram Woodruff .^ 2:17% 

Edna, b m. 1885, by Dictator Chief— 

Gretchen, by Gideon 2:24 

Edna R., tt m, 188—, by Sidney— Stella 

C, by Director 2:17% 

Edna Lovlngton, b m, 1885, by Young 

Waverly 2:26% 

Edna Wilkes, b m, 188—, by Ethan 

Wilkes 2:29% 

Edna Wilkes, b m, 1883, by Red 

Wilkes— Molly, by St. Elmo 2:23 

Edramon, br s, 1890, by Game On- 
ward— Mattie, by Sisson's Carenot. . 2:21% 
Bd Rosewater, gr s, 1886, by Vasco— 

Mary B., by Vlnco 2:16% 

Bdson Allen, blk s, 1886, by Hola- 
blrd's Ethan Allen— KlttyT by 

Patchen 2:17% 

Ed Valentine, b s, 188—, by Jhn WU- 

«on 2:30 

Bdson Allen, blk s, 19g. shrdlnu shmrfwy 

ISdward, b g, '18«— , by Itattler 
Brooks 2:29% 

©award B., b s, 1884, by Despot— Kit, 
by Joe Bates 2:21% 

Edwin, ch g, 188— by Egbert— Grace, 
by Hailstorm 2:22% 

Edwin C, b g, 188- by Elector- 
Lady Ooonie, by Venture 2:15 

Edwin O., b g, 1886, by Elgin Boy- 
Minnie Powell, by Getaway 2:20 

Edwin T., b s, 1882, by Iron Duk€^ 
Kitty Patterson, by Dick Conster- 
nation 2:25 

BMe G., b m, 1888, by Red WUkes 
—Gypsy, by Strathmore 2:24% 

Effie Mac, b m, 188—, by Red Buck. . 2:22% 

Bfiie O., b m, 1891, by Lucas Brod- 
head 2:19 

Effie Powers, b m, 1890, by Anderson 
Wilkes— Fanny Powers, by Regalia 2:10% 

Bftle R., b m, 188— by Tangent, 
dam by Pickpocket 2:24% 

Egberta, blk m, 1886, by Egbert- 
Matilda, by Almont 2:29% 

Bgbertime. ch s, 1885, by Egbert- 
Nettie Time, by Mambrino Time 
(trotting 2:18%) 2:16% 

Eggleton, b s, 1888, by West Egbert 
-Ellen Ora, by John F. Payne.... 2:16% 

Efflon, ros, 1885, by Egbert— Uzella, 
by Mambrino Patchen 2:14% 

Bffroe, b s, 1886, by Egbert— Nina 
Monroe, by Jim Monroe 2:18% 

B. H. S., b s, 188— by Imperial..., 2:21% 

B. J. S., b m, 1887, by Superior- 
Old Knox (trotting 2:26%) 2:22% 

El Capitan, b s, 1^, by Alcantara 
—Piedmont Maid, by Piedmont ... 2:20% 

Elbertfleld, b s, 1891, by Redfleld— 
Ada C, by Wonder 2:19% 

Blden, ch g, 188— by Starguard 2:29% 

Elder Lucas, blk g, 188— by Shib- 
boleth 2:26 

El Flora, br m, 1888. by El Mahdi, 
dam by St. Mark 2:18% 

Elgin Girl, b m, 1883, by Legal Ten- 
der Jr.— Nelly, by Blue Bull 2:20% 

Elgin Gfrl, br m, 188—, by Legal 
Tender Jr 2 :17% 

Eliza Benson, b m, 188—, pedigree not 
traced 2:16% 

Eliza K., ch m, 1888, by Robert Rys- 
dyk— Red Rose, by Jester D 2:11 

Elk, b g, 187—, by Red Bird . *. 2:" 

Elk Tom, blk s, 1890. by Bay Tom Jr. 
—Fancy, by Gen. Hardee 2:19 

Ella A., b m, 1886, by Bayonne Prince 
-Gypsy 2:24% 

Ella E., rn m. 188—, by Ode.ssa 2:23% 

Bll« Brown, b m, 188—, by Prince 
Pulaski Jr 2:11% 

Ella Bdd3%b m, 1880, by Jerome Eddy 
—Olive Watson, by Roohester 2:12 

Ella D 2:23% 

Ella Gralbiami, dh m, 188—, by Grandl- 

_«m_ 2:29% 

Ella P., b m, 188—, by Sportsman, 
dam by Rainbow 2:24% 

BOa R., b m, 1886, by Morgan Star. . . 2:24% 

Ella 9., ro mi, 187—, by Bob Hal 2:20 

Ella T., gr m^ 1891. by Altamont— 
Daiflw^ Deaii> by 9camipeiidowii 2:12 

BllaW. 2:21% 

Ella Winters, dn m, 187—, by Rich- 
mont, dtun by Prince 2:29% 

Eilefn C. Mk m, 1890, by Emmons... 2:21% 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 





BUen M., »r m, 1887, l>y Cobden— St. 
I<awrence Maid, by Laundry Horse 

(trotting 2:27) 2:17 

SUkwortih, br s, 188—, by Dictator 

Ohlef 2:19'^ 

BHwood, b m, 1882, by A. W. Rldi- 
mondr-PirBt, by CIrioKton 2:17% 

Blmia, ch m, 187—, by BUno 2:24 

Blma, TO m, 1888, by Gibsofi'B Tom 
Had—Hettle, by Dudley's Snow 

Heels 2:18% 

BlDfter, b g, 188- 2:21 Va 

Blmei: B., b g, 188—, by Bourb<m 
WUkes 2:29«4 

BlnMnarcb, ro g. 1883, by Almoiwrch 
—Kitty (WroB 2:15% 

Blsle Groff, b m, 1887, by Strogoff— 
Mamie M., by Rooker 2:lft% 

Blsie, blk m. 188—, by caiailes G. 
Haye6 2:28 

Elsie Mack, gr m, 188—, by Legal Ten- 
der Jr 2:29% 

Blsmere, dh & 188—, by Alblno^-Blcbo, 
by Daniel Boone 2:29i^ 

Blspeth, b m, 1891, by Peddlar— Lula 
yC, by Dauntless 2:27V4 

Elva Medium, b m, 1883, by Draco 
Mediuim— Dinaih. bj Jupiter. 2:18V2 

Elyton, b a, 1889, by Martine— Nelly 
Harris, by Seneca CJhief 2:22 

Bmberr, b uol 1885, by Slander— Dawn, 
by Gen. Knox 2:20^ 

ISmerson. ch g, 1885, by Blial G.— Bm- 
press, by Phil Sherldian 2:22% 

Bmima, cli m, 185—, (dead) 2:20 

Eknina, b m, 1882. by Bgbert— Rosa 
Moni'ioe, by Jim MoDJoe 2:16% 

Emma B., ch m, 187—, 2:27V4 

Bmmia L., b m, 188—, by Victor Bis- 
marck , 2:21% 

Emma Nolan, b m, 1889, by Impriut— 
Annie Hall, by George Hall 2:24% 

Enunia Wilkes, bilk m, 1891, by Adrian 
Wilkes, dam by Athlete 2:19% 

Bmick Wilson, gr g, 1800, by Jim Wil- 
son Jr.— Brina Chief, by Bob Bmick 2:23% 

Emily HaiU b m, 188-. by King Hal. . 2:25% 

Em Pierce, _gr s, 1888, by Bayard— 
Zade, by Hiatjoga Prince 2:23V4 

Empress, b m, 188—, by Ensign- 
Fanny, by Honesty 2:28V4 

Ehnpress Wilkes, b m, 188—, by On- 
ward 2:25% 

Eb^neer, a:* a, 188—, by Locomotive. 2:17% 

E. P. O., <^ g, 1889, by Gen. Garfield, 
dam by Sir Harry 2:24% 

Era Ohuniee, b s, 1885, by Chimes— 
Gulnare, by Mambrlno King 2:19% 

Brie, b g, 188—, by Elector— Beauty, 
by Ohfettain 2:17 

Ernestine, oh m, 1881, by Red Wilkes, 
dam: by Bonner Boy 2:24 

Brratta, b m, 188—, by Ernst- Stigma, 
by StlUson 2:20% 

Ervln M., br 8, 1885, by Lothiair Jr.. . 2:20«/ 

Eskbert, b s, 188—, by Egbert 2:21V 

Estella, b m, 187—^ by Scott's Hiatoga 2:23«/{ 

Ethan Boy, b g, 188-^. by Star Ethan 2:24% 

Ethan Ro4fe. b g, 188—, by eon of 
Young Rolfe 2:30 

Ethel, ch m, 188—, ' 2:28 

Ethel, b na, 188-, by Byerly Boy 2:24% 

Ethel A., gr m, 1801, by Adrian 
Wilkes, dam by Gen. Jackson 2:10 

Ethel B., b m, 1887, by George O.- 
Lawson Mare 2:18 

Etta B., gr m, 188—, by Great Tom 
(trotting 2:25%) 2:17 

Btta C, b m, 187—, by Hampshire 

Boy, dam by Henry Olay 2:29>4, 

Euchre Boy, b g, 188-, by American 

Boy 2:29% 

Eugenia, Mk m, 1885, by Alcaiitara— 

Lady Oonklln, by Strathmore 2:19% 

Euphony, gr m, 1880, by Byerly Ah- 

daJlalh— BerUe, by Blue Bull 2:23% 

BJva, b m, 188—, by Karatas 2:18V4. 

Eva Harold, b m, 188—, by Scott's 

HiatJoga Jr 2:21% 

Erangeline, b m, 188—, by Kilbuck 

Tom 2:30 

Era Wilkes, b m, 1887, by Dumas-- 
Oampmeeting Maid, by Howe's Bis- 

miBirck 2:10H 

Evelyn, b m, 188—, tg Robinson D... 2:23i* 
Everett G., ch g, 187—, by Ensley's 

Blue Bull— Barker Mai^ 2:28% 

Everett M., ch s, 1880, by Little Won- 

der^Bird, by Tom Brown 2:19% 

Bverway, b m. 188—, by Bvermond. 2:22% 
Bvonward, b s, 188—, by Onward, 

dam by George Wilkes 2:28% 

E. W. H. br g, 188-,^ by Graftonian. 2:23% 
E. W. a, ch g, 188—, by Woodfoid 

Knox 2:23% 

Bttcellence. blk s, 1800, by Satrap— 

Hindale Lassie, by Hindale 2:25 

Excelsior, ro g, 188—, pedigree not 

traced 2:23% 

Exchange Boy, blk s, 188—, by Ross 

Wilkes 2:30 

Exlmius, br'si'iffi—,' by* The king- 
Belle Sprague, by Gov. Sp-iague. . . . 2:23% 
Expert Priace, blk s, 1886, by Egbert 

—Madam Headley, by Edwin Forrest 2:13% 
Express, b m, 187—, by Calhoun— Coly 2:24% 

Eyelight, b s, 188—, bv Artemas 2:10V4 

Ezra A., b g, 188-, by MontebeUo.... 2:27% 
Fallnot, br s, 1889, by St. Bel— Almo- 

ua, by Almont 2:L6% 

Falrmount, b g, 187—, by Niagara... 2:22% 

Fallon, b g, 187—, 2:2b 

Falrose, b s, 1887, by Faille— Roseleat 

by Bucscameer 2:10 

Famous, b g, 187— 2:30 

Fanny, b m. 188— by Major Ringgold 2.29V* 
Fanny B., b m, 188—, by Prince 

Albert 2:27 

Fanny B., b m, 188— 2:21% 

Fanny Blair, b m, 188—, by Peter 

Blair 2:20 

Fanny O., b m, 187—, by Bayard, dam 

by Ohio Clay 2:24% 

Fanny C, br m, 187—, by Sle^y 

Dutchman 2:24% 

Fenny Ellsler, gr m, 183— (dead) .. 2:27y2 

Fanny Fenn, b m, 18^- (dead) 2:28% 

Fanny (Jolddust, ch n*, 187—, by Zil- 

caadi Golddust 2:25% 

Fanny K., b m, 188—, by Dan Morse. . 2:28V4 
Fanny L., b m, 188—, by Mountain 

Boy— Maud (dead) 2:18% 

Fanny M., b m, 187—, by Hunter Boy 

—Dougherty Mare, by Tuckakoe... 2:29V4 
Fanny Ruafti, b m> 1888, by Brod Wal- 

nuft, dam by Paul Jones Jr 2:19 

Fanny a, ch m^ 188—, by Wilkes 

Golddust 2:23% 

Fanny Wilkes, b m, 1884, by Coronet 
— Lucy Lockwood, by Stephan A. 

Douglas 2:19% 

Fargo, b g, 188-, by Star Wilkes 2:22% 

Farmer Miles;, Wk s, 1882, by Dr. 

Herr— Idol, by Idler 2:22 

FarnhiJttn's Wilkes, b s, 188—, by 

OhaMey Wilkes 2:22% 

Fascination, b s. 188— by Broadway 2:20% 
Fastwell, b s, 1886, by Hambrino— 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Rosa I>a:'tle, by Middletown ...... 2:21^4 

PaTi8ta, b m, 1890 by Sldeey-FauB- 

tlna. by Crown Point 2^ 

Fay, Wm, 18&--, 2:.^ 

Fearless, ch g, isa- ................ • 2.30 

Pedalma, gr m, 1884, by Caliph— 

Ii^elly ^-^ 

Fedalma, cb m, 1880, by Greystone— , 

Amorita, by Hambrino 2:22V4 

PedOflra, br m, 1885, by Tom Brown 

Jr.. dam by Young Nigger Dick 2:lo 

Felipe, di s, 1887, by Bgbert-Boea 

Monroe, by Jim Monroe 2:25 

Felix, ro «, 1874. by Dictator-Lady 

Farlow, by Gray's Tom Hal 2:a4V4 

Female Pirate, blk m, 1884, by 
Arcber'g Almont— Polly HopMns, by 

Prince Imperial •."'j^"'-A'" i'iiA 

Penmwe W., b g. 188-. by Don Ozro 2:24j4 
Ferd Keyt, b s, 188—, by Bismarck. . . 2:l&k 
Ferspustine, b s, 1886, by Fergus Mc- 

Gregor— T.«dy De Moss ?*•??% 

Fern Cliff, gr m. 18&-, by Blgln Boy 2:24 
Femdaile, bflt m, 1890, by Simmo- 

colon— Fern Leaf, by Flaxtail 2:16»;4 

Feura, br m, 1891, by Allerton 2:28 

Ffdol, b s, 1887, by Backman's Idol— 
Mlolly Jackson, by Stonewall Jack- 
son 2:10 

Fleidmont, blk s, 1887, by Young 

Alarm, dam by Saturn 2:19 

Fife, br m, 188—, by Slander 2:17ya 

Findl-ey. blk g, 188—, by Corbin Ba- 

EfluLw 2:20 

Flnnigan, gr g, 188—, by Joe Hooker. 2:20 
Fishermian, b g, 186—, pedigree not ^ ^^ 

traced (dead) 2:21 

Fla^ bg, 188-, 2:27 

Flasl^ bs, 1889, by Rumor— Flageolet, 

by Gem Knox 2:16 

Flavilo, b s, 188-, 2:25 

Flavorita, b m, 188— by Elevator.. 2:24% 
Flax Hal, b m, 18&-, by Duplex.... 2:23Vi 
Fleetfoot, Ch m, 1886, by Booth's 

dear Grit 2:12 

Fleetfoot, br ul, 186-, (dead) 2:25 

Fleety H., ch m, 188—, by Bay Tom 

Jr. ....: 2:25V> 

Flltterfoot, 6h s,, 186— , (dead) 2:24>4 

Flora, b m, 186—, by Chieftain (dead) 2:30 

Ftora A., gr m, 188-, by J. W 2:25^ 

FloTO B., b m, 188—, by Brussels 2;26^ 

Flora B., b mi, 188—, by Ayre's Mdm- 

brlno Wilkes 2:22% 

Flora Belle, blk m, 1876, by White 

dood 2:13% 

Flora Belle, b m, 188—, by Dick 

Taylor 2:22% 

Floral Boy, b s, 1889, by American 

Boy— Fanny T., by Teleeraph Jr.., 2:17*>4 
Flora C, rn m., 1890, by BJrby'g Cad- 
mus Hambletonlan 2:25 

Flora C, b m, 188—. by Jumbo 2:26 

Flora Hill, b m, 188—, by Capt. 

Walker 2:24% 

Flora Little, br m, 1883, by Gen. Lee 
—Dolly St. Lawrence, by (Charter 

Oak 2:28 

Flora M., b m. 188—, 2:30 

Flora Mask, blk m, 1882, by John 

Cole 2:27% 

Flora Silver, ch m, 1889, by Pat Sil- 
ver— Topsy Knox 2:25 

Flora Temple, b m, 1880, by Long- 

fltrlder— Lady 2:18% 

Flora W., gr m. 1882, by Tom Won- 
der Jr.— Jennie, by Tom Won- 
der Jr 2:2<% 

Flora Wilkes, b m. 1875, by George 
Wilkes— Gray Fanny, by Con- 
script j{:l?j4 

Florence, ch m, 188— 2:2u% 

Florence G., br m, 188— by Clear 
Grit— Nelly .••••• ^'^^ 

Florence J., gr m, 1885, by Gray 
Harry 2:24% 

Florette, blk m, 1890, by Adrian 
WUkes— Flora, by Sir Alfred 2:24% 

Floss, blk m, 188— by George M. 
Patchen Jr 2:2^ 

Flossy, rn m, 188—, by Smuggler... Z:2^4. 

Floisey L., blk m, 1885, by Regalia- 
Belle, by Danville Boy 2:23 

Flossy Heed, b m, 188—, by Mambrino 
Abdallah— Bird, by Ansel 2 :26% 

Flowing Tide, en m, 1888, by Albert 
W.— Uarda, by Echo 2:14% 

Flying Hiatoga Jr., b s, 188—, by Fly- 
ing Hiatoga, dam by Rodney 2:23% 

Flying Jib, b g, 1884, by Algona— 
Middletown Mare, by Middletown 2:04 

Flying Morgan, ch g, 18»-, by Star 
Ethan 2:28% 

Flying Prince, b g, 18S— , by Prince 
Pulaski Jr 2:24% 

F. M. B. A., rn g, 188—, by Hazel 
Heel 2:22 

Foggy, b g, 1884, by Alcantara— Thal- 
Imer Mare, by Hamlet (trotting 
2:27%) 2:13% 

Forest Wilkes, b s, 1885, by Bourbon 
Wilkes— Florence C, by Forest Clay 2:15 

Fortuna, b m, 1884, by Jay Gould- 
Pandora, by Clark Chief 2:19% 

Fortune, b g, 188-, by Acuff 2:29% 

Fox, b g, 188—, by R^eavis' Black- 
bird 2:21% 

Foxglove, ch m, 1890, by Nutwood- 
Four Lines, by Blackwood 2:24% 

Foxhound, b s, 1890. by Alfred G., 
dam by Hinder Wilkes 2:26% 

Frank, ch g, 188—, by Capt. Web- 
gt^p 2 *20 

I'^, bik' g,* IRsi," * by * ' Dr.* ' ilerr- 
Topsy, by Idler 2:21% 

Frank A., gr g, 188— ,'by Rex Hia- 
toga 2:22 

Frank Agan, b g, 1890, by Mlkagan 
—Flora 2:10% 

Frank B., b g, 1887, by Clark's Ham- 
bletonlan— Bird B., by Stockbridge 
Chief Jr 2:18 

Frank Bogash, b s. 1892, by Atlantic 
King, dam by Almont Patchen... 2:26% 

Frank Burgess, b 6, 1887, by Peace- 
maker—Clothesline, by Melrose ... 2:20% 

Frank Champ, blk g, 187— by AlUe 
West— Molly Whltefoot, by Little 
Priam 2:16% 

Frank Dortch, gr g, 1884, by Loco- 

' motive— Molly Lumsden, by Gib- 
son's John Dillard Jr 2:15% 

Frank B., b g, 1884. by Messenger 
Chief— Lucy rope, by Telegraph . . 2:19% 

Frank F., b g, 188- 2:19% 

Frank F., b g, 18»-, by Red Buck.. 2:30 

Frank F., b g, 188—, by Lexington 
Chief Jr r....2:21% 

Frank Flinch, b g. 188—, by Windsor, 
dam by Empire 2:24% 

Frank G., b g, 188—, 2:30 

Frank H.. b g, 188—, by Black Prince 2:26 

Frank H., ch s. 1877, by Squire Tal- 
mage— Lucy Farrls, by Tom Crowder 2:22% 

Frank Hanson, g s, 188—, by Roger 
Hanson .2:23% 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Frankle C, br g, 18&-, by Morgan.. 2:20 
Prankie D., b m, 188—, by Smith's 

Mambrino Chief Jr 2:24% 

Frankie Folsom, b m, 188—. by tJpde- 

Fmnk j/, * b g,' 188^ * by Tom Allen .' ! 2 :10V4 
Frank Logan, b s, 1885, by Sprague— 

Belle Shandon, by Uothschild 2:25 

Frank M., rn s, 188-, by Oharlle Brls- 

ter 2:27Vi 

Frank Nevins, b g, 188—, by Hoosier 

Dick 2:30 

Frank Oxman, blk g, 188—, by 

Scrugg's Eland Ji:17 

Frank P., b s, 1885, by Walkill Jr.. 2:17% 
Frank Pierce, ch g, 184r-, (dead).... 2:23% 
Frank R., blk g, 188-, by Indianapolis 2:28 
Frank RusseU, b s, 1887, by Alley Rufi- 

sell— Eyerie, by Winchtp 2:25 

Prank S., ch g, 188-, by Silvertail. 2:22V^ 
Frank Smith, ch s, 188—, by Hiatoga 

Chief 2:23% 

Frank T 2:2i)% 

Frank Taylor, b g, 188— by Mohican 2:23% 
Frank W., b g, 188-, by Denver • 

Wilkes 2:26% 

Prank W., dn g, 1877, by Bishop Berk- 
ley 2:21% 

Frank W., br g, 187—, 2:24% 

Frank Wilson, gr s, 188—, by Jim Wil- 
son 2:22% 

Frank Wood, blk e, 188—, by Wedge- 
wood— Lady Allen, by Prank Allen. 2:25% 
Fraro, b s, 1885, by Jerome Eddy— 
Hiatoga Maid, by Scott'« Hiatoga.. 2:28% 

Fred, br g, 188-, 2:28% 

Fred, b g, 1879, by Hambletonian 

Horse— Jenny, by Oountry Boy... 2:27 
Fred Ackerman, b g, 187—, by Wash- 
ington, dam by Signal 2:23 

Fred Ager, ch 6. 1886, by GreenbacK 

—Tad. by Melnott 2:24% 

Fred Arthur, b s, 1884, by Belmont 

-Gipsy, by Blue Bull 2:12^4 

Fred Douglass, b s. 188-, by Phil.. 2:17% 

Frederick, gr g, 187— 2:22% 

Fred GIbbe, b g, 188—, 2:26% 

Fred H., b g, oy Stan way's Crowder 2:17% 
Fred Holcomb, b g, 1883, by Stock- 
holm—Lady Patchen, by Bush's 

Patchen 2:23 

Fred Hooper, rn g, 188—, by Mon- 
arch Jr 2:21% 

Fred Jams, b g, 187—, by Champion. . 2:30 
Fred Johnson, gr g, 184r-, (dead) . . 2:27% 
Fred K.. blk g, 1888, by fihadeland 

Onward— Signet, by Satenite 2:09-% 

Fred M., blk g, 188—, by Daniel 

Boone 2:26% 

Fred Mason, b g, 188-, by Bob Mason 2:13% 
Fred Mills, rn g, 1879, by Nathan 
Mills— Babe, by Stonewall Jackson 2:21%. 

Fred Rose, b g, 187— 2:22 

Fred S., b g, 1881. by Lexington Chief 

-Flora, by Gardner's Red Buck 2:16 

Fred Smuggler, b g, 188—, by Glad- 
iator—Merry 2:22 

Fred V.. ch g, 1879. by Clay Pilot- 
Miss Nancy ^ 2:22% 

Fred W.. ch g, 188—. by Bay Chief. . 2:17% 
Fred Wilson, gr g, 188—, by Dan Wil- 
son 2:21% 

Fred Wormley, b g, 186— (dead) .... 2:29 
Free Coinage, gr s, 1890, by Stelnway 

—Nelly B., by Elmo 2:11% 

Free Trade, b g, 188—, by McMul- 

len's Mohawk 2:25% 

Freeland, b s. 1887, by Bald Hornet 

— Cal Stebbins, by Rambler 2:19% 

Frenchy, br m, 188o, by Baron Wilkes 

-Weiss 2:22% 

Frenchy, ch m, 188— by Bay Ethan. 2:28i4 
Frencby, b g, 188—, by Royal George 2:20% 
Fresno Prince, blk s, 1889. by Bayonne 

Prince— Lizzie, by Blackwood 2:17% 

Friendly Dan, rn g, 188— 2:25 

Fritz, gr g, 187— 2:18 

Fritz, ch g, 187— 2:30 

F^rolique, ch m, 1884, by Egbert— 
Rena Burdett, by Alexander's Nor- 
man 2:24% 

Fuller, b g, 1876, by Clear Grit- 
Dolly, by Niagara Champion 2:13% 

Fuilerton D., blk s. 1878, by Regalia 

—Kate P.. by Bourbon Chief 2:19 

Gaiters, b g, 188-, by Steele's Walkill 2:! 
Galileo Rex^br s, 1888, by Billy Sayre 

—Dewey Eve, by George Wilkes... 2:12% 
Gallietta, blk m, 1889, by Gambetta 

Wilkes— Nectar, by Nutwood 2:16% 

Gambler, blk s, 1887, by Gambetta 
Wilkes— Lady Palm, by Thomas 

Jefferson 2:18 

Gambolier, b s, 1887, by Gambetta 
Wilkes— Attle Belle, by Messenger 

Chief :.. 2:22% 

Gambrel, b s, 1887, by Gambetta 

Wilkes— Bellfleld, by Enfield 2:10% 

GAmmon. blk s, 188—, by Gambetta 

Wilkes— Fib, by Enfield 2:18 

Gamrose, b s, 1890, by Gambetta 
Wilkes— Red Rose, by Red Wilkes 2:19% 

(Junyniede, ch g, 188—, by AJax 2:25 

Garrett, b s, 188^, by Maryland Vol- 
unteer 2:20% 

Gaslight, br g, 1885, by Ajax— Fanny, 

by Baker Boy ^:23 

Gasper, b s, 188—, by Egbert— Rose 

Monroe, by Jim Monroe idead)... 2:30 
Gawain, gr s, 188—, by (Gambetta 

Wilkes— Eye See, by Nutwood 2:18% 

Gay Widow, b m, 188—, by son of 

Denver Wilkes 2:28 

Gazette, b s, 1887, by Onward— Siren, 

by Dictator (trotting 2:23%) 2:00% 

G. D., gr m, 1890, by Frank Almont 

—Nettle 2:21 

Gem., b m, 1875, by Tom R<olfe— Lady 

Gem, by Sam Hazzard 2:13% 

Gene Ayer, b g, 188—, by Rhomer. . 2:28% 
Gen. Blackford, b s, 1885, by Gen. 
WUkes— Molly Blackford, by Mam- 
brino Boy 2:24% 

Gen. Ewell, rn g, 188—, by Gold Boy 2:23% 
Gen. Garfield, ch s, 188—. by Centen- 
nial 2:r 

Gen. Garfield, ch g, 188— 2:' 

Gen Stak, b g, 188—, 2:2 , 

Gen. Stoughton, ch g, 187— 2:29^ 

Gen. Turner, b s, 1881, by Harold— 
Olaytonia, by American Clay (trot- 
ting 2:26%) 2:1 . 

Genevieve, b m, 188—, by St«u:tle,. 2:23^ 
Genius, b s, 188—, by Inventor.... 2:29V 

George, b g, 188— 2:28 

George A., gr g, 188—, by Rex Hia- 
toga ^.... «. 2M 

George B., b g, 188—, by American 

Boy 2:26% 

George Campbell, br s, 1890, by Reno 

Defiance— Possum Pie, by Gctoroon. 2:17 
George CJloud, blk g, 1890, by Black 

Cloud— Dolly, by Don Roderick 2:19% 

George G. gr g, 188—, by Roscoe Jr. 2:20% 
(Seorge G., an g, 187—, by Fletcher's 
Duke of Kent 2:17 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

MATT LAIBD, Mansfibld, Ohio. 
The driver of Rubinstein 2:08. 


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•••♦^♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦••♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»»»»»«»»» M »»»»»»»»*» 

WILLIS LAIRD, Mansfield, Ohio. 
The driver of Magnolia 2 :09Ji. 


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Google i 

THB 2:30 PACSR& 


George Oerdmi* cb •» 187—. >y Qea. 
BMe«v 4ui l»y CBaik'ft Tlmveler. •> 9:27)^ 

OwM-^oiSSr, hj George WUkee. 2:]tt 
Geme Htjea^ cb e^ 188-. by Fre- 

attver 2:MH 

George K.» b e, ISM, by Goldbeftter. . tiiaJZ 
Geovgft It., Ikg, !»--» 2:21% 

^fer."?.";..^ * ^*^' ''^ ^""^ 2:28)4 
Georm B., bV iC Ui87. b j Hunbto^ 

tankn George-^Mtaa, bj I/otbalr.. 2:19% 
George Sberman, b •» 1887, bjr Sber* 

man-<}lara B., by Cbandler J. 

Welli 2:lfH4 

George St Olalr. b s. 1888^ by Better- 

to»-IU Wind, by Touag Jim (trot- 

tSiig2:3l6%l ........rrVT 2:22)6 

George Swtft, b g, 1888, hy Louis Na» 

poleon 2:30 

George Steese, cb a, 188—, by Rex 

Hkitoga 2:28)4 

Gcetgetown, b g, ISH, by Blue BuU— 

Sister, by Imlaclble 8:18)4 

Geone W.. gr g, 188-; by Honest 

l>i<« 2:22)4 

Gewrge Wapple. cb e, 1882, by Brlga- 

_dler, dam by Gonperbead 2:2& 

Gtorrie C., br m. IE- 2:28 

Geprgle H., eh m, 18&-, by WlUtam . 

Penn 2:28 

Georgle M., cb m, 188-. by Ashland 

Clay , 2:18)4 

Georgle Sy ch m, 1B8~, by Adjutant 2:1«)| 
Georgle Wakes, bik m. 188-. by Am- 

basaador 2:88)4 

Ge»kjtae b m, 1888, by Mt. Yemon ^ 

—Bdlth 0., by Gen. lic<»eilan .... 2:1< 
Gertie, nr m. 1S8-. by King William %r 
G^tie B.. b m, 188^ by Clinton— 

Dolly Wilkes, by Georae Wilkes Jr. 2:16)4 
Gertie J., b ro, 1888, by Wondei^ 

Belle B., by Bayard 2:24% 

GerUe K., b u, 181*-., by Harry Hon- 

ta« 2:29% 

Ger^de G., cb m. 1891. by Redwood 

-Dolly, by MeeklB St. Lawrence.. 2:22 
Getty Grant, ch m, 1887, by Motion— 

^Dixie, by Vermont Boy 2d2 

G, H, K.. eh ft 188-, by Aristos .... 2.-21 

Gideon, br g, 187—, ...T 2*Ji8)4 

Gideon, b s, 188-, by Mountain Boy. . 2:28 
GM Oiury. gr g, 1887, by Almont 

Boy— Grey Jenny 2:11)4 

GU©8 NoyM, b ft 1881, by Gbarles " 

Oaffrey— Ylda 2M^ 

GUman. ch a. 1891, by France's Allie , 

■ Wllkee-Dalsy, by Atlantic 2:21i 

Gypsy, b g, 187-,^ by Scott's Hlatoga 2:28^ 
Gypsy B.. b m, 188-, by BL Z Leo^i- 

ard 2'.30 

Gypsy Boy, b s, 188—, by Hlatoga 

Chief-Gypsy Kate 2:21)4 

Glpsey Girl, blk m. 1888, by Pilot AJ- 

mont— Fanny :,; ♦ 2:15 

Gipeex Golddust, ro m, 188—, by 

'Rounds* Sprague 2:24% 

Glpsey M., br m, - 1887, by Bal^e— * 

Kit, by Black Prince /.... 2:2.5 

Glpsey M., br m, 188—, by McBeth. . 2:13% 
Glpsey P., ch s. 188— 2:29 

Hoyer .•.<• ...• 2:10)% 

Otaidya, gr m, 18S^ by AIoboo Bsy- 

Glen, b jr.*ttS^rl9 fittr'Snlgbi *!'.!.'.* 2:%4 

WUkea^Hame B., by Oimbrino. . . . 2:29)4 

GtendAK b a, ISh-rTyj GleBttrm.... 2:28H 

Glendeonlm b a, 1888^ by Hamttn'a 
Almont Jr.-Bl«d( Goldduat, by 
Hamlin Pfttebea (dead) 2imL 

Glenova, ¥g, m-% by Oen^BnMdl .. 2:22)4 

Glenwood, D a. 1888, by ]fotwoo4l— 
Jemhna, by Sootland Bey. (trotting 
2:29)tt • 2:18)4 

GUde,% », 1886, by Gibe<Mi*8 Tom 
Hal-Hettie, by DodWyM 8«ow 
HeeU 2:18)4 

Glidemont, cb », 188a by Pneteg 
AImont*-KnaU Mare. 1^ Oladstooe 2:21)4 

GUdesa, b m, 188-^ by GoodlmA . . . 2:26}? 

Gloater, gr g, 188^, by Steepar Rock.^. 2:28H 

Goethe, Hit a, 1887. by ^ambetta 
WUkea^Hallle B., by Hambfino... 2:19)4 

Gold Bar, gg, 18S->, by Dartmouth.. 2:28)? 

Gold Beater. HI a, 1883, by Alcantara 
—Flora Belle, by StcYens' Uwharie 2:29)4 

Gold Bud, cb ft 1888, by R. BL Lee. 
dam by Star Bambl^onian 2:2{H4 

Gold Goto, ch ft 188-, by Forest 
Wilkes 2:26 

Golddust, dn m, 1884^ liy Dr. Spaidd- 
Inc-Molly, by Prtnee Albert 2:18% 

Golden Boy, eb a, 1887, by Plato- 
Belto BnriB 2:18U 

G^en Oin, b m, 188--, by Happy 
Union 2:25 

Ck>ldea Prince, eh g. 1877. by Golden 
Bow^-Klt, by Brfe Abdallah 2:18% 

Gtolden Slipper, b m, 18^-, 2:28 

Golden W^. b m. 188-, by HamUe- 
tonian wilkea 2:29)4 

Gojd Leaf, ch m. 1886, by Sidney— 
Fern Leaf, by Flaxtail 2:11)4 

Gold Medal, b g. 1884. by Nephew 
Jr.— Peggy Danoboo 2:141)4 

Goldmine^ l> a, 1886, by Harry (iold- 
duct-Baby Mine, by Stonewall Jack- 
son , 2:17 

Goldmont, b s, 188-. by Weetmont— 2:28)4 

Gold Platfl^b m, 1888, by Fairy Gift 
—Nickel Plate, by Belmont 2:23)4 

Goesin. ch s. 1871. by Tattler-Molly 
Golddust, by Golddust 2:18 

Gossip Jr., b g, 1877. by Gossip— Nelly 
M..1t»y Pilgrim Patchen 2:18)4 

G. d. Taylor, b e, 188-, by Ben 
Franklin 2:15)4 

Gov. Foraker, b g, 188—, by Ben 

^Bolt 2:24% 

Gov. France, b s, 188—. by France. . 2:24% 

Gk)T. Lucasv b s, 1888< by Attorney- 
Sally, by Tramp * 2:24% 

Gowan, b s. 1^— , by Gambetta 
Wilkes— Effie Davis, by Red WUkes 2:22)4 

Graceful George, ch s, 188—, by Al- 
cona Jr., dam by Washington 2:23 

Grnce Wilkes, b in, 188—, by Repetl> 
lion, dam by Ford*« K^mbletonlnn 2:20V4 

Grade, i? m, 188—, by Hamlin's Al- 
mont Jr 2:21)4 

Grade, g m, 188—, .-. 2:26y4 

Grade L., b m, .1884, by American 
Boy— Jessie K., by Rex Hlatoga .. 2:24^4 

OrapeTine, g g, 188—, by McCurdy. . 2:2«)4 

Grand George, ch s, 1889, by^Hamble- j 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



tcmftan. l^llkeB, dam bj 

Ghana. OrottlAg 2;SM T... 2:20^ 

CNrandmother, b m, 1879, by Hamlin'a 

▲Imont Jr.— Minnebalia, b/ Obaodler- 

1, Wells .: 2:20% 

Grand Sec, b s, 188~, 2:24W 

Grand View, b a, 188-, by Bay Tom 

Jr •. 2:21% 

Granger, b g, 188-, by. Preaident 

Sprague 2:18% 

Granger, cb g, 186-, by Prlnoe (dead) 2:24 

Granger Pete, gr g, 187-r, 2:23 

GranyiUo K., b g^ 188-, by Model.. 2:30 
Graasbopper, b g, 188-, by Bee Line 2:21 
Grape Shot, br g, 188—, by Brown 

Hal 2:18 

Grape Shot, gr g, 188-,., 2:29% 

Great Heart, br a. 18&B. by- Mam- 

brino Buaaell— WlUlo l¥Ukea, by 

GeoigeWilkQ^ ......... ^ 2:13% 

Great Veetem, eh a, 1885, by Saturn 

—Nettie ...: 2:25 

Greenfield Maid, b m, 1882, by Pas- 

acasr-Mair Ohope, by Magna Charta 2:20% 
Greenhorn, gr g, 1882, by Princeps 

— DueU, by Belmont 2:22% 

Green Stotta, b g, 1886, by WilUam 

Wheeler— Dalay, by Beconstruction 2:22% 
Green WUkea, b a, 1888, by Bm- 

baaaador 2:21% 

Gretchen, b m, 188-^ by Kaiaer 2:20 

Oretchen H., ch m, 188—, by Bay 

Aimont ' 2:23% 

Grey Bayard, gr a, 1885, by Bayard 

—Brownie, by Prince Bdward ...... 2 

Grey Ben, gr g. 1888. by Dan G 2 _ 

Grez BlUy, gr g, 188-. by Smuggle 2:23^ 
Grey Buah, gr m> 188—, by Oreenbnah 

^Klng 2:30 

Grey^an. gr g 2:28 

Grey Dan, gr g, 188—, 2:22% 

Grey Dan. gr g, 186-, (dead) 2:24^ 

•Grey Xtagle, gr g. 186-, (dead) ..... 2:25 
Orey Blsie. gr m, 188—, by Mambrlno 

George 2:20% 

Grey Fannie, gr m, 188-, by Bay 

.Tom, dam by Tockahoe 

■Grey Fanny, gr m, 188-% by Bay Tom 2:1 
Grey Fanny, gr m, 1887, by Monroe 

Boy— Old Fanny, b/ Nigger Dick.. 2:24% 

Grey Frank, gr g, 187- 2:26 

Grey Freddy P., gr g. 187- 2:27% 

Grey Gooee, gr m, 188-. by Wade 

Hampton , 2:25% 

Grey Hariy, pr g, 180-, by Tempest 

(dead) 2:26% 

Grey Harry, gr g, 188—, by Tempest 

Jr., dam hy Bull Pup Jr 2:15% 

Grey Harry, gr g. 188-. 2:18% 

Grey Isaac, gr g, 188-. 2:19% 

Grey Jack, gr g, 18T— , by Bex Hla- 

toga ., .2:29 

Grey Jim, gr g, 188—, by Mart Stone 

Horse 2:24% 

Grey Joe, gr g. 188-, by Simmons' 

Strader 2:28% 

Grey John, gr g, 188-, 2:24% 

Grey Leaf, gr m. 188-, by Indian- 
apolis— Lucy Fraaler^ by Oosmop- 

ollte 2:29% 

Grey Mack, gr g, 188—, by Tempest 

Jr , 2:21^ 

Grey Pointer, gr g, 188—, by Amo» . 2 " 
Grey Star, b s. 18^. by Chester Star 2 

Grey Tobe, br g. 188—, ^:29 

Grorer C. b g, 1882. by Morris' Ai- 
mont— Molly M 2:20 

Grover Clereland, b s, 188—, by Ro<>k- 

ford .-. ;. 2:28 

GroTor Gle^eland, ch s, 188—, Iff 
Wllkersou— Lucy Glover 2:15% 

Grorer &, br g, 1884. by Oafferty 
Horse (dead) .....2:14% 

Grorer Wilkes, b s. 1881> by Bed 
Wlikes, dam by Dary Crockett 2:24% 

G. K &LChir* 188— .by Rex 2:18% 

Gmndy Jtan, or g, 188—, by Jim Crow 2:19% 

Gaarantee2__br a, 1884, by Hamble- 
tonlan Wilkes— Maggie, by Meteor 2:23 

GueriU, b m. 1889. by Gambetta 
Wilkes— AtUe Belle, by Messenger 
Chief 2:13% 

Guess workr b g, 188—, by Egbert- 
Maggie West, by West Wind 2:14% 

Guiderock, blk s, 1885. by Guide- 
Jenny Dnroc, by Orange Duroc 2:29 

Guinette, b s, 1889. by Gambetta 
WlUes— Stella, by Mambrlno Startle 2:10 

Gumbo, blk a, 188—, by Ohartie 
OalErey 2:29'/4 

Gurgle, b m. 1878, by Pocahontas 
Boy— Matlock, by Grey Diomed ... 2:20 

GuaM.. br g, ite-^ 2:24% 

Gusto, br s. 1888. by Gambetta 
Wilkes— Annie Patchen. by Mam- 
brlno Patchen 2:19% 

Qua Tupper, br s, 188—, by Dictator 
Wilkes .......A.. 2:23 

Guy, gr s, 1883, by Shiloh— Maud, by 
Shoo Fly 2K)6% 

Guy a, ch s. 1886, by Bald Hornet- 
Peggy G.. by Haywood 2:14% 

Guy C. br g, 188—, by Howe Horse. . 2:27% 

Guy Dick, gr s. 186-. (dead) 2:26>/<2 

Guy Princeton, br s, 1887, by Prince- 
ton— Wait-a-Blt, by Basil Duke 
(trotting 2:2834) • 2:19% 

Guy Wonder, b^ g. 1892, by Whale- 
bone 2:24% 

G. W. Hney. b g, 1880, by Shaker Boy' 
-Bitty Doddii.... 2:24% 

Gyp. b m, 188-, by a\>m Hal Jr <:27% 

Gyp. b m, 188-, by BrirfltUght. 2:2^2 

Gyp a, ch m, 1880. by Jefferson 
Prince— Bobbie, by Baoon's Bthan 
AUeo Mead) 2:24% 

Hadley Jr.. b g. 1888. by Uttle Dare 
Jr.-Bidlltt Mare * 2:15% 

Hail Olottd. b s, 188—, by Husart Dan. 2:2G>^j 

Hal B.. b a. 188— Mocvan Clipper. 2:24V4 

Hal Bradien, br s. 1888, bgr Brown Hal 
—Elate Bradeu, by Bay TVim (dead). . 2:07% 

Hal Carter, br s, 1888, by Brown Hal 
—Ada, by Brown Tri^jbam 2:22% 

Hal day. b s, 1888^ by AhmMit Boy— 
Frendh Mare, by Henry Clay 2:24% 

Hal Dlirard, b «, 1887. t^ Brown Hal 
—Annie Pointer, by John Dillard Jr. 2:04% 

Hal Index, gr s, 1886. by Gibson's 
Tom Hal— Stella, by George Wash- 
iiustxm 2:20W 

HaTK., b g, 18B-, by Dan Harding. . 2:14% 

HaUieC., gr m. 188- 2:30 

Halo, br m, 1888^ by Geo. Hancock— 
F:iosty Maid, by Joe Downing 2:18% 

Hal Parker, blk s, 1889, by Brown 
Hal— Asmie Hattoo, by Bob Hatton. 2:13% 

Hal Pointer, b g, 1884, by Gibson's 
Tom Hal-^weepstakes, by Knight's 
Snow Heels 2:04% 

Hal PuAaski, br a, 188-, by Brown 
Hal 2:13% 

Halwood, br s. 188—, by Wedgewood. 2. '27% 

Hamiwino Boy. b s, 1883, by Ham- 
brino— Lindia G.. by Pacing Abdal- 
lah ..: 7: 2:24% 

Digitized by CiOOQIC 



Haoodeik, b & 1800, hy MiMisi-VoWj 

HopkJiiA, by Amb^. , , . . . 2'J23% 

Hajnllton, b Hy ISSS, by Dick WlDLe»— 

Kate M.» l>y iiUjttiwvter . ........... 2:23^ 

Hamlet, li g, isa— , by Higblaiwl Boy., 2:23^ 
HtiinilliL g^ ©J lSit4, by AJcantaia— 

J&no uoijaiGt, bj Dluk lKfQui«r 2:26)4 

UaiMialler, b s, lb4>l. by Atmnjitli ..... Z:25 

HaiKly Amly. tu g, 1S6— , {d^jud) .. 2:28V4 

HajiUj' B.t b H, iasiiJt by ArLtsmiB— 

MiiUe, by Oritteodiin Jr 2;H»; 

HuoiJtlj Bat, lib g, 1BH-, by De Soto.. 2:28{S 
Himjopd MedluitL b a, Is^ by itUton 

IL"-Tavt\ bj^gnal , 2:14 

Uuimls Jr, eb B. 1M8&, by HamUa— 

Queou AhPii>iit, by Almont , . .. . 2:17^ 

Happioesa, b m, l^Ul, by Juti£e Salls- 

buiTi (i^iuu by Bouiile WJites. 2:17V4 

Happy, cb e, I8i*2^ by Hatmy Gblwf... 2:27(5 
Happy Utrl, blk m, 1884*, by Gbaai- 

dplain— Duruugo MaJd, by biuraiijra.. 2:23% 
aptiy Girl, b m, IBS—, by Gen. Han- 

oock.. 2:26)4 

HaTO>7 Bii88^ IMT a, 1884, bT Mam- 

brfiio Bnasell— Odd StocUng, by Hap- 

— Medimn .T7r7::......f; 2:21U 

TocD^ b B, 1887. bj Pegiunis— 

Lie. by Mambrino Obampion 2:23% 

Hard Oiiab. b g, 188», by Oaahier, 

dam by Oady's Gliamploii 2:15)4 

HjaerpB H., tn g, 1884. ^ GUnker.... 2:28S 
Harreitfh. 'cb I iSSS, 6y M^unbilno 

KiniFliady Weetoo, bgr Moliicaii. . . . 2:28 
Hflrk>w» oh a, 188—, by AnderBon 

Wilkee * 2:2714 

Haroeth, b a, 1888^ by Wedgewood^ 

Hilda, by Oilier... 2:21% 

HarriroiLb a, ISw^ by Ottaw* CBiief— 

Mary Wood, by BlcSiard Wheelock 

(tiotting 2:18)4) 2:19% 

Harriaon Beed, cb. g, 18^—, by Hick- 

ory Jr 2:28% 

Hany, b g, 186—. by Niagara Cbam- 

pion^Lop Bar, by Montreal 2:18% 

Harry, b g, 188—, by Dauntlesa Jr., . . 2:17% 
Harry B., b a, 18^-, tar Col. Moore. . 2:19% 
Harry B., br g, 1882, by Waldensian 2:20% 
Harry B., b g. 189a by Mgia Boy.. 2:27% 
Harry B., gr g. ISOl, by Happy Day, 

dam tar Meesetiger Chief ...» 2:20% 

Harry Brooks, ch g, 188— by Bland 2:24% 
Harry Brown, b g, 188—. *by Durant 2:21% 
Han-y C, b a,. 1889, by Comua— 

Midget, by Egmont 2:15% 

Harry day, b a, 1891, by Olay Thome 2:26% 

Harry D^g, 187-, ..:... T: 2:28 

Harry B., g g, 188—. by Davy Crocket 2:28% 
Harry G., br g, 188-. by Gold King 2:26% 
Hany G., bg, 186-, by Green Monm- 

tain Morgan 2:28 

Hany Golddnat, ch a, 187—, by Mea- 

aeoger Golddnat 2:27% 

Harry Gold King, gr a, 188-, by 

Gold King 2:27% 

Hariy H., b g, 188—, 2:28 

Hany H^ gr g, 1885. by Ab^y 2:23% 

Harry ft, b g, 168-, by Ashiey'a 

Btban AUen 2:22% 

Harry JHaU, ch a, 1881, by Ben 

Patcben--Cora, by Ddward Everett 2 -.29% 
Hatty BiaycB. .ch a, 1880, by Pilot 

ObamploQr-KHp^y Girl, by Steyen A. 

Douglaa 2:28 

Hany Holton, br a, 188—, by Dictator 

Wiikea 2:24 

Harry Hontaa, ch a, 1888. by Poca- 
hontas Boy-^tty, by l^ajor Bdaall 2:24% 
HarrfHomet, blk a, 1888^ by Dan Q. 

-Phil, by inoddy^a ArabUn 2:21% 

Harry Hoyer, ch. a, 188— ^ by Pilot 

Ghamplon ,...< 2:28 

Harry Jonea, . ci^ k, t8B5, by Elgin • 

Boy— Fanny, by Hudson's Eollpae . . 2:18% 
Harry K., b g, 188-, by Ctiaritjy. ..^.:>;16% 
Harry K., b g, l8iK), by Harry WU* • 

•on, dim by BourboD ChJ^f Jr ». 2:23% 

Harry I^ymw b g, lyS— , by Mocris' 

Almonte dam t>y Glotid Mambduo... 2:19% 
Harry M., b g, IHb—, by Ludger,*..^ 2:27% 

Harry M., b g, 188^. by Primm 2:22% 

Harry Omer, gr g, isao, by Bt. Omer. 2:20% 
Harry P., br g 188—, by Denmark.. 2*.21% 
Hany P., Uk g, 18&-, t^ Jo& Black- - 

born, dam by Gibson e Tom Hid. ... 2:21% 
Harry Phelpa, b », 1S8— . by Crumley 

Hiatoga (trotting 2:27%) 2:22% 

Harry 8., gr a^ 1884, by Backman'a 

Idoi-^<9eb<>yo, by Orange Duroc. . . . . 2:29% 
Bany Stra/thmore, b a, 1884, by 

8tratl«Dor»-B^e, by Belmoot 2:26 

Harry Btnithmore, g ai 188—, tar Mof^ 
gajra Strathmore — Najicy Hasard, 

by Btaine'a OXxn Haaard, 2:24% 

Harry T.. br g, 188-. by Nutwood... 2:25% 
Harry Van, ch a, 1884, by George 
Washington, dam by Wilson's Clip- 
per .,., 2:22% 

Harry Victor, blk a, 1890, by Black 
Victor, dam by Baird'e Hamble- 

tonian Prince 2:20 

Harry W.,0rg, 188—,..., 2:27% 

Harry Weat^ loSk g, 1&&^, by Oo^ 
Weat— l^homileaa, by Kenney'a Den- 

miairic... .... ....... 2'.27% 

Harry Wlltefl, b e, 1883, by CoL 

Wilkes-Liidy 2:23 

Harry Wood, b a. 1888, by Busco— 

Kitty H Wowi, by Rader*s Dexter 2:16 
Harry Z.,b g, IS SI, by little Logan 2:17 
Htrvey Sic, blk r, 18&2. by Mclfin- 

ney. datn by Nephew 2:18 

Hur^Unsra Boy, b a, 1886. by Abe 
Downing- Lady R., by Green'a Ba- 
shaw .7 ..,..,..,.. 2:15 

Hat Rack, b g, 188-. by Prince Jr. 2:29% 
Hattie F., gr m, 1887, by LeGrand— 

^Iver, by Silverthread« 2:18 

Hattie P., xAi m, 188-, by Bex Hia- 
toga 2:28% 

HatUe P., b m, 188—, by Alcantara . . 2-.27% 
Hattie Shawan, ch m, 186—, by Blpe 

Bull 2-.24% 

Hattie T., b m, 188—, by Day Star.. 2:25 
Haverly, ch g, 187—, by Kaneas Cen- 
tral— Puaa, by Skenandoah 2:25 

Havlland, b g, 188-, by Sterling . . . 2:27 

Hayseed, b g, 188- 2:27 

Hazel Cossack, b m, 1888. by Don 

Gosaack— Lady Rene, by King Bene 2:16% 
Hazel Hm b m, 1889, bv Bismarck- 
Lady Hamilton, by Jack Roberts 

Jr. 2:12% 

Hazel Heel, bra, 188-, 2:22% 

Hazel Kirk, blk m, 1884, by Bed aoad 
—Lady Butherfbrd, by Phil Sheri- 

dMft 2:29% 

Head Center, b g, 188—, by Spartacua 2:25 
Headlight, brg* 1884, by Warrior Jr. 

-Kate, by iSm Hal Jr 2:22% 

Headlight, d g, 188—, by aon of Ben 

Patcheu 2:29% 

Heffner'a, blk g, 185-, (dead) 2:30 

Hello, br m, 1^5, by Sherman-MoUy 2:20% 
Helen, b m, 188—, by Melbourne 

King 2:1M 

Henrietta, blk m, 188-, by Haywood 2:24% 
Henry Clay, blk g, 188—, by^ Prince 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



P«U»ltl 2M^ 

mn* , ...7^, 2:M94 

II«tu7 F,, b ft, ISW, by J^lDcetiHi^ 

Sbmrlle, bj Mop^r Hanson , . . . 2:10))4 

llf^nrT F., b ft, Iti^, bj CofbrnAixler^ 

Aluily 41 .......... 

ileurj e., blk g, 188—, by lt(*Ttau€i. . 2:H 
iU^j H.* b J, 168— ^ by Baa haw Jr. 2 
Hear J iLt ell g, iwa— , by SbtHj Fly.. 2_ 
Heary 0„ br g, IfiS^, by Clipper.... 2:14 
HeiLT7 O., cb ^, ise^, fy Q^urge O. 2:20^ 
H^ir^ a, br ft, IStil^ by Adjutant— 

AJi™ M 2:1?% 

HenuJe, b g, 188^, by l^con 2:23H 

Hermod. b g, ISSS, by Oimoor— Wa- 

natah, by Wtnl^ewothl 2:27^ 

B^rmli, b ft, 1^83. by Harold— Mjiry 

Ci«y> by AmtrU liia Clay 2:1«*4 

Hermttag^p b ■. 1SS3, by PreteDdv^- 

Qa««n B., by K*ftrBArg<^ 2:19 

Hermojin?, blk m, 1880, by Hi*mi)r.. 2:22^4 
Ht;ry, gr g, !&*-, hj Hurrfii' Hamblo- 

tttwUi a Mpa<i> 2:20% 

Hentu WjEk«8, b s, 1887, by St Goih- 

Fi*I— B4?lle Olark** . , . . . . . _ . . , 2i2^\i 

Ui^€ Hc<)d. b m, ]^-, by Priac* 

IWw : 2-.24V 

HUtoga Boy. b g, 188--. by Wood- 

lAwn 2:29% 

Hlatofa F., gr g, 18S-, by Hlatoga 

IJfl i a^*ed; ■ b' g. i«a^V by ' oiink«r .' .' 2:^ 
H«i«tUIo, b a. iSft-^, by Oycloao ... 2:2^ 

H. H. F., bg, 188-,. 2:2l^ 

JUbibt br m. 1888, by Yalensin-Iyy. 

by Bat'CBu^er 2*1W4 

Hickory Boy, b g, Igg-, by Mistake 2-:24 
Hickory Boy, b g, 188-. by Abdallah 

Mambrlno ....,,.,, ; . 2'80 

HlKb Jai-k (PerklBs'). cii al 187—. hf 

ilftm' Tom Qpomkr, dam by Ooif- 

t*?r"fi Dary Crocket 2:80 

IIiKii jack^ ch g, 1ST-, by Pldcen'a 

Iligb Jafk. ...,. 2:25\4 

Hjfflilaml L , gi* *•, 18K\ by HiriUand 

Grey— Gr^ii Motintaln Maid, by 

Yonti^ AniBric^a 2*14^ 

HlgfLlmid Laddie, blk g. 188- 2 

Hlghlund Lasftle, b m. 188—. by High- 

laiid L— BUtien, by Tborodale 

Prince 2*19% 

High Tide, b m. 1888. by Albert W., 

dam by Algona ,, 2:17% 

Highway man, ch a 188—. 2:22(? 

Hindrance, eh s, 1890, by Hinder 

Wilkes— Lanra Wilkes, by Wllkie 

Oollins 2:29i>i 

IlIU Boy, ch s, 1SS7, by Dictator Jr. 

-^enny Wilkes, by Red Wilkes 2:2TU 

Hiram, blk s, 188— 2:21 

Hiram H., blk a. 1876, by Black- 

^ stone—JenDy, by Gen. Sherman ... 2:28% 

Hiram Tracy, b g. 18C^-, by Te- 

cumseh (dead) 2*22>A 

H. J. Rockwell, b e, 1888, by Brick 

Wilkes ;..;.. 2:12U 

H. M. B, b g, 188-, by Volume .... 2:29^ 
Homestake, br g, 188—, by Whipple- 

ton , , 2*16% 

Honest Abe, ro g, 1883, by Rdn^'ti * 

„Chle? .^. ;.. 2:24^ 

Honest Ben, b g, 188-, by Hector:. 2:25 
Hooest Jim, br j^, 187—, by Billon '^ 

Horse.... .......; 2-28V4 

Honest John, b ^, 1881, by Honest *' 

John— Ply 2:23Vi 

Honest Prince, b g, 188—, by Honest 

John 9:9M4 

S0MM7, bA 1M-, <dMiD 1^ 

Uoneftty. b g, 1878, l^yUeotfe Wllk«« 

--Naiiey Jane, by HMMtt AUsa.... 2:22 
HoMity, b g, 1*-, by Woodford 

Knox 2:17% 

Honeymoon, blk m. 18fr~. by Wedgo- 

bfeok ., 2*J0 

Hood, blk, g, U»-. by I>oiter 2:17 

Hoodoo, Mk ft, 1888, by Faiiy Gift— 

Julia 2:18!4 

Hooker Bill, blk a, 188-. by Ben Hal 2:18 
Hooftier Dick, b g, 186-, (dead) ... 2:24 
Hooftier Dick, b ft. 188—, byUunt'ft 

Whip 2:30 

Hooftler 8am, b g, 187—. 2:24^ 

Hooftier Tom. b g. 1869, by Sorrei 

Tom (dead) 2:1944 

Horace Greeley, br g, 187-. 2:22 

Homet Girl, cfa m. 188—, by Bald 

Hornet 2:30 

Horaoe Greeley, br g, 2:22 

Hortense. b m, 1876. by Royal George 

(Hend^son Horse), dam by Graj 

Hortense. b mJ I'ssii' by Judge* AdVo^ 
cate-Nelly Fowler, by U^ Boy 
(trotting 2:26^4) 2:KH4 

Houck, m m, 188—. by Prince Hal. . 2:27 

How, b g, 18&-, by Valentine Swi- 
gert 2:17*4 

Howard St. Clair, br a. 1886, by Bpb- 
ert St. Olair-BeUe. by McCoy 
Patehen 2:18 

Howell, b 8. 1889. by Haldane— Shena 
V^^ by Daniel I^mbert (trotting 

HowSlT oh g,' isii-^, * by Biack* Hawk 2:1»Z 

H. B. tt, g a, ISa-. by BuUer 2:242 

Hugar, b s, 18B«. by Alg«*ia WUkw- 

litUe Burton, by Dr. Herr 2:21 

Hugh A., gr g. 18S7. by Prinee Hal, 

dam by John Netherland 2:20 

Hugh GTay, b s, 1888. by Onward— 
^Marietta, by Mambrino Hedgeford.. 2:22 
Hugh L. McGlung. b s. 1&-, bf 

Josh Bell .;. 2:27 

Hummer, oh g, 1880. by Sidney— Hum- 
ming Bird ' 2:18V4 

Hun mlng Bird, ch a. 1881, by Hol- 
land's Bob IngeraoU— Kate Sparks, 

by Black Soske 2'.22 

Humming Bird, ch m. 188—, by Rex 

Patehen 2:19^ 

Uuuinjing Bird, ch g. 187—, bo^ Kt 

Cialr 2:30 

Humming Bird, ch a. 188—. by Tem- 

ptst Jr. 2JJ5^ 

Hunter, ch s. 188r-, by Glenooe Jr... 2:29% 
Huntsville Boy. gr g, IRJ— . oy Bob 

Hatton 2:29^ 

HrstUr, ch g« 188—. by Haldano— 
Lidy Pearl, by Abraham (trotting 

2:20i4> ; .7.2:27^^4 

Hustler, b g. 1888. by Bluffton U- 

Snap r 2:16% 

HuMtler Rissoll, b s, 1889, by Lord 

Russell— <irenadlnc; by Princeps ... 2:12% 
HyannlB, b s, 1889, by Patron— Hel- 
vetia, by Hermes 2:11% 

Hye Dye. ch s^ 188-^, by Jot O 2:21% 

Hylie T., b m, 188—. ^ Cantalever. . 2:12% 

Huson, bs, 188—, by Hyperion 2:18% 

Hy Wilkes, b g, 1880, by Ambassador 
—Lady McPadden, by McGuire 

Hoi'se • . ..>..,... 2:20 

L \. J., b g, 188—, 2:27% 

lalene, ch m, 1888, by Tennessee 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



mikMHiUMtt^ bj Brown Hal ...2:14 

MelTik Mtfte, by Monte GEhrlato .... :j:25 
Ida Sm br m, X887, hT Burton's Har- 

dee-Mugglttft. b7 Joe Kockdale ... 2:15% 
Idler, blk a. ife-Vby Idol Wilkes.. 2:»i 
Idol Dttde, D s. 1S8-, b/ Joe Younc 2:169^ 
Idolater, eli a, 1884, by Blackman'a 

Idol^Nelly. by Broogbam <trot- 

ting 2:^^ ....2:23% 

Ad«riiB. b g. 18»-:v by Wade Hampton 2:18% 
Ulewll&. b m. 18^^, by Star of tbe 

ninalon, b'g,"l886,"by donstellation^ 

Lady Xmma, by Hiram Drew 2:24% 

IiaperUl Hal, \a a, 188-. by Glbaon's ^ ^ 

TSmHal .:....? 2:28% 

Importer, blk g, 1889. by Wayward^ 

CTreymont, by Aladdin 2:22% 

Independent Frank, cb g, 188—, .... 2:27% 

LN., bi, 188-, byAJax 2;17% 

In It, b a, 1802, by Ba^y Belmont. .. . 2:29% 
ladianaDolis Boy, b a, 1886, by Indla- 
napoUa— Madam Oolddnst, by Bnh 

llant Golddnst 2:13% 

Inkle, br a, 188-% by Ptlnceps ....... 2:26v^ 

IntereBt, Mr a, 1886^ by Onward— Lit- 
tle Fortune, by Scott's Thomas.... 2:18 

Intreped, b g, 1888, by HamUn's Al- 

mont Jr.— Quadroon, by Shbrman.. 2:26% 
lola Wilkes, cb m. 1887, by WUUe 

WUkea-Lucy Index, by Index 2:22< 

Ines, b m, 1^1. 2:29 

Innocent oaai. b g. 187—, 2:27 

lona, b m, 188— , by Black Pat 2:27^ 

L iL. b a, 188-. 2:; 

Ira Band ,b g, 188— , by Jaywood.... 2:: 

Ira C, b g, 188—. by Bmssells 2:: 

Ira King, b s, 1888. by Ira WUkes, 

dam by MarshaU Gfaief .2:24% 

Iras, b m, 18b—, by Vera de Yere— 

Annie Baskaw . . . .^ 2:18% 

Ira Wllkea. br s, 1$76, by Oeorge 
WllkoB Nelly B., by Harry B. 

Patcben (trotting 2:28) 2*.22% 

Irene, blk m, ISSS, bj Dexter Prince 
—Black Dolly, by Morse's Longfel- 
low 2:25 

Irene, b m., 1886^ by Star WUkes- 

Irena 2:11% 

Irene B., b m, 188^-, by StilUon 2:28% 

Irene L., b m, 188—, by Bqulnox.... 2:24% 
Irish Boy, ch g, 1883, by Billy H., 

dam by Flying Morgan 'J:2» 

Irish Moll, bikm, 186- 2:28% 

Irma, b m, 1885, by Nutwood— Mag- 
gie Medium, by Happy Medium... 2:18% 
Irma C, gr in, 1884, by Jim Wilson— 

Fanny, by Pocahontas Boy 2:18 

Iron QulU, b s, 1892, by Kankakee . . 2:22 
Ironwood, b g, 188—, by Wedgewood 2: 
Isa B., b m, 1388, by Vasco— Ssdia 

Roe. by Magic 2:28% 

Itebeile^ ch m, 188^, by Subscriber 

(dead) 2:«7< 

Island Belle, ch m. 1884, by Volenrent 3 
Islander, b s, 188^, by Legft^ ..... 2 
Itburiel, b s, 1888, by Bed Wilkes- 
ToMy. by Strathmore (trotttag 

iTol^b m,' 1891^ by *AnteVol!h-4toUiiiui 
Belle, by Vermont 2:21% 

iTorine, blk m, 1884, by Black Charley 2:18 

Jack, b g, 188— hy Almont M.— 
Lavra T., by Greenback 2:22 

Jack, b g, Iw-, by Harkaway— Ga- 

lamlty, by Mambrtna- PUot (daaA^ . 

Jack Ayers, b g, lO^^ by Jack 


Jack Bowers, b g, 1885. by Kllbnck 

Tom— Flora, by jBethel 

Jack Byans, br g, 186—, (dea^ 

Jack Gurry, gr g, 188-^ by TraTelar, 

dam by Rainbow 

Jack Hart, ch g, 1876^ by Ameilcan 

Boy— Shoo Fly, by Tovag nppov 


Jack Jewett, b s, 1885^ by Winnebago 

cailef-Luln Bell& by Black Jack.. 
Jack Rapid, gr s, 1871, by Mck Rapid 

—bourbon Maid, by imp. Olencoe . . 
Jack Rapid, Jr., gr g, 188^, by Jack 


Jack ^iel, b a, %6»7, by Boas Wilkes 

-^Brown Sue ..i* 

Jack the Ripper, b g, 188-; by Sy- 

ler's AUnont Pilot 

Jack the Ripper, b g, 188—, by Pat 
Jack the Ripper, blk s, 1886, by 

Texas Jack ».— Kinney Booker, by 


Jack Thome^ blk g, 1887, by Sdsall 


JackW.. ch g, 188- 

Jacob M., b g, 188—, 

James D., gr g, 188—, by HamUn's 

Almont Jr. 

James K. Polk, ch g, 183—, (dead).. 
Janey, blk m, 1890, by Alcantara^ 

Zoe, by Gen. Knox 

Janey Woody, ch m, 188—, by Red 










2:27 Vi 




Jikp, br g, 188-, by Robert Rysdyk. . 
Jarenta. D m, 1881, by Bonnie Boy. . . . 

Jasey, b s,^ 188— , .> 

Jay, g g, by Qeu, Sprague 

JaS^and See, blk g, 188-, by Black 

Jay Bye'See,' blk g, 1*878,* by 'Dictator 
—Midnight, by iniot Jr. (trotting 
8:10) :.^ 

Jay Girl, ch m, iSSB, by Boi Adhem 

Jay Ctonld Jr., ch s, 188-, by Jay 

Jaywood,' 'di * si ' 1885,* 'by' 'Nutwood- 
Lady Blanche, by Priyateer 

J. B., b g, 188—, by Albert 8. Patchea 

J. G., sp g, 188—. 

J. C. C., ch g, 188—, by Legal Ten- 
der Jr 

J. C. R., b g, 188—. by Harkaway.. 

J. D. K., blk g, 188-. 

Jeff DaTls, gr g, 1882, sire unknown. 
—Jenny Harwell 

Jeff Davis, br g, 186-, (dead) 

Jeff Smith, b g, 1881, by Gfaio-DoU, 
by Manchester Tnckahoe (trotting 

Jenny Brown, gr m, 1887, by Joe 
Brown 2d 

Jenny Hall, b m, 186—, by Ctoorge 

Jenny J.,' 'b 'm, ' ISSl! by 'bani'ei * B<K>ue 
-Dinah, by Monogram 

Janny K., b m. 187—. by Blue Bull. . 

Jenny Llnd, br m, 1881, by Long- 
strider— Lady 

Jenny Llnd, b m, 1886, by Gapt Jack, 
dam by Anglo Saxon 

Jenny Llnd,^ ch m, 188-, by Scott's 

HUtoga (dead) 

Digitized by 


















., ch g, 1880. by Hlsrhland 

Belle, Dy Toung Waxey.... 2:18% : 

Jenny MrrCoy, b in. 1880. by Magnet--' 
Iioii, by Gorbin Bashaw 

Jenny Kolfe. ch r* . 188—. 

Jennie a, ch m, 188—, 

Jenny ficott,- b m, 1883, by Winfleld 

Jenny W., br ni, 188—, by France's 
AUie Wllkea 

Jenny Wren, blk m. 1885. by Hail- 
storm— Jessie, by Republic 

Jerome Taylor, en a. 1888, hf St. 
Jeruiue— Red Wing, by Bay Diamond 

Jerry. 18^-, (dead) * ;... 

Jerry Yetman, b g, 188—, by Happy 

Jersey Boy, blk g, 1874, by Panl 
Jiiles. Jr.— Colie 

Jersey Girl, dn m, 1887, by Legal 
Note— Belle Sanf ord 

Jess, br s, 188—. by Fallerton D 

Jcasamine, blk m. 1802, 

Jesse, gr g, 188—, b^ Awhy 


Jeasie C, ch m, 188—, by Western 

Jessie Green, blk m, 188—. 

Jessie Wilkes, b m, 188— , by Imprint 
—little Jet, by Legal Tender Jr. . . 

Jessie M., b m, 188—, 

Jessie L.> b m, 1888. by Tasco— Daisy, 
by Gen. Pntnam 

Jessie R., br m, 188—, by Bob Lee . . . 

Jewell, b g, 188-, by Petoskey 

Jewell, g m, 188—, by Sefton, dam by 
Tom Hunter Jr. 

Jewett, blk g, 187«, by AUie West- 
Heel and Toe Fanny, by John Innls 
(trotting 2:20) 

Jewetta • Strathmore, b m, 1891, by 
Strathmore, dam by BUersUe Wilkes 

J. F., b sr, 188- 

J. F. B.. b e, 1893, by Charles Derby 
—Bertha, by Alcantara 

J. F. G., br g, 188—, by Wapsle. ... 

J. F. B., ch 8, 188—, by Bound's 
Spirague ...» ...., 

J. H. K., b s. 1891, by Wayward 

J. H. L., blk 8, 1887, by Idol Wilkes 
— Hiattle .Oomwell, by ; Harrison 

Jim Bums, b g. 188—^ by. Belmont 

Jim Blaine,, blk s, 1885, by Legal 
Star-r-Victoria, by Jeffrle^s Sam 

Jim Blaine, gr g, 1879, by Jim Wil- 


















n. ch g, 
ch g, m 

Jim Oarr, ch g, 188—, by Newsboy .. 
Jim Clinker, b g, 1885, by CUnker- 

Molly Mc, by Hickory Boy 

Jim Corbett, b g, 188—, by (George 

L. Napoleon . , 

Jim Corbett, b g, 1888, by Alaric Al- 

mont— West Mare, by Graftonlan . . 
Jim Crow, br s, 187—, by Manchester 









—Snip, by Kentucky Boy 

rim F., blk g, 188-, by Kll 

Jim Finch, ^h s, 1884. by Young Jim 

Jim F.; blk g, 188-, by Kflkin Horse 2:27V4 

—Madam Finch, by Mauprat's Dren- 

non ♦. 2:25 

Jim Frlel, ro g, 1883, by Tom Hal Jr. 

—Lucy, by Van . Dorn 2:20% 

Jim Jewell, b g, 187—, by Aberdeen, 

dam by Seely's American Star 2:19% 

Jim KnoTc, ch «. 188*-, by Palmer 

Knox ,.. 2:29% 

Jhn -MoOae, b «, 186-, by St CUlr 
(dead)...... ...... 

Jim Mears, g g, 188—, by Brown Hal 

Jimmy B., b g, 188—, by Cromwell... 

Jimmy Mac, b g, 188-, by CaldVr^U 
Horse : ;^ .... 

Jimmy Patterson, b g, 188—, 

Jimmy Tempest, gr s, 188—, by Tern- 

Jim Quay.' bg. 188^,' by Lord Haroid 

Jtmmy Temple^ blk >g, 188^, .by 
George Wilkes— Lady Patch«\, by 
Mambrino Patchen (trotting 2:22)3 

Jim WUsoo, b AT, 188—, by ^prlgert— 
Lady Wilson, by Bine Bull .....;.. 

Jim WUson Jr.. gr g, 1885, by Flak's 
Jim Wi]0on^-Oalenlder Mare 

Jingier. b s. 188—, by Grandee 

J. 1 B.. br 8, 1884, by Larry W.— 
Black Betty, by Mldnght 

J. J. br g, 188—, by France 

J. J. C, b g, 188—, by Hambletonian 

J. K., br g, 188—, by Brown Henry- 
Lady ehellburk, by Corbeau 

J. K., b g, 188—, by Messenger (Thief 

J. M. C, b 8, 1892, by (3oke Chief, 

. dam by Dominion 

Jocq, br s. 1889, by Dnnton Wllkee 
--Jean Wilkes, by Adrian Wilkes, . . 

Jocko, blk g, 1883, by Mambrino Khig 
—Grandmother, by Hamlin's AI- 
mont Jr «... 

JoeB., blk g, 188-, ..,,.,.,. 

Joe B., b g, 188—, by Legal Tender 

Joe B., blk g, 188—, by Orra Drew 

Joe Beppo, b s, 1892. by Joe Yon See 

Joe Blulter, b s. 1882, b^ Wllkesonian 
—Kitty, by Waslhlngton Hambleton- 
ian. . ^ 

Joe Bowers, ch g, 188—, 

Joe Bowers Jr. b g, 188^, by Joe 
Bowers * 

Joe Braden, ch g, 187—, by Foster's 

. Bun Gopher-1/ulu Braden, by Car- 
ter's Trareler ^ 

Joe Brister. m a, 187—, by Jim Brls- 
ter, dam by Scott's HlatMra 

Joe Brister Jr., gr g, 188—, by 

. Brister. <..* 

Joe Brister Jr., rn », 188—, by Joe 

, Brister 

Joe Oobom, b g, 186—, (dead) 

Joe D.,. oh g, 188^, 

Joe Egbert, b g, . 1886, by We«t Bg- 
bert— Bona C 

Joe Ftfer, b g, 188—, by Alaho 

Joe First, br s, 188—, by Kome ... 

Joe Gales, gr g, 186—, (dead) ..;... 

Josle a, b m, 1890 

Joe H., bAk g; 188—, by caMunpion 

Joe He, eh g, 188—, by Brookie For- 
rest, daan by Aaron Pennington 

Joe Booker, blk s, 186—, (dead) 

Joe Hooker Jr., blk g. 1887, by Legal 
Tender Jr.— (jneen, by Smyzer's Mo- 

Joe Howe, ch s. 188—, by Tom Thumb 

Joe Jefferson, br ^ 1879, by Thomas 
Jefferson— Fanny S • i 

Joe Jett, b g, 1889, by Billy Wilkes— 
Fiction, by t^lry Gift 

Joe L.. b g, 1878, by Harlequin, dam 
by Highland Boy 

Joe L.^oh g, 188— , by (^pt. Pankey.^ 























Digitized by 




Joe Lewis, gr g, 187—, 2:20% 

Joe Mo'wiLt, b gf 1884, by DouglaBs' 

St. Lawreiice — Lady Ireland, by 

Gtenfoaxl CM^. 






Joe N«l0oai« cb ff, 188--, by Perduro 

Joe Patchen, bUc s, 1889, by Patc&en 
'WUkes ~ Joeephlne Young, by Joe 
YoQng. ' •_>••• 

Joe Bowell, br s. 1889, by Geo.. Hao- 
oock— LaTonne K., by Bine Bull 

Joe S., blk g, 187Q, by Nimble Dai^ 

Joe Taylor, b & 1888, by Rescue- 
Molly Wlngert, by Kirkpatrick*s 
Buck :.... 

Joe TowDsend, b s, 188—. by BuUet. . 

Joe Wilkes, cb a. 1880, by Newton's 
AlUe Wil&es-l&ad R 2:10% 

Joe Wilson, b g, 184r-, (dead) 2*.24% 

Joe Wonder, b g. 188—, by Joker..... 2:21% 

Jobn, b g, 1873, by Mamibrino Pilot. . . 2:29% 

John, b g, 188— , 2:2aW 

Joibxi A., db g, 1885, by Inward Bver- 
ett Jr., dam by Temp^t. 2:29% 

John A. liOgaik, b g, 1884, by Major 
Ringgold (tnotUng 2 :3C^ 2:20% 

John A. Logan^ b g, IBS—, by Black 
Republican 2:26% 

JoBin B., gr g, 188-, by Sol Smith.,. . 2:2T% 

John B., b g, 1885, by Wonder, dam 
by Oooao Chief .....; 2:28% 

John Bonar, gr g, 188—, by Bob Inger* 

John' Bnrke,' b g. \S7—, '. '. I ', ', I .' * .' .' ! .' * .* 2:26 

John Burnett, ch g, 184—, (dead) 2:30 

John O., br g, 188—. by Dick Tnrpin. . 2:24^ 
John O., blk g, 1887; by Dresden'- 

Ohance, by Bay Pilot 2:22% 

John O., m 8 : 2:29% 

John Carpenter, gr g, 188—, by Teh* 

neeeee Drennon 2:12 

John O. Heenan, b g, 185^, by Henry 

Olay (dead) 2:25 

John D., br s, 188—, by Telegraph, 

dam ^ Bneter 2:20% 

JohnD., brs, 188- 2:2& 

John Doni^ass. 2:27% 

John Dnnoan, gr s, 1880, by Amber— 

liocy : . :. ...... .=:/;.. . .2:25 

John i* b g, 1888. by Hickory Jr. ... 2.-38 
John H., b g, 18&-, by Prophet ' 

Wilkee... ,.r, 2:24% 

Johm H., ch e, 187—. .... . . .s 2:80 

John Hazza d; b g, 188—, by Sam Haz- 

aard 2:27% 

John Kenney, blk s, 1890, by Aladdin ' ' ■• i 

— CoBtella, by Spragiie. v 2:23 i 

John li., oh 8, 188— , by Joker .2:22 I 

John li., br g, 188—, by Dick Tnrpin. 2:29 V4' 
John D., (* 8, 188—, by Major &>iii- i 

mers. . . » . . . ^ 2:20Vi J 

John L., m g, 188—, by Gibson's Tom ^ 

Hal 2:18% 

John M., b g, 188—, by OKnrk 2:25 

John McKay, b g, 188—, by Star 

Ham.blet?o(ntan— Shoo Ply, by Young 

Tlppoo Sultan 2:23 

John MoKinney, ro g. 185—, (dead)... 2:2» 

John McXaJr, b g, 185--,' (dead). 2:23% 

John Mialoney, ro g, 1872, by Oorbeau, 

dBBn bv Tom Crowdec, 2:24V4 

Johnny B., b g. 1889, by Washburn— 

Fanny 2:15 

Johnny Oorwln. oh g, 1880, by Tom 

Oorwln, dam by Tom Organ 2:24% 

Johnny Sknoker, blk g, 1882, by Toto- 

way— Qneen...... ;,. 2:16% 

Johnny Smoker, br s, 188—, by Glif ton 

Boy: ;.. 2:20^ 

Johnny Weigle, dn g, 1868.- by Long- ^ ^^ 

fellow...... 2:20% 

Johnny Woods, b g, 188—, by Bay 

Tom Jr.. dnm by Jack Gamhle 2:21- 

John R., blk s, 1886^ by Wild Tom- 
Molly, by Bfajor RiniBold 2:129& 

John H. Gentry, .b a, 1889, by Ash!and 

Wilkes-Dam»;Wood. t^r Wedgewood 2:06% 
John S., b g, 188—, by Louis Napo- 
leon * .* 2:20% 

John Schonin,, oh g. 186—, (dead) ...... 2:25% 

John Hchumacker, b g, 188—, by San- 

bocTi -.... ...v. 2:29% 

John Shannon, b g, 188—, by Jack 

Stanton ..2:28% 

John Skelton, gr g, 188—, by Milton 

Medium 2:29% 

John S^wrague, g g, 188—, by George 

Sp rague . T 2 :22% 

Johnstcm, b g, 1877, by Joe Bassett— 

Oary Mare, by Swetilng's Ned For- 
rest 2:06% 

John T., g g, 18fi^, by Harry B. . ... . 2:15 . 

John T. 2:21 

John Towle, b g, 185—, (dead). 2:20 

John W., b g, ^&-, by John L .« 2:29% 

John W., ch g, 188-, by Applel^ 2:29% 

John W., bg, 188-, by Lit^ Frank, 

dam by Black Frank 2:29% 

John W., b g, 188—, by Viceroy-r-Puss, 

by Frank...... 2:25. 

John VVynn. b g, 188—, .'. 2:27% 

Jo Jo, b g, 188—, by Vermont Etihan. . 2:24 

Joker, ch g. . : . . . . : 2:28 

Joker, ch g, 188^-, by Whiteihall Jr. . . 2:24% 
Jc-nes Ordway, ch s, 1886, by Alcyone 

— dara Gray.....; ..j.. .... .:........ 2:1^ 

Jordan, blk s, 1867, by Baymont— Edna > 

Wilkes, br Aaritin Wilkes 2:11% 

Jordan, ch g, 187—, 2:17% 

Joseph L., sp g, 188—, by Lexington 

Cadef , 2;24V4 

Josephus, blk s, 188—, by White Cloud 2:25 

JoBie, b:? m, 187— '. 2:30 

Joeie B., b m^ 188-, by Chatterbox. .. 2:13% 
Joaie Howe, blk m, 188—, by Joe 

Howe...... .....:.......... ..... 2:25% 

Joy Wilkes,^ b s, 1885, by Ovierstreet 

Wilkes— Dofly. by Regular.......... 2:21% 

J. R. L., g g, 188—, by Bowery Boy. , . 2:21% 
J. S. A., b g, 188—, by Smuggler Jr;, 

dam by Bayard , 2:20% 

J. S. v., b g, 188-, by Hatolin's Al- 

mont Jr 2:22 

J. T. O.. ...... :.......... 2:20% 

Jnbe, ch g, 188—, by Jnb}lee I^mbert 2:29% 
Jubilee Wilkes, hr fi, 1887, by Glencoe 

Wilkes — Black Maria, by Moore's 

Farmer's Beauty 2:17% 

Jvbllo, b 8, 1890, by Alexander Dumas 2:28V4 
Ji3dex, m 8, 1888, by Jay Bird- Beu- 

lah, by Harold .......2:29% 

Judge A., ch g, 188—, Xry Ramer*s Al- 

mont -. 2:20 

Judge B., br », 188—, by GreonbuBh 

King .. 2:155^< 

Judge Black, blk s, 188—, by Hairy 

Sa>tt V ;. 2:28% 

Judge Case, br s, 188—, by Brown. .. ., 2:17% 
Judge Green, b g, 188-, by Buskin . . 2:26 
Judge Hurt, b §, 1892, by WUllam M. 

Hill— PosBuan Pie, by Octoroon 2:14% 

Judge Hlnes, gr s. 1^, by Onwai^l— 

Miry BSlen, iwr Juggler 2:20 

Jrdge KaU. b s, 18817 by BUly Green 

--Mead Hiatoga,'by'RuBsel Hiatoga. 2:24% 
Judge I^ynch, b g, 1876,^^ by Oorbin's 

Flying OIood-Anoie..... 2:22 

Judge M., b '8,. 18S-, by Rlaioo Ab-j 

Di'gitized by V»OOQ IC 



M Mainr, da «• IB^ te Botch* 

JudcedterUas, en «, 1«»-, kgr l>e- 
tntetor. • . . t! . . ..; .. .... 8-lSU 

JiMlff« Swins, br •, 1887, bjr Wilkes 
Boy-LMf M«lljr. ty Nlxver ir.... 2:11% 

Judge Welti, F «, Ifi^ tar BlroMo- 

yeroM. by Lovd We^bigton 8-.2a94 

J«dgoWoAv« b «. 1887, by Lovfti 

N«MiMii-Sattie lUpw« Hy Ab- 

dallsk Star 3:87% 

Jud Ntak, b 8, 188-% by OMtMt 

WUkm 2:20 

JuUa Li., eb m, 1B8-, by Qt«en'8 

B«^aw 8:28 

JnUa &., b m, 188-. by Tasoo 8:82!4 

Juliet, Ob m, 1885» by Bonnie (nay— 

Minnie ' 8:UMi 

Juliet, b m, 187-. 8:21% 

JnUette, blk m, 188~. by Kaiser 8:30 

JuUette, b m, 188-, by Tybalt— Urd, 

by a<» <tf Vermont 8:22 

Jtinetta, b m, 1892, b/ J«ra 8:20 

June Buc, cb 8* 188— , by Almooarch, 

dam bf Prince of Wales 2:15% 

Junior, blk 8, 188- 2:26% 

June, cb ra« 188-. by Youn^ Swind- 
ler .77 2:27 

Jnrist. 1^ s, 188— 2:90 

Jurist, b 8t ^SS—, by Baymont 2:26% 

Jury Boy. b g. 188~. by Juryman... 2:23% 
h ^* ^*» ft M8-. by Wedgwood 2:24% 
Kal«er Wlikee. b s. 188-, by TV^ayne 

TVllkes 2:27% 

Kkneas, eli s^ 1887. by &arata»-abin- 

ing atar. by OtddiiurStar 2:10% 

Kansas Jade, ch g. :S8-. by Albam- 

bra 2:20 

Kansas Boy. blk s. 188— 2:29% 

K&ntoka. b m, 188-. by Bay State- 
Deceitful, by Garibaldi 2:27% 

Kaota, Mk m. 1889. by £Hr Knight— 

Alia C5,. by Alroy ^... 2:15% 

Kssoiiis. blk m, 188—, by John A. 

Kasson 2'.25 

Kate Bender, b m. 1883. by Little 

Bmrl : 2:20% 

Kate C. 1^ m. 188-. by Abdallab 

WIUdbs 2:18% 

Kate Cotlins, b m. 188—. by Brown 

Henry 2:26 

Kate.Orair, tdi m, 188-» by Stepbm 

A. Douglas 2:25% 

Kate Eaton, cb m, 1885, by Frank 

Baton— I^ady Bknricb 2:16 

Kate Ham, b m, 1888, by Olea MUler 

-Bilee, by Hotspur Jr..... 2:24% 

Kate Lewis, m m. 188-. by Plato.. 2:29% 
Kate Long, b m, 188—. by Gen. Grant 2:80 
Kate Pov^ty, br m. 1S8-. by 8t. 

Cloud 2:24% 

Katie F., dn m, 187-, 2:27% 

Katie Howard, blk m. 187—, by Al- 

mont Ssiitb 2:19% 

Katie Q.. b m. 188-. by Higbland 

Gay «... 2:X2% 

Keno, br g, 187—, 8:36% 

Keno, br g, 1886. by Jin M«lYenBa 

--fifattie S.. by Budd D^le 3J28% 

Kenoma. blk s, 1888, by Here*^ 

Mtoc7 by Beth Warner 8d... 8:8$ 

Keno &., blk «. 188-. b/ Uagic— 

Daisy k., by btMisu^M Nntwoed.. 2<.20% 
Kenton Oewie^ h s, 188—, hf Kenton 

Mambrino ? 2:20% 

K^tucky Bnler, b s, 1881, by Bg- 

bert— Lady Alnont, by Almont 
(dead) 2:M 

Kentucky Star, b g, 188-, by Bob- ^ 
ert lioGreger ..TI....^.....:. 8:1T% 

Kentvoky Tom, cb «, 168-, tqr Al* 
exander's Norman • 8d 

Kessall, b n. 188-, by Dvnton Wilkes 8:1 

KMhua, ^ s, 189t by €tossiper, 
dam by Behe 2:17 

sad, b g. 188-, by Suuihlne 8:85% 

Kid DaVIi. m s, 1%-. by Davis 2:2T% 

Killamey. b s, 1879, by Black Ealjph 2:80% 

Killamey (Mrl, b m. 188-, by kXi- 
lame/ ...^ 8.«% 

Kilbuck Tom, ch s, 18T8. by White 
01oud--4>oty Mare (dead) 8d» 

Kimball, b m, 187— . by Tnn Hal 2:80 

King, blk g. 1B8-. by Keeord's Black 
Hawk, dam by Daniel Lambert. ... 2:30 

King Brister. rn s, 188—. hy Joe 
Baiter tM 

Bang Goldmar, b s, 1891, by Gold- 
mar t^2Sr%, 

King filro, ch s, 188—, by Bob Bus- 
sard ....^ ^^87% 

King Jim, b g. 1879, by Belmont— 
Maud, by Alexander's AbdaUah. . . 1:30^ 

^ttg Medium, b a, 1886; by Happy 
Medium— Maria Stnrgess, by Al- 
mont 8:20 

King of Belalr. b s, 1888, by KXd8 
Bene— Ahna, by Almont 8:24 

King of Diamonds, b u, 1892, by Ve- 
loaty. dam by Denmark t^tse 

King of Salem, b s. 188— , by King 
of Belalr, dam by Tip (Cranston. .. . 2:21^4 

King Priam, ch s. 18S4i by Hamble- 
tottian Mambrino— Miss Hooker, by 
Joe Hooker 2:29 

King Wagoner, b s. 188—, by King 

King Wilson.'rn g.'iSiC* by' Wa^tte 

Unison 2:26% 

Kine's Protector, b s, 1889, bsr Mam- 
brmo King— Ada, by Hamlin's Al* 

mont Jr 2:18% 

KIngtoska, b s, 1885, by Petoskey— 

Susie King, by Mambrino King... 2:1T 
Kinney, b m7 1S8-, by son of Walkill 

Boy 8:25% 

Kinsman, ch g, 1880^ by Stranger- 
Jenny, by Toung (Country Boy (trot- 
ting 2:S6%) ... ............. 2:17% 

Kismet, blk g, 187—, by Oapt. Walker *:24% 
Kismutk &, oil s. 188^-, by St Jacob.. 2:19V4 
Kit Carson, b g, 188—. by Gray Dick 2:21% 
Kit Cloud, b m. 188-, by Flying 

Cloud 2:26^4 

Kit Clinker, gr m, by Merriworth.. 2:28 

Kittitas Banger, b g. 188- 8:20^ 

Kitty B., blk m, 18». by Messenger 

Clay, dam by Tom Wonder 8:11 

Kitty C, b m, 188S, by Bnice 2:14 

Kitty M., b a, 188-^ by Cham 2:25 

Kitty H., ch «, 168-. by Mlnde 2:25% 

Kitty Gray, gr m. 188—, by Hero .... 2:24 
Kitty R.. <A m, 188-. by Mountain ^ ^^ 

^MT Pet . •» 2:21% 

Kitty Redbw^, cii m, 188-, by Ja«k- ^ _ 

son 2:29i;4 

Klickitat Maid, b m, 168-, by Alt»- 

mont. dam by Capt Sligart Jr.... 2:10 
Kitty White, b m, 188-, by Kich ^ ^,^ 

Wilson 8-.27% 

Klidc Kiock. br m. 1887, ^ Msflribrl- ^^^ 
tonian— Jeony Klock. by Luoe Ssom 2:14 
Knii^t L., b g, IsSSTby Mr Knight. , 8d^ 
Kosciusko, m a, 188—, by Sea Foam 

Digitized by VjOOQIC' 



-/TIHt; fef aiMnf# I 

RiofWiTOAd, W Btaekimd Jr. %m 

LwaabMnaum.b s. 1886, bj HMilte*« 

AliiM«tJr;--^NE% Mm ' 2*.a4|4 

lift B«WA, h Bs Ufr-v l)9r WUkMnem 2:M^ 
L. A. IHdc, f «, 18^ bj Biduird'tt 

Btootor ,.. 2:25 

Lady, b m, t88--> bj Star H— ble- 

InUftn 77.. ...7..... ;.... a:2SV4 

liady* mm, 188^. bj Xilbiick Tom. . . 2:2<H« 
Ii«dy, b m. 18&-% by Henry Ham, 

dam by Ooad 2:24^4 

littdk A., b m» 188-, by Artbvr 
Wllkea, ilam by son of BeaTla* 

Bla3aM 2:23^ 

liftdy Alice, b m. 186-, (dead) 2:28 

Lady m, 1888, by Ander- 
son WUkco-^c, by Frank 2:2«4 

Lady B., b m, IsS-, hy Moody 2:2QVS 

L847 B,, gr m, 188—, by Prlnoe Hal- 
Lola 2; 

Lady B., br m. 18&-, 2:_. 

Lady B., b BkTlBS— 2:27 

Lady BeUe, b m, 187-» 2:28% 

Lady Belle, b m, 188—, by Paaaoaflk 

dam ter SBiorry Cobbler 2:28% 

L^ Belle, SL m, 188-, by Red . ^ 

Lady BeyinaVrn mJ IM^' '(dead).' .*.'.'.* 2ii28 
Ladar ChdziDaiooit. 5k m, Hm, by Gold 

Lady XJmrAMiL* b mi *i888,* by ' Craw- 

ford-Qypay Girl, by Black CSiief.. 2:27 
Lady OtmMnga, b m, 188— .by Will- 
iam Watlaoe, dam by Kemball's 

Peltioii ....7 2:2ffi4 

Lady Dafoe, b m, 187—, 2:28V4 

Lady DrennoA, b m, 188^ by Drannon 2*.28'>k 
Lai4y Doroc. di m« 1880^ by Iowa 
Pmoe— LtfOy Qreen, by Green's Ba- 

^bckw !\T?. 7.... 2:21' 

Lady SBfin, sr m. 186- (dead) 2:24^ 

I4bdy Gray, fr m, 18&-(dead) 2:25 

Lady H., b m, 1888, by Sidney— Snl- 

tana, by Del 8ur 2:15 

Lady H.. bm« 18»-, l^ Hidalgo 2:25 

Lady HamUtOB, Ob m, 188-. by Al- 
cantara 2:23\4 

Lady Hamtet. b m, 1881, by Buckeye 

Bayard ..7.. ..71 2:24W 

Lady Harrtaoa m m. 188T, by Billy 

Hartflbora, dam \yr Jim Briater 2:28^ 

Lady, 1^ 2:24 

Lady Helen, b m, 18»-, by Montroae^ 2:27% 
Lady HiU, oh m, 1881. by Messenger 
Doroo-^oan D'Arc, by Alexander's 

A■^^ll^^^ j:22 

Lady Hornet, mt m, 1882, by Freeland 2:24 

Lady J., bm. iSSK by Advance 2:28^6 

Lady J., b m, 1888, by Dark Nigbt- 
Belle Oakwood, by Black'a Hamble- 

toalan (trotting 2 :a(^ 2.2D 

Lady Joaea, gr ai. 188— 2:27^ 

Lady L., gr m, 188-. by White Liae. . 2:28! 
lS& Lee, ch m, I88-, by Abdallah 
Wllkea-Dal^ Maid, by BiaiBbrlno 
Boy ...•.«..••*.•.•..•...*.•...•••. SAft)^ 
Lady Lee. br m, 1888, by Alcaatara— 
LiMly Mirad. by Tlioaiaa JelteSKm. . tM 

La^nugbtfooL b », 187- 2^8 

Lady Logan, ck m« 188-v by Goa. 

Logan *.... 2:M 

Lady Long, b a^ tta-*. by Pataal»7.. 2:2m 
Lady m73& », 188-, by Pilot Wilkes 2:25^ 

Lady H., gra^ ia»-, by Billy H 2SM 

Lady M., br m, laA-. by Bonbtfal ^ 

La4y Miac,' n nC 'ifti^'cKaad) V.'.V.'.'.' 2:28Vb 

LaAy Mati kr wl 187—, ky PadAr 

Oork— BeUe, by Mambrlno Tfemplar . 146% 
L^ UMi, b m, 188-, ky Wanvlek ^^. 

Lady lfarWiam» b av 1888^ by Bla* 

marie— Lainriac, by Waatecs 2:tT% 

Lady Oaka, b m, tt88, by Oolsnal 

Braee-lZuid. by Bay Baabaw 2?19% 

Lady PaarL br m, 187- J^ Abrakam 

--JSrelUe B., by Qen. wiublagtoft.. i«% 
Lady Pendleton, cb m. 1884, hy vr.aa» 

cob Jr* .••• •.••• «... 2:21% 

Lady Plcei>, br ai, 1885, by Plco»- 

Lassie, by Aladdin...: 2:30 

Lady Prinoetont b m, 1888, by PHnaa- 

Joo-Wait-fSt, by Basil Daka.... 2it5% 
LbOjt Rolfe. b m. 1874, by Tom BoUb ^ 
^-^etlT, by Montesoma <trottiM 

Ldylfoote* *b m^' 'l^V by 'ooMlsr^^ 

dambyBeokar 2:25% 

Lady Byan, boa^ 186-, fdead) 2:88 

Lady 8t. aadr, b m, iM, by St. Oalr 

Jiie ....TI-.TT?.... 2:20 

Lady Sbatidan, b m^ 1880. by Om- 
fidenea-Nelly Molaon, by Bnotber's 

PMde T 2:15% 

Lady aaeneer, b m« 188—, by Ipiaro.. 2:27 

Lady T^.......T. .7. .TTT. .... 2j2B% 

Lady Van, blk m, 1881, by Van Also. . 2:24% 
Lady Vice, b nu 1886^ by Viceroy. «. 2:17 
Ltfiy Vivian, br m, 1888, br AAtoa 

JrT-MandA., by Oipt. Jack 2:17% 

Lady Wallace, b m, 1885. by l^lUaaa 
Wallace— LncUie, by Meaaeagar 

Gdddnsb .....:.... T....Tr..; 2dtl% 

Lady Weatmaat, b m, 188—^ by West* 

mont 2:85% 

Lady WUkea, b m, 1882, by Braam 
Wllkea-Kitty Ktliaii, by Drury'a 

Bthan AUea 8:14% 

Lady Wilkin, br aa, 1880^ 1^ Ambaiaa- 

doc^-Sieepy Jaaa TZ/..:. 2:1M 

Lady^man>ni. 187-, ft:M% 

Lalla BooUi, br aft, 1887, by AllSa 
Gainea~May, by Star of tbe West. . 1A> 

LampU^ter, di m. 18fr-, 2:28% 

Land Lord, ^ g, 1^ br Land PUot. 2:25% 
Lantana, b aa, 1881, by Colianaet, _ 

dam^ Btarea^a Bald Oblef 2«% 

Laccfalelgb, ba» 1S88^ by Hinsdala 
Ohlef— Jfanny Feiirv^aon, by McKsa- _ 

son's Grey Aagle 2J8 

Laredo^ br s, 1888, by Wadgawood— ^ 

Mby, by Dictator 2:19% 

Larry C, b «, 1875, by Black Hawk 

Meaaengeiv-^md 1:18% 

Late Boae, b m, 1877, hy Happy Med- 
ina^— Astoria, by George M. I^Eitebea ^^^ 

LaUmari b'g,* *i88lV Iv LatitadeV.'.'.'.*.' I 

Latimer Giil. blk m. 1888, by Pyiamid : 

Lanra, b m, 188—^ ' 

Lanm Bell, b m, 188—. 1^ Etermtor. . 
Laora Belle, di m, 18^-, by Com- _ 

mander 2:87% 

Lauiai BeUe. b m. 188-. by St. Mark. 2:27 
Laura J., blk aari87— , by Legal Ten- 

der Jr. 2:27% 

Laura Lee, blk m, 18S-. by DeapoC.. 1:1»% 
lAnra M., b m, 188—, by A,bnaa> _ _ 

PatcHan^Lady Wtty 1:U% 

I<aaim Nnttlngham, cb m^ 1va>-% by _ ^ 

Nottingbam 1:21% 

LaiMar^r b «!, 1888, by Al weab- 

Liasie 148% 

Lamn Wjy, b a^ 1881, by Qrcloaa^ ^ _ 

KanoyJ^ilkea. by FaTorlta Wilkaa. . 2:88 
Laiara ^IttMTb in, 1888, bg^ziar t 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



ton W>lkee— Laura Swlgert, by Swi- 
«ert .......: 2.S0 

LanreL b m, 188S. by Brown Hal— 
MyrUe, byBhifield 2:10% 

Lauretta, b m, 1801. by Patcheu 
Wllkea— Dtamle, by lioebewter (trot- 
tin« 2:30) v^; 2:2i^ 

Iiarerne, b g, 1882; by Jim Monroe- 
Bally, by obckBpur ..:. 2:23^ 

Layoque, br s, 188-^, by AnderBou 
Wfflt« 2:22% 

Lawnwood. gr b. 188^-, by Clinker. .. . 2:25^ 

Lexy Jim, b.g, 188--, by Lodklr Jr.. . 2:2S 

L. B. OartiflL ro g, 188—, by Haixkenger 2:22% 

L. O. Lee, br a, 187—, by BLmo, dam 
by Kentucky Ohlef 2:15 

Leal! K., bUc m, 188—, by Jeff^son 
Piince 2:28i>4 

Leander. cfaa, 1886, by Strader Jr.-^ 
Lady Jane BprtLgue, by Got. Sprague 2:22 

Lebbeas L, b. 8, 1887, by Hamdallali— 
Belle H.. by Zeno 2:1S% 

LeOlede, b a, 1886, by" Prtnoepa— 
Failaoy, by. George Wilkes 2:21^ 

Lee Buoyant, br a, 188—, by Joe Blmo 2'.27V^ 

L.»ewara WilkvM 1> f», 18S0, by On 
ward, dam by Lyle Wilkes 2:19% 

Lee H., ch g, 1884, by Harding's Bay 
Tom— Fanny, by Lew Boyd ......... 2:13 

Legal Himtas, <h s. 1892, by Poco- 
bontaa Boy, dam by Legal Tender 
Jr. .; .....!.... 2:24 

Lcg.ll Tender, b a, 18&— , by Legal 
Tender (dead) 2:28 

Legal Vein, b g, 188-^, by Legail Ten- 
der Jr. 2:24U 

Leila C, b m, 1882, by James Madi- 
son— RJll, by Prompter 2:20^ 

Leila May, b m, 18»). by Reoorder— 
Almonte, by Bostlck^s Almont Jr... 2:18% 

Lelab W., ob m,. 188^, by Von MarlE, 
dam by Old (ieorge 2:28% 

Leila B., bm, 1^-^, by Bedford 
Beauty 2:22% 

Lena F., ch m, 188—, by American 
Boy 2:27% 

JjeiDia. H., ro m. 1883, by Gen. Haxdee 
—Pick, by Bamharts' Brooks 2:22 

Lena Hill, blk m, 1891, bj William M. 
Hin— Possum Pie, by Octoroon 2:12 

Lenatur, b s, 188—, by Pellettlea- 2:16% 

Lena Willetts, br m, 1885, by Fergu- 
son— Rosemond, . by Abdallali Prince 2:14 

Lennie Stiiker, b m, 188—, by Petos- 
key- 2:20 

Lenore K.. b m, 1888, by : Sweep- 
stakes— itolly Strait, by Jerry aark 2:23V4 

Lenwood, b g, 188-^, by vandalia 
Wilkes 2*30 

Leo, b 8, 188^', by Kentucky' Clay Jr.'.* 2:29% 

Leo, dh g, 187—, by ArgoiMiut 2:24% 

Leon, gr m. 1889, by Hlatt's Wild 
Wagner— Fanny H 2:23% 

Leonard, br g, 188—, by Champion 
Knox 2:23% 

Leon Baker, b s,. 188— by Lakeland 
Abdallah Jr 2:21% 

Leontlne, b m, 188—, by Draco Med- 
ium 2:19% 

Leo S.. b B, 1885, by Allegro— Minnie, 
by Hickory 2:22 

Leta; May,, .br m,. 188— , by Antevolo i 
— Steinola, by Steinway 2:23% 

Lettle. Spfra^e, sp.m, 188--, by Jim 
Scbriber ,..,.- ^ 2:23% 

Leverone. b .&, 1888. by Gen. Hancock 
—Patience, by Blue Boll 2:16 

Leviathan, oh ff. 1.S7— , . v... 2:24 

Lowisr B. br s, 188—, by Drennon. . 2:17% 

Lew Wallace oli s, 188—, by Pratt's 

Mohawk ii.. 2:28% 

Lex, bUK 8. 1883, by Legal Tender Jr. . 

-Licy, by Blue Bull ^:23% 

Lexington Chief,- sp g, 188-^r by ^Aris- 

tos-HDolIr Varden (trutting 2:m • 2:20% 
Llda W.. b ni, 1880, by Nutwood— • 

Belle, by George M. Patehen Jr... 2:18% 
Lieut. WjUkeSi b s, 1886, by Gov^. 

W41ke»-Kit, by Weils' Cockspur ..» 2:231^ 
L:ke Like, br m, 188—, by Whipple- 

ton k 2:26 

Lila King, br m, 1886, by Gold King 

-Jennie Lind 2:22^ 

IJllfHn, b m, 1884, by Adrian Wilkes 
—Abdallah Llghtfoot, by Mambrlno 

Abdallah 2:14% 

Lillian, br m, 188—, by Dajiiel Lam- 
bert—Whalebone, by Carter's Co- 

hrnbus .2:29% 

Lillian S , b m, 1880, by Morgan Mes- 

sei'gcr ..;...;: .....; 2:17% 

Lilly, gr m, 188—. by Capt. Clay 2:19% 

Lilly, b m, 188-^, by Wedgewood. • . . 2:28% 
LiUy B„ b m, 1890, by mgiii Boy.. 2:21% 
Lilly Banks, gr mi 1886, by Ayer's 
Black Hawk Morgan— California 

Pet 2:22 

Lilly Bush, ch m, 188-, by BaU R... 2:29% 
Lilly a, gr m, 1884, by SteiuTfray-^ 
Bloomfleld Maid, by Hambletonlan 

Jr .... 2:20% 

Lilly M., b m, 188—, by Hartford 2:21 

Lily You, b m, 188-, by Adrian 

Wilkes 2-.26% 

Limber Jack, b g, 187—, by Gray's 

Tom Hal 2:18% 

Limber Jim, b^L s, 188—, by Rich- ^ 

mond Chief 2:30 

Limber Jfm, ch g. 1«>-, (dead) 2:26 

Lhnber Jim, b s, 188-, by Adjutant 2:25% 
LiriColh, ch g. 187—, by T6mp68t Jr. 2:23% 
Linda, b m, 1892, by Frank Buford. 

dam by Denmark .,^ 2:22% 

Linda Gale, b m, 1888, by Ghastela^ird 

—Pallas, by Sheldon's Jupiter 2:19 

Liii'IcD, b B, l<i^ -, by Axifetos 2:27 

Linden, b s, 1886, by Madison Wilkes 

—Lady Maud, by Young Trustee ... 2:15, 
Llnewood, ch m. 1890. by Nutalwood 2. -21 
Link wood Patcneii, b g, 1875, by 

Linkwood Chief— Lady Patehen 2:12 

Little Actor, b g, 188-, 2'S 

Little Baby, b m, 188-, by Shaker 
Boy— Dolly Smith, by Flying Hla- 

toga , ,.....,. 2:27% 

Little Barefoot, ,b m, 188—, by Repe- 
tition—Lady Barefoot, by Kent . . . 2:27% 

Little Black, gr m, 188- , 2:29^4 

IJttle Brown Jug, br g, 1875, by Gib- 
son's Tom Hal— Lizzie, by John 

Netherland ......2:11% 

Little Chief, blk g, 18S-, by Daniel 

Boone ►..!. .. 2:21 Vi 

Little Cyclone, gr g, -1884, ........ 2:28% 

Little Dick, b g, 188—, by Hay ward 

Haszard 2:23 

Little Dan, ch g, 188—, by EUal G., 

dam by Red Cloud 2:21% 

Little Dan, blk g, 188-,. by Whirl- 
wind Jr 2:28 

Uttle Doc, b .gj. 188-T-, by . Little 
. .Tohnny— Jenny Wells, by Jack Haw* 

kins : : V 2:25 . 

Little Doubtfi.', b m. 188-. by Nut- 
hurst 2:29% 

Little Ed, gr.g 187-- 2:25% 

Little Bm, b m, 1878, by BUly Green 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



-Oia Wiley, by B&tUer TuckaUioe.. 2:19^ 
Little Frank, br g. 188-. ........... 2«>^ 

LltUe Frank, br s, 1884, by ABhland 

Olay— Flora 2:1»^ 

Llttie Fred, eh gi 188-, by FhilUpB* ^ 

BlueBnU •••' 2:28% 

Llttie George, rn g, 188-, by Oephaa 2:20it. 
Little Hank, b s, 1888, by Oalonna— >, ^^^^ 

Maid, by Brolley 8:24% 

:.ittle Hope, br g, 188—, by Tempeet _ 

Jr., dam by Blue BuU 2:21% 

Little Ida, b m, 1880, ..;.... .... 2:19^ 

Llttie Jay, m e, 188—, by Jay Bird. . 2*.26% 
Llttie Jack, b g, 188-, by Abdallab 

Mambrlno 2:26% 

Little Jeff, b g. 188-, by H. W. ^ _,^ 

Beecber ." . . 2:23% 

Little Jenny* bik mV iST— . ' .' . ! ... 2:2»V4, 

Llttie Joe, blk g, 188— .by Ira Wllkss, 

dam by Mar^ball GUef 2:15% 

Little Joe, b g, 188-, by S<.hmldlap*8 

Get-a-way— Lucy 2:23% 

Little Joe, br s, 188—, by Red Buck 2:20\2 
Llttie John, b g, 188—. by Bassett M.. 2:30 

Llttie John, blk g, 188-, 2:30 

Little Johnny, b g, 188—, by Oiihkosh 2:19% 
Uttie Jimmy, ch g, 188—, by Graves' 

Mohawk Chief ........;.... .; 2:30 

Llttie Joker, b s, 1884, by Oharley 

Foster— Dolly, by Bayswater ...... 2:10% 

Llttie Joker, ch g, 188—, by Forest 

Hal 2:16% 

Llttie Lulu, ro m, 1882 by Sea Foam 

—Promise Lady 2:23% 

Llttlo M., b m, 1890, by WUdbrlno. . 2:22 

Llttie Mac, b s, 18%-, 2:26% 

Little Mac, br g, jBrt, by Kentuc^ 

Dan ........:......... 2:13% 

Little Maid, b m. 188-, by Rockwood 

— Pocohontas 2:26 

Mttle^Pat. b g. 188-. by Oi«>tain 

Walker .77:.... 2;27% 

LJttfle Pete. dtK g, 138—, by Sutton's 

Daye Hill , 2:22% 

Little Pitt, b g, 188-, by Lapldlst 

Ohlef 2:13% 

Llttie Blhea, br g, 188-, by Jim Flak.. 2:27% 

Little Klcfti, b g, 188-.... 2:26 

Llttie Rocket, b g, 188— 2:21% 

llttie Robe, ch g, 188—, by Mohawk.. 2:25 

Little Sam, bg,1885 2:29% 

Llttie asm, b 0, 188—, by AristOB Jr. . 2:22% 
Llttie Sam^ch g, 1892, by Alcyone Jr., 

dam by WlUtes Spirit Jr. 2:29»/4 

Llttie ifeny, ch g, 187—, by Blackbird 

— Gonler ,.... 2:29% 

Llttie Willie, sp s, 1876, by King 

Fhapoah— Dolly 2:23% 

Llttie Wxmder, ch g, by son of Blue 

Bull , 2:20% 

Llttie Wonder, ch s, 188—, by John F. 

Payne 2:26% 

I/lvla, b m, 1886, by Orton— Helen, by 

Rysdyk's Hambletoiniani 2:22% 

Lizzie, b m, 188-. by Brown Hal 2:27 

Lizzie H., b m, l88— , by Brown Hal 

Jr 2:23% 

Llaiie H., (Ai m, 1886, by Longstrider 

Dove, by Oamden Denmark. ........ 2:22 

Lizzie Hunter, ch m, 1887, by Nan- 
tucket— Mattie, by Almont Smith...- 2:22 
Lizzie Mack, b m, 1890, by Warrior 

Jr 2:14% 

Llzziemont, b m, 1884, by Jerome 

Dddy— Bvemont, by Piedmont 2:16% 

LizEle N., b m, 1878, by WUkeamont.. 2:21% 
liizzle WV>nd», gr m, 187—. by Tom 

Wonder — Dolly Sawyer, by Black 

Frinoe 2:29% 

Lloyid, or «. 1887, by Ck>nway— €«m- << 

sihlne, V ittentie 2:10% 

Lottifeir, srg: 188—, hj Typboon...... 2:14% 

LoohlnTar, Mk s^ 188-, bar CUpper. 

/ Brooks « ....^ 2:18% 

LoddnTBT, b g, 18^—, by Socrates.... . 2:28 ^ 
Lock Boy' blk g, 188^, V son of Old i 

Darkey... ...f: ...... 2:80 

Logim, gr g; 188—, by White Olood. . .. 2:26 
Eofc-au R, b g, 188-, by Woodford Ik^ 2:26% 
Lofan K., blk g, 188-, by Lo»an 

^ diler ^ 2:27% 

Lolla B., blk m, 1890, by Jim Long— 

Mag^e T.-.TT. 2:24% 

LoiH.^ Jni k, br jK, 187— , . . . 2a9 • 

Lon i;., H g, 188—, by Bald Hornet... 2*.21% 
Imu^^U^mW, ch g, 186—, by Red BUI 

(dead) 2:19V4 

Longitude, b o, 1886, by Osman— Gal- 

Ita, by i^jdiroodttck 2:18 : 

pong Shot, g s, 1886, by WaMngham 

^-3>uloe. by BetoZmt 2:25% 

LoDg Taw, gr g, 188—, by New&boy. . . 2t2S 
Long Wilkes, b s, 1888, by Petoskey. 

dun by Vlndex 2:23 

Longworth^ br s, .1885, by SidBiey- 

Qmj Dale, by American Boy Jr. . . . 2:19 
Lora, oh m, 1888. by Royal Fear- 
naught, dam by Manchester 2:14% 

Lord Olaytxm, br a. 1890, by O. F. 

Clay- Lady Palmi, by l^UMnaa Jeffer- 

i»oS:..Trr. 2:24% 

Lord Bgbert, cb s, 180a by Lord Rus- 

BelT, 5am by Egbert Mead) 2:80 ■. 

Lord L^rffTL-^m, T>r s, iKST, by F<^reu- 

stm— Lanly KtlmiL by Kih^n Mif^D... 2:19% 
Lord T&iiarwjn, ch ^j 388—, by Un- 
. ward Kiug. tiain by Daniel Lambei't. 2:24% 
Loreae, blk m, 1878^ by Cot. Weet— 

Fancy Dowiiliig, by Joe DowuiDg. .. 2:15V4 

Loriue, fh 111, 188r-, hy T,i«co 2:27 . 

LotiL blk m, ISwO, by aiugleton— Erun- 

geiliie, by Ophir... 2:29 . 

Litthair Hoy, 6 r, l^M, by U^tliMr Jr. 2:19 

Lfjktta, bik m, 187- 2:25Vi 

Lottie K., ffr m, 1S77. by Blue BuU 

Jr ....T: 2:25 

Lottie Loraine, b m. 1890, by Gambet- 

ta Wilkes— Lady xelser, by. Garrard 

Chief 2:10>^ 

Lottie M., jgr m, UB84* l^ Grey Harry 

-L>ttle aeveuB. . 2:20^4 

Lof tie P., b m^ 1876w by Blue BuU Jr. 

—Fanny, by Proud American Jr. . . . 2:17^ 
Lottie Rocket, oh m, 1886, by ReJ- 

moot— Bine Kitly . by St. Omer. ... 2:18y4 
Lottie a, blk m. 1890, bj Duroc Boy, 

dam by Arnold's Red Buck 2:25 

Lottie Wright, br m, 188—, by Silas 

Wright..:. .... .7! 2:2r^ 

Louisa, ro m, 186^, (dead) 2:29^ 

Louis M., bg, 188- 2:19V^ 

Louie P., bg, 18S- 2:26% 

LoiUpe, blk 8, 188—, by John Seyen- 

oa^h-LaUah Rouke, by Bixho 2:20^4 

Lott Shaffer, oh m, 18&— , by Gblpper 

Brooks i 2:80 

Lower Stoner, ro g, 188—, by Strath- 
more— Kate DUlard,^ by John DUlard 2:21 
Lowmark, b «, 188—, by Waymart— 

Peggy,by Haywood 2:10% 

Lwdaa W., b g, 188—, by. Ylcwroy— 

Pu»s,by Frank 2:28% 

Lucdlle^ ch m^ 188—, by Blgln Boy, 

dam W Kentuclgr 6hlef.... 2:24% 

Lndlle, b m, 1885, by Wedgewood— 

Pauline, by Shakespeare 2:14Vi 

Lucille H., b m, 1889,. by &wratctr- , 

Digitized by LjOOQIC .. 



■oMo^ br St Itok t:lt 

IrKiBcHaT ..;...Trr7! 2:lMi 

Boj ^.. ft:2i 

LMni, bm, 18»-s br Wimam L tOSVi 

LiKj, irm, l«T-vjUiri) t:ii/ 

Iakj B.. br Ok, idn. br Iirgirr 2:lw 

Lucy IhiBM% br m, 1888, bgr Dwmmi- 

Vuieipwid, bar Ironwood. S:M 

Lmt J^dnm» 18»-. br HawpAteb... 2:87^ 

BMokm dam br Roflooe t:M^ 

LW7 I«^ b aw 1888L bj G«B. M«CM- 

KiiJr. Mag, bj il£caiider 3:8^ 

LQcr M., ro m, &8^ by Appleby. . . . 2:33$ 

Lnalla, b bn 1884 br Legal Ta&dMr Ar. 

-*la^ :.r7 SlItU 

LuaHaaiawliaii, Mk n, 1880; bj Af^ 

rmnnood, dam bj Ajitafwi ^ . 2.-21 

Iinla,bm,188-.... 2:21 

Lula, bm, 188-, b^ BUirood 2:289^ 

LnlQ O., «li m. 1^ by CkNiaiil-> 

Grace 2:lgW 

I.Qhi Me., b m, 188—. by McOordy'a 

Hamibletoalaii ...; T;.. 2:2S 

L«lii McCurdy, b m, 188€L by Bay- 

wood-Belle k, by Wonder/* . .T?! . 2:14% 
LaHi N. b nw 188-. by ReTelUcHnJeHiy 

R.. by Mohawf Ohier 2:24% 

liQtle Stzmtlunore, oh m, 188—, bgr 

Stmtbmore, dam by Oluunp Fergv- 

aon 2:15% 

Lyifla Allett, b m, 18^-, by PUtt Al- 

leA...... ..,, 8:80 

LydiA WUkeB, b m, im% by Bad 

Wlllc««— AJI«eii, by MajulviBo Bey.. 2:17% 
r^le, lir a^ ISS--, by Aiiokia, dam oy 

enrlcert ..2:21% 

Lj^etop, b g, 187-, by King Fhareah 2:28% 
\lftb*?l Flood. (* in. 18Bfi. by Fooahon- 

taA Abdallah-Jtnny F.. by Mercury. 2:19 
Mcbd P., b tn. 188~, by Be«rboii 

bOB Wllkos 2:17% 

>tabel ShArpe, dk m, issa by Sharper 

-Liidy KirUtt. by RyeSFk .,, 2:23% 

Mac b s, 1887, breed W miknowii. . . . 2:18% 
Maobelh, b a. 1S01, by Aletander Do- 

maa 2:30 

Madeay, blk a, 1880, by Sable Wllkee 

— fiamie Oemet, by Natwood (tret* 

Mack, b fcTat^ by Aanioii'M.* .*.*.'.*.'* 2:S% 
Maddln, b a, 1880, V Ottward-lKKtie 

Wall, by Strathmore 2:28% 

MeAmber, b g, 188-, by Fergoa Mc- ' 

mS^^* b % * 1880,* by * Riinor^4i^raJ 
by Gfiik Knox 2:17% 

IfoCleerir. b g. 188-^ by flfe^tb'a Mam- 
brino Ohler Jr 2:18% 

Medtntock, b g, 188-, by Bay Clilef . 2:20^4 

McDorton, ch g, 188—. 2:28% 

MoDowell. b 8» 1M5» by Triton-Molly, 
bcrStBlmo 2:25. 

McGintyTk a. &9QL by'CNelineator .'!.'.' .' 2:^ 
MeGlnty, ]& a, Itt-^ by Woodford 

Wllkea 2:2b 

MeKliUey, b a. 1880, by Allo--Day- 

Mglit. by StarUi^t V.. 

MHicv. b ji. T^NCK by George WUkaa— ^ , 

Ilelle Clav. by KokockrClay... .... *:2H4 

HAOhette, b nw 1880. bgBrow* Hal. . 2:22% 
K&ck Noble, b a, 188-. by Frank Ne- , 

bE« 9^H 

Matlel, b e, liS*-, bf Medonina........ |:1S% 

M«fip^ li , ^'h m, 188-. by Tempeat... 2:22% 
Maijjfe ^ledlum. b m» 188— v by Draoe 

Mt>ciiiim— Fuugr, by Black Dntdbman ^ 

tdeaJ) 2dtt% 

M*lM^^ Mliier. b m, 1883, by To«ag ^, 

wiikw— Kit. t^ Oreepar 2:| 

Madj^ W., br ni, 188—, by Mantaltikie. 

liiii?i\ b If 18S— 

MoKr^<^ b'iu. 188-, br Nllea 2:28 

Mllcfflt^ A,, b 10. 1887, by Attorney— ^^ 

Mattle, by Careiiot..j. ......... ... 2:25 

Mflfflfie AlmoTit, b OL 1884, to AJmont 

Piiut^Mtigiirio, tor Magna GharU.... »:M 

Maggie H., b la, 188-...........^.. 2:28 

MagSe H.. Mk m, 1885, by LmlT^- 

dep Jr^-klaa DaYldaooTby «)cahoor 

Bfa&e fe,* b ii, iw^,' by irtah GeMgi 1:22% 
M^e H., g m, 188-n, by aon of Bay 

Maggie' BL.' b* in,* *i88^,' by' SAnyler ^ ^ , 

Maggie J^ blk m, 188—, 1^ Hylaa.. .. S:14Ja 
Magge May, ro m, 18T9, tf. Sea Foam 2:aiK 
liaSe McEtowell, b m, 18B7, by Sid- 

ney— Lady Hannalk, by Arthnilon. . . 8:21% 
Mi^e Mitchell, gr m, 188-. by Blt» 

Maggie ]MtttoheUi'gr*nK488^,*byBi«a ^_,^ 

Duster ^....237% 

BCaggie N., b m, 188-. by Ortta.^.. 8:2^ 
MaSle R., b m, 188-, by Tom Soott. . 8:27% 
MaSSe B., b m, 1884, by KllbnckTom ^ ^^^ 

-^ofMy, by Belh^ 8:14% 

MaggioT., \ m. 1887, by NMUllat-* ^ ^^^ 

Fanny .•• ...2:15% 

Magna Monte, b a, 1888, by Donglaa ^ ^^^^ 

Xlmont. dam by Sorerelgn S'liM 

Magnet, bg. l^-, by gi^gf^er tM^ 

MagooBler, gr g, 185— , (deadr: .. -... JiJBf 
Magoth, b BL ]%— , by St Oothard. . . 2120% 
MSawn, blk g, 1«-, by Brown 

Wllkea.... ......2:27% 

Maid of Bo<*y Ron, b m^ 188-. by ^ ^ 

George Forreat 2a8 

Btotor Clelland. cti a, 188-. by Arttot 

Major Hai.*br'8ri88^,'by BrcJwrn'Hal 2:r 
Major HaBK b a, im by Hamteino.. %iL 

SjOTKyK: bg^ iS....... 2d0 

mSot Laml>ert;'br a. 1880, by Call. 

fomia liambert — Fifty, by Haw- 

thortne ^. JtlJ^ 

Major ^ bg, 188-. by Bay Tom.... 2:80 
M}w Wilkee, b a, l688. l^onng Jim 

^-Satharln^ by Bine Bttfl 2:18% 

lUlpr Wolfe, b a, 1880, by Botujxm 
^Vfikee— liate Boae, by Happy Med- 

Inm «:14% 

Maior Wonder, b g. 1885. by Major ^^^^ 

IHMl Jr.-Brl|tham 2:00% 

Mallflne(Walllng'»).-.. .,^... .^...2:26% 
Mamibrino HanDlB, b g, 1888, by Han- 

nH — Dolly, by Praaton'a Patrick ^ _. 

Henry.... 2:18% 

Mambrino Prince, br g, 188-^ by Mam- 

brino Abdallah— Lena Bolton, V Aa« ^ _ 

ael 2*2^^4 

Mamie Gift.' oh' m, 188^,* 't^ 'Pil'o't'Gtft ti$S% 
Mamie Golddwt. b tt, 1891, W 

Spragne Golddnat- Mamie, by Bine 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



IfMiili wBkS b m, 189-% tar BIr 

Ifoniffer. fr % 1888, hy N«tw>M4— 

diirSe VlikML by Geon» WlUu*. . .. 2:60% 
lHuMteih b sTuBh-, by PatQheii Yot- 

iiiiteer.« ,2:25 

MandOL b& 188- 2:»H4 

Maudlin, eb g, 188-, bgr Tramp 2:1&'C 

Manette, b m, IStiA dy Unelpb- ^ ^^ 

Daisy, by Stereo's Uwbarie 2;24 

ManUla Girl, b m, 18fr-, by Arte* 

MUMOO K.,' b'ffi 'l88i' by TattlVr' ir* 2-^ 

MnpellDe, b in* 18&-, 2U»g 

M&iilewood, cb B. 1884, by Ajax— 
Belle, by Hlffb ^ack 2:2:^ 

Marehloneee, b m, 188-, by CaU- 
fomla, dam by Pilot Hedlmn 2:27% 

Marendea, gr a, 188—, by Walker 
MoTrlll— Henry Marc, by ISiermaxi 
Moriwii Jr. UiXVA 

Margaret M., oh m. 188~, by Oneida 2:25^ 

Mergtry H., b m, 1881, by WarCare— 
Sally Adama, 1^ Jobn Boidine. ... 2:26^ 

Maria Tbereea, b m, 188—, by Ham- 
bletonlan Qem 2:28% 

Marie Scott, b m, 18G— , by Scott's 
Hiatoga— Jemiy Lind, by Jotaa Stan- 
ley 2:24 

Marietta Wilkes, ch m, 1882, by Don 
Plaarro. dam by Nutwood .'. 2:17% 

Marion, b g, 1887, by Geo. Marion- 
Kit, by Flying GloQd 2:21% 

Marlon Mills, b m, 188— ^ lif Harry 
MUla ...77.....r .....2:21% 

Marltana, b g, 1880, by KentndLT Vol- 
unteer—Marie, by Long Island 
Patchen 2:20% 

Marjie a, ch m, 1887, by Albfttro6»- 2:20 

Maikland, b s, 1884. by Victor Bis- 
marek— Sally Dudley, by Standard 
Bearer 2:18% 

MArksmaid, b m, 1881, by Marks- 
man 2:21 

Mark Wakefield, b g, 188—, by Joe 
Blmo : 2:28% 

Marlowe, b g, 1878, by Standard 
Bearer— 1>U88 Kenny, by Kenny's 
BcUpse ..2:15 

Marr. b a. 1881, by Roy WUkes ..... 2:26 

Mara Pointer, b g, 188-, by Mnjikw.. 2:27% 

Martha H^ b m. 1889, by OambetU 
Wilke»-Kitty Kimbrough, by Kim- 
brough's Abdallah 2:18' 

Martin Box, b g. 188-, by OUpper.. 2:17^ 

Martin M., b g, 188^, ....... ..VT. . . 2 

Marvin, ch g, 1885, by Scriba Boy-» 
Maggie, by Jefferson Prince 2:20% 

Mary Anderson, b m, 188-- 2:29 

Mary B., g m, 188-, by ]0Yank Al- 
mont ..'. 2:23 

Mary Centliyre, b m, 18^ by B. C. 
Brown— Carrie Blackwood, by Blue 
Bull ;. .:.T...... 2:12 

Mary Grit, blk m, by Bohmer (trot- 
ting 2:23%) 2:19 

Mary J., ch m, 1889, by Bay Tom Jr. 
— Foreatola, by Boetlck's Almont 
Jr. ....;. 2:18% 

Mary liou, b m, 1886, by Petoakey— 
Susie King, by Mambrino King.... 2:19^4 

Mary W-»Bt, blk. m, 1887, by Patchen 
WilkeiH^enny West, by Allie West 2:21% 

Mascot, h g, 1885, by Deceire— Mias 
Delmore 2:04 

Mascot, b s, 186-, by Jot C 2:28»4 

lahV.T/.T...:. 20(8% 

MattW B., br m, 188-, by Atozander 

Button 2:20% 

Matti# Bend, br m, 187—, by Tom 

Hal I 

Mattie Q., b m, 188-, 2:2 

Mattie Gral^a, br m, 188—, by Pilot 
Almont— Madeltee, by Tom Grawder 

(dead) 2:21 

Mattie Hwlek g as, 187—, 2:2&% 

Mattie Hunter, A m, 1872, by Prince 

Pulaakft-IiOtile, by DriTar_Aead) . 2:12% 
Mattie X, re m, 1%-^ by UlUmua. . 2:19 
Mattie K.. b m, 188—, by Sir Chartea 2:2»% 
Mattie Wanen. eh m. 1890, by Jay- 

weod-Buth, by Bald Hornet ^.., 2:10% 
Maud A., b m, 188—, by ambassador, 

dam by Billy Green (trotting 2 :29%| 2:28% 
Maud A., b m ,187—, by St. NIcholaa, 

dam by son of Koyal Qeonre 2:26% 

Maod Ad.ilr, b m, 1864, by Floramomr 

-Belle 2:18 

Maud B., b m, 18^-, by Gapt Davia 2:29% 
Maud B., ch m. 3886, by King Lega^ 

cy— Zephyr 2:20 

Ma,ud a, b m, 18^ by Ar^iitect. . 2:26% 
Maud Olay, eh m, 188-, by Charley 

(Jlaj, dam by Satetttte 2:28% 

MaudCL b m, 18T7, by Bertrand Black 
Hawk— Selby Mare, by Hamilton 

Cmief 2:26 

Maud Blenah, ch m, 188—, by Hwrry 

Knox 2:19% 

Maud F^ b m, 188—. by Critic 2:24% 

Maud h:, br m, 1886. by Harold- 
Lady Faulkner, by Hoffman's 

Mountain Boy 2:20% 

Maud K, br m. 188—, 2:29% 

Maud L., gr m, 188—, by Lapadiat 

Chief T;.... 2:24% 

Maud M., b m, 1868, by Adrian Wflkoa 

WIlkes-nFlarti, by Alfred 2:15% 

Maud M., b mTlSS-^^ 2-i6% 

Maud M., gr m, 188-, by C2ieatham 2:21 
Maud Mac, br m, 188—, by Mount 

Morris 2*.30 

Maud McGregor, b m, 1886, by Gapt. 

McGregor 2:20% 

Maud Muller, ro m, 18S-, by AUantic 2:25 
Maud Neff, ro m, 1880, by Sea Foam 2:19 
Maud P.. ch m, 1885, by Pepper'a 
Pharaoh— Birdie Clay, by X/ittie 

Arthur 2:15Vi 

Maud P., gr m, 1885, by Frank A.— 

Finney Mare 2:14% 

Maud Z., m m, 188—, 2:29% 

Maumee, b m, 188—, by The Baron. . 2:28% 
Mauprat, blk s, 1887, by IBgbert— 

Jessie Blackwood, by Blackwood . . . 2:20 
Maurice MuUena, b g, 188—, by Vol- 
unteer Duroc 2:26% 

Max, b g, 188-. by Agitator 2:27 

Maxey B.. b a, 1890, by Ashland 
Wilkea— Carrie B., by Burger (trot- 
ting 2:28%) 2:23% 

Maxie B., b g, 188-, by Billy Cobb, 

dam by Ma^rna C^iarta 2:29% 

Maxie B., bg. 188-, 2:22 

Maxwell Star, blk g, 1888, by Rey- 
nold's . John Morgan— Florence, by 

Tom Gregory 2:24% 

May Be, br m, 188—. by Elector- 
Maggie Mitchell, by Hero Hamble- j 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


THE 2:30 PACEQ3. 

toniftn. . 
May D.y br m, 186—, 

May Bddy» b m, 1887, b/ Jerome 
Bddy--Flora HebeL by Young Dl<^ 
Taylor (trotting 2^20^ (dead) ,. 

>fay^wer, b m, 18&-, by. Daye 

Mayflower* b m, 188—, by Ailen 
Stonay , ,.«. 

^UyblU, b m, 1887, by BSdgebiU— May- 
wood, by Blackwood (trotting 2:19) 

May ManhaU, b m, lii7, by BUly 
Wilke»-'Bettnle Sydner, by Mam- 
brlno Abdullah 

May Murphy, b m, 188--, by Hibbard 
Wilkes , ......... .. 

May Tempie, blk m, 1882. by Prinoe 
Imperiaf—Sbar of Birmingham,' by 

Maywood, b m, 187—, by Limber 
Biil— Molly White, by Saddlng Bu<A 

Mc 0*dell, ch g, l»i-, by Silyer Heel 

Mecca, b s, 1884, by Nutwood— Hya- 
ointhe, by Volunteer 

M. O>mpton; b g, 188-t-, by Baker Ba- 

Meacham, b g, 188—, . by Lexington 
Ghieif Jr. 

Mechanic Girl, gr m, 188—, by l^e 
B)ane . Horse . (dead) , 

Medeogro^e, b s, 188—, by Alcyone— 
Bo6e Medium ,by Happy Medium. . 

Mediator, blk s, 1888, by Grand Keg- 
en t—AlUsie, by Happy Medium.... 

Medley, b s, 188-, by Cnalmant 

Melaon, b s, 1891. bj Token P., ..,. 

Melwood, rn g, 188—, 

Menegain, ch. m, 188—, by M;enelau^ 

Mentor Maid, ch m, 1890, by St 

Mephlsto, ch s, 1890, by Sidney, dam 
by Guy WUkes , ,. 

Mercurlua, b s, 1880, by Ohnedo 
Wilkes— Belladonna, by Woodlawn 

Mercury, ch e, 1886, by ^mmit— Bird, 
by Ba^aw Webb 

Mercury, b e, 188—, by Sidney— Juno, 
by Buccaneer 

Merit, b g, 188-, by Regajia 

Merit, blk m. 1887, by Dictator Jr.— 
Lady Turner, by Harry Turner .... 

Merrill, br g, 1882, by Dakota— Flora 

Merrill, ch s, 188—, by Nelson, dam 
by Watchmaker 

Merrimark, b m, 1890, by Prince Bis- 
marck-Maggie Shrader, by Shrader 

Merry Boy, b g, 188—, by Sutton D. 

Merry Chimos, b », 1888, by Chimes 
— E^patia, by Blackwood .Ohiet.... 

Merry LfCgs, b m, 188—, by Stride- 

Mertie, ch m, 1882, by Flying Indian 

Messina Boy, b g, 188—, by Walkill— 

Mich^ran * M^ttVei b' m.' 1883, * by Pilot 

Meolum— Prairie Girl, by Landseer 
Midget, b m, 188—, by Emmet Clay. . 
Midland Maid, br m, 188-, by Carl- 

ton— Dolly 

Midnight, blk g, 188—, by Warwick 


Midnight, blk s. 1885, by Nigger Boy 


Midnight Bell, b m. 188- by Harry 


Mikado, b g. 1886, by Maxim— acada, 

by CSermont 



















Mike, b g, 188-, 5^:28% 

Mike, ch g, X88-, l>y Fr^nchmlm .... 2:15 
Mike Logan Jr.. b a, 188-, by Hike 

LoganT. 2:23 

Mike Wilkes, b g, 1875, by G^rge 
WUkes-Nelly B., by Bfarnr B. 
Patchen (trotting 2:26%) (dead) .... 2:10% 

Milan, b s. 188-^ V Victor Bismarck 2:29 
MiUc Shake, gr g, &$-. ..,.......'.. 2:22% 

Milkmaid, ch m, 18^—, by Gen. Tur- 
ner ^ 2:27% 

Mill Lady, b m, 1891, by C:ount 
Wilkes- MiU Girl, by Jay Gould 

Setting 2:26%) 2:30 
ei Boy, b g, 188—, by Hoosier 

Tom , 2:18 

Miller War<l, b u, 1888. by Bourbon 

Wilkes^Datey K.. by Kitchen's 

lelegraph 2:16% 

MiUieA., b m. 1B8-. by Goldbar .... 2:25' 
Milo, gr g. 188-, by George 3UIo.. 2:27% 

Mick, b g, 188- : 2:22 

Minn^aha, b m, 1892. by Mark 

Sirius, dam by Blu« Bull 2:27V4 

Minnie, b m, 1889, by Bdgehttfr-Nilcs, 

by Ledger 2:29% 

Minnie, b m. 188—, by Sweep 2:29% 

Minnie A., blk m, 1886, ly 4;ilnker- 

Bally 2.10% 

Minnleator, b m, 1887, by Delineator 

—Lucy, by Bstell Brlc 2:25% 

Minnie Barb, b m, 188—. by Mam- 

biij o Logan 2.26 

Minnie Bell., blk m. 188—, by Mam- 

brlno Dayis 2:24% 

Minnie 0., b m, 188—, by Wilksonian 2:29% 
Minnie C, b m, 1886, by Indiana Boy 

—Lucy 2:5» 

Minnie <^.as8ell, b m, 1884, by Dicta- 
tor- Cret:i by Sain Broadiiiis 

Minnie F.. b m. 1887, by Bob Patter- 
son— « J rey M«:ll7, by (jreorgo Gordon 2:1 
Minnie G., g m, 188-, by Stillson Jr. 2:: 
Minnie H., br m. 1887, by L^ - 
der Jr. -Minale V.. by jbe Jeff 


^ Ten- 
. _ _ Jefferson 2:24% 

Minnie Hanks, b m, 188—, by Dr. 
Herr ........... .........;....... 2:2S> 

Minnie Higglns, b m, 188—, by Billy 2:16% 

Minnie HoTden, b m, 188—, by Battier 
Brooks, dam by Locomotiye 2:15% 

Minnie Irene, ch m, 1891, by Tecum- 
eeh .'. .....°. '.'........' .. 2*25 

Minnie*K.,*b m, isSO,* by BlUy Cone^ 
Bird ...... 2:18% 

Minnie L., blk m, 188-, by G^n. Lee 2:24 

Minnie L., gr m, 188—, by Rex Hia- 
toga 2:29% 

Minnie M., b m. 1884, by Wapsie— 
Fanny, by Panic 2:24% 

Minnie May, b m, 188—, by Aristo- 
crat 2:27% 

Minnie Martin, b m, 188-, by Jim 
Wilson 2:24% 

Minnie P., b m, 188-, 2:16% 

Minnie Palmer, rn m, 187—, by Tem- 
pest Jr 2*30 

Minnie H., * br 'm,' '187—,* by' ' J.* 'C. 
Bre<*lnrldge (trotting 2:19) 2:16% 

Minnie R., dn mi, Iw— , by Rescue 
(trotting 2:25) 2:20% 

Minnie R., br m, 1887, by George 
Gift-NeU 2:24% 

Minnie Roberts, b m, 1889, by Wag- 
ner Bashaw 2:22% 

Minnie T., b m, 188—, by Tramp 
Panic 2:30 

Minnie Ttaylor, b m. 188-, by Clipper 2:.30 

Mtanle v., b m. 1B8-. . .^. . . . . . .VT- 2:2i% 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Minirie WUkes: br m, 1881. bf Ira 
Wflkea, d«itt bgr Mamibrino Excelsior 

Minnie xcmng, b.m, 188^, by Aimont 
Gbtof..^,.. ...•,.. 

liia YooDC oh g, 1886. by Harry 
Green— Fanmy "S^ by Scott's Hia- 


Miss Amnie, blk m, 1880, by Mambrino 
Hippie...... .Tl.Vr? 

MMs 0ru€e, ob m, 1882, by Ben Bruce 
—Old Qaeen. by Black Hariy Clay^ . 

3iis8 CShadey Jo Joim, oh m^ li88— , by 
Tramp— BeUe, by Granite State.. ^. 

Miss Gopelfuid, gr tn, 188—, by Almoot 

Miss Crull, b m, 188—. by Gooding's 
CBMinpion .,...., 

31iss Oomskey . b m, 188—, by Bmbas- 
sador, dam By Harry Soott 

Miss Garfield, b m, 1888, by Garfield— 
NelL by Wbalebone. .. 

Mies Mamie, b mu 188— 

Miss Maybee, br m, 188-, by Miner's 
Pilot...... ....TV 

Miss McGinly, dn m, 188-, by Maple- 
wood Ohlef . .....; 

Miss Mouser, b m, 187— 

MisiB PAwley, ro m, 188— by Bay 
Hawk : 

Miss Qnickly, ok m, 1892, by Fergus 

Miss Kidgeway, ro m, 188—, by Loch- 

Miss WUUams, b m, 1891, by Will- 
iams, dam by Oapoul. 

Miss woodfoM, b m, 1889, by Sam 
Pnrdy, dami by Orange Bud. ..:.... 

Mistake, m m» 187— 

MiBtrea. br m, 188—, by Stratford 

Misty Morning, b n^ 1887, by Acci- 
dental-Fanny. .. ., , . . . . 

Misty Morning, ch g, 188—, by George 

2dite, b m, 1891, by Prinmont 

M. K., dn g. 1»-- by Qvey Hagle. . . . 

M. 1m Hare, b s, 188-% by Hambrlno. 

Modem Belle, b m, 1890, by BIyTia— 
Pollywog, by PUotWilkea. . . . .; 

MollT AHen, blk m, 1889, by Mam- 
hrtao Wilkes— Lady Allen, by Vick'S 
Btlban Alien Jr...: 

Molly B., bm» 188- 

Molly B., b m, ISS—, by Beedher 

Molly Brown, b m, 188— 

Molly Olark, b m, 18S— , by Bacon's 
Btnan Allen, r. 

Molly Cooper, iA m, 188— 

MoUy F.,ro m, 188<!L by Monarch Jr. 
— Bom F., by Don J. RoUnson 

Molly Gibson, b m, 188—, by Strata- 

Molly Hayden, rn m, 188—, by Bine 

Molly Hooper, b m, 1887. by Carver- 
Lady Podk, by Black BadMiw 

M<^ L., br nk 187—, bv Ballard's C. 
" ~' 'r.^ dam by Mo 

~J^n l5illard~. 

M. Clay Jr.. 

. by Morse Horse 
1886^ by .Bed 

b m^ 188—, by Blec- 


Molly M< 

tor. .. . 
Molly Fltdher, b m, IJW— , by Thorn- 

due Chief 

MoUy SL «li m, 188-, by Oxford Boy. 
Molly Slimmer, b m, 1891, by PUot 


Moaa, b g^ 1887, ^ Jay Gould Jr.— 

LoolBe H., by HamHA Ahncmt Jr.. 
Monabel. br s, 1891. by 8t. Bel— Al- 































uMkna, by Almont .f. .. 

Monadei,br s, 1889, by Blooon— Ad^e, 


by Hysdyk's Hambletonian (dead;: ; 2{18% 
MoDbarsTblk s, 1889, by (ESagle Bird- 
Lady Maud, by Gen. Knok (trotting' 

2:11%), «:Wi 

Monita, blk m, 1887, by Patchen 

Wilkes— Honda, by Wedgewood. . . < . 2:19% 

Monk, bs,188- 2:23% 

Monkey Kolla, b g, 186—, by Tempesv 

Jr.... ?....; . 2:15% 

Monkey Wonder, ch s, 1888, by Ma^ 

Wonder 2:29% 

Mooogramv b s. 1886^ by Bed Pilot-^ 

WUBe, by GIbson'a John Dillard Jr. 2:201/4 
Monreo, b s, 18&^, by Tennessee 

Wilkes : 2:26% 

Monrev^e, b g, 188—, pedigree not ' 

tmoed. ...^.. ...TrT.T. 2:19% 

Monroe Brister, b & 1888, by Bed 

Bick-Jane, by OuiSb Horse 2:20 

Monroe SL, b s, 18^ by Monroe Ctdef 

— Lnrline, by Bene AlU 2:20 

Monset^ blk s, 18^- 2:29 

Montaigne, oh' s, 1883, by Bourbon 

Wilkes— Mary Tmornas, by Abdallah 

Mamibrino (dead) 2:27% 

Montana WiUtea, br s^ 188B, by Bed 

.Wilke»r-Bv)B, by Lumber 2:17 

Mont Blanc, b UK 188—, by Matter- 
bom. . 2:30 

Monte, blk g, 188-, by Abdallah 

Prince — Lady Stow, by Putnam 

Honse 2:26% 

Monte, b s, 188—, by Moote CShristo, 

dam by George Wfikes .-2:23% 

Monte OuiBto, b g, 188^ by Little 

Wonder-Orphan Lass , 2:18% 

Mooiteg, br s. 18i^, bv Almont Baven. 

— Topoey. oy Broocsiam 2:29% 

MontesumxL br o, 1880,by Alcaiitara— 

Winona, by Cwtis' Hiunbletonian. . 2:29% 
Montgomery Wilson, gr g, 188—, by 

Jim Wilson ...7.. 7. 2:27 

Montrose, di g, 188—, l>y McOurdy's 

HainblrtoiUaii— Bllen 2:24% 

Mooiu^tone, blk m^ 1839, bv Mamibrino 

King— OLariee, by Ham Lin's Almont 

Jr.,...,. ..:.. ........ 2.-09% 

Mortttca^ b ox, IHS—, br Messenger 

WUkeft-MoJeska, by £kiileld 2:20% 

Mo:ieun, b m. isSfci, by Tnmessee 

WiLkea - IA%zle Moore, by Gibson's 

l\rtu. HaL 2:24 

Mr^rj^aiithalor', ru g. 188—, by Van 

iicrijjiu 2:29% 

Moscow, gr m, 1886^ by Bed Oak- 
Shoo Fly, by L€^»i Tteiider 2:20 

MoUon Jr., ch s. &8r-, by Motion. . . . 2:24% 
Motto, b s. 1888, by Maxim — Miss 

Hetr, by Mambrino Patxjhen 2:20 

Mountain. Boy, b g, 188—, by Biasing 

SUr 2*27 

Mountain Maid, br m, 18B>-, t^ Han- 

nls .77 2:27% 

Mountain Pink, b m, 18^ by Bllerslie 

Wilke»-Kit, by lidgewater 2:15% 

MountHdn. Queen, b m, 188—, by Bel- 

voir 2:24% 

Moxie, b g, 188-, by Warwick Boy. . 2:27% 
Moxie, b 0, 188—, by Barnes' Dictator 


Moxie Hiatgoa, b s, 1866, by Pnoc- 
lamatioo— Kitty Foster, by Old Gur- 

ney 2:21% 

Moyer, oh g. 188-. by Bl Mabdi 2:26 

Mcsanetta, b nu 1^6- 2:28 

Muggln0,bg, 188- 2:26% 

Muggins, b s, 1884, by Stratt^Dore, 

Digitized by 




KmiiSiiiir kr Sr IMC w vSiGkkif. 
Mutual, b m, lSl-» bf AMMflcftii Boy. 

L^by Green MouoUhk Horcui... 2:2IW 

y ^O > 1^ IMOt by Klas 3MI»»- 

NenA, b«;*ijBii.*.v.*.i.'r.*!r;r!r.'."!ri.* a^ 
^SIS SS^ *."!•.???::'. ^ ™*:! a:»tt 

NaiHile B., b 1% 18&. br Reao De- 
Itanod-XAcy Q.» byMeXlmiey Hone a:lTH 

Nani^ W., b sol 18&-» by Bed 
Wllke&, idam by VentuM 2:2ft 

Naaiito ward, b m» 1888, br MoCa>- 
4y*e HiunliletooU&-DAley» by Look- 
ok. : 2M 

NaiUle WUkee. b nk 1880, by Bed 
Wilke»-Baii[ae WUkM, by Qeorve 
Wilkes. 2:26)4 

Nate a. b g, l^by NatboB MilliH- 
liady tells, t^Bocklin'e Ghmploii 

Nathan P., be. 188-. by Tbereo 2:28 

NatlCLObiL ifi-, by Job 2:27)% 

Nau^ty Qiii, b m, 188Q, by Gon- 
naugbt—Fannie atraager, by Cheet- 

awTToiB .TT 2:23% 

Neatbud, b a, 1887, by Neatwood- _ 

Beeebad, by aweepetakes 2ddB 

Ned, b ft m8........ 2-.28H 

NedC gr a, 18&-, (dead) 2:29 

Ned^bg, 186--, (dead) 2:28 

Hattjle. by Simm'e Cla:4t Gbief Jr. . 2:183^ 
NeiddAe H.. b g, 1884, by Meeeeoger ^ ^^^^ 

CJhlef, dam by GUI's YenMot 2:17% 

Ned Vbzrester, cb g, 187—. by Tmmg ^ ^^^ 

Fo«Te8ter 2:28% 

Ned H., b g, 188-, by Gen. Grant 2.:24% 

Ned Haaton, bUc g, 18ft-, by Kim- ^ ^^ 

ball MorvBn 2:20% 

Ned Hull, grg, 18S-% b/Hull 2^ 

Ned M.. A, g, 1882^ byi BiUy HIb- 

baiil-Polly, by Bictuwr** Hamiile- ^ ^^,^ 

tODlan.../.. 2:24% 

Ned Bawlln, b g, 188—. by Greenback 2:30 
Ned v., b 8, i884L kf Detractotv- 

Silkey. by Bu^TilZe 2:19% 

Ned W&flfow, blk g. 1881. by Tom 

Benton— Brvvm J^uiy, by Daild Hill ^ ^ 

Jr 2:12% 

Neernut, b 9, 1891 2:27)f 

Nelly, b m. 188—, by Abdamed Allen. 2:24% 
Nelly B., zr m. 1878, by Pocahontas ^ ^ 

Boy— iJaE^ MoGee, by Blue BuU.... 2-.21 
Nelly B., ro m, 18&-. by Old John. .. . 2:23 
Nelly B., b m, 1884, by Notable- 
Jenny 2:14% 

Nelly B., ohm, 188- 2:2a 

Nelly B., b m, 18ft-, by Bmest 2:1^4 

Nelly B., b m, 188—, by WUliam Bys- 

dykJr 2:2994 

Nelly C, b m, 188—. by Garret Wilkes 2:24% 
Nelly Davlflrb m, 18®, by Kremer'a 

Bttliibow 2:24% 

Nelly F., b m, 1888, by Anteros— 

Sharlle, by Roger Hanson (trotting 

2:25) 2:13% 

Nelly G., ch m. 188—. by MoCurdy... 2:27^4 
Nelly G., b m, 188—, by Montgomery. . 2:20% 
Nelly Gray, gr m,. 18ft—, by Gray 

Eagle (deed) 2:24 

Nelly Gray, f nw 108^ ^9 Cmb w m . . 

Nelly H.. bOK. 188-* ». 9:22 

Nelly WaaHBgs, b ■». ttft-, W l«t« 

Hastina .T7. ...^...... 2:2V% 

NeUy L,Tr m, 18»-, by Booib 2:18 

NeUy Jwe, pr m, 1880l by HkriUnd 

Gfay,-.-Belle Hammond, by Booeat 

Dim . 2'2#% 

Nellv iL\ *dh"m,'*i«^,*'by 'Butte's 

BaehaV t. 2:M% 

NeOy Maye, b m, 1886, by Pocaboi^- 
taa AbSd&ak-nlemiy F., by Her- 
c«ry 2:26 

Nelly KambrlBo, b m, ISSt by Mere- 
dStk-liambrinette, by Kentucky 
Prince Jr. 2^6% 

Nelly UeOnrfi h m, 1889, by Legal 
Tender Jr.— Luey. by Tobe Jr 2:18% 

Nelly Neal, b m, 1880, by Agrtoola. . . 2:26^ 

Nelly C, br m, 188—, by Henry Mam- 
brino 2:23% 

NeDy O., eh m. 1884, by Ba2d Chief 
Jr.— Bemtoe, by HailBtorm 2:13i4 

Nelly B., b m, 18ft- 2:^% 

Nelly B.. br m. 187- 2:17% 

Nellie B., blk m, 188—, by Walkilt Jt.. 9'J2^ 

Netly a» g m, 186—, by Bayonue 
Prince— Mary O., by Harry Wood. . . 2 -.22% 

NeUy a, b m, isk, by Pl&ett (trot- 
ting i:21%) 2:16% 

Nelly Seal, btt m, 18ft- Z'S^ 

NeUy ahaw, dn m, 187— 2:; 

Nelly Bprague, b m, 188—, by Alexan- 
der Spttgue 2:2 

NeUy Tasc3, m m, 186-^ by Tiasco. . 2:2 

Nelly Turner, b m, 1887, by Hunt's 
Blue Bull-Molly, by High Jack.... 2:23% 

N^ly W.. b m. 188— Tby Baven 
WUkes 2:27% 

Netly T., b m, 188-, by Hamain'a 
Almont Jr. 2:26% 

Nelson Allen, blk s, 1891, by Nelson, 
dam by Hugenot. «... 2:29% 

Nels RandaU, ch a, 18ft-, by Poca- 
hontas Sam 2;2U94 

Nettie, b m, 188-% by Bright Light. 2022% 

Nettie a, b m, 188— , by Moonstone- 
Maggie, by Fields' Boyal George.. 2:23^ 

NetUe D., b m, 18ft-, by Fat^ieii 
Volunteer 2:24% 

Nettle B. HontaSb ch m, 188—, by 
Harry Hontas— Flora B., by Scott'a 
Hiatoea 2:29% 

Nettie Field, b m, 1887, by Fairy 
Gift- Nettie* by Volunteer 2:23 

Nettie Green, cr m, 188—, by Billy 
Green— Kitty Scott, by Scott's Hla^ 
toga 2:25 

Nettie Hoppin, ch m, 187—, by Long- 
strider, dam by Smoke Boy 2:20 

Nettie Swan, b m, 188—, by Acci- 
dental 2:29 

Nettle Wilkes, ch m, 188—, by Adrian 
Wilkes 2:19% 

Nettle Keenan, b s, 188—, by George 
Gordon— Old Orow 2:26% 

Nettlewood, b s, 18Q0, by Merchant 
-"-Gloria, by Almont Pilot 2:23 

Nevada, b s, 1877, by Gien. Beno— 
Marysville Queen, by Sl^mal 2:24% 

Nevlns' First b s, 1884^ by Neyina^ 
Polka, .by Pocahontas Boy ., 2:19 

Newoafltle, ch g, 1888, by Kentucky 
Prince— Dolly, by Niagara Gham- 

■ Digitized by VjOOQIC 



G. BOWERMAN, Lexington, Ky. 

When Silicon placed the race record for two-year-olds at 2:15% 
George Bowerman was up behind the winner. 

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♦•>♦»♦♦♦•»♦♦•♦♦♦•••••♦♦♦»♦•♦•♦••••••♦♦••••••••••••♦••♦•••••••♦•••♦•♦•♦••♦•>♦ » •»' 

M. BOWERMAN, Lexington, Ky. 

M. Bowerman cut the four-year-old trottiDg record 
to 2 :10 with Mrquctte. 


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plon (d«ad) 2:2JH4i 

New Donainion, ch. s, 188—, by Do- I 

minion 2:24% 

New Bra, ch g, 1890. by Hamble- 

tonian Wilkes 2:13 

New Hope, blk g, 187— 2:16 

Newkirk, b g, by Clinker 2:25Vi 

New Medium, b 8, 18&— . by Happy 
Medium, dam by Strader's Gaasius 
M. Clay Jr 2:30 

Newsboy, dn g. 1886, by Brentwood 
—Lemons, by Dan Allen 2:12-^4 

News Boy, b s, 1885, by Oecar, or 
Byerly Abdallah— Nettle, by Gray's 
Tom Hal .,.,, 2:22y4 

Nieoll, gr g, 188—, by Joihn Bell, dam 
by Gibson's Tom fial 2:19% 

Nicholas B., gr s, 188—, by Ohio 
Knickerbocker 2:19% 

Nicolette, blk s, 1887. by Adrian 
Wilkes— Edwina, by Blackwood ... 2:20% 

Nidla, b m, 1890, by Wayne Wilkes— 
Carrie K., by Almoiit Pilot 2:13% 

Nigger, b g, 187— 2:30 

Nigger Baby, blk g, 188- 2:21% 

Nigger Boy, blk g, 1887, by Black 
Prince Jr., dam by Lr. C. Lee 2:19% 

Nigger Boy, blk g, 186- (dead) 2:25% 

Nightingale, ch m, 1S83. by Alcan- 
tara— Neoscaletta, by Daniel Lam- 
bert 2:13% 

Nimrod, ch sr, 186—, by Missouri Chief, 
dam by Williamson's Belmont 2:193i 

Nina, br m, 1880, by Eclalre 2:22% 

Nina W.. ch m, 1886, by J. W. Bailey 
—Maud W., by George Miller 2:26 

Nodlne, b g, 1884* by Peacemaker- 
Lady Burgett 2:19% 

Non Parole, gr m, 1888, by American 
Boy— Maud L., by Gray Charley.. 2:18% 

Noonday, b g, 187— 2:27 

No Other Kid, b g, 188—. by Illinois 
Chief 2:28% 

N. Q. Lancewood, ch m, 188—, by 
Fleetwood 2:25% 

Nora L., b m, 188—, by Norwood Sta • 2:2aVi 

Nora Marks, b m, lw6, by Rounds' 
SpraguG— Vellin Danville, by Dan- 
ville Boy 2:23% 

Nora T., gr m, 188— 2:25% 

Nordeck, b g, 188-, by Bassett M... 2:30 

Norrlstown, b g, 188- 2:24% 

Northwest, b s, 1885, by Egmont— Tot, 
by Dictator (trotting 2:22%) 2:15 

Notion, b 8, 1889. by St. Bel — Rit- 
cOieklers, by Messenger Chief 2:16 

No Trouble, b m, 1884, by Dick Tur- 
pln 2:21V4 

Novice, ch m. 1890, by Tennessee 
Wllkes-Ida Elliott, by Harold 2:24Vi 

Nox, b m, 1887. by Nutwood— Four 
Lines, by Blackwood 2:25V4 

Noxall, b s, 188—. by Roseberry 2:18 

Nutooel, ch s, 1886, by Nutwood — 
Bessie, by Temptation. 2:24 

Nutford, ch s, 1886, by Abbottsford 
-^Annie Nutwood, by Nutwood 2:15 

Nuthurst ch 6, 1886. by Nutwood - 
Enterprise, by Onward 2:12 

Nutmage, b g, 188—, by Blind Bashaw 2:29V4 
Nutmeg, b m. 1886, by Rlc4iwood— 
Sheila, by Dauntless 2:27% 

Nutpan, br s, 1887, by Nutwood— Issa- 
quena, by Pancoast 2:10% 

Nutplne, ch s, 1887, by Nutwood- 
Maggie Wilkes, by Georsre Wilkes 2:15% 

Nutro^e. b s. 1887, by Nutwood- 
Moss Rose, by Woodford Mambrino 2:22 

Nutwood Wilkes, b s, 188—, by Nut- 
wood .^ 2:25% 

Nydla. WUkes, b m, 1887, by Baron 

Wilkes— Anne Belle, by Nutwood.. 2:12% 
Oklahoma, b m, 188—, by Cham- 
pion Wilkes 2 :28 

Oakland, blk s, 1887, by Deti-actor— 

Jule, by Mambrlno Sotham 2:16 

Oceana Prince, b g, 188—, by Oceana 

Chief 2:25 

O'ConneU, b g 188-, by Woodland, 

dam by Olympus 2:30 

Oddfellow, ch g, 186—, (dead) 2::d8% 

Odessa Clipper, b g, 188—, by Al 

West Jr 2:23% 

OdlUa, b m, 890, by Onwaiti— Rachacl 
Russell, by Woodford Abdaliah .. 2:24% 

O. B., ch g, 188—, by Strathmore 2:26% 

Ohio Boy, b s, 188-, by Cardinal 51:24% 

Ohio Maid, rn m, 187—, 2:28 

Old Hunter, ch s» 187—, 2:29xi 

Ole Bull, b g, 188—, by Denmark 2:26«^ 

Oaie BeUe, b m, 187— by Tempest 

Jr 2:29% 

Oliver C, b g, 188— by Marlborough 2:26'yi 

Oliver E., gr g, 188^- .* . 2:29 

Olivette, br m, 188-. by Director .. 2:28% 
Olivette, cb m, 188—, by Johnny Mac. 2:29 
Omega, rn m, 188—, by Waiker Mor- 
rill 2:22% 

Onle D., b m, 1881. by Warwick Boy 

Tackey, by Happy Medium 2:20 

Online, b s, 18SK», by Shadeland On- 
ward—Angelina, by Chester Chief 2:04 

Ontario, blk g, 188— 2:29% 

Ontonlan, b s, 1889, by Shadeland 
Onward— Angelina, by Cheste- Chief 

(dead) 2:07% 

Onward, blk g, 186—, by Chieftain 

_(dead) 2:24% 

Onward Boy, b s, 1887, by Prodigal 

—Bessie B., by Blanco Abdallah 2:24% 

Onyx, blk s, 188— by Vaientlne 

Swleert 2:20^ 

Ophelia, gr m, 188- by Alfred.... 2:16% 
Opulence, blk s, 188—, by Ferguson 

—Lady MeKluney, by Sweepstakes 2:29% 
Oran C, gr g, 1887, by Orion— Jenny 

Ross, by Crook** Corbeau 2:22% 

Original Package, b g, 188— 2:S^ 

Orland,.ro g, 1888, by Uprlgfit— Top- 

sy, by Nephew Jr 2:23% 

Orley Wilkes, br s, 188—, by Seal- 

skin Wilkes ...... .... . 2-27 

Orphan Alice, b m^ 188—, by Mamr 

brlno Rescue 2:27% 

Orients, b m, 188-, by Aberdeen.... 2:28 
Orllnda Richmond, b m, 188—, by A. 

W. Richmond, dam by Ulster Qhief . 2:16 
Orphan Boy, b g, 188-, by Walker 

Morrill 2:24% 

Orphan Boy, b s, 1888, by George 
Steck— Doska, by Bald Stockings... 2:18 

Oscar, b g, 188—, by De Soto 2:26% 

Osceola, bl g, 1880, by Blue VeiU'-Pol- 

ly, by Cadmus 2:18 

Otta Neely, b m, 188—, by Ottawa 

Chief 2:28 

Otis M., b 8, 188—, by Triceps 2:20% 

Otto, bg, 188— , bvOnawa 2:23% 

Otto W., b s, 1887, by Dall Brino- 

Bessle B., by Teeter's Horse 2:13% 

Onlda, b m, 188—, 2:24 

Our Boy, b g, 188—. by Vernon Boy- 
Black Bess, by Wapsie 2:17% 

Our Dlek, b g, 188-. by Gibraltar . . . 2:10% 
Onr Dick, b g, 188—. by Redwood. . . . 2:2294 
Our Nora, bl m, 188—, by Alav^oeA— , 

Digitized by CjOOQIC 




Trevena mare o.i«i . 

O^dT HT ^8^. by Hamlin's Almont 

Jr.-«llk, by Alcantara •• ^.i**^ 

Oxygen, ch g, 1S7-, by Simpson's ^^ 

Pa *lSg PbanS^* blk* g; '188^; by ^hai 2:22 
lalmetto, br s, 18»t>, by Brown Ha.- 

Manrie. by Enterprise .... .... . . • . <*.A^% 

pSo^to OblmesT b s...^^, ^^ o i-l. 

Ohim»-Velvet, by Mambrlno King. 2:1« Vi 
Panic, b B, 188-, by Algiers ...•••••• ^'^^^ 

Panama jiald, ch m, l8«0. by Pan- 

fljmA— Red Girl '^":'"A"' ^ 

Pansy Blossom, gr m, 18S©, by Gen. 

WiUtee. dam by Harrodsburg R>y. . 2:12 
Pa^y L, gr m/lSSS, by Pan-Nelly 

Conner, by Legal Tender,^ Jr 2:23V9 

Paola, ell m, 1888, by Frank Ix«an- 

Fanny Logan, by Little Logan..... 2:20 
Pap^oSe, b m, 1886, by UlUmns, dam 

by Gill's Vermont ; • • • • i ^'^^* 

Parker, b s. ^ 1883, by Alcantara- 

Marie, by Blackstone • • • . ^.-^^Va 

P«ker,'c3f g. 188-, by Witeon, dam 

by Daniel Lambert • -fi.iw^ 

Paimont, br s, 1886, by Paeacas- 

Picoola. by Harvester ••••v ^'^^^ 

pfscal, ^ g. 188-, by Victor, dam by 

California Brock ZlZlSi 

Pat, b g. 188^ • • • -I* • ^"^^ 

PatascoT br s, 1887, by Brovvn Hal- 

Yellow Mag by i'olnter's Slashe •. . 2:21^4 
Pat Bruen, Si g, 1880, by AJax-Fash- 

ion, by MiUett Horse........ 2.^ 

Patc^en T., b g, 1877, by ^adow— 

Nellv Bell, by Hole-ln-the-Day 2:24%. 

T>nt Tlplanev b e, 1890, by Anderson 

WlSSs^^lteinlet by Stelifway (dead). 2:18^ 
Pat Harold, b s, 1&4 by De Soto- 

Maggie Patton, by Masterlode . . . . . . 2.-<.l 

Pat Hiron, b g, 18&-, by Pbaron, dam 

dam by Honest Jolin ... . . • • • • • ^.1< V4 

Pat Legg, bl g, 1886, by Mambrlno 

Bedmon • ^ •^•* 

Pat Murphy, br g, 188— by Palmetto 

—Molly Murphy, by Dodson's Davy ^^ ^ 

Pa^^'o^BHen,' ' br 's,* ' iss^,' * by ' BiilV ^'^^ 

r>oYl3 ^ .^1V4 

Patoche'*b m, 1890. by Princep^, 

darn^by George Wukes .......... 2:2.V* 

Patrick Henry, br s, 188-, by Ajax, 

dam by Harold v«« "•;.•••«,:• * ^"^^^ 

Patrick's Pacer, b g, 188-, by Sha- 

ron Benton « • i; * * * *^ i'^AT 

Patrol, b g. 188-, l>y^ Constellation .. 2:14^ 
Patsey Clinker, gr g, 1877, by Charley 

^Nellie 2 :20 

Patsey K., b g, 1885. by Hi^lander 

Bov—Sue, ^J^^ ^ye 2:gV4 

Pattle Belie, b m," 189lV W Don'Pl- ^" ^ 
zarro, dam by Me^enger Chief 2:23 

Pattie D., ch m., 188—, by XJltlmus.. 2:12% 

Pattle West, b m, 1884, by Al West— 
Patti Dodd vv;-.-^- •:•• ^'^^ 

Paul, ch g, 188-, by Bald Hornet- 
Lucy 2:wy2 

Paul Clifford, b s, 188—, by Tennes- 
see Wilkes 2:20^ 

Pauline H., b m, 1888, by Kidnapper 
— Nlcol Mare (trotting 2:24) 2:17% 

Paul M., b g, 1884, by Manchester- 
Mary, by Louis Napoleon 2:24y4 

Payne Stone, b g, 188—, by Judge 

Salisbury 2:25v4 

Payrock, b g. 188-, by Diplomat, 
dam by St Nioholas 2:28^ 

Peacock, gr s, 1878, by Whipple's 
Hambletonian— Jane McLane, by 
Budd Doble .' 2:igVi 

Pearl, Wh m, 187—, 2:27V2 

Pearl, b m, 188—, by Pomeroy— Nell 
Morgan, by Judge Advocate 2:19H 

Pearl L., ch m, 188—, by Elgin Boy. .. 2:23 

Pearl Logan, b m, 188—, by Mam- 
brlno Logan J:^6»4 

Pearl R.. b m, 1883, by Lucas Brod- 
head— Maud Medium, by Happy 
Medium i'^iJ^ 

Pedro, bg, 188—. 2:2% 

Peerless, b m, 1®—, by BJqulty Wilkes 2:13^ 

Peleg, b s, 1890, by Keno Defiance— 
Lucy, by McKenney Horse (trotting _, , 
2:23%) 2:121/1 

Pendleton, b g, 188—, by Hamble- ^ ^, 
tonian Dovimlng 2:29Vi 

Perine, b m, 1880, by Paul Jones Jr.. 2:24iA 

Perkins, ch s, 188-. by C. F. Clay— ^ ^ ^ 
Miss Brewer, by Red Wilkes 2:2!jyi 

Peruvian Bitters, b g, 1879, by Elec- 
tioneer—Nellie Walker , by Thorn- ^^ ^^^^ 
dale or eon of Edwin For.-es-t 2:23^4 

Pet, ro g, 18^-, (dead) 2:lb'/2 

Peter Cooper, br g, 188—, by Steele's ^ ^^^,, 
Walkill, dam by Golddrop 2:21U 

Peter Piper, b g, 1886, by Nantucket ^ ^^,, 
—Puss Mliler, by Sir Walter 2:14V4 

Peter T., b g, 188-, by Fisk'e Mam- ^ ^^ 
brlno dhieftr 2:20,, 

Peter V., b s, 188—, by Longstrlder . . 2:lbi^ 

Phantom, b m. 188-. by Steele's Wal- ^ ^^^ 
kill, dam by Billy Bowl^ps 2i2&^/2 

PLaron, b s, 1887, by Pharos, dam by 
Aiitenor.., 2:16% 

Pharos, b s, 1883. by Phallas— ^^^, 
Hoosler Girl, by B.ue Bull 2:21Vi 

Phenom, m s, 1892, by Director- 
Maud B., by Red Wilkes 2:21^ 

Phenol, gL- m^ 188—, by Jersey Wutes ^ ^^ 
— Adelina, by Egbert 2:10^^ 

Phil Fi-eiler, rn g, 188—, by Copper- 
bottom 2:Jo>i 

PhlUis, b 8, 1888, by Masterlode— ^^,, 
Comet, hy Lexington Chief Jr 2:17Vi 

Phillls Wilkes, b m, 1880, by Bal- 
mo(nt WUkes— Jessie H., by Stephen ^^,, 
A, Douglass 2:20% 

Phillios, b g, 188-, by Pickering, _,^ 
dam by Nelson's Onward 2:27V4 

Phylie, b s, 1889, by Patron— Bessie 
Turner, by Virglnius 2:19^/4 

Pickaway, ch g, 188—, by Red Joe 2:10-)^ 

Pierpont Girl, blk m, 188-, by At- 
lantic 2:24% 

Pierron, ch g, 1800, by Iliad, dam by 
Onward 2:lo 

Pllatoga, ch s, 1886, by Bayard— ^ ^ 
Jenny, by Scott's Hiatoga 2:20V4 

Pilot Bird, b m, 1886, by Pilot Knox 
— Lil Williams, by Kohinoor 2:22% 

Pilot Gift, br s, 1883, by Fairy Gift— ^ ^.^, 

Pussy zilon 

Pilot Knox, br s, 1875, by Black Pilot 
—Nancy Knox, by Col. Ellsworth ^^,^ 
(trotting 2:19%) 2:20Mi 

Pilot Wi&es, b s. 1880, by Geoige ^^ 
Wilkes— Grace, by Pilot Jr 2:23 

Pine Level, gr g, 188-, 2:22^ 

Pinewood, b s, 1890, by Artemas— 

Mamie F., by Joe Jefferson 2:2u 

Piquant, b g, 188-, by Sea Bird 2:29^ 

Pistachio, ah s, 1886, by Belmont— ^ ^,^ 

Miss Russell, by Pilot Jr. 2:29)4 

PUley Boy, br s, 1884, by Pocahontas 

Digitized by 




SftM^Blrd, by George Bell 2:12 

P. J., b g, 18«2, by President Wilkes. 2:23% 
Play Pair, b s, 188—, l^ Olmedo 

WUkee 2:2J% 

Plaza, gc 8. 1887, by Tennessee Dic- 
ta tar— Olalre, by Bayard 2:22% 

Plow Girl, blk m, 188—, by Black Sam 2:26^ 
Plunger, b g, 188—, by Gibson's Tom 

Hal 2:27 

Plunkett, b g, 1887, by SU-aUiearn- 

Ply, by Bulger 2;18% 

Plus, b s, 1886, by Happy Heir- 
Lady Weat, by Col. West 2:20% 

Plusli, oh m, 1880, by Don J. Robinson 

—Stella P., by Magna Gharta 2:23% 

Pluto, chg, 188— .by Bob Patterson. . 2:20% 
Plutowood! b s, law, by Pluto— Mollie 

R., by Recorder 2:20% 

Poca Eagle, b s, 1885, by Pocahontas 

Sam— Molly Ooshow 2:21% 

Pocahontas, ch m, "1847," by Iron's 
Cadmus, dam by Big Shakespeare 

^(dead) 2:17% 

Pocahontas, ch m, 187—, by Little 

Washington, dam by St. Olalr 2:22% 

Pocabontas Piince, blk s, 1884, by 
Pocahontas Boy—Faro Queen (trot- 
ting 2:20%) ? 2:1954 

PocaLontas Sam, ch s, 1879, by 
Pocahontas Boy— Fanny, by Blue 

Bull rTr...... 2:27^4 

Pohiter (Kissel's), b g, 188G, by 

Bavenswood^MoUy, by Jdohawk. .. . 2:10% 
Polka Hot, b s, 188—, by Elgin Boy. . . 2:28% 

Polly Ann, rn m, 188-, (dead) 2:2C% 

Polly T.. br m, 188-, by Red Bird. . 2:21 a 
Pomona, b s, 1887, by Albion— Pansy, 

by Re-Echo ^ 2:15 

l»omp, ch g, 1881, by Dick— Pearl, by 

Platte Allen 2:17V 

Pomp A., br g, 1881, by Mohawk 2 

Pompey Jones, gr g, 180—, (dead) 

Po Po liO, br 8, ISS— , by Albert Lea, 

dam by Florida 2:20 

Posey (Jolden, br g, 188—, by son of 

(Joiddust (dead) 2:10*4 

Prairie Bird, b m. 1867, by Flaxtail 

—Fashion, by John Baptiste (dead). 2:28k 
Prairie Girl, b m, 1891, by Grey 

Harry 2:20 

Prairie Lily, b m, 1891, by Adrian 

Wilkes, dam by Hamdallah 2:19y4 

Prairie Maid, b m, 1884, by Mam- 

monteer— Prairie Girl, by Brougham 2:30 
President, blk s, 1S80, by Swigert— 

Patsey Lee. by Rock 2:23U 

President Wilkes, b s, 1885, by Ash- 
land Wilkes-Oaltha Robertson, by 

Al West (dead) T 2:19% 

Pressley M., gr g, 188—, by Benson. .. 2:21^4 
P/estoria Wilkes, ch m, 188— by An- 
derson Wilkes 2:22V. 

Pretension, b s, 1888, by Pretender— 

■» Meg Rodman 2:24lo 

Priest, brg, 188— 2:29(4 

Prima Donna, ch m, 1887. by Better- 
ton— Dame Tansey, by Daniel I^am- 

bert 2:091/4 

Prim Wallace, b m, 1800, by William 

Wallace— Rachel 2:27% 

Prince S., b g, 188—, 2:22V4 

Prince, rn g, 188-, 2:28 

Prince, b s, 188—, by Fremont 2;23V4 

Prince. J>r k, 187— by Missouri Chief 

dam by Williamson's Belmont 2:23% 

Prince, blk g, 188—, 2:30 

Prince Albeit, b g, 188—, by HamU- 

ton 2:28*/4 

Prince Alcander, ch s, 1889, by Al- 

candeiv-RJhea, by Wlnooskl 2:1744 

Prince Alcyone, b g, 18H-, by Alcyone 2:i;>3 

Prince Almont, b s, 1889, by Almont 
Meuium- gueen of the West by 
George M. Patchen Jr '..... 2:13% 

Prince B:, blk g, 188-, by B.ack 
Repubiican 2*20% 

Prince Brennan, b g, 188— 2*23 

Prince C.. be, 188-, by Cutler.... 2^7% 

Prince Columbia, br a. 1881, by Prince 
Pulaski, dam by Granberry'u Slasher 2:20 

Prince Edict Jr., ch s, 1880, by Edict 
---Bell, by High Jack 2:22 

I^rince Echo, ch s, 1882, by Cloud 
Mambrino— Lucy, by Pacing Togue. 2:14% 

Prince E^wood, ch s, 1890, by Grey- 
stone— Juno, by Hambrino 2:22% 

Prince Brie, b s, 1880. by Erie WUkes 
—Katie C., by Mambrino Patchen.. 2:29% 

Piince Parlic. b s, 1880. by Kentucky 
Prince— Maggie Duroc, by Messen- 
ger Duroc 2*30 

Prince Frederick, b s, 1S83. by Lang- 
ley's Valentine— Nancy Wise 2:24U 

Prince Gift, b g, 18*-, by Hamble- 
touian Gift 2:27% 

Prince (Jould, ch g, 188—, 2:20% 

Prince Hal, br s, 1883, by Brown Hal 
--Jenny, by Prince Pulaski 2:10Vi 

Prince Hal, b s, 18S-, by King Hal. 2:29% 

Prince M., b g, 'I88-. by Hotsptii^r. ^ 

dam by Scott's Hiatoga 2:21% 

Prince Mac, ch g, 188—, by Logan 
Hambietonian— Jessie Mac 2 :19% 

Prince Nutwood, bik s, 1891, by Dex- 
ter Prince— Luella, by Nutwood 2:21% 

Prince Orange, b s, 1884, by Orange 
Blossom— gueen Bess, by Backman's 
Idol 2-25 

Prince Pilot, b s, 188—, by Prince Pu- 
laski 2:22% 

Prince S.,bg, 18^, 2:29% 

Princess, b m, 187—, 2-27 

Priuce^iS, ch m, 1892. by Prince, dam 
by son of Mambrino Howard 2:17% 

Princess, b m, 1874, by Pocahontas 
Boy— Lady McGee, by Blue Bull .. 2:19% 

Princess AUce, blk m, 1880, by Dex- 
ter Prince, dam by Gen. McClelian. 2:10 

Princess Alice, gr m, 1890, by Evan 
Lewis— Frances, by Merit 2:23 

Princess Eulalia, b m, 1892, by Em 
peror Wilkes 2:18% 

Princess H., br m, 188—, by Fleet's 
Hambletonian 2:23% 

Prince T., rn g, 188—, by Climont... 2:13% 

Princeton R., b s, 1890, by Sphinx. . 2:2oV4 

Printer Boy, b g, 188-, by Independ- 
ence 2:29% 

Proctor, b s, 1887, by Pancoast— 
Silence by Alexander's Abdallah.. 2:17 

Procul, blk s, 1889, by Embassador- 
Kit, by Black Ambassador 2:30 

Promise, b g, 188—, by Black Wilkes 2:26% 

Pronto, blk s, 1887, by Pancoast-* 
Mercedita. by Cuyler 2:24 

Pronto, br g, 187— by George Fletcher 
—Snow, by Canadian Lion 2:17% 

Prophet Wllkea, b s, 1882, by^ George 
Wilkes— Mollie, by Kentucky Clay.. 2:21% 

Prussian Boy, b g, 1889, by Gen. Ben- 
ton— Prussian Maid, by Signal 2:20V-i 

Prussian Maid, b m, 180—, by Signal 
—Lady Jasper 2:19 

Psyche, sp m, 1884, by Bayard- 
Arabian Girl, by Carnac 2:19U 

P. T. Barnum, b g, 188—, by Jim Wil- 
son .^ 2r.22 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Pull Back, lb t,jm-' *^ ^'^ ^•*~ 9.9«i/ 

Topsey, by BeUiel 2:26^ 

Puritan, br e, 187—, by^Almont .... 2:16 
Quaker Boy, b b, 188-, by Whalebone, 

dam by Kelly Howe ......••••; -^-l^^ 

Quaker K., ch g, 1S8--, by Wayne 

Wilson-Nettle, by Ool. Howe 2:a2/a 

Queen, b m, 188—, by Oommamier 2:iyV4 

gueeu Esther, b m, 1886, by AJax. 

-Miss Frost, by Bedford. .......... 2:2< 

Queen Gothard, b m, 1886, by St. 

Gothard— Mi«non Medium, by Happy 

Medium 2:14»/i 

Queen McGregor, ch m, 188—, by Don 

McGregor ^••»** 

Queen of the West, dn m, 186-, 

(dead) 2:21^ 

Queen SUnton, b m, 188—, by Gen, 

Stanton '^•■"* 

Quicksilver, ch a. 18^-. by Sliver- 

mine, dam by Hotspur Jr **r5'' 

Quiz, br m, 18»1, by Ko-bin Hood 2:1 iVi 

Q. K, Z., ch 8, 188-. by Ed Suther- 

land 2:^V4 

Racquet, blk g. 188-, 'a"'\:'::' ^'^"^ 

Rahleta, blk m, 1888, by Gambetta 

Wilkes— Bellfleld, by Enfield 2:21^ 

Rally Wilkes, b s, 1887, by Allle 

Wilkea— Beesle Davis • • . . ^:20V2 

Ralph D., b s, 188-, by Allen Sou- ^_^^^ 

B£S^bliugDick.***b*gr 188^V'by* J<^ ^ „_.. 

Coleman •• i'H'r 

Baritana Boy. g g. 188-. 2:28^ 

Rat b 2. 188—, ^'^iVi 

SSttlerA g, 18^. by Al West 2:22% 

Rattler, b g, 1886, by St. Mark . . . . . 2:Wi 
Rattler Brooks, ch s, 1878, by Barn- . 

heart's Brooks, dam by Pat Malone 2:23)4 
RattUng Dan, b g, IgJ-.. .........;. 2 :26y4 

Rattiing Jim, b g, 187- by Yellow 

Jacket • *:ao 

RattUng Jim, b g, 186-, by Flying 

Hiaioga, (dead) » 2:23V4 

RaveUi, br s, 1883, by Hermes— Jessie 

Morrill, by Winthrop MorrUl 2:20';4 

Raven, blk m, 1877. by Alcantara- 
Rachel B.. by Allle Weet 2:11% 

Raven Boy, blk g. 1878, by Pocahontas 

Boy— Tina Wilson, by I^egal Ten^r. 2:15^4 
Raven T., blk s, 1877, by Bay Tom 

Jr.-Kate McCrory, by Coleman's 

Traveler 2:2av4 

Raymond, b g, 188-. by George B.. .. 2:19% 
Razor Blade, b g, 188— .by Hen-y B. . 2:22^4 
Razzle Daazle, b sf, 1889, by Prince 

Medium— Worm Mare 2:22 

Reality, b g, 1886, by Polonlous, dam 

by Middletown 2:20^2 

Reavis, b s, 1888, by Monroe (3hlef— 

Belle S 2:20^ 

Rebellion, b g, 1875, by Locomotive 

—Ruby, by Gen. Hardee 2:25 

Red Bell, ch s, 1885, by Red Wllkes- 

Heatherbelle. by Anthony Wayne.. 2:11% 
Rebus, b g, 1886, by Ohesterwood— 

Roxy, by Miller's Hamibletonlan 2:1294 

Recall, m s, 188- by Reveille 2:20^1 

Red Bandana, b s, 1888, by Almout 

Wi:keisr-Dazzle^ by Happy Medium. . 2:14Vj 
Red Bud, b s, 1883, by Red Wilkes— 

Kate Blackwood, by Blackwood Jr.. 2:24'/v 
Red Cloud, ch g, 18^^, by Rainbow.. . 2:li)V4 
Red aoiul, b g, 188— ,' by Golddust.. 2:2r,J^ 

Red DavlB. ch fs. 188— 2:18 

Redfleld, b s. 1884. by Red Wllkes- 

I^oretta, by Enfield 2:1J)!54 

Red Grant, cfh s, 1800, by Red Blos- 

som—Nelly Grant, by Pacing Ab- 

dallah .TT 2:27V4 

Red Hal, b s, 1887, by Martin'a Tom 

Hal— Lucinda, by Henry Ctaiy 2:13% 

Red Hawk, b g, 188-, 2:21)% 

Red Hornet, Sx s, 188-, by Bald 

Hornet 2:23^/4 

Red Lady, b m, 1889, by Red Wilkes 

—Severn, by Grand Sentinel 2:16*4 

Redleaf, ch m, 188^, by Charm 2;28% 

Red Leaf, b m, 188-, by Blfiin Boy. . . 2:26«^ 
Redmon C, ch a, 1887, by Joe Thorn- 
dale, dam by Highlander 2:30 

Red Rock, b s, 188—, by Kilbuck Tom. 2:25% 
Red Rover, b g, 188—, by AJ West. .. 2:25>i 
Red Rover, b g, 188—, by Redfleld . . . 2:24% 
Redskin, ch g, 1887, bj Royal Jim- 
Fanny, by Kirkpatrick'fl Buck 2:17% 

Red Star, 6h s, 188—, by Oiestmit Star 2:20 
Red Star, b m, 18&-, by Hale's Red 

Buck 2:23% 

Red Thorn, b g, 188—, by Rescue 2:ir»% 

Red Wing, ch s, 1889, by Music— 

Kitty, by Flying Mohawk 2:13% 

Redwood, ch g, 188-, by Red Buck.. 2:22% 
Redwood, ch g, 188—, by Ringwood. . . 2:28% 
Reflector, b s, 1887, by Duplex, dam 

by Norfolk 2:0T% 

Reform, rn g, 188—, by Prince Co- 

lumlbia 2:26 

Regardless, b g, by Dewltt's Norman 2:16% 
Regulator, b s, 188—, by Indianapolis 

—Lady Forrest 2:25 

ReU Rooker, gr s, 188—, ter Rooker. . 2:28% 
Reno Clipper, br s, 1890, by Reno 
Deflance— Lady Clipper, by Clipper 

Jr 2:20*/2 

Reno M^ blk g, 1891, by Reno's Baby. 2:20 
Reno's Baby, br a, 1887, by Reno De- 
flance— Lucy Q., by McKlnney Horse 

(trotting 2:26%) 2:14 

Renvoi, br s, lw2, by Game Onward. 2:21% 
Reserve Fund, ch s, 1885, by Nutwood 
—Lizzie Wilkes, by Geoiig© Wilkes. . 2:26 

Retainer, b g, 188— 2:^4% 

Retla Boy, ch s, 1888, by Kimo— 

Molly, by Blue Vein 2:19% 

Reuben, b g, 188—, by Barnes' Dic- 
tator Ohlef, dam by Reuben 2:26% 

Reuben W., b g, 18&— , by Clark 

Chieftain 2:16V4 

Revenue, br g, 1885, by Reveille 2:29% 

Reward J^ en b. 1887, bv Bourbon 
WiJces— Lark, by Abdailah Mambrlno 

(trotting 2:29) 2:10% 

Rex King, gr s, 1887, by Rex Hia- 

toga— Maud L., by Gold ICing 2:25 

Rex Princeton, be, 188—, by Princeton 2:23% 
Rhea, gr m, 188—, by Judge Advocate 2:1754 
Rbinehart, gr s, l88— , by Monroe S.. 2:24^ 
RhineBtone. b s, 1890, by Dunton 

Wilkes 2:25 

R. H. W., ch g, 188-, by Almont. .. . 2:25% 
Richard, b g, 188-, by Majo- Ringgold 2:1&54 
Richard B., b g, 188—, by Black T)hn 2:25% 
Richard Jay, b s, 1888, by Dictator 
Wllkes-Jean Wilkes, by Adrian 

Wilkes 2:17% 

Rldhard Wllkea, br s, 1886, by Qay 
Wilkes— Kate, by Palm's Kennebeck 2:25 

Rich Ball, gr g, 188— 2:2i*% 

RIchball. b g. 1876, by King Pharaoh 

— Genevra 2:12% 

Riohmond, b s, 188-, by lUchwood... 2:27% 

Rifle Ball, b g. 188-, by Bullet 2:14 

Riley, br g, 188—, by Howard's Cop- 

perbottom. 2:19% 

Riley Medium, br «, 1881, by Happy 
Medium— Maud R., bj; Mambrino 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 















Blot, b m, 1888, by Kentucky Wilkefl 
— itacket, by Bgbert 

Kip Rap, br g, W7- 

Rinaldo, b s, 188—, by Onslaught 

King Roee, b m. 188—, by Penrose 

Rita, b m. 1888, by Idler-Maggie, by 

Rita S., ch m, 188—, by Oorbin Ba- 

Road Master, gr g, 1882, by Red 

Roadniflster, b s, 1881, by Hamble-. 
tonlan Downing— Kitty Traveler, by 
Youn^ London Traveler 

Roanoke, m g, 184-, by Old Pilot 

Roan Rattler, m g, 188—, by Jim 

Roan Wilkes, ro s, 1890, by Tennessee 
Wilkee^-^aluda, by Cooper's Jug. . . 

Robby B., b g, 187— 

Robert B., b s, 188—, by Anderson 

Robert Bonner, b g, 188—, by Robert 
Bonner Jr. 

Robert O., b g, 188—, by Thorodale 

Robert Blanere, br s, 1889, by Sammy 
J.— Daisy P., by Somouauk 

Robert J., b g, 1888, by Hartford- 
Geraldlne, by Jay Gould 

Robert R., b g, 188—, by Banner Boy. 

Robert Red, b s, 1889, by Red Wilkes 
— aaUy B^aes. by Georire Wilkes 2:20% 

Robert Russell, b s, 1^, by Alley 
Russell— Molly Brown, by Nether- 
land 2:13V4 

Robin, b g, 188—, by Cognac 2:2&^ 

Robin, b By 1887, by Vatican— Mary 
Ann, by White's Hambletonian. . . 2:20% 

Roblna, blk m, 1891, by Bonnie Boy, 
dam by Regular 2:27% 

Robin Boy, g g, 1889, bv Almont Boy 2:26% 

Robin B., ch g, 188—, by Lysauder. 2:27% 

Rocea, b g, 1885, by Ringgold— Fanny 
Whetstone, by Tobe Drum 2:24 

Bockaway, ch s, 1886, by Gold Mine- 
Jessie W., by Colonel 2:18Va 

Rockaway, g^ m, 188— bv Red Buck.. 2:26y4 

Rcckbottom, b s, 188—, by Rockdalt? 
—Young Julia, by Allen 2:16v^j 

Rockdale, b s, 1877, by George Gor- 
don—Dane, by Mogul 2:29V4 

Rocker, b g, 1887, by Hambletonian 
Wilkes, dam by Lexington Chief.. 2:11 

Rocket, b g, 188-, by Gilt Edge.... 2:24% 

Rocket, b g, 188—, by Old Rocket.. 2:2S(J 

Rocket, 188— bv Blue Bull Jr 2:21% 

R(Ocket, b g, 187—, by Greeley— Mam- 
brino, by Cripple 2:29V^ 

Rockmore, b g, 188-, by Strathmore— 
—Jane Byre, by Messenger Duroc. . . 2:20% 

Rock Wilkes, dh s, 188^, by Pilot 
Wilkes, dam by Bald Stockings 2.20% 

Rocky Fbrd, b g, 1876, by Booker- 
Dolly 2:18V4 

Rocky H.,.4i 5r, 188—, 2:24% 

Rocky P., ch s, 1890. by Clay Ab- 
dallah Jr.- Dot, by Almore 2:12% 

Rocky Road, b g. 188—, 2:29si> 

Rodman, blk g. 188—. bv Dick Benton 2:20^4 

Rocktown, gr g, 188—, by White 
Cloud 2:25 

Roger, br g, 188—, by Roger Hanson. 2:23% 

Rofiruab, b g, 188—. by Dauntless... 2:27% 

Rokeby, br s, 1891. by Director- 
Lilly Stanley, by Whippleton 2:13% 

Roland Wllkee. br s. 188—, by Brown 

Wilkes S:38|4 

Rolfewood; b s, 188—, by Blackwood 

Jr 2:20>4 

Roilo, b g, 1888, by Je»ey Wilkes. . 2:21^4 
Roilo, gr g, 1890, by Jerome Eddy- 
Gray Betsey, by Mambrino Putchen 2:98% 
Romulus, b g, 188—, by Edgemark.. 2:29% 
Rory O'More, ch s. 1886, by Judge 
Salisbury— LiXKie, by A. W. Rich- 
mond 2:17% 

Rosa B., ch m, 1880, by Bob Inger- 

soll, dam by White Cloud 2:17% 

Rosalie, blk m, 188— 18:24% 

Rosa Lee, b m, 1891. by Duplex ... 2:27«% 
Boesco, br g, 188—, bv Mantezuma. . 2:1^ 

Roecoe, ch g, 188—, by Brewer 2:24% 

Rosebud, b m, 188—, by Viking, dam 

by Sunshine 2:2b 

Rosebug, b s, 1883, by Strathmore— 

Parepa Roea, by Robert Lee 2:15 

Rosedale, b s, 183to, by Sidney— Rose- 
leaf, by Buccaneer 2:22 

Rose Leyburn, b m, 1887, by Onward 

—Mamie, by Star Almont 2:15% 

Roseman, b s, 1884, by Belmont— Se& 

Gull, by Strathmore 2:18% 

Rosemary, rn m, 1889, by Bermuda- 
French Lawn, by Administrator... 2:20% 
Rosencrantz, b e, 1888, by Brown 

Wilkes— Miss Lewis, by Nuggett.. 2:27% 
Itosewater, m s, 1888, by AUegbeny 

Boy— Rose Clay, by Marlborough.. 2:13% 
Rosewood, b s, 1888, by Wedgewood— 

Fanny, by Scott's Thomas 2:22 

Rosie C, br m, 1883, by Duroc Prince 

— Frankie, by Oregon Pathfinder. . 2:16 
Rosita A., ch m, 188-, by Adrian.... 2:14% 
Rostrever, gr g, 187—, by Colter's 

Davy Crockett 2:23 

Rouge Boy, b g, 188—, bv Ecorse... 2:30 
Rowdy, b s, 188-, by AU Right.... 2:28 
Rowdy Boy, blk g, 1871, by Bull Pup 2:13% 
Rowdy Boy, blk g, 1872, bv Ben 

Snatcher Jr.— Nance, by Oockspur. . 2:13% 
Rowdy Joe, rn g, 1888, by Telegraph 

—Dutch 2:08 

Rowdy Knox, ch g, 188—, by Eastern 

Boy 2:20% 

Rozie, b m, 188—, by Warrior 2:27% 

Roxie, b m, 188—, by Tom Moore, 

dam by Young Andy Johnson 2:29% 

Roxie, ch g, 188— by Brown Hal... 2:20 
Roxie C, br s, 188—, bv Darlbey... 2:30 
Roxie L., blk g, 188-. by Diadem. . 2:25% 
Royalton, b s, 1882, by Royalty- 
Jenny V 2:18% 

Roval Belle, blk m, 1883, by Royal 
Fearnaught, dam by Marshall 

Chief 2:23% 

Royal Jim, blk s, 188—, by Pocahon- 
tas Sam 2:26% 

Royal Sid, ch s, 1802, by Roy 

WilkHS, diiii by Sidney 2:24% 

Roy Golddust. ch g, 188—, by Thomp- 
son's Golddust 2:30 

Roy H., rn s, ISrU. by Engineer 

(djad) 2:18% 

Roy Hill, b g, 188—, by Chestnut Hill 2:29% 
Roy K., b s, 188—, by Ethan Wllkee. . 2:28 
Roy L., g g. 188-, by Boston Wilkes. 2:2 
Roy S., b g, 1886, by Frank Box— Kit 2:! 
Roy Wilkes, br s, 1883, by Adrian 

Wilkes— Flora 2:06% 

Rozinanta. b m, 1886, by Kentucky 

Ruler— Topsy 2:23% 

Rube Burrows, b g, 1885. by Moore's 

Cilpp-r— Laura M., by Clipper Brooke 2:20% 
Rubinstein, b s, 1890, by Baron ^ 



Wilkefr-OlliUpa, by ArUtofl . 2:08 

Ruby Mac, ch m, 1885, by George M. 
Patcben Jr.— Lady Goldsmltb, by 
Volunteer 2:21% 

Buby M6«senger, b m, 188—, by Mes- 
senger Chief 2:23 

Rufe Wllkee. b g, 188—, by Star 
Wilkes f 2:28V4 

Rufe Wilson, blk g, 188—, by Brown 
Goldduat 2:24V4 

Rupee, br s, 1887, by Guy Wilkes— 
Sable Hayward, by Poscora Hay- 
ward 2:11 

Rupert, ch 8, 188—, by Corbln Bashaw 
—Psyche, by George MUler 2 

Rushmont. ch s, 188—, by Almont M.. 2 

Ruskln Wilkes, br s, 1884, by Sher- 
man Wilkes— I/ady Clay, by Black 
Harry Clay 2:1'< 

Russell (Miller's), b s. 1881, by Col. H. 
S Russell— Molly Vestal, by Dragon 2:24 

Russell B., br s, 1890, by Alley Rus- 
sell—Bessie B., by Teeter's Horse. 2:16 

Russell Chief, ch s, 1885, by Mam- 
brlno Russell— Bessie, by Strath- 
more 2:22% 


188—, by Russell. 

jLo89, by Laclede— Du- 

by Durango (trotting 


Russell T.. blk 
Ruth H., b m, 

rango Queen, _ _ _ , _ 

2:24%) 2:22 

Sabatla, b m, 1884, by Taunton— 

Barker Mare, by Bay Chief 2:18^4 

Sable Gift, b s, 1890, by Gift Jr.— 

nilan, by Stausifer's Woful 2:13^4 

Saboya, b s, 1886, by Nugget— Ida, by 

Little Harry Clay 2:19% 

Sadie Burns, b m, 187—, by BlUy 

Green 2:29 

Sadie Gray, gr m, 1890, by. Simmons. . 
Sadie H., b m, 1885, by Bourbon 

Wilkes 2:20V4 

Sagwa, g g, by Montgomery 2:29^ 

Sagwa, br g, 188—, 2:29% 

Sag>va, ch g, 188-, by Rattler 2:24 

Sailor Boy, rn g, 1876, by Smuggler 

Jr.— Laura, by Rowe Horse 2:1714 

Sailor Boy 2:30 

Sailor Wilkes, b g, 188-. by Star 

Wilkes— Lizzie C, by Star Hamble- 

tonlan ,..,. 2:25U 

SL Cnthnrltit". e:r ni, 1SS5, hv Hir 

r&ier—Buunow^r, hy FdacK FMnn. 2:22i/4 
Bt Clfiinl, h s, 18&— , bv KonlTikky 

Prtiici^ ,..*-,, 2:27 

Rt Crol3C, b 15, 1S8— , by Giieipli 2:18% 

St. Franclfl. blk s. ISSS. by Slgnid Nu 

— Frunelfl, by Adnil-al , , 2:23^/4 

Kt. John, gr g, 1«H-, ,.... 2:26 

SI. JoiJHfhAn. br a, IS8S, by Kentaokj 

Diet a trtr— Fanny CinMamftti, by Eif- 

ward Everett ftrottlng 2;22iri> 2:22'>4 

St. Nick, b ft. 13S— , bv St, NlC'holufl.. 2:27U 
Bt. Omer, jg- s, IWTH, hy Blue HiiJl— 

Blark J^flke. by Lepnf Teinler 2:28% 

St. l*fltrlck. RT g. by DiUl Brlno 2:29% 

St, Tatrlck, b s, 1B84, by VolutitHer— 

Young Sftline, by Guy Miller 2:14% 

SflLidla, br a. Hm, by Suitiiii— Ki:a 

L*awlp, by Vermont 2:05^4 

SuUebu ry . , _ ...... 2:20% 

Sally R., blk m, 1«T3, by Dow'h Green 

MouDtatn Morgan .*... 2:23 

SnUio ItrnrTstnn, blk ra^ 1801, by 

GamlM'tU AVilkfte— Weston, by Mar- 

(fbfll KIrfier , 2:17J^ 

Malty (J . jjr m. 187—, by Si'liutCH* . 2:17^ 

Sa:iy f^[lhkt»% b nu 18^. by Clinker- 

I>olly, by Be^yijiieT .,.,„,. 2:13 

Sally Ranger, blk in, 1887, by John 

Sherman, dam by Black Ranger 2:29<4 

Sally Walker, b m. 188-, by Hylas... 2:2$;4 
Salol, br g, 1887, by Winnebago Chief 2:21^ 

Sam, b g, 188-, VT 2:28g 

Ssm, gr g, 188—. 2:27^ 

Sam Half, b s, 188-. by George Hall. 2:28% 
Sam Jones, b g, 187—, by Thomp- 
son's Traveler, dam by Oato's 

Washington 2:18% 

Bam KeiUi, b s, 1884, by Egbert- 
Molly Lynicfi, by BUnd Morrill 2:21% 

Sam Lewis, b 8, 187—, by Scho— Bessie 

Taylor, by St. Clair 2:25 

Sam N., b g, 18S-, by Dauntless 2:28^ 

Sample, b g, 188—, 2:30 

Sam 8na:T>, b g. 187—, by Gloster— 

Kate, by Pooaihontas Boy 2:26 

Sam Silck, b g. 18^-, (dead) 2:28 

Sam Weller, ch g, 188-, by. Advance. . 2:27i4 

Sancho, rn g, 1»— .\ 2:2Ul^ 

Sancho, b s, 1886, by Pocahontas Boy 

—Matlock, by Grey Dlomed 2:20 

Sand Boy, oh g, 188—, by Strathmore 

— A:-line, by Almont 2:21 

San Diego, b g, 188-, bv Victor 2:21 

Sandy, «i g, 188—, by Sperry's West- 

mont 2:23^ 

Sandy Mack, b s, 188—, by Captain 

Morihier 2:28 

Sandy Morris Jr., ch s, 188—, by 

Sandy Morris 2:28V4 

Srndy Wilkes, b s, 1890. by C?rawford. .2:2^4 
Sanford L., oh g, 188—, by Dick Glider 2:19^4 
Sanger, b g, liS— , by King Sprague. . 2:20% 
Sangei-Held, b s, 1889, by Roman Chief 2:80 
San Jose, b g, 188—, by Santa Glaus. . 2:30 
Sankey, £rr g, 1884, by Sandy Lake, 

dam by St. Omer 2:25 

Sankey, dh g, 188-, 2:rj% 

San Pedro, blk g, 1885, by Del Sur, 
dam by Keating Horse (trotting 

2:14^ .r. 2:10% 

Santa Rita, br m, 1885, by Sidney— 

Tltania, by Buccaneer 2:24^ 

Sarah Ann, gr m, 188—, by Johnny 

Wonder (trotting 2:27) 2:23% 

Sa:iah Jane, b m, 188—, by Bdgar 

Wilkes . . . 2*24% 

Sateen, b' m," i886,*"by **Airoy-kit,' 

by Virgil ...........: : : 2:28 

Saturn, rn g, 188—. 2:30 

Saturday Night, oh g, 188—, 2:29^ 

Sawtelle, ch g, 1886. by Baywood— 

Daisy Y., by Captain Jack 2:17% 

a B., b g, 188-, V Knight Errant. 2:24% 
Scarlet Wilkee, b s, 1884, by Red 

Wilkes-Tlpsey, by Alcalde 2-27'/a 

School Boy, ch s, 188—, by Meander. 2:22\4 

School Boy, gr g, 188—, 2:26Vi 

Sciota Girl, br m. 188—, by Ambas- 
sadoiv-Hattie Thomas, by Hiatoga 

Jim 2:15% 

Sclavonic, gr s, 1891, hy King Wilkes 

—Miss Russell, by Pilot Jr 2:23% 

Scott Smith, b s, 1888, by Gen. Han- 
cock, datm by Blue Bull 2:28% 

So atch, b g, 188—, by Glencoe Jr 2:28% 

Sea Bird, Si s, 1887, by Lord Russell 

—Naiad, by Belmont 2:18% 

Sc^oam Ji-., ro s, 188—, by Major 

Doke 2:17% 

Seal, b g, 1888, by Notary— Hiatoga 

Maid, hy Patterson Horse 2:08% 

Sf-alskin, blk s, 18^-, (dead) 2:20% 

Sea Shell, ch m, 1889, by Lord Rus- 
sell—Wavelet, by Belmont 2:20 

Second, b m, 188—, 2;22W 

Secret, b m, 1888, by Sigma Nu 2:22V2 

Digitized byCjOOQlC 



See Saw. br 0, 1885, by Lacaa Brod- 
head— I>ateh Kate, by Jimmle 

Selim, b s, 189—, by Nelson 

SeJna D., b m, 188—, 

Senator, b K, 188—, by Hyronamus. .. 

Senator BeU, ch 5. 18S-, by Strath- 
more— Heather Bell , by Anthony 

Senator MIIIb, b e, 18&-, by Danntless 

Seneca See, b s, 1889, by Little Gift- 
Molly, by Lucas' Red Buck 

Seraph, br m, 1886, by Blackwood— 
Rosalie Wilkes, by George Wilkes 

Seventy-six, b g, 188-^ by Black 
Frank— Lady B u/«v • 

Seymour, b g, 188—. by Guy Wilkes 
—Early Bl:3, by Pllmel 

a G. A., b g, 1886, by Colonna— 
Fleet, by Mack 

Shackelford, ro g, 186—, (dead) ._. 

Shaeter, b s, 188^ by Grand Sentinel 
Silver Tail, by Leon 

Shaker, b g, 187—, (dead) 

Shaker, b g, 1884. by Shaker Boy. .. . 

Shamrock, br s, liB8— , by Chieftain.. 

Shamrock, br s, 188—, by Don Juan. . 

Shamrock, br g, 187—, by Volunteer- 
Molly, by Magna Oharta 

Shaver, b s. 188— 

Shawano Girl, b m, 1888, by Sir 
Archie— Kate, by Cleveland's Patch- 

Shawhan, b g, 1886, by Twilight, 
dam by Mambrino iDovming 

SheJbark, b g, 188-, by Hubbell 

Sheritf, gr g, 1886, by Richard Scobell 
—Bennett Mare, by Johnny B 

Sherman, b g, 185—, (dead) 

Sherman, b g, 1887, by Tom Corwln.. 

Sherman A-ostos. b s. 188—, by Arlstos 

Sherman Franklin, b a, 188—, by Ben 

Sherwood, gr 8, 1886, by Barkis- 
Flip, >by Glencoe Goldauftt (trot- 
ting 2'M}Q 

ShilSi, b s, 1884, by Pilot Duroc- 
Nelly, by Kramer's Rainbow 

Shoo Fly Gyp, gr s, 188—, by Shoo Fly 

Sbylock, b s, 18U1. by Nutman— Ella 
Jackson, by Hamlin's Almont Jr 

Sibyl, b m, 188—. by Handsome Hari-y 

Sldmont, b s, 1891, by Sidney— Fern- 
leaf , by Flaxtail 

SIdmoor, b m, 1891, by Sidney, dam 
by The Moor 

Sidney, b s, 1881, by Santa Qaus— 
Sweetness, by Volunteer 

Sidwood, b 8, 188—, by Sidney 

Sigma Ohl, b s, 1891, by Fairy Gift- 
Daisy Blonde, by Percy Jamea 

GAmnA Nu, b e, 1884, by Bourbon 

^Tiikes— Lark, by Abdallah Mam- 
brino (trotting 2;:»V4) 

Silas, gr g, 18^, (dead) 

Silkwood, blk s, 1886, by Blackwood 
Mambrino— Lucy Woo^uff, by Hi- 
ram Woodruff 

Silky, dh n^ 188-, by Dawn 

Slver Bar, gr s, 188—, by Silver 

Silver Buck, ch g, 188—, by Red Buck 

Silver Bell, m s, 1889, by St. Bel- 
Lady Gift, by Mamb-ino Gift 

Silver Bill, gr g, 188—, by Burr Oaks. 
- ad J • -- 










2 :22k 



2:20 i 

2:1W2 I 

2:17% I 

2:16 I 

2:25 I 





Silver Cloud Jr., gr e, 1887, by Silver 

Cloud— Fanny, bv Marantette's Hero 2:10V4 
SUver Dick, b g, 1888, by Sllverheels 

Jr.— Dolly, by Hagae 2:13 

Silverette, gr m, 188-, bv Silver Chief 2:23% 
SUver Heel, gr g, 188—, by CUpper Jr. 2:27V4 
Silver King, ch s, 188-, ty Smuggler. 2:2UH 
Silvermaker, g g, 188—, by SUver 

Cloud, dam by Peacemaker 2:27V& 

Silver One, ch s. 188-. by Steele 2:28 

Silver Spray, gr g, 188—, by Wood- 
pecker. ..* 2:20k 

Silvertall, rn m, 184—, (dead) 2:2ffjJ 

Sllvertall, gr g, 188—, by Tempest Jr. 2:16V5 
Silver Thorn, ch s, 188— .by GeoKe L. 2i2^ 

Silverthread, gr g, 1878, by Royal ^ 

Fea naught, dam by Tom Hunter. . 2:15k 
Silverthreads, g m, ls8— , by Norman 

Medium 2:19 

Simcoe. b s, 186—, by Captain Fisher 

(deadV..... ...... 2:26 

aimeta, b m, 1890, by Slmmocolon— . 

S^nta KIta, by EUlnej 2:23k 

Siiiunio, b Er ISaO, t>y George Spauld- 

Si mm on ft, h g, 18S8, by Belladonna, 

dam by Royal Lambert 2:14k 

Sinful. i\n m, 1S&-, bv Tom Allen.... 2:2Sk 

Singer, b g, ISSr-, W Longfellow 2:13% 

Sir Archy, b a, 18^, by Altitude- 
Sally, hv Mnjor 2:16k 

SlrtHtu, b m, iSSfl. by Sirocco— Min- 
nie H.. by Lnr-T ^V .^. . . . 2:25k 

Sir Knwjiri], rn b, XS8— , by Sea Foam 2:23% 
Sip Eflwlri Arnold, ch s, by Captain 

Coolv— T.EKly Witkeft. by Red Wilkes. . 2:17% 
Sir Hary Wili£es, bit s, 1890, by 
Conn's Harry Wilkes, dam by Sir 

Charles 2:16 

Sir John,, ch. e, 188—, by Clear Grit. . 2:26 
Sir Maxwell, br s, 1888, by Ira Wilkeb 

—Irene, by Regulator 2:28 

Sir Rea, b g, 188— by Almonace Tat- 
tler ! 2:24k 

Sir Thornton, b s, 1886, by Reveille- 
Kate C, by Young Waxy (dead) 2:20% 

Sir Wilkes, br s, 1880, by George 

Wilkes, dam by Len Rogers 2:24% 

Six Forty, b s, 188—, by Lex 2:25 

Skewball, b g, 188-, 2:25 

Skip, br m^ j»86, by Donnybrook 2:18% 

Skylark, br g, 188—, by Dirlgo, dam 

by Fiienoh Tiger 2:22 

Slasher, dn s, 1887, by Messenger- 
Carrie, by Highlander 2:18k 

Sleepy Bill, gr g, 186-, (dead) 2:30 

Sleepy BIU, b g, 186-. (dead) 2:22k 

Sleepy Dave, nr g, 188—, by Peter 

Everett.... 2:28k 

Sleepy David, rn g, 186-, (dead) 2:29% 

Sleepy Frank, b g, 188—, by Pocahoft- 

tasBoy Jr 2:24k 

Sleepy Fred, ch g, 187— 2:28 

Sleepy George, b g, 187—, by Belmont 

Bifl. .....: : 2:15 

Sleepy John, b g, 187— 2:30 

Sleepy Rover, oh g, 188—. by Billy 

Toronto 2:25 

Sleepy Tom, dn g, 186- 2:27k 

Sleepy Tom, eh_g, 1868, by Tom Rolfe, 

dam by Sam Hazzard (dead) 2:12k 

Sleepy Tom, b g, 188—, by Golddust 

Jr:: ....: 2:25 

Sleepy. To«n, b s, 188—, by Tom Hal 
Jrf^Belle H., by Old Dick 2:23k 

Slipper, b m, 1883, bv Hambletonian ' 
wTlkes— Daisy, by Maclnto^ 2:28 

Slumber, b s, 188—, by Harold— Re- 
pose, by Oonway 2:13k 

Smart Aleck, ch g, 188—, 2:25 

Smilax, oh m. 188—, by Sidney, dam 

by Buccaneer ^ 2:21^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Smiter Ooitax. br g, 18M, by Schuyler 
Oolfax— -Lady Jackson, by Mohawk 
Jack8<Mi 2:10% 

Smith, br a, 1888, by Peoria— AUce 
^•ajrue, by Gov. Spragae 2:13^4 

Bmuesler, b g, 188—, by Bay Tom Jr.. 2:2091 

Smuggler Boy, b s, 188—, by Smuggler 
Jr 2:28 

Smuggler Wilkes, g a. 188-, by 
Fnance'8 Allie Wilkes 2:22i»4 

Sneak, br m, 188—, by Sam Haazard 
• (dead) 2:25 

SnlcklefrltB, b g, 188—, by Gladiator. . 2;2tf% 

Snow Bird, gr m, 1884 by SlmmoBS- 
Snow Drop, by Daniel Lambert 2:22 

Seeks, eh s. 1889. by Rockdale— Mary, 
by J<rtin Dlllard Jr 2:14% 

Soda Water, b g, 188—, by Brown Hal 2:211^ 

Solarion, br s, 1800, by Alcandre— 
BaUn, by Administnator 2:28i4 

Soldier, gr g, 1888, by Warrior Jr.— 
Nelly, by Bob Johnson Jr 2:23 

Sol Miller, ch s, 188-, by Col. West— 
JMly, by Niagara Ohamplon 2:11) 

Solo, oh g, 188— , by Ole Bull 2:2»^ 

SorosiB, gr m, 188—, by Barkis 2:27% 

Sorel BlUy, ch g, 186—, by Scott'« 
Hiatoga 2:20 

Sorrel Dan, oh g, 187—, by Hale's Bed 
Buck 2:14 

Sorrel Dan, oh g, 1886, by Oommand- 
er, dam by Graham's Abdallah 2:18^ 

Sorrel Prank, cih g, 186—, 2:24 

Sorrel George, on g, 188—, by Capt. 
Webb : 2:21»4 

Sorrel John, ch g, 188—, by Sam B. . . 2:29^4 

Soubrette, br m, 188—, by Subscriber. 2:20 

aiparkler, b g, 188—, by Woodford Ab- 
dallah— Lady Dodd, by Prince Pu- 
laski 2:21% 

Spartan, b g, 188—, by Spartan 2:2G% 

Spauldlng, b s, 188—, by Judge Salls- 
Dunr 2:20\4 

Speed- Waxy, br g, 188—, by John 
Oasson ....••• 2 *30 

Speedy, br "m, ' 188—,' by Whip .* .' .* .' .' .* .' .* 2 :27 »4 

aijeers, b s, 1886, by Dr. Speers— 
Phantom Footsteps, by Joe Tucker. . 2:14<4 

Spencer King 2:20^ 

^ider, b m, 1880, by Lexington Ohief 
Jr.-klt 2:22U 

Spider, b m, 187—, by Phil, dam by 
Smith's Hambletonian. 2:25 

Sphinxetta. b m, 1891, by Sphinx — 
Kate Talbert, by Mambrino Gift. . . . 2:14^ 

Spotted Sam, sp s, 1878, by Ward's 
Hanvbletonian — Spotted Moll, by 
Wallace's Phenomenon 2:2594 

Sprague, ch s, 188—, by Bound's 
Sprague 2:28Vi 

Spraeue Wilkes, b s, 1886, by Tommy 
Wilkes — Lizzie Sprague, by Gov. 
Sprague (dead) 2:18% 

S. R., ch g, 188—, by Almonarcb 2:18V» 

Stanley, b s, 1883, by Valentine Swlg- 
ert— Kewanna, by Trojan Jr. (trot- 
ting 2:27) 2:27% 

Stanley P., blk g, 188—, 2:21^ 

Stanton Maid, b m, 188—, by Gen. 
Stanton, dam by Brown Douglas. ... 2:23 

Stanwix, b g, 188—. by Hambletonian 
Mambrino 2:20% 

Star Gaines, gr e, 1884, by Allie 
Gaines— Panny King, by SUtf of tbe 
West 2:20v4 

Star Henry, ch s. 1876, by Andy John- 
son—John Weed Mare, by Sir Henry 2:22V* 

Star Plex, b s, 1889. by Duplex — 
Daisy, by Red Pilot 2:12% 

Star Pointer, b s, 1880, by Brown Hal 
— Sweepstakes, by Knight's Snow 
Heel 2:11% 

Stately, b s, 1801, by Hummo.-^-Splen- 
dor, by Mambrino Startle 2:18 

Steel Nail, ro s, 188—, by Gen. Har- 
dee, dam by Pat Malone 2:25 

Steel Prince, br s, 188—, by Steel Nail 2:10% 

Stella, b m. 1&7-. 2:»^ 

Stella FoKtcr. blk m, 188-, 2 -.30 

Stella K-, blk m. 189ff, by James G.— 
Flora T., by Olimax 2:30 

Stella H.. b m, 188-, by lUinols 
Chief 2:28% 

Stella P., b m. 1882. by Mambrino 
Smugt^ler, dbm by Kennedy's Pilot 2:17% 

Stelleta, b m, 1800, by Jerome I-Wdy- 
Mamie Fom, by Bf»urbon Wilkes Jr. 2:25 

Stella Foster, blk m, 188—, 2:30 

sstephcn W., eh i», 188.'^, by Tasco— 
Pet 2d, by Wood 2:25 

Sterling, ch s, 1886, by Haroldson— 
Laura Williams, by Holabird's 
Eth€ui Allen 2:11% 

StocWngleg, ch m, 187—, 2:29% 

Stockwell. b s, 1887. by Nutwood- 
Contention, by Aberdeen 2:21% 

Stonewall, ch g, 187—, by Blue Bull 2:28 

Stoneway, b s. 1890. by Strath way— 
Blizabeth Basler. by Bill Arp 2:23% 

Storm, blk a. 1887, by Brown Hal- 
Zephyr, by John Diliard Jr. (dead).. 2:08% 

Straightedge, gr g, 186—, (dead) 2:26 

Strathberry, b s, 1889, by Roseberry— 
Belle Hambletonian, by Chevalier.. 2:06% 

Strathso, ch m, 1887, by Strathmore 
—Hope So, by Blue Bull 2:13 

Stratliwayne, ch g, 1889, by Strath- 
mare— Belle Woodruff, by JIlue Bull 2 -.23% 

Strong Boy, gr s. 1887, by Al.andort— 
Ba!«haw Belle, by Green's Bashaw. . 2:12 

Strongwood, ch s. 1890, by Nutwood- 
Brooklet, by Volunteer 2:16% 

Stubby S., ch m, 1880, by Tyrone, 
dam by Billy Bashaw 2:25 

Sub Rosa, b m, 1891, by ParkvUle, 
dam by Kearsarge 2:23% 

Subscriber, b s, 1884, by Jim Schriber 
-Belle 2:14% 

Sucker State,, b g, 187- 2:23 

Sudie Cnay, b m, 188—, by Bonnie 

Suitor Jr., blk s, 188-, by Suitor 2:24% 

Clay 2:29% 

Sumner C, dn g, 188—, 2:24% 

Sunlight, b m, 188—, by Accidental.. 2:24% 

Sunny Slope, b g, 1884, by Sultan- 
Dido, by Scott's Hiatoga 2:20% 

Sunrise, ch m, 188—, by Regent 2:27 

Sunrise, ch s, 188-, by Paragon 2:27% 

Sunrise, b g, 188—, by CJapt. Bo- 
gardus, dam by Belshazzer 2:1 

Sunset, b s, 1879, by Billy Daris ... 2:. 

Sunset Patchen, br s, 1885, by Seneca 
Patohen— Lady Monmouth, by Win- 
Hhrop Morrill Jr. 2:18% 

Sunshine, ch m, 188—, by a son of 
Copperbottom 2:20 

Surpass, br g, 188—, by Dean's 
Patchen 2:21% 

Surprise, br g, 188—, 2:24% 

Surprise, ch g, 1889, by Liberty 
Sontag— Susie, by <ieorge~ M. 
Patchen Jr. 2:16% 

Susie B., b m, 188—, by Clinker- Dol- 
ly, by Champion Searcher (trotting 
2:26%) 2:20% 

Susie Brown, ro m, 188—, by Brown 
Hal— Ruby, by Gen. Hardee ...t. .. 2:20% 
Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Susie G., b m, 188—, by Little Henry 
-Lucy ...2:ll!4 

Susie K., b m. 188-. by Brown Jug— 
Lady Benton, by Gen. Benton 2:24^ 

Susie Wonder, b m, 1886. by Wonder 
—Suale Thorn, by North Star Mam- 
brino 2:19% 

Sutton Boy, g a, 18&-. by Sutt<m D. 2:24% 

Sweet Violet, b nj, 1890, by WUd- 
brino ^..2.-21% 

Sweetzer, gr g, 1S68, by Tom Orowder 
—Lady Farlow, by Gray's Tom Hal 2:15 

Swift Bird, br a, 1885, by Billy 
Sprague— Pocohontas Girl, by Poco- ^ ^ 
hontas Boy 2:26^ 

S. X. Boy, b g, 188-, by Charles M.- _^^ 
Fanny iiyerett. by Boniiey Knox.. 2:19% 

SybU, b m, 188—, by Ready Money. . 2:29% 

Sylvester, b g, 187— 2:26% 

Symboleer, b s, 1892, by Campbell's ^ ^ 
Electioneer— Symbol, by Onward.... 2:11 

Syndicate, br g, 188—, by Black Am- 
bassador 2:19% 

Syrena, b m, 1889, by Sphinx— Maud 
T., by Jefferson Prince 2:14% 

Tade Jefferson, gr m, 188—, by Joe 
Jefferson 2:16% 

T A. Hendricks, b g, 186—, (dead).. 2:29 

Takamah, b g, 188- 2:25 

Tammany Wilkes, ch e, 1890, by Ham- 
bletonian WUkes 2:24% 

T^mny Bug, b m, 1891, by Chimes- 
Lady Bug, by Hamlin's Almont Jr. 2:17% 

Tangent, b s, 1885, by Onward— Pa#- 
chon, by Hamlin's Almont Jr 2:18% 

Tartar Chief, ch g, 188—, by Cale- 
donia Chief 2:25% 

Tasco, ch s, 1882, by Ameri